BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-15-18-8A: There is a new list of the top reasons why people get into radio.

Wednesday, August 15th

Todd Pietzsch from BECU joins us live in studio. Facebook Drama “Instagram Dog” – A woman goes on social media to celebrate the creation of her dogs Instagram account.

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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. The driver sizes is important so you get back and forth to work. Get your kids to school and back and forth today carried delights as has been suspended because you can get your tickets you can't do any of those things let's talk about chapter thirteen bankruptcy and everything is an army discharge but they can be dealt with a new chapter thirteen case when I come in for free consultation. Jack do you choose to make all the difference you're getting back we're going on the road and just as I Planned Parenthood to restore your license and feeling. I'm attorney terms anyway please contact me instead choose the right chapter dot com. Choose the right chapter dot com. Point nine KI SW Iraq. Seattle. CU resistant KI SW financial advisor he heard. How odd. I invented numbers so I know how this just words speech. That's right man shot lead from BC news dot org. And don't forget man if you don't know about credit unions they are just like banks and said. They look out free EU because all ought to remember all just like VCU. I guess goes live work or attend school here in Washington State it's no longer is about Boeing you live here you work here you attend school here in Washington State. You get to join VCU and Todd you guys are cash machines everywhere you all sorts of banking services. You're just like a bank he said I don't you move your own me so. We're look we Don I've always talked about this be right back Clarence. And what is that they waited. It's it's so does artists think so that you can do everything that a bank does and yet you guys just care about the members that's what a great team is all about decorating and worked a lot like there are other co ops out there as well Mari I being one for example aren't in our area and there are co op. So their own lie in them than they did people who use those services owned. The business so what that means is all the decisions remainder about what's in the best interest of those people who loan in the members. I'm not stockholders are Wall Street. Guys I think it was PCC is not a whole lot Julia there that's a greater joins buy your groceries at SuSE yes so co ops serve you know a phenomenal because there was all the decisions are what again what's best for those people who. The lone opponent plays so when we're looking at. You know interest rates how can we pay the most are charged as charged Elise I don't loan common I hate you it's ten seasons. Now did you know just c.s in general asked the idea is to get rid of that that's yeah exists anyway BC dot org if you want more information of course it's odd to policies towards one rock Texas and 77999. Yeah this sex what's the process of buying a home when you're living in the home you're trying to sell. On what do you loyalty of a moving in that whole process of buying a home while you're living in the home you're trying to solve I'm sometimes you have to do contingencies so it's a little tougher in this market and things there's so many things there's a slow a slowing down a little bit so. What you have to do is you have to find their new home near looking to buy and then you have to make that offer. Contingent on you selling a home near and usually unless you have a lot of money right then you can she have the money to put down and you and income they can actually handle. Two payments for a period of time then you can did Alley as well that's. That's very common dismissed that continues even again this market it's a little bit tougher to do that because flat and Alfred they're coming in. I have no contingencies attached to them yeah so it's a lot easier for personal saw your house is someone doesn't have a continues like that is no no stability and a lot of time missing cash cash drain and that's always a nicer thing. Yes so I'm they can be done and and I think when the market cools down a little bit thin is starting to see that's a little bit right now. On this that I will be sending you manually do they give it a world we have really nothing to lose if you're looking to buy your immune move. On find out what do you know finally you're looking for a get pre qualified pond. So you're ago and then you can and they contingency had your house ready to sell floor with an occasional help you guide you through the process. And and Todd hey you know I you hear a lot about people with this our home situation but man yeah how do you. Like a Lego like you I heard you suppose the same house for us you know at least thirty years or have that thirty year loans Ian says so and get table talking start haunts I I don't understand how those go together. Starter homes and thirty years yes I did because that's the idea is you you if you get a thirty year loan you kind of wanna stand that house for a long time and yet people are getting these thirty year loans for what they call their starter homes and they're gone like in five years. I can't think financially that's cool. I'm I'd say five years is a minimum I think the average person's only stays in her home about seven years Aaron allow them above average look at your body outrage and I'm ever leaving that I'm off the chart I think I've been in my house twenty years twin nine year earlier you and I worry word you know we're we're from the same generation we just that's what we're told so. How did my parents had their home for forty years and I said you know while we should I go to one of those you know retirement. Communities and just chill a little bit on this I'm guessing they probably paid it off I'd I would imagine I was forty some odd years they've probably Peja how soft so that's the thing Todd. If these laws designed for use to basically be long term residence and your only stand for seven years how is you're not well losing a lot of money I guess I would say who we don't Wyeth 3230 year loan but why can't you could flip it for all you can make additional principal payments and any time right yeah so I can tell you right now organized BJ that's thirty year loan of chaos and seven. Here's what you meant when make you famous. So it doesn't happen you can start out of the thirty year loan and gives you flexibility your payments for low. If you don't have a lot of the money for down payments emergency funds and as you get you know through life in the and you get stable and your job and you can make additional payments. Make additional payments on our doors. Interest rates are higher now they when they were lower you could've flipped that and refinance to a ten or fifteen year loan and be done with that because we got a new homeowner and reds and questions are keys trying to get home and so this is this is good for your taste very good taste yeah. Great examples like can there be you know a few years trends on the scene you can makes initial principal payments so gifts and I'm actually planning on staying in this home for a long time know lots of plans for itself. That's not there it's nice home I am fairly quiet yes the Smart financial decisions for the reds again artificial want in his backyard. Yeah. I'm really thinking about it isn't gonna mow a lawn anymore in his wanna water anymore and anyone new and go about things like me Todd I'd get it took the fifth yeah well hey. I had nothing wrong with that. I don't know I. I Don has unless there's another kind of considers to be attacked for the maybe she's cheaper to just get spray paint despray appear Raul good idea Nate Newton I don't yeah yeah. Joseph six foot on Friday's surge on Mac. Texas 77999. Got Todd piece from DC you don't or he's got a question toss it over 25 years experience a financial services industry he can help you out. They're about tax as a bizarre question but just south of personal and say I really appreciate tides and vice always on site so I learned something new every time thank you are awesome. This person as Tyson why it's so hard for my wife and I just follow a budget is there any way to make it easier. So it is tough these days. I'd say leave them. Biggest thing is I'm having a vision having a goal together priority wanna go forty when he gets it because it's to take sacrifices very well once. The same today right when we when we wanted to thank if you can communicate work together on what your goals are what you're going for. Unhappy that reward out there if it maybe it isn't buying a home right I mean. When I did that a long time ago we were both focused in on an upcoming empathize down payment that we sacrifice. I'm still need out didn't you know had a problem I lunches and I'll kinds of things sentence him to do that sounds. That's got to be you know only if there's got to meet that carried out there why you wanna do that when you're driving for I think that's a tough one side because it and though more more people seem to be learning to cook at home I'm really excited about doing that because. I would say the millennial generation I had to see it on the on the TV show the big banks every every every week they don't ever cocaine they may always eat out that seems to be. What people like to do. But yeah you know man you're right if you can do is needed and that's for CNN cut is like going out so much if you only with a lot of people realize what they stand if they just practiced. And track it just did and that's what one thing I would tell people the first thing to do is take thirty days and write down everything he stands and what he spend it on. Scattered up and you'll be surprised if she dine out alive you eat out alive for lines show I forgot my lines today. I'm an adds up and hurry and convened hundreds of dollars a month Sunni think about that that's. Thousands of dollars a year got broken nose and Turkey mouse and I'm also times said dude it's overtime boxing's top ten yeah I and a cup of coffee I mean even my own people used to laugh when the star must first open because I'll do is go to McDonald's the other guy because he's like a box what are you people know him. And you still can get achieve cup of coffee now granted it may not see at the Bucs led. In the you know people spend a lot of money just go to Starbucks every day. And we actually have benefits an app and then through work who he is senate talks about keynote that year. Here as you say on coffee today and you get points for everything he did. So did you get up and move on the hour did you have any analyst timely and animal and it's it's all about health ready to go about our health yeah I don't pretend the thermostat did you keep your temperature. You know if it's high out he's keep it called now or whatever I say on the outlook CIA how about us and it's embassies I can't an animal and myself both as a I don't got shutout I thought I'll Osama. Well tell us how well my health goes into this feel good about that. To us export to a rock Texas 77999. Todd B from BEC dot org. I remember anybody can join VCU they live work or attend school here in Washington State's. My sources say yes or sell a BCU question for you is now game time to refinance your home. Depends what your extraneous or where you had today and how long you know be there. So how we can email me on its head stuck with somebody made it really depends on. What your current interest rate is and again there are you going to be different and they're 51015. Years if not then probably won't make sense. They are anxious for interest rates are finally going up is that right our data on up about a 11 point 1% in the last year herself who just so insane I remember paying and paying double digit that I can really just everywhere in the in the eighties just eighties and early ninety's it was announced. Trying I was nine point 9% so that historically there's still really low mean anything below 6% lesser amounts for half fish Gifford take ray announced. Han any thing is there's still historically low even though Louise we've been really spoiled over the last. Several years and they get these many very very historically lower itself. Dianne Edwards got Todd patient VCU dot org and you know everybody wants to buy the house of Rudy wants to do that. Anti you really you guys in DC you really didn't help people understand okay the first. The milestones you should have in your life when it comes to our right you now own a dog you've got money coming in. And what you should be doing with them money and everybody thinks are you know I want to get that house and tired of paying ransom. But you of course say they didn't really the emergency fund is the key things most of us don't even know ol' days when you heard the concept of an emergency sometimes yeah. I NEU and haven't a thousand bucks for an out of the gate that's the first thing you wanna start at before even think about you know saving for a house does. Their car a breakdown on the island under the gun for seeing medical fuel bill to make that thing up tomorrow and now happen again and you keep getting yourself into this rite in the annual. So I'm Daniel trying to make those payments and so the first thing would be if you're just starting out make sure you have a thousand bucks on the side before you even start saving for anything else and that's. We hope that we are amounts is bonds and MySpace message okay. Tom please help hasn't been as good for mrs. Clinton says Obama on Friendster. One issue and I pray Jennings FaceBook page yeah I just sent us a message saying how does a person establish credit with your bank. When one has credit score lower than 600. I'm became his so what's on the secured credit card or eighth I shared secured loans to what this basically means they're gonna have to do. Put a couple hundred bucks up for example as security. On four and Elena credits they're gonna put an end to. Lots accounts than it did you get at 200 dollar credit lemon thanks if you don't pay you and again take from that so there's really no risk for them. How many you can build that they need in the key is to make those payments on time. And if he had a lot of credit keep it as low as possible that after a year or two he'll build a build up the new building go on your own. And like you said keep a lot of credit low as possible what is it 10% of whatever the credit line is you should only have as a balance each month that's optimal enough guys 25%. Okay thanks edit I prefer to see if you can. 10% or lower of that line credited as being your balance. Outstanding on that. Come on that's statement. You get a really daytime it's changed hasn't been police look at credit cards is a way to get things that they want now on pace from later but now credit cards. Are all really if you're Smart their only designed to help increase your Psycho scorn that's pretty much ice. Yeah I mean why else would you want I'm going to Democrat I mean if you don't wanna moan and as you wanna pay an option if you're Smart you can use credit credit cards to your advantage absolutely. Gather a lot of them mileage plans are bonus point is here on this we get in this cabinet vote I want this I want that and use easy to pull out the plastic can now all I'll pay for our next month arrangement well Amazon is really you know I mean that's it's it's and I mean I know I'm sounding error allowed the plastic attorney handed out yeah I don't see it's it's for us to make those changes but anything it's so true you talk about if we can make those changes manhole I like to be a lot easier guys and I tell people if you if you want something wait 24 hours and if she still wanted to okay. They do it don't impulse shopping by any PC you really need attacking. Toys for 24 hours later and how do you feel about it now and most of time just still on the plan in. That's why the wish list on Amazon is pretty good reason to throw on the wish list that does give you some time to see if you really really wanted. And if I think pilot up there near a car NEC how much every thing is leave till discouraged you know like a female by the straight up plus she. Yeah. Well if you get through on the phone lines and always a sex lines you know why here's what she gets to do you get email Todd just go to KI SW dot com and the B Jamie Seiji scrawled on C Todd smiling face and a banner click on that. Not only really answer questions and also we'll take you to a website that actually I say a page that has some great information just. Great financial information us absolutely free to check out and Todd will answer any question you can. At the end now BC dot org tongue in cheek it's great senior buddy thanks Vijay thanks for coming in. I now another question is not financial but I wanna know what happens. Once a month brags about making a social media page for their dog Steve. The it's another musician. I'm the mama. Yeah she spent time with some animals feed saying you're going to go out to be ECU that's what it's all about a guy who wants is a drama you got it Steve I'm shows about season is our community here and a seventeen. And made some more news. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. It's nine point nine JISW. Iraq's. Seattle. Ten days to examine where anybody can plumbing heating and mechanical and Vijay once again this is our opportunity to do when I'm the idiot senator on these guys are. And I saw FaceBook post a drama unfold because a man and of course we are all going to act it out. So this summer around I'll be playing the role in the original poster so I'll be married and primary and Vicki you'll play the role Amy hey BJ you will be mark only. Brad Garrett Haley Syria Danny your Jozy and Sharon. You're gonna play the role of Sara asked. OK yeah but there is a twist because that's our lives and age and you're not necessarily. I'm going to be a stretch for you an irony here. HD and it's hot streak. For more shots take. Another issue I think you think your. Why okay all right Samaria and Jerusalem Post is so I'll start things off it's your idea. I can't separate eastern and from and you Bobby Dodd go follow her. And he. So yeah I thank and that. Now own show us no lol what do you mean no yeah. Yes no why even when people give their pets their own social media is not what your dog is actually posting ads. We all would sue if it is doesn't always things you. I have to agree with mark knowing gives us flippant ass about your Dodd. And it's a grim feared killed when she was alive LOO did you forget about them that was different my dog in this fragile creature seriously what are tied her part is it's already bad taste. I just keep demand and reading that Cheney has had stopped humanizing done this sounds like to me zones just jealous of my dog that's why didn't wow I can actually still haven't instead Graham. Jealous or not 100. Tiger not alive or not this do you know how the it's no way she already has more followers and leave hello well. Cain now Matt is just embarrassing. We are we knew we we reduced our society is just on when dawn and he meant anyone who does that is immediate yeah creating an integrated basin there yeah very like morons right around so don't dom has seen its sales voodoo include the warrior princess Nancy Graham she's doing just great read thanks for asking fantastic house RON a demagogue in my house and frank and accounting are both doing very well I think it's a grant it exactly now must follow them get followers and BJ do you have for dogs and cats it saga having a lie because I'm a compelling human being images flea bitten freaks I do not see news in Seagram paid I know why haven't I mean only when you force him to see it because you know what I don't follow past because they're not real. Are you should follow since you Ariel I did not really responding imposing themselves there's still well whenever someone writes her she'd put some paw print as a response sister predominant Steve. Just are you talking they don't have good balance a good one night yeah yeah that's a very well I don't fathers and she knew dropped duke yeah. Pass love Linda understand video video pops this might as Rampage thinks you do that 206 likes of god and traits that's wonder I played my country needs followers as and it's twice 62500. People losers can I just take better until his followers and I really now what did each take don't stop messing with my. He hopes. They exist. Actually think he did do that and I would like to be removed from that Jerry I think earlier my Jersey you walk. Knowing you walk away you horrible no music scene is gonna make me go Interior Minister and like all addiction crisis when motion walking is she wants your mom to cancer and the mildest of the sidewalk. Well and that is a very bizarre facial what is your what is your wife to enhance my wife doesn't want to put her feet shorter I am always. Caveat there's never once I do that's wrong with your family and. It's doing normal attack. I let me is impressively your wife can do that because I haven't ever I've never been able to enhance and in my entire life. I don't want to see this as it's it's fun that this is simply this is a photo dumb pictures of cars are pop. So also you can forever right now right yeah I haven't assertions do my sole owner on XY and he's a huge step to separate counts. To put all the pictures there and people seem to enjoy it at least 4507. Of my stories I've 108 followers or lose. Auburn men. The filing shows you you just had to be a person who doesn't wanna see the pictures you don't have to follow on saying how well or some will make you all know my name Vicky just. Liking all the pictures don't like all the stupid prisoners are unemployed 2513. Dollars now. Ideology so easy on the warrior princess one word five losers is right now five people that said I am winners you know why put a video on your forehead and his four years following damn stupid dog page. Our railroad stupid cat H. And I sobbed and Evans I'm just like make Archuleta played in the face for drama. Lilly is just based disease is hard heart her purse is did you lose my include women's Marlins at sun should be out all mentality that's over. I don't know how nice to have the mentality finals and they never have loosening its censure is much it is or put her in the the vending machine and trying to Luke. That doesn't seem weird yeah adolescent troubles and she's. That's how that I got an Amnesty International kimono and I've spent please think peace through. So while we were at our big Chicago convention they are radio show convention and now we saw that poll was done of course I knew this supposedly under sites imparted. I turns out they're not bigger pull Limbaugh's radio people okay and 28% of us believe in fact we do have a face for radio. Back into the control. That is they got. I don't know about you guys but the government has sort of how would their job it's wears people ask or have that's funny joke that they think who is there original west doesn't want there's always say OK yes you don't regret post a picture so isn't admirably and right. While face for radio and thanks yeah I know that yes I'm aware or not it's I didn't think thanks Sudan even a reminder and more often than not any time zones on that. You go on their pace don't see what they look like Jonas who would do supermodel looks like they're going to be fun and are Marciano banks. And more often than not I'd seen 95% at a time. That person's profile patient is not a picture of them and it's time Facebook's stock on this estimate Duke's only find them in my own head of course. No pictures no pictures now this is like a cat a pitcher masa flour a picture of what ever and I'm just finally added I won the Arizona salty alludes to this he did that were posted a patient might Jason video site click on earth saying it's got nothing nice throwback night I find it hilarious you making fun of my looks but there's on a single picture of yourself on your home page has Ewing's secure peace crap. Our I thought how. Passionate. It's funny when people wanna throw stones but then they clearly don't even find themselves attractive enough to have a picture of themselves on their own social media. Well there's projection right there out do you have people who are some other people are ugly stuff probably still pretty young themselves. Com and a lot of us and our business you know she called 30% as the broadly. I've always known it like. From beautiful and ask us what's yeah. Oscar how about this and read is part of this thread was one again he had a round of applause 39% of the people in this radio poll have dated a listener. Revenue into it yeah yeah I raise my hand and married at this area was even less of a percentage of that happening yet there was I think it yet just as few smattering of people who had razor ended up at that point I always. Love when I suppose you know we're like. I don't know I just stick up there and you know where ski about the dog never did admission and an awesome every day I never eat the food and listener brings an on site. What bank are you solve all your Soledad the people who listen you show they're kind of to listen if you don't even view them as a human the other regular people chances are you can really need somebody wonderful and I yeah I realize it's bad for your job to keep banging listeners proclaiming don't say caller number nine. Tennis is fun days nose cone were 69 of course that's a wonderful. I say that because a guy used to work with kind of car and his car had arm think that the you know license had two pesos on their cars and I fancy paint another passenger door and dissent. Caller number nine calling daddies and she's is obvious thing I've ever seen that's yeah that's how do you sit in that seat if your somebody like I was tossing it. All banks such a good that is our business about twenty years ago. Really really just. Actually use that lines like tell people that I won't date him because I'm not you are attracted to men or do you just creep me that's how I'm sorry I just. Did listeners before and they kinda ruined it for me because I've had some people just went on inserted bragging on face I'd like oh yes she's nine guys click OK that's a little. Creepy I gotta wanna days you're gonna be bragging online like that. And I told people that they've gone admiral salty back to me yeah really well this looks like I'm not attracted to you sorry that's stats from. Embassy they know you're not saying no. No matter what you say every guy knows your rejecting me because I'm not good enough here because they know of a woman really dings you with there'll be no rules she won't break to be with you. That every guy no sex as you guys are rule breakers you win when you don't your rules when they want when they don't want to joke. I think he's fine and there's like a whole thing about how would you deeds when he licences like yeah of course you mice in my in my single days I can solicit that's awesome I'm glad they are. Yes you know an Emmy night with the team that I don't understand why some people create like this stupid wall wife Michelle Wie or someone weird whether or not they listen. I mean never even make friends and people atlas and I was very professional about it I just thought I because I heard horror stories followed other spouses I say I. I am and Erik Cole and not even home I'm getting better than especially when I'm home because I feel you know what that's adventure. But I these I just just I never wanted to be. Called in the office is saying your fraternizes with a listen as you can be fired. If that's why didn't do it had nothing to do with the listeners and do it's I just wanna get fired for fraternizes in which was in my contract. But now. In all I mean there are some release are cool people out there and like I got a whole friend network of more gamers that if I didn't expand my world away there were all listeners know if I didn't say oh hey let's just go hang out play game. Because my old rules I would have a great community I am not did you write seem people good people don't listen to our show. Why would you wanna hang in and some grace brought it was fine blisters it is really taste. I mean it doesn't look like instead I'm gonna try it because well you guys like Chris Richard quest as a few days they don't match so I was assembled at some weird like. No like I likes. So he supports my friends businesses aren't supports whatever my friends do and if you're that Coleman you violence and that I do I think it's always so funny it's a pompous. When you have some people on the radio initially I like you deserve better than somebody because of what they do for a loan. Luckily Steve that's changing the younger people and our business are changing now but your idea in years ago there was so many pompous people. Even now some of the real superstars are not as pompous as the superstars were twenty years ago. Com number one reason people get into radio guys Steve Christie doesn't know is is he wasn't there for the same poll number one reason he says ask. No logically das is not on the list you know sex. Orszag said. It's on the city's CDs okay kind of free stuff maybe concert tickets yeah stats. I know what Steve junior you don't know why he did it yeah there isn't the only new business nobody saw my zone so so she's. He adult now what is this I just liked the idea being able to entertain people that's number doubt no doubt is Mike goes to prove my grandfather wrong. I always share that story he always said that I was not. Gonna make anything out in my life when we came to my controlled crystal career I was hoping there yeah granted he was right about that. Please that you don't you can understand me indians' Jamey each and can anyone make you religious said that and as a kid I was like I'm gonna prove him wrong and no real reason to do but that was at the end of the day the reason why I wanted to do radio was nice laugh. It's cheesy see this summer to move our entertaining people was never it's a reason why people do our business it's number one is fun. It's fun yeah so I mean for me you ever worked with you sir. Does he loses everything I'm not it's it's having any fun and you guys on and Damien at all. I do get the ratings as its drug should TV LOR thanks again I mentioned back. I have no better as he did not say its uranium well I don't really you need another way is saying that you know funny you know I didn't. Radio as opposed to TV because I want in tattoos and piercings than I thought I wouldn't have the right look fourteen feet well you can't be TV as our chairman and now Milo now. Sanchez. You can be like those guys you do have you seen those pictures of like. Sports reporters on the field talking to baseball players yes. I mean sometimes you see the baseball players sitting on like a bucket that was one of the funniest pictures ever I was like how do you do that we know solidarity a picture you just look. The accuracy or your height but I've also seen the actual reporters. Still stand on something so they look at the height of the person during the Internet you're writing because you're right there those are some mammoth people that someone is so hilarious guy and the Dodgers Lisa I don't know what let's entering a season high heels but still she's a tall woman's. And apparently he must at some kind of insecurity about being excellent column which is hilariously self. And so he stood on a pocket the unnecessary medical concern look we know there are a lot of short dues in baseball Jose also was one of the show shores dudes in baseball and you know I mean he doesn't care he gets interview by everybody and he's always is on I imagine Vicky interviewing football players or basketball players so awesome they are these basketball players we grange gentlemen Abbas insists is a say in your arms. Syria would have. Or they would not really just couldn't get embolden the same camera shot I was always the funniest thing I'm walking next to Luke Wilson I literally had really tilt my head all the way back to look at him yeah Carlo final tally says there's good reason why people get into radio otherwise that's free drugs yeah. And it's used to be. First some sort and you do it for free that was like the moment where I felt like I hated myself I don't lie and I was like yeah is an amazing someone's. And regional currency when I started it wasn't a joint you were just ten and I'll blow out here and I that frighten the hell out of me because I wasn't a drug guy saws like almighty god and you do not need to be I don't know I don't at all remember at first are you guys knew Ukraine this rumor that I was a co caddie and I never touched a drug I'd be very honest and enterprise somebody create their rumor we listened and said that he was doing Coke with me yeah you can ask me I think this is true in my block all tell you all the drugs I Don if you wanted to test me now I've never touched a drug. But did you guys perpetually out there is that we kind of did that camera once yeah bar I got police and his magnolia like that he's like yeah. And hence we abandon Coca. Life this is awesome that you're handing it Sony but I know you sort of smooth. Yes I guess that's that's that's soups I turned around and sold it now bush. I'm Fredricka yeah it's style it's all right well number three in this list and this one here is a feel good moment for people getting in a radio. Emotionally fulfilling that's why people get and you feel really good about yourself doing this business I think we can all agree though what we do our. Century to meet people do listen to the show and when I think the greatest compliments and so on says that you helped me deal with being stuck in traffic all morning Seattle when you hear that that's like. That's pretty freaking cool dude I gonna summer meltdown may wish I didn't think was Libyan town of Chester you listeners causes of different you need accessible it's. More EDM in foal can just kind of like you know. Not and I your rock snake. Decimal and just meeting a ton of people listen Nell had that same sentiment came in like thanks for making my commute to work easier you can't ask for a better compliment. Geiger is you do and I know there's some people said Manson stuff you said really help me through tough spots in my life. And that we and you know that was echoed at there at the Chicago convention there they had a panel of some really legendary broadcasters who. Steve doll and Tom Bernard and Tom from the Bob and Tom show. And these guys are just giants and our business. And they all pretty much said the same thing you know when they met people who said you've changed my life like you made my life better. You don't know it you know we're just on this microphone doing what we're doing and you're right that is really emotional feeling like well I ever wanted to do is do something nice for people won and that's cool that I did at least for one person. Vs improve your grandfather wrong with mediocre radio pocketing. Are. Thanks for us you know let's do you have you have probably one of the best faces radio ever seen about that thank you. I mean really really are your top Melissa. The SEC teams he did get this one right you ran out of time what team did Brett Favre spent most of its. All career wins the Minnesota Vikings know only. It's. Do 34. Days. And I. Yeah it is and I yeah. It's amazing Pakistan's wanna take you are back. You would say don't he should be remembered he's like he's important bastards are but he listens us TV series and it all you every day Packers and he says he treated after that happened to pacer just Red Farmer and a Green Bay Packers uniform and thanks Sierra club's all men. Did you ever shot a PC especially since well. Remember things right anyway so 6421 rock's complaint he makes an 847. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How to win or bankruptcy is going to provide me with relief what are the steps for my situation. 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