BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-21-18-7A: Looking back on it, I probably shouldn’t have done BLANK”.

Tuesday, August 21st

Beat MIgs. A guy went into a river full of hungry bears so that he could get a selfie. Luke warm topic. 

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This weekend ma'am it's here finally here Friday and Saturday pain in the grass the wiry and here. The line and his amazing thousands James players don't have. Call so many more great fans we want the full lineup you want tickets. Again it's Friday and Saturday when her pain in the grass OJ ISW. Dot com. Need me. And BE RA. And that's. Enter now for doctor low is. And turned over time goes into goes into an array back up OK fair now sorry Dan I'm I'm gonna have a Montana tunnels and why not what do you having having pizza today is okay as comfortable when I'm talk a pizza IOC they got a gal trying to compromise free money but at the beach you can. Kids who are just or some salsa on it until. Just a little but it's also got ties loosened so I don't know RNC go to yellow after okay. Is defending big key here. We've got to shape in the road take on Steve shape are you there. Flores. Car and every other show but he was blamed for today's Steve TSA a battle of the vote 117. KI SW dot com from the who's playing you know I'm sure they will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions and shame on you Grassley want but you'll only get three S is her question. Are you you're aiding the border. What was Ozzy Osborne's first single released as they solo artist. Told. How many seconds are and five men and yeah. Airplanes no it's. A three or better yet ask what company produces the RAZR flip phone. Motorola yeah as initially title of the Carly Simon song yours so why. So Britain's now it's. You've got to finish the title of Carly Simon song yours so why. You'll all know it's. In what country was the first coin operated slot machine invented. I don't know it's there's no it's. As what do beverage do you need to make an Arnold Paul murder. Yeah yeah. Yeah well as what do you call the force that attract somebody toward the center of the earth. As. One it's time for Iraq. I'm not too shabby now bring down the middle not sushi and we will see if Steve's doing average or below average or maybe. For us to say hello ask is yes yes well let's just read there look at he's hobbled on over to mr. Powell only game and it's looking better in the newest yesterday yesterday was rather. He looks like a very old person hobbling around. Talking about yeah oh yeah I just you know your legs and looking like January he rode a horse in the in their horses teach in the leg and you're trying to walk around and that's exactly what happened haren. Work every day every day little subtle you are out there my hours to come and I'm just I feel good reading accounts. Are you ready Steve. What was Ozzy Osborne's first single released as a solo artist whose market to move out. I'm crazy change yes I how many seconds are five minutes. A loss. Odds juice on its. 300 if you ask what company produced the RAZR flip phones. So songs Nokia now I don't know. And sometimes. Finished the title of the Carly Simon's song your so why Spain's gas in what country was the first point operated slot machine invented. Yes golf swings to every junior AC systems meanings which to beverages do you need to make an Arnold Palmer. You need. Iced teas. Romney now I see a nominee yet as what do you call the forced to detract somebody toward the center of the earth. It's all me ask you know the equator now absent. Wow who played Jessica Fletcher in the he's super heroes Angela Lansbury you ads once you 34567. New wins set in the slot and sorry. Well because Eliza body. Nearly one that you guys see that she may as well as the company produced the RAZR flip phone she got that one correct it's Motorola filed. Those four guys. And they get on the phone business quite well I mean. When you're just making flip phones and then suddenly I was Smartphones out there it is interesting thing when you get when you when you have a business using my business and be forever and then simulate apple comes along and Samsung and goes yes we got a house are really Smart and other pony express is going around for eighty years and then they got killed by the edge trains. Death well blockbuster video I was just thinking about that one last unless I can sort and organize you know where in Oregon and I think the Alaska on sun media and had a couple last and a shut down because I mean it's been the only demand you don't you Google does and onions in ME mercy Sorenson value and why you're indeed improve that you're over 21. And the person is a good idea never blockbuster. Video card top download the bouncers like your guys you don't need to know where America were those your over 21. Congratulations Steve you want with seven correct that's right caller number seven you are checking out Alamo once seventy you know going to see no color number 7206421. Rocked. And by the way Steve if you wanna make a John Daly U ads on taxes and the united CEO Bob does is the a spirit of choice get checked death. Hello that's. Socially useless phones you know because of course Sarah truckers and a trillion we boarded another one up somebody is still selling Eminem is on the dance upon the jazz she's gonna get her sister won its promises you shop on this 13 boxer but he had to say it's almost like crazy and he should be immediate and for thirty yeah. It almost half of single people in a new survey said it's becoming more socially sensible to use your phone on a date but pulling your phone out does still come with risks. Just I don't want you might think of 30% of people say they start dating someone if they had an older song like a slim song. All of Sharon's senior editor relationship DL you would be sisters while Abbas asked. I wonder if that's how you determine whether or not you wanna be would someone is there a phone. Justice Sandra Oh dude we still get this. There are people who are still either you're on the guy you're if you're either apple or your android and people still get angry about a white. You know with Sarah's on this somebody who had a snide remark about the fact well you'll you can just wait for God's will you be waterproof gear and 201 know who's been doing it. There's like dude I get a you're on team android sums on team highs on shut up 20% say if you don't have the same operating system is there's. They what you see you not able that's according to the survey how Saturdays people I know I did but yet I see the proof. All the time you talk about phones and so it's and it's usually the android people going to be chip on their shoulder because you know in America ever Manila's right phones. And it tried every nation and to make it look like iphones are not gonna not cool. And yet iphones sold success this country now all over the world I know android does well but he's really American Mirko. Because I get like mentally and no way and I saw him there on an iPhone is this I am trying to get your video or picture and went to high quality was and I can you had dropped it to me there's I know I want an iPhone subtle pitch. Lose I don't care. They just text into the enemy is sometimes in quality alkaline lays down oh I know that the air drop was the best way to get something and join the best quality drops you just Thomas some demand. I had no idea pool. Are coming handwriting I didn't tell me that mr. android and don't want to know lets us know how much you know both Schering. How about this and I my and I do think this way 10% of the people sick cracked screen is a major turnoff for your summation seem cheap some careless. When I see somebody and I I get a break I see it on their phones for the first time. And a month or two months later I see them and they saw that I tell them I can I get really judge why he's. I still edgy you know these are strong and I know I don't I I wish I had a good but I I I think the way people do I say why you're cheap go get the damn things fixed. But I know some people can afford to that still doesn't do me from judge them so I I mean I am like these people I'm part of a 10%. Socially crack strong. You know I think unless they are part of yesterday was that people were writing into the BJ made space in my day I have the slips on this there can use a honestly I. I had to write back tell them you know she wants us assists excellent Sohn an asterisk is frowned as to why don't know I LG can get sharks team and it's the only phone she ever wants her entire life what is what is so great about the LG she's she's just how does not want to prove we've learned. Sarah doesn't like change Steve's always. Once you open up his guns he Gloria. There's Smartphones now I ask you. I sound like my opinions iPhone has a keyboard Disney majority anymore you just press it ended just magically works here's the thing you can talk into it and onions and type anything. There are people that never liked the idea that you didn't have buttons you can push people really good and yet people just you know they would they like that tactile feeling. And they're being held there and people are tied. They really don't even need to look at the phone to type they can feel the bonds and other way around that's not something you do with a nice home I can. You can definitely tags and might not have to look at a and then look and then send collier and you don't have auto correct issues because sometimes there and I mean I type stuff and it's not what I wanted to do and I. I mean sometimes as a go back and change a word BSE serin and had to do that because that because it would feel on the phone she does it on. The numeric pad she can type like I'm Mo on this front side just Parse the numbers and get a read letters from those days she says she says she's a champ on that. Okay grandpa I know like I look I seem prominent touch screen or the box does sound effects. Because the box has buttons like you feel so I can go down and feel my way around. But on touch screen I can't it's the same thing when a car like I can drive and I can adjust my heat my old Hyundai I'm just by heat and its upstream. Now the touch screen UGU I you you gotta look at we treat your definitely taking your eyes off the road. You think Vicky play your generation. Is not EU you're actually losing out not being able to use of the parts your body to get stuff going while you can still keep your rising gaze elsewhere and don't get me wrong I love touching things. Gary LI II really think that is somebody has lost you know real it's on but Jesse's. Really I think it's I think it's I think it's a loss thing not being able to touch one touch. Yeah. It's not a jealous just this is excellent phone that she needs don't here's the concern. Everything has to stay the same for her entire life she likes no change at all that's why should leave the house she doesn't want things to change. This is and isn't something that is Europe sometimes it goes through a learning moment. Well yeah learn new phone now is lies and diesels sell two for thirty bus and let me say that wasn't the only LG on teams fall on Amazon. There's a there's a light at least ten of them on there she's so there's there's one person was a warehouse in light the light New Mexico or something is his winning I don't know I know Sarah's gonna dump another one in the second toilet just yeah yeah seriously gas hilarious. I am a question. Why would a guy intentionally go into a river full of hungry bears. I'll tell you about this December 17. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. And nine point nine KI SW derive from Seattle. There's a guy national park in Alaska early this month and he's winning to a restricted area. We're five. So the suicide on who remember Emerson we waited in their why well of course what else is he doing wants to get itself he with the bears. God yeah I'm looking at some video to them. Just messing around with fast yeah and now I'm not not first of the picture yeah. Now only pennies a day for men and about half men and a half taking those pictures while the bears are chomping on the salmon they can be easily just started coming down their job Miami's not in a way Carl. And he TCU get away from them he's not going to be able zoos so. Are deciding game in closer yes as a moron anyway don't you know hostage elect ground isn't in the water demon pieces I don't know it could be slippery yeah. And if these bears think they are kids and they got cubs anywhere narrow I can't tell there's cubs in there I look like it but it's a guy comes anywhere in the vicinity. Because they're getting salmon usually kids out there every night though who's this dude he must die. Sink itself in doo like the subject soldier assignment to bear mode genome that's enough that's never may just fine for me. So he didn't get mauled to death likely survive he got his cell feet. But enforcing his camera wasn't the only one that cost him the parks bear cam also good for you video of him in the river. And so he's Jimmy facing charges for going into the restricted area deregulation. CA and on that point that's Stalinism is an and the minute they got him to be like just a musician Adam I don't need to do you know say this. And oft. And a Woodward. I. Effect when you were there are now or do a very personal to you one of them like Steve and I Geisinger Barry now to an end date on current group. So Salomon's chief Ali has not CIA thought I was sent him but I won't presume there have been a few Telekom AG said damn now would be their approve now what a total moron. Yeah yeah that's said that's just that's just nuts man. So long and tough gig yeah so did you miss LC and the guy goes into a reversal of hungry bears yeah. So based on this flight a finish this sentence. Putting back on it I'd probably shouldn't have done blank. What dumb thing did you do that you probably should know. 206421 rock Texas 7799901. Did things did you do you probably shouldn't have. Tax call center audio slaves on Iraq. And they X mornings on the run and I mean nine point nine KI SW. Point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle and so this guy went into a river all of the hungry bears so that he could get a cell C based on this we lie you're finished his sentence. Welcome back got it I probably shouldn't have done blank what dumb things did you do the you probably shouldn't have. 206 Ford's one rock Texas 77999. Let's go to tremor and Lakewood Trevor you are on the rock. What's going on there are some germ would you us. So banking and Tony fifteen I went out to be Bhutto falls. And it was my hurts I'm never going out there and just. But the top there's kind of like it'll swimming pool area. And when you get towards the edge of the water holders may be a five foot drop down like it's a little wrench oh boy my soft slow beat a clear and sought side. OK I'll go down the penalty for slow me. And then I ended up slipping. And that's hell on earth stood still firefighters who got to me this cynical about seventy. 7070. Feet. Yeah 0:2. AM noon unions firefighters had to come geezer you're out of it. Why I actually fat. I don't really remember calling remember slipping. I think it's the next thing I remember is kind of I remember walking at the bottom and I attended the sound of rock to sit on. I don't know who. Yeah and the people are would think getting down Maine and I realize right away and in my head again sold. I put it how Lonnie and I was so full of adrenaline I was like we got to go. And so I started sprinting back up the hill. But both my lungs were partially collapsed like it's yeah basically about halfway of the yellow lights are. I couldn't breathe so I basically just had to sit there and wait for then the continent's. Ten news that's just not steady yelling and helicopters armed. They actually they were debating taking in the helicopter to harbor view by the stated term and that's keeping me in an ambulance would actually be able to give me your best serves. Put ourselves out there is on the on doctor write from personal voice. I know guys and I really wanted to helicopter I understand that I always Quaker state and helicopter resource. It's amazing it's amazing how the mind just the White House stuff you'd think it remember the false. He just doesn't go all walks yeah. Oh I know is it not how your body just goes okay slider slider and you're your doing stuff. No yeah I'm when I was in a car accident that's exactly right did and guided me on the freeway design turn and run across the freeway. Is that what you do and I got a daughter is away I'm stronger. He's like you're not going anywhere you've probably got a concussion moron. Criticized some seventeen getting my first had to afterwards and did the tattoo artist and you wanna see my tigers. A crisis she was she white tigers in cages so who once came close Obama and McCain to try and credit. You guys again I would not do that she thinks this isn't just trying to spread your guys don't pet the tiger from Gary Indiana yeah. I mean enough I wanna go see the tiger less and zoo I you know or some sanctuary I am not gonna go to some guy's house is gonna tiger. I'm like no idea how might tell. In the situation out yeah I'll look through the window yeah. Open the declines for new tires there when now this is due put his hand in there plus plus in high school there is as. Place in town called suicide jokes. And as the cool thing for everyone to get in high school the only kind of raced down and be as they thought it was like you know your stomach could drop this kind of like a roller coaster swears like college did school 1 morning and do you suicide or else. Well we did bad and we crashed car rolled over twice this year any area. I was trying ran into the guardrail. So it is you're in a car yeah we're in a car's going as fast as we possibly it is probably Sony's I'm miles an hour. And I know you're in the front seat backseat I was a frenzy and do them a seat belt on you didn't have you seen go on how low somehow I seed in the car I don't know how glad I did doctors rely how old guy I don't know who got an electrical box underwear and here's this you miss seeing like. You got Gomez who is ideally should television drives 75 miles are we had a suicide Alley. Karl Hankton it was firmly we were going to be immense spike solid shirts skateboards anything we use your card and it but it was a really steep valleys and you do that and typically it would not end well yeah no matter at all. And do you I never has so I I never know nobody's gonna roll over human roll over twice yet Arnold's place out my windows open at MIC don't mind 'cause I was being done. And yeah and my knees were script that was the only thing that happened because the weeds. As the car was rolling over in the weeds from morally Friesen in the car and prescribed so my knees that was all I didn't know zimbabweans from the Carl Lohren that's not so yeah. Cuts for the wind up suing. It's crazy. How do you know let's just talk about nine lives in like man how is that how does Denny's all us I don't I would Danny Ocean you know what I'm not gonna drive and anymore either. Sam possibly try to live tournament helicopters things are run by the says I am helicopter ar mad men and act outcomes ways. 100000 dollar bill in 90% of red medical insurance. Oh yeah I think me and he our old policy Assad derives from your whole life you. They're getting ninety grand if you get helicopter and I jazz so god how does how does he ever person supposed to do that and usually when your wreck you don't ask for value can even ask for it. You don't even know wanted to write DC ninety grand. That would just Rex somebody and I design and you know there's the health physicist irritates me it's a series history turned that the president announced that overlap one. I don't appoint a helicopter missing Iran now let me know if I die I die if I die so that's nice. Foot my you look at my that way my money goes my kids one and ninety grand going damn hospital examined their helicopter. Jose and I joke yeah. We don't worry you won't forget Dennis. He will not forget it a matter of fact he's unassuming news today show's host and Hoss army pulled the plug yankees that's fine I'll pull the plug there is okay now I need to pull plug anyway. Joseph Schwartz who are rock Texas 77999. For mrs. sense what dumb thing did you do that you probably shouldn't have. A couple of years back I decided it would be a really good idea to go to my old high school. In the middle and I aid in breaking into the football field. You know let me back problems and got her acting behind. Dalton everything for breaking into the school boy in the end result of you brings you into the football Jewish assets from the fifty yard line nobody doesn't sacks so. If I lost my virginity up on the schoolteachers. And couple years back they revamped the bleachers they yelling hello holdings in the field and I want is like a little piece of the bleachers and the diesel would delay our crowd. No I thought it via good ABS. And I finally had to jump over a fence climb under offensive there was like one of those portable things I don't know of anybody was in there that could. Could cut the kind of hobbies I climb under offend. And there was nothing left except rocks. Barack. These are by yourself this as you know it's your guy is too got my guy friends and they urged to be a candy to climb the fence like I came back when they were just about to climb the fence. The first offense chiefs actress criminal or there statute and then Didier get reaction now we're now it was about the action I got you know that's now concern you. And commemorate I know you raise me losing their virginity I wonder if you know if you if you'd asked the school is he gonna say hey when you get relive old bleachers saying I'm old piece of land because I'm. I just she's just sit there is my best moments of yesterday's stories carved incidental to be awesome she does decrease yeah that's that's what they'll do. Somebody Tyson ended Strauss helicopters for a gunshot wounds Tacoma 90000 dollars and nice prisons Arab medical only about 101000 obviously only only senators like a fight from average hard reviewed twelve grams. All right so where is the 90000 what the hell are people talking about. It's as easy to see crude trip patients and I mab that says hi I'm immune depends on how far they got to bring. That's just ridiculous money. 121000 dollars to get a helicopter debris from poignant point three Thomas for those water planes as she claims horse and ask item that is high dose exactly no one knows. I yeah hire that guy they did does the tours because say he's charged twelve grand not that I know of you know what I he primary I don't these charge and they weren't nearly as. Odxa in 9750 per passenger for twenty minutes scenic flight perfect I have. He had a heart 120 minutes chelios flight she got to take you to 121000 dollars and 97 per person I don't know math but I know a lot so he just Bloomberg. Major unions who returns if you offered the seat plane place and then take it harbor view I think this eight Charlotte landed up there right because they charge a plus for Daniel as soon. Did their mind in the times there and I don't we were in Chicago and the more hanging out with a bachelor party we needed to go to the ER this guy gonna play a glass smashed who stays true. The paramedics came and looked at and they said do you feel want to spill from the ambulance just go get a cab and go to the hospital couple blocks away. So that's a lead and we all piled into the cab the guy still Leyland that can be kept our return the bloody series I yeah. That's impressive if you feel very polite and do just just take a cab. That is messed up. I don't know this team is something happened Michael Jackson's thriller album no longer the bestselling album of all time. I trap any fighting game yeah. What's the best selling record now you're not going to get a lot of phones and unlike him outside at 747. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought here by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost fusion with my office we we do flashy it includes all your court costs firings these credit counseling credit reports. 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