BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-11-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, August 11th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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99.9. K I asked don't you go rock of Seattle and this week's low mobile families. Is the nets. Fair. These are mobile mandalit. Then adds one more apple bottom might get their music we get their CD pretty simple go to the PGA needs major KI SW dot com Big Ten guys here Friday. Incredible life social life you've got the few times and tonight you can. See them as wild across south for their good. Huge joke but we have their second record a portion of the year it's a monster of an album. Protect about tonight get your new record also great lineup for fans including double from down ten miles wide on the ad that cropped out tonight. And don't forget if you wanna hear more great local. It's Sunday night at 10 o'clock. Who's solid hours of Pacific northwest it's called my mobile course. Every Sunday night at 10 o'clock. We hear bands like Manhattan. Mean man. Okay. See who beat her game and guys we made it it is my dad. Okay. Okay. Here mocking way you guys I was not much I love watching yeah. Putting your hands on your shoulders it's not counted my. We can now. I think he was China have a little metallic decisively as I have had a baby so there was no god wow Melissa is secure door contested today as weird here we got markets and Olympian it take you on markets are use their sir. Yes. Excellent what's the point four today Steve clever tickets to get the Mariners at against the Oakland a's on two on Friday September 1 arrested kofia courtesy of heritage distilling company. Go to KI SW dot com for all the rules and if you're until the Mariners now that it whether redacted or any of their home games to stop get tickets at Seattle Mariners are costs are Steve Kee backhand. And GMs are in the thick of a man they are right now on the wild card spot. So this is a hell of a season sweep you ask good prize Mendes is this is the time well for those playing you know Markus will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions mark is you can't pass all you want but you'll only. Three guesses per question are you ready sir. Already mr. fantastic invisible woman staying in what other member make up the fantastic four it's. What is the capital of Spain. First no terrorist. What's the capitalist game couldn't. Ask the Neeson growing votes are known as why I asked. To know. Who provided the voice of Garfield in the two theatrically released movies. You ask what soft drink was first introduced in 1886. Time. Yes it's the which original song from Titanic won an Oscar in 1997. And I woke always know. Excuse we'll go on panels on you know. What is allowed my what moniker is Theodore Kaczynski better known as. Of yet as what is he real first name of the singer Boy George he's. No. No. No Tyrell soul BA is the fear of water. Yet as to what pop singer was born Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson N her. You know 12345. Corrects. This so let's see George is so it's not George O'Dowd. That's our Boy George is name yeah. He said George. No we didn't. He didn't Al he had not are you in any of Ted S Warren said George my brain was like no this when he said George and I was hoping he would because that was kind of a gimme yeah I was and it's a bummer dude I tell you to comment on my mind OK can I you know if there was such a gimme I thought how. Hi I. But I. Yeah I guess what those savings knives and getting here thieves that your highlights Tivo or a similar your Jerry Recco. Hey Steve are you ready and mr. fantastic invisible woman thing in what other member make up the fantastic four human torture yes that's what is the capital of Spain's. Portugal snow Madrid as indecent rowing boats are known as why it. Kayaking snow Merrill. Are my camera you know are true. The jobs no number I demise of the these who provided the voice of Garfield in the two theatrically released movie or Murray's Diaz which soft drink was first introduced into 1886. Odds are and have to be Joseph it's. Nelson got Coca-Cola yet as to which original song from Titanic won an Oscar in 1997. I do get told it's a classic type movies you can remember watching screw you Danny. How I'm Marco go on yeah adds I don't know what moniker Theodore Kaczynski better known as. Excuses excuses are the unabomber yet as what is your real first name of the singer Boy George and George asks pyro phobia is the fear of why fire yeah. He's 45678. Do you win a dump. Sorry about charges that young man. He took them I'm in who are our. Me. I haven't heard that one in awhile throwback nice flashback Friday the one question you didn't get to that mark is denied to correct what pop singer was born Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson videos this Danny knows he doesn't know. Katy Perry yes because president not a singer. She did she did on the and then nine soundtrack which is one of those like Chicago type DNC. Follow up saying yes and pop singer those now are they can't just can't think she's a few things like how they dress says she didn't see. She doesn't sing yeah. Yeah whatever and the mission rowing boats or better known as. Gonzalez Diaz are nonetheless. Endesa Steve you're Italian you're such a failure or bad if JJ ones that look like leaders in on Don guerrillas. I think we will be great for bachelor party. I would next land that would be MA IR dongle arthritis and they got easily in a war uses. Is John and Don hall okay how. That's hurting senator Don strive on the way they're little penis tiara now I'm surprised has done that's because I think it's agreement usually good. He should Steve you want to eight correct caught a break your check out the Mariners figure on the days at Safeco Field on Friday store first caller number 8206421. Rock. Gold mariners. I know aside Todd time for a while the most common side hustles and I got I get distracted do you believe that's okay. Here the eight most common extra jobs of people are doing to make more money because that's of people are doing most people have 23 jobs these days. Taking paid surveys. Hole. How you do that like people to solicit you and somehow you lead the LA Camille institute dollars great dude doing this survey you can make ten dollars by doing this or I see that from time to time on our net and it's like him. Nick do you make a mystery shopper themselves but less effort. Vicky this should be a lot of noise and I dilemmas babysitting. Yeah actually I'm hoping to serve babysitting Zune just because I am. Love all the little kids that have been coming around Lee leader rush isn't none of them dear baby fever and I now you can be in knocked up should got a free environment. I just like yeah I grow up with a bunch of babies don't I don't want to maybe early then you're not as Cuban's money had. I don't know I think I smell like a baby out he's had a bad night I'll get back to death. Notorious Texans have a video game streaming side fossilized made like thirty dollars but I spent way more. The I am I have a couple of buddies that dieting is a late night tabletop am I right about that I don't know I get that yes and that is a late night tabletop a huge amount on twitch I don't know much Jamaican but they put a lot of time into it and they dance a good show crichton or maybe have hopes of eventually it being something now make more money than what they're. Putting money into but in order to yeah I would think it would with twitch is. It's a standout you probably don't have put a few dollars into making sure looks good and a half volleys good because is is some stuff out there. For you stand out amongst the crappy got to put some time money and effort into the I'd say it's it is quite effort tonight and I wonder just you know how those guys who do embody to make anything I guess its good side hustle. Number three this one also I'm surprised that he's not doing cooking your baking. I don't really know anybody that would pain me to do that's what you guys can meet and how I met your food I've title cash everything you bright and it's OK I thought OK but don't end. Really think value you don't chaos mind blowing where might we need to profit off of this north. I'll glad I don't isn't okay in my book. Okay good is like the same now now you say sums for these okay it's trapping someone like Steve your really get that accent sounds better than Steve you're OK at sex yes Steve's. Touche patch. I didn't write anything that I could use I call back to an hour ago attitude Shakespeare. That's a point you really don't like her cooking do you know it's good and he thinks if I wanted to ask your face you know that you're talking to her I understood I saw the sincerity has died after after I got since there are necessary your line is I don't know it is good so yeah what do you look and so bothers you out there were still very good. I just don't know there would be some of the national again I don't mean this is behind. I disrespectful and not trying to be I haven't cooked in Austria Italy is this plan to get me to cook yes I do some cooking and we'll see if it's gonna have to sell high area that's been happening so that's. That's a happy accident in this conversation like I'll tell you this reds reds wife Michelle those breakfast come case she makes I think she could sell. Good every celebrity that has them as like I have never too nice a ride this like she can have a food job breakfast food truck yeah and I think I would do well let's do it. All right Dan and idea and I'll take cast but I don't know Vicky can have like an enchilada food truck or whatever and always. Would that that would that season. They're probably Angela does that mean yeah I'd say he's fearless my family in my bed everyone in May finally just news. I loved it's I don't you use. If I hit my hand and we'll figure out I'm trying to say no I mean it the other way to save its season O'Neal was that she's staying go well this is anybody else think this is stepping Nile like. Clapping hands to something else something nice this is likely to argue reasonably that. Is and then noted that there are a lot of rockaholic so probably pay fees to be their baby sitter yeah. Yeah but the they probably expect things like the movie the babysitters you know that classic film or they'll Shelvin a diaper they're the ones you have to sit in a context your breath. Dog walk he's also be analyst do you have others like it happened now where I. You can maybe say your dog why dog walk market where there's that it's almost like it's been aware of dog walkers who you can find if you need some votes notice you do search to see is always around you. What it was but what one called drove right because when co wag rovers pretty cool man maybe I think. And and you just somebody can be in your neighborhood. I don't know if I could do that wow I wouldn't I don't really trust the person I'm gonna let the disaster we trust Rand osu drive us around in 2000 part of our vehicles powered vehicles and yet we have no we don't wanna give her dog to somebody. They even tells you hear your puppy just to it or not or what what went on they give you updates. It dead end the year Benny just lewd or black walking the number one dog walking up there you your first walk free you think he would. Wow I wonder if I guess they showed up and I said Tom who you're walking. And he's gonna put only get what they do it quit again oh you mean you are and again costume guy I drew a furry are you guys the dog he should be okay. And you just don't know how I react to that of Tom Kite they showed him where all my free of dog walking bank okay pleased to attempt. That's fantastic doing well you like Wilfred here I am walks week. All right home you're weird or talk to you don't worry time. Would presume there YouTube talent makes him a hundred bucks a month and they narrate audio books as me so about 25 bucks a month in royalties. They narrate audio all the narrate audio books as a different guy who isn't on the same person. It is there's a couple things how he does audio books that's kind of cool. Dumbed so we are blogging on there I guess that's kind of in the units fear people making money if a blog and some people are guessing. How sitting at the house sitting is a thing I can see that DJ Ing like DJ at a club weddings. 00 yeah SE weddings that's a very I mean you can make that your job yeah I don't that's Riley I was gonna do math in my career but I was not good. And and then bar tending. I know support was a full time job that's a part time job for people is a big breakthrough during today for the weekend and he's only yeah usually there's not a lot of people going out during the week so you really just need bartenders Fridays and Saturday knows it can't. Time I didn't realize that. Decide to listen zealous you pick a topic you guide to show 206421. Rock Texas it's 77999. You calls your tax at 917. On the Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. 99.9 K hi SW Iraq Seattle pixel listeners on the loose structure by Travis Gagne. This is always where you pick the topic and you guide to show doesn't matter meant something old something new you get to steer this ship anyway you want. 206421. Rock. Tex does it 77999. Listeners on the loose do remember though Steve has one rule for listeners on the loose necessary as a manager and bring it otherwise. You're gonna get gone for a. The bold and. It's that simple my friend lets our average Joseph in Lynnwood Joseph you are on the Iraq. Elian had to graduate you got forced a budding. OK so I've been dating this amazing woman for about the close of five monks. Things have gone really well. Two point that I moved anywhere or heard follow up and down my resume really well. Firstly I would say so the lower. She has two different personas she answer. In week two weeks more client city and her weekend. In life and this public figure type deal. Changed the real connected had a lot of friends out there. She's a public figure only on the weekends and during the week she's a nobody is that what you say. And basically basically that's an actress and I never heard of nine to five grind shoot Celine Dion musician of sorts. And no. I know Canadians thanks so she's a part time musician and some people Miller but she's now like super mass known ranks. Correct our eyes. OK so. I digress. We can advance to the point where I met her father met her friends. We moved him whether unless I'm only S Vicki does it mean anything if if a guy you're dating moves in with you or is he just like a remain like where you have. Well if they're sharing a room and pay all the bills together and how everything Kelly connected then yeah I hear it's a serious thing if he just happens to be dating union have separate rooms lenient. Retreat to dinner the night and it's not as dignity. You ideally the same. You know we joked yeah I did and you share the bills like it is a relationship review share in the same bag you're in a relationship I prayer and a half. I think there's I think correct right yeah and we shared a builder actually concerned then all Iceland is so you so one thing that I rubs me the wrong way it is dead. And introduce me to her family or her friend. This is my friend you don't. Oh she is and I and the friends own. Seeing. It's it's not look like boyfriend that it even my partner you know rock. Peter first mile is partnered radio convention I think very awkward but I think you people believe that our partners in Liberia Carlo congratulations. Thanks buddy I don't let me get a better idea I'm not happy about this we don't share to all you guys lurch at main players sweetness. How do you think till I mean I didn't I don't know are you pregnant Susan and me. Sometimes people don't wanna deal at the million questions that come from the friends and family by referring to you might not be an indictment against you and the relationship they might be more against them like Susan don't do a bad headache of having tea. How our conversation at this moment I don't know I may be there's more to it than just. An insult to your relationship I mean I know who you can try and seven and I could. Correct and I know led in her public life. Should flirt so line it hit a lot of poor doesn't know where. You know keep up to you peer into whatever name we should launch an end to order. You know who who knows too. Q have you had any conversations with her Joseph is this all your imagining. I know we've had these conversations many times it's just it's kind of ones overseas anyway when the store spot on the topic you're. Now which screwed your tongue. So what are over tuition so if you had his conversations what is your reason for introducing use them as just a friend. She. The show want to maintain her parents. As a result. Always her family out of her family's empire republic life refers to her and her family like a little public life. Debbie is saying she introduces you to everybody as a friend that like don't like her personal friends are my misunderstanding as an only the public figures that. Like you that she denied it was and is pretty much everybody else so what does she say about that. Did she writes it off. Yes screwing you out and I you know I'd edit if that's also and yet you've had a conversation I thought I was agree with Steve but if you had a conversation there and she's saying since she. It doesn't sound like you've got a really good enough answer from her since gonna Hokies and it sounds like you're you're kind of not wanting to it to move out and you but you're not happy either are or are you him. I'm always missionary woman. So you know I'm trying to make it work but I anxious. Whose whose family know that the bulk of the financial stuff not you guys are living together. I'm probably you're I'd probably send out then or 85%. Because I think OK maybe she is using you for your money I hate to say happened doesn't sound like that's the case. This very weird you're you don't sound like a happy guy you don't sound like an empowered guy you sound like a whipped dog Jimmy and and I'm just telling you as a friend does and Wales and the show I am not trying to be me now I appreciate it yeah you sound like a whipped dog you sound like you're you're you're you're you're I feel like you have an intuition tell you the some sketch is going on but you also don't want to leave her. You don't wanna delude yourself I mean is it really means a lot to you to say look I think you should call me your boyfriend to certain people. And if she doesn't wanna do that. Yet ask yourself really and really this public persona on the weekends if it's not paying a lot of her bills and it's a hobby and after that hobby you should be more important to her than that hobby. As far as being he'll call your boyfriend deal would can I ask an uncomfortable question yes there is no public persona issue stripper. Point you know I'll tell you not at all now. Job I in my opinion there's no hobby I mean did she make a good living doing this thing on the weekend or is it just a hobby. It's it's 5015. You mean she makes 50% of our money off this horse 5050 hobby live. In other words what percentage really I mean what percent here you come to come from NAFTA she makes really that much money doing it. You know yeah you know you like dude that's is a C donate it all while she's performing at all. Now it's more it's more unforced fund an entry catches ground and street material sometimes crawl Joseph how old shoe. She is 47. Almighty god I'm done I mean. Yeah I and so good. I'm not going are they Don Don Don Don bucket or do you Don Don and I know I'm being I know this is not outdone Dundee yeah I know this is Seattle and I. But I mean how many 47 year old anybody's have made it in the music industry. At 47 and they haven't done a previous Steve do you know anybody that is a you've become a star at 47 due in part time gigs Waterman dad died not very many yeah and all but. Maybe she does this because it just brings her happiness is not like she's thinking that one day she's going to become the biggest star in the world of performance entry into which is okay but you should never able to call him boyfriend in front of everybody else press 47 yeah she's got a fan base and come on. And therein and stop liking her. Then I must be rude about her agent they're gonna stop like here because they think that she's not obtainable anymore that seems rather silly yeah. Just 47 I think most of her fans would assume that she's got a significant other at this point otherwise have been might be. Due apologies to forty serial singled out there but for the most part if you're nearly forties. And you're not a relationship people think that's weird. So I don't think her fan base is going to be like a dog with her because she doesn't have a boy fruit because she has a boyfriend. Joseph how stupid how old are you Joseph. Thirty. Oh my god job. Three Manning differ now here's sometime Tommy tells Joseph where is right now Joseph where is it you idiot you are that you're you're you're the you know why you're the trophy guy you are the and I know that's what you are Joseph. You know here's a trophy guy why wouldn't you fertile minds her boyfriend because she wants a lot of trophy guys. She's 47 she's leading she's got the pants in this relationship makes more money. And and Joseph if you can be happy with the fact that hey you know why I get to have my bills paid and on the when she goes home to even though that you isolation seven film and everybody. But if you really want a great relationship Joseph. What do you do with a 47 year old part time rock and roll music sorrow now she is I just don't know why you wanna lifelike that. It's it's. Yeah I know it's one of those staying in order and she is completely unlike obviously any oil and I heard. So you know you have a family you don't wanna family. But Enola she's bothering you you say is one housing but she's bothering you because you know she's not committing TO that's what you feel when your bones it's not even about the word. It's about the fact she's not committed to you when you feel it you know it. Correct yeah an end. As a man. I would say pack your ass and go all Ben you'll find somebody in your life it'll be as good as Herbert will actually say she wants to be with you and really be with you I'm real I really believe that that'll happen as long as you man up and get the hell out. And then maybe she'll probably go holy crap you really are leaving our right idea I I didn't realize that I have joked. An update call us back. I'd like to know how works out but think more people should man up and women to listen to a woman stay in a bad relationship. Everybody speculated dating maybe business she views and as they're mostly a boy -- him in the embarrassed at how young he is are afraid of people think that it's a signed ball to FM bad she's 47 get over it I mean like you said Stephen whoo it's not a problem first for an older person to dating younger person. I mean you know we we glad to you could you got your life at school but now she's an earth. No she's in her early twenties now so she's fine yes yesterday's had trauma who's very ominous fantastic committed happens I don't have a problem that but guys are some slow groove you vote rerun I agree with this last text survey says trash sake you guys are bringing me down it's Friday. Oh sorry about that well you know what whoever that is call and you pick the top makes you guys show steers and have a direction that he did some very depressed him. Yeah religion. 206421 rock I bet she's strip. Texas is 77999. Probably be afternoon shift right. And made some good morning. Rock and 99.9. KI guess W all the. 99.9 day high as cellular rock of Seattle as solicitor is on the loose do you think the topic. You guys they showed 206421. Iraq he also Texas it's 77999. Let's go to Peter he's in Seattle theory Iran Iraq sir. What's that guys had somebody Peter he's McAleese and it's. There have sued the other day Gary we're talking about Steve are Herman that some real low and oh you know I didn't listen to each day during the Metallica concert yeah oh yeah yeah there is no one had disturbed mind the real moment. It lets do it enough demand alleges Rory console but you apply apply and there we had a cigarette together. Metallica sounds. Not those that there is a show like submitted you guys they're like years ago deny the big gold cool cop sold a lot of without a spirited. They used to so long ago and even paler and and here is now. Yeah now he's grown a beard he doesn't smoke and he's all mean these are you're not. Run a marathon yeah Chris is just total of people close shell these are two good for your lame now man. I who's you know. I was like why our bottom here would this guy you know and around the radio station having to buy life news whose incredible moment. See you back remember chills is finalized although I. Dampier and learned that sounds all right mom protests you have another you know do alone lightly not 67 years from now whenever they do you remember yeah men who buy you a beer. That certainly weren't this law also we're talking about a zero point Steve's not just anybody like you know doing its rank castle I don't know I mean that's a good call Peter thank you man. And that's fun though you know it's always great when you meet somebody you dig in you know in the world of celebrity which you know Ryan castle is for a lot of folks and any turns out to be cool 'cause I know man. When I met my guy and now it is changed over the years but you know that radio guy love is Charles like Rivera might personally when M beware that didn't go so well political issue back Danny admitted to it. He did and irritating urine knowing him. It was interesting the first mainly that person was tough and I was annoying and second meeting was on the air here yup and during my tenth anniversary now where that went well. Serving as I planned visit Hawaii and Powell set his house like young BJP told him one day yeah you're gonna grow a lot. Then you need to go to house of the radio guys you listen to all the time. And just hang out yeah. You're absolutely right that was a really I mean talk about us real moment that really really wise I felt like he was mad at me but I think he was mad at they was mad at the guys he's trying to buy hearing aids off of the creek I think I'd like you're itself and in the middle of his room it was really weird very shocked if you have Donna kinship to a man who gets mad over the most ridiculous bass really was I don't understand that at yeah I guess we're opposites attract kind of I think Israel is yet because I'm nothing like that and now I don't ever. It's listeners all loose you pick a topic you guide to show at 206421. Rocky and also Texas and 77999. Was go to Brian and Everett Brian you're on the rocks there. Good morning guys I would go due to bad body which you got. All right should you guys on the Big Ten expansion would probably ask slayer is gonna be yet. She Al samarra a lot is theater television army what do we really glad you re not slayer you now to the war and one week. Aren't actually had to make a compromise that that this site where there are gonna go to metallic terrorist player and I'm like cause such the captain's choice ever. Negotiated we must first concert which are excited about the only man. Yes how old are you might have lost power how old are you know that your birthday how many birthdays of he had. Wanna light drier aren't colonies yeah concert. Yup yup I want that kind of a torch route back in the day it's like yeah early for a day at least now it's my job like he wanted to be a little bit more street I'm Brian. Do that's awesome your first show is gonna be a slayer concert that is bad ass. I mushy so I didn't lamb of god is gonna be there and that she met I've never heard that you let this so I did some research and they are polish extreme metal band sound like. I'm kinda intimidating on the soreness I don't clay got the next morning nice thank I got sacrificed herself and what are. And Steve have you I it's a long time site Sina show in the well I'm with your holiday dumbed down with these weights always await president used to be the way better if they've done I mean it's still. There was not a small club CEO it's always be some some minor sound issues but they've current ended up a lot better word absorbs the sound you remember way back and they seem like The White Stripes and I think this strokes. And I found they don't was going to displaced because a slap back at the snare. It was almost that you were hearing two different drummers. While the show was going on if you're standing in the wrong spot yeah put over the course of time they've done better things to make the acoustics back and overseeing Judas Priest over a wobble and it's not a great. Perfect point that's yes that's an and that's why I like to bring that up because I now I have heard what you just said wait Saturday and wait and a lot of people at first when like I'm never going back a wobble has made those changes oh yes absolutely and and slayer is going to be a fun 121 birthday anyways why are some and he bought his own tickets I think that's cool too. As a man when you get to go buy something that you really want like nobody gave you the money there's a difference when you when you or your own weight is something you really love there is a guy remember that that's a great experience I hopefully yourself you're some will pick up lifeless and at some point out some big joke you'll get to Philadelphia Derrick doesn't care yeah you get there in your mind via text SP universe there's a guy says my 42 birthday since I've been 21 for 21 years. I'm doing my 21 are my second 21 runs tonight. But we showed you guys semi shout out thanks I'm Nora in Port Townsend. Nor are we could one not be on the shout out I began my parents wish you happy. I mean married hey you know remove. Happy married okay here. You move. I don't even stern okay here nor. I act you know. We're hey hey do you move. Men that's awesome. So I I've got to think about this now so 42 is ended 42 plus 21 to 63 is I'd miss that what a great idea to say. Harness the third ARRIS humans when he first predominantly a man and that's when it was detonated. I out did it's only three mr. Allen as well so what Somalia you prelude to war some things here 89 or is Aaron I can do anything you can go. Except parred eight and oh by the way and our guys out they go happy birthday have a good time be safe be you simulated know if you saw the buzz feed story about movies that couldn't happen in 2070s. It's actually a fun read. Yeah it's interesting and they took a look at these old to seventeen old movies and showed how they're plots to be ruined. Because of modern technology only as an arrest beyond that I I do like as you go back to 84 the movie sixteen candles. And that movie could've happened according to those was because of FaceBook notifications nobody would ever forgotten cement his birthday. You know I forgot that's here in the premise of the movie I did that I view is that she wasn't happy to people who Dinara. New daisy of course. How about pretty woman now here's this is very interesting Edward voters the out of but he would never got lost. Because he could've looked up directions on his phone had a GPS take him and their free would have never met Vivian Malone I think I was saying he wouldn't have a problem finding a check because he could use like FaceBook core. Tender the one movie that would have been ruined. And it's so true I mean think about this movie how great it was for us. And the one movie it would have been ruined by a cell phone. Is home alone. Our family would have been done these yes I had to go out and done. He introduced techs that are called his parents the end dead yacht and it's 88 did you forget the time especially I think man. I mean the kid's third there in general that the gender generation Aziz the snowflakes. They're gonna look at home alone and go why why it might think is cause mother on his volley they're not gonna get that there were no phone right now we all still watch it. And any age I think Denny you still Andre hormone smile on my favorite movies yeah signings he's not gonna watch it Steve I got Ambien label it's just like to some late night talk about the matrix. And there are some generations these ago the matrix and we I don't know that movie I don't care about that movie yeah you know I think out of all gets played all the time for Christmas I recently did around Christmas it does which is shocking is what's at Christmas movie people get jobs killed with his name is Leo which is kind of close to sand the sand TO jump hook. Hello My Cousin Vinny. Would not have been a problem for the two kids including the Karate Kid. Because he would have been wrongly accused it would had cameras at the store and I would have seen those kids and ruining the cookies to utes yet these two youths yet you blend. Forrest Gump. If Forrest just looked up directions on his phone he would have known he was right near Jamie's house and that would have and it's he would consider are expressing what dancing and Everett bench telling everyone is storybook. Could just go double his phone and as daft and I. Mrs. doubtfire the rumbling as movie. So it turns out that Miranda would have Google mrs. doubtfire all trust your watcher kids in would've found out there is no such thing as a mrs. Delphi looking a Yelp reviews and there's none. Plus or almost background check services now you can do. Psycho. Now how is now going to be affected by technology marrying crane probably would have booked a hotel online. If not she could've looked updates votes on final that it had no reviewed this. Auckland by the way be careful of the shower doesn't work the way expected death. Sleepless in Seattle not that's our iconic movie that put us on the map for that houseboat whenever erode the docs on the tour they were always pointed out yeah I'm. John I probably would have called into a radio show to find a woman were dead because everybody now uses you know online dating. To describe what he would have gone tender well I guess some of the movie. Good made it would make him creating an online dating profile and and having communications as a young child with his adult. And I over which are young child charm until they finally met up so you mean that you sit them delay the young kids on Tinder go and I'm looking simply for death and always pretending to be his dad call a fishing. That's yet that's I'm finishing in Seattle the of that Abby hold different movie where you find out as a little kid and I think they Rhode iPad. As it turns up a little kids much more charming than his father he asks I give him. I don't know I don't know how that movie flies if that's funny feel all the movies that have been so those those those movies those big movies could not have happened twice seventeen because of our technology that's. That's the moral of that story kids. And now. A question that I wanna put forth TO as we start our weekend. What are Ryan castle and a lizard man hasn't come through. Its overnight 51. On Iraq. In the exact morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. And gain yardage. Question of the day what do Ryan castle and that's the lizard man have in common cold blooded. Yeah and that's hot blooded. I didn't create fairness. I can configure as negative three did you guys give me confidence born so I had a cupcake I. And the cup to this one cupcake. Thought I don't know why there is like that before the cup K you're the cheapest date I know I always do. Yeah you'd manage cupcake you can't I can't lie I can look at cocaine that's all you need to do unity and it only costs me at least forty bucks to get the size you are one cupcake answer here that's a special kind of geek. But attacks are coming in comparison to Ryan in what loser Mandela's demand Steve likes both of their tongues. Yeah you go. Put her co cold and slimy to the touch. So I think. I'm. You know I'm motif twice. Aren't. I think we all have at some point or another death and it very nearly all the time failure right now the applies also to bugs in mind when you sleep and so tell us. Apparently South Carolina is bracing for the lizard man to come out during the solar eclipse comes. Just barely the costs in Greenville, South Carolina felt the need to specifically ask people to not shoot bigfoot if they saw him. And now they're focused on another potential monster because they gotta warn people not to shoot the lizard man that's. I guess he's so the lizard man escaped or swamp half crypto have a man they believe lives in the swamps around Lee County. And northeast South Carolina this is a real deal. Thank you illustrators and those people off somewhere else out like I said I'd have to spend at least forty dollars to get back. Brian castle he's gonna help you and he hasn't in the forty dollars was gonna twelve pack he's guarantees give Jack how. And makes this day. I don't Obama left Sam Cassell snacks. Go to one job and got the deep fry a lot of stuff yeah had a soft serve ice cream machine that was at my disposal and help you leave that did I know what's wrong with you got bills to pay all that soft serve wasn't paying them that's usually the problem is that coming. If you could somehow it's just not a story about your diligent than swimming in sauce it was. Grace of god don't like having one mozzarella stick I got a court order to register one in the deep Fryer full without native you know what I regret that you attach I don't that is. I know. And mixed morning. Rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. Totally rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy and how do you rebuild it you know who won creditors time might make your payments on time. On your on your plans for your mortgage I continue to make cars Jamison Stone carnage you keep your your case I'm you can also. They sent her cards you can almost always get a credit cards and almost. Bankruptcy sometimes this is secured. Almost always have a really high interest rates on. Did you get a small balance credit card in the treasury can gas serve our dinner once a month I'm not miss a payment paid off every month. And that'll help you don't credit history when I lose time. How do you rebuild your credit. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just because any time as choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.