BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-12-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, September 12th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Alex Trebek returned to Jeopardy with a beard. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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Well then we've got the snap back after used to rock shops. Featured item the giants a new video Jack. Oh yeah check yourself man's got like I said the snapped back. Nice black cat with the old school rock logo on the front I had no problems no no problem. Size and bad like beetlejuice fight problems like I only know what he has the stuff. I feel lord. This is we look ahead and you need to get it now KI SW dot com. Mean yeah. Games on. Her and why am I. Yeah since he was mr. whacky this morning there was a lack yeah gaffe he had read was dry red they had no stats in his right you suck in the morning I had the stats from yesterday. Yeah and I mean it showed that once exercise you're only as good as your last games. He's now especially Al losing streak he's on a two day losing streak for the resolution yesterday at this time no you do not know all eyes are more and you knew this good this morning testimony you get right now we're ascend. Did yeah but. You know we're going ministry itself. He's the preteen I'm counting times in the morning streets as you usually get better later in the more on that now there is yes to no it doesn't matter one Dallas time yesterday. I was tell ya okay no worries whatsoever. There away. Steve's gonna lose that's the important O'Leary go see if the man that is going to play him can make that happen we got Hoffman Tacoma crack top breeders that are. And out so we have we had him and beat him this morning earlier we got to Tom and Tom Simmons commentary US Steve who what he played parties Steve apparent third row tickets to see John and I cards hello would Cheap Trick and as the Washington state fair on September 19. OK I SW dot com probably need if you want to take it. Get a match the affair dot com on Monday it was just throw out yesterday was forced throw him today his third. I know how you say tomorrow Simon's right that's right okay and our guys out as her attended by Friday. You can be a close and personal wow. Who nine days. Our Steve out of here. For those players don't Tom will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Tom Grassley wants but you'll only get three guesses for questions. Are you ready. Yeah what holiday do Americans celebrate on the third Monday in January. It's. Just touching. Didn't. Homes. It's what does he capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. Do you know I'm. Tax what is the name of V theme park owned by Dolly Parton. Our William Jefferson why they're the third is the birthday of which president. Williams. And Thomas Jefferson's no. Overly taxed now. Tasks to which Roy Orbison song and Palin remains in 1982. It's. There's. Games and ask him what twelve known socialite popularized the phrase that's hot. And it's hysterical. As piers Morgan and David Hasselhoff both judges on what TV show. It isn't. Ads and Tom. Drops to do so. For the deuce yes. She struggled some and guzzle their beer and sort of look at the cause so I think Tom has his work. Again I mean strange things happen stranger things have happened. But probably not stay there if you Stevie a.'s Steve are you ready little. What holiday do Americans celebrate on the third Monday in January. Memorial Day now. On Monday on Labor Day no god. President's Day to know what is minding your idea of some objection what is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta Calgary now. I held off I want to know. Please send. What is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. Edmonton to ask what is the name of the theme park owned by Dolly Parton. Land. I don't Bollywood yeah as. William Jefferson's why that's absurd is the name of which President Bill Clinton to ask. When Roy Orbison song didn't and Palin really 182 Israel loads which is well known social life popularized the phrase that. I called my girls are soul is dead that's. Piers Morgan and David how. Hasselhoff have both things judges on what TV show. America's Got Talent yet as cheese before his death in 77 Ronnie and Sam was these lead singer of what bands and tossed it. Leonard Skinner as. 4567. And you know seven. Duke's yes sorry about that. In last. Tom was not as good as Tim it's no he was and I don't know let's. Yeah. As you go grill me Tom did not really perform very well I did go yeah Steve's the world's greatest NB may stand right now I think I think somebody who didn't. While they didn't BJ and that's where it all boils down to exactly fuel when you did miss that you got to you've figured out was MLK junior day yeah so Cramer C yeah. Well Memorial Day in the Labor Day. Just you just story holidays about free markets has announced on things are just as I was thinking hmm didn't translate into next dollar questions you know there was too that he did not get all -- are and I -- one OK Alec and ask are they knew they don't got no one got 21 ball and a great and I usually don't do and that's exactly and now those will be bonuses on the online game at Texas this evening Steve's game early in the morning defenses away game and later that's his own game yeah I guess the street I was referring to his last two early games in a row I believe yes exactly yeah so that's what I that's right get my songs early in the morning malaria he wakes up he's okay but today -- cup of coffee and then everything -- start working ally did. Congratulations Steve you went with seven correct caller seven guess why you're getting those certain road tickets and check out Joan Jett and the black Chrysler with Cheap Trick. That's why she sits there on September 19 doesn't get tickets call now to 06421. Rock caller number seven's. The survey asked people hey if they could date someone who was a fan of their rivals sports team. How would it be Soria. Turns out. It's actually a bigger deal breaker for women than men. Czar. I think this is in general I semen but I feel like sometimes you ladies are a little bit more arms. Out of their minds and comes to trash talking gas tank missiles to die over the top and sometimes like me blacks from my experience is blunt and gone on schemes most of the fight started our section because soon person's girlfriend who is beaten just nonstop trash talking opposing teams and and then that person got into don't with a boyfriend because there weren't any given to with a girlfriend and yeah dissolved falls apart now and friends is just a small. Sampling but I see see that too much I see even a social media sometimes whereas psych. It just shelved. It's just sports. Anecdotally I don't understand what it is tonight. Hi when women have got involved in men's activities and Mino I I'm old enough that sports used to be primarily a man's activity but now of course you know it's. And 2018 you guys as many white men or women who'll love it. But I I've also seen in the world of exotic dancing IC will mingle. For AZ like do things. And I NN as strip show that because guys just know you don't do know we just embrace Hamas supports a strippers but doesn't sound like things when you think DJ like I hate. Does it should areas sports is strippers and men usually they'll was doing and how women do both well that's pretty much. NIC women act like idiots in both things it's like we're doing even I never entered into a maelstrom close I was yeah I guy I don't based on the movie bachelor party yeah. Hi I have seen some women just I mean their minds and I'm just like OK numbers that rival sports teams it's awesome because a human that's for sexual favors and who wins I dad's. I don't my dad my best for an easy Packers fan and her husband is aimed Seahawks fan and they just the trash talking that family's amazing that everyone else is the author and she's the only weird when that's the Packers fan and it works labor. I'm fine I'm yeah trash talking and saw Zach does sometimes people take it too seriously although she does get a roll outs and when the Packers don't do well. Yeah I mean well I've seen a lot of guys in a sense of energy listens well examine and they're bringing their TVs and stuff. Did you were similar to say they couldn't date someone who's a fan of the team they hate only 15% of men had an issue with a majority of men and women horse forest and Stiller cool when prices are Panthers fan my girlfriend's a penny at patriots fan but she blanks like the trucks off forgive her for Brady isms. Well like she blanks like to try and a trustee that. Brian's beyond real worried yes he does yeah but I sure. I didn't know trucks were actually. Yeah it's okay not to think about that for a second I will say I've always. Into the Dallas Cowboys because my Stanley growing up was he is huge and then so my ex wife she was a Dallas Cowboys fan and I could not. Honesty and Sundays because all she would wanna watch an army and you have a team that's an island to New Mexico so you just hate it because I like cowboy yeah I just hated the cowboys because it was always like you have to watch this when I was a kid is our policy root out yeah yeah. Barbara sociologist an emeritus 49ers San and in the end of almost twenty years harshest on the ASU and we got together I was just happy to be with a sickle like watching football. I know me and my wife for some reason who was born and raised in Boston and had no affiliation with the New York Yankees. Just decided to like the Yankees because I was such a Red Sox fan I think she did it is not a 100% she did pan am site and yet that's not really stand at that point if you just do it pissed me off and you'll really like a. Part of why I picked New Jersey Devils and I'm gonna cause obviously I gripping New York so you would think it's always either the islanders in the New York Rangers plus when I was growing up watching hockey. Those are the way better teams they were. Head and shoulders especially honors at the time there's a dominant force or dynasty and I went with the doubles because all of my friends were islanders and Rangers fans and I just want to (%expletive) them off by rooting for a different team okay Dave I jokers I think the worst team in the lead to serious Tamils are terrible and then eventually got the last laugh because they became. Their own version of a dynasty as professor isn't so I guess you'd like you do exist you just don't just as below troll. I also think maturities because of players are named Steve so I really had a weird way of thinking. Yeah and my wife actually did end up what they like really liking the team and falling NN and have a lot of resources of the players is of course how difficult was that to do they were championship teams and she's out of my comfort her stomach through my wife's husky I don't mind them doggy style tea. But shouldn't have that here I don't know how you can avoid dad because here in western Washington you've got just as many cooled since it feels you do dog fans so that's gonna happen I mean it's. It's certain that unholy alliance you know is gonna happen is you're growing number matter who you love. You know at some point I'm probably gonna have to marry somebody from the other side is gonna happen this is a good ones. As a Boston Bruins and there's no way I can gave a Montreal Canadians asks. This is so funny I got a buddy of mine and the only time we ever get faster and he's there and he was in Canada and he is perhaps and then of course some of these sand and it's the same thing Mandy but you know instill good natured fun. Mitchell one of us will ever ever once we acquiesce like no UT sucks and always Osaka. A severe hit every I think it's maybe nowadays is not as crazy I think we severe I think it was before when there was a time when players stayed with the team fur. For you my entire career where a player was loyal to the team. I think people or maybe even more loyal to the team as well be it's kind of like you follow without prior and he stays in the teams have been in the passions even stronger. There was a time where I think sites would start between Canadian insurance ASEAN it was. Really bad it was suffer Roger Clemens and just went back to assembly party to a charity events him and he like it was kind of cool that somebody got to basically did on had taking batting practice and Roger Clemens a trumpet just unit went to their local charity. And Sosa so no I. Is that it's like do you understand he's coming back to raise my people want to charities which is really cool thing is and I don't you hate Roger Clemens there's still people out there played she said as they. Guy goes back to raise money for charity and if people don't know community I had to. How the community so there are those hardcore people out there and it's because he went to play and Clemens left the Red Sox want to play for their for the Yankees and that's one reason. Yeah I wouldn't care. Everybody in my wife Susan Jesus she she retreated teams you know incisive Seahawks obviously and Huskies because she went there. And I mean that's the only time I see you're actually get a little rival like trash talking is a husky Krueger stuff yeah. Because you know other people and our families that are cougars so it's always fun when apple cup comes amidst a playful or something like you are severely angry at each. Well think about it when it comes to well you know religious heritage sports that's six yeah I mean because baseball football and at pro football police thought. Relatively new to this area really when you're talking about Leno less than fifty years whereas of course Huskies and codes have been around for how long. I don't have a problem with a guy like even if you're the patriots and I draw glad that the games but I wouldn't like not the image I liked him. But I think when the image he was like that I'm not she is like she earned the top fan because those are just like the most unattractive people here now. On like I games are at parties like comedy. I'm that he that was me in my younger days I was hanging. I was specimen was came to baseball 'cause I Don January. Oh you don't. Yeah not as much is not known as close as you now now pirating I don't know I think men Fuentes says Imus I understand there's no way I can do it timbers and he's already that's starting announced that I mean it's a nuisance it's relatively new rivalry two great rivalry yeah I mean eyewitness stamina when they and so there's nothing I would deeds has risen every shot you are diehards understands and I -- founders I'm not a diet I'm not young from a fan of the team because there are home to your money you soccer fans but we went hung on this week and -- party with these great issues at once had a great time they're giving us free drinks and the Key Arena. And then that look. Ted and and Johnny realized during timber shirts Fo material we need to leave. Sampras and relieving and I'm dresses you know Bernie's numbers from ordinary because that's that's a show how my molding young good. Cooling units for drinks screwed I'm screwed December consumer there's good news. Yeah for their fists yeah sorry there was there was even playful like let's get out of this week now before things get weird. A place already weird I'm dress is birdie you're just thirty days to Obama I. What more we can and G that's hard course foreseen right there out. It is cyber losers on the list you pick a topic you. I did show. To us exports to Iraq Texas 77999. Whatever you wanna talk about you get to run this joint. Joseph sees Ford to a rock Texas 77999. He calls texts that 917. On Iraq. And aches mornings. On the run and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW derive from Seattle and listeners on the news Bryant do you buy this change company. Listen some of those where you pick that topic and you guys can show. 206421 rock Texas and 77999. But everyone I talk about something new something old but do remember Steve does emerald princess and energy and very otherwise. And say goodbye borrowings from him to a 6421 rock Texas 77999. Possibly just ice and a red did you see your boy ouster back has a beard now. Law I have heard rumors of this but I have yet to see a picture of him his beard. And the panda panda panda panda panda. Penned. Yeah I guess is he loses this week is when he started with a he's back and yeah Alice went all look at him as a beard Erie is talking about it. They are doing wire how I spend my summer vacation. Because so many of you people ask about it I decided to really grow my mustache but as you can see. Things got a little out of hand these players subtracting friends. Whether I keep it or not. Depends on news or go to our jeopardy FaceBook or instead Rampage is flawed and let us know how do you feel hopefully it won't be a distraction for our players. He looks like Santana like I like get ideals that there was a beer and I wrote nice I am doing yeah I don't know he's got to have a mustache man that's the iconic thing for him I guess my decision forever and music. Mostly the most interesting man in the world. I'm too sexy for my shirt. So I think it hurts. He is a great look and seventy something year old do I gotta do indoors he almost eighty you know I'm a little drunk. And I need you now. Yells at the age gosh America I think he's he's obstacles 88 Sony aids task he looks amazing for 78 years old in the beer basin look better maybe it's 3 AM. I must be only the that's what this sets I hear it. Does. They do a great job on jeopardy you haven't read all those crazy lyrics out and also with a mustache controversy they're gone within he's playing along he's fantastic. I want my baby back baby back baby back ribs. I think it's great I think he's too great answers. Ali is going to be a sad day when Alastair records on a host of jeopardy. Following every season bummer man well they did a recent interviewers talked about it he thinks this might be his last surround the last contract at this point for me for that and wheel of fortune they just need to make them holograms. Just make ouster back a hologram makes patent ban on holograms and let him go through the motions they can do it just fine. I thought the same dude I really thought what Bob Barker was gone from price is right we did you drew could not to a good enough job but now you know what Drew Carey I'm so used to him price is right let. I feel like there's somebody else did it I'm just I'm sure he's trying to added but I don't watch the price is right Sarah Sarah's a thumbs up she loves drug price is right she's a barker writes she remembers back and they're barker right yeah I don't know as they call them but that's my goal early July watch him every day when I'm working out. Did you watch Bob Barker and then all the time Nancy Redd I think I think you got to give the new guy chancellor might be for both wheel and for Jabber now holograms on the technology is there oh man. I just had to get a good impression impressionist and apparently it. Technical sources on the loose you think it's obvious you guys showed two policies towards one rock Texas is 77999. Again so. Early retirement a growing how did that have where he got to build user and around a place on the rainbow barn guerrillas Hollywood's iconic place for a bunch of metal heads have been over the years and he was drinking rampant 330 dot three dollar tempo and amount of 333 dollars off pit bill 130 dollars and also wanted to tenacity equaled 666666. Metal like that that's awesome so it's cold thing given nice tip to somebody in and we're talking about the in this text from somebody just says what a waste of money. Aren't there any food banks and mr. Rolle can donate to a senate leaving a huge tip in a dinky a drinking Dennis evil. I drinking do and none of Ebola I did you do what century are we end I just fell and I hope he's being funny if he's being funny did not get on your first for making me upsets and aggressively got to put some sort of promote young America you can't tell all. I just don't get it I don't care what people get mad at somebody for doing anything like it's his money and if you want to do that it's always said. Why need give money to charity and say hey why you do your research. Dave grows donated our region tens of thousands and thousand maybe close to a million dollars of a Monday. Tim Darius charged a lot of ones that involve kids and kids with cancer. And we need to go online do go quick cool surge will see that Dave Grohl is one of the most charitable rock stars out there. So if you want to drop 333 bucks to give it to somebody because he thinks it's funny and sought and also a deadline some pocket as somebody asked are you struggling to pay their bills. Why why you gotta be that way. You know it's really it is interesting because. The person that's tending bar that's 333 dollar tip. It's probably huge for them Tyrod given to charity that's exactly what he did he doesn't drink in Denham you will be Jack I believe the drinking Genevieve a look there are people that have jobs at a bar. And they're selling a product that is legally be sold and it's really and it consumed responsibly really helps some a lot of people. And the people that make it that people with this sort of it'll be benefited by what he did it. That I eight S innings I was against me let him do whatever he wants to do with the money that he earned. Plus like when something good happy ending you wanna share that did this was somebody else and you put them in a good spot they are probably more likely to have laid share the happiness either whether it's giving someone else for tip war. Just brighten someone else is gay so kind of just revolves into the snowball of good news. Why can't we you know ask. We have to figure out ways to marry him think about this facade is somebody drives a Lexus SUV in Q also what happened there they paid it's already gave me an hook me up with my Starbucks the other day. Nice solid and I look how cycles trying to track him down on the road now because there remove an enemy unlike trying to get maximum wave at them. Different does another job and I was like trying to say thank you. And you didn't did you do for the guy behind you and I see no of course not yet come into play or even ask that dog Taylor what do they ordered all things are a bunch of people. My nine arm purchased themselves and then becomes twenty dollars now that's ridiculous you can't have that. What advice was to be obligated then pay it forward and activities are yeah well you know why you gotta pay import now somebody's got to stop at some point. Announcing a German senior castroneves I gotta keep going man. The money because I'd done it before just randomly because there's another NB kind of finally Jones and a neon upon mood but I've never done it. I immediately at this Onassis for me I got by an impact recently believed. Know back to a little busy this someplace just to buybacks. Like they won't just give them back with you grow shoe lovers are all know she's a junior tennis you know without backup. That's at forest definition of what coordinated I think a five cents to grocery Battier bot form because I I forgot that I didn't know I had to pay for and I was Arianna I think Dorsey is valueless for the bags are and I don't. And a guy but I think the guy did it's because I'm not gonna have you'll be open longer on paper stupid bag but he was late alzheimer's bagged. Nice of him but I think it was just a story by someone else's baggage and know what I did is I would. I put supported eight I still sort bags made any I'd hate it backwards. So is is it ever since this Celsius or not the one receiving the tip if I something good happen to them and that they be more than happy to receive it. Of course yeah by the way not every charity. Is a great charity they're like you got to do your homework on charities like talk about Dana Beatles there are some cherries out there now complete did and other evils so. I love how people just don't open their stupid mouths and their miserable and that person that's taxing must be miserable or they're joking when as a meridia since all sorts it didn't seem that way though I agree with you today because again you've got to put a little something that we tear something and there's so we know you're being sarcastic some news. Angry about everything guess decade girl. And I wondered what your daylight but you got pissed off all the time he I don't crappy lies they give a bad name doesn't want to give me your Genevieve bowl is usually somebody that's on an extremist religious group and gives a bad name to anybody who's actually just a cool Christian you know I mean for crying out loud shout out. Farmers is that bad dad paced or was only for hours and and Steve came inches and it cost from Crist. I wouldn't be surprised to allow you broke the chains and expressing and thank me they don't worry about doing it to the person behind them. I always Alan it is out of paying it or not they're not paying if I spin manner the other guys they still had a pasty whether affordable themselves they pay to present a data before they still able what did you cars behind me dal person got a hundred dollar order. Because there was go to Starbucks a dollar order. See the prices and I agree that you can take it to figure order no doubt about it behind you figure sometimes I agree with that at a I isn't moralist is a lose 206 Fords. One rock Texas 77999. Morgan calls mortgage exposure to what you get convicted toppings you get to guide to show its aid workers doesn't 933. On Iraq. And they expect more news on the tour and 99.9 KI SW. I point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle is listeners on to lose you because I'm begging you guys to go. What's gonna come dog until land unto god you are on the rocks. Good morning guys you know a bad Saddam which some things. Well back in 1978 that are girlfriend Angie to die hard raiders fan I'm a die hard Shia generally made a bet it's funny game. Tibet or democracy arsenal want to hear her friend heard the demonstrations all very young kids. And fortunately for me this year are shall I mean it happened. So good curry dish. Wow all sued girl the other girl in the third member of this parties she was in on the back to a course that. You would coordinate. What would happen if you lost. I get what they share so much I hate mushrooms and there's there's they got a place down the sound guy who had three big mushroom is better on an a whenever he's one of those. Wow what a Y one rotten deal for her and a sociologist and see you saw first. So bizarre like thirty million dollars to be something that I'd. And where you get pleasure if you win and she gets to see you miserable if you lose message Tuesday here all initiate. It was pretty strong attempt climate unfortunately. She won that game in and we went that night and just had a great time served for five hours. You paid out diet pop it was a good bad America's 78 I don't think the Seahawks and good simply where they. Another orbit actually no wonder I wonder what's great I don't know that's similar sort Tibet so would you say that downwind by the C Johnson is better aren't equal level as winning Super Bowl 48. All I was you know I would say it better begin I got demonstrations and sauces. So often. Who don't you and agro how soon after were you guys bus and I'm like enemies and how to run their relation lesson month. Then last night air force fighter luncheon and then you know she moved on to other things which I was Calipso is okay those 25 years old and there was no regularly utilize so no big deal. It's you know I'll make you happy you guys in late July and so the other girl was UCL generators sands. Mean their procedures right action CLU. Was up to that reason that's so great credit management is back that's pretty good bad bad. In 1978 seahawk season is actually their first franchise winning season from Indiana they had anyone nine games and 78 yep. Oh yeah there's third season in the NFL I'm thinking sorry I was in his second season their third season okay. Fantasist. When any credit I love that they be paid off that night and I did so that girl was on the retainer. Just waiting for the call. She secretly wanted to do yeah I think you're right and he's. Oh yeah yeah yeah I do not OK I can see Kenny Emma Sherman will have the trees on the fairway and that's the funniest part is that if you lost. Tell you said he is a mushroom yeah. Which finally batter fried mushrooms I'd be almost a little bit upset that I didn't I think they're going to be your Goosen joining mushrooms a limo that he has ever on yeah if you really hate something I've good friend of mine he's taxables and soul is named Ralph. And and I hope what we do is we even give him up and we'll make him eat vegetables accord giving him rock C. He is still miserable and unhappy in cursing and Al it is the funniest things you'd like Sewell do you. I love it when adults are still have my kids' tastes. How a couple of dance in my father in law was that way hate he didn't want anything that wasn't steak potatoes and and candy I was is that okay. And good diet I eerie I don't know what alien while it was always funny and a great time always a little alcohol cigarettes and answer some really was an amazing I was the cigarettes are being sounds great. Yeah so this is on the loose you pick a topic you guy and he showed 206421. Rock Texas 77999. I guess in March I saw the home page forwards and our prisons is due living in the grand drawl thigh area and Islamabad that he pays it forward all the time you sound like an unwritten arguments place. I love living there. Another person says I worked at Starbucks pays for our pain in the ass to keep track of who's got what. All he's got a blast doing it. Fairness to our fine employees at Starbucks policy you don't want Yasser that I I can see that you're you're just so you know you're just thinking and the other people's noses and I hate when people do distinctive taste horrid things and they say do you wanna keep it going I say no but thanks hello well make yourself a better another way. I don't. Like that that happen that's awesome no. There until the didn't that the device you go to this site go to they never have pulled beats you wanna keep it on the descended IBI agents are guys ready to debate followers now we know why it is a pain in the neck loosely kind of go why you think you've gone and oh yeah I guy period for your opinions zones and an enemy best interests around in my Coles thanks yeah I'll see you may ask during my copy so you really want to do something good that's from here for a new basis and I'm not paying it forward at all times keep it right here. You were mentioning earlier how when you win to can't find decent place it wasn't nearly as exciting as you thought it would be peace in the television show behalf. So awesome he says that the real it's bar cheers is disappointing that it was nothing like that show yes we are now small and cramped the real cheers bar is. He had so true they did recreated there's. I believe they re created may actually have made shears based Monday was his chairs aren't as it was called bull and finch pub in Boston's Irish theories that's sort of based off of gas so they did amateurs and annual all right Danny CIA and that you know looks a little bit better for the you know if you're but it's not the original idea but we went through cheers of the bar code cheers and then there's only dropping one into coma I believe and I went there thinking oh we're gonna walk ins and I kind of have that to subdue bar and it wasn't no are just a bar there trying to daily say Hastings. And I now they did know his name out there and there wasn't in any norm in the corner on us is very disappointing capacity every meal is like bringing cliff because an odd note all guy with a masters accent that would remain gas. Nice blisters on the loose you pick that topic you guys to show but now it's time. To answer every question. Punter Ryan castle. And Bill Murray have in common what does he do something. He signed up and I'm 49. On around. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. He ground game yardage. Ryan castle. And Bill Murray having comment I've been doing gust of one. Also let's backward before. Yes all right there you go well person sister receives is seriously and both of them are then well he's not a very nice man from what I understand. I don't need balls for strikes. After an actress so both from the start crossing the streams there. And it doesn't address twice in my study. All the oh do my mom was. Positive one for Ryan castle as it happens every now again you don't have bank can see that's pretty positive I know but I. Well Bill Murray is no mere children random places not uncommon here must know how we watch the house parties crashing weddings just hanging out people you remember before you out. Some guy decided to make a movie about this phenomenon is called the Bill Murray stories life's lessons learned from the mythical man. We spoke to people actually witnessed this insanity and got great footage of village party's plank you find more and it's going to be a movie. It sounds awesome actually limited release. I'm October 26 video on demand as well. I think I watch miracle commercial from my heart yeah. They're right whining in my bag all right Shas is gonna party you're on my additional agreements compact. In case. Everybody's as a member will Maloney she played and we are doing the stage introductions and it was a we did anybody at this stage yet and already logged on to see you people is the dogs on all these girls someone everybody's shoulders and then there's just flashing eyes and we're not we're not even the man who doesn't love you can't. Jay congratulations Steve why. I mean I mean Steve Mike Mike's always in the the greatest job I've ever had. Inmates. Nine point nine KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney teachers and the question molester if I filed for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous. Going to court is never something we. Something this easy do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only after 101 hearing at the courthouse. Ourselves either way Q and when you go to court it's not only for the judges actually was the trustee. Or trustees attorney. Wanted to do one of the things this. It's critical that bankruptcy is if you give your attorney and record all America all your information. This all your assets and all of your creditors central were trading for their discharges your truth and honesty and disclosure your assets and liabilities. And sort of court hearings this just usually about a five minute deal where you show us and then we firmly and squarely at all the information you're given record New Year's earnings. Flash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime Ted choose the right chapter dot com. That's just choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.