BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-13-18-8A:A new study says that people who make their bed every day have more sex and have more friends.

Thursday, September 13th

A new survey asked people if they have ever skipped sex to go to work or watch a sporting event.  People are refilling mini bar alcohol bottles with urine. A new study asked people if they would grab their personal belongings when evacuating a plane.

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Totally now it's slow down and unfortunately. It's true. People who make their bed every day to have more sex. And more friends. That and I wanted to you Jenny then Clearwire and people who don't. Normally dissolved. Yeah way you make your bed every day's. Our moment that is made every morning. All home on a second ads you don't get credit for and that's a good maybe once or twice during the week on the last one and the bad an idea made the bad umpiring whereas guys and men on first out of the bag clearly Monday through Friday eighth time there's only up on the idea that couple that's getting up at 2:45 in the morning. I agree with half of that yes tedious part yet you video Hariri as well. Yes and yeah I've heard this before and I've got to sex up but that it's important to me the bad. In a weird way it's it's it's the first victory that you have in the morning in a way in a weird thing really I. It's something that you can control and accomplish immediately any kind of get your brain in a weird psychological way I. Going like OK I can accomplish things as dumb as it sounds and I don't know necessarily true but whenever I don't like I give it a world. Oh yeah naming but I also just feels good knowing that the beds made. Well they've. I get how how official as poll it is and you know what you say makes sense. They got six stats from the survey between bad makers and non bad makers I am not bad maker now here's with the excuse I use it's a really lame excuse. But I heard that you don't wanna cover up your bed you wanna leave while she's in the open so that the bed bugs and have a chance to fester and contribute whenever you get in there and grow. I have no idea how true that is but basically gave me. Ammunition to not make my bed so I was like well I'm gonna get their because it's as if Italy fresher I just leave machines down and everything down that way. That's right let's go out germs can now yes I do think. There's times RSS a guy who who preaches to make your bed first thing in the morning he's a guy days of four hour workweek guy and apparently he says it's a big part of box. What you did orders just get your morning routine your productivity going stir things up by making your bed Aaron Tim Allen probably has a lot of sex a lot of friends Tim has a lot going on for a lot of money yeah. And apparently BJ careful Longino crap and the while it might be better for your mental health to make your bed. It's better for your physical health healthy because the dust might actually get help kill them all off. Yeah it's really fancy. How are we doing now yeah I can accomplish something you see whatever you like almost nothing I've accomplished join dust mites I am the champion in the war lord in my household. Hi guys see you would call rotisserie sleepers so I kindly make a weird nationally and I don't know how much that's. I'll plug on both sides your body your descending finalists looked. The people see us professor another night and I don't just upset. And I just dissension or the venture does not getting any sleep now gladly I panic and Nash because I have like six fellows. So I finally put them all around me instilled making the pass every day's a painting just got talent like get. Think he's gonna how you know what Vicki and maybe just I don't I think new generations you're gonna have your own room I think that's what's gonna happily married couples or at least you're putting other yeah because you can't you saw my dad remembers and -- like hugging something in my sleep so like I make sure I have my lungs killed on both sides can easily turn I have something to Holland column in a final word parenting you know they can just see one of the Dallas. I'm fine. Cellular bed makers have are exceeds. About three times a week on average compared to twice week for people who don't make them every day 11 step ahead yeah one step ahead and makers have more friends. And I was our job there were more likely to say they have three or more close friends is just the study they don't know why they just in this poll I don't know how many people they actually told the feds I mean this is a stupid studies I'm regularly I. Aside because it doesn't actually help BC right. The makers are more likely to say they're a morning person and less likely to hit the snooze button. On average they wake up sixteen minutes earlier while you get all that time to make the math makes sense. Maybe this friends thing is because you know if I go to source place and I see it does not mean in my can be French such slobs. Yes your. How about this though Steve you are not a bad maker. Meet now why this next step approves it it's nice not to your wife your bed whenever you want on the bed maker two segments of the week you say that. But I think this proves that you really really aren't you just doing because of probably feel like you why does he wanna do it because it says right here if you like rock music. And why signed felt like rock music you're more likely to be a non bed and make her this is the dummy that's is is right there. Yeah and and all I don't know oh country or Vijay are really because when I was living alone in Lynwood I always in my bed thank you must love jazz music in house hunters because that's what makers like chorus yeah. That sums up my it every night and could face the non jazz music can listened. And I watch house hunters whatever channel that show is on the. HTTP of course you know tricky in its HDTV and I really understand grown ups and why he would watch these shows is there's so I just didn't. They are it's because. As you know what you're getting into that domesticated phase of your life where you wanna. You wanna build our house is somebody build a family and HE TV get your right in your you know writing your mid twenties to your mid thirties. That's throw was for Kathy night we were all over HT CNN probably till we hit forty. And we were like Domenici TV because you Ari did the nesting thing. I have a weird and so is a phrase or word that like it really sounds good when someone says it like and I can't explain it because when I watch ACT one of the big things right now is. Why eight shaker cabinets. And when she got Italy unique angle and audio porn. I just hope we got some white she can cap and usually it's not like I don't know what it is about Jefferies. And Serena Clijsters and yet they showed the man now. I don't you just easier you bodies saying it's time to settle down make Amanda houses and we'll Bob cross and enjoy entertaining whenever receive a loser in crimson houses let's go how high were you all the time so proud. Okay well I'm not crazy there is phrases or words yelling out. I don't really good for no reason to miss three little words and he said. Condo on. There's only one worse I'll have more answers pineapple pizza night unless you turn on I don't I don't want people. Thought I Lamar SEC guys and I'm a couple weeks. Wise I'm having lunch with a brain scientists and he's one of them for most guys will tell us everything that we need to know this month should he says he hopes a unit donate your brain to science and that's my buddies since he's so looking forward -- and I go I because I'm crazy wiser than he doesn't even know me all he knows you. Knows me as those are kind yes. Diaz says it was John Madonna John Medina and he's he's I just foremost he lives here in this area any good and Dinah Washington what a great job idealism Dinah can't ask them that are what is everybody's like companies like one of the foremost whatever XR brand to its developmental molecular biologist who special resource interest in the isolation and characterization of genes involved in the human brain development in genetics and yeah psychiatric disorder and he wants them was what may well clearly because Edison college summit psychiatric disorder wonderland maybe that's why I think there's that thing called brain rules dot net pretty common for parents teachers and business suit if people would read his book we have a lot less problems in the world as far as relationships and everything suggests continuity you're just trying to hottest book out to everyone well I know I don't know I think he thinks I'm crazy any probably wants to send me some like going to a zoo. Bio I've it's a free lunch and you just awesome yeah. So I find guys yeah he's you know everybody is talking them you know my body Monaro buddy Bob rivers you're Bob oh yes Bob Bob Bob and Asia and yet he says good morning Bob he's the one that turned me onto John Medina so I he in my body Erika -- we're gonna have lunch with them. About that. It's so I didn't luncheon deeds had Smith it's like the exact same thing OK okay you guys your both legs together you both like brings a lot of vitamin B ball sub. Really yeah and that I know what's happening to you we share your food ever so you do your best friends. Easy god yeah guys out. So are you and our. Best friends and blew us all it was the size in my entire body there's no way I can finish unsolved so I was more happy to share the view lady in the transit chorus she started a one and nicer and the other. Kind of a bonus you guys eating a ball the other doesn't seem right well you don't go to goes off Broadway is that right after it all deals on Broadway I've heard good stuff about them blossom was ridiculous guys. There's gigantic. Associates and for me it was more than enough if you and I go to bills on Broadway more now usually share and yet I. I should read pass we got pressured a third to you toss thanks so I think I understand there are no you're you're you're way out Morgan I'll I'm I know everybody's. We did Ted category in your life but I'm I'm getting there I numbers and says basins are no. And I'm sad lonely and turned on. Dude I'm with him on the same ways as people who make their beds and describe themselves as adventurous confident sociable. And high maintenance I got the last parts I know I'm high Maine is that I'm not too sure I'm very adventurous know these are saying yeah none of them and I made the bed in the morning yeah. Yeah you're none of those really annoy you I. It makes you do with your wife still in the yeah yeah yeah. And I were part of the major part of the band he's in bed yes that doesn't count why does not count it's become my eyesight is amazing CNN had this still make the rest of the night goes on to make her happy cabinet make my half the doesn't she gonna have to uncover whatever you made to like. Work and I don't I don't know. The rest remind you heroin live you are so little say come back in they would like but I do Brothers get into an argument against Brady Bunch. And say listen this followed through like a lot of NASCAR that say operation amber as bad as an ally and a mask. No I always do is they just gently take them blankets and I straighten him out and covered up and I mean I don't goes super deep into a but make sure that its present a bull. While I'm hearing guys. There are making the bed and doing my part here's the thing about that make it easier watch out for just like anybody else thinks there's they're great for what they do. Makers will judge you for not making your bed. 42% posts if they were dating someone who didn't make their bed it would be a turn off. Talk Phillies I. I don't know my bat and sometimes on the inside the solid you can fix that because you just me to bad for them you know as he has I got to do but I like us. Until the dust mites of people I seemed even embezzlement and not make you don't think there's pressure to swallow. And yes you're concerned. But all of Islam and I have a guy come into I I I don't in my my wife always makes the dead says little me anymore so I I would I am the test guy commander despray around the house my my best ever made eyesight a lot of us I don't know siesta he's gonna put the trap stop and despite all my work as I was I di donate your veteran Greg this is weird the rest of my house is there is immaculate because we did you know get people gonna clinics are clean and but I'm me and I'll but the does that one part Adams muscle for the man up and that's the only part that slop and he probably does and a slight mother is a houses imaginative. Slobs by your obvious love some are no lights again everything's perfect as a very good point death and dust mites promise from my car. Yeah our guys write a three Islam you are all I know I when I going your cargo he does is so I don't wanna ride with him yes this is why he doesn't do us like a lot of second Vijay is just like. Close say what you're cleaning out there but. Well you're still just say you're a chill and very masterpiece and I just say that yes Ossetia. A bag of us sunsets and there yesterday and really excited about. Do you exist do you think you make your bed your car's a mess. I don't know man I need something where like you just said he needs somewhere in two B Islam and a woman plays right can be a slob and don't have to worry about it upsetting anybody. Is my car I have body like that do ya. Brilliant run and I still have a body like tennis and you talk economics finally getting Steven Ellis is just doesn't do this guy brilliant life really so I'm not gonna say too much because I die I think am I gonna find a dealer known. Is named minister and I know there is famous mister chairman Max. But anyway his house of course it is is immaculate 'cause his wife make sure everything is cool existing Nancy she Nancy guy that's got a lot of money. But he has one place my house his office. Dude it's like importers place man I mean the way his wife's not happy about it but it's like his own sanctum but do you win there and the like then literally you. Hills of paper just I don't know how else just chaos I mean like like you you really could go like Neal and haystack teenage kids jumped in my pile a leaves that's how big stack of papers is on the floor. Everything's all over the floor. I am Ali does it but he's a brilliant guy but he's got down one place and it looks like our hurricane hit it. Your I think yeah we're on to something you have to add that one plays worth indium. S annualized plus users typically just a clean freak I think and I can understand my wife that's I mean there's no secret like messy place is not a single thing are you sure you're not a secret messy place I clearly yes gonna messy husband. I mean I just Harry's yeah yeah the worst thing for a person like her to marry unless you're the secret messy place for real. Yeah and she's on her car for two years I satin and three times flattery you know she really in the car she will lead but typically we're going summer I'm driving. But I like she's you said I studied my car. When he needs like a look at your car this. There's like extreme sour sauce stains on your seed. I love your way so much I really do because it's I feel like these in the conversation I had when your plans for more time there are doing this. This is a plus I did when she gets in your car I know always a struggle that she pulled out one of those all white. So yeah why you sound good. I was so I do better how to get on the plane. You or is that America on the plane until I won't let me you can tell me we're not like you for you guys aren't alike at all you marry me but his own house. It's an attractive awesome woman you're yup that's the difference into that that's the only difference with the rest of it on the inside look at the way I'm BJ there young man. And I know I have I don't you wish a married you but it's impossible job isn't it that's something that you bring you know I also taught in Europe that shows her I just think it's funny that you I was so nervous just like me she is nothing like you she's not you they did you see you. Dude she's your bed she's nothing like you yes the only difference. You're right we don't make me like he needs. A polite you tell us steel plants. Yeah nothing like you've. She's very religious so I think my junior senator. Don't tell hold on a second I'm very spiritual that's just people that say that is not good. Spiritual mutual men and I have urged them to be my eyes tide turn a newly photos or body is still not mean she and I believe in higher saying I don't know I think he just happens now. This year reaching and you just one call I I've had a lot people who wanna be like Hershey and he can be around me. Okay you're right under your mark. Did it Texas has played out like Steve it's your wife's purse that's the mess have you looked into her person he's playing only gotten bigger find anything and our. Downs it's really use the purse. Susan is minimal stuff and there's only go to a sporting event or concert she doesn't bring a purse that is a really good point I I don't know to me when whose purses aren't like a disaster yeah yeah yeah that's amazes me on the secret person then you. You don't get it through the mess. States. I guess about many people who are skipping work they're skipping. Only events there even skipping sex and it's all for the same reason yes. Maybe in America I will tell you a reason at C seventeen on Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. It's not give Iraq on Seattle's football season of course is back in full swing we've got Monday Night Football at talks this week so we'll have a blue Monday. And because of that of course you know. The questions as have you ever stoop to work. Stanley event or six to watch sports. Type thing. They ask us questions stemming yes yeah. Obviously now work for the most part it's just not playing more working yeah so that's gonna happen. Spell out early on in David duke and wrestling gonna meetings have been noticeable thing we're talking about earlier today but yeah sex. Now. Now I quit now even though they don't consider wrestling a sport it's still a big thing that I think you may as you've got some things are ghosts because you've seen some pretty big wrestling events. Yeah I think I'll I mean any time planet's alumni Dodd I guess if I besides the Stanley want in someone I missed out a lot of stuff yeah probably because I opted to do something else yeah so that's surveil you let me. And China sink yeah I hey I think I definitely missed our family stuff CC I think you have because you missed an unfriendly stuff every Easter weekend. Well I play hockey media I guess are technically tying this forum boards more just go get wasted time. Yeah that's that's good honest and you are watching other people play when you in ways and play all yeah. Kinda publicity I really slam was a time in the locker room discretion Beers I seen him doing man are we escapes on him around sporting equipment that's sorted itself thank you. You're right. And you know I I yeah I densely Saddam Stanley advanced who had to do stuff I ask you Don I'm Moreno and social events to. I don't know whenever skip sex because frankly don't they ever return that sounds good now yeah I feel it and with the epidemic DVR. As long as the loses some doesn't spoil informality is DVR and game and then I'll go do what I need to do. There's an entirely wears you wanna get romantic and it's like oh I am I mad men's league game tonight and this is the most I'm like well. And myself are Greg let's go. Yeah it's type are you gonna somebody ought not gonna you Romero neighbors are not supposed to exhaust and tanks if you will you're about to do a sporting drama playing for a contract tying him to your league I had enough I don't care. 63% of people shell more than three hours to watch a game. Oh yeah I don't ask. 61% to spend money they shouldn't have so gosh all the time don't match inspire you see harsher yesterday. 37% of missed work I aids don't know because I'm always able to say it's about working the way. I always use that excuse so I'm taking days off but it's like I'm recover and come back with a great stories right. Yeah S and wrestle mania you know I take all of us are under way to broadcast from there we went on to assume all huh. Just on the radio stations that by could go into mirrored closet with a microphone yeah I'm still be able to broadcast yeah. 34% as of mr. Stanley event yet that's basically me how twenty super cinemas have indeed pass subsites to watch a sporting event. That's a bad dad boy out and only must he insects a lottery don't care about it Mimi Griffin had sex during the games assassinate all I have for you throughout. Guys they're Aaron Gray before half time OK damn she's yeah I was like us wage is right now right now because like our eight taco time on the couch. Arkansans. Get rid of your mute it now Assad distract me too much play a lot of I here gentlemen now has not analyzing something while doing it and so all I didn't make cool smoothness and they're analyzing your best team he's just not making the right place you know training now. There's an end zone violation right there. Not tied and is being penetrated Yahoo! now don't go out there I'm at all. 14% of people ended a friendship. So Sicily he wants a favorites while she had a friendship was an important because any good friend going to be like Jack go watch the game yeah. I depends on the event though. It does he needed I can see other people who are not sports fans going. Really especially this is a regular season game it is hard to tell your best friend I'm I can't be there for usually if it's a regular season games so he's had since I've got a disorderly all the time and then work schedules and they Jason around football season every son and my wife comes down to trying to sex. Just to see if Assad watching football. No oh my gosh this is insane this exercise I was watching the Florida Panthers game in the bathroom. During my mother in laws cousins week yeah that's it. That's where I've kept the apple in the first Seahawks game this or that we're at a wedding. And you say golly gosh is sweating okay he can you be rude not to go. But I was just checking just checking in I was thinking oh man being kind of rude nicer looking around my. Almost everybody was doing it and oh a cabinet because against a good game against the colts had a huge comeback. So yeah and and you saw everybody's died trying to keep their composure but you can see the body language of fear right. So we've become so that's why you know work we shouldn't have to go to events you don't wanna go to anymore I know there's supposedly responsibilities and stuff went. You know they're more more events and people are happening for a nice so dispose of milestones like kindergarten graduation and everything is like now all. You know why does only a few things that I should be therefore I am not everything anymore in the during graduation the match amass a milestone I was very and so on some of my family members and go to moderately early or how last year yeah only actually finally got it done. I tiger just going to kindergarten GD I didn't know you're a senior is freely graduate is Susan they called in sick on an RN and hospital last year psychologically. Wrestle mania 2% of the people of actually dump somebody in order wash their favorite sport. Again that relations had to be on the rocks right how did not mean they'll based oil jumped to they dumped the person to watch their favorite sport that's import I don't understand like if you'll football would or wouldn't worry I dealt don't view but no they don't somebody to watch it. Does that mean. So concerns of course I can see when somebody's a blog she just can we not watch this you know even waste site. Baseball there's a hundred and how has a lot of games under 6262. Games you win hockey over eighty games again and there are times I would pick and choose I. Okay the devils game and actually you know watch. But maybe I don't need to watch the game after that Diaz otherwise is taken up every single moment of the day. Yeah I mean that's the problem some people have with some balls firstly just one day with a fantasy footballers well not one anymore you got Thursday he got in got some day you got Monday. Do we start we do Friday's calls and every start happening. No all right so sister all right so when no win I don't try to ensure things as usual I mean you don't win what are Alan I went high schools once high school football if you're in Texas gas and advance live for a huge thing seriously for a lot of places actually. High school football for president brother of the Michigan vs Michigan State football game playing just after the ceremony at the reception of his wedding. I watch baseball games golf and at a meditation I get my wife I'm taking all 'cause I didn't wanna be a mayor meditating Rachel I'm sure I'll go. Closing the whole weekend meditation retreat or sunglasses whenever she faces on pleasures they would like to meditating OK and I bring my reminds Sauna premiere by in my ear buds. They're pods and I saw on ML BS and the MLB app can actually see. Jesse and meditating that well I really do is drive they don't focus our eyes closed and Orlando and says is they want some Rhonda Rouse he's I want my wife gave birth to our daughter. That's it it's I Iraq. Wow I don't know I can get away with that she's busy doing stuff. She's busy aiding U. Always early in the roof busy any extra nice it's all over the place you hold the phone kind of below her head in all I was like kind of rub on her shoulders she don't know I mean this is yeah. They know they know they always know. Unless awesome I noticed a friend's wedding to see the pros and home shows time mr. you can imagine this you throw them home shows yeah and I mean arguably. Yeah I can't tell everybody you had you she's your personal job issues PGA issues gas if you go Vijay has just got Pearl Jam. And I does a lot of things I was and I was browsing and shows I yeah but I can't no doubt how many times does that happen now that's a whole different story don't play here ever bid to head Steve Cofield. No no I was it was a news historic in my eyes is a huge Pearl Jam fan it was worth it but I Yemen semites and you really aren't even with some big wrestling event stuff and that's rare and I miss votes yeah you know we're on the post and then doing the stuff on the microphones as I lost there's very little things I would keep me from being here. Pearl Jam is Wanda. Yeah. Yeah. I have you heard this because I knew I do do a lot of traveling. And apparently is a growing trend of people drinking a little bottles of liquor in their hotel mini fridge. Then refilling them with peace at a NATO to charge. I am not gonna. And we come to as a society. People are actually peeing in those bottles slow and inviting her back we've lost our minds Vijay as we really have. You know how I just go to a liquor store and then by your boos that way on to pay the crazy prices and I understand their insane. Amount of water. All that's even better you you. Yeah I don't know a lot of well Zohar some of them maybe they're trying to get the color of the wrong. I guess I saw the whiskey and Arnold color is your feeling how intro to ask are you that you can't just. Good on the didn't bring him iced tea insulin without a lemonade policy you know so you don't tricks. Also. A lot of these mini bars and hotels and doesn't matter if you'd be film and put it back. It's always pace of the many you've taken off of death though the the weight thing. Be aware of the refrigerator or little display table as soon as they're touch him moves. Your charged yes so it doesn't matter I agreed. There's one time we went to Las Vegas my wife and I and she's she's picking everything up but just looking at it like here although the value peanut Susan reed like well. Well how many calories are in this post is good all my dad and she's telling me all this and then Dominic. What is taking your visual or somebody who's always sends a little stunned by the entire bar and Josh. That's awesome I know it's not awesome BJ you're tied me your finals accidents. Was actually I saw happening here and our country's as far as I know this happens a bunch hotels in Spain. But I'm betting it's a bunch of Americans trust zealous and can read an article says it's mostly British tourist a news story brick I had no. Wow look at the brits always pretend they're better than everybody else a look at them stealing. Wow. He hotels were popular ambassador party spot so that miners are doing it got a bunch of people don't ambassador parties are trash into this the way to go about it I something that school. Wow and now they really shampoos that top half funny you wash right out. Please nonsense to persuade a sometimes. Guides only in addition to oversee and actually really manifests itself that's why they just so you know you maybe understand it that's why they always changeup to shampoo bottles because of you guys. I was I was what I felt I'd only done that once follow all acts of violence from our bottle and I know suddenly. I'm policies don't try one and give us debt ceiling that saws used shampoo they replace it every day no doubt. So that's what it is they're just in that habit like you said either you shampoo or that it wants to appear on your head okay. It's isn't the only options those the only options so far the hotels claim though you know it's gone on we have acknowledged Trenton new we've caught it in time. No one's actually. Had a simple that ridiculously course and I'm gonna say yeah. So let's go to Spain everybody can guess released to the course really weird just bet a lot of we have people on the planet we do. I know there's a lot of weird people on this planet on CBS MS messages on FaceBook there. Yeah yeah I'm just. I mean here's a question and I again disagree once for me because I travel a lot. If you were evacuated from a plane okay like they always tell you hey here's were all and yes again I'll sorry I you know it's an emergency about Gary sadly similar graduated from playing would you try to grab yourself. Because they tell you not to go oh my gosh out. I know some Minnesota I. And really an iron to 35%. I know what are they gonna do is coming hurry up when everyone's waiting in line to get out anyway. Typically I'm not sitting in the front of the planes and they time they don't want you to bring anything that's the idea you're stuck my heard somebody they just want you by yourself up sometimes our new book my bag underneath the seat in front of me he had you know I mean rules attitude and I see people like you there next to me all the time and I -- you -- break Chris I was on an icon who do you have got started launching this is Sarah your dad used to be in the seat in front of you. Yeah. Do you Alan Ball and also come under a subsite were just friends until they want what's gonna happen if my bag is still under my feet. When we take off I don't know man this is crooked equilibrium of the plain view and ask I'm Russell wasn't your chief of officer he I don't know how to just determined from calls ever you know why did you know travel safely in his revolver the so you I mean there is so different and make your house is burning and essentially as many things out of my house is possible but it's a water landing. Enemy and if you're lucky enough you survive a water landing then nothing you have is gonna be you know and don't take any when you saw the water like Alicia and diamonds are sometimes. Auto I'm died inside their but I can hold above my head as. I just NC yeah. And it's saying yeah as you're sinking I think you wanna think about something besides holding up whatever the hell you wanna keep from getting wide and an MIC consultation and I some going to be able to slow someone hands holds a flotation device the other handles my bag in the area that cellular it's great look flawless logic yeah and that way whoever is fine abolish don't find Russell CB good my hands in the air all yeah they will see no doubt about it Yahoo! they lost a little bright light on your on your life has always you don't have a life -- as you've got the seat instead he would leave yourself on the plane. I think I would have to write I would just I think I would say just my iPhone. But I may waterlogged that's all I'm saying is so it's like if it's an even if they sell water landings here and so all the and its rights annual indexes are irresponsibly. Some facet man's view and I are in the minority everywhere and they see yourself taking yourself clearly on a plane. Well I'd like I have my backpack and that has basically my entire life and and I probably had like snacks and first aid kit so we if we're extremely or desert island I'd be perfect. He's everything your backpack is like another human being you can write and pass a brain. And I didn't do a lot of research on why supposedly imagine under the seat and apparently because seriously why are you how you do that. But it's lake encased there is an emergency don't get stumbling all allow focusing move in they can remain from exceeding prop. Really yes Steve. Sigh and a big bad of snow and make some gentlemen I mean it's it's just a Baghdad my Mac but the lights go out and they and the emerging Danny and people are stupid mile trip over your stuff. I see the window seat national brand and what if you're windows ever come out that window. Sent. Saved and you jumping over it it's helping you. If you adjust over these laws but they began a question before we had the Internet what did you do. Like you all you do is an old mission alive man let me I bullish and humor around we're middle school every time as a question video tunnel designed for low we do that's what everyone does Arnold don't we ask you questions you just look it up yet doesn't doesn't. Any air there is no go back to ignoring your that's your costs. That's river you're gonna. And they rent alone as a child policy had books in a hurry after an LA. I guys. It is time now receive Steve. Is a champion or not. The mornings the early mornings have been tough for Steve. But you know why this time in the morning C does well like yesterday got this one right what is the name of the themes particle might Dolly Parton. Land yeah. I don't Bollywood yeah as. He shares Abu and I really feel like that would be the dummy. You need your shot a BC okay 206421. Rock. Playing Pete makes any 47 and on Iraq. 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