BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-17-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, August 17th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney that was genuine news talk about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified loan or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is freeing ourselves hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. It's. Nine point nine KIS so you roc Marciano. Is we small mobile family. South Florida. I'm not mobile mentally his self worth one more information about where you get your music how old baby play and volume is going to be Jimmy Page of KI SW dot com yeah cowboys you Dow already down one. Spotify where you get your stream music and Sunday nights at 10 o'clock two solid hours of mob local music is called while local great show we are great fans. Pacific northwest style. Lights out for. Mean. Okay BE. OK the guys we have made it is the. Yeah politicize. I feel for where Danny over there is something you can't see inside it there's plenty there for five months to staring at staring at a different ways four of us. Count drops. I'm just. A minute. Yeah they're only allowing only these guys out there either side there are just like ten cities trying to tell you there. And tell who's got the energy and who Netanyahu he's got a for everybody just ask people on Friday the others. And then I Dorgan says that we got Brian in Libya to take on Steve Bryant either serve. Hello Mac it's. What's he played forty tasty tickets to check out Allyson sings I know mariners it's there every time EI Houston Astros on Monday August 20 and you'll be able to go to games. In an exclusive mariners Allison change shirts also a copy of their new record Rainier strong which doesn't come until week from today to get you to attend the pregame listening party where you get to hear the new record which is fantastic. On Monday yes nice desk go to KI SW dot com for all the details on this and also if you wanna get tickets to back games and any upcoming mariners own game your bell blatt. Mariners dot com Aristide to add hair. For those playing at home Brian we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions. Brian you can pass all you want Mitchell only gets three this is her question. Are you ready. New Mexico California and which other state to the US gain after the Mexican war. Airs are now. It's so vast it's you and ask what does the initial after the stands fourth in the author's name Scott FitzGerald. Yes what year did the original footloose movie come out. It's now it's. You want to know it's eighty or you asked what was Daniels class named in the 84 film the Karate Kid. Yes what 1978. Movie inspired toga parties on college campuses. And yes it was James Bond in the film die another day. Yes when all is that there's. Problems yes which horses are used as mascots for Budweiser. I've dealt yet as in what decade was macho man Randy savage born. So little authority now it's. Space yet as with Paris landmark was completed an 1889. Yeah. Yes that is eight correct. Staff and it's a decent score depending on how we gonna get another losers on this well I hope so I'm very excited about it cap off the week with the whole Los for Steve in great way to go to weekend. Away with a big losers side thinks he's met his match punaluu. Hot saying show us why you're good but it's Steve. Are you ready all. New Mexico California in which other seeds in the US gain after the Mexican war. Texas gas what does the initials stand for in the author's name test Scott Fitzgerald's. And since you ask what year did the original footloose movie come out ABC network. You're always near 81 over age you know. What was Daniel and I know what's what's Daniel's last name in the 84 movie decry these kids Clarissa. No danger to herself as site what 1970 to a manager. What 1978 movie inspired toga parties on Colorado houses yeah. Oh James Bond in the film die another day. Hi Sean Connery didn't just rosneft. As I switched courses are used as mascots for Budweiser I Dell's. You ask me what to do is not a man Randy savage born and yet things didn't think it's. Soup can which is landmarks was completed an eight TV I don't know yet as to how many days into how many days of I'm glad they are why they're. Cause sudden yes. And Steve new way and damaged nine test eighties all of you have sue anybody to judge it every weekend come. I. You know why. Why do I'm the world's greatest. It was a good guy no loss no losers songs for any of you know and so now he's getting he'll modes Iran that you have. This strike zone restaurants in my music Gil I'm wrestling tonight and Sunday I don't wrestle Sunday night for AT sizzle function names she's changed a thing or two about respecting his elders all association is how your dirty fighter. No that's all house looked at I was up dirty you Gordon dirt he's not a cup check myself except as he should be wearing one and then I game a schoolboy Rowe from the pen and new I feel like that's sound out once a rematch except I dislike to marry easel and make it happen this Sunday at 6 o'clock from the states senator from beautiful she loud luxurious car washes are in my bed thank you. Except I the only one that you did miss out on was when the original footloose movie came out and that was 19840. When you. That's fantastic news as it now you know now I know something that's great movie. The original crank it smells like Lucy oh yeah and their minds aren't desires for overtime the original Friday can't I don't hold them in the great movie category. I haven't gone back and watch faux news I don't think I'd never even really needed zero plumbers or custom lists so you know it's just. Delays to steal 19 current gone I guess you're getting you are getting their thousand season I guess you're getting yes exit on the Mariners and thousand season and this Monday. Has it taken on the Astros and NASA pretty sweet prize summit Manny did great Elsie she's new music as well as you know watch the Mariners and are you know one of the biggest series they're gonna have this year you out. To me coach. Not to show me. I Steve's favorite site plenty of fish okay you know zero Wes at PO ST what is the tissue don't know what is a dating site and they analyzed nine million profiles to figure out what genres of music where the most attractive. And this is what they found from actually. Yes yeah for men and country is that is is the most attractive because. What do you get with country music just. Female country music fans to Wear short shorts and cowboy boots so this isn't just add my friends he had been under yeah. This is it a man who put country music is one of their interest got 32% more messages and we're 65%. More likely to find a match so the women do big guys when they say they love country. Now what do you think it is for what she did when they put down against them the most countries is. No sir not country bonus on your own countrymen flail you see Gagnon Trey you're a woman just trying to get in my yemen's. Still something about this is what I'm most women on plenty of fish like they like country music so if you put country music is a dude. More women in the north all you so what do you think most men the kind of music daylight on funniest thing and pop. No not hip hop authority not top forty rock music. You're close to any current rules not just in general are notable Caracas not totally sure you know not industrial rock met not all not know classic rock. You don't Mike Brown. Heard something because. You would say you wouldn't think they young people and a lot of young people around plenty of fish wouldn't really like classic rock for more more I'm reading young people love the classic rock artists they just love. So I'm surprise no I think a lot of it has to do video games. Not just yet I just cried and probably annoying prison obvious major factor but other videogames using classic rock music or even the movies they guardians of the galaxy they they delve into the classic world yeah. They also found out that women who like classical music in men who like rap are the most likely be seeking a long term relationship. Interest anchor so check surrounding classical guys or under wraps there's a long term worse. I would never guys or bad is there one sound music do you absolutely could not stand to be around someone that's a standoff. Oh yeah same deal breaker for relationship for maybe it's a deal breaker when it comes to let them take what the opera music to listen to a new car opera opera Yahoo! and stay away sailors there a big fan of opera can drag my ass from wanna play and and the house and the like I'm done I can't do this you know you have some very solitary yeah. How are you Danny country country I can not stand and Cilic I mean gaelic grain in the short shorts say if I have to listen to Brad Paisley song I will go insane I'm. You know I'm Mike on the fence with countries like old school country obviously yes some like to do that Johnny Cash in the in the world obviously but I also don't mind some of the newer country. The best book clearly written by guys that did not make you guys rock musicians decide the Florida Georgia line Keith Urban thank you can tell these guys have. A rock sensibility of what they're doing music wise but some of that stuff. Some of that stuff just easy for me now Greek demands all the countries female singers on the callously turn into an I don't get some picturing her son's. Those two girls that there's 201 area girls on him at the end especially strands yeah and in fact that's a great advance. While I've gotten. I you are really really a country but I am. Really kind of fall in filling the blue grass in the folksy stuff gap but anything new or is not my jam but I would rather listen offer all day then asked Phyllis is like a rail gangster rap. It's just not my GM it's too much for me. I don't mumble rats and now. But low assimilate a low tech low side so that's I guess I'm a lot of I guess has been good to Seattle I hip hop out of your ads. Out of gas I think it really has to be lag seats do you really hard techno stuff where there are dropping the base inning just killed DM yeah you when he gets too aggressive all I love that stuff it just gets too intense for me as a seed gets busy. That's my dance pads and it's really that's when it's just summer meltdowns it's a one weekend a year real CC dancing OK at that point maybe I wouldn't stand now and music just to watch you dance our sons based actor his final losing my mind that I got and licences should lose big fan I would sub and you say we need to disarm the different mindset do you mean yes. Said LT and absent some sound that's amazing awesome all right it is time for listeners on the loose you get to pick a topic you get to guide the show. 206421. Rock Texas 779991. Every wanna talk about your calls your texts at 917. On Iraq. Nine point nine KI guess W all. Point nine KI SW derived from Seattle as listeners on the news front tonight begins plumbing heating and again I don't. Great yeah. So whatever you wanna talk about this it's all about your chance to run this fine show. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Could do remember when you call when you take control. Steve has one role December ruby did MS is show us some energy and bring it otherwise. See you guys bold turn solely. You got a lot of fun since there's somebody Tyson once again we should do a whole showing just accents and see how long we can do it boy I don't doubt be fair to anybody. Oh yeah sure as in don't be friend trashed and of course you wouldn't think you would do an annoying little cartoon voice on. Clinton knows this that's also would say like gentlemen I sensors and demand no voice stupid you. Enough I cannot. That's how does China do you Marvin the martian and OK you know some guys like an accent like frank and sure I heard earlier any any action I guess what I'm Marvin the martian I. It's any events it's from Mars. That's on Mars has sent a martian accent OK I am getting dumber by just listening to this conversation and it's important I do mass forced. No sign accent I guess it is kind of southern Denny's here call hall squeezes do you guys. OK that is creepy hear about tax army accents as French we really hoses off populist minor sinful Sowers amazing. Harm us on a real person march 4 hour. How I can you know one very. But it could do exercise I tell you Sean Connery back there are just brilliant tossup Connery and how can you shoot I was and trashed it OK so seriously you really need Arnold north French action to close all right Joseph Johns. It's like coming here with a Frenchman would you like your daughter is. I think that about a child's play must stay on your yard serves that supposedly saw this long I don't say corner of their usual nerves I'm almost here Vicki stupid cartoon voice over this. It's come out time change and start again. Just now saying thank you thank you Jack for having us 20642 iiroc please fill some big guy this show Jeff and Seattle. You are on the rocks. He's like hey Jesse what we're buddies. Cautionary and I ended up talking about the other trying to paint that's. You know limited by an attractive religion on their profiles and all that that's true. As music genres so yeah if you're a dude puts on you like country says women do like that country music and if you're a check point down that you like classic rock because that's what guys like in foundation more of the gender you're looking for. Well don't don't let their content got a broaden our days because you know I I'm an important connection and you know and I can't believe it on the computer with other drugs don't. I got better you know did a nice it would be glad you brought loud crack. You know it's interesting just idle and there's a buddy of mine he's torture and Seattle and he's also he's now part of our company Gary Bryan hosting a great morning showed on an LA Kyra on KRTH. They are an oldies station shortly what our that's another column cells but they basically play the oldest rock music that can be played and basically did you walk fifty stuff now I'm feels yeah not even imagine hearing the police yeah I'm hearing a you know like you're saying Jeff I'm here and stuff like from the eighties and yes stuff from the seventies but no more doo wop on the station that used to be into whopping. Station it's crazy no he got Braylon and I. Active or current rock Ted tenancy becomes classic rock and a Mac classic Roger and he's confident becoming all of these and you just seeing that happen as the play is weird considering Allison scenes in Ramallah. Yeah classic rock some people consider an idea and as much is his first win the thing that we just enemies you feel older because I still view those pins being new beds and that's like. That was my youth with those where you grow those bands I don't view let's classic round tomatoes so why some people would consider him now because it's from this Nirvana and putting any new music am real last heard from the nineties. Well Ali because some things are put it in classical. The classic rock category is it's something that's been around for 25 years right so it's funny by years that's technically classic. It's weird because at some point there was a cut out for oldies like you know. I think it starts from the sixties in the early deals we considered all these but then the old them on the late Beatles stuff would be considered classic rock just all about you where where you draw a line of what's considered classic and what isn't. I'm told look at sixteen Montenegro and aerial you know I grew up my dad knew the actual our ideas include diet and that's why you'd they as as I'm I'm I'm a measure right there. Any man my dad live and do that and I don't and there's a rock. But age eight and nine is still feel like brand new yep still don't know. Yeah I don't hurt you know you're getting Alderman and Jeff I appreciate the call because. My sister used as she grew up on the doo wop stuff in the early sixties stuff and she would say the same thing when I go to this is old news shows knows not its relatively I suing you still knew it was like no it's because she's nine years older than you might know dude. Does all these guys I was free it's choking on a piece of watermelon I now's. Little wedge watermelon stuck in my throat what are known as the one true that you really is supposed to dissolve into your round got to shoot I just swallowed whole but this is water oh. Our future now lunch I don't know that would suck if they show and watermelons yeah I would because most people. Funeral Taylor and I got to Dallas. Well I did I shall not a lot of things are watermelon is like the one thing that dissolves and melts and desire like probably like eighty flights also are meld sizzle from dissolving in this is how are we using tomorrow is it like Justine has just told chewing and swallowing you try you lead a watermelon there it's like it's mostly water it's just like teeth. What does a watermelon ever dissolves in your how it a little punchy Indy car. I'm pretty in my mouth trying to see if I see if it starts dissolving in melting in your mouse dude stay solid ice cream guys. Just telling their room knows Simon by the way you just coming that is mouse there's only Auburn man. How I was lonely vote. Good thank you saw. I don't all of her I don't know where he's doing a French accent with a full mouth it sounds better than you know I don't know I don't know early going into a weekend when I'm gone on vacation yeah we I feel like we're totally in might run like a two week vacation motors and things are is that you guys object outside economy which I saw Monday just and and once I got to you know Monday and generally well those are doing it out every day's a day before vacation. I Seles is on the loose super good topic to guide the show at 206421. Rock you also Texas and test. Seven's I'm nine Gomorrah because mortgage sex and don't forget these guys you to see you next Saturday at pain in the grass yet so we go away. Alice in Chains on Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. I'd say I saw. Seattle listeners on the loose you pick that topic you guys who shows 206421 rock Texas. At 77999. Got a text us I mean something earlier that we've played with the little kids in the fart machine with his dad you we had an audio book really should say that again numbers everywhere Tyson how funny I was. The kids to refer Julius party has a fart machine TI obviously that's his dad's gone off to work he's a will be good pharmacy data we use outdoors. Eat there are. OK okay. How well. Thought the best article thank that's Oscar. So going on between you know they had that's great so our dads go around towards me fart machine and that would be what the Redskins would Salem every day yeah. Absolutely it is that he says some no that's what I do yes. That's that is already does after that was when I do you do test. Okay person's life of the story we need to hear you're recording Steve when you started which means you're barking and your wife yell Steve and he this is a great moment as cussing radio history. This he. It is not the only one multiples. Or CNA. Murray flew. It's just gets loose like my god it's like on the ground zero really she just trips opportunities for movie suggestions isn't IV Academy Award winner. You know. It's. Okay. Okay I'm. It's delightful relationship here. It's probably the zoom sprint have soup out of things there are those salacious talking to a child's I mean really you think about it all she does refer to ask her child's yeah. She's got a cheese is gonna charmed life she does yes thank you it's about time yeah somebody recognize policies just lucky is girl on the planet I agree yeah well I I can see why you agree thank you yeah dollar you agree with me always you know you let you know and I think she's just she's just been gifted with you. Don't Texas and at 779 and I say yes my mom passed away recently and even during these hard times against amends put a smile MySpace has learned thank you for all you do you help a lot more people than you can never now. Rock on PST can you give me the info on where you're wrestling this Sunday another command support yet. From Tucson rise far condolences Mansoor around my maps are hereby your mama I'm glad that we can help us through tough times as Cecil would like to do man and it makes me feel good to know that we were able to help put a smile somebody's face gone to such a tough tumbling when when you hear those kind of things yeah. It's that and then unopposed on the wrestling thing if you wanna Simi grass heroics this Sunday. In Marysville part about combat pro wrestling CDW great wrestling promotion in town and taking on Samoa punk named chase James I don't know I was up. I feel like LS flag I think chase sites chases got a legitimate complaints. 123. I want you know. Her to come check so I don't think that's legal in wrestling malls he has the balls to face meeting chaos here does it. I don't yet know you know he does this Sunday and others at 6 o'clock is when doors opened 630 is down time and I got an era same Arizona State senator we come back for wrestling this summit to be a great time they've come down and durable meets W a glass gases and other Boozman. ICL out on ICC leadership firing shots and drizzle right now they're okay home all better result owners earlier on -- commentary brother he's got a job report we cited are I would time again at 6 PM everything starts all right Sunday night days and her son Daryl you might he might come into seated on Monday I'm mice. Rule does want to get an update to see you know war there was another cup check incidence well we'll find out BJ I don't I don't lose so shines it's yeah. Earlier talking about what somebody you love to brag about and somebody says they made my uncle and aunt used to babysit Kurt Cobain. We're still friends with all the cobain's and and pain in his parents' house and Aberdeen and that's from wheels. Yeah I mean that is aiming you never think when you're when you're someone's watch a little kid and I'll listen I draw to be somebody who had the influence occured had I guess that's. But I mean everybody was looking at one point. We have about this is that today is my sister Stephanie thirty sisters are Stephanie can make some parents please which are happy birthday thanks so Yasser showed you agree or are they busy it is another busy people but I don't know if you read rather they I don't understandably they had just called like thirty seconds earlier they know something problem statement you know necessities a mere thirty fest yeah I'm mom dad. I mean married okay you're blue moon. Happy. Sir hey you're. The blue. Eyed. We weren't okay news and. I. I mean how are very well maybe you do you move you back here are the primary today and I can't get there. That's very nice Stephanie loves this. Your parents or limit his ice time out of their busy day every time I got distracted now earlier time I was joking and a piece of watermelon yet that at all it. Kenseth it is. Texas is so terrible. So yeah I. I. I'm Steve McIntyre crazy. Thus only from the 360. Has made you part of their movies all we ask Steve saw that asks you dirty slut. And our game and am. It's disturbing to know rather suddenly. That's very very discerning eye it's a big question in this needs to be answered. What do right and castle and that cop car have in common. How did Sele and I'm 47. On the Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Eat good ground game yardage and Brian castle. Would you rank castle and a cop car had come sometimes you gotta I was off the backseat. Oh yeah. Hard plastic bag. I'm all too familiar call. It's also possible especially Dallas Austin this garrison either rides his ass out yeah. We both knew we a year or you nurse an item one is righty right behind you dissect dug it yeah. Both the good hosing out every once and I'll see you got your follow anybody helps keep down drug dealers. All other person that has been in the back. A lovely stories started running amber heard allegedly taking a little fun Johnny gets fed. Hey a guy would pull over because he needed the bathroom and he wound up moving in the back of the car czar. I guess. Hold it right before we just started the segment earlier good jogging stories. You know hearing your mid forties. And you're coping in the back of a cop car I think your life hasn't been as exciting as you've got to let me. Really shots and should be in the back from tough on the first play from start there yes and then in a position where. Yeah to make it to. Couple times actually in the conference sometimes it's. Boo yeah yeah. I guess so yeah yeah movie with a twelve acts. And made me play this day don't ask its moral values and needs. I'm not Schmidt isn't it and yet. Oh yeah I pay into skill if you try actually where did you actually way harder than a lot of. Give me your mom now Steve don't try that now. Seeing it video and I. I guess they didn't know. Singleton left. John that's been. Nine point nine KI ESW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy after another question from a listener. I am a mountain of credit card bills and consumer debt that I still keep my house by fell bankruptcy. Yes you almost always can keep your home. Your house your car even in a bankruptcy. Depending on what type of bankruptcy your final. 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