BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-13-17-8A: Gene Simmons has a box set of his music he will hand deliver to your door for $50,000.

Wednesday, September 13th

Facebook Drama. A new survey says people don’t have any problems being friend with coworkers on social media.


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Well this is this is Gene Simmons I don't know if he's jumped the shark or this is awesome but. He's got a new money making venture kisses Gene Simmons as a box set featuring the music he is written over the years okay. And he will hand deliberate. To your door. 4151000. Dollars. Now is he gonna hang our at least or do you show a drop the bomb softened a FedEx sirens we use automobile hangs out a little bit here is talking about it. For the past three years I've been working on something that I wanted to share will view in my entire life it's called. We'll ball. So 150 plus a never before released songs are written spanning fifteen years. Going all the way back to when I was fourteen years old. All the way to some of the songs and became just classics it's finally ready to bring to you. Yeah that's right I said to bring it to you because one I'm going to be doing is something that's never been done before by any artist or band. I'm gonna hand deliver the ball marks as you and to fans like you around the world. The first 50000 dollars that's what he's going to do end. Is this serious Steve this is just all the crap that was never good enough to make records and he just has that and now here you go or like early stage. Demos on May possibly as well I'm I'm busy right now ordering him BJ's you really end on a grand OK no I'm just gonna do the producers experience where I get to spend an intimate hour. As it says with Don Gene Simmons I don't know what it is but how intimate it is but oh well I guess it's been an intimate hour and a recording. Listening to tracks in the mall that's only 25000 dollar all just want if I'm grant for that right you have to go to him of course but still an hour with him that's pretty fantastic so it's actually it's it's so. It's cheaper to go to him yeah she's say half the money used to go to him and hang himself. For fifty grand he's an hour was 125 I got to thank you least get an hour with a person stated show when Jimmy John's for fifty grand. I'm not gonna react this thing does look cool in Nevada I mean they're not one not 50025000. Not 500 dollars cool but it's a cool looking piece. As a kiss fan I would love it for free I would not buy it well gee you just get the vaults yeah. I would imagine yes yes I'd like to know here's Jeanne I don't order now yeah I'm not dancing with the ball because here's our here's more from Jean regarding the box and. I also want to do. Cool stuff. An exclusive Gene Simmons action figure and NG we trust medallions. A beautiful full color book packed with photos from my personal archives in my stories behind the songs and a very special surprise items. From BTU total not gonna believe the things we found. Don't call. He is IST Democrat and he's a genius because they say video but I think I would do this if it was Shatner. Is he in LA and 50000 dollars lying around and enjoy it I would be ice it was Shatner and I had that kind of money where it did it didn't matter like everything in my life was taking care of and reducing care. And Irina may not know maybe it's on the level of some of these Microsoft feels billionaires yeah I would definitely do. For Shatner all I got more information about the 50000 dollar in stone vault. Whole experience okay. What you get for 50000 dollars buyer gets team in their home for two hours who. You can invite up to 2.5 friends and family to the event. How Obama inviting anyone tell us they can maybe end there I want the two hours is mean gene. We're gonna watch the notebook. Any Jimmie Johnson if I'm doing here. I he had delivers a faulty poses for pictures CE sign he performs Tom sorry group performs an intimate songs and stories playback sessions. Favourite performs a play bassoon and so would you put it in the city Clarence apply yeah I don't know what the hell is actually in a bunch of stuff like T shirts and things along those lines but yes. Is that oil is it worth a thousand dollars to you to meet. Gene Simmons and hang in there and hang with twenty further fuel burn for two hours at her race chip and it was just a second he said Tony side people so you divide almost exactly Randy yeah no it's not us our that is really not worked and now army he had. While off. Today a suit of the vault experienced so I know it's she's I'm not a 102000 dollars you get immune agreed with them okay. Music pictures and no sign an autograph our race. Yes you know hand deliver the ball to you. So we'll just improves our enemy angry here's your ball to right. Wow so what's the cheapest thing I guess it is vaulted as Yeltsin's vault as a right now looking on here that might be the cheapest right now to me geez I mean a one point I would imagine you can just buy the mall to go right now in order to having you either had to go to him and have an intimate hour with him. Yeah okay I'm CU and you have two hours of intimate. Time together or you ordered him being Greenspan to grant. But I would imagine at some point you can just buy different can vault that Ernesto multiple looks causing a big safety data and let's see how they might cause they it has been in the pictured it's. Plus Urbina to hold that book titled yeah yeah anti I think it's a cool thing and you for 2000 dollars to go see him get this vaults. And says that Haiti don't have a nice vacation it's not a vacation wherever he wants to go. You can do other stuff around that and are in places like LA in two Rendell he's doing anti war. Oh so that's we know it is coming here oh let's see if he's gonna Seattle very important bad imminent and goes too far and then she's out jeez you gonna spend so yes okay I'm in Los Angeles Mexico City Detroit. Australia of course is marry me is Boston Saint Louis New York Germany injured none of scenes. I saw when we go to Finland we in New Orleans. I know roses and a bad spot Brazil is a very random Tor yeah well you know is suggesting why not New York he's gone he's goes why Boston I wonder. You might be doing your master series are New York can an excess. I'm Danielle I'm look at that the size of the vaults. I think a small camp out inside especially precisely how it's bigger than I expected Susan pictures courageous of him with like two kids a priority you know Adalius. That's how can I don't ridge and you know us how to be men. I wouldn't do that man I would do that for is somebody Star Trek or Star Wars related I would do it yeah Mark Campbell settled right into hey Alan marching home think I would do it to go Luc. I do it. From raises the current surging due tomorrow and your wife hello that's a good point and a 3000 dollars to 3000 dollars Jarrius. She's a genius I think he's basically just you know if he's going on torrent and a bunch of dudes who doesn't dollar package semi he'll raking in the original rake in money there. Right or for fifty gray and he'll go to your house. I'm positive he'll get attitude gee thanks to Sammy hey a lot of old school kiss fans are now. You know I've probably lived a pretty decent lies and have extra couple dollars down and I mean there's some people AME they do those VIP meet and greet sending go strategies. Some more yeah I'm content from Germany do those shows an ability to doing the little small private acoustic set for people backstage and things like that's I I I would not be shocked if that. Does well. And in no way in this is even better than the normal mean green because they got to show they have to do so the mine's not completely in the game of the meet me but never in our makeup in those situations. You do for fifty grand you better of me I mean I I just so we wouldn't even if he's not I'll have the makeup in my house may yeah I'll pay your money. This doesn't start until the make up signs I have a stop watch and I'm starting this two hours to Adam. They're really Kathy be Kathy Bates yet you don't drop of 50 grand am I just gonna cobbler and he's now Leven now. Case Elliot he's he strapped to the bed he's going nowhere. Our Steve do you think you had the worst proposal ever. I don't know I think my wife shares and certainly that's. I think it's up their dead you're definitely proposal was abysmal. But I don't know this is that is this guy's okay marriage proposal Missouri parked it took a wrong turn when Amanda down on one knee. To propose to his wife to be enemies only dropped a 4000 dollar engagement ring offer bridge to destitute Gene Simmons fault Xperia right there exudes exactly. So they record this whole thing is that some people do now. And in the video shows the man loses grip on the endangering causing it to fall through the wooden boards into the water below. So I mean obviously for doesn't already know like are we against his back asked friends gathered at the bridge to jump into the water search for the ring. Unfortunately they searched. All the divers came up empty handed. That's 4000 dollar ring is gone someone's gonna find it and some was not a bad goal posh summer have a great day for a new baby semi officially either disarm. All that how bold and I said fish and all of a sudden you're just on my guy that is a good job to bring and like that. Well then what rule 4000 dollar ring that's pretty awesome. Sox it's such drama disgrace her you know metal detector guys if he gets washed up onshore a year ago. Soak your manners are good that's that's that's an expensive that's a lot of these oh dude it's a lose well the happiest moment of her professor at home what researchers call right why because what can we. One upping my proposal yeah I kept it in the box I wouldn't now would have never happened would never well you could drop the box if the Boston followed the grace of all are good call an aviator Louis float is a dead yet. Conspiracy theory and all bullies people gates insurance for these rings right alone. What if they had everyone there filming to be like we law still leave her find and then they find him gonna not send get another anchor. Not for nothing I think he might even still if they finally upon us and if they collect insurance money that he goes and buys a ring and if you truly afford to pray and maybe impossible Lester don't I I you know what that's. Hadn't thought about that are. He and holds different conspiracy theories that he had maybe purchase I dubbed a she brings you can afford a good rain. I am curious Antonio 100 dollars. I. OK send an office got down on the need and purposely dropped dead and pulled up. Well gosh there's a 4000 our ratings are ring you picked out honey I'm so sorry he's got the video okay. Are right there holding hands okay that existing aren't out there now. I was in Dallas news dominating all the disease around the Bob I know I said Sox marriage Euro is pops. How. Our own zero dollar us nothing is not Beijing you know he's got the look on his face like I just wasted for a thousand are cheesy issues ago no hearings are looking down Louisiana it's gone nobody thinks he's like I just I don't know 2 o'clock it's yeah Onassis got arms on her waist she's like a really. That's just happened. The look on his face was awesome I'll do four g.s right in the drink. Us. Wow. That's. What's the rest of the night like C we've had you get nothing. Well okay dad are here again not oh my gosh are looking at a picture of walls and in the water. What every visual the army solution on the case yeah that's amazing and does that bridges not very high so they they they really should just jump in and see what they did find nobody find out ring. Doesn't he know. I understand her and I'm going in the water. All of his friends are in the water in the family members are in the water he's still at the top of the bridge watching that. I don't take bodies she's got assuring your fat ass in the water that's a problem I think he might sanction. He's a bigger boy maybe maybe he should be in sync girl standing it's clear some bad deep water bodies they could actually what do Vegas quicksand he's an automotive the FCC syringe into mommy's vagina and why this season big boy at Baylor guy Dave. Got a couple extra pounds he might not really unite my game winning Quigley. Please get in there yeah you're right there and I am station those. So the rest tonight's completely ruined or stolen were not going to have fancy restaurant to celebrate. No and all your friends who were around there and I I imagine you're gonna have a big party that's the only every now is also can west's death. And you didn't get that 4000 dollar ring. While that's us I was gonna call an idiot I. I would never thought that would've happened if you look like the bridge wasn't like super light was super open grace. But it was open enough to drop their rings true that there's almost as. I would never factored that in DM. I'm gonna fractured and now wellness and you said to propose and well you never know I mean you know you always renew your vows and everything about it until we did cars you know in and we wanna do and you're like one of those lava tubes. Those and open what is site ABC get to see the flowing lava and I was always afraid aren't gonna drop to string into this thing I just know it's. When you renew the vows to Jews surprise or without making no we we always planned we don't ever be proposed for renewing vows. I wonder I wanna know about that yeah I never thought of doing now and I just we just like here are gonna do this let's have happened. But I was so Fred put a lot of tunes are so cool you saw them did you get Josie lava tubes no follow what's flowing lava under there is unbelievable it's like red hot red by the new beach. You know. I don't know where the hell were you some items on his giant walk and I was so tired but we finally got to one of these things. And it's so weird did you see. Lob like red hot liquid slowing its dislike desist Trippi I bet the and you know I had I was just like on the drug Donald Trump the right into this thing I know me and allowing him. So. The it says so I can I feel for that guy. Dance. I have a question. What happens when someone makes fun of another woman on social media site posting her picture for everyone to see our ads you know that second and well. Yet another edition of face from trauma. You have been hearing an 817. On the rock. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW. Iraq goes Seattle all high if pianist is slowing down I think I have no reason. Steve has discovered that the brand new rock girl photos are here and their football team they're all rock orange jerseys I don't. I know you're sick and Amanda going old's going to throw our whole amend the oh yeah I know that as your number 99 for that's right I did bad now you know he's no longer with us but I got I mean domain curse. Yahweh I don't Quinn looked pretty fine imagine may encourage Jersey no wise I hate to say this but if we had to lose one of them I'm glad we kept Quinn. That's on let's say I guess I would not trade her way again after. Laura. Then save the drama is. First you. A you can heating plumbing and mechanical and media once again this is our opportunity to point out the stupidity that is happening on FaceBook. These are actual FaceBook posts as a drama what's happening I don't in my mind is on now it is. I was Garcia Hariri I guess I was maybe vineyard or should we ask you about quite possibly I don't have that kind of control already there bunds all aluminum I think you can't touch it all you can just I don't need to good. But somebody's face from drama designed to please look for a post. Posts and I'm unfolds because it in this time around I'll be playing the role be original poster so I will be Kelly. Read you'll be Brenda swayed Vicky you'll play the role of gen X gen actor and match. Vijay you'll be Allison. And Sarah you'll play the role of Kevin's hang in all right so once again Kelly is an original poster so I would take it away. Damn man who in his nature of what he shows over me I'm gorgeous anxiety now compared to Arab blame blacks. You are so much more beautiful than her and she knows had your personality is the best Darrell and I love yeah. Lex like felons then jealously stocking my FaceBook page and. And it landed nailing you can't name manages these she doesn't lend lend some maps out a light trash that allows Santorum does that aren't ads. Yeah ours is playing it. Right. Thanks. I am not stalking you on FaceBook I've just seen it. I have better things to do in my life. As she has better things to do it for life has tagged best d.s and yeah I mean like he achieves very odd put down there had. Can tell forget you started this by posting Knight can't Sharon oh I didn't forget it takes up most of my page. Cash and well slots I'm. Not either one you how shag beggars can't be users. Fans can know and ask you. Love Messi can really be here all the stories of the drama. He's the hero but after a stand news. Wow. I got my subscription to a new trailer park times I've missed out on the ad is so all apparently he can't do a trailer park times is the best I clearly. There and well I listen of course begs the next question should you be friends with your co workers social media why did you Jimmy France and your friends on social media hub a co workers. Or. Your boss. So what do you think should we be friends or co workers. We present our boss why I requested a friendship with our boss we never accepted it so I don't know what's so that's actually you should read right between those like treasury clearly that's going to be my friend. Yeah I guess is that yeah I'm sorry man I just feel like you know ideally things anonymous friend I yeah I was yeah. New survey majority of people don't see any problem with being French and their co workers on social media. Me yeah I accept the alien did that thing is I get embarrassed sometimes and I see with some of them my coworkers post. And I deeds you know I can see this is how high can it get to see like the human side and exercise don't talk a lot to everybody in this. Dominion thousands of everyone's busy so you don't wanna be the person slowing them down and also sometimes we're too busy in its. So I. I enjoy seeing our coworkers FaceBook post because NIC be human side and I'm innocent like pictures where they are they're very light that's kind of booed while looking at all I especially like that one Gram Parsons well he's not he takes yeah the past. How are you know more people like you seven out of ten people say yeah it's okay B FaceBook friends. And six out of ten tables if you say it's okay it's always on Twitter I don't know why for some reason. Like some people say OK if FaceBook and noted Twitter here why why wouldn't be seven out of ten on both bright and then what's residency Graham coming on this and only a little over half say it's OK to be connecting a mainstream because that's where your pictures are. Seems as pictures yes so I think that's where even more racy pictures happen and really that's why. There's a I just know Sarah's friend Sarah is trying to let them do them the ash shot the booty shots all the time we've put debris everywhere I'm thinking you know why she's she's got a professional job she probably doesn't want to co workers to Syrians to grant picks and she does. What a weird lyme we've created doubt who's okay to be friends with who at the workplace there's one person just sensing my manager just got fired for Fran and animation. It's not okay to be friends on FaceBook. Here's what I think Steve because I take a look at snap captain and actually. Only four out of ten pretty much say that you should be friends on snapshots I thinking with coworkers. I'm thinking we see which one the labor social networks are and what the race your social networks are. Even for this is this social network that's the one where you be friendly to you guys have a taster the musical or apple corps for rehab here so and she. Thought she was adding me unsatisfactory. And because I don't PRI Steve Mays is very take in Baghdad actual snack shack. Also I'm I'm Steve makes a okay right so she added Steve Biggs who and the person who then and I think she said bag and think the person who wrote her back when she added saying hey. This is able that's weird I don't know why Steve in the mid ninety I had this organize is writing me back because added much nonsense OK and she's like hey how's it going. Heisman stuff but they serve no other unsolved Charlotte's bank. Police are even. And that's when she realized. All right you're not that Steve that I work well if the worse could you imagine they'll be well waist down he went dog shot and then you would know that it wasn't you'll play. Writing all dude oh really what I could never happen possibly I see it the next day in season high up on the senior at the senators are why she runs one of the radio station oh no no and it's so funny she's also got a great story about you can yeah. Oh we are sad sad encounter I had with a white dot which you and my wife and then she told me the story I was in tears as our man and terrible overlapping at the fact that could you imagine if he didn't do that. I couldn't quite possibly. All government here I think kind of an HR issuable upon sort of show I would wait and I would understand why she went straight I give him my power. And what she'd always me and my response terror how're you doing was hey check me now. Unless all of the guys on massively impressive at that point you go. I am and talked to Steve but I have done also tell him is it that is why so lucky woman. I'll be I don't want and I know I don't know what is our mantra that was hilarious wow so whoever that guy is he apparently. Once it was something people today do. And so this is a picture backward himself and him shirtless yeah well you know let me just figure whose is Randall yes there's a female they just randomly rearrested me so homicide and hazel head started thinking yeah sure I don't I do I can't blame and you know what he he he we just send the shirtless which I think look. If you wanna say hey what's up he's in the top she did topless shirtless whatever OK I go for that. Heating go right for the hey guys here's a sausage show you know if if she responded hi all looking good the next -- when have been braced down but if you're a woman makes you got to know that if somebody sends you are surely shot and you don't know who the guy is zero singing hey hey you know the sausage is coming right. Yeah that's pretty much easier next story get a teaser shot and just like little a little trail if you know what I mean all you guys are good car you get the trails just gas and sat atop a publisher friend dire shirtless picture from a guy and then now happy trail. And then Dong the guys really you're you're gonna get Dong second always says the Bud Cummins in this disaster I usually start with. Well view just I wanna I am I just pictured and I yeah. I don't mean really hairy it is OK I give you an impression I'm recipes my stomach together are so. Wow I'm taking a page for that just happen in my eye sockets it did yes it that I was pitching it Harrier. Your first instinct was to grab your phone to make sure yeah yeah really pretty well Vicki let's take pictures of car crashes to forget to bring to the question why would you want to be FaceBook friends that your boss when I complain about the stupidity I don't want to miss it I bought my boss at all coworkers my personal life. And business Bob in Puyallup boiling what do you do if your boss and you go they had cared about new ones and I wasn't sure should I add him back you really prominent features songs are less clear how efficient use your list that's fine that's even matter he's. Horry got a couple of those I don't know is that bottom job he said yes Bob here's approach hip. Do not complain about your boss on FaceBook anybody I don't complain about an extra days you don't so I yeah I don't you ever worry about that because you move may not actually be letting your boss seeing that doesn't mean some of your friends or anybody might hate your ass might not get it's your boss. Remembers it all depends on where you work you through friends or coworkers a taste of a recently added to lead the mall because of the drama that they were bringing into work. Oh yeah I can see that. A lot of us think they actually it's pretty you know do not be connected with your boss but I you know still it says hey I assume you are gonna read that run this is appropriate to be connected to your boss but. Not as much like only half let's say it's okay on FaceBook. Only three out of cinemas say and Twitter. And a dream it's the same brings a Graham and I close the same percent jet. Which is interesting yeah I I I well yeah I think it's. If I was I disagree were stab jackets and I was like please and he knows doesn't throw the sexy stuff I'm on defense my boss and those things is that why you don't have. Frenchman the boss on the Seagram the eyes you raise a lot Enron chief picture isn't my sexy stuff now a question for Vicky okay. 'cause and we remember Anthony Weiner the politicians. You Sean the underwear shots so before you you have the chest you have the trail. You don't go to underwear firstly Sean Taylor puts there's some there's some in the mountains re. I don't I'm happy trail picture is all my way and soon you get you get a little happy Shelley gets a little you know finger pulling down the and we're not showing everything it's teaser shot. Oh he's still season I don't know I still see enough in the end Renault into Zandi said like. Here's what's in here here's the underwear and looks like some dinner break get our act together that's. Leg on the trails if if the person respond kindly to this certainly shot I think all bets are off at that point yeah did you get did you I'm you can feel confidence and in the Don. I usually most guys think that when every year respond with even if you don't respond all bets are robbed and I don't know how where I don't risen bond and I keep getting. It is your your eye sore in the picture so I mean now. I'm filters. They say no and that's just I think that's just the gender you know I and they may just assume if you say yes that must mean your interest and I think that's the funny thing Indonesian. His they're here women go tell you can you tell us subtle cues. Pays for here's how I am if I wanna have sex with you I will talk with you otherwise you're not even in the room. And women don't realize that's pretty much how we are. Even the subtle cue love yes please stop stop Yahoo! on because we heard and maybe I'm a senior just leave her. Heard that sometimes no doesn't mean no and that's the problem with some women. They make you sound like they're saying no which is really bad for the gender because I think there're some women go look I really mean no en us guys go all right. I never complained to me. Eight and sometimes my own wife's going to look honey I need to be half a percent sure. Then you're on board were thus having some fun tonight. This is I will let it takes a mystery and fun out of an ideal world cheeses I'm sorry because the other side and this is out I'm in jail. Great you know I mean that's what is so we did you. I even know I'm I'm a million common vision. I don't have guys like hey I know we're a little tipsy or not do I have your consent to go into events. IV announcer can think they think and then also. Then I had these weird conversations it's always been very apparent that things are working well well for both sides I don't understand this I don't win her. Alan how are you don't like no I mean it's sake you know I mean images via. Because you don't like it though the one thing is again iShares were little OCD and so clearly will win we hear these bad stories. And we wanna make sure they were not mean to people as and that's that's what Imus like I wanna make sure that I am not doing something a woman doesn't want me to do but my brain. If it doesn't you know it doesn't always know so I go you know what I maazel asks to make sure I'm cool but you you always seem to know I wish I had that power plumbing I in this I don't know in the sunlight in the new single day's night non not comfortable with that all right cool well let me know if you change your mind and then there's everything is fine. I made the mistake once of thinking she wanted sexy dime and so weird we had talked about doing rough stuff like you know pushing around and we are a little buzz. How you stand up against the wall trying to be sexy and apparently he thought I was attacking him through so he decides about Mina sleeper hold up because he thought I was gonna start freaking out ands. We should talk about it silent. I mean you did in the iron sheik. Pray until she's I don't look I can see Vicki now wants to rust on them being pushed around beat Chelsea I would think oh my god I'm going to jail. Right now I'm not gonna do any of this is communicating just create tailor MLS and communicate. Yeah I I the I see would you ever do that Osama cynicism of some push around would you think to be okay you do down I. I would I would start. Very likely lightly on the rough stuff ebitda a non sense I try to shoot it down and denies some I things if I was someone I was into that kind of a thing. I think I would start. Slowly. And then did you like always no amp it up no and put up no amp it up I wouldn't start my gosh I don't go 0100 super quick. And then be like shocked that I cows too much you know I mean. I would start at a reasonable amount of rust doesn't think into the road stuff I'll chooses. Now I I'm so nervous on tuner or somebody you're trained for something I didn't do. Wash tomatoes Simmons CSI as mattered to me there is a little mystery shows for Christmas and did you ask permission when you're fine Gary Ridgway BJ. Ago sacks. Bet that's the only soon I think because I look like that guy. I've got to make sure of the women know that and I don't have a shovel in my car who's seriously only added that some sort of like that guy. From person Tyson about dom go back to FaceBook friends with their coworkers we terminated before my company based on her FaceBook profiles and images when he posts themselves doing drugs. Still it's it's amazing I had did I had a bit shell one of my relatives some like do you realize how stupid you are right now because of that person basically was smoking a joint right there away on her FaceBook techno at all and it's not since I proceed on its Gramm people posting video of them doing Babs. Then the difference. Performance smoking pot I guess some sort of young groom monstrous Church & Dwight. But it looks like your firing up crack pipe a movie. Butane and there's this in the bubbling it doesn't look good news is it looks. Anderson this is another formed in stone but in books with. Rather extreme the I don't get why people post that I am am I mean I guess for lights but. The teams that you're gonna potentially result in a weird position if you dark trying to funny gay where they're not gonna be too excited about that kind of relay won't hire you because I get always pushes me legally and about the fire a crack pipe and I. Understand why can't get hired. Yesterday Steve. Did not get this one right Palin would sure you choose to make Peru's. Disgraced now it's true apple now. First for now. For the trickiest. Buy hard man I was still elaborate bad home. Cancers slumped to a show preceding got a 206421. Run. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question molester. 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