BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-13-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, September 13th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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Anyone around shop just in time for whatever gift giving season you my windows. Because you buy some some of the anything Jefferson for Halloween. Somebody KI SW thinking cap. As a snap back cat. That's old school rock global on the front it's a switch that can happen. Just don't look good on somebody's dome. So I don't while they're still here and they get certain shopping out of the way your inventory numbers don't run around and against them and you guardian it's I know. And now KI SW dot com. Mean. Turn now. I mean we're almost there we're almost there we can taste it. All mode is. What does it taste like BJ tastes like victory and I know. Well there is a name that's what has he now we runaway victory change slash news like Friday meatball subs. Paul Paul Paul Paul get a break and I'm doing and man yeah I was also a man they're meatballs in your owls. Gas gas. Eric's daughter doesn't hey we got Jenny and she while Jenny you there. Are you explain what she played sports. I wanted to clear enough to not be fooled by the rocks in Jennings got a missile. Plus there's a real loser number data I don't know what he's doing away which when he watched. I don't want either way. Yeah. Yeah. So the number of years whenever you're gonna wanna know supermarkets and says hey what side you're near club card and as I got on they know what's your number. Just through this. So you think Sam's idea and I worked for me Korman a person is again ninety crap ton of points. And you know this sign up with that number could she blame for today's Steve Tara second round in sync is seems own agenda black cards are as well as Cheap Trick to get into Washington saves there on September 19. OK I asked are you dot com from the deeds doesn't UNC cheap tricks and Jones and the block party tickets now at the sedar dot com. Sorry Steve Gary. For those playing and don't Ginny will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jenny you can pass all you want but you'll only three guess is her question. Are you ready. And he hasn't hindered me it was the best of times it was the worst of times is the opening line to which classic novel. And I. Ads in the Disney movie Robin Hood what animals player Robin Hood and maid Marian. And yet as aunt. How many weeks does the need ask. Now it's. Yeah as who was the road runners nemesis. I'm. Yeah as what's interest beverage when I had to use the had slogans open a bottle of sunshine. Tour. Yeah now it's. Yes who was The Grateful Dead lead singer and tell his passing. Yeah as who wrote and also starred in the eighty movie in The Blues Brothers. You know yeah. Now that's right yeah as its Spanish flu caused 13 of all soldiers' deaths in which war. You know. Yeah as one. 5678. Per acts. I'm not bash she got all the ones that she was aliens or who is a couple she didn't Saddam might be the deciding factor there you'll see Jenny was unsure as sharp I think estimates of overseas now he might really be embraced. Two losses in a row this morning he might be in big trouble that seems to me yeah you are right. Are you ready. It was the best of times it was installed bush went okay. How wow grows Suzanne was everywhere de Jesus get there next. You know and it's they were aware isn't that big he had to wash that somebody has always apple isn't paying attention to him. Yeah I mean he I'm not entirely my hands nearly Hansen doesn't know and I'm enjoying the hell are you kidding me. Seattle penalty and yet but he's suddenly I'm an original than my parents aren't that great the end almost okay it was the message was the worst of times is the opening line it would classic novel dog wins now. Odds just your city's guest is crazy Disney movie Robin Hood what animals play Robin Hood and maid Marion and tons in as movie Iraq casino Fox News guess how many wins doesn't behalf. For us to ask. Was a road runners nemesis to our Wile E. Coyote as what's interest beverage has used as slow and open a bottle of sunshine settings eat you. Yeah dude who was the grateful that lead singer and tell us that Jerry Garcia as to who wrote and also starred in the TV movie The Blues Brothers and I heard as the Spanish flu caused 13 of all soldiers' deaths and which war plus 1812 now it's not World War I is yes which Nintendo console was released after the super Nintendo and before the game tunes. We know odds did you know it's a game boys now. 1977. Hey Joseph you're only away until your own way if you look back Yassin Steve conditions you win. Nine. Eighties at Disney one nation got downright shouldn't have gotten it. Sorry Kenny and I we've done. I might he might superstition. 47 and I'm saving them big time in the Ella. I am feels Gallagher charged. Move him. Rose is that really mean it was what it was like watching a rain bird it was an ethics knees came out of nowhere and I know tried to convert when you're going to do my car did just fine now you are not things you kind of slumber a little and we all over the place. I play. All I do before they got it all over she's like them I guess said listen you're mum Mary do all old home seriously it's not a big difference this are really big business but that is a really big bin Laden. Thank you how the Nintendo console that was released after the super Nintendo and for the gamecube everybody named Mickey knows this. You know this. Then before after the games you missed it was before the gamecube wasn't at the edges superintendent no command 64 engines and yes or yes I think yes the black. No that's your thinking and yeah guess what you didn't answer it yeah. Another still blows your tour. Are you know I loved games you've really like I feel like it because had to teeny tiny disks yeah I wish I just got lost everywhere. I can totally chase and never our law silenced them. Well yes assessed he knows it's up we never lost some casinos that are the neighbor's house to play that well. Right that was my name's John earlier idea love all of those congratulations Steve you won an anchor act unease caller number nine you are checking now Joan Jett and she triggered the Washington state fair. Caller number 9206421. Rocket. Well is the first match of the season. Bring up these red entry word oh reason being is. You know we say that there was that movie was a demolition man I forget which one was with a winless semester slower toggle always every store I. Everything was Taco Bell. Let's get your I had gas so that was the future they say his all every store every restaurant is all going to be Taco Bell basically. Amazon is trying to be that particular movie because now they've announced. They're going to be selling lives this important live Christmas trees this year. You can order a life Christians Jews from Amazon they'll send you a seven foot tree that was shot down less than ten days they don't Jersey real. Yeah sounds weird coming in online Christmas she likes it she's gonna knock you directly under your Christmas tree. How close you are you guys think they also lives they didn't say real day and always so this CA is a Christmas trees. I could this one that was a that was all of these assay live trees that you might be right ladies and really it just sounds funny when you call it a lot as Chris it's coming it's set to reach Sheldon by cutting and out of the ground needs to know. It's very solid fresh Christmas tree. Shocking veterans don't lie is either way it's only a 115 bucks haven't delivered to your house and if you're a prime member like me. The delivery is free to pick it up and afterwards the rose out when you're right Steve that would be a great service there's. I mean supposedly the trash is say they're supposed to do for you but I don't know I I always see people. I'm I'm now at some line when they entry in this. Do you guys prefer the artificial trees are you guys like you online streams I'm course Sony. Tony Fisher he had some of caesar's perfect every time and I mean it clean up the pine needles after this season I'll learn things you know you get those little things a little sticks and make its knowledge a refreshing every person every awesome I I but I'm not opposed to know if I Muslim the fun of going to the trees arm in getting the tree and putting it out I do enjoy that and we were all about that until one time a Spider-Man in the street below and freeze my wife I'd say don't look real true commitment to real Christmas trees that's awesome. Yeah just a really expensive over the years like fifty dollars for tree. Why I only know that because the jets Chris and I we have a tradition every year we we go get drinks and there you'll get a tree and walking back to his house soon do you go by energy guys shot down. We know we don't place free you British side of cancer and security Siberian Don it because we go to these for Christmas and so. All you got a lot may be viewed as the most like obsessed with Charlie Brown style they say it's the worst of the worst ones and nobody wanted to gas. DSL this class and I really wanna buying him as my parents it is like a Christmas tree kind of clock thing aegis pain ORN. Goes. And the tree is done it all decorated you don't have to worry about it. That's boring part of the fun is decorating I knew I agree no pine needles no I can heat artificial trees is your handle gross Sanath crazy girls and especially true when you stored in stuff just it's grossly wash your hands I know why don't want to gross. That's kinda the weird metal part in exercise just Kennedy cared derail a rose. She's Jerry series every business with several owners who was injured for six years and there are many issues and what are you doing with your Christmas she'd always. Akron when my story I don't yeah. Yeah. We have the same tree. We have the same tree that we bought my wife and our first got merry winter like basically like a dinosaur. Went back in the day thirty over thirty years our tree is older than the kids wow and we use it every year it's a dinky little small thing that the through big box is so it looks like it's a normal sized tree that's funny it's really cheesy looking compared to waiting game now for trees. I'd like it's it's the first thing we got like to have your first Christmas together is a couple of your first married. That was a we did we well modest atrium we still use it every year even though it is a linguists look at thing ever tried to do to say trees. Halloween treats and Chris how strong minus. When that yeah for Halloween and all I'm street yes I like it has orange lights in the night and they've made. The Halloween decrease do you keep it up for the entire Halloween season and Christmas yes I do it's when he was like Michael's of one of those places that sells like everything that you don't need the UN by India that night and they have a whole section now all holy sanctions. And they have like those ceramic houses that we could my wife Clijsters and we get us around us for. Christmas we have like a whole thing on a table all these estimates the whole city and how much their personal hockey scene that's kind of cool. And for our Colleen as well so we nobody brings you trees also. Off for Christmas tree on the regular trio we have a do artificial one and then we have the Charlie Brown Christmas tree I kitchen table and nice I'm not gonna get that and eventually round she's tired because that was such a big fan of that I watched that ever since I was a kid. See I'm stoked because as the first year we have the house and think I'm gonna go agree is wall and get a real tree and I don't. Sorry yeah I did that once and then it was will likely and they it was nice that onetime job and I'm my own entry into an all happened. Following a pain in the ass like yeah I'm done I'm not Jim Woolsey how words sound mean we've got the cats I don't think it'll be around industrial last very differently since we made it like you know let's bring your kids out of the tree farm and make an adventure that one time and I was just do you guys that one ornament that you always opening up. Oh yeah furry guy and I do Nam I've got a Doctor Who tar disarmament. Slump put that emphasis Sausalito Eddie go because they always have a Christmas episode so really goes oh yeah it's a wait till the day after Christmas we'll get. So that's my favorite ornaments my time in general Thomas figure that's a Christmas or is nothing Christmas about a little looser Thomas and it oaks do you treat all really solid as a Christian it's funny when I think about is really nothing Chris we see amount of that the war hawk so you get you are you treat. As back and had dreadlocks are all very terrorists. It's been a hole that was happening as they might not gonna be able to hang up Earl Thomas Christmas on solutions and just and so immunology and to be real you should actually put it up on December 27 involve all guys can. Because we have presumably they're for Christmas because he's all that plays out he's their man gays are okay yeah. All right and don't have a couple weeks before Christmas and that's what it is he's there in time for Christmas to you can't have a before. I thought his hair or is there I. It's an exact match and just save the hair off. We or get a pay you know get a you know did John Schneider knew Josh senator ornament they both be negotiating industry I don't believe they make it John Snyder Christians and creates a sense to see our when I guy's human this good rob why does yeah and ornaments. Our it is time for listeners on the loose. This is your opportunity if you think we cannot do a good show me what you get to actually you know I mean c'mon they're unsure you take the top two guys to show her 206421. Rock you also Texas 77999. Whatever you wanna talk about its listeners on the loose your calls your Jackson 917. Camerota. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Nine point nine OK I. Seattle is listeners on the news front you buy machine company listeners on a list where you pick the top thank you guys to show at 206 point 21 Iraq. You also Texas 77999. Whatever you want to talk about. You get to run the show itself to be something new something mold and every so often get like there is one rule would seem has done. Some ruby Genesys shares of energy and bring it otherwise. Save guiding your brother borrowing turns to OC Schwartz who won rock Texas is 77999. Listen olds in some water Colmes you are on the Iraq. Hello all you know what goes I don't know who I'm excited press and a precedent and goes out here on the rock. I'm stuck eject Isner. The aggregate talk about cricket street and I heard about it really amount cool parent company out. England alert they don't actually cut the recount what they do what did they like through all her don't think I'd been. They don't jump straight into delivery to your house so retreat and they pick it up after Christmas and then you're treated like keeps on growing. Sort they include the planet somewhere and let it hang out in them when this Christmas again they take that same tree bring him back to your. I I'm not quite sure on how he knew it when I son. Looking I'm ready blurted it out like a big eighth all around the roots and budgetary climate and an eight. Like wind or whatever they do to transplant trees flailing and indeed the same kind of technique yeah. Here's a Steve is right they probably just re planet somewhere else so that it doesn't die a brand name again new batteries and it is interior of the Williams concern extending the roof of your house. One you you can't go until you get them and their small and then it's cool pretty good like I am an acute or Turkey young age ending your tree can grow up with your kids there are quite the birthday your kids in broad retreat. Kuhn its and win win this and I'm during yeah. There Heidi I'm dog or plan an outsider and it sounded cool if you like after so many years the bar of breaking your treats you know own it and you play it in your yard. You know I got. I did I read go to Chris Vista its highest it sounds. Stretch it sounds quaint and you're also are you not cut intrigue around that really goes on spouse and I Daria industry's been growing with our children are you not to roll your eyes. I did the Emmys I industry alive and every plan the and so you grow out in the woods and you know be on its own if they explained to me this is the same live tree that we had every year like Greg Norman there and they go we've had this entry for ten years and they show me pictures or whatever they've done you don't think that's cool I think that's really cool okay if I don't I don't think it's cool I mean I would roll my eyes I I'm usually. I think there's something about that disease called me but I pray every night it's weird but cool okay. And that's when you can you can do and like the best thing to do is just kind of outside in your backyard if you and the space because it just looking growing into confirmed he has. The law school lunch little animals and birds and then it's good for agents. Yeah we know that I don't think that's what's it like why it's like instead of going to. I'm confident this student returning everyday I go oh. But they can't they get up every year I like the idea that you see bringing him back and they bring in fact it's the same tree of course I'd card my name and they're to be sure because they should try to trick me and I wanna make sure it's like very someone's animal died and unanimously dislike it I think I don't why don't they aren't usually AM I was dream the legislature has no giant BJ and the emergence. Who generates. I say about not harassment sources you guys see Aerosmith was on Jimmy sound playing on kids toys it was also owns. Yeah I heard about this but I have not heard the audio yet. Object to use a lot so this is undecided I have seen them do with other people and I think it really is so I just think those kids toys singles I love songs and songs like that. And just playing a song on there and they did it I love that Chrysler is playing I shaker but the shaker is inside one of the indeed issues anonymous and my DNC doing walk this way. Follow that pretty clever yes so yes or rude so long without Jimmy Fallon and of course a Steven Tyler was there I can see right. Yes he is our Daryn they're encouraged him god there's our Joseph Barry also it's a whole gang yeah looks like I don't yet there's Hamilton in the back getting at the hope and all that's awesome that is very wrinkles that adolescent and tonight show. Aerosmith shown up Jimmy Fallon the roots playing walk this way with kids equipment. That's awesome that is true and sassy gay and that was less and it's a nice show Aerosmith joining Jimmy Fallon and an exam room solely and hold an Aerosmith. Playing watch this way on classroom instruments they kids' classroom instruments that is really really cool I love. Comments and you choose a mrs. Joseph Perry doesn't look to a museum doesn't he looks very serious or knowledge and then there's about Bernie Sanders on the right is having a blast. Edwards for involved they are all guys. I mean seriously Aerosmith started doing their business in the school in the in the early seventies in my maybe even formed a band in the late sixties the we started hearing about him in the seventy's they're a young back then yeah the identity towers or seventeen when they started statutes and Harrison there are very old they're not like growing The Rolling Stones they're up there. That's pretty awesome though yeah. I gotta hand it to Jimmy Fallon I don't know who started this whole trend but. Yeah because Jimmy was too on the late show you know look a little late late show Rebecca called on merit NBC after Jay Leno for many years. But he has revolutionized the talk show game the late night talk show game yeah the guys on yeah he's made it really fun. And Jay Leno said 8080 said that the reason I goes I can do would Jimmie does I gotta go for. You know it's I think is much crap as Jay Leno gets for all that Conan stuff he hated the tone Jimmy Fallon does a different kind of show that is the show the people once I can't do that kind of show. And he's doing a great job manga for Jimmy I it is Seles who is on the loose where you pick a topic you guys to show 206. Oh ports one rock Texas 77999. Or because mortgage acts at 933 on Iraq. And they eggs morning. Rock and 99.9 K I guess W all the. Quite nice day. W Iraq Seattle its listeners don't lose your big topic you guys to show which rose six fortune one rock Texas and 77999. That's nice sunsets and have a tough time in my life right now dark time in my life I love to hear you guys I give me some strong words a let me show I listen every morning all right well first off when every haven't dark times. Just know you're not alone that's a cool thing if you can realize a lot of people go to some bad stuff and anybody would slow descent love your way man which means you're not alone side I would I would say just listen to our show more and realize that you're not stupidest defense and that life is a clearly battery doesn't wanna think about my misery is no reasonable man united has an eye sees as the -- thing that got us as well as son as an awesome and I know that feeling and make almost go do that at some point you just hope you come out of it stronger and snow that. It's gonna pass and hopefully passes quicker and you won it here you know I mean let's. It's it's never fun and I always trying to find ways is this funny in my mind occupied and do things that keep you busy highway nine dwelling in and sing in a room just beat yourself up over something you really shouldn't any wife wannabe music movies. Gonna get lunch and some friends or dinner whatever it may be but just trench rang several debut and bring out. And there's nothing wrong with admitting you know like K I'm not okay but that's OK everyone like your saying has these moments and you gotta do it's going to be best for you whether it's you know also going out getting hobbies and joint company of friends but also therapy has really been a really huge. I held in my life so I always recommend not for people. Danielle and ads talking to somebody and here's the thing man Tom if you're a person that wants to be supportive. To somebody has gone through a hard time. Don't try to fix it. And I Telus got us guys is so I think a lot of isn't a lot of the studios and our lives really train as well because how many times as your wife's. Said to you I don't wanna fix it just listen to me. It's something that we can really do it's easy sale would sit there and you know hey dude I'm here I don't know what I can do to fix it but I can surely be here with you and that goes a long way. Yeah because I think I knew he can detect the DS submitted and they you know they're they're they're they're like okay you're just saying this is you just trying to get me out of my right leg you're lying to me another yeah now I'm an I'm one room Moses and artists and plays music canyon hop performance and he was really down after it and he's like man I was bad no. Well he's ever wants is some news good and always bad in my controversial man. Wasn't your best performance pages the size and it was a thank you for not love me. I think those awful weather was definitely not yeah I can tell you were not fully and then invested in every BS for awhile and SATA bunch Olazabal and tiger wasn't his best performance now and they only three people were just trying to ice. It was fine shut up kind of yeah and that's pretty seriously shut up your problems not warranted and that's never a right way to do things he had during your desk or vice. And I would Vicki said it's okay to not be okay it's been it was a rallying cry. Some mental health industry and suicide awareness which of course is the big week for that. I would also like to tell you about what cycle I'm listening dot org. If you missed our big broadcast on Sunday so many great people came together including a lot of social rock community. I mean no Eric from shine down and of course Mike Chenault and other guys from Pearl Jam a lot of folks talking about dealing with. When times are not good in your life and and and they all have them I mean there's there's some great stuff on that site checked that out soon man. The city and find somebody who can be would you like Steve said and help distract you do some fun stuff launch whenever a hobby something. It will be OK it really will because it is okay to not be OK you're not going to be happy all the time that doesn't mean you're not okay. In the brilliant resume of one Jessica I don't both do you laugh because I feel sorry for her. I don't know what's government anytime it's this is her own she's she's put ourselves in this. And for punishment I guess. Lewis is on the loose you picked that topic you guide to show into 06421 rock Texas 77999. Citizen may zero Motley crew and I did I saw this tweet that just came out from our boys Vince Neil today the front we don't Molly crews said they signed a continent and not getting back together and exactly where he's going tore the matter. Well this is exciting news I'm going to be going back in the studio and a few weeks of the boys to record for a new Motley Crue tracks rocker on how are they now go toward those homers this season comeback concerts in a restaurant or somebody were believing and I I. I would I would lean towards this is well stacked in this could possibly be part of so Motley crew the dirt movie that they're making. Neo is based on. Yes I mean this band Motley Crue fest coming out a full cinematic films are maybe they're doing some stuff for the movie and then adding some new songs from the soundtrack. Could be floor throwing others say screw we want more money were putting up some new music plus a what is they did a Vegas residency because that's technically not touring. Solid point and then I mean it's kind of sneaking around the rules word lower or hearing a little bit on the what they send their budget. I mean people would goes AMR I would see him but you when he did a whole contract embattled in my life I'm not gonna be mad at daybreak just kind of course. Right get your and a Motley Crue why would you be upset that they wanted to pour more. That was not let him and he said they did do residency there a little while I mean a long time ago when like maybe a decade ago. Now a lot of people are you know a lot of people like Rem would like to you'll see him again so why not a job I mean I went Arnett last four and how would be upset like when sport until ripped off. Because I would when students are constant regardless it was last work now. This is also. Saudi nerds guys here we Dario again and general he saw this but I'm residents mean he's in sees this is your spirit I'm 100% right Seattle ties do you know baseball player Brandon McCarthy yes well he's just retired yet and bring this up because he retired with the greatest that's ever. He's gonna finish his career with. 69 wins and afford twenty ER. No way hey it's. Cost them. That is fantastic and he was able to see all that stuff. And go this is the time to leave yeah I mean I don't know it was intentional but when you look at your stash like should I retire should not let you see that yeah. During one foot out the door screw it and it now do I think him because he probably was at 69 wins before he got to 420 that's my bank he probably saw that coming down the pike first. And then you know man what a great idea if you're ERA is anywhere. Wow you wonder you know sometimes it's sometimes managers will bring you win leave you win let you do personal goal things like last night there was almost no hitter by a guy and the twins so of course they left amid an even though he'd thrown a ton of pitches. Do you think somebody's cool enough because I mean the easy on the brakes on Thursday was yeah because the British are actually contention so I don't know if they would have done this but I. I had a vision when he eighteen and he has six wins three losses I grabbed 492 ERA in these relief pitcher I yeah yeah yeah he's actually Brandon McCarthy used to be a guy that some people thought it was going to be a really dominant closer but I don't know I never really worked out for him a long term he's great on sweater series funny gas but I love the fact dead. He had to go to somebody and tell them. Right he had a cinema guys the brace because you know if they'd probably died doesn't matter they're gonna have to do their playoff rosters he's probably not gonna be on an anywhere I need one more win yeah let me just go out and it's the you know of the administration still fighting for first place so they can't mess around that much but in this particular instance you'd like to think that their manager. Everybody was cool on tourism 69 wins in man he's close to Ford Swanee what do you say. I love this. That is fantastic that is I love and I think just relax you got to do I don't think it was well known as ever done that 69 was an afford to a lawyer ERA he's got to be the only guy. I don't know did implement also mounting debate this not a baseball writers you guys are hilarious. Stayed they should at least give some sort of honorable mentions that you're right nobody well which is why also I would never be considered to be a sportswriter. That would vote on the Allstate is I would beat out dials and mom hello and. 69 when you see if you know baseball is trying to be cool to the younger set. How they've they've been trying to do that for the U I hope they really blow this up. I really really do because it's funny it's cool. And even the think he's a Denny's the world would have the last and go he got 69 wins and Z arias for twenty terrible on the there was a blast some on the social media is and maybe are on your phone and just says you know Bob Brennan Brian McCarthy. A front approaching his 69 win I would watch that game yeah if you zoom part of put an end and a boy I need to see if he's gonna get. And then you might wanna see your runs scored because maybe I don't know where he'd be like what legitimate force when he or does intervention was scoreless inning to get the fourth twenty feet away you're like Rudy forum and unlike Molly crew he needs to sign a contract that says he never comes just. Record he has job and I hope he gets a career outside they better put a minister guy I don't think Jim and announcing jobs joked I'll make it seem in the playoffs like they used they have been as you know they always have those tables Pete Rose you gotta bring to McCarthy's funny as hell. He should be commenting on the post season but they got a tournament you slice it now inside this job and that's as I wanna hear for Brandon McCarthy mr. CC 920 guys. I here's a question Korea. What do you Ryan castle. And Eminem is having comments in. You find out at 940 eighths on the Iraq. Nine point nine KI guess W all. He. Can yard sure. And Eminem's haven't comment on tonight and I know my closet. Oh yeah. There I seem to do that once I says he likes to bring both parties to look cool and we. A mixture of trying castles to parties. Yeah now do I have to bring both given parties like you locally anyway are rerouted through BJ he shows up like five fax permanent ceasefire saying got a smattering here and the Eminem's buffet enjoy it. A guy named Stan love's most cars I. And they melting season now smiley is hands. That's the moment I'm soars 50% true did. Oh that's just where how. It's very early. Well Eminem's you know they wanted to keep thinking about because source exit except for those disturbing images made by mr. castle. And it got new internationally inspired flavors that they've just league's. After that they've got Jeb tee and Eminem. But instead than any English toffee. Like your puppy and Eminem guy I don't think you can miss Medina Eminem's but they're gonna get a shot and I'll try them and I love. Everybody is nice. Not just I just won a lot of fun. Saying. They say the Chicago early next year so they go right you and I'll bring to a party and you. So little they can. Us right Cassel he's gonna make your radio melts because he's got to order and and made some. A phrase or word that like it really sounds good when someone says it like and I can't explain it is what I want to Asia he won the big things right now. And wait shaver hasn't. I hate that they like me singles at audio form. I think I biology just please do your body sings I'm still not making many houses and little Bob Ross enjoyed any. Crimson houses let's move on how high were you oftentimes see her. And made some. I'm point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from a listener. If I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous. Going to court is never something we. Something receives you do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only have to attend one hearing at the courthouse. Of course I'll be there with you and when you go to cortisol before and the judges actually was the trust he pars the trustee's attorney. Wanted to be one of the things this. This critical of bankruptcies if she's here you are turning in their porn all America all your information. This all your assets and all of your creditors that's what we're trading for your discharges your true and honest. I'm disclosure of your assets and liabilities and sort of court hearing it's just usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we put. That's where there's all the information you're given record in your attorney is. Flash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime Ted choose the right chapters dot com yeah. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.