BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-11-17-8A: A new survey says the best time to have sex is at 7:30am.

Friday, August 11th

A man in Georgia called to cops saying he was robbed but really he was cheating on his girlfriend. Facebook Drama. “Metallica Sex”.


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Let's get out of the great state of Georgia. Where the police recently charged 23 year old man. Was falsely reporting a crime. Feel like a lot of idiots called 911. And say I hey Ivan rob man I was walking Oregon McDonald's lies got robbed. So the cops arrived and now they didn't believe the man story I love why they didn't believe his story Chris Chris. This is it. They do believe his story because he was wearing sweat pants with a marijuana emblem on them and I guess we're throwing I guess that tells people you rely I live that's three I don't understand where they got that. An assassination be asserted that didn't something's fishy because he's in support of pot. Yes and it's really bizarre in like doesn't decision for them but that's a pot smokers aren't bad people out or not they us they some of someone tell the truth yeah. The man finally did confess apparently they were on to something. I guess again I guess they they are suspicions were correct I don't know but had to do with the pants or just the guy in general. But he confessed that Alia her nine era and dining get robbed I I was cheating on my girlfriend I call you guys so I have an alibi. A whole. Why I hope to stop bothering denial when dispatchers. Were stupid stuff can we really don't like golf I don't know like 811. A place for idiots that they have this urge to call the cops were stupid reasons. We're not using the 811 I say let's do that. It is amazing how dumb people have gotten that they golly I'll call my own line now say Iran in my girl from one on how much you just don't believe that girl anymore what are the event. But what do better I'll buy you like you better I'll call you it's huge discount it DI Samie nuggets fell on me you know I sort of where Iceland to McNair working men in the trial later remember in my hand something else. They don't want to be involved cops. That's a one as I. You that you didn't run by any of your friends and if you did you you really need to react to your friends because they split or they just don't like candidate knew that this is gonna go bad so many people like him to an immediate things like the guy that you know makes the bomb threat the airport so that is you that way is playing doesn't have to go into Gaza visit his wife for girls are some things like related have you ever had to comma 101. If I ever had to call 911. Not that I know laws we would know if you call them yeah I I'm trying to say I made some time I think. Dana have you. Yes I have quietly. By him or witnessed a couple of car accidents and I also got hit by a car sound all your hip IR and I was on my bike and hasn't and like fifth grade I do you call my mom won yet even evaluated by a car. And tong want to know that I was bleeding from every quarter that's tritium we're also was supposed to call Liberia he would be incapacitated I hit by a car I don't know if I have the wherewithal to call my mom one I think I'd be kind of hurt and out which teaching him but I know I agree go out I yet to call them saints who says you should. To Shea yeah I'm not sure that fits. Two M I agree routinely ask how tough tee and are all right I'm sure it does fit yes I know I know it fits us. Haven't heard a while have you not a ship was being said sarcastically. You'll hear it. I don't know anyone in a conversation when you say some that I ought to spend what tocchet will Denny storyline going apparently yeah not a fancy pants over here but tocchet back to your dad make them go back to say let's let let's have some lines together without pinky and they had Tuesday cartoonish. It's gonna say and then if not I suppose if you staring at both you know myself and Sarah that is Touche. Edit yeah. Yeah how about Vicki like that well yeah. From Krakow about the dead dogs on the rapid. Apparently a 11 is the number that we can't use our what do you Hamas 711 is really isn't as. I don't know but anyone one is the number you call before you dig four utilities OK all that's why that's unfamiliar to me out because I hit a guy in the commercial. Always goes hey woody don't dig up the liars MRI and you can call it freed date okay well still. Art is they won't mind getting enough business may be that we can have them do like two things right when they're not doing anything they can take calls from idiots yes I think that's fair to showcase danger say don't say a second there forever area McConnell on one. I had to do so on the fourth of July because my a neighbors behind me were launching fireworks and they hit the the bush is that we're right next to my fans. Let them on fire as we were watching all the fireworks going around around us and so they were not doing a very good job putting out that fires I decided do I get older the fire department let them handle it the future did you say. There's Vegas. I received heavy call now among only once. I was driving and there's a drunk driver news. It was very apparent he was drunk drivers nobody was. Merely getting killed I mean he kept weaving in and out kinda people often it was getting really. Pretty nasty or highway hero I have thank you ask for hero yeah that's really great and and also me yeah. To JB yeah. Soon I actually called 901 many times in my life really think most recently what I witnessed the fight in the bar where the guy punch the other guy over me. Any ended up hitting the brick wall on like stumbling on the stairs and Iran now I had to call the cops like I had today citing here. I've called that guy have called nine on unfairly my roommate had a seizure post damned old I was old palace that's Aaron yeah those two times there. We're not so fun but my grandma and my fear of one my first time ever called in when I favorite time for calling 911 everybody I was coal iron. And my grandma was getting you dressed as she is cooking something in stepped awaited stress me after I got the bathtub. And the whole pot and he's just went a bonfire accident she had the setting onto the highway moving. The umpire like it see it overheard this is exploding dye to match she didn't believe me until he turned Lawrence all the big like. Dingle flames is going to Colin I don't know one in Houston me here but did you know went to shape yes exactly and then like Spanish crucial day but does share and ED. Scioscia but that was funny because I'm calling nine on one of for some reason a losing going 30 and that I call my dad Yahoo! it's working and you his work numbers I kept calling I'm yelling at the president where my. Where's my demo houses and finally. I don't want him right now. And so then 91 call me back everything okay just remembered the beans. I replied but that was making airline and you reform yeah I need to call 91 Allen. Yeah the armour pants owner I didn't pay any problems call 911 but then I was like. Barbara I did you like the prank calls stuff we almost ended my Brothers that was the Smart one as it's called I don't want him Francona closely looking at no no you know I'm left without knowing OK so we call the operator and bowed her. Yes as a matter I want people will will come out come out there they'll call you back I mean yeah you can't mess of them always investigate citizens remember the days of breed just I don't zero you get an operator I actually do remember though we can we still call zero get an operator. That's a really good question I don't know I don't know either I have no idea if that's what you had to do to get everything get information there was no form one there was no ma'am when you call the operator to get all the stuff but it does now blunders and they want one yeah. I think that's why had a call to get the police back in the day. Yeah I'll zero in just go hey we need cops. And then with the operator we just connection through. It's a man isn't more operators times change how we tried that can you call operator must have uncle Chris is calling the operator. No advance very nobody sits and bomb man. I'll read discuss on this thing about the okay it's not working you know I just it is an all circuits are busy. So either I suck at doing the phones which is a possibility that I'll I'll zero right Brad. I press is zero but he did and it says all circuits are busy and then I'd try today depressed eight but because sometimes you need to use that the cod and then press the zero and then nothing worked so I'm pretty sure that is just all circuits are busy and you can't get the operator so you're sure you did make a mistake Chris you've backed us up. Now I am not sheer all right well don't share your defense stood up mostly Cha. Some recent us drill literally called zero yesterday in the Denmark all while how crazy is that because I didn't I do we do not hear that segment of the doll that better ram car. Man you know they say that me they say it's just it's in the air you know like mental mental vibe to summon you pick up Bonham how about that. On a more and more operator and do you guys know to hit zero and every year and a look like whenever they have the menu I doubt I doubt there's not a Triad thereon to us now. Yeah dad doesn't work Bremer Iraq and I don't like keeps it into other crap to Dicky Dicky and Danny even remember the all operator thank you have any clue about that. None I I don't know yeah. They give you needed like he needed help contacting somebody gonna pay found a feature set that and they help you locate somebody. Man I think. How about my kids Joseph Serra you know above zero operator demonize good Joseph says yes or sesno so maybe. Maybe the younger folks 25 and under perhaps don't have a clue I do know that an Albuquerque they had a nonemergency line that you could call. I don't know if there's and the like out here so it's like if there's something like you're not an immediate danger but lately some we suspicious strand you can cost about we'd only colored them to having to some across Europe there should be a 11 and hasn't been used yet price. It really isn't 111. Let's make that one let's say that when the line okay 111 person suggested about 691 ones. I know C would like that. Victory a whole different things well since we are on that subject let's go to the snoopy a bit of research that we have about sex. Acts. And we talked about this yesterday for active people and how bizarre is this there was research done so it's not just for active people team turns out the best time for everybody to have sex. It's 7:30 in the morning how about that everybody's pretty crap from a half hour behind. Sorry man. Which I get up DO at depth at 7:30 the morning is the best time to have sex the reason why simple. Your energy levels are at their highest after a good night's rest. We'll explain why when sex is the master I don't explain why some times. No you're ready you're raring to go and I always wonder like why do I wake up little model morning lumber why is that the case. And it turns out because well I you know my energy levels are really high had a good rest of that where I'm ready to rock and roll but I think that's also a little bit of Ike then called the of people from the things. The peak bone I I don't know this medical term rejoiced when it further sir. Well I don't use you know layman's term oh yes well I understand you are an expert you know when release. The kibo only do so when I go to my room I don't go get my check up go hey I can you check the Tebow Ozzie Ozzie I just assume knowing they wake up and nom. Raring to go to get married and don't number one all you think it's also UV by. All I don't think it's that. But it goes away have very take care that doesn't really oh I didn't realize that I thought is I'd I didn't connect into our system to me at all fall and it's. Wow if I got news for you. Yet now growing to the end this is the way I think. Alexei I had to go about him a lot more as I hit this final days of mind. I end and I don't I don't get the people talk and when I wake up and I don't get it because of that but you know I can still are easily the equipment working right but it could be a nice young man anymore you might estimate. Maybe maybe the T bone stars every unrelated I just wake up and I do go to bathroom and I'm also wake him up excited that I'm awake good for you. It's nice they did it's frustrating when you because if if if she wants to get busy. You're like when it I I'm I'm happy about this do you see that I'm ready for this but I also. I am not a bathroom I don't be heard Steve's a medical explanation this honey but it's all the people who own and I got to be right back. And although they are still error at the end but I was trying to keep you know I know family friendly thanks body. Possibly official term has the ER on the Ellen yeah Ollie thank you there doctor may I had no idea thank you so much a learning on this fine program. So again the perfect time to have sex 7:30 in the morning. Congratulations trying to convince anybody who doesn't wanna have sex you're in the first place but it's 730 man let's face it doctors say it is a bond. So what happened. When someone goes on social media. To brag about getting some action. With his ex. While at the Metallica concert band Metallica has given us some good fiscal drama this week they surely have it is another edition of FaceBook drama you're gonna hear it. A seventeen. On the Iraq. And mixed morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW hole. I played nine KI SW Iraq comes Seattle and you have those brand new Rocco photos are here. And just in time for the heat. There and their swimsuits. I knew casino on the volleys we didn't want to be uncomfortable. We're dead photo shoot paying out. Seasonal flu this is only applicable so they had to Wear swimsuits I got to look at amber I'm looking every home and man oh man they're doing your job and lose some seats they surely are. And you'll get ready to go swimming. Yes I think god I like that yes. And if you wanna check them out you wanna put a smile on your face you know early go KI SW dot com. Laura. And Vijay made for John Andretti by inherited distilling companies brown sugar Burma and this is once again our opportunity went out the stupid people there on FaceBook. Actual FaceBook posts in the drama unfolds in Yasser acting it out. This time around BJ I'll be playing the role of Rick the original poster that sounds like a plan Vijay you'll be a lay is. Who apparently is his sister all okay can read you'll play the role Barry sweet and did you will be Brian nice all right so once again Rick is the original poster so I will take it away. Metallic colors are solved. Our gratitude by acts and we totally bad news. Hash tag XX is the best. All of and Powell Tehran drunk and my ears are ringing and I think my Wiener is staying and hash tag burns when not to he is OK with me. I'm in the you don't Mikey get off my needs. Pakistan stopped reading and why are added to stop beating. While George Bush told your Shuster to stop eating who loved she's bringing me down I got laid out Metallica. And she's being and Debbie downer hash tag Metallica is the best and I had sex battle oh well you're likely to rolled doctor shoes with these harsh attacks. Did encourage your kids just didn't pass and you're just a drop out and you are just an ugly troll you noted that Joseph Shuster battle awhile aren't so that you forgot that we are twit this. No. I'm ugly Euro ugly but I've got some and I don't care I'm shot I emission Metalico what I'm sure glad I shoulder issue on FaceBook. Watch the yes did I just read greatness hash tag alcohol car. I realize it's. Stewart part of basement drummer I know it was shot call for IMAX. My dad my bad yes as you write great impression you exactly who was Steve I was close shot of a bitch. It's. That it escalated or fresh cut items. Cheese. Yeah. That's lovely family though you know I don't know where he got some media did I got a pull this hour with a family that term has a very good question and it's a really lowered to be your right on the right on the hill who it got dark. Maybe GA. Being who will be easier to Paul sex in public at a concert. Sitting in the seat or in the general missionary like they look Demi UN and I yelled at class I guarantee you Gerri well I guess that's correct. Just like sex in public I'll laugh I don't get sex and also you know I don't know the answer I think. The easier golf squished together and nobody can really seize everyone's kind of hold each other hugging her up against aerial and so it's not gonna be as noticeable if you're in GA. Many in the seat I guess it depends how many people are around GO. Because I've seen some places that don't have a lot a lot of people around and it's easy to do because don't pay attention either look at them. Yeah I ask that point metallic narrower tires and full the full concerts I'm totally thinking it was in GA GA and what song would you do it hit home. Enter sandman yeah net. And fined for that moment his name is Sam you have heard her name is Dan man yeah well it depends who answered Sam as about to make an entrance and so I know up to them. Actor never neverland. Bassist a troll laden. She's it was a slightly trash I do love their eco assist turn for the future problems it's awkward to end the lacy owned understood Linas Manson yeah. Hey it is true though you know I mean it's like it is like you got to really just yet it is scroll pass a lot of FaceBook posts. You really do I don't know if I wanna be fry I had been friends with my young family members are very idiots I just like I need to read this. Boone what do you think of that situation is he running into the acts and things cannot get an honor they like connect with each other had atomic K are you gonna Metallica to all hopefully you'll run into each other and then. Fun stuff happens that's really good question I don't know how valid even like. 60000 people yeah the odds are you running into your taxes pretty damn minimal. And I ran into a bunch of people ailing that I hadn't seen in a long time have Metallica flood totally thinking it was fate big he's strong she's drunk. You know there'll turned on Metallica's playing no ads there I'd. And happened. Man. Now I wish I went told her real point security is low in the pit move. Low intensity I do I recessed until it's paid some guy got escorted out like probably toward the end of the sets at least so most of the show he was smoking pot I I would imagine. Got cops Cottam and while they caught him. The dude that was right in front of him did not realize the cops for busing this guy. And you start smoking pot no there was again to Bert it was incredible. I think cod style I look at these are like. Really doing this right in front of us still Embree had no idea the tougher behind him so he just starts often a way they tap you shoulder. His eyes I mean they're from being really closed. Really no reason why own. And boredom got escorted out all damn dude. Yeah those so I think demy DOC two haven't sex you because of the score if you want to have a sense I don't know I mean I think you're giving away a lot more when you're smoking something when we cigarettes or pot because you see that cloud of smoke as it worked. Sleep every generally you're smoking is what you're saying and I guess okay. Maybe no smoking involves often or whatever personal isn't it does not give out any smoke. A guy I mean what is she smoking and that's right the that's nice it's like smoking act seriously does my face favorite fish from drama ever I don't imagine if you're in the pit. If people bounce around doing all sorts of stuff so I don't know if I'd be able identify and then if I'm next to somebody. I mean I am I know I don't know maybe I'm how would you do if that you would you have to like we bounced up and down I mean you are you. Well I don't you just kind of stand up and Darren. Like it's like not bouncing it's just kind of you know well we took an apparent the seats I'm plug into it so standout. Most of my got to be standing yeah but then I would go this is audio but this somebody then like wrapping them I guess. Oh and you're right I sitting in front of you know wolf what. Ages are very very low lands and you shoot my. You write I monitored and they're biggest enemy right high for that right. Well I mean that's as an army squash the guy does you can kinda brand Arianna I'll. I was trying to aren't dying and they are up a little bit I know it just kind of both B quote board she's heading towards god yields on yes that Miami meaning they actually stop making emotions I'm seeing you do it it's really disgusting. While holed. So this is as I was at a primus concert in GA when some British rather guy next to me he was up. How easy is hands on Islam. Well and is it now is she facing you're facing away from you. Yeah she is they didn't the only missed the concert you both going to be facing the concert anyone beyond his shoes facing yet acquired July judge delight. I love all okay then I thank judge I guess I can see how your unit that. I didn't find it funny we need to buy you'll come sutra CNN colleagues as well I was the I was just thinking you know the kind of faced each other when you have an a good time I didn't realize guys are both watching the show wall that's a great deal. You know you want to show and you get no show right you never had sex so watching TV both of you. It's like the Bloodhound Gang I do or why you're watching the Discovery Channel now watch TV do you have an intra my TV watch in the sense that. Wow yeah I mean c'mon you know what's what I got to show on Russia to show often has as William and I'm not gonna multitasking man Valero got a multi CSC kids do I don't multitask indeed from watching the DM show are having sex not doing both I'm not doing the the two screen experience like they tell us that you think why I wanna watch that date the second screen the Walking Dead the first screen is what I'm focused the only one of the -- seconds before. Who the hell's wrong with you people were imprisoned at the Metallica concert my girlfriend and I was waiting in line for restroom about 64 remind the others have been waiting for ten minutes in the door opened. To be able lags in the guy had the biggest smile on his face and a girl was still sticks in her clothes and that's from Brian AKA wheels. See I'd normally be happy about death but if you really have to go you like come on why did you do in the pit like Vicky why he would be in the bathroom. Imprison disputed that claim that he doesn't understand how to do that I yeah I really die because I've never given a dog is so nobody hot outside so I always. I you know I wasn't sure his name applies inside as it would outside yeah but I thought you could pick her up then and end and that's how you do it to you do it that way way more giveaways to do and I agree yeah yeah that volatile say never done that way. I you know it's it's all right yeah I'm given now. IMF and man that lame let's be honest yeah. Never done a good. Summers is a that AC/DC concert the Tacoma dome in the general mission front row the couple was doing it doggy style. Damn front row that means they could see yeah and wouldn't I've got to make my life if I was an eight though I've been AC DC were made my life could it be rich disaster. But if I'm performing on this dual mustang and I see a couple performing in the crowd. Doug like the ultimate badge of honor. Now how standing issue she's completely standing what has happened RC slightly in the like not standing. That's on trial I would imagine a little bit of I got OK like are crash ask Darrell curve okay if continuity. Yeah I asked back OK and it's just heard trying to be sexy arms can be up pretending your rocking now allow. Oh wow brought somewhere else all right there you go that's television show. I'm presenting to you should try it the next concert I think I've heard something early would. I know I wouldn't you from have you had another realizing oh my hello sorry that your my wife sir I really can't see very well. Arianna I alliances are about anybody. Whoops. Got to survey on Yelp and what it's ass saying is some hey guys what food you most likely to order after a one night stand. Maybe your Metallica maybe get that in my in my when my weenie hurts whatever we are not bad guys. What food do you want to eat after sax yeah. Crabs. Grab lags. So I don't think that's a good thing has because that that Iowa I don't think I wanna say anything near crabs after having sex with the sushi. Lou yeah and that's a tough one. The tock goes may have tacos. Eggs yeah. Top cancer Danny's got a lot of pizza yeah just the guys I said it's not answer was nothing a lot of people actually found that the you know there are like. Two out of three people say it's weird to order food was someone write a few hook up with them. This one girl that I mean I I have one I had I guess was when I senate numbers are again but as I was that good. Are you sure you got a one nightstand in a different reasons for her early her com I think it was a dream season he just had a dream and thought he'd dead I just there was odd thing because it was like for a random one night thing and and she wanted food and I thought. I don't know I mean it's kind of like I always was redone by now you know view whether that's Lee says they've got a great. Post sex idea. I hate like it. Evolves and I give my wife and I have our moment and then the doorbell rings and it's the pizza guy which should be we're depleted ordered a pizza but I would really quite well against its hero fantasy come down the most recent about the Avant mellow there is is coming a mile or some pizza and you leave and I read the penthouse far Steve the pizza guiding your sex time never leaves no no peace no he's not the case. I went that pizza yeah but that's your wife and you are seeing a one nightstand this is somehow when I see no matter if I had sex and there's an opportunity pizza after the fact I'd be okay ot it doesn't matter who are having sex well you'd like at two out of three people agree with me I agree that I think it's weird if odxa what I stand as somebody who you just met right or you EU EU only had one night action and yeah. Setting it's weird to go to for food after and then I'm gonna figure ordering fear Blake gave the I have any food I think it's weird to with a one nights he's watching amount Daria. Yes there might now come out of some charity and if you want you honest de LA type five bro like Al treated like a broad that'll get them out of their quick actually. Wow there's really other dude shows up yet later today appeared here turns over at Cisco I stands right Agile business. It's the bachelor over here the bachelor degrees every day I agree I don't spend too much time we saw one after one night stand. Well let's go yeah that's why this is an interesting survey because it Yelp basically find out that he notes that two out of three people don't wanna have any food after. And then of that third dislike you Steve they're all about the pizza but here's the thing for me it doesn't matter was indeed is an I wanna eat. They can we idea after sex would you want me yes after a funeral would you like to eat. Yes I you know so it doesn't matter anyways and present no you zone into the food and it doesn't matter who's around I'm up for eating after anything that is OK after dinner you wanna eat yes. I noticed that if I ask to get together with fewer foods involved you say yes yes there's no food you say no. Yeah BC thanks very quickly just that quickly absolutely. And ice cream. Is also and their costs is also when there what about global hawk yeah. I think that's a that's actually why you're on a date. So globe parties have on a date so ya if you are on the date the attractive foods are pizza ice cream impostor. I guess that goes well for Rea. I think possibly be feeling as anybody I have sex after pasta. Are they feel too bloated to I would feel like a get away everything you have pride burden if you Colorado. Our. I had thought about that to bring you called me I have an excuse to eat for anything you do know and I don't find a reason why it's worth heeding it's very very Jeff. I had the eight most common side councils because as we talked about before a lot of folks especially younger folks SI gigs including Vicki who just got her payments for her side hustle that is selling her panties all you do get the money I just got it today just showed up in the mail today. Needs. Official. PGA head. Vicky is now penny sellers' shoes and candy Selanne and putting him in the mail today to really take a picture viewing your pennies. I have frame I have a picture I have my frame with me definitely yes the picture of the pennies in the frame CNN pitcher wearing candy tell us or anybody and our colleagues are holding the money what the frame of the lining is I think that's just did what we I would take one yeah we get a that yeah absolutely yeah. Obligated to and now for the airline Fannie and I'm not at all I was in Dennison a picture. I'm I'm making a certificate of authenticity that I decided to call her way he is I think I think it's a great idea. Well. Well besides that selling your panties which went over by the winner radio convention. Yeah. Think he's like here's prominent new album or like. OK we just had a women empowerment farm and then now here right as you just set us back to 1962 next Daniel 69 my bad. I'm not gonna lie I feel superpower great now like I sold my underwear and I'm going to do something good with the money and just. I feel on top of the world right now I don't know what they're complaining about I I do agree with you. You know something it's I I remember that and we we told we told the gay community this they said we would we wanna get married like everybody else. And I saw and in our a lot of straight guys said all congratulations yet okay wait wait you see the party that's going to be for you being able to get married. You have ended I think it's the same thing for women that you know. Colorado I think a lot of women realize oh like it to be in the working world and part of the rat race why did I want this when somebody else would do that for me. I wish I had somebody would go to work for me because I would sell my panties of like good. Chris I think get pennies. Couple I mean any Stevie some on any unease for 400. None of 400 man let me know he's due to ice nice gift for your post I actually be Davey cued. I'd yeah I don't think you'll be able to solve for more than national retail price their game warned. And that's why they've got the essence of me he can I don't know anyone that wants that the RNC but as CS I mean but if I have I have I was a chick. I'd be doing that bro I can't really think I would be like here at the station during why take your pennies off Vienna I just sold these. And I gotta put another one on I would be doing that all the time like Vijay you are now start being a penny seller. Not possibly like depend on how much people when they're okay and I'm not taking pictures than on because. My parents are still alive and I can't do that to only can they have pictures mean landlords loner on the Internet that's nice you thinking about your parents and Matt. Part of it how I feel you selling the pins and you've told them yet we haven't talked about it I was there are listening and pops next time ask him. And I am surprised you were able to sell them about a picture of authenticity. And I just say I give you credit I did sign them they are mind they are straight from my car I have the match I have another pair exactly the same. But in black so like I can take a picture of those do you prove it that close Clinton and ago passes far she's gonna go. Unless of course maybe has more money hits the table Hamas is safe for use it to take a picture in your underwear for somebody is it just literally underwear yeah like yeah you guys like us. Even nude picture it's just something proving that you wore them that's what I'm saying it doesn't have to be anything at all it almost I would think you can just take a real close up shot of basically your waist and and you see the underwear on every you don't really see much of view I have to go to the thousands are what thousands Phillies sex not happy with even if you all realize that you should be ashamed of yourself you know almost like a hawker. I like it sign Chris Tucker yes. How Mexican Dave make anybody. Sick I see we don't know how much 400 whether it yep 400 Bakhtiar relax. See we're all hookers I mean Adam Terry when he says we all get paid to do something for somebody we don't wanna do. I don't know why sex makes it worse I mean that's acts that we might get some pleasure out of a deal or right. You know it's so stupid now I've talked to any of you would they be Amy's I have to accept. I'm Steve and a recent listeners call in Texas I had a dollar target and oh I got a new guy on tour I hate whose new guys excellent on Twitter now I hate them all right why do you hate him always names are easier used to call me a racist. Why they call your race because Vicki made a mistake it's a what is BJ Shea and an Oreo have in common a common and he said they're both races which I don't know Hawaiian Orioles racist. Yeah I mean yeah that's part of that's untrue Mario's and racist yes I agree that a man who's gonna like that if somebody cause a bad thing like Iran races are rapists could only child molesters like I know why why but I like the guy for that well I I don't know what. He was thinking when he did it but sometimes behaved we're all guilty every kid trotted joke that you think is funny and it turns out it's a giant clunker and it's misunderstood and on social media that happens more often than not to devote enormous on him. Realized it was just a bad attempt to of a joke. That could be that nice guys an idiot Steele I mean you candy guy I Soo your saying but in this particular says I'm a 100% sure is a complete moron I'll be out in news. And it I guess is think this is he doesn't use that sub seem who. That's his thing everyone does a thing on Twitter they're trying to Twitter star thing he's killing half a follower and he's like Alomar senior as guy. I I I just I don't know I don't get the joke that he does anybody get that joke like you know I don't know what are our Oreo is considered to be racist. That's what I'm I have no idea what that means. I've never heard anything you ask him hey I talked to this half a Jewish so you just some good could this could have been just an an unfortunate misunderstanding I didn't think. I don't know. And I. I'm done here and I get advise my social media is killing our generation man 9 AM to make it was all socially awkward by some on the freeway with my car I don't think I tried too hard to get out of the way. You are you guys rather extreme if you're standing there I know that's that I have a that's a bad joke and I wanna run more rumor only at least in the free RA and 1015 years ago and I kind of logic only reason the freeway and he's in my lane. But I'd probably move over all based on that had them very understandable completely understandable yeah and I hate him now because he was. But attempting a bad joke well we'll get an update out say log out a dear I've seen news what the hell's he joked Maine and we jointly by the two pennies for 400 dollars yeah stay young. All right well you know what outside the side muscles later. Until we until met around sodomy or Asia being control. Yeah I think it is much I just figured he's being neutral because that's kinda you know what he does and everything but you know I. I gagged I thought he wasn't defending did that we don't control rode them the analysis like okay congratulations I've never met a troll the Internet for four years so unique. Geez thanks thanks to show me something I've never seen in the wild you happen to each and purses don't play into it that's exactly what you want nobody wants yes tonight's vice president saying I have to do that in this job I got to look at all the tweets yeah we see so many trolls more so than the average human beings yeah you know I'd rather be a hooker so my pennies are just rather be a hooker really. Yeah hookers don't really have a lot of presence on social media that I know of yeah. I know we need to fix that. We need more hookers a social media Steve. Speak to Steve yeah I know what he seems to be back. I thought maybe we have nominal losing streak but he's back and he got this one right yesterday how many months have the letter to eat and then I'll know. Six yes. Course I hate that I hate those lucky guesses because in my theorem. Irritates me but I don't itemize their moments he have a shot at beating Steve but please you know what let's make this happen on a play another loser song to 06421 rock. Being made is we're gonna play it in a 47 on the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. What's the difference between the filing for bankruptcy and credit counseling. And counseling newsroom. It's a useful processor some circumstances. And don't show when your credit is back from a credit scoring scalps went credit counseling shows up just like a bankruptcy so it's going to affect your credit. As negatively as filing bankruptcy. And credit counseling the ideas is on the cruise counselor works with your creditors on your back. Try to lower interest rates or work out payment plans with your creditors. You're done over time. Any credit counseling you almost always pay back a 100% of Sudan's sometimes are lower interest and of course some creditors will participate in the process itself won't. Obviously usually love. Kind of a mix of assault with a great. Credit counseling and bar so high do you think travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime I had to choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.