BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-17-18-8A: There is a new list of things that keep you up at night.

Friday, August 17th

Facebook Drama. “My Fish!” – A man goes on social media to complain about his neighbors who he thinks killed his fish. Amber Heard is being accused of leaving poo on Johnny Depp’s bed.

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Please sir may I ask Americans what they lose sleep over. And I got the top five things to keep this up tonight I got one thing is is actually happened and I do it really does cause you sleepless it's a do show on the Internet phone. I am it's trolls Syria controls or just somebody just we really need to Serra. It's a guy that just says it's just really really mean but he claims he is as it begins with a. Am I said there was one above the one about bacon does or know a lot of video saw no I got bad news I was the same very same guy it is the same guy yeah. Yeah I just making fun of him yeah because you read his stay in a as a bunch of spelling errors Rizzo is Misha come off the must see because he's calling Sarah a dumb person for making a spelling error and he may some of course. Oh my god how guys even more stupid isn't this nice guys in the sky is indeed. Yeah yeah and the jobs I'm battered and outlast the Internet trolls get into my own head that I just got back a bit I'm. Jeremy serious social anxiety iridescent sings social media anxiety via bug that's a new thing I guess a yellow as America. Bird. I'm good man yeah I can understand that god I don't think people realize that there are stupidity and Derek a whole qualities. You know I get the day we're all human I mean you know you figure being a dirt your daughter on social media. Hey did you being funny but not realizing that she's a human being and does. Internalized things like anyone woods and how would you like to live your guys having people just random and you don't know Friday awful things about you. Agassi here you're absolutely right and the IMO donors are even know he's been trying to be funny he's being mean. He hates to show because you know Sarah and Joseph were on the show which have been uninsured for themselves listening he says he has stop listening then why you even commenting on track these are the questions and many I keep me have a nice Steve yeah it's like you hate the food at a restaurant. You don't go to the restaurant for you post signs all around the restaurant telling people how much you hate to food in the restaurant is like I person so going to a restaurant he's still listening as silly I have to see is his. Because I'm keeping your name anonymous because I have a pretty big soap box here you're just a moronic gets to have how many friends you have but if I ask people to take a look at. Your name's posts and then tell you what they think of your earnings post you're life would be a lot different because people wouldn't let you alone like you're not letting us alone. If you don't like some thing. Just stop using it then you don't have the post is anymore don't otherwise be so much better if you lived your life without us about us. He's a duet on volume yes please don't follow me. I don't need you in my life and you don't even in your life so we both be happier if you just. At fault that's the part that country and I saw that easily I don't doubt in my gonna have done fall yes yes well I don't like something and that even sometimes on people post about them and I'm just so sick of Reading this person's post. Those followed by Nora who's a mute button skids big don't want us from song to close the window. I want to have a good life in your miserable obviously so perhaps should be just forget all about our show. Maybe you wouldn't be so miserable I know I wouldn't be so miserable and to see your dumb ass posts all the time does your miserable SOB who really does have the courage to actually face anybody and say the things you say yeah I don't Heidi keyboard like embarrassed to patrol out there. Yeah so I get wiped out by you got to tease him tonight. Yeah yeah I mean it's. So how medium and tell you guys they LC governmental see if you're in the top five of the things that's because Americans did this survey and it's tough not being able to sleep a lot of folks they do get kept up a knife all the most recent almost like sneak out of my dad. Do you downstairs city some chips. I mean for there hours really so hungry wow I always true I never have that problem and ism is an improbable as they too much when I must come a ways and that's why I'm trying to isn't so we're just old discussion I doubt. Food is keeping people on well I think you just say help. I Maine 28% say health and that is you you know involving your health V shows a night. Now has nothing to do it's I'm just hungry don't eat food all that's the reform Melissa's house health staff a bunch of Victoria. I really get that I something big going on the next day and I'm afraid Eminem over sleepy and I sat ten alarms. I can't think my afraid that the alarms wake me up. We Gionta I don't think closer that is work related stuff and that's number three analysts work related stuff keep people off and I get called five times a bead. Especially during vacation that might have a whenever they aren't cameras stationed nearly three hours maybe you're lucky. I don't know why that is why is that because I even go to bed at the right time I feel like I'm well rested and you're right. And I cannot get to sleep domestic coming back from vacation the last matter really hard. Night night going to bed and it does I knew I was gonna happen and I got into my own head was those Thursday night before I wrestled a battle Armenia boom and and members first wrestling match and I was. And and I saw it doesn't I'm prepared for this I can do this this is gonna go while it's going to be a lot of fun to show sold out so it's going to be about and I knew a lot of people that were friends and links and listeners are supportive we're going to be there should be some mosques for Dennis and think about what if I screw up this one move. It's a move that had done a million times a leap frog jumping over guys. In my head in my what if I don't jump high enough and he's a classmate boys nice fall OOM recovered from that. Closed the I was the first four hours are lying in bed coming up with a milk and then we do it and it's fine but I couldn't sleep because of that Hamdoon. Hi I know that's life I don't know what that's like when you're playing things over and over your head rabbi you can sure overnight besides your own flatulence well just about money. A lot of time that is a journalist Danny. I'm pretty comfortable at this time but it's always well. Bills all right I've got a medical thing that I have to deal lead and then it's like the bills come with Daniel and I'll I thought that was going to be covered great. Mascot that sucks tears and pain in my ass yeah money's a big thing on the list not number one my. They use if you could purchase something can I you know I wanted and I know that I have the money and Mike I can do this now I can just keeps going through my mind basically regretting ever just you know something I wanted to but I never regret a purchase I regret not making the purchase and I have got my phone in my own mind body. It's an assurance as my reason you know it is a way you can get money in Iraq since so hard I think your neck I think it's really hard for younger people to really get money our money under wraps. Because I mean a lot of these people are making the same money I may when they start none of their jobs and had the backing up 3035 years ago. That's not so I can see how money is huge for people keep them open I want. Suppose my money from lead single camera good spot doesn't seem job security is with its Gehrig's all along uses a alas I'm well how. How does things don't go out of your room is sometimes just heard you have heard your call home. I was mostly good I don't worry your face Tommy and Chicago looking for someone and no worries Steve you're gonna mile unsecured what does that and semi how how what's hell's gonna. Happy net it. Do I know that's a big one and I we only get the less skills you have outside of being an idiot on the radio. So you've got to work and money you've got number two in three key follow Ireland and LeapFrog out. So you guys frogs come on the league's rods not on the list unfortunately that's gonna be down probably number ten yeah yeah so this contest Israel Israel I number one is me. You guys notice exactly moral. Well I found. She's ice so well you know I'd always cracking a joke no don't number one and I you right idea the way I seventy Kamal we haven't texas' sexual frustration gets me every time no. Yahoo! and I would put that under the number one thing. And I would call that relationships because I mean if you're in a relationship you have sexual frustration which I completely relate to man oh man oh man for a long time in my marriage. It's just not being not knocking on the same page sexually. Was a huge thing because my brain and Tommy were married why I don't you think I'm good enough to know blood. There's a lot that goes on in that conversation which is all part of relationships which can keep us up at night. And that's like Steve that does not know that's number one bliss for you and your wife seem to have no issues and even marry what. How many years coming up on me and I tell you how does that mean not you say a lot but I remember a previous relationships. The guy doesn't say a lot they were so bad some of on the you would actually go. And you would say something and you never see any my brain I'm relational trauma to anyone's life yeah you know even if things are top cited as an arm once dealing with that I can tell you know I can tell your demeanor and I'd be like okay sums up with Steve. Very and they in the history of your relation with the white have you ever commend them and that is ever gonna problem joins us pretty gosh darn amazing for release. Should make an appointment to go to bed mad at each other which helps I'm always remember them so I never did submitted that was Jay it's. Always have music sometimes I'm going to do the Lulu out I go outside and I just like all the restaurants like authorities must I want outside and yeah see on screen doors awfully close as she could series and a man and I met her she's meant and means when where how muscles thus far. Phil won a bad manager because a lost art yeah I realize this is 60% awake or I am sorry this is down why I was fighting over starts. And I got back up so bad. Enemy enemy because I. I never laugh about are you know I have to learn that I miss you mad about everything it doesn't matter could be anything I just I have to be right kind of guy and cell line do you wanna be writer happy ice sheet outlining go high wanna be right and happy why can't I mean both sides and that people go to idea though to my wife and you forewoman why did you do this yourself. So the number five thing on the listen this is something I think we can stop I really think we can stop this. You know sometimes relations that's typical money's a hard thing work is a hard thing. Healthy I get it but this fifth one shouldn't be a thing we really shouldn't be doing this okay politics. Well honestly. This should not keep you up at night you really look back at the history of humankind politics is always been there is always been somebody on the other side of an issue you know what we still somehow make it. In spite of all the idiotic political things that go on. Why would you let it ruin your life. Do you have you see him go masters social VCR some people get on social and imagine what's going on in their brain. That leaves I'm going to author out of college fund on social media knows it even worse inside your head so there isn't sinking in stewing over that for the entire day in and that is while. Yeah if you're if you're definitely on one side of any issue. You are not helping the problems you've got to compromise some life there's nobody should sit there and go I'm a 100% in this camp and ask how it is. That doesn't help because there's another camp and they did they don't really you so there's going to be an us vs them my brain just tells me never to be on any side but decided compromise that's how stuff gets done. But there's no doubt. I don't like union changes when you come at them with aggression and anger and as many thanks in anything in this always funny when people think that they can change so as my yelling at the other person so nice to get civilized conversation to make me start thinking. Outside of the box or outside of whatever I was thinking with this coming we would like actual. You know love calm demeanor yeah right yeah. Toll right now I mean god he was right violence is not the answer including when your speaking violently -- and I look I was a violence because there's no doubt about it. You know from time to time it comes is slips out because I let my emotions get the best meat but done accomplish anything violence against violence and never fixes and and you might be directories on backing down to the back necessarily you yell anymore yeah this time because if and he got he also said networking easy answer yeah I did say that I tell me earlier you're mad about this stolen or don't sorry just DI. And they ask us how we could have actually dump that. Pulmonary morning I had feel. A working mom Dylan's in this world you out you're our. And this woman who's there's one that's a new reduce H I'm looking in Baghdad bad post that he put out and music he was met your daughter because she spelled the word wrong on that they can picture asks what he's also were redrawn. It is I love most about your daughter but the holding you think they do we really don't follow hurting Obama blew off. And shot to Erica on social media because her responses just made me laugh and to says yes. On follow eightieth. Yeah that's all you gotta do if you really want a better life dolby surround yourself with the things you don't like to move away from them and move towards something new dual life. Don't Wear one radio show on and so many different forms of entertainment and you can have your life. If you don't like this go find something else instead of going hey what I don't like it when I continue to. Female what I don't like. Funny story know about this person physically dynasty right yes it's nice guys who we do one person was controlling click on their page relief fund that this is our way of just now hoping that they are not. Concentrated just dejudder. All you guys Obama and I guess our stress reliever rob good job so I thought I am IOC would this guy looks like I posts and told his profile picture. And and always when ASEAN might well he's the one that's not a member of the Seattle Seahawks mix. No it was uncalled pain. Oh I mean he is not exactly Doug Baldwin the best part is our legacy punctured today. That's strange makes my good looks great DNA match. As though I'm reminded I'm Alina. I yeah I. I mean I think that is Doug Baldwin think Doug ball much console Dylan on social media so we control large and Doug Bowman is not a fan of your daughter fiancee now perhaps that's a that's a bummer is I thought Doug we dig is Sarah but I guess not that's all right all right well I'll tell you something Doug slash Dylan Baldwin and I won't tolerate this anymore. So that was so funny was when they see you know show us face and his cheesy and none of his pitches he's as his face now. About how you should there are 300 ritual everybody annually to last call is rather. And you're right Jim guy he must have a Siemens really got to say is I below that it's of these sort of church and flake how can call to control time. But I just spit out file awful things have someone on our show and he's gonna provides push and pull their kids make their I'm like man. Time now and I'm still due out a little bit being a bug deal and I'm brings -- into this world would you like to know them like they're not going to be treated that way in the future so maybe you should stop treating people that play that would be that would be logically yeah a little kid it's harder when it just email and her daughter and she's trashing one of the females look at this Asia and are all he had is that you're right to know you don't weird are treated that way by humanity it's first innings on top guys yeah pull each other. We gotta be called each other I know that look would I know we have leaders in our world that do not give us a good example I guess that's really really do. That doesn't mean we have to follow that example I mean they're done all storm the young kids that think we're dumb and we don't do that the younger ones are gone gone all these adults is such morons. Seriously hurt this week let's be cool man. Except to Steve you can say whatever he wants to come home fans feel very aware that thanks Deepak Chopra body. I have a question for instance birds I am a social media and how funny can be what happens when someone goes on social media should choose their neighbor of killing their fish she's. Yeah you know it's another edition of FaceBook drama you're gonna hear a good day seventeen. On the rock. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. And nine point nine JISW the rock of Seattle. Friday at a Sony for a Saturday August 25 two very soon man we've got. A big big show for your pain in the grass and grain bands like thousands she's going to be there Stone Temple Pilots. Call its player. All man lots of great local bands to two big days in its just a couple weeks away and I. That's a matter I adolescent boys and next Saturday and yeah oh yeah you're right yeah. We came a day away moves clashes on the ice Friday. Why oh flyers Friday next Friday and announced JPEG Saturday night just for some reason I really didn't realize that that's they sweet yeah. Yeah summer's almost over Barack I know you say you're right do you get your tickets man you are you serious. I am gonna GI SW dot com. And he's pajamas Friday night beach in plumbing heating and mechanical and Vijay once again as an opportunity to point out the Indian center on FaceBook. This is an actual FaceBook posts and drama unfold because me and yes of course we're going to act and out. So this around in the roll the original poster will be you BJ you'll be Jim I read your Kelly street and I'll be Brad so the poster again is Jim so BJ please. Take it away. The worst. Period neighbors. Period. Perrier. Excuse mayor are you talking about me well I I know this you from why isn't. Yeah yeah. And you and that's why I am Aaron I did do what you ask me now my father and I have a life. Can we stop debugging Intel tell us what the hell's happening. It's who I ask Kelly to feed my fish while I was on the town and she didn't go fish die. What did finish. Or do. Kelly how did you do that. I just didn't finish every damn day. Realize how video cameras in my tank and I saw stay you waited until lol stay almighty. It. Didn't do it there. How well he's I'd try to. You always the first gas Sharon Jackson and ally hello miles yeah first arguing getting that money. Secondly what the hell you do to get a four week vacation time work for you. Hello out Pakistan dead fish. I hash tag yeah. Now it didn't seem to have a lot of love for fishermen that I don't they don't seem to have really a lot of embassies further facts. I'm a daily life knowing solid I die so that every day and now you see him every day all he won a lot of us are really. Basically a month went by and you then so I'm gonna CDs. People are easier it is only don't agree to do something he's not willing to do it I know. Then I just don't ask anybody really because people just will not say no and there won't do it and then I get all upset it's just I'm asking. I think you know I there's first few people I can trust because. I don't know if it's what it is but it's just people say yes to things and they really don't wanna do it like being able to say no one of the toughest thing for people who don't. Yeah I don't find it harder at all. But I must say no no. I saw this very red box right into and out initiated. You know I drew my legs say he's a little seriously honestly I think in my in my wife's Ximian video. And cars I it was a podcast about how to say no because it's so difficult for so many Americans got some scientists talk about why and dude I mean is one toughest things we do is say no. Yeah I mean I don't there I think people worried I don't know whenever tolls on I know they appreciate at least we given them an honest answer I think never I. As you know goes gruesome the signal Mansoor and we'll do that. There is a great thing about that kind of honesty and an I would add admiration for somebody to say that Steve because it's like whoa I wish I could be like that. And I know yeah. This feels like media from saying now his people is on him. I catch and it's one of those you wanna wanna be happy you want everyone polite youth. You know everyone is appoint somebody that one point you just kind of have to do with. Be best for you oh yeah it was not easy for me there isn't a point where I thought was a person don't always CS is a nice Thomas is doing system Amy measurable somehow I'm doing this why my at this party or one command displays are quite angry do this event. When I really didn't want to an end only so many hours on the mile iPhone ratios hours have done doings of I wanna do as a dead fish. Yeah. Say I think if you obligation Vermont you better make sure you've got some coming and I don't think I'd trust a neighbor. I mean I think I got closer friend and how says yes definitely got to have a house singers you've got an animal you review any type creature away for a month I do kind of blame that dude. You know I want prisoner re very good point I agree as well wire their cameras and assist thank you. Because so he can watch. The fish yeah you want cameras on their pet's going to you know listen you seem in the house I bet it's connected to the Internet and so when he is down home he can watch his fish tank while he's out worker doing whatever fund things he's doing. Yeah does that can really be meditation all the loop I I just it SAB CS where you think maybe is like trying to catch his sister was some weird stuff what does this. And I stealing from me outraged are I'll find out not a Texan who has a fish tank and many lies yeah I well I I think Remy it's a good point and I hate to say it pains me to agree with the revenue you know last. I you know Johnny Depp and amber heard they were together and there was a lot of drama a lot about said in course in on all really may Johnny not look like a great guy. Now amber has to decide if she's got actually deny some claims that she actually took revenge poop in Johnny test bed. Revenge still. I don't think people waited. Think that that's a problem would do just because of some of the views they have a Johnny Depp who they think that they would be an amber had a right to do almost anything at some point I've never have been so manage somebody I would want to get their bed. That it takes a lot of work. In how many yeah I don't know I have I don't do enough squads I'm on the oil prices actually do it anyway. I would probably have to do our transportation view silly your lunch and head board has chosen to do that's a good call it that if we they didn't like apparently. Before they get this huge fight after Johnny should inflate framers thirtieth birthday party. It is sources claim that guy yes she proved to their bed to get back at him. Thought assorted she's. Imagine your best source yeah I'm approved source we won and often mean that they and I'm Amber's close friend and so close I know exactly where she groups and a weak enough demand that's reduces normally don't when you get your about a gonna Daniel what is that oh my gosh now there was some Siegel matter in the bad because at the time she blamed her Pomeranian boom. And Lil stuff. But supposedly our house keepers of the wreckage was way too big to come from that little dog. The damage was done as human. And humans and Amber's referee as says no it was that dog and it was an accident. I'm with you know I think if it was a dog that's no accident doesn't exactly what they're doing European and open I want to see if they sure amber announced plans a series of house doesn't seem to assure the group no I don't need to see guys who would like to see a picture of the in the remains to see if it was because. I and I have done Lewis you amend neighbors tried to tell me that somebody else's little dog was Lehman this destruction on my front lawn when you look at the size of a big dogs destruction yes and I. What about an hour I don't think dog is half the size of your dog that they do what's until. The thing is is big is that dog's head there's no way that Don did that you are Don did that do. The homeowners once and as a message saying are you need to curve that's your job we're gonna find you and they had a picture news. No reaction and I sentiment I share my dog is he do you really think this little dog can just about him make that happen right Demi is the size of her legs. It's not a bigger yeah they get c'mon people she's not capable as they respect I sorry I think whoever record program did you out. I hug from clearly realizing you were not the culprit. Police say and the other my neighbor wouldn't Wear my neighbor wouldn't back down file claims errant error yes going to be in the new complement that because she sang aerial. Yes no well that's not an opinion and new movie all right because that was her gift. Well I can understand why Johnny got her and it's frowned upon the ice and you know rigorous. Yeah she said Kuo who has some serious bowel control issues there was never a joke it wasn't something done to be disrespectful. It was an innocent thing it's what pencil duke we don't have anything else to say misheard is moving on and we do not wanna engage in this nonsense test that they like the relations over. Just stole your own separate ways sometimes do some people's that's guessing that's the thing she's the kind of person would do that I mean that that does say something. Now you know now it's out there. Amber heard I mean look she's a very attractive woman but now even if she came up to me and said hey BJ and I was single I'd be like okay new ENN now is there's a chance of a serious answer absolutely just when you your bread. Did you learn as extra liners on the bed unit down but I do understand it is the perfect thing we talked about how the crazy ones are the best in bed how would you not. If she didn't do that she's so crazy proved in a bad. Just ask Austin data that I can only data are clear limits on the size she's. What do you are on the next president did you are you thinking about mine and I and got an officer off you do I don't think that's something you'd say yeah. That as crazy and I cannot answer on CNN's additional dating after dined at Elon Musk small people yeah. And boy he's had a tough year you know what are you that's why yeah I MA I wonder people talk as she proved on one of his task list. I. TI it's what it's a fierce rely on mosque I guess that guy is like organs billions of hours a week and he's I'm I'm not sure smells awfully close is thank you count the same and shoots rockets in the space yes Aspen well. They're just they're accusing him being a Stoner because he says while lets us know our Alley Asia or here's why and it's the most bizarre and he's the nine hell out of it because he's the leader the company is wanting people and people think he's kind of get stoned out all the time. Because he he he wanted to stock price went to fort twenties and he said that would be a perfect price and I go I. Yeah I just follow his Twitter feed you know for a fact teases styles trying to send people to space at the right things they he sends up he made a flame thrower and got around the rules of slain tours by calling it not a flame thrower yeah I agree with you guys both that he surely does come off like it's donor in the before twenty saying to me with a stock price off sealed the deal but he is I think now he's vehemently denying a safe. May you know why you would still means it means you should do like this don't condone doing we're going to be that guy. No doubt thank you Ilan hall knows so do we you're driving around and in downtown job and I'll uncool old homes so he's just real charming looking houses and driving. So when I in my personality really going on balance a best one reason why my dad does is force why me. Does your wife have a clue. She knows that your exist the more I yeah whereas there was this allows you include animal morals you know that you were an herbalist we backed the idea OK guys. Yeah Oscars I was rigidity that series collusion dozens of posts about I doubt be awesome friends and especially your younger judge hey come on over where he lives George warning. How a man and that was so bad street and I feel bad for everybody who does have ports one and it's not like that everybody does what do pretty pictures and try and how the trial on its donors I wanna buy that house and our quick takes are still in the house all definitely you know I can't let it go when you drive Tom but I go broke free casino there's a road it's. And sometimes you see somebody take and take senators like allied. Supposing Nextel does the ultimate FaceBook picture yeah or weed California. Oh yes those things or how source Pennsylvania was my favorite. Really bad that we California how well we get into December intercourse was such a hot word in our when I was drawn up. The idea is like when we're young we're like oh classically Kristen Pennsylvania's coalesce yet we have to take contention and that side do and how much money did we California may some merchandise Saul yeah. Here I mean they have of the many you won't drop in we tell us please not take. I you go into any gas station everything's in you know we Californians who have enjoyed weaves its California I agree with you do there merge their mercy be their biggest money maker are that it is yesterday. I wanna get a shirt like that I don't know where we California is but I want you shared its northern California are out there let's look at the yes Brad rather CNET T get out our didn't get totally. Yeah. That's a cold part of California no California is just some hippies on there you know they really don't. Cap conference is wonderful friends birthdays fourth Ronnie and she's we'd. All that doesn't seem right my wife wouldn't let us get married on for Tony so it's four point three. This thing. Don't listen intensely I'm married I'm June 19 let me know that way he's married and 69 nice. How does awesome power of his wife know. She did answers cool with that I understood why you married her exactly exactly as I knew was also. Or I don't know weddings I saw yesterday Steve. He got this one romp in the Hunger Games what district is acting as he runs his District of Columbia now. I just got a chance to stop the Oscar had no options disc brakes. I think this movie earlier I don't ask and you were very very close even that was a completely different movie the answer was twelve district twelve. I've got a shot didn't seem to 06421. Rock. Playing teammates at age 47. On Iraq. 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