BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-15-18-7A: “I can’t believe me ex did BLANK when we broke up”.

Wednesday, August 15th

Beat Migs. A woman broke up with her boyfriend so he stole her toilet. Luke warm topic. 

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Again you have the rock shop it's a KI SW vintage jazz this is sweet the good snap back cat got an old school rock logo on the front. We rod reminded pain and address you know open your mind. Look you missed it. Now we should remain save time. Well I'm always supposed to have a payment grass so I mean c'mon big news there and you can get for Matt Damon again. Yeah I used for awhile and BJS senate credit card with some Wallace it's the person of interest. I you can get one to start KI SW dot com. Need any more maimed. I'm convinced they did on Wednesday forgot about that damn well black Steve you've been now lacks a couple times as we are. And you know mister Lackey right over here I'm radio lack. Are you saw it he's Italian stallion now yeah as we discovered earlier in the show because he's there he's an unstable woman who has great sex together. Quote the great philosophers. Criss cross on the media media Mac whack daddy black actually a while now. I'm concerned now sort of style I'm gonna go it's. Okay. In new last dad knows. I in Illinois did Ozzie and I'm Steve. Brought here I don't there's there. But that's that's that's that's not an issue that we may end go to court and doing great did you last brother and diesel boy black. Nice is known as well aren't fine how he's not renew rounds is well yeah. Yeah that's a great well you're right very good player what's important is that he's playing for comparisons against Seattle the Seattle son's hand yeah Syrian nationals right evergreen speedway Munro and that's happening this Saturday go to KI SW dot com for all the details don't take its information yet Matt you take stock car. I'm sorry Steve there. Now lack the they'll play number I will have a sixty seconds to answer ten questions Brian you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses for question. Are you ready you are. Don't be late eighties early ninety's sitcom empty nest was a spin off from what TV show. I got. Reynolds starred in the seventies film smokey and the why it's and yet as deep TV network TV as it stands for wives to. Public brother tried asking you know it's. Loved talking. Country were fireworks invented it. I know yeah. It's scary guy acts created what tabletop role play consistent. Which tour released their hit single Barbie girl in 1997. And yeah as I went to university did Bill Gates dropped out of to start his own company. I. Are you as a what was the name of this I can't go mr. Rourke Don says the island yeah. Which amendments to the US constitution deals with self incrimination and what did you actors exchange faces in the 97 movie stays soft. And I think our debate it almost one you know we didn't you know three drag this out he did very well I'm a little bit better than independent news business. Yeah Brian had so much hope for Brian did you know both okay filed its. I realized she'd done the eighth I thought oh well I had. Third time's a charm curious Daria and or earlier this isn't something you are hearing. In the late eighties early ninety's sitcom the empty nest was a spin off of what TV show Murphy's law now. Different strokes to know. Colleen. No Burt Reynolds started things seventies and still smoking in the water and it gas TV network PBS stands for blacks. Public broadcasting service yes what a country where fireworks invented it. America now its friends no. Germany's no period ever know Gary guy gets created what tabletop role playing system. Dungeons and dragons Diaz who released a hit single Barbie girl in 1990 also meant yes. Which university did Bill Gates dropped out of to start his own company. The University of Washington you know it's out now Harvard yes. What was the name of the site kingdom mr. Rourke on Tennessee Iowa and I didn't yes you playing well. Which amendments to the US constitution deals with self incrimination. Six now it yet as there isn't what you actors exchange faces in the 97 movie faceoff Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. Yes and Steve you. Eighth 23 it's our Brian. Oh this is surplus to receive the most. She's China I know they have. He was the current today I put us away you're happy as much. 'cause I go I was sworn it was system and it's not is that system is not station DL insert this is for you would seem to know that I would have been screaming on the idea and I would've been wrong I think this is one of the questions that your daughter gave demeanor and had looking up as well because I didn't believe it was served beside her. Yeah and then yes this had no I don't eat. The joint pain shots. Yes it is here's Barbara just tosses Tutsi so much I guess not have had had a pair. Taught me into that genetics. Thanks a lot grandma always just like us all man asks her shots. Puzzle solvers. The late eighty early 96 a MD NASA's don't know from what TV show they're this aren't one. There is an idea I notice. I'll yeah now but it was kind of a weird one because it wasn't a spinoff of the neither major characters is almost to spin off of a seam that they had of the MT NASA's. It's a really weird long convoluted thing do I actually do remember her and it was terrible. Yes the bad guys have been on remember from that summer being excited is among golden girls it'll last a long time but it really wasn't I great lesson and really had more than one season I was like six seasons seasons yeah Nextel S and eighty's and 93 I think I looked up and saw that's amazing and the main guy on him was his old dude who's a pediatrician and whose wife died in his daughters come back to him live without an IDI I don't know I guess Mars and everything go on and I think is Richard Mulligan. Looks like sand eagle from the Muppets yeah does the I was on the I remembered about it I think he was on soap that director we're talking about which is why you know looks like he was demolish you know yeah I say was he and so Steve I'm pretty sure as we norm from a from a mistake John we you may. The guy Richard Molly was a guy was a very funny do do very familiar face to hear exactly. I don't mother showing off oh congratulations Steve you wanna make her ex. I just Stevie thank you caught a break as you're doing you're getting tickets to check out you three French against Seattle sons and figuring nationals. Every speedway this weekend caller and number 8206421. Rock. That's to a c.s which one rocket toast against. This is I Wear contact lenses so when I hear a story about this woman UK oh man. She's forty sushi and nail in the guy playing badminton as a teenager lost whatever contact lenses. And now she's on the nose Wear white after doctor sonnet lodged above her eye ball 28 years later. That's lay. A law. So your Ira gets easier with time for view but that's the whole idea of using contact lenses terrifies me. They have a hard time even just I do and I buys he drops in my eyes I freaked out about it just touching my eyeball yeah it it was tough for me I I I started probably in the in the ninety's TI started wearing contact lenses in the early nineties and it was tough at the beginning. But the thing is is I always know when these contact lenses are right I gently she lived this in our heads as much I am just. My doesn't feel right listen contact lenses and it is exactly in the right away I noticed a little scarce they could get extra off my game bothers me tell you only going to get an outlet. Yeah I do that would yes. That's not so it was lodged up runner eyeball and she didn't know. She recent and then after eyelids swelled up and started drooping and they found a small cyst when they remove the says they found that contact lodge in blogs inside it. So obviously this thing formed around the contact lens idea radio way. As citizens who is she putting other contact lenses in while she had that issue right and these are the old school hard lenses and people don't even Wear anymore and those were a lot more difficult the putting your eyeball. I'm the site. Wearing glasses of revenue to environmentally glasses and hope I don't but I mean that Netanyahu about a little mentally and doesn't Wear glasses that's amazing and are subject. Great scores I do revision check every year but I would just Wear glasses outdated do you have hole. See sides of the into my I yeah yeah it's you know what they're really the soft lenses really revolutionize it is a hard lenses were you saw them in your site all right Emily Harris actress who have to Wear hard lenses for special parts. But the soft lenses man diary I don't you don't in Salem although we've people who are not as crazy looking contacts Brad I just all black. Follow those inner whenever women really I think there might have been if there's just like us in the aging of like a speck on one ever on the burying it feels like you have CNB entering your eyes. Get in there so she's not really any way dealing room around Sarah as the other things here and how have you worn those I had an apparent black ones I got to Wear on site. Is a very expensive for us is that I warm once for one picture and they semi hard crew they're thinking because I mean that those of the soft ones you can really Rolen tonight they're very the only ones you can like it anyway your high in this content to be more I had someone else but the men are but they learn savior pretty penny I thought I was gonna be able to you comic book photo shoots with them and I'm more surprised. It was not a hundred dollar. No less and hundreds more like 10000 wanted to use them I got cheese and one cent in the into trying out another Tiki impulse persons who purchased slide an eye in the three year comic con have you got nine. And it totally did Allen on purpose but I did yeah I didn't get seasonally go on attempts. Somalia and then they see Vicki coming in these comic con singer sharply it's so I mean I shot. Hello I'm Elena felt that what else mattered so sharp we can TI is always a good answer yeah I am a question of why would you guys stealing toilet from his ex girlfriend. Toledo must tell you why at 717. And on the Iraq. Nine point nine KI guess W all. A nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. There's a woman on ready session program the boyfriend on Monday. And he responded by stealing her toilet and she's from the picture up there it's pretty amazing here's is the open spots Jon plus other the breakup well well yeah. She went to bed I was still packing up the last of his stuff and when she woke up he was gone along with the only toilet in her apartment. When Texas as they must had a real crappy relationship news. So she says the old toilet broke a few months ago and instead of letting her landlord handling the board from wanted to do it because he works as a plumber. But any costly complained about how much money he's spent on the toilet. And everyday people like that they're gonna do a good deed look at me I'm not I'm on the Knight in shining armor. And it's like well then you complain about doing that good deeds you do see that had to be a sign that things are going bad yeah you know he must have known she was ready to head out big agency like you say because if you do something go to your day and everybody just don't say that. No you know you say oh here we are union toilets awesome. As she said that after she broke up with him the first thing he said was I am taking the F in toilet yeah. Shinseki was seriously he was serious. I think go to taken as serious a nice situation he's been complaining about the toros for however long he's a plumber he's yes. He's mad at any minute we can say I'm taking the toilet I would inside he's probably gonna take this toilet. So you really should take you seriously. Still lukewarm topic. Think about it those the only toilet in her apartment so she really can't go anywhere she's gonna have to. You know run down and maybe go to a Starbucks or something if it's near her studies I was reading a little about the article you more information and apparently she got to go to a nearby Taco Bell dad's house I was after him he has so they replaced the toilet that's that that is the that is a good way to get back and somebody isn't the only toiling you have the ability and out of there and a great reasons this maybe is some sauce on top golf yeah. C.'s Kelly of course is our. You have to purchase something dirty use the toilet have continued to stay there because you know you have to be soft taco supreme you going to be using to try to assume circles like Shiites back and forth so yeah I don't know man. So woman did break up with a boyfriend he's an all right wanna take your toilet based on this. We lighted tennis is since I can't believe my ex did blank when we broke up. Or away crazy thing did you do after some arm broke up when you see. 20642 and rock Texas 77999. I can't believe my eyes didn't like we broke up. Or what crazy thing did you do after someone broke up we view because the tax. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9. KI guess W all the. I don't point nine KI SW Iraq don't Seattle. A woman breaks up with a boyfriend and he's like all right I am out MM taken a toilet. And he did her only twelve in an apartment. Based on this who want to finish this sentence I can't believe my ex did blank when we broke up or crazy thing did you do after some rough go with you. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Michael in Marysville you are on the rock. OK with somebody who series the series is. Way upwards like all right I cared thanks man did it did I so I'd know who broke up what do you broken up when she brings Howard your regular. You've got to meet the Obama John you had to move to new third third baseman. And does the mother and dad god willing will work I'm you've got my name but I thought if you're not a change. Do you know Barbara because you can get a little wild. And then at night here on in our room right side do you come back looming don't do very Amman that and let them. Not be so little boomer toy ball and yes and then guard into the garage on the other side of the ball very loudly put to use them. I'll that's a little lazy and ideas and no I don't you are. Right I don't I didn't let that go away like. Don't know but yeah that's how on a limb that's how slash and then base while you hey Matt Diaz broke up. Bob LaMont hill and a lot of beyond doubt is miserable and turned independent also saw they were letting you they're thinking well you live this is why you want my. Yeah man I would not want to be there damn. Yeah about QE Lou not talking you're not look at a million a million Jamie and oh yeah. Him. Resistant chassis that's at. I mean I guide I've got that situation with Johnny Roberson house now yeah yeah he's officially there are full time so he's he's now lives he now lives in the Joey gets mail there I hope he's getting mail there yet haven't ask for I com yes OK. Smiles from us Aaron. He's here now that's lovely Pannemon leaves Miller's coming here how's this. That's excited. Yeah and I hope I mean we're out of led NASA has dancing it was going to be gets awkward like what happens. You know to move out is how little on the brink of me I'd get asked that we've been every now and just talk with you go to Andrew Anderson senior Sandra you listening. Online or on our. I'm bolt actually had that one got out I don't know if it's. Girls get you get us on radio dot com now that's treated like chess will be a lot of local stations radio dot com and there's an app for that you are under how much your body what was your situation. Your situation guys in the sense that you Brodeur made socially awkward because we had built the kitchen and our own together. And she had did all of the drawers and senator island eat. I should any awkwardness between and that's you know she's trying to be really sweet about understood the situation ordered it down and we both knew weird guy and and instead and leading deeply she took all of my boxers and the jurors in the kitchen. Since the fall your all of your underwear MA NN in the drawers in the kitchen island even though you guys both agreed and she broke up when you. Yeah. I don't understand I understand Sony but brace up review why would they be the one do the Jersey thing I don't get that. Second she's yeah I regret I doubt earmarked applause yeah. I mean that's always a description and I size yet fresh and you boxers but did you do you feel like you did dating to make heard that. I mean crazy he's crazy but you never now. Was any -- me shooting dead are you did sentinel league are going to take all the drawers both the actual physical drawers and your drawers. That's rice. And I'm gonna take now on and are gonna say yes I. Pretty good dude but you know like get my understanding bit is not everybody else's understanding about Eddie it's your crazy enough to take him under an awareness that. Outside the U turn and this is a problem most men and most women in this is stereotypical Amanda's exceptions every rule. But many just don't get a lot of communication beyond the verbal. And women are really really communicating in certain ways and also picking up things they they're always surprised when we're sick and don't get things. And I always tell them don't be surprised if we're sick and don't get things you really need to spell things up for a lot of students for a lot dumber than you thing yeah we really are and libraries they were down there will always surprise them because they give so much more than we do but. Yeah I know I mean he probably did this stuff on hand and forcing has no clue. No clue at all German and this is thanks guys shoot you back we may shaggy my alcoholic father I totally Democrat and you give us 58 year old man and 24 year piece of alpha. Lands. That's what you do you go bang my dad and apparently. The president's breaking up with my ex women's sex with her cousin's wife who got us together Max and her cousin were match. Wow I I Swissair announced there if you ever have any problems Johnny robbers I'm not gonna have sex and Tom I'm not the place Tony it's a matter of now yes. It's just wanna I wanna I wanna solid hour right now. Let's go to Eric in Cincinnati she Cincinnati we're over the please god maybe even Eric in Cincinnati you also read this yes she'll forget radio dot com though the reds just took a beating last night the reds are really looked and felt like I just sorry the other I'll read some big turnaround got a mariners the other Ohio team sanctum last night what do you got for us Eric. Anyhow I'm burglars can't pay and then they inherited this Derrek Lee eat I emanates. Not a he anger listener of the broadcast tonight well you guys have a listener he actually out right in and sometimes his voice announced. And he's out there and since he just digging into fine ladies and a cousin pretty awesome brown suppose that if I. Okay tidal Eric says silently stand for I lose. Erickson a different area codes and hours so well. Eric all welcome to the main show which really is a minute and show film and much more equality in the early days since tried and not bush leaves office and I just Leon and I was gonna zone sorry Eric I really wanted to and dumb to even dumb to be number. I Linda dumped her snide subsidence and see how do you see what happens. All that stuff so when a dumpster. And I was okay airline happened because we share an apartment I had to go to work and she didn't. Not just prepared for anything when I got home and and and nothing unusual when I first walked in and I want to go play via email that night and there was speedy. In the media game find a place. So very gone through all my PD cases doesn't see it reorganized. Okay. Game no order it's. Good. At Indian BJP. Here rights and that is on the gas and unpopular at Yahoo! took a picture a lot of battles we've taken it and trained as he tore it up. And hit it a bunch of blatant. And I kid you not. Blake three moves or later from the battle army and I still might be true that picture torn open mikes stuff that's Pelosi hit it didn't. Hell yeah Eric how. How about this does that man you know why do you then they say hell hath no fury and more how bad that's a beating him that day and you emerged so I did say didn't die of reorganizing on dvds as awful as that is it still harm us. This is set fires and personally I got AF INF somebody happens to me it is a clerical my America's analog dollars. See that that's gonna write me a multiple days to get that back in order telling them that they know that person really is meticulous about warehousing alphabetizing so I didn't that's funny. It's funny it. Good boy I would because there's solidarity and a shampoo bottle not like I would ever do downing college slow rules. And Steve O I. Our hypothetically Yahoo!'s shampoo wasn't just check. Oh wow all right so I mean in my room other bodies go into their values in my house party we may still invited us to their house for a house party so we all. We all made sure and there and Jim who receive care I was general C yeah I mean isn't all Lotto hey Anderson yeah handers it was very jealous. Oh yeah and insincere you know honestly you're right I want my mama Sharon said. I'm from every it is just how would there have been called a lot of highlights yeah you did a great job for everybody. Allegedly. While I listen and do this on person's insides I sat next to call my let's choose. Oh didn't answer that Larry just that would be a beating too what do you do. I mean you pop. I hope I mean what do you do we are going your socks they're done. You got to have some action parachute somewhere she she gets she was good she got a mall. I mean need to know is bound by a bunch of new shoes in the donate all of your young bright issued somebody's missing a lake that's true and you doing as good deed. We're star players owners and mpeg why you guys hey yeah. I ought you're on the right peg leg SARS are only a great idea I'm sorry I tell you or your loved ones and define your soul mates through ten and so it's kind quality yeah. I'm Cincinnati Elisabeth brought jazz and there's if bush leaves. All right listen we're gonna want the major leagues sirte where thousands financial advice from our financial advisor let's rights. On now to a 642 iiroc Texas 77999. Times for each. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy I have lots of tickets that I haven't okay. 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