BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-16-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, August 16th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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There's no had a rock shop until the KI SW vintage caddie uses sweet lemon snapped back cat got the old school rock logo on the front you don't want one. Especially for pain in the grass you know us and we Oscar nominee get mine am. Tried charging me. Yours is gonna KI SW dot com. Mean. Games machine and and in turn out. Okay yeah. I may do you get anybody. One day away. All it's already here in my brain trying to do your. What is Friday just like Steve. Unless they taste like. Driver you can leave. News messrs. makes all. Yup so I'm what is Cecil all of our who what are we get Thursday taste in my it is just sort of like chicken tenders BC I was doing. Usually in soured because it's I corals at the end of the week but it's we're not there yet although I doubt and all since are sick and I work. For pork. Okay. And it cannot really understand there are a couple Cyrus is play the game we've got Jared in Seattle to take on Steve Jarrett there there's sir. It excellent what is playing for today it's it's got the Mariners on Alice in Chains night which will be next week. Auggies twice. That's right go mariners got thousands Indians and Houston Astros the Mariners will be announced and change I mean we're housed in resigned in grass has to be cool and as you record coming out next Friday and you really get a copy of that record when you go to the Mariners Allison since ninety plus that's also could get to attend a pregame listening party for Rainier fog go to KI SW dot com from the details and your tickets to back game or any mariners home game their fellow mariners dot com Aristide get out of eight. For those playing at home Jarrett will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions assurances he can pass all you want but you'll only get 3-D S is your first question. Are you ready. Okay on the big screen who played Sherlock Holmes opposite of June July as doctor Watson and little things. Yeah as in the fairy tale who has the nemesis of these three little pigs. Lol yeah as in the Hunger Games what district is can miss problems. Well as whose idea it was named Mimi. Our agreement as to what country is directly Weston's maintenance. Who released the 1970 nines on the rock and roll high school. Which team did Babe Ruth and join in 1920s. As what during do you get by mixing ginger ale with grenadines and cherries. In what organ in the human body is Big Apple campus. Yeah as what song did winning regardless you won their way into the donut shop is Wayne's world. It all would you ask for 56 correct. Oh well we need to do well I'm probably not went gas. Just I'm just gonna say he had these he's gonna get real big bill W and has won Iowa and a lot of our younger players man. When you go a little deeper on the age stuff that Steve would know when you would know and they just oh. It's it's we're seeing that we just seen that generation yeah happened before our eyes about millennial yeah. It's really tough for the younger colonials to know some believe what the older millennial snowman. It's it's Sox because it's also reminding me of how bold plans tsunami young boomer and so whenever the older boomers start talking to me I got I don't know what the hell you're talking about because it's such as and and sandy for these young colonials I bet that there's a lot of stuff that they're older but they're all the money is all they know they don't it's up man it is very interesting out yet there are then and seen on T. He's got ads and see I don't even know those people who see Hariri murder. On the big screen who played Sherlock Holmes opposite Jude Law as doctor Watson and old Bob Robert Downey junior yes he fairy tales who wins the nemesis of the three little pigs to big bad wolf you add. In the Hunger Games west district is acting as he runs as its District of Columbia now I just. On the outs oh gosh it's strength. I teams in the nice moment earlier I don't ask whose idea it was named any need Douby Austin Powers no I'll. Who sidekick disease continues to. French lawyer to know pass. What country is directly west you're able to add. Let's go to Spain yeah. Doctor evil you know top Madrid and now it's true no release the 1979 song rock general high school. The Ramon C as always on which team didn't need root join in 1920s. To New York Yankees. Yeah as what dreams do you give I'm mixing ginger L with Greenwich mean and a charity. Shirley Temple yes. You 3456. It's at all. Okay. Okay well. I was right didn't win but he's still win the prize is as an anti doesn't graduation Gerris. Paying final I would say how to get it man I took so long and horses too long needing you to do questions and he did only get three guesses with doc three more on how fast no I guess he passed. I didn't imagine what I guess I'm never yeah sit yeah. I'll see you you guys you you're you're just all of the sectarian today now. Yeah has it been a while is that why we don't understand why haven't you saw something your drink I don't know what's going on June 5 I ads on those gummy bear oh now I just uncontrollable thing Don I'm. And download it okay please do is there's no that's true two questions you did not get to in what organ in the human body is the hippocampus. Dad the brains there goes the brains. And it was on the winning guards listen to on the way to the donut shop in Wayne's world's. It's nonsense you'll now get a lot of Muslims. Love you guys nobody nobody. OK I'm happy. Yeah news. Oh. So I guess I was a song it was okay it was children. You got as many new grads city. I love again colonials didn't get that one but there is a mini me was also Austin power's sidekick. Senses Texas. I'm wearing movie you hung out for a while Lester yeah may may be had a little low. And he just does like Austin Powers did we ask inaudible. Why is today Murray is still gotta yeah at Mallard had more time and Susan thanks to questions. And I would love ones. Yeah screwed me maybe I but I have to oriented I know reprimand but you're right Steve he did screw you you know what I did and I guess specifically name what movies. Yeah I'm glad you are who the primary knowing what was his job after the hour now I read your dues mazes correctly awesome power and simmer down in their little text world you can just not call Meehan do should be OK with it all hey hold on a second why would people not call you induce and they wouldn't be trolls they wouldn't be mean of course they are going wouldn't just point. Antagonists hailed from district twelve. Damn I was clusters caused nine. Tens while and I got there I didn't wanna give you any clues at all I was shut up front because god and my third guess what I would do well I don't see anywhere in the beginning as a vice that makes you think numbers I know you're accidentally got it right so are the neighbors at the district to ninety that's a hold of from a that's a completely different movie this is your attitude combined details. That would be weird because all the little insect aliens were in district nine yes and see what hundred gain such that only they do they tell a couple blocks on the streets of district nine just a couple blocks. I and then finally what country is directly west of Spain. Isn't it yeah no no let's us know. Cyprus and Portugal goal how much you forget about Portugal yeah that's up there never forget about horse man Simon how I congratulations to jeers on tying Steve do those in economy we probably won't guys' entire BC that's I get where ice cream rise Steve right whereas I see some seasons. Yeah I want every summer unified stand down because and it released its it is a part of this article that really hit close to home and I'm I'm I'm I'm very sensitive about it. But I'd ice is so Genco we haven't heard a lot of them. Hey I have to say I I've I read the Daily Beast every day because it's on a cool stuff on their. Alien last employ it seems like man any chance they get to be mean I don't win liberals started becoming mean but it's not a good look. But I want to ask you about this thing because the headline is Dane cook's creepy romantic relationship with a teenager raises serious flat red flags conference if you read the article though. It's like dean says the nicest thing about this women woman and that the Stanley seem to be all on board and EC never really good relationship and this person living tours also wants to do is just anyway she controls as you basically just crap that this guy come off because he's 46 and she's nineteen. Since it sort of person and trendy articles of female yeah I ended. I say all fields like this and obviously we were preview plus general article you listen to see now that are thinking like that but domain I remembered dude when I first day my wife and there's a big age difference in his twelve year difference between her and I. And when that started I would. The on the receiving end of a lot of mean text messages and emails from certain women that were just like soul of appalled by that. It's. It's not like is if I wasn't with her I'd be without a visual person like you I would just find someone else that was cool I. Don't care about the case or the terminal person unless there was a miserable person so I'm not surprised that there's somebody out there that would write that article. And and and try and sleep and then else's sake with a teenager. I insist she's nineteen Emmys are teenager police say teenager doing. In sleeping 1516. And then yeah it's kind of reduce bad lie. And really article she says and if you read into what blog where you know what dean says. He knew or even a year before that so he better when she was eighteen. And it's like yes that's the end then she's an adult day. This article on this makes me I only wanna finish and also digesting cook this 46 year old washed up comedian has an eighty no worthy since the days when kooky shell necklaces weren't vote. I mean she's so mean it's like really let me. I essentially mean article and all he's doing is he sighed and here's what got me this is the the imprisoned Al Hussein to study seven years younger than him yeah this odd look I did it's a huge age difference from then yeah and I don't know what the hell we have in common with her unless he's a young I don't know an old soul I there's something that has in common you know. Specifically okay. That's something that looks. Connect to her via so we know that's for sure not to show your health images are always know I got us they have a lot of fun together there's a blind in the article that really bothers home OK okay and and here's the thing they met which I almost wanna hang out dame now. I guess they met any game night Imus had I don't know if it's a board game night but whatever it was a game ninety Glenn game nights. And she's appalled that that's what would somebody his age have to do hang in I was somebody your age what do they have in common and it's like it kind of circles as a teenage girl I'm to run end to get invited to Dane cook's house yeah it's a game night and I have a lot of young people to come to my game nights and it's not about it. I it's like yeah it's like Libby were you living. Do you tell me that odd people a different generation should be able to get along with each other inspires her age. He probably goes and gets sites. Why even with her miserable other friends that are on the same page and can't fathom the fact that people can have a wide range of people in their life I mean I see it I do we junior board games. For me in north hockey arena we have guys and I'd seen in the past have been nineteen. And guys that are in their fifties but we all have a common ground and play hockey I mean drinking Beers and talked in or even in the what's selling now I am. One of my buddies Austin is a great buddy of mine he's 21 years old. I mean some double agent then that no question we have ever been in the same circles what we both look wrestling and we have a good time talking about it Alison why that's so weird for somebody that thing that you can. Have friends that are different ages the other girlfriend a sixty something years twenty years old and Mina plays hockey death good house parties as the dude. I Danielle what's the problem and gender shouldn't be a problem you should be hanging Allan anybody you corners you know not everybody's a predator not everybody is a mean person. But this article is so horrible Steve. She's I don't mean it's awful it's awful and it did for no good reason there's nothing in there then they're dead Dane Cook is done except. He's in love with somebody who is 27 years younger than him that's all he's done he seems to be really kind early says nice things about our there's nothing else this article that he's done wrong but this woman is ruled him in this article and what are we become a society. And even the patient asks as a maintain certain Mick just kids they sound like what looks like the creepiest assured Dane Cook yes. Staff I mean it's so much of their homes or are criticizing do you need to raise the race I guess he's happy she's happy. He had dear leader Cristiano and really more and more. I'm deciding that I don't think I can read the Daily Beast anymore it used to be a fair site and people like decision makes fun of Fox News and I'm a person's right in the middle and I try to stay in the military and an old pro Bible brown. Drove idol so I don't they classical articles and I guess I myself to simulate a broad Bible Cairo bibles dot com what are you want from now. Look I'm not going to link below easier than ever antiretrovirals and so I'm surely your phone sometimes and predicted tat I believe you just are taking bro and maybe you know be your good. I have about Texas and my daughter's 24 dating a man whose twelve years older probably happy as I've ever seen every great relationship and communicate while. Yeah and this is siding needs people to get together. I mean the fact that older people and not just talking relationship but the fact is that what's is a teenager doing hang out the circles of an older person. This would she want you want young people old people being able to chill and and have common ground cause that's something that's good for society. Texas is Friday may Scripps as quality of life tiles to experience at times in France it's funny bring up because we might have some amount down that festival every and a huge campus. Right he amazes as well people in their forties people even close to fifty maybe even over fifty people probably 1920 I just. And one brings different people to the party and I'm talking without cop from deep podcast our defense is fighting in my body is well good duties is site. Man how do you stay so useful like everything you're doing you're always and I I don't know. I think this is a surround myself wouldn't either young people or young hearted people that this is contagious means. These are around people to have that energy and it's did it just kind of rubs off on yeah. And you do have a very useful life and I think that's part of big you hang out waste any but he doesn't matter their agents. I feel like being the young person he als older people like with her and when we play games and stuff like our friends training Jarome was on the buy gasoline Ellis Chris. I I sell a sense of maturity and I learned from them that they were still useful and they hung out with people like me silly nice balance and we learned from each other. Now this this. I'm so sad to see this because living Torres seems like she's a really good writer seems like she knows what she's doing something mayoral bid well PNL lazy and that's the thing Italians get very. He comes off as he kinder. Yeah well that's the thing just a horrible things. Very young I was I was like kinda ask yes dear Daily Beast I'm senior and she's not the only one of that site it's gotten mean. And I have to say dear liberals that's not your lane what are you doing in the mile lane I know you're upset about how things turned out politically but that doesn't mean you didn't become a horrible person because of it you can still have your ideals still fight for you believe is right and not be Ameen SOB gum leaving the losers are present site says that the woman. At least tell our guests teller for her part seems happy in their relationship she frequently post incidentally is a cult calling him my man and a life of my life. What awful relationship. If she had no way she wants it is like Arianna it's horrible but she seems happy say Libby is this jealously made my talents against Clinton page LC what a pile of trash that's funny. It's really is the Daily Beast has become a pilot trash and I used to really go to that site four I thought was fair reporting but it is not fair and is not balanced. And this is just a lame story about Dane Cook and a girl who seemed to love each other guide James Dean cook what's he gonna bother anybody. I mean seriously he's now my ire of everybody this is ridiculous and he was good it was a done mr. woodcock has yet he was good and they're always on the one he was as. Though that I can I guess that would Kevin Spacey. Oh mr. Brooks all eyes are what numbers would copyright two assessed with DR Kevin gossip was and that I think you think he wasn't having consummate guy mr. Peres you are conspiracy but otherwise you really are a fan of his work. I knew that Dane Cook was and yet you did and you had mr. you have them again as an Oregon I'm Kevin. You claim we don't think he would talk first Kevin Kevin console and actually please do not confuse some of Kevin Spacey does is not good right now for demonstrators is a person's age the number 27 my wife is 48 get over it people. Yeah it's a horrible article about a guy and a girl who seem to really be love and not hurting each other it's just so stupid. Why is that this is on the loose you think the topic you guide to show. 206141 rock Texas and 77999. We know in game nights a fight back. Yeah so they knew it would be this golf obsessive 917. And they X more news on the rock 99.9 KI SW. Point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle's listeners on the list bronze by beacon plumbing heating and mechanical pays me. Great gag around great girl great message comes up about what do you wanna talk about. Don't don't bunt don't talk much discussed. Hey that's awesome to do that my main thing. And a lot of things to grab. They know. So I you get to run the show whatever you wanna talk about that's how it works but remember Steve does have a rule with listeners on the loose fasteners and energy and bring it otherwise gone to Don you. Borrowings and 206421 rock Texas 77999. Jon in any way you are on the rock. That's about Johnny would you just force anybody. They want to know why you think your dad's lights. The Mariners before the all star game there are doing pretty dead there are pretty much deeper laid off some kind of signal that. Slightly beating death after all star break they start to Quidel bet not just America and other teams still. It's actually think John because you take a look I think the athletics have liked them I think if I remember correctly plays the best record of any team after the all star break. It's so bizarre I know why it's such a long season I don't know because teams made the adjustment I will tell you this. The athletics are not as big a surprise to me because they actually one other dudes no hit the best offense in baseball earlier this season. Even though they weren't playing very well you could see man they had they had them protect the potential. And they're just putting it altogether I think it's just the idea that the Astros have injuries. The Mariners also king Felix is not doing well and that is a big blow I think the marriage should be a lot better shape it and shows was pitching anywhere near what. Could now be on his desk on the piano when he does now is gonna have to fill inferred jays past the most likely hopefully this is. A moment where he's easy really get things out and again I don't know what they've already done this but I would have Jamie Moyer come down and talked to fill us tremendously as Jamie was always a guy can get by with very little on his fastball but he was such a crafty pitcher out. As a forget jump from. 32 years old yeah he's right old but guys like him either way go to Bartow oracle owns clinic. And get themselves some vitamins I mean my god and how Cologne can and vitamins and did you eat cheeseburgers in this guy and guess what goes god you don't park up. So John what do you do you do you have any hope for the Mariners can in the class a share. Well I am an American arm we'll send our dog's about Imus apologized and and then the same boat because. I guess it's like the Colorado Rockies the Dodgers the chemical giant they're all quite good at number one the size and I'll like a game amid other. Yeah it's a tough one I don't know who would have taken a race that's it that's even wilder than the AL west. I appreciate the call John it's its release reciting baseball if you're you know. If you're a sand on the west it definitely does both western divisions are probably close some understandings and then you know you look at and every every division area alias of course yes the Red Sox and yankees battling it out the essentials on the Indians in the end I mean the twins are here and India and basically are dead they've got a lot of dense. They look at the AL west. Three teams passed over seventy wins seventy or more wins there's no there's no other division as. Three teams of seventy or more wins it's a very competitive division might like you said it might be it's probably the best division in baseball which makes it so it's up and then you got the angels where you know what you got my trump claims from them so that's not easy and they'd be in second place and Jose is there an AL central Shia I know the central is such a mess. And that's the and that's the thing so it's going to be interesting to see. You know I am an idea I talked about how important it is to Tampa Bay Rays beat the Yankees again if the Yankees get their asses kicked enough. They may not even be in the wild card you might seem like both wild cards out on the west obviously you could happen if I yankees continue to fall the way they've been on Genentech says megs at face tattooed common that you mentioned earlier is hilarious I mean neck tattoo I totally agree with them. Palo Alto and the guy whose brutal budget got people working in with tattoos are visible youth. And disguising machine Smith he's got this giant nets had zero you saw it right yeah yeah and then the next acts whose impressive duo I was I had comment like that had to be painful yeah I yeah I don't know everybody is just three big acts as an and a bunch of color he's got tattoos on his face and actually grabbed the clips from his piece about having seaside seasonally reds got it in and joining here and he's a guy has some funny very funny self deprecating perspective on having a state statute. I also know it was a bad idea and text in my face. Just so we're all on the same page. When I got my face that's yeah I was like there will be positive us and there will be negatives you know. Be honest with you guys it has been mostly negative so far I'm OK. Hide anything you want positive don't be real with you guys. Don't hear it makes you laugh tonight but I'm also here to save some viewers are thinking about tattooing your face. Probably don't say okay. Once I'm on her show lady comes to mean she's like don't be so hard on yourself and I'm like thank you so much will you give me any job she was like there's not. Yeah yeah. Forget also bunches of resistant agency pointed checking out what's and his name Ian Shane Smith as H a Y and eat yes people bid tabled in San really good somebody is comedies sort of go check them out his listeners on the loose you pick a topic. You guide to show 206421. Rock. This is 77999. Tradition calls mr. checks at 933. On Iraq. And made some more news. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. Point nine KI SW Verizon Seattle as. Listeners on the loose your tickets up to you guys showed 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Somebody. That they wanna make would you be Jan bell with me this is wanna make a bet DJ you. Complete game. Dodgers win the series this week January dodger shirt on air. Aaron is when I'll Wear one instead Georgia Tech. Like me. I don't know I mean now today I do you care enough to do this event. I don't have a Dodgers shirts article by Dodgers sure he should be able for rigel one honey we can provide as we invite him with the Mariners sure right if I. I'm sorry I really don't have a dodge show would Steve Garvey. Is true I'm a Padres Jersey. But actually do that work you know what I say sure I say we you're Padres Jersey as the Mariners as a series as we jump right and he wears an Indian shares used to mariners were in the series 10 San Jose Miami. You can clearly ridiculous of course. I round I'm back kiosks are mentally you know here's the problem I mean I like and I like the Mariners could take the Red Sox a your team that's once seen yet yet and so that's why don't I mean I'm I'm not gonna wanna Wear a Jersey of anybody. Onetime forehead were Steelers Jersey and I hated that was what animated stupid because I personally think the Dodgers manner a little better right now because of all of our our problems. Oh I Newsweek and that's not easy I think beat the Dodgers that'll be awesome that it has zealous show me some stuff about the Mariners that they can win two out of three and then they beat the Dodgers end up next is a Houston Astros and also issued in the last Simon who really could see a huge upswing in the next week yeah. But I appreciate your enthusiasm dodger fan it's Enos can be tough for you guys who you're in the same boat. As the Mariners you you're you're you're refined feel like a lot of people's do seem to think the Dodgers might c'mon on top anabolic steroids that's asking a question I go to questions based on history that two in front of you because stay in I've been hearing about this debate all morning because of this news story but the first is those guys. Critical cut or straight price Leo you did throw this I mean I was gonna tell you hey we'll get a today lets kids tomorrow some blood evidence Hester brought up. John this is in and they are dealing right now this restaurant dealing with pissed off customers they are not happy because they change from kriegel cut two straight all rice. OK I guess if you forecast Jim or Leslie Parsons on a little fast food joint call volleys famous francs in Maine. Of course all these. Bob DO LL EY all I get a bowl it's always the best just like sweaty balls is that I don't know. Teriyaki bowls and I'll. Now is usually chill I mean they they like to think that Massachusetts in the once or undermine him in Maine usually is I had ally out varies just very console. I'm surprised people are pissed off about despite then volley he's been around since 1962. And these guys spotted about a year ago so their new owners made a big change switching from the critical cut two straight fry. He can't go back you can't thank you can go from street price a critical commenting people be OK what I do think so yes. You can't switch back critical cut is such subjects like the unicorn of French Fries and increase the cost us this is why we can't see I don't know how he just hate cream cool calm and really mattered I might should does. I realized awesome like Nathan's friends try to critical putts you guys are mentally ward Sears and oh my gosh. I'll get in my belly right now bloom now I like a waffle Fries now knows I love. Those are gonna Monday critical cup was something that I had my entire life and I never liked him when they were frozen. Damn when I went to McDonald's for the first time because back in my day it was a tree to go to McDonald's. And those straight Fries were unknown freedom believable and I remember told my mother. I go into these rising yen and course she's like yeah yeah and you know faster you log in because. That's all they have they didn't have the streets rice frozen because there's a state treasuries are better no secret sucked that's stupid are you are. Sorry agency's president terrible Red Robin bottomless Fries ensemble loss no. They really Fries don't know yeah you'll get a delay didn't exactly know they're not potato wedges into an ideal videos there are due lads enjoy Joe's last night. It was like it was essentially are a giant potato Catan forests so that's what I'm smelling you. I agree that shoestring Fries are a little annoying in the worst ever and what just. You're really really thin and those are fantastic yeah I'm not gonna say no issues and any French Fries clearly idea now I think you're you don't agree critical cut is dubbed fast. So I can agree Chris God's amazing I would say okay batter Kurt curly Fries are the best now. I'd put out the bottom of my last season curly Fries are number one yeah I think you Reston bumpers as technocrats like Christy dated garbage that's all I. Lol okay well so this I think is this is obviously and here's what I would say you'll find too many fast food joints and do the critical Fries anyway. So guys like 180 S agendas mom and pop place which for people like Steve below the critical god and they've been doing since 1962. I wonder why they made the change because the customers are pissed. How do you they're saying that the customers are quote disturbing and Hoss style that's how things are maybe we need to reassess our lives that's the case but they want to cut and one trip you all for this why can't we have both. Why can't they do both I I the only thing I would imagine with a lot of food places storage is an issue and maybe they just don't have enough room to store both vice again that was all the story in my belly. And I've ballet. There when they're they're asking people to be peaceful but they're not gonna switch back through. See at this point I would like to see the sales and see if in fact there there there and do new regular slim five tries are selling better than the critical because when all this uproar. I would hope they're using their brains and gone maybe we should go back and this is all people want Molina give us some time. Yeah that's but trust the process cleanup and New England area people be all aggressive and upset about something and actually fighting guy about a none. I just men Nathan's hot dogs have the best critical cut Fries LA Torre after I could never had a one dental fork to use. So did giant now little four. I tried doesn't 'cause I don't think they've ever had Nathan's hot dogs price on my gosh they're salted perfectly. And we'll catch up. Steve I swear if I did buy an understanding this I was so where you are talking about a woman I mean it's right up there with women. Why don't cut they tried terrorists where our cars and away how far is there when he's 51. For a non war and an infant now you get the Nathan's Famous Jumbo kriegel Chris French Fries at Wal-Mart. NASA romantic and every join Amazon as well can get a nice wife a Wal-Mart is Steve's got a 240 nines probably he's gonna need new wife when she finds out she's 49% different articles I've he had his employees to guard targets Safeway I them fresh round. Well I can help you and you guys really get in single cut Fries especially Chilean cheese is del taco. Fun fact and Chicago he out OK there the best friends ever I tell you critical Fries get better control like chili cheese and no we don't need silly season perfection. They don't just bring on some Fries and even compare like for right now please okay thanks great now I'll I'll call somebody forgot they can give you like a Friday store. There is a price soared as one cell senator but at this electronics and Tomas French Arnott Saturday. I'm Henry Thomas the potato store all it's like oh it's like that's all we are tallied was so potato look like you have all types of French Fries season they do you get into the I don't know and the critical cut because all they do assault Fries tries a different size. So I mean as a guy we I know it's like a potato corner again until cornered music and when Clara. My son Emmanuel looks like they I think fairly friendly that it touched OJ chips flipping Fries sweet potato original no critical content. Doesn't look like Steve maybe ice single car like you because I have to beat Tito how. Cod there aren't concrete appellate popular because who has more expensive than we now. People could bigger. I don't know it's only one person can make the perfect wrinkled these TS for a lot of money yeah I convinced now fantasist. First Stanley drive an intense as the best angle cut Fries are the most amazing fry sauce school or thrice a muscle fix anything if you get the right track sauce. Hi is a question foreign went awry and Cassel and Steven Tyler have in common. Well you gotta find out at 940 eighths on Iran. And made some mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Right and Cassel. Mr. Ryan castle and Steven Tyler have in common making very unattractive. It's a feared more than anything I guess I'm pretty shapely as though the beard though shows you in a full head of hair somewhere. If you upside down and you've got yourself quite a lot sleep in this guy's death I associate vice and they both come together. And at it was a big mouth bull announced it's. You can't help but stare at our. I'm an Aerosmith can stand. As you. Yeah there. Hey guys got some sadness club. Stephen Tyler Paris he says he does not wanna be consulting with your mega million. Yeah I don't know my arms long enough is like three feet tall like 630 yeah short day's news small man down there is unclear on that stage. How about just then somebody dredging itself thinks we're recombinant signal that's coming. Anyway he said notice sultry and Lisa Lang undo it. That's the difference right Cassel take yourself within a sure why not and he looks just as big guns daisy is a real life and only cost you five dollars status nicely. Contact Phyllis free that's a nice. And migs my. Crisis to love Steve I'm not gonna look at your package for just five Hollywood this whole I'm not ideal for free. No I wouldn't do it for free but I as serious issue I mean you look at these customers five months how much we talk. You go at least yeah I know the 10000. Dollar co pays are only thirty dollars or one out of insurance yeah. Well all right got lazy thirty bucks and my insurance card guys that's okay. Nine point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney. Here's another question from a listener and I believe things offer for bankruptcy like my car you have to list all your assets and creditors are you filed bankruptcy. So who's finally did you went out and tell the court and the trustee that you have a car ownership of our loan you could. Say that I wanna keep my car and continue to make my payments on the car. But they're crucial court Wilmington notice you have a car and then we believe you may have a payment on the car so my leaving and often bankruptcy. You if you mean that you can not disclosing the record cancer that is now he must disclose them however that does not usually lose those assets. You'll be able to keep things like your current house and almost all cases but you must disclose them to the court. What you need to continue to make payments on how circle it's you can keep thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to try to save time. As choose the right chatter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.