BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-13-17-7A: The most adventurous place I have gotten-it-on is BLANK”.

Wednesday, September 13th

Beat Migs. There is a new list of the most adventurous places people have had sex. Luke warm topic. 


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I'm nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle Steve might be a little busy on the weekend of the plea for stories seconds on the continent okay G two's coming back on me there's you know I'm following all really are there's truly a place so what do we have a great fun and then you're there all right anyway we I'll write mail watching drones for awhile food hot drone action they got a whole new design race course. Over high drone maybe. Some hot roads coming out Jennifer moos. Do 151000 square feet high speed action feel aides Jack flash your store and raising one a lot of fun to watch I didn't realize you go to fast and drone that was our. Plus you play any experience more than 25 luckily it's come creating games and are any zone. Please don't always sorry I'm I'm I'm still behind these don't play once again gives you all axis of play everything and it's a great value tickets are just thirty bucks and for a limited time get into day GA to get past. For just 45 plus she wanted to give you want the info. Go to GE two dot live that's GE the letter G the letter 20. Dot lives. Mean. Though we. And when they don't let. I came into bed why can't Steve. Are you radio waxed black yes are you ready to what I'm not game waxes. There is worried about that you thought I didn't really Iowa and the blazers on sunlight hit a million attacks that might that mean motivational speeches and textures and bruises don't forget Steve cheat to win don't lose focus on the imagine taken in in the face how horrible that would be. Wow okay well I didn't tagging you in the face. That an inspirational sir I'm ready to listen today if you're watching dancing and whose face is Melissa and I happen and I can get in this case. Arianna while well into our contestant to see if he can wacky is Steve we've got Chris in Seattle Chris there's services. That's just what he played forty Macy's copy will take isn't a meal ready Clearwater casino resort on September 21 and go to KI SW dot com for all the details of the joints and on top evil you can get your tickets now. I Clearwater casino dot com Aristide is back. Yeah. Those playing at home Chris will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Chris you can pass all you want the joy only get three S is her question are you ready. I am anywhere in pulp fiction Neil wallet that in pulp fiction parent Wallace had to be revived when she overdosed on why it's. Yes new Labor Day is number in Spanish it's. I'm gas unsigned felt what your game do Newman and Kramer play on the subway. Monopoly is no. What is the first name of the title character in the film Julie and her. Yes what's fruit is they Shirley Temple drinks typically garnished when asked. Yet as the Swiss flags features they white cross on what color backgrounds it's cool to know. Yet as Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher starred in the movie what happens in aware. I ask what does he may material used to make car tires. Yeah as Adam Levine is the lead vocalist for what may. Yet as Amy Adams played which role in the Superman film man of steel. And ask unsigned until what fourth game do you know many Kramer play on the subway. I ripped gas and that's a perfect. As I'm relations. Christie get blacked I totally forgot that ever so mad I laughed at I would have never guess wrist they've played risk in some ways tried to players on the subway had a Sunday interaction with Ukrainian man all man and I got you know I might be time really wants those are those episodes I might have forgotten Wal-Mart now do you there's so many of them there's so many things I'd like references that don't people come up with Mike I don't get that is a different cycles and I don't Gupta things. Might be guy you know I have this summer's TV on the ground Simon yeah John I know you guys are inside vice shows you got a bunch of other things you got to watch and you're ready to play you don't have time I got time Manning yeah. Steve are you ready. And in pulp fiction Neil Wallace had to be revived when she overdosed on his watch heroines yet as new wave atheism what's the number in Spanish. Nine yes and so I don't what board game do Newman and Kramer play on the subway. Doctor now yeah travel to know. Trivial Pursuit now what is your first name of the title character in the film zoom out there aren't no terror errands yes. Fruit is they Shirley Temple drinks typically garnish when asked cherry as the Swiss flag teachers and white cross on what color background threads yes. Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher star in the movie what happens and where remains yes you asked what does he may natural material used to make car tires Dropbox. She yes got Adam Levine is the lead vocalist and butterflies yes. Amy Adams played which role he's Superman film man of steel it's icy claim Lois. No no voice to. Gill is happy to know lowest. It's low blow is now low. Can you give me correct which is able lost. Perfect. And you guys know relations Chris you're a big winner an alignment friends. It's still not there at its aims. Yeah I imagine taking the case. I did you don't have to imagine it right and left side chats. Unfortunate Amy Adams played Lois Lane the most annoying little and I really want I'll stay when Lois and then I threw in a stupid. So I was contemplating these are no last names and and am I don't know we'll explain how thanks forget that an aggressive the board game ended up being at risk. I would never got that either and I watch I told red white and so what you signs on the I think I forget pretty much every episode now. I think I'm. British or watched every episode signs on I don't remember that gas on the continue to bust when via about it it's really it's really entertaining because they're playing at all over the place in Cramer likes his banging on signs held stored to get it open with a bat was and because he's holding the entire board. Just trying to interior on the scene with a million pieces on it it's awesome status I you know outside and it's it has to be at least twenty years ago I think since I really watched a bunch of signs all the episodes. At least twenty years so I'm back to you if you forget you'll just forget stopgap. That was the last viewing party ever attended his assign cell finale really and your imparted a six of us we went over my buddy Ryan's house and we watched you last episode assigned felt that was the last hundred tons of them like that. The last time we had a viewing party freezing was demons rounds the day after our my wedding. Okay as we had a sweet ad that had the Golden Nugget and so we had to HBO's the daily news invited anyone who want to show they are not like coming obviously sporting events or entertainment but because our show this legacy Comcast. Did you ever at a viewing party no no no I don't think I have to video viewing party and I don't think I have either except for sport event I don't think I've actually what we know Ben to a and leading the sporting event and wrestling over and over hair clubs yeah otherwise yeah I I kind of anything that I really really lump. I checked I just sort of watch mice when my wife for my kids ready I don't remember being one I regret having. A big viewing party we we American male station Damon Eritrea and end and I put it together is awesome loses big viewing parties further commemorate this season premiere of I think she's into the Osborne's. And I got a bunch of local bands 00 that's to perform. Arm Ozzie your black salve his songs so we had a tough a cover and I. You the big screening of this. First episode this season to. Slight problems. They didn't have the right cable. So. I mean. They had it's up I began wearing dad big East Coast feed I'm sort of already airs. Did I am so we had all this stuff go on. The last then play him. We had enough and we didn't have the holes car oh. In his life. Well I'm sorry if I'm going great until the actual far greater role one no once is shown places at. Have to analyze this guy George DMP that's why I am. Our main problem is look guys are like how. She's now I don't I wouldn't mind my parents everywhere and knowing that we would have started with the F that's at a critical signs YC before anyone else on the West Coast oil that can really out of my glitch in my. I would have been so pissed yeah luckily keyboard drums saying there yeah I'm happy about that now. Hum man anymore we were there just to see the bands cover Ozzie which is really cool but that was like. The only time there having a viewing party and you failed miserably yeah. Yeah I guess I never Donnie my radio career knives or your money centers for sporting events to deer gone over a viewing parties are Donna viewing party for show but besides sports. I don't think I have like I mean I've done camping out for remove these. But I've never found enough friends he was showing up Friday I didn't read the books and all my friends in the chaos on the Friday's my friends like. And it's nice salad with them for how or is waiting for his movie to come out laid we inline and everything and I know you what it was about in the and I going in and depressed too long L. So glad my my movie I liked it but I didn't know how depressing you start so they put me in a really buying Chad outta our humble and waited to. What I thousand Indian action movie cool you know and then I'm like seeing what a Hunger Games in the balance. Like oh god yeah he's a sudden he's so I'm trying to plan. So I Danny's. I eat when I was still watching the Walking Dead the first four seasons we had this season Clara this season I know. Meet whatever you call it I'm season finale thank you hi. They are now since I'm. I now find now can't find out and I did a nice dinner Harry Potter. But parties before we watch all the movies up into the new ones are like characters hell yeah it's also would you agree Gary is that where you're like a bravura Donna whatever it is I was opponent Barack. Students from hogwarts out of duo moloch and. So you're you're you're nobody around no I'm an -- nearly Joseph hard boards I might sometimes they have punk rock students and hop awards so you would have been like Grissom Dora somebody like that you could have been on wars and are you are you could tell you I drove into all you're man Dario I realize you Mannheim Warsaw in general as a parent to do well well well what's our group we would you have I was a prison door for your revenue US -- a US hostile policy Euro hostile posture. OK we this oil rockers agreed to guard Larry our whole file but he could. Block so what's happening I don't know if I thought besides ice and powerful Barack Obama for any remarkable plus or negative in South Park was new we would get together watching drank. If you would think that I wouldn't honestly guys up with all the star -- that you love I know and I'm surprised that I have not had a viewing party for like maybe this season finale or the series finale of Star Trek the next generation. Or sorry escape for any of these things that you know day that they had there were big I never did. It's pretty bizarre I never done that. We got to let him win and game trounced finally airs its last episode would you do party your go to London. Whoo man like download more and you know here's the problem though it's on it's it's on a school night 9 o'clock and Sunday night I think orange chicken and chaos. I think holiday I have no problem taking on the newsroom is tyranny and terror of the show yeah. If we get them Monday off ER I N dot did the demon throws party and we just faced a blender reaction that the N word and love that idea all right let's and yeah they haven't. And I will be viewing party friend the return of a lethal weapon the TV show you got their own ideas. It was fun then a second season all they did all right moving to a new united that scares me. Gloria whenever they moved to a new united got a problem for our yet you guys there's no I'm going while the I Wednesday here's a new night I'm sorry about that nobody. We're do you think people said the most adventures place they've ever got in on what we're losing that was. I don't think too hard to someone tell US I 717 months on the rock. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Point nine AI SW the rock. Seattle. A new survey found the most adventurous places than people had sex. The boss's office. Plus is offices. Nice and on the top Simba Vicky apparently in an hour job apparently so. Now so I nearly office I see if you're gonna sound similar I don't know if these are really adventurous places okay. You know like the backseat of the car indication. I mean I think it's different but as an adventurous. Yeah I mean I know is did damage. A bit expensive lesson and Summers on the list it's I mean I think a lot of people of I think of adventurous there I don't know on the bassinet a car you feel like. I'm doing this is crazy anymore I think it's crazy depending on where you park the car because here in like a parking lots where you walk around there pretty awesome there's not even your car in Houston in the backseat I write an even better than losing part your card the police station and good that's pretty molding. I don't have a once at a parking lot as a part of pride and it was almost all I know there was a foreigner. Almost it was not very happy about it going on so he threw his some orange. Slushy drinks 60 instill in my car while it was an it was just one more awkward things and like I can't. Engage with this guy well yeah do your very rude you're having sex in his house apparently so that he was -- that yes. So it's awkward I'm equally and here are fighting with the homeless guy whyme. None of the state and yes it's not ask them of undress see exactly you know there's such as well yeah exactly I mean sorry but you got a mission you have you seen the course. I won't even be willing to engage in an end up enough a fight with me. What went right. And says yeah I am with you in that stadium right on readiness I think I really nevermind yeah. Because I really like I don't you come and Tammy was at now I found out stags and brought a small club with me yeah Cheerios. It's not her wow hole I listened to find out gallows guessing please tell me ask you okay. Ground. So yes so I I I'm sorry backseat of the car kitchen nobody out retrieved that's number one on the list here of luxury I like god that's that's that's in the US Tarzan it's all right there. Sounds very painful. Unless you happen to be really you know mull bylaw amendment and I doubt how lakers stuff does against a tree can tell you get beyond the dream happen. Sort of kick earning much aliens treat for you again I guess she would be up to your show shortages are we I mean it really serious you just get up an inch on the ground you're really like is high for your own what about like a tree house. Boone someone's dream we see is upper treaty ally and I I you know I. I assumed there was no treehouse involved because it just made my mind he was a cool way to do if you had to really balance in the branches but I mean. In legacy straddling the brand trust you straddling home. I understand there's a grass trees straddles yeah that's very true yeah. So limit so I again that's up retreats to me that is what you would call adventurous. As opposed to you know I had the kitchen table I guess they know depending where the backseat of the car is. Still lukewarm topic. And I'm thinking you rockaholics well you know what you can do better this list. So based on this list the most adventurous places people and had sex while you finish this sentence is a symbol one. The most adventurous places I am got an anonymous he is bullying. 206 or to a rock Texas 77999. My daughter by the way forbidden from his conversation is no end. They're ready and nerves the most inventive place I've got a dog and he is more lying. An extra mornings on the tour and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW rock of Seattle. We got a list of the most adventurous places and people and had sex. There's sand like Jim kitchen table backs. The carbon up she was kind of cool. So really if this is sentenced the most adventurous plays I got Don is blank. 206421. Rocky you also Texas 77999. Let's go to Derek change every Derek do you around the rock. Hey Derek welcome the show which Jeff wears running. So Danielle were displaced ever gotten it all but I'll look her up close look bleak. And oh and according trip if you thanks. She giggled Paula. I won't quite be sure to new record and an idiot debate she walked away OK but I didn't get to my shoulder. Com and our. Yes we can we got to tell you our word buyer so all and she won't be complete and I had shoulder really hurt you believe it sold. And a little knowledge of the group. It keeps children. Could desert with a dislocated shoulder. At let's say it did how I and endured it wasn't more painful or pleasurable. Yeah CS and and now lives god damn I appreciate the call. Hot aliens in my says we should do this anyway you know even though the leg now isn't and I heard it. You know you'll get many opportunities here especially not younger see this through college or high school somebody shot me in the leg and I saw an opportunity to get laid out weighed on going to be our guests. There's no doubt about it it's. Eric in a wrench into those seas four to one rock Texas 77999. Erica how about you where was the most eventually you've got and non. You know within a hundred split Allen have to probably had gondola at the top of the Gallup Eric should not direct air and totally gonna entry. I'm glad I. That is an awesome I'm a couple questions for. Can impact we'll start with the gondola yeah X. How bad did you know the first it was like your boyfriend what was going on here. I didn't understand and I identities had been illegally into opening. I know that Hillary could protect and complement the. It was like you're now you're just like you know they did it was somebody else I apologize to my husband loses brother. Do you know how I'm doing I'm down there and I definitely like the area gonna when that happened I was thinking seventeen mission it is. Abbott yelled at a wake up time and we're like oh cool we got around gondola and wanna. Yeah okay. I sleep Canon Benadryl and and that's one thing I don't and I know we got dirty look the other side children. He's a do Erica still you are failing. It's also continue to do it in the zipper that right now and very painful. Now don't care either Odom they're very then we very much so yeah. Awesome Paris and visit the zipper so you're in a gondola religious swings or are saying OK well. And help you know this. What I did you really that would go that would help. I actually I wasn't in my ya as the enemy before I don't know she mentioned that she didn't do do it up and intrigue now how did that work was he sitting on the Branson and you. Got on him so. Oh yeah I left over the street Nick Cannon have like when those branches elevated tee you spray it could get like I don't swing that kind of thing let me get underneath. You are talking down the dirt easy listening. Very happy and I thank you can't I know I had no idea that he just sat down. And and I straddle limited aren't they don't. All right then my fantastic I mean older adults on JISSING. In the state starts I'll sit in a tree and you know that every song about kissing is really about more than just. And that's a sonic could say back in those days thank god truth so terribly good I like I got critical question on the phone calls really loud and your year or is it just me. Nobody sees super Turkey's yeah I those is a guy that got other guy was too so that's why like I can't hear you if I turned down to hear them saws is asking Danny nothing different. I'll pay attention and actually I'm tired yeah I know I didn't notice I notice she sounded louder but I think I just honored because you know high energy hustler Rhonda Rhonda you are on the rocks. Well you know what I interest rates may go run fast now you're on the roster. I rag in morning action when runner wasn't listens to change you show and inter Milan can can go I mean it's a twenty years ago. And my boys are and I heard. Morning to you counting anomaly the the Hyatt the end of Kiley eighteen of the bowling Alley can't come clean and lethal loudly around back where a dark time machine in my direction and there is no windows available online and it will flee in the wind chills are yeah. I'm really teach students that. There may well I'm going to London have a drink. I know we locked and and the entire lounge started applauding and are there were windows there were black and we can see them. You learn your town and last I was like oh my gosh. I don't want to free drinks amendment is wrong then and it's really yeah. It is trying to console each area as simply wow slowly in the wind you know booty. The trench and they're the next morning in the us so. And time and you know I'm no good times good sides appreciate Theron and that's awesome Lou loves. Gotta love loves. So those exports to Iraq you're also Texas 77999. Let's go to a Mac Bonnie like Matt you are on Iraq. Lauren my man welcome to show Shia force money. There's no background than high school felt like that in theory it aren't. Me and my girlfriend when you you know Friday night football game. And we're still in the stands all wrapped up and a boy didn't we just decided to have a little run. Blossom the game was going on why you guys heard that in your own. Yeah I guess we're gonna be able to sit back now at a measured but I'm sure. Like like legitimately. Maybe just a couple feet away from you or someone else sitting next use. Albeit there's people sitting right next tomorrow's cars you guys are no idea why you're very nineties how we were you where you at all intoxicated. Completely sober why now you know what was happening. I would hate really you know I can't. Not only imagine how twenty yard now at all. Stupid things when you're a teenager until I tell you know even as much as I want it I I couldn't do it is not an eight team really Deanna I mean I know I would be ready I know my body would be tell me this is time. In my mind like we're not gonna New Orleans ceremonies unless I happen. How else and let's go to you looks like it's rabbit in Everett rabbit you are on the run guy named Travis got as ice everywhere else you would thanks. In most places I possibly can hurt couldn't yeah absolutely great our our way home from shell when I party in a pretty good. And I got northbound I five just before the 220 street exit here. A poll of shoulder and go come on film went up in the middle of the media and its freeways and amounts and on military remember. Seattle. Though also bought 2 o'clock the morning and bring you rock band and also this. Let's get the edge sort of next day I could buy my lawless defense. Or why we went down to see how good does it says tell senator I just supplementary way and she's so what they'll be doing. So in addition to what he had appeal last night he lost some law issues and how do you wallet if you just be in the military. Saves everybody got a minute and also. Yes finally it's an average did you sigh you always remembered. We come all damn I'm in the star John I think you want credit I don't go magnolia words. I know exactly where or does spot Smart Democrats don't know. I'd say yeah I'm all right I don't follow up questions. I grab and everybody. That's our most familiar on FaceBook god Danny she said and honey bucket it's the worst. And. Know all the I know I'm not Soledad not a prisoner striker when I was in the army port pot the and a cave in or else those. Well I mean look here in the army you view here you are used all sorts of conditions. Here now and he gets some sex I mean I think that's that it doesn't matter what the conditions are because that's always humans are between right there was a concert reality take from outside it and it was right by important I need to return to find some way to get away and so we just duel we do in. All this and you hear what's going on in the. I moon. As much as I didn't wanted to and I. I can't this this is awesome we need to go on our merry way here this is not gonna ask mode jealous. No I don't want to have to listen and ram while we're in China you know I. I wasn't there but it might as well back. And well and we feel like that's and then priority fine. Let's go to Chad Chad Chad you are on the rock it's just aren't gentlemen Marciano welcome to the show. Thanks but show us back in my younger years to die after I got together early in the it's now my life but then my girlfriend knocked. We're out of yeah and accuracy Shia are close in age I didn't Roman actually come and take a look at it and she added you're gonna. Barely got the little ready to go up. You know one thing led to another really got it I'm right there in the jockey room you know people all around us but the best part you do bet after we are starting. Just thank you like it dirt and it back on the rack. It's. On the top so I'm not discriminate but I tell you what it is an intimate knowledge. Dance this Christmas I know he's always Desiree got censored bees save money I wish we wish. Because I would I would screen devices and gas seldom a good. Trichet appreciate the call said thanks friends go to ten or when bill tanner you are on the rocks. Pelosi and oh you know what this button there you go you know borrow more times. And are you are on the rock. It caught on ten out of the measurement to news right here in the rock which got. So our. Don't block a thorough look gaunt deferred job and what do the bar under age. Got got. One outside men now. And not being a girl gone into the local church and you know they're right on the track. Cool right in the house so get out there about 80. All you have. It's just. I'm fifty SC I would feel like I get struck by lightning not a problem for you wanna. All the analysts. Man I you know I Brad I I just remember a man there was any other big controversy on our buddy OP show back in the day with a couple having sex inside the church yeah I mean you couldn't give me another surprise to make me wanna do it including having the sex. Yeah I just will be think god gets my did and then it happens a lot though I'm not often that someone's gonna call a radio show and and broadcast it live while they're doing it but I would imagine that happens a lot I'm so afraid that's a beat army granny you know certain religions Aminu you know horrible things happen in the church in you'd think well all right oh god allows this and what's more about two consenting adults bud. I soon be taken and I'm not going to be mad at me. I think I gotta go toward the dressing reminds I was thinking about like everytime I go into addressing him I always wonder is going to. Not me personally when he's in my lunch break even if there's song are you waiting in a Dresser or no if I'm gonna walk by in somebody's doing it while I'm going to use a different dressing room now what that would be like but I still miss him. Four Athens. She was everywhere small and confining I used prophylactic in the Jessica ought to happen to me once. I went in a Michael well match. Yeah and now we know now I mean Aaron was better than an hour and a okay. So now I have a series I think Mickey that's a lot of wars is one million people are doing it because you can appreciate it right and after effects legs you know take if you dry grass around the town everywhere you bride and it's not click the ice like it's like going to a assay and seeing all the great fruit as opposed to going to do you have to be the bus went to the other reason remnants. You know let's say is a lot better yeah I I love off c'mon people you effectively ruined you don't know. I guarantee you not a problem not. How would you like a member of one of the biggest rock fans of all time to show up eight your house. This actually happened and you're gonna hear from at 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. 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