BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-17-17-9A: Ice Cube joins us live in studio!

Thursday, August 17th

Beat Migs with Doug Benson! Ice Cube joins us live in studio promoting the Big 3 in Seattle this weekend. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Summer is still here and they're showing off man pause and then they're they're great pictures dollars sorry about Amber's here and he's here and I guess right. Bases here. They're good aren't going to got these are rough girls photos in their swimsuits are now KI SW dot com. Mean okay. A and don't be OK and and it turned out. Thursday and I look a little. That we'll get into the medals here. North contessa we got Casey in Ken Casey are you here's her. Good morning Casey what is Casey played four today Steve. Throw grammys I'm prepared TCI and you miss and Jimmy Eat World there at the white remembers Kennedy's Saturday. Courtesy of live nation good KI SW dot com for all the details and if you want tickets are bella live nation dot com and actually Casey will not be playing because we have mr. Doug Benson and Dodd are you there's error. He had so that go away but they have had prepared I just got to nail removed from my head well miles you drive yourself. And didn't go to CNN. I will be here on a Saturday at go comedy club doing Doug loves movies at 420 of course of course if it. All right I'm looking forward to it I was listening to Josh wolf earlier and of course she's done Tacoma this weekend so I can't say for sure but he might be one of my exercise. Okay. Hillary on. Here on the payments or you know popping in and out Doug's podcast and he's a guy I don't know all policy citrix. Are feisty look daddy years. Barack. Playing at home Doug will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions don't you can pass all you want but you'll only get three gases per question how are you ready. Yeah who was president when prohibition was imposed across the United States. Asks what type of animal is Louie CK voice in the film the secret life of to darken as in which you west's status Birmingham the largest cities tell us yet as to what popular soda beverage was originally developed as a mixer for whiskey yeah. Caller knows it's. Narrow. I don't know how many hamstring muscle car payment each leg yeah yeah I do now. Or no one to know what is how Nancy Williams occupation on the Simpsons. A police yet as a kid Harrington plays which role Indy looks rounds I'll think I was paired beautiful laughter. More specific move you know its course of the four Beatles was the oldest. Gringos as what sort of animal is a fan interest. Third you know it's. Sauerkraut is made from what finally cut vegetables. Cucumber no longer. Jews 34. Correct oh wow this is at some point today gal was all about movies. Wasn't on January. Ray. Yeah at that and that last one though you're gonna hate yourself when you get some you know the last one is as I think you know and we just we always forget that's where. Well I don't think our neck yet I don't think they get Stephen back. You wanna make sure I generally I get any bonuses or any help there Steve. Are you ready. Who was president when prohibition was imposed across the US. No Cleveland's no complaints and no. Who what type of animals as Louie CK voice in the film the secret life of tasks all these dogs as in which US state is Birmingham. What popular soda beverage was originally developed as he makes serves or whiskey. Does it appear. Yeah RC cola and thoughtful mom. I'm ginger I know how many hamstring muscles are in each leg. You know there is yes why isn't Clancy Williams occupation on the Simpsons. As he runs the lefty scissors store now. Nice to know law he's untenable helper helper now I. Crown jewels of the plan with homer now okay Harrington plays which role indeed lets thrown these costs. William and that's gas related anyways I don't think it's generics to know narrow. I'm terrible month. While it. I know I don't show obviously and Steve dug it beats you for excessive worry. I graduated case that you know summarize your joined into business Steve's a dumb down. Yeah. Thank aluminum and I got a you know I'm gonna do celebrate I'm and they go to Disneyland had sex in restroom. Thanks yeah. Doesn't go to Disneyland today's Seattle. So jealous yeah actually as we are among my way Bush's first writing you go to. Well I'm you know I'm all about a most accessible new guardians of the galaxy right now it's amazing and that's called mission. Well I got from both on hold us I don't I've got him back here she's in terms of the system I'd done with the way you're gonna guards in the yazoo right what else is happening. What were trapped and I I just I actually put you on hold but now you're back in her you're not going to regarding the young zero doesn't do. I loaded into reactor at a church grace. I had given the have you been and Harry Potter ride in Orlando. Yeah. And the one another denial says hi this is how does guardians right compared to the Howard because I don't Harry Potter and Arlen and I thought that was amazing how does guardians were was and that's. Well you love this chain of lakes some of that slight reaction and some of it should all learn now but it's are much more violent riot by. No it was elevated it bounces up and down. Awesome oh and I know that's right hurts like a tower of terror basically released in yeah. And rock it is like trying you know little plan to actually he's trying to break free of the guardians and rocket you know kind of guy GQ the whole thing and then next thing you know you're like crazy elevated its line up and down. How long this is my don't lose we're pretty sweet it opened in May. Miss this and like you know James Gunn is actually involved in an you know solid so you know trampling idiosyncratic story telling is pursue Moody's certainly there are a lot of are these do in the Star Wars cost to rent is an unannounced. The other building all Star Wars land that I mean I'm not an overmatched in the car to exceed if you can see over the fence and see anything yet. I mean Edmonton where they do like space mountain Star Wars towers had done. Do you get rid of for awhile it was Star Wars and had a John Williams music had tie fighters flying around and it was really cool. And then I went on I well again that air recently and they took all that how would you. Hold station on and Ryan needs I don't know look up to about what is such a downgrade its crazy. They bring him back when they actually have all the stuff the good the other does a Star Wars wings this idea I was really boost the economy senator get back to to Disneyland success tell us based non that's my favorite so any chance that they could spice it up mauled outback. Yeah it's it's just back to neutral so it's still a good ride but I don't know how you and we have to do you know and hey bring doctor Star Wars. Muscles so quick side to advancing going to be and sound this Saturday at 420 of course for taping of Douglas movies at the stomach comical go to Tacoma comical dot com. And get your tickets for that because that's that's that's always a Glassman senior international lives. Yeah I don't use them good time we do we've done once before it has been to come comedy club and it's it's a nice spot it's it's you know it's pretty intimate so how are not human nature could slow slow and actually get done and if you wanna come out on Saturday. Be a dumb question but I I'm always one essence of who you come to Seattle Tacoma do you go to one of the recreational pot shots or do you even need you because you know what you're Shelby board's going to be handing you whatever it out of their pocket. Yeah I'll go to those options candidates it's awesome that they exist back yeah I don't I don't need ago. There's a greatest fans. I noticed where there's one product you like to have in your life and you always have an endless supply or are you go. Yes I too bad actually we just need more you know legalization. Yamana you know more more you know in my in my in my home state of Massachusetts data recently and I feel like man that's going to be the start at least on the East Coast. Oh yeah yeah it's it's actually spreading that you know really look this guy Jeff Sessions and so he's gonna try to return to roll back. Colonel Johnson and then again who knows how many more days she's committee in the job so yeah it's they knew volatile time. Don't they realize that they want people to come down the matter we signed him any argument you're on that plot is the best way to get tons. So yeah nobody in Charlottesville. And actual problem Yahoo! definitely honestly I did feel earlier high you can have a conversation with anybody even if it's like you're completely against them when your hide deep as the SI had a conversation. Yeah actually. I don't mean he's gone back and incursions in the Dallas right I'm also in America are rising fuel prices are. Is it the old tower of terror that they turn into the guardians of the galaxy right. Moved yeah I know it's a pretty it's pretty sweet and it could say he's a delta or damage that sounds like you must be in anticipation of holy smoke a sandstone Holyfield's Howard's error. I used to be super ugly building you know it's supposed to be scary. I've taken up in the middle Anaheim but now they could guardianship side you know the guardians exterior is really colorful and cool looking and our Lola let's. Yeah and then in the Q when you're going through your ideas here in the collectors fortress so. Oh. So the collector. I'm not only the guardianship he's captured. Well at all so he just has slot should try different. You know things she's expecting a collector I turn out throughout the they queue area like a little museum of you know intergalactic oddities. If you're not I don't remember as a collector that's their Benicio del toros are the weird guy so you're in that domain. Yeah yeah he's you know he shows up on Tillman talks you know talks to unite in that would normally you know. Hedo these Steve at least jam packed. You know scene where I'm rod sterling a shake rod sterling would talk to you on the screen and you can move onto the next part. Did today and that's where you need to the collector. And and that's not to give too much away but they're in the lower rocket shows out there and and start the national strength which it's great. Sounds at duke I don't know I don't life goal to go I know I would Branson's. Now he's got to go and you've got to pay you can take an extra bucks now to get. That's how. Ash on your phone she don't like run around the park to get your take pictures certain right you can just trying to get a reservation on your phone no later in the day when they'll go and line up it's. That's really working on Doug has its just like the TS saline and some points and I was gonna get this seriously given TSA area and then they also on the fast pass in the slow pass. See how well I'll tell you that that's a funny thing about TSA though. Is Wendell when they give away too many cheer shade trees and there's a bunch of people standing there. I'm still in that -- happy to know that I don't have to take off my damn shoes or take my computer Arnold. You know like Blake at least it's going to be OK you know more user friendly experience for him lead going through an area you don't have to put your hand over your head didn't get an extra day you know you just go through the old fashioned. X ray machine. So what I'm here right coach yes shape Prius getting it's getting weird when you show up in the an ally and longer than the regular rock. I would get blown up on text messages because you're going to be here in the northwest this weekend it's also have access weekend here many times trying to make it down to Seattle and once I got embarrassed. The court TV I'd timing could do this certainly didn't do that a talented you know I would want to compete against. They're massive all the event like Jack you know I but I don't know if we'll get you get there because the Libyan Tacoma bird they certainly should try right. Yeah absolutely gets better every year and stage you would be like the grand Marshall had a guess and I imagine. Well you know he had maybe Hillary could be actually dangerous for me to commemorate you know it's thousands and thousands of people would all be crashing me Strauss. That's very your points. Could well again man Doug knows movies Tacoma comedy club. Yeah if you never into a live taping of Douglas Lee's podcast is really a lot of fun who knows you might be part of that show this Saturday for twenty special guests we don't know could be just twelve main men I don't know. And some other great yes of course the Doug reason for that that podcast. And it's lives tickets and info Tacoma comedy club dot com and Doug as usual man we love talking dim lump claiming game do as well body. CF bank did all cocky guys soon. Take it easy Doug Benson Doug loves movies live at the common comic club Tacoma comedy club dot com feisty is a cavalcade of stars today. Because we go from we go from pop legend it to a hip hop legend also use cinnamon great movies like are we there yet barbershop right along. His plan was fun Alia was an ice cube joins us in studio 915. On Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. I'd point nine day high at W Morocco's Seattle beat dad I campaigned for north cause I am one of my favorite recent memory from our next guest Susan is on Jimmy Fallon show a few years ago and this latest miracle change to a song it was a good day. How please welcome to the snow ice cube yeah I was saddened. I'd say it's I think everybody in Seattle was just a damn right what happened to listen to yeah man I mean it's like. When I sing their songs you know. It's something goes out out of my heart so Seattle because. You know I used to light when the lakers. Whenever we could be two Supersonics you know Supersonics. And our number fourteen years and ask for the most part you know. Mr. sonics you know it's like a mistake. They green and gold numbness. So you know it's just ask little you know ask Larry. You know so. So I do have good you know place in my heart for the Supersonics in Gaza I'm glad I'm back. To bring pro basketball back to Key Arena. It is only for one night in army. I'm happy with my dad Gary Payton release those pretty cool. And Larry and I love that about him because you know I saw you really did on your website which by the way it's our Big Three a frenzy basketball leaves a featuring former NBA players. You want info is a series you gotta check this out go to the website man is a lot of fun Big Three dot com. Guys is we look at web site and I did see that interview with Gary where he was very excited about being able to come back here for the very reason you talk about the Sonics. Without a doubt you know young we first Big Three together you know and we know day. Lou would have pro basketball bull we will go from city to city. On the Seattle. Lose the first city that kind of popped in our hated because when life. Man wouldn't it be cool we can take pro basketball back to Seattle and we got Gary Payton and we got a Rashard Lewis right and this like. So you know this is way Big Three was all about. Earlier this year we went to Lexington Kentucky and we want to Tulsa Oklahoma you know I know you guys and really killed in Oklahoma but yeah. It's. Left us so yeah I am now I'm kind of easy to go to Oklahoma City and it's also but I respect that I who. You know that's what it's all about bringing basketball to places. Were you in only you don't get a chance to see these kind of guys know more. All forty in the same building four games put a price of one so Seattle was it was definitely wanted to first our suite. We wanted to come to. As I bring up Rashard Lewis because you're one of my favorites towards the end of the Sonics Aaron yeah cool to see him now being a part of Big Three he's kill these Dominique Easley who is usually my score still leading scorer. They speak in scored an assembly calling. You know me and understand guess hey Brian bait getting severe and so. Yeah he's like. You know one of our league MVP leaders like he nonsense so. You know who's sharp I just never knew he was bad dominate on the block I in the paint. He's obese than I thought he was outside three point shooter you know. I mean outside for a price yeah yeah I thought he said if you sort of backwards on ice cube Big Three basketball term and a desire to decide this Saturday and say this isn't the twentieth is ending Sunday into Syria is and it's real tea bass slowly saw ice for people don't know what this is an know basketball. So what are the differences with the three on three beyond just is only three players on the team. Plus half court. 23 there is five players on a teensy because you know you get a little wind it but they're going to add it. What I wanted to do. Was you know create a leaked. Aware that we can see former NBA players who still got it who still have some. Gas left in the tank in the thin and they are extremely competitive so. I wanted to have a place what they can play at a high level against it appears so. I was like oh you know the reason they retire from the NBA is because a win interior. Anybody uses can't keep up with any NBA schedule sold. What we do was eliminate the wing and dare we say yo let's listen doom three on three half court we are grew up in front we have court. They have a lot of outside turn this guy makes a difference not having to go tonight only have a travel have to distance that is a big difference it does you know and we have one game week's a gas can recovered bodies can recover so we didn't top notch performances. Every Sunday. So we did a lot of things would just to win in Tehran these guys and when you when you cut it on the console at 33 on three game these guys play at a very high level very competitive. A lot of our NBA pros have come onto our gains and was liable and that noting that our. But they do this great let's focus I got here in Washington Spokane which is a distance swimmer who press is a huge deal as the Big Three and three turner where they current proposal coming just watch UBS says if such is a fun former basketball so it made all the sense in the world when you put this together now and I'm glad for the players it's kind of cool to be able to hang with the boys again you know get away from the house to get away from all of these gals get distracted from everything and and and and be able to play ball again which has to be an unreal feeling for them and they got a second log on and on some that they loved to do what. I was down you know and again this is so like a second life yeah. In honor and I feel for some of these guys you know when they when they are not playing with the NBA no more because some guys don't even know they're retired. They just don't get to call that no daylight freeagent become a free agent they work are all summer and call eight engaging young. Nobody called caught agent again asking closest season. No cost to Maine this season starts. Aides say hey ma'am maybe somebody would get hurt. Nobody else people get hurt but nobody calls the within this all star game and now after All Star Games start to realize. I might be out delete. I might be retired in your thirty to get 33. His own say so I couldn't imagine that happening to me in music with some money came to me and say yes yes. Right 31 do you done it. You have to gang became make another record can make another move to. In Osaka kind of stills that he's got sort of doom no life. You know to get home in a back. Put him back in no arena. And let him play I guess they peers and is more competitive because they together Clinton you know usually when you lose a guy you all seems so the next game right. Few weeks and months later with these guys go back to a wholesale. How a lot of trash talking there a lot of you notes so nobody wants to lose is its tune bears and is too much you have to hear it too much idiocy here that interviewed Gary Payton. When where and when now when a model and the monsters lost. And he didn't he was like they want he was not as he was the only you know I should I go asking that they'd probably take a little to light hearted Gary and it was like this he was not happy. It's still ahead the show and I I love that. And I that's I think that's you know when you take a look at the senior toward the PGA queen miss those dudes like desert sands also has seen them they go all he's not a winner so it's nice it is a place I don't know every sport can do it but it's nice to basketball you sent a situation where there is a place they can go once the NBA says look here we can you. Anymore without a doubt and you know guys eliminate. Com and to me is just a a great opportunity so but then nerds alike like I say it's a real live what they do you know these guys don't wanna have microphones in hand talking about other people playing basketball they wanna play basketball and that's what they do they don't wanna go overseas all the time leading families and you know ruled everything they wanna play in America in the summer. When you know sports is kind at a lol you know unless you like these season baseball please I don't mind mid season baseball but is code passed. Little bit of basket born into Soares has and then you're being nice museum there. Talking enterprise I don't harm it's my favorite sport is still can be a grind essence I guess so you know that's why did Big Three is great. You know is great to be back here in Seattle witty. And the gangs and Nissan is the playoffs you know when nudges here so regular season. You know in a week three thing we hear sort of play also guys and begin after it. And I want to go to solo Key Arena named because the NBA is watching dad Seattle need to show. The NBA while they need to bring another team the Seattle. We're selling the clippers to cheaper for anybody. My hope is so we now know it's oh well I you know what hey man leave his take my hard dollars announced essays I do and everybody uses Seattle is basically a bargain and Jim Nixon you know they get to stay they've done so many times I hold on the clippers really could come here and you know those donors from Seattle. Yes our date. Shown this week in that they need to bring the team here because both the LA don't want trust. Cash and I guess addressing consumers are reprogramming are just how surreal it is too hot nob with some of the guys you grew up watching doctor. And recently you had to suspend a man by the name of Allen Iverson yes. What was that like I do I mean you know Alan practice and after. US system what are we to unusual 'cause I never had a history of having ruled in an attitude issues and that's why it's just figured this had happened. Yeah I mean he's. Actually has a great attitude you know Alan is a great guy you know he's just cracks me up on his time you know it does things his way and there. In order graceful down to see him being a part of his league has. To me to leave win when them gotten this far this fast without handing and he really thought he can play at this level again. And until he saw these guys going that they need realize ago diseases. OK okay are going and it it's something so he ends he ended up you know just kind of rightward turn to a coach. Which is gold because that's what he said in the beginning menus can do more ocean going and so we kind of expected that. Board just situation. It was it was easy it was actually a no brainer. This in our policy you listen Dan Brown let us know why. Is suspended but no thanks I can't tennis matches Allen Iverson does anybody who who. You know who owned doesn't kind of you know check in with the leaf whose got a break then news. Our our commissioner Arthur Mason junior good job. Yes it's around they in my life like you you're in the rock and roll hall of fame you've had a great acting career you've you've you've you everything you touch turns to gold. And you suspended Allen Iverson got to me in the right up there and customer resonate well you know I'm. That's because I don't think three suspended how embarrassed I am I would be able to pass. Last year I just onto the next day this idea and I maybe put on a mass. We were guys human yeah. You wanna see the Big Three treasury basketball Leo I've been the cool thing about it uses and their former NBA players amber and Mike and Mike Tyson as they are going hard day this means a lot to them Big Three dot com it's this Sunday a Key Arena go check this out and I and I think dice is right we have got to show the NBA because Louis a lot of former stars that are in town. This does this weekend this Sunday let's show them that we do love basketball here and this is the highest level of basketball we've got to see a front man and a long time. I doubt you know that's why we're excited to be here and because what we saw like Seattle deserves that you know dislike. The NBA right and so Sierra gives a teen and so is great to be back and to see pro basketball at this level this is fun and this is the unique experience. With the Big Three. As for games you know sort of price of one and it's it's very affordable for the Stanley so a lot of people you know what we seen around the country a lot of people. Our Cummins will get a basketball game for the first time. More court there in their local arena for the first time because he's just to me I'm a great way to seeing in the summer. And I did I get to bones to pick with you know until Bo just number one. You've got a career in music you got the career in movies now you're doing this business thing with the basketball there's some poor bastion an American can make a couple of copies got no skills. You you you know what you got you got all those heels well. You know I'm blessed to just have a great famous arches are askew nose and I got. Are great people around that you know help me probably G yapping and just keep things going in slowing. You know to do is crazy ideas bowed out. The right people around me they just crazy ideas and so you know I gotta I gotta give credit in ages me I got to give credit some impeached as with me. That is definitely every day that the the tires on C. You're you know what you're part of a long line of successful people have been fortunate to have a conversation with and every time it's team you know I mean and they now wonder I see somebody who really light had good stuff going in their life. That's OUS is mere arrest these people some confidence I mean I just that is a key for anybody trying to get anywhere in my present team thing. Got a had a team together and they got to be lawyer you'll and they got to be Darrell sort of calls you know I mean according to our standards yeah a sense are going to be a probe. They got to be a pro tennis and rounds and the second Mona pages that I know you said recently an anniversary of you know of one of your own of course music did destitute and sank a 25 years now I feel old this is our guest today that came out no matter if this is like they came had to be 21 years ago wind and fire I know they gave it a predator tour Scott. Coming up or is that right at 25 as well this is do we go again I don't know about any on the menu you have bones to pick I have a million things that is one of praise you for because I think about my brother for showing up. When NWA as a kid and still on the metal Caremark rock kids. And I don't know yet again is she would like Gene Simmons well he had an issue with NWA being in Iraq cost him premier made all the sense in the world because you guys were just as metal. As a rock bands and new is that attitude there was anger pass was about an as a teenager I was like I don't know what they're rapping about a as far as what's going on in the world but I feel that energy and I feel that anger and I can relate to that yes. And and and and as a fan of Seattle. Our sport since I was gonna kick and you rocking mariners year yeah why got to ask because I know your big raiders guy. And remember there's an iconic picture of the and one and NWA you're either wherein our readers you're wearing king now we've seen anywhere by the way dress and how we forgot we're in the AFC. They don't got got a good time consuming committee sunny and even better than theirs easy you rocking a Seattle Seahawks have always remember being younger thinking nobody likes or talks about the Seahawks outside of Seattle I was an anomaly in New -- highlighted doesn't margin yes it was so good so do you remember that time I mean it's maybe a stupid question because just about a ball cap but do you remember being like hey man. We're raiders guys are you wearing a Seahawks sacked now we didn't script. Begging you know we wouldn't we wouldn't super regional Matt you know it was really about the I think you know we have become so called whistler Nixon lied nesting mess and our guys appeared. Task isn't that you know was light. Yo man you know we lose his downwind we would different people lose you know finally get the chance to come our. Out of our food at a camp and how to salsa and trial last just. Being able to really see the country to see who really work. The rest of the country had to offer and so I just think you know we we come to Seattle few times and I just think. Easy has done to gear. Alexander yeah yeah so that's the monitor preachers arrogance is I want rocking their blackened silver and then there's easier and a bright and cap yeah I did you know that was that was soon. You know he's definitely love to go against Goran. And don't forget man Big Three basketball term and August 20 Sunday Key Arena former NBA players make it happen Gary Payton of course you know is part of this is a coach and he's our you know how much he wants Renaissance back. And really you know he ID no he along when you eyes feel like this is a great showcase the NBA people show up show on the we love basketball here's Seattle should have a team again tickets insult. Had Big Three dot com check it out plus I got the site many a lot of great highlight reels of stuff that's gone on in case you haven't seen every game doesn't you go there you get. See Nevada my advertising thanking you for having Michael Rappaport be a part of it are you coming up and it is so I guess is so much fun yeah yeah you know that's what is all about you nom. You know being from entertainment. In knowing and didn't into sports always look at the entertainment level lows of what we doing and you saw probably Rappaport his attitude his staff his flavor. He's the perfect guy sort sort of Big Three. So to bring its allies and in the half song would it. And you know we're we're talking nice to me like I wanna you cross because look there's a lot of stuff going on in this country I mean that means these people are just not being reasonable is really what I'm seeing from Ezra a lot of corners. And when you and I'm Bill Maher show me and I thought it was really awesome was that you want on there and you were reasonable and you may some awesome points that when people make plays a reasonable place that's why I think when a brain can go highway let me get a shot as opposed in the Summers he yelled back nobody ever response from yelling. And I thought man you know I was like. That's is that I tell you hit piece of breezy because I know all I mean so amino back in your younger days there was thanks there was like look I wanna yell I would imagine. You know eases you live and you learn you realize you know it's better to communicate and it wasn't really about. You know. Talk in the build more. You know I mean Bill Maher had. You know say what he's saying apologize enormous it was about some consider restrooms. Whoever was watching you are Armenian and trying to get him now understand. You know a sensitive us. Topics in America Seoul Han that's really what it was all about you not say it was a teachable moment and that was the you know the mission was to try to just just some understanding 'cause that's always trying to do is just understanding once we have some understanding and then we can really. You don't win or fear each other we can understand and live each other no you know kind of were erosion. Weigh in or Rosemead wrong way and that's an Arab each other more. This and we should legs be decent to each other sort understand what might be a problem for something audio I don't have to do that. Why do you think that you customizations are never gonna do let's try I mean unless I recall wouldn't well you know he's the porn don't work and it's not good. So you could not demean you say look I would appreciate you can do this and Michael you and say you know this isn't the best thing I like and you go oh we can go really don't have to do that. Yes like I think there's a skill in other words that I can use only RA ID is that when no problem I think I can continue to talk in my life exactly how hard is that I don't notice it when it so hard for people. Well you know people just wanted to windy morning people dead member. Look at themselves you know they never. Switch positions they never switch roles they just go go go. If you won't want do do do and this is selfish kind of way to beat and you know America is kind of right golf Floyd is some gold for a country so. You understand that but you always got us take a step back. And reverse roles. They view me now are you how are actually about what it I just deal. You know sand so that's kinda what you have to do to really have dead dad and he's just taken that beat taken meaning. And seeing our other person feel and would you. How would you feel if that was June. So I am we're talking ice cube and ever since I saw the movie Superman you know where base of the old Bruce Willis is to go back and talk to young Bruce Willis. I even though wasn't him. IE is so where does that 25 anniversary. You go back to jump back in time and talk to young nice what would you weed is there anything you think you can say you that you listen to these other young knew the rules and anything to say they go down year old man as what might say to myself. Are you did you didn't seem like horrible teachable moment for yourself. Of course you know I would definitely be able to talk to myself because I was always a person who understand that. You know person moved whose lives in old allies and angered me. May have received these say they're dead. Can learn from. But Anna and I'm a firm believer that you not too old to learn. He ninety unit seeds either so. To me out I would listen and you know what I had. It doesn't mean much to take some your vice kind of guy and implied tomorrow. Own skis and I do and only duke and NASCAR and you say what you got I got to do good for next push away today to bloom. So obviously question and guys but I'm. You talk about this and they human relation with you with your son who got to play you in the movie which was just had incredible thing and must an incredible feat what I'm thinking about me when I was a kid. And my way to rebel against my parents was music so it's my dad was pissed me off I'm gonna stares them cranked a metallic around. I think America's Most Wanted yes or you know do whatever it may be I'm buying something that makes him feel comfortable musically which is very easy because he was like. Frank Sinatra and Frankie valley was the difference results ran. For you now your dad you've obviously been a part of music that was used as rebellious music did your kids have when he was growing up. Style of music course and they listen to then you're like now mafia or mess no. That was so weird yeah I mean he's. He was banging what I was burning right and his wife. You bring a new musicals Sony music it's. This kind of cool. So let Pedro know crazy he's just. And did you OK I don't wouldn't do nothing has played how did your dad and so trying to do. The guy that doesn't go outside I ask you don't go outside and was played as we just cold you know some new error. That's really an ice that's universal possessed a void there in the other room right there it's all divine and that's all he ever did what was that all he ever did was play games but we also think she could have been in the NBA so she needs someone for the very reason I. That's Datsyuk he's column I'll be and they are still eyesight exciting because we're gonna win basketball games and get into the game he complain like I might change things I do are you really your worst guys. He only talked about had no idea he was coming you would think he's a guy they could use a quarter record because he wouldn't wanna go up and down anyway say you know. Everybody stresses. He makes big key aide Michael Jordan in the end it never works it's. Something I've got an email hates man academic and Jordan sparks has yeah. Also we're going my wife and I loved watching fist fight once or recently given that I continue until the day was just Australians don't future movies but also you're in the movie would Tracy Morgan yes without. JC from what I hear the story but here he's there and depends on the David he's out there was a piece like that yes it's he has no filter. It is just whatever he's thinks comes out just this. You know and none in the mean. It's like yeah. Don't matter oh no he's like man do you upload insurance it's. Waterhouse. Hold. Marmol hear me it's. Almost ten years time I'm. I'm gonna bottle and that isn't pretty good impression I've got to say and consumers. It's crazy you know he's the most. He's always inappropriate do you know. You don't miss today's program popular printer without a doubt in Louisville colonels so absurd. He does seem like a big hearted guy even though he doesn't sound like what you would expect from a big hearted guy because no filter. I mean that's what it is is all love passion to believe what he say. BC needs to be heard. You know I mean Jesus is the music is the coolest dude I mean he's a very sincere and Jack Downey especially when he's off camera and also that he's. You know. You could tell he feels is right some guys just so glad you could tell he feels every moment and then. You know a lot of stuff mean stuff toned. He's a good dude you don't Jesus don't care. What is and what is a tougher business you know where Eric movies or music as far as the politics don't own music. And use our daughter was Malone he's really music even more so sorry wow strike. Slide in. In gambling business' this right here knows this is still wanted to and you know you better be on your tolls. You do what allowed it Lotta shady tier twos and all directions. Got to be ready. And it's usually. The reason why it's. It's you know to me crazy is saying and the most twisted business people between Hutus because. Anybody can get into it in don't means like he's going gradually disarm. And thereby pain do hit you in the music business and science now you got everybody did they know. And I jockeying for position so. You get there and need multiplier times. You know thousands of groups and as this becomes this shark infested. In you know waters. And we movies I thought it was the same way we're Mac. When I went to movies you know because. It in the music business sometimes you gotta fight to give pay you know I was like may call him and Tony and opinion on this you know that's the campaign. So when I got and the movies I was thinking the same thing you know you Eric. And SkyWest d.'s dual system it is yeah no emotion eighty didn't record is how different than any checks came turn it. Wow he's like well you know and they pay you Linda and they do what they supposed to do into. You know I was so bad part of it is cold and I guess they doing to keep ebooks. Straight causes a lot of auditing. It goes. It's. Not because they care a whole lot of buzz is so much you are not just wanna key guys wanna keep it clean. You know I can't solve. But the movie's director businesses. Shea Loney Matt I just like just wash that down Coen Brothers movie tells c.s are not a Longo. Where I didn't always about a real guide to resolve their might run people out into just doing a lot of horrific things to see the movie does is back at the end of fifties. Jim I I did I didn't know that it was a it was a d.s and I was some low there's a millionaire yeah luckily you know they cleaned it up writing ninety's. But I don't know bad day and it is probably. Probably you know delicious stuff I mean yeah I was similarly had no idea there was a real guy and gradually doing the joke about him and make him like a hero one million in fact in real life he was anything but a hero you know I doubt man guys. Which I went ice cube and a number one thing that's coming up on our text line right now everybody wants no cause your raiders fan and I weren't C Opsound. And we all love Marshawn Lynch and and foresees no longer see ya can ease up Oakland raider. How do you feel about that. I love his own this incredible. In our I've always liked him from afar even when he was with the bills. And and the indicate a Kansas Seahawks now mark Weiss. Loves the Seahawks vast sea it is a barrel. The die hard C arms man and so I'm watching the Seahawks and the raiders you know for the last the same cards. Success don't want to ask you won't steal and is only march in protest zone around. You know exists I saw him play a morning and he he's so raiders I mean anything when there is such a raider. I don't. You know and and now you know my dream come true yeah and he retires. And us is our year gives they'll be in. Hopefully you know. We can see them on but some of the polls opening a touchdown just seems like he's Andrea good organization went down offensive linemen coming with cars while Sosa could examine GAAP perfect time and they're old they all Oakland's Super Bowl before they move yeah agency guys got he win the Super Bowl before you move to Vegas. Because you Lee's old Oakland here. Yes sad I mean you know you're the only guy I mean I'm a removed before nobody else is are we talked a songs you've got to how much history in a town and stabbed you are brute like. Yeah. How eyesight thank you for coming and I know it's early. Our great great conversation and a lot of levels and you've done so much and and you could do so much for Seattle basketball does bring in this era appreciate that like I said I got to clippers to cheek yeah I can piece you know I mean he's. Puts money together and to a girl funny you go funding and I get to clippers and hope and if you want to chargers got tested she'd sued and losing ground. Its credit I. Big Three basketball tournaments. Three on three basketball league it's awesome former NBA players in Seattle on Sunday. You've got to check it out it is a lot of fun and I mean you know what you get to see some names you haven't seen before it. Really colorful figures from the game the haven't seen in awhile it's great see him back there bounce that ball. This Rashard Lewis got to get me out you know doors open or warnings and started to. And if you over a two way hand fast stumble over into the queue at generous. But the concessions. Put a tax free dot com is where you go to get your tickets and info get ice cube thank you so much the same time we've pretty we really appreciate it yes on the I think there's question. Went awry and Cassel and the late night snack salmon common and I'll tell you I'm 48 on Iraq. And they X morning. Rock and 99.9. KI ESW. And gain yardage. Ryan castle question of the day. I just saw in late night snack salmon dominance in the correct answer. He's the. Thanks for coming in their book about 50% ST diet yes. Don't know about Steve snacking I know he has a friend who snapped Jared yeah Anderson I love snacks ice castle she loves relaxed. Tim Steve's wife always gets me every dispersed who have both in his mouth. No I'm. She hasn't seen much in my everyone Lamar though. Who cares I just listened ice cube on the rock that was the greatest thing ever I was fast if I'm standing right here the Eric. But resuscitation yeah affluent ran departed his new crew that's great gal. We're a good look encourage you are right yeah I just don't. As I'm sure well I tell you need is one person you just either from and a record that's authorized. Solomon well I got a new study out of the university of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. This is fascinating stuff because nobody wants to get sunburned. Turns out if you easily nice sexy you're more likely to get sunburn that somebody who doesn't I don't even know why you continue to study. Time of day you are parades or something strange times if you really strange times your body's internal clock goes what's going on studies on yes. During the daytime apparently it doesn't think it's daytime your body physically and nighttime and therefore it doesn't produce the enzyme that stops a sunburn. So let's say by August gasoline price tag OK. Okay you know one way and the ginger and ask you this nice. So your credit entirely irresponsible and don't look melanoma away now from your ordeal all of the above is faster and no he's a leader on that Steve you're right when you're at a DIC. Our bodies are we that if we mess up their rhythm they don't work right what is weird thing that's. Seems clear now as an inside. New. Fruit loop frank Cassell he's coming around and that's a bank. Migs. It showed Josh wall whose idea whether it was viewers or the boyfriend. No it's totally my dad loves a I do now all my guys. I kind of all I do then it's now when my daughter right now you all you heard after she says that he is shrouded. Jumped out that window. My not my way down and just stream do you. Ian made some. I'm point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy after another question from a listener. I am a mountain of credit card bills and consumers dad and I still keep my house if I fell bankruptcy gives you almost always can keep your home. Your house your car even. In a bankruptcy. Depending on what type of bankruptcy you file. I would depend on whether or not for example you can keep your vehicles if you have payments under this bill you can almost always keep your homered for your current on the payments on your home. Even Paul bankruptcy. Can chapter thirteen. I you can also keep those items. If you're behind on your house you can catch your house payments I've been in chapter thirteen take off the second mortgage and doctor Jeanne. Just keeping your your primary assets like. Is almost always possible bankruptcy. Thanks travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime Ted choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com and thanks for listening.