BJ & MIGS podcast 08-15-18-6A: A new study says that women who are emotionally unstable are better in bed.

Wednesday, August 15th

News and sports. Today is National Best Friends Day. A couple of friends helped thwart a kidnapping by throwing drinks and punches.

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As one hour and a journal that's farmers are journals. Jason just women's. Core emotionally unstable. Tended to be better in bed means one thing. Danny is pretty good and bad so. I wondered about it is Danny is very emotionally and sales have been waiting for the safe amount and so finally daisy a good positive wrap women and wanna be with them lose many of them are crazy size anymore no man's image cry when your interest thank. I'm twice Duberstein how much is obvious who's going to display they made me cry it out and so I Denny is crazy bitch we. And neighbors on the Internet. Anyone surprised by this doesn't mean is this thing so there has been talked about offered. Generation Smart nowadays to do as if to steady rain heads. And seen if Fred heads also are on more unstable than people who are red heads I mean guys he's a unicorn. They could be the unicorn design murder me you know I mean anecdotally I've heard and read ads are great in bed and also I've heard that ran ads are out of their minds now leases it is anecdotally I haven't done any research did you just mentioned you don't defend the redhead communities I don't wanna offend the resident community I'm all about the ginger Steve you know me you know you are yeah desert Shanghai to assign money. Yeah I was glad they figure this out well I'm a sex loans they just spent about a week around you and me and yeah when women scored lower on emotional stability tests fool the guys they were. Winston were more likely to say they had a good sex life. How do we get our hands on this test yeah I know for emotionally stable. Oh there's no way we are now. You might be you may be the most mostly Sinhalese tired and scary and then Nicky comes in second all I yeah mile emotionally stable. Well I say enemy and the rest of us yeah. Are you doing something. Yeah I mean brands might ease Chinese tries hard to assess I think it's a good idea don't have Mon power emotionally unstable no I am a bastion of stability and would you talk about yet another I don't know I don't know I mean maybe Joseph but I think you need emotions and ordered have a emotion at all. I think also I don't know if you count she doesn't count high on emotion he's he's definitely motionless over there so you got or she's she's got an altogether well yeah I don't know who wins her Danny I mean dated than there. There's just one didn't she once in the middle of the third recession wonders she could decide the whole room on fire yeah yes no doubt about it a stable clothes she talked to Johnny robbers when I'm not in the room and find out if she says the study. That's in you are you asking to see whether or not she's good in bed I certainly not in the room I say is. As a good friend I'm going to say Chirac says she's giving one thumbs up I'll let you dual meet in the other hand there's nobody gives you thumbs up and say they're not good inventors some national and I showed her around our first really I mean I really. An old. I don't call me Italian stallion for nothing Todd code calls yet nobody. I don't really remember that Monica's free time I haven't heard either in any. Isn't Jimmy starts doing less than oh sure you go they go to New York Times I am thinking that carrier BA's runaway Johnston is next conquest. Study also on today yeah size sales upon women were more likely to be satisfied with their sex life is just a guy they were with was thorough and do missiles. Beautiful. Yeah no now I'm not that I don't. I'm fine thanks guys I'm sorry to see if you're with a guide and today you know a you know selling amber go by me in enemy now we just saw sales signs so I'll just say however and you'll. What am I am never going to tell you know. Hey he's talking about your sigh you're getting emotionally unstable because you know I heard you good in Bennett's Einstein's almost humorous are pretty stable at my emotions DJ Byrd Al priests are good. That was sexy. Thank you. Well I'm just saying and our sense of people understand who tiger Virgo. All I know return to hey listen you know what I I make sure everybody's happy and that's that we know even if I'm not happy did you know your people pleaser. Which is what I'm a chronic people pleaser. You know as I do. When are you pleasing people yes all look in the industry. Could everybody hear slowly smiling faces. Tomorrow I can confirm red heads or fire in bed yeah I really do want pleasing Steve prozac I'm pleasing all of the us spouses and girlfriends and boyfriends out there of the show I making you all mentally unstable trees are all better in bed so I T actually yeah. I do unfair announced yeah. Death from sonong. So let's which you know it is you do need to know we have one listener then came back and said red heads of fire in bed now my resume rock in the south okay did they say they're crazy doce we wanna see would you make that correlation between you know emotionally unstable women in better sex like this study and I'm armored does present some and something tells me that this is going to be a major one they're know as Sherlock segment yet but that's. I sound that dimension inside that. I mean we've talked about this for years we have. But you know what we need officials studies because otherwise people say where's your proof now we have proved so can we get their hands on this emotional stability tests all eyes I disagree your hands on the most unstable woman star athlete would like to. All right so and then of course Danny I'm here free as they go volunteer down the back of my allies. I know that general comment about sex the first and you think Vijay is daddy. Well you talk about emotionally unstable. Kenya a Denny's and no I'm gonna do Zardari is probably the best sex out of all of us and work. Soon Georgia and we say use stallion yes that's even more often tell this to me as thank you Danny and I'm sure he etc. via hurry now are gonna have to refer him as mr. stallion and all stealing you get to that level of being my friend you can call me just the stallion but at first that these Italians Italians on the phone and Foleo I got McCoy and science science. Great let it sink in DC are all that's not the equation but that's okay. I'm a couple kids sorry about them and just move away from stallion over here. Goal coaches really get away from a kidnapper and how well. And things of that delicious treat known as a slur PC we'll tell you all about this and yes he's got the Italian stallion news Florida. Are you going. Nationally it's a seventeen lead on her. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW hole. Hey high gasoline Iraq. Seattle. This graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there are. Any available this clearly in the morning this is news quiz teammates. Thanks guys thanks in Colorado State University global cancer isn't giving us news and sports is a very exciting exciting day and their ads. Three and in your favorite dinosaur I don't think about Disney and ready 123. Plus wrapped her favorite non pornographic magazine a masterpiece to. Housekeeping. If you reject who's the one guy you sleep with John say most. You can best friend. Right in the garage. And that's rice national best friend then it's good example your best friend all right tiger are best friends about a few kids. Our friends ones sister and sister I may actually were able to thwart. I kidnap her because they all bonded together. That guy away from them a better story isn't doesn't play here a guy from Michigan whose name is Bruce. He's been charged with kidnapping assault happened over the weekend he was I've seen on surveillance camera at a convenience store and is watching for girls. Ranging from eleven to fourteen as they got drinks. He followed them and attempted to randomly trying to grab the youngest. And that's when they all stepped in just started using their drinks and their fists against him away from them. Hi here's some more in in her eleven year old sister Alison Laura thirteen talking about one out. He just certain sitting in common with guys. Hi my sister is in Allison in any attack and low and flew home. And he had the laurel island tents campers and then like you me I got main street in Texas said. I'd try adding I punched him in the head saying that elusive Sheridan and Timken is. Big scary. How fast these four girls dolls are obese and coffee drinks. I really get him away. Just you know why you hear those girls and all I wanna do is just wide spectrum always absolute. All I want a steady diet of just hot coffee donut that guy's face and everything today finally nice to get a condom ads and they debris into off hotels. And ask for some help police are riding a description of the guy and he quickly find him he's facing multiple charges because that's. Remembered thinking quickly so they can think I thought it was fantastic for. They realize no such as so gaussian. Seeing guys there's no reason that guys should ever be released society Gannon a psychologist can tell us that he's completely cured being awaited news. There's no way we should never have to feel bad guys. Now I guy I I don't know what's gonna happen to a but that guy should not see the light of day until you know somebody will testify. Let's head over to Florida we're always strange things happen in Florida and there's a guy who got drowned his name inside james' 24 years old you was arrested because well he went into a restaurant. Kobe Japanese steakhouse and I don't know Kobe Japanese aid thousands like god Nihon off. Was it done today that Gadhafi Photoshop. And about the Jewish and serious price consortium now all I want is everywhere yeah. That's just a fun place for me except for when James Shields up and takes up all his clothes and stories are radically stripping in front of everybody knows that's our alliances. You know that's a that's a shrimp I don't news. Shockingly and a guy who's drunk. Oh really and the woman at the table there's a couple sitting at a table like yeah I mean planned for this who wanted to shoot and make a volcano on fire not a guy I think you and salsa okay so you can you please stop and maybe. He became belligerent called the woman's. And doesn't go. I know that's us. Then during the fight the husband who I imagine the badgers fans like to last the fight and make him and I don't want to you know what you have perfect weapon you have that he had full normal life on the big. The big scope things out. Porches and they did do that the chef guy to give you some of his knives and all that's even better. It's over one which the police showed up on James was not cooperating with the police either which makes me wonder. Have to detain a man among a list and get in my the only ones thank you Beverly Hills ninja right now when he has to win. Cairo has that fight at the Benny Hanna where he's he's he's posing as a chef so I don't you remember and all duties and a member in the movies some like nine shots. It's funny all man I incidentally. Come on one and then on some ladies on the fire friends because her parents would not come out from the tree how I was on the roof. That's a neighbor's house and they're like hey we've got to get this parrot downs I had and any loss for the firefighters show up tonight okay. He tried in my carried down Todd Perry. Name's Jesse Paul's Jesse the ferries that take you when you trying to get him to come down you have to endear yourself Sosa may she tells Jessie Davis Love home. They'll tell you I love you back star alternative tide does does the firefighters did that Jesse didn't respond I love you back to me like OK we're good. Then apparently been sorted itself. Find my cell phone call yeah Jesse. Three on volume of carbon and imagine satellite disk and a all right all right our. Clearly Zenawi discovered that up just is a bit of a foul mouth and get swearing must why amusement well that's probably why just lets us I'm mariners. My path is so scary because you just actually believe she has a soft line drive that hit them personally we need to put these videotapes and contusion bruise on his forearm. And the games administration. And every Felix MCI's OK and doesn't look bad now five. Can get some runs to make it happen in a losing treated you and how much you'll delays and a one game away from first place side that's so there are songs and yeah. And that's the way we wanted to present in the wrong team yes that's the problem. Marriage they're playing out though lazy man's name is at 1230 what. Sports' Bob brain that was shot and you see Oz number one pick. I say and you see you know I was excited about him well his broken finger into miss about a about a month. Because of that list with our running back position. You know you'll grab a month and if this isn't a Marshawn Lynch firsthand. How. So we'll see you happen to see us another running back position because of that off and does suck that. He's only among the zone and you strange and this is a good time from the get acclimated with the team do you think as far as running 86 degrees. So I mean think he's seeing companies again uses music sports on May you've got no good news is a force for us no good news I now. We handyman. I don't know I thought you with the guys Fuzzy brings the good news just got it did so funny games last it's and then we get well I'm hopeful maybe allowed carts and I hope so and then of course against the running back sharing insight now all we need to we need a good running back. Harassing no question that free seizing him last week and Ares I love the running back situation you know. They got like five or six guys competing for the spot and summons and asked probably not make the team invented brought up tonight well they didn't keep five running backs last year because of this problem exactly so there's a very good sense and all of these guys will still be with the team guy you want a job as a running back go with the Seahawks there's a chance to keep one healthy. Yeah but if you want to stay healthy don't go with the Seahawks that's the double is sort of now when you want the job but then again you know get a handle on him. I guess some good news the girls 'cause just announced that there. Making a new cookies Steve. Oh and they're jumping on the salted caramel crisp and I'm sold yeah that's my flavor of choice are you gonna love this is gluten free. I don't really care about out assaulting term was delicious someone and go gluten free for this one yes caramel chocolate chip cookie. And it's gluten free is gonna hit assault course got to Carmel and the cheers mixed in the sea salts and there are not a solution insult to what he had studied. In theory now February is is going to be coming out I always tell a long distant third gluten free cookie and a lot of I didn't realize that includes free cookies. I guess the Treo as the top fantastic cookies were gluten free back guy and I know cloaked in those aren't on my radar to know those sounds delicious but assaulted Carroll seesawed cookie. Now I mean healthy gosh. I yellow box probably about myself and that's okay right voice yeah it's I know sure it has a lower thank god it's February because I'm trying to really get on the scene I'm trying to get on the all hell student and after being in Chicago when he made a crazy man so we got till February. So get ripped. And demagogue it all falls apart when the cookie shall exercise plan yeah. Why do you guys all I'm adds yes Charles I could you seasons just around the corner I'm sorry Mary. Hi this is Steve he got this one right but he was so distracted he didn't even hear the next question which smirk as they are tattooed on each arm. He's our guest we Portuguese man in the restaurant is inside both let's see he's preacher. She's run a decent. Almost always foul. 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And most circumstances especially through chapter thirteen case. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time at choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapters dot com. Thanks for listening.