BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-13-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, September 13th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Instead I kept. And Steve you are even laughter once today I have yes I have an ugly because it was a perfect ten and it lets you don't know what it takes to be yes I was I demand it is very impressive to get whacked that way the super contestant right now can do so we've got mad and Bonnie lake Mack are you there are certain. Sure yeah. Wasn't playing birdies Steve. Well placed blame for parity is Jay got scorpions and mega that I saw or read the Tacoma dome on Saturday September 30 courtesy of my nation and a very happy birthday day must stay in its sixth straight day today he looked AGU. Did dragged. Assistance I can't tell you usually go to a game what he does okay I guess W dot com if you want to just say god the scorpions in your dress. Do you think it's a live nation dot com Aristide get out of here. Your car. For those playing you know Matt will have a sixty seconds to answer ten questions and you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses for questions are you ready surf. Which rapper slash actor starred alongside Charlie day in the 2017 movies fist fight. I don't you ask in the animated film seeing what kind of animal is Rosie talent. As when guitar player was seen last at your performance the original Woodstock in 1969. You as in what decade was he's voting age in the US lowered to eighteen. Yet as to what gas gets trapped in the blood when he's diver gets the band's. Yeah what's gas gets trapped in the blood what makes diver gets the better yeah yeah as in the movie goodfellas who plays the role of ten Murray hill. I'm John Connolly know. What was the name of the love interested Nickelodeon's dugout. Which goal gave its name to be 1991. Gulf war. It's. One C three or. You started well and kind of fell off her chair and then. We'll see manmade really tough for Stevie you've made so hopefully we'll be tougher to Stevie. It's just it's. There alien and he's gone and now I know he saw during game. Look at Islam make sure is good to see most. Seeing pictures of blue. And I'm really looking into into the Lulu what I want and it makes me feel he's and in pieces always added I like your meditations parent is. She lives and yeah that's yeah. Who are you ready. Parents house and senate and yes you're right okay. It's a rapper slash actor starred alongside Charlie day in the 27 teen movie fist fight ice cubes yet unsolved. In the animated films seeing what kind of animal is for Z tasks. Paris now it's. Hamsters and oh yeah. Are we to know when guitar player was the last. After the performance the original Woodstock in 19109. Yard as heroes in which decade was the voting age in the US lowered to eighteen. That would be even sixties now. Sixties and seventies yes. When gas gets trapped in the blood when he diver gets it abandons its hydrogen is no oxygen no yeah. Guess summons. Gasoline and didn't know in the movie goodfellas and plays the role of Henry Hill objects you know now. Our general. Yeah I guy. Daryn I want necessary to know. Margin narrow down who who was the what he names of these learn Christians Nickelodeon's done this. So love does dad snow yeah Steve yeah you get why did you anyone lose my years I'm sorry. And I. I'm the good job good job man you sir are a winner. I don't know once you do business. I don't know. Let yourself look I. John well imagine your women friends he got the correct animal four Rosie tell in the releasing it was a pig. I wish I don't know man movie either I was surprising he got down he must have kids or something and it says I'm so bad right now. Do you drive south Texas is Steve shine through abound about I would seven colleagues that worked if you don't win at the bottom mall once it until Friday. Our own and I had hey why would he do that. My bad it's flowers here. Usually are pretty consistent now with the wins there but you've been let down people left tonight I look on the co workers either they don't know any about it and they just figured you know you Obama he'll lose Easter because that's us. That's a bad debts and make terrible bat. I'm colleagues at work he's like my sport why. Our two day tomorrow and Friday. Yeah one would mean because what they all have to buy like seven mall buy him lunch I know that's a bad press I don't know I don't know but I'm sari and let you down the gas they gets trapped in the blue and diver gets to bends is nitrogen assignments he got talent he's got a got at the end you mattress type I know I just silent hydrogen that was a good. I look fellows who play the role Henry Hill. Why you gotta throw out either ray Leo and our Joseph Pesci yet ready Leo down gas price on the house I just would name the Big Three and then there was the other guy and I'm moving the love interest Nickelodeon's does a good. Manny is patty email and we should just taken patty I would have accepted that because I couldn't think of her last name yet as always you didn't try to say lag paddy barbecue or something like that like harmony paddy you know peppermint patty shortages and paddy out of Australia I know Denny would -- guys show if you could tell us about that earlier site you have very weird way of discriminating that is journeyman selecting what some names are okay were just one name only Gloria if they give up first and last names yeah. And it's it's kind of tens on the TV show and I just say if I said patty. I he would save and if I must show the last thing what I should do what Brad has never say the last thing right because I said patty barbecue we would say it was wrong I was like you give it to me I just had paddy is just Calder paddy all of the time now what I quit right act with signs held I would accept Kramer or Cosmo. In the show an idea heat oil and lovingly thinking about it. I mean man needs. I'm Wednesday and came to figure this out but again you really do you just set me out man you're just like what you said patty is that all you should you're wrong. I first saw everybody in the room you know witness everybody in their room. Agrees that you suck I just want to thank you I want to wish you didn't give it to you Steve which go ski listening to the 1991 gulf war. I'll man in the golf it's how. Continental and I would think he would be easy Persian gulf and down there yes yes Jesus only for now the Persian also not a person had an answer now not a golf now we're not just don't Ryan congratulations to Matt he did win today he whacked Steve Elliott doomed and you tired BC you get the prize and I didn't play a song if you beat him so just beat them people being -- did Apollo please. Don't do that. Yeah they don't make any threats don't want to I mean that's just a bad yeah you know I think on average is a good bet to make I don't know what he would get I tumble down tomorrow I think losing your sex 'cause he even the dealt with all seriously and Steve I can orgy previous seventy houses -- or its -- yeah I mean this is a Daisuke guys who buy me a free lunch. Or I'll buy you a free lunch just a bad bad epidemic is LSU film really confident you know when attacked him very well be and you let him down a dead but that you Babe Ruth you promise a little sick you know home run and it didn't happen that some rather extreme unemployed. I don't doubt it did Russell Wilson when you're down. But what socio trekking right now you're like me down its good points. I don't know I'm here's Leyland said Alexander how many times you've been asked by non CI friends knock knock Owens here Cummings junior that nobody actually all I've heard a few times from my stupid non Seahawks friends that you son. My. And I know one of them you know he can't say that enemy is also always do Karzai's he's he's O and also I should say. Those so we've got I don't know the page is playing this week they can be ONC a bunny. I don't know now. Got a new study found that 40% of employees that's for I'd have as few math majors. I'm text. Think seriously that appreciate you they disliked her boss so much. That they need it wouldn't even acknowledge him or her if they ran into them on the streets. Wow how do you know you do Zach. I'm eatery Coburn aggregated sodium. I suppose you gotta do an afternoon you all look at Eminem's turnaround walkway that's pretty special that's almost half a must do Eli. I agree to serve a he also doesn't try to tells people are happy of the job for Dicey surveys like this. You percent of us hate our boss semi semi she must hate your job because and it's also a big part of that. And about three cinemas say that they would would they work free doctor Jekyll and mr. Hyde boss. And I think that was me through I mean am I and my doctor jackal anymore and I know I used to be. Doctor jackass yeah. Well hey anything he is so funny and dad yeah okay you guys yet just that it's easier. Thanks guys via U. Got a ten employees say their boss could throw them under the bus to save his or her job whom. But I try to live right they don't like their bus right there is saying no. The thing is this if you try under the bus and you don't get fired for and you do an assault for the boss I just feel like. There's certain things you do in the world where you'll get ahead politically. If sometimes you take the fall because you're the guy you're the person I can't take the fall. I mean they might come. Breaking point for somebody if they can thump in their boss was constant throwing a little bus to save there face and then they don't when we're like you know it's sure. I'm done I'm done dealing with this thank god that I can understand that. I guess I would want of our bosses actually was here you know I'm brings some disease I'm did you worsen the business anymore OK good because I thought I think he's in the other way around I was that the boss would take the fall for the employee because the brass can't get fired like you know you and so. We had a boss they gave us permission to do something on our show who we did it pan am one of the people they're fighters Forrest Gregg and I what I was so angry at their bosses and you approve this why he's still on the job. And I'm from Tyson and precision do over well yeah are you surprised by actually anyway you know you're right I have no idea why I saw on the job I had to say that's one guy who as a human being big. But as a boss guy he's sucked through. Had to say usually I hate I hate every boss I've been with and I hate him is human beings as well credit is one person like this dude but not you are Jack I hate it was a bonds you just suck yeah yeah and we had conversations like I give credit but I think I was. I guess because I was kind of getting ratings I could have these conversations because I think in my I was I was getting ready to progress from the other building. And now unfortunately as we view our bosses is lazy. OK I can see even so I think that's unfair because you don't know what the boss is doing. So I was telling Geary TJ Maxx and everybody thought I was lazy because I had all my employees under me do all the work for me. And I am like well why wouldn't they worked here drank I I don't understand you I thought oh man yeah man's ultimate alligator it's. He does nothing you sufficient do everything right. So that's and he's a part of the Justice League so you guys think I'm cool rest. Of cash flows stories you got messed. Yeah. She saw there. And is it doesn't then you wonder why I'm not a billionaire donor. I was just a Star Wars news Belgrade style enemy so I would uncle Chris today what happens as he was wrong I love it he thinks he's right about everything. And this is horrified about Star Wars well here's the thing is some really bummed that I missed on this conversation I join a room and I said to my son Joey these because I I was true why because we planned LA we have a nice movie we do every year as a class a holiday for Thanksgiving. It's assay hey when his Star Wars episode they come out. Because I know is coming up for the holiday season and an and an uncle Chris goes it's not coming out of expect bush bad for America know and I know all in the last jet guy is coming out there do they got a free music. Now spend bush back permanent and I don't know I know it's coming out and I think yeah. And he said Gary and they JJ Abrams the director Lego OK you're making you're confusing this news we've seen death Star Wars episode nine. And JJ Abrams who do actually directed episode seven force awakens he also going to be co writing and I'm very happy. Because and I think it's really cool they tell us this news now because if we hate episode eighty at least logo are well JJ's doing now right right yeah. I guess some guy by the name of college several. He did he did Jurassic world. That was a good movie that was the latest one right ya I don't believe. As either quit or was fired last week over the creative differences. Is happening with the Star Wars franchise man. Well I know that's interest in Disney's got it now I wonder if dizzying. Gave us some of them there OK in I don't know JJ is a producer still and let's JJ knows how it wants things done and so you know. So episode I'm supposed to be in theaters in May of 2019 but now it's pushed back C a seven months to December of that you're I'm glad because that one man dead. That the movie would have Kamal less than two years after episode eight ninths just like marks its any good movie I got to police have two years separation. You're good movie in my opinion I think more I think they should follow the same I and that whole cup finals and eventually just hit theaters five to ten years wow I NeuStar was a refiners have wow have midnight I could handle that. But when you really Thompson when he came out. C three years is my sanctuary I'm radio because that's what they used to be they used to be every two years maybe three years back with that you know there's a Luke Skywalker was back in the day. I saw I'm I'm now each in the middle talent seat warm for and so BJ and uncle Chris thing about the new mayor movie that's coming out. I don't even though I knew that. It's got messing with us and the guy I noticed I don't associate Hans solo movie but I haven't heard elevator moving down I don't know either paycheck I don't know Chris let's see if that's true how do you guys not know that if it is. It is true I'm disappointed him. How much you you know why you have every right to me. You have every right to redo because I would I think I would note that we do hold DJ geek nation podcast and I I don't think we've ever talk on the rest is an insult. Okay looking on cinema blend a year ago it was announced at the Star Wars celebration that there would be a Darth Vader centric movie experience. Bad his virtual reality but I haven't seen. Anything else beyond the fact that they wanted David as gore year who did menace stealing Chris Nolan Batman trilogy to may be right date and are collaborating. But I haven't seen anything else played any part or sooner than that general Disney. Please do not have anybody associated with bad men vs Superman do anything when Star Wars OK please or man of steel's I don't care who it is. Do not have anybody doing with those movies okay did you see what happened to those movies. Place in on the same search I have. Things from Lowber saying why Disney won't give towards greater his own movie so who really knows what's going on at this point. Yes so Steve I guess we are up to date there you guys are good they are that unhappy. Yes sure it's a news still trolling I was really excited us open you guys they know us can be so disappointed it's. I don't see him play L you guys almost are or there's some spots in this outside you know it's and then they'll do those are two different universe is pleased. I know time is. Nano for a guy. Anti listeners on to lose I. So you know like what we're talking about this is your opportunity didn't literally change the subject you pick a topic. You guys this year 0206 fortune one rocket Texas 77999. You're cause your techs since 917. On Iraq. And they X mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. The listeners on almost you can get topic you guys to show a 206421. Rock you can also text does it 77999. It's simple. Brand new something all the it's up to you whatever you wanna talk about you get to talk about those T does have one rule for listeners on the loose and that's a show cemented him bringing an otherwise. And then take abide. Bold. And just like at 20642 rock Texas is seven sim. 999. Let's go to wiley and Dell you wiley you are on the rock. Or you guys are more like welcome to show. OK so let me get this straight. You're saying that JJ Abrams goes back to do Star Wars that are going to be great thank. That's what I would say the what I did say was is that if episode made stinks at least people like me logo well you know what he did JJ is Amanda knew nine so that should be good and. I doubt it because it didn't JJ do a little heaven right I did and that being dumped it absolutely. Stole. Now wiley. You understand that that's what you think he had it was a very successful movie and a lot of people loved it and I can understand you didn't like it now I have a lot of friends or didn't like it. But as far as success goes. It was a successful movie a lot of people loved it. Yeah I will occur without but you look at did delegate your true Star Wars began and you look at it and eat. Did it it would hurt it would look parallel. To episode or it looked like he didn't have any new idea is. And if you take a look at if you go back to launch its own work which was a new oath. And and you watched her. It's not sorry I really do much of that yeah I'm didn't. You're mostly right it's nerd jock and I I have this fight was Star Trek fans too because what do against charger fans didn't like JJ Star Trek new movies and I'm like dude they're fine movies. Can help please so I mean really how many ABA honestly he just basically borrowed or not only long enough for me out. You know I I. He now I'm system. I just I'd like normal before the movie is I really really do except I was it would make a good fantastic four movie it broke my heart that put franchise. I will say that I. Awesome I wanna say nice things about you BJ. I don't know treasury but I'm not I don't mind you know they're true besides trying to bank B did what he brought to light on Sunday morning odds on him I'm listening all right but there's someone who has been diagnosing severe anxiety and depression. As a family friend of Chester Bennington and meant a lot thank you beaches are my pleasure and I guy I mean I'm getting a lot of credit but really all the great people and run together including doctor Ursula Whiteside who she was fantastic. I wasn't here yet those that there was so many people I was again thank everybody that actually orchestrated everything not to mention all the great celebrities and luminaries and participated in the that's a lot of cool phone caller still so yeah. Thank you for the props I'll take those things on behalf of all the great people who made that happen and I hope we get to do that again I would love to do that again I thought that was an amazing day it's no surprise that happens again. God what do you like every day it was so it was a super success I know I haven't heard anybody say anything but just great things about it it as far as like the professional people that I work with so. I think derisive and you will happen again we had some very important questions okay did you guys hear that olive garden is doing in all you can eat pasta Pasternak all yeah what restaurant would you want an all you can eat pot passive. All. Old man got out west I'm gonna go you know I'm gonna go Obama go cedars. The CEO these in India the Indian restaurants cedars which is up in the university area US district you're in guarantee amateur off. We got sent back karma I wanna try that I was good I've been there with you yeah very good but I feel like there's none better in Carmel Indiana we're just how. I have to make what do I have to plan a didn't do this absolutely but I figure who can come in because your rear wise right. I don't know she doesn't really like being around you saw me in the is anybody honest goes on Friday or Saturday then you have got a dozen books you won't do anything on a weeknight does anybody I'm the same way is anybody here like Indian food as well you can be my new in my plus one uncle or your daughter does uncle crystal. I certainly learned I shall not give it to the rest. Why do you do I'm Brad just don't drive home with Sammy all right Hussein doesn't always I drive with youth players that they you and I are probably have a lot to talk about it I should probably bring somebody who's like appear at your wife's I would bring my daughter of the same age okay yeah so that while there I see a jokes. Are the same may see how did you talk to my daughter is I think only three years younger than your life you're not a Trace seven. She's four years she's four years and I know analyst and Jared I know he's eyes yes it was a B 26 this year OK this is a four years younger. Yeah it's a huge difference basically gonna high school together. Jim I would do this year. I didn't ya I wish I could think industries and just put some were alive. All I got there was like we were twelve again. That's awesome dude DOG goes seriously I want that olive garden yeah are in overtime when original gangsters I don't know did everybody who knows DOG calls DOJ right in the memory of resources yeah. So yeah they're doing I never any pasta passes again go tomorrow. I don't know LA Hoya a hundred bucks. And what does that get you G-8 weeks of unlimited Kostis soup salad and bread sticks hundred bucks that's really I'm limited would never Fuji white guys over there would cedars. Oh yeah and gas are they had to be just just basically HIT along yeah I think I'm. I don't trappers man. I have to go sushi can argue that I mean I do already reprise tonight taken advantage of it their all you can eat lunch or dinner specials there which are fantastic good. The idea just dropping a hundred bucks and what a year eight weeks out exists in the what does that once that's like twelve bucks. A mile as much as you want if I'm doing my math right eight weeks hundred bucks I'm going every day. Yeah every free event is dead that's new that you write that this is things robust one meal you can go is much wondering though they wage you're actually right. I did after like they'd rethink buried there in hundred dollar pacifist and if they did something I doubt I'm proudest clearly overpriced if I go for lunch at. Dinner and maybe a late nights and it they would literally being dangerous. Eight weeks a hundred dollars maybe a dollar sun and eat a meal oh my goodness I don't know left. I need to ask you get all three meals there anyways still you can do is still easily pricing you just go three times a week. You examining go and have to you know three meals a week for now it's still amazing value doubt in my place and you may keep. I Cheesecake Factory Nike camp at all. All that different he's Asian just tickled my London they don't get a goal often right so I just have mice like strawberry one. But if I go everyday not only what I gain a hundred pounds but he could totally worth it to try. All the different desserts and then they have like the steak Diane. I know the Miami station until she doesn't delicious it's. Someone said Brad marsh I would do that regularly every amateur right now yes senator I need to red lobster buddy yeah. I really do I'm not a super lobster fantasy I grabbed how well I do but I wanna work for it. And so I can grab everybody by transforming that'll work for you Danny. The series by. Serious fire ideologies I wanted to. So now you're back Gabor was serious fight for awhile you can listen I've gone New Mexico you know I loves series piety equally okay gap isn't as good as Dion snow. To do out of this room with your stupid Dion. Two days we had to go to some time ago to see Walter White House clearly and then that we do we we have to flu will bring Danny and will prove that he has no decency was a good concert and pregnant and you know. I'm I wanna rub his face and the elderly and if he's right that these are days like. Thoroughbreds. Are either pop buys or ease Powell's call on Hulu I'd like I really am Buffalo Wild Wings and another one pretty easy it was to do this guy's really measure up to these cells I mean because this is jags as these cells rocks absolutely but I'm also the kind of person if I smell fried chicken in the air I. Have to grab it almost every time I say he's all strums Popeye scored by quite a bad person I was mobilized pretty good highs as the really good cajun seasoning and I really do love that I chemist and a long time seminal pop eyes so maybe it's different. Unassuming good option and how serenity about six hour. Sticks is good show unlocks every day did this thing is though I almost French president and if I Amanda should be a really bad choice from my body but I don't care if you are so stupid. Why because it's hard dollars let's go to Ohio let's go unmet plus I'm precipitously. Okay. I agree. I isn't only in the legs look my knees and your grandson your point I mean I guess I tried yeah that's implying I EL RIs so it's still got to figure this out maybe think that America has a room for us we just want to show Tony how are Red Robin. With the stakes her name is you know all the different sides it's not. I liked aluminium or wrong yeah. Hello Larry Cuban I'm. So hungry I know me so what we're saying is always one you like pigs no matter where we doesn't matter yeah yeah yeah. I mean it could be moved I don't even care about me if I'm gonna miss them don't ya Tony that deal are gonna go to karma Harley and for yourself. So Sarasota shall come and have Indians who will most likely you really said earlier BI TI MS PC that is. I won't play and that's a guy visits Steve Fossett is about knowledge you hello her. Wow. I don't alert I don't think they serve and through there. I I guess I guess arguably you could say that all those places have a taco bar but yeah. Yeah I have anyway. Well on olive garden go chicken out. Sounds very hungry Meserve is this is a lose you. Pick a topic these changes include several hundred you guys to show its. 206 which one rocks that's the number four in Texas it's 77999. More recalls more presents 933. On Iraq. And they expect more news on the rock 99.9 KI SW. Point nine KI SW Iraq comes Seattle listeners on blues music that sounds like you guys show into 06. Fortune one rocky you also Texas is 77999. Do they were just. We're talking about breaking army navy forwards how well when you had to break up with a friend and a significant unmistakable define bride had this person just ice insane at Brigham and a friend this year she moved into my apartment with me in my husband's. Tend to read this to us so we asked her to do dishes choose my best friend for twelve years and I threatened to sue us if we asked you to do dishes. As she moved into their apartment. Just wouldn't do you X. That's how are you friends with somebody like that in don't know the bad bad bad as crazy that's amazing. I guess because when they leave and they go back today or whatever place that they lived and they can do their crazy things when you're living with him you see them do their crazy thing I hear right do that's a good point I guess if I really knew what you guys are like I probably would quit his job implementing a more on our show I would be willing to be roommates twist. I think she says she doesn't want animals and she's kind of goes yeah I feel I should keep a neat place tell my thoughts are kind game silo board games standout. The average Girardi so you wanna play with me so that obviously Aaron Bruce I mean you okay yeah we rates aren't I think you'd be in a room and write down your answer okay I got my entire hour right there right now I don't know Jersey anyway and they. Oh boy side of everybody on this show. Yeah I mean NL AT&T got it down and I know you thank I think gel because you guys wouldn't hockey league each other along. Yeah very very good point very close her eyes for me your thoughts I get placed myself until it was my first my knee jerk reaction was child. But I man tell you it's not just I think sorry Joseph yeah you're gonna wind way. This is dead on his sister wow it's I I think you might beat Danny. And he only does read smells up the joint otherwise grab read me a good roommate but I just think he would destroy the place yeah I was thinking and maybe it would be Meehan and I remember that the previous conversation with the Indian food and you probably wouldn't want to sound good. In the phrase and then he'd be waiting for an image houses acoustic guitar even wrote a song about how you broke my arguing my pizza yeah you're and Titanic every night calls are definitely would Danielle you rent a tissue papers or does juries and senate and I thought MIT did you draw you might be I think you might crack. Wow and correct nobody got her right. Well then it should be uncle Chris I know. Sarah Sarah and I don't like to bring. How is first the mall if I am having them roommate situation clearly I'm not married anymore I. Are not going none ever almighty god who wanna hold little older daughter Molly has lots of crazy ratchet friends bring over a lot so it would just be like shooting fish in a barrel investors it has yeah you're absolutely right she does in there and then a lot of them brands they're thirsty so nice. Yeah it's a no brainer yellow Jersey rest of fresh breeze by the house. And she's just. Hold endless amounts of entertainment I can just sit I don't know any cable I get to sit on the corner cowards and just watch Bernard forefront friends do dawn drum things yeah yeah I you know it's funny because I am an old buddy of mine when Sarah was all drunk and ration Boston and we were dry he was having a blast washout. And I think maybe I would soon she wasn't my kid. So you know I I guess I can see that. Because this area is I think what she's a mess which is pretty much most of the time. Yes so that would be my desk wow I Danny. Probably Joseph. Mean you know already broke down now when we go on measures basis general easy as the food you Sierra we get pizza we drink beer we get drunk together tossed. Joseph is Joseph I mean Joseph is pretty shell I got to see how do we think JT yeah do you think I was on the show and I did every remake. Now assessing night you are damaged. Forgive me I'm leaning towards uncle Chris and missing a zero point you know go Chris do I acting join Aaron the same page. I was actually gonna stay say uncle craze but he's capped. That's the only reason why you're not top my list UBS shot remembered to Tony cannon house can be Mickey Wright. First I can senator Graham did but adamant that loves I think and rather remove junk yeah. I think he again thinking Cilic and keep clean out this NASCAR and he would fight as much we love each other we would do. You guys would fight Sarah and I had a similar prince temperament which is why we get along. Yeah you guys enjoy each other Dahlia yeah no doubt about it hey Joseph good to see would say I'm sure. Joseph is not to optimize and there's a way he keeps his house yet he still sloppy TIO sloppy Joseph and Graham I think to be close flying under the rooms and windows because it just recent. Slobs OK I have acquire actually no you brought the settlement embarrassing on my son a good handle on annually yeah. I'm terrorism embarrass him in the murder I wanna give you a good reason because I am not that much of any free tickets and didn't show really. You know at some point out is if there if there's ever a woman enters Joe's life she is gonna have to be a rash of slobs. Because fees. I have one question have you washed your car yet. Yeah I want to two weeks ago all I wish we could show you his car how bad was it Ali in his reasons for now washing it. It was data had coating on anyways it was like somebody's hook like like his sweet sauce imported all over his. Carner Carla sticky joked yeah I do is intrigue around yes. Like parking on the street and here in downtown stat I was yeah I get all kind of again had trouble opening in my trunk. Because it's stocks so I'd like how often do you wash its full I had a wash it again because of it. Guy he never wash idol literally it was like he was glazed it was like a glazed only Krispy Kreme his car I want I don't see how Washington to resume its already same way again so why bother washing it exactly. And only to come to mind is he wants CNN by the way and you wash your car I wash my car why don't have to wash a much because this is the garage so and so I wash him maybe once a week. You know it's all really needs so we. Yeah maybe I mean sometimes I'll go once every two he says is if I'm lazy I remember alas I wash my car floats easy day I ever write wash me on your zen. Not contact and I shiny look and I don't do myself so I decided I'd have a hard time washing things are getting it dirty the second you leave the damn car why you why I totally agree with you IMAX Illinois why don't go hardcore my wife's a reason you don't drive off condolences to dryers or -- honey is as soon as we hit the roads and some monitor what they do why should I do I feel like. Aaron I'm an exercise guy I still call my car for just nice it's nice and clean looking noticeably outside in so still a guy who I know I wish I could let you see what is car look like in May be Willis we would take another month and doesn't wash and hijack I just like I can cause is a very impressive Bob parking. To have been a good the president of the parking receipts. He's very neighbors impressive part embassies collection you are tickets admittedly that was back when we pay for parking every morning you know he gets a little like tasks cause don't tell me you can do is on the window I got yeah one of those people on the window in the Emory air act everywhere dude I mean hey it's a matter I would ice get in his car and I think. OK I don't guy and I'm ready just throw up I see so driving around and having a multiple amounts of those stickers on their window and some I. Look at that person Nancy you're the epitome of lazy there and you know you can't reach over its appeal that dams that are often the window that's got it I do now it doesn't get much further so I just thrown. Somewhere I know you. Really well on the windows and it'll still leniency because like Opie aunt too many of these on here in the begins again that's not good yeah I. And I loved one on there because they don't don't trust your which one is young and she's a look at me it's again we are under the personnel has like the sticker on there and then you're about the park and make your card bush sticker renewed in you think all that's really nice of you I get to use your extra time that's awesome and you look in only five minutes yeah on select. Tell you they would do. I don't and it's thanks thanks I was trying to think they're being nice about RBI now being nice it is not a half hour you think they don't even bother autonomy from us. All right here's a question no easy answer right now and I. It's a right castle and Lee and Nissan have in common. They are nice forty eight's. On her own. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. And gain yards. Ryan castle like you know the okay would you rank castle and only in Neeson haven't come I've never return them. Just type one there's the Emmys and now he can say now. They're in the summer. And is a great actor a brilliant man but he's been some terrible movies. And as he's clearly not a very good parents. No thought goes missing and what's another show where his son had some issues so let no one in my life deserving kids mentally and niece and at least three times staff right. And a husband and I think. Spoiler alert right doesn't she go wanted to show us a summary I'm gonna do it can only mean yeah I think whatever skills he thinks he has he has no skills game and his family from games announced he wants another set of skills right. Think parenting classes. It's doctor Spock for old protection is ready for the particular set of skills and you'll use them define you and show you all right slow I didn't know he had the show. They're both died in Star Wars episode one the phantom menace. Hole yeah died during it's great fun to himself to a closer and closer than the corners are. I am oil the less toaster today you are an extreme it's boiled and boiled and rit Jersey should know about me. So as cleanly and knees and I think he's taking your vice try and you must have heard just yeah. He says it isn't into action movies anymore. Oh. She says look they're so strong serious money I mean you mess up but unlike guys I'm sixty F five audiences eventually I don't come on. But he saw as a few of those movies the pipeline quake hit theaters including hard powder. It's about a snowplow driver who goes out to the drug dealer did you suffer like hard putt and I just sat right. Do not. After I guess he's a hard condor power I'm sorry no doubt in my gun he's as well back. And made some. You wanna change the name of the street in Boston outside Fenway Park. That was named after one of the beloved owners for now some eskimo sands at all over I'm mr. hockey allegedly positions for races and the Red Sox were the last team in baseball to get a black players is his first. Very now. Great if I had to shut them. OK Jimmy your. It's so dry I would strategist and I mean donkey on the end addresses terrorism in serie a. I'm point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney secures another question from a listener. If I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous going to court is never something we. Some jerseys you do however when you file bankruptcy. Usually only have to attend one hearing at the courthouse. Ourselves either with you and when you go to court it's not only for the judges actually was the trustee. Are the trustee's attorney. Wanted to be one of the things it's critical that bankruptcy is if she's here here attorney in the horn all America all of your information. This all your assets and all of your creditors that's true we're trading for your discharge is your truth and honesty and disclosure your assets and liabilities. You can sort of court hearing it's just usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we permanently damage where there's all the information you're given record than yours truly is. Glad thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime Ted choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening and.