BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-20-18-6A: Al Sharpton tried to make an Aretha Franklin reference but spelled “Respect” wrong.

Monday, August 20th

News and sports. Today is National Radio Day, Bacon Day, Cupcake Day and Lemonade Day. A comedian helped stop a man from jumping off a building by giving him a Coors Light and inviting him to his comedian show.

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Let's let Al Sharpton make you feel a little better about yourself from. Now is on MSNBC. And he was trying to make an Aretha Franklin reference of course is she passed away last week you guys and a whole lot of people wanna talk on song. Respects and a lot of people wanna spell that out and that's what Al tried to do. So in the words. On my latest trend re the friend couldn't show some RE ESP I CT. He walks. I'm Clinton despite. Six million Sony or spike his drink. All my RI SPE CT I mean who wow Liz that the songs sells enough Korea. And he still through nine and there I sure hope we never has dispelled that glimpse of Faisal was she saw and I miss all that would be. He AMA AMA and me and they are. C. While Max. I hear that again that's sort of words. How much they triggering the French couldn't just show some RE DSD ICT. Also he's the first exemplary throwing in her grey yeah and I met this unexpected and I quickly thanks now wow. Man I have commented. Have been zone in the bank deregulation selling something you just realize our man. Yeah but I mean here you are name drop from -- friend my late great friend Noelle I know are so well I Jamie was stellar songs whenever there are spelling bee champion sensitive point via RS PI's. I'd say means sings all on as far as she does. Do you think we're not showing Mazar EST. I surely know what I guys I was trying to spell it wrong and I just don't know you're spelling it right every time your big input in the minutes milling RA shot just let it does and I chances summer when that's on first came out fled. That means for decades people have been singing that song she yeah. Yeah Al Sharpton everybody. Simon Cowell and people are doing karaoke a lot and yeah it's a mainstay so lets us you don't half a century pretty much not showing its but you again and over showing him and have our ESP ICG there were guys in his dress day as well LeBron via. While I think Jeremy Ross if you try to come up with some kind of excuse and I'd tell you always has her friends that's how we thought our guys are inside joke guys what we now sailed past and I mean Dahlia. Precincts of the vowels is similar to a would literally tonight he's still imposes no longer around to explain that you but that wasn't really disrespectful and I'll not know they're they're in they're they're great great friends and Al Sharpton and a reason. So in the words. Of my latest triggering the French. Show some RE EST I CT all I little DI CT right there. And while just for a third time here it is really because these are focusing on the other farmers like in the words of my great frontrunner Ezra and the oh Miley are friends of I'm really. Fashion they were the letters spin out of Maine using the he really just. It got the words right he's got a letter drawn that was his problem. Craig sat there and toleration did you say anything Easley from this year on the news yeah. Yeah yeah ideally you don't grates on you saw him and you agree last night I got. Love this guy here bush years assistant do you say something is Susie dumb I hate. How I. And I tell mr. Sharpton probably enters the system. You look him in the eyes probably not now most assistance can look at the guys and guys there is no dare do very disrespectful yeah exactly don't. Disrespectful to. Yeah but while Carlyle ladies on an alternative music fest this weekend type yen down to a CS. Sport could just feel the smoke in the air I know makes my head Fuzzy so it could very well be that abscess and of course all the smoke in the air failures is maybe he's drunk. Well there's all you know what does a lot of possibilities I don't think we're showing Allen now RE ST ICG I think we really need to do that. Otherwise we'll be disrespectful. And we don't wanna be that price it's still spells the end it's still crimes. Yes and rest of the song yet does right resident yes and just. All right I guess label does do the saved another dues life how did you at mile course will really help with a course like that's how I mean how. And tell you how this all happen he's got the news for enhancing seventeen are on the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9. K I guess W all. 99.9 KI SW rocks Seattle. Fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't. Any available this early in the morning this is news quiz teammates. They see guys they said. GM job for you ES news and sports man there's a lot of cool stuff happens they first saw the Abbey National radio day I'll. Carmona are. From the bottom of the dial. But it's also national bacon lovers and fool you our national cupcake day why boom and national lemonade day. I use a glass of lemonade. I'm maybe I'm taking some economics and the scenario that I just let's say when they re not done you have some blame days. All those and one day I know and and you have some days where nothing's going on national. Hug your sibling day. They can deserves their own day cupcakes yes lemonade radio already out there. There are within days. Everything's tied while we thank you you enjoyed coming days and they bacon and radio. Today my friend is your day. It was just somehow but I got to see it should be national or is flight day. The silver bullet came in big when it came to saving a man's life. This story is just insane so severe delivery drivers and Minnesota they were out doing their dank delivering beer to source and whenever. I now last Wednesday drove over and over past and they saw that a guy was standing on the bridge for an overpass up about to jump. OK I am so that the severe drivers Jason in Guam eight days ago. Crap man we should I talk to disguise. And they were able to stop shop there and over don't try to talk to him for a while talking for about an hour even after the cops got there and even continues at top of the guy. And apparently one got the guy come from. Also the legend and thin and you can sit and talk with the everybody was. Scores like they offered him a year that's fantastic. So we've got some audio Jason bombings Kwame taught in Brisbane and Guam also is a standup comic so in this clip. Hey he tell you how Denzel Washington inspired him to really keep these guys from jumping one and then invites him to wonder just how many shares. God help this guy he's good don't plug thought about. Denzel Washington. Acting and I can move. Oh my god why got to keep your guys entertain somehow. Because the highway from police say they revealed how 10 lead in Philly and I invited him I told them you need the last in my in my one of my comedy shows. Where there I'll make it's. And I mentioned beer and yes. Was able do you want this chorus slices the waves get misguided top Zemin sit down with the the police and also he's up your driver's. And engines or he's gonna talk more about that. Yeah I didn't certain. Okay do you wanna boyfriend. He's a magician Angela my. Didn't hardly. Newark sometimes. I didn't scores might not sign this guy out and other quarry brings his own soundtrack you know we've got to go everywhere you DJ producer yes pretty nice. Never know what's going to happen. NSA and they say you know they say are a lot of folks that who trump who actually might try to jump from the lows stay bridge. You know winning team when they survived Jason when they took that first step they say why I wish I should. You know solo and the idea that a lot of times it's just a moment it hits you. And if you can just get past that moment you realize I don't wanna do this and those guys really helped format. But of course like probably was the thing is since I lost here I mean I guess. Why not have a beer yeah mounds of fresh doesn't turn ten minutes is anything you can really get someone just you know get through them moments with those guys did come they're blue they're probably stresses while. Well afresh and move. Some cool stuff happening this week out with Alice in Chains as noted in plain Jane and address is Saturday were going to be awesome that's right receive tickets and come out and check out that show also won Friday's big release and there are new record. I don't bring your fog that's going to be pretty dang cold tonight at the Mariners game thousands and tonight we get. If he's innocent and said Julia allison's insured. He had copy in the record you can go free baseball game missing party of familiar fog record as well I and then tomorrow how about this man. Thousands did you play on top from the Space Needle. That's right we'll be the first day and never plan on top of their new flu. Revolving glass floor first 500 feet in the air. So that the cool thing about Jerry hearings. So plausible video that for us all to check out Imus in the Mariners aviation because while they lost again yesterday about twelve to one. Hi I think got pounded this laminated win one game but the games they lost they got pounded him or else eleven to one on Friday. And twelve to one yesterday today. It's what they won the game on Saturday night at five or ten but I wish him all we can win one run games and we can win extra inning games yeah but Jesus seems I was a regular game we RS kids. The good news get home. I'm Todd dresses sounder maybe the galaxy five mil. Singtel straight win over the weekend they aren't they are former first mariners here yeah get it all together dress around our house seems that he's new. Women's champ. All really that happens yeah I doubt that would stabilize sometime this summer Simon I was really and that's one of the big highlights from the pop culture world. Not a bad thing to him being all women need to be happy when your physical evolution. So what better way to have when you champions. You are under house she's going around moaning now. All like to talk shows not too bad. I CI slot pre season stuff so of course when he scored fourteen starters cool moments felt really sad to see what this offences and I shot nine reminiscent. Cold calls happening with the team and even Russell. Well stuff going on you know I don't know what's to become and his team because we heard rumors they wanna be running team room I don't know what they're doing. Just when you think you know the answer I don't know AJ is a question September 9 maybe possibly just nice to see how do you yesterday when your big wrestling match do you see it and then you can either win. While a long story short I was size for the rest my night last night in the emergency room Robinson never. And all the local people are proud. What an awesome stat that's I guess at all times so there's value all season at all. My knee out I don't know what happened to if I did I imagine you have some in Saddam's. He's good I'm Steve Mason is to grab and it's the most fluke thing Henderson land on the front of my foot landed flat footed. And my knee went backwards yeah that's not a good look how small pieces of hyper extension made don't memorize there's wolf night has a specialist plus. I mean I can tell you you user yeah I don't have much thank you BJ under specialists mausoleum game now finishing at some. Hey I lost. Always show a loss to Agassi for kids in the face. All you and the knee is out now so maybe she's up there isn't a bad guys hi guys we nicest she's James you really showed that. It's a Sox in a game the subject last samurai and the most fun night. Cracked up about like a hole like wrestling thing and sometimes amid everyone's all buddies come my golf course. The guy who do you need is a guy diving meets at a hospital glass half the police get there. I was directly yeah. And like when no one is to see us very bitter enemies. Like I say just need to get them. All mandatory time and I'm among the likely get the hang out and talk to a lot of listeners I came out last night. I apologize I live just had to go right after my match against my knees checked out. I'm just ask you why does a medium term reason take today off she that would give the day off. We do my dad I'm sorry Vijay and I tweaked my back I was thinking they and they are. Sounds my body DiMaggio physically impossible to get me home thanks bodies and we ended up hitting them by Jack in the Box for some dinner tonight is. It's awesome that's a nice stream my knee hurts and it's Jack. But I was gonna thank so much I don't really wanna get out of the car. Saul yeah and I'm glad about that Jack in the Box not a bad alternative. Either one works for me cause awesome as far as whether it is British reason Simon thank you cards always I can't do and ours is. What I perceive is your old self thanks all are how strong arm that. And can. And I got news for you nobody's these goals that way no how old you are. Now I say this is why does. Although all the buddies in the world RS I talked to like a lot of people checking up on me because incidents some ambulances one who is a did you sense he may just walking into a race. Faces a fluke saying. He just stepped wrong way and always on you need dozens or she wanted to know you just like direct. Let's just happens that's what happens when you're walking and unstable ground as you know your body your issue should that's what happens that's why it's really tough to walk on most unstable ground and situation room and that brings very bouncy. Now and that's section now I was kind of hoping it was an extra day music towards the ray so all our old Emerson there is no guests also that are kind of what also underdogs. And all gonna meet planting wrong. And not having any gives. Oh my knees hurting just it's just remembering that picture you is it your your show me of your knee going the wrong way it was awesome because when you go to the doctor doing what happened in my would you like to see a video and they shirt because there's a whole. That tells what happened that's other sponsors hoping for. The other you know what I never thought that you actually had a video to show exactly what you did so even now that his days ask any question seven point oh yeah it was great here's the video that's kind of stomach wait I'm. I'm elements one would like to see is just absolutely. Saying all yeah. While Selig OC specialists yeah see if you still alive problem alive and here are you sure how many assurances does this happen yeah I don't know. How this would be have every here Aaron Yahoo! movie trilogy and it feels like having this. I'll I'll I'll let you know so he really Angel on your shoulder I'd be the double stress. As distressed homeowners he's my Angel on my shoulder LES there is. Well you know what let's see if Steve's knee blowout how we got a very important guests earlier in the real question is what you get a Jack in the Box. Sourdough Jack of course yeah. Did you get breakfast anytime because we have one that's our new Jack that was a well Leon on this out of Jack they have a sour dough ball. Like her for the first look at what he did and now you can go for breast and river mine and I yes I've only done now remember it's I never thought of asking for and I I just never even knew then soured over its number three. Student I don't I saw the number one in my heart all. Both you know I seem I'm embarrassed I don't know the menu as well as you do. But yeah. All I have to try that I didn't know they had a sourdough Jack lighten Berger Omaha again every time I've heard that people said sorrow Jack I just assumed they were talking about breakfast thing. We have to breakfast Jack yeah. And sour now yeah but look today but it sourdough breakfast Jack I've had that's new that's our new Jack with particular incident OC eyeball when I had the sour dough breakfast Jack. That's right and everybody was talking about when it's in the sourdough Jack I didn't know it was a burger. Oh she should go more often yes talk us. No I think McCain a senator teriyaki bowl go 100 balls but. And happy and I want jazz bulls. And now manually wanna go to Jack gray now why now she your knee and is joined now. Yeah I I feel like I think we need him makes Steve feel better in order summoning store ordering a Jack in the Box for him and we might as well get some front strains. Steely theories inning gay guys are on the disaster Jeremy yeah tennis is straight and curly Fries coming straight to our side and Danny a little while now early rise in early in the when he start to members of course you guys are having fewer crazy heat. Oh wow 00. Somebody's trying to get Saddam now blocked at Texas we never hear nice long stretch real and here controls. I so was easy blowout maybe you have a shot with them SCSI on Friday he got this one wrong movie die another day what color the genie is highly bear anywhere in the iconic swimsuit scene drags now. Told no. Thank you know I guess it was an iconic scenes guys supposedly about that sour note Jeff. Orange. You're glad I was artist Jack yeah. You know seamlessly gonna sourdough Jackson he's got a knee blowout this is your shot and beat him 206421. Rocks. We'll play he makes it 647. On the rocks. 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