BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-18-17-6A: The Seahawks won over the weekend but it wasn’t pretty.

Monday, September 18th

News and sports. Seattle came in at #1 for cities that love the cheeseburger. Eddie Vedder played guitar with random street musicians.


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Yeah Gladstone because there's analyze and an ideal widely human Amy very closely to support another nutrition teacher and I just wonder how you've had this in man's son needs he said listen remains well I mean since last year. Really I never saw before I had that I remember I'm I'm pretty sure we've had this conversation last year. Can you tell us your I know I'm not give you our time you are well I'm busy might have warned that once then all of us know what doesn't warrant a few times during the season you're just. Sure there isn't a lot of our shirts and they know they're not coming out of the woodwork again there are some of them are you know there there in hibernation until the season starts I needed to ask for some see concerts for Christmas or something because I hear you all the ones and I'm lying around them yeah maybe so do you got a lot and I still I'm a well. I'm still adequate now they're out there another advantage into blue Friday and blue Monday and probably not. Before they change there did their Jersey schemes and very intuitive in this stop to this one up bad guys too many Seahawks are at a Yemeni man and the ones that aren't even. Officially sanctioned by the team all the ones you got the especially countries exhibited discount now he knows it also like some people create again NC shop and have a funny shirt or are you and I had a couple must actually I've got too many serviceman ma'am I don't know what to do not enough time. When I do now I just wearing him against good for you buddy debt so the odds celebrate these huge. Brooke crushing victory that's about it. Credit just dominated common good as soon as it's. Domination Monday's we will show you how we will beat UST superior team I mean I should add today off. Are very wild will what are they need to fix about it I mean things grates and throwing a practice is this week really when you think about it I mean does go read the big guys will see on Sunday. Irony and causes make in the Super Bowl rings for the Seahawks now asked that might as well I mean get a jump on it and because I think we've seen the most dominant team in football and Abbott yesterday and I mean that is just exactly what you wanna see this fiance John well we know night in game two of the pre season really well or as is actually I'm Howard and that's always game six of the three seasons as we can place for other ones and then we have the first two. Many feel good though to see the Packers in their asses kicked. Yeah I think they did Dedham Massachusetts and beat us yeah sorry guys I would soon get their -- us like all right you know why everybody's figured it out kind of sort of thought I saw that is a different thing like a while literally had their asses handed to them and we can you beat them are unsure about that aren't unsure about yesterday's energy shows were on the rise unstoppable all it's so funny imagine because you watch some commentators don't. While there is there are veterans are now they yours plus Terna Nande employees doesn't matter really doesn't. Well it is a good things happened sorry Chris Carson and he looks great yeah there's a long got caught the ball that was cool Paul Richardson got a guy deal maybe we should break the fingers of all the players on the team and I guess that's what's needed in order to catch a wet ball apparently so I'm Elliott a boy they sure called drinking I was thinking the exact same family of annual can teach him how to handle web also be Vicky. I really get a handle and what balls while they go see that we have our own expert you know I don't know why they didn't you were gonna do with self defense Sampras and they're and so there are some good times grizzlies general and they wonder why and how to reach. And never let him go Jason Williams went into free oh I just seemed like he had. Yeah I they don't teapot from gloves and news catching everything I heard also that he did actually consult thinking many times although okay and Jason were going to be wet ball situations I don't those and that's when they got rid of him and you know there's going to be some kind of scandal on the real backlash. But now we could we could use and Steve. Could then use him yes yeah. Hey I don't know if this started on twin peaks. Because basically. You know any better made an appearance is like he was some sort of folk singer guy just in the middle nowhere. When news of the road house on that show and now wondering his ads transformed him into a street musician any better. Steve let's say all about this he's got his four C seventeen. On the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. Fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there are. Any available this early in the morning and this is news weeds teammates. Thanks guys things. Sports clubs for giving us news and sports and I think it's a day that we can all rally behind. Abbey National chief per day everybody. And you know I don't there was a big serving as an about cheeseburgers and assays she's very day you know what the number one hamburger loving US India's. The number one hamburger loving US city is. I'm sure you spent a lot of time reading she's currently whatever she's on tonight I visited the survey I'm trying to figure shot I'm say Chicago Chicago you would be. Long Danny I tried all Austin. I'm thinking well it's wrong Graham San Francisco strong solid Seattle. It's like no real number on we have a number one hamburger loving CDs yeah that's. That is a male I would never picked us I don't know what I get to allow for you congratulations Seattle. Here's the number one hamburger loving US cities in America where a lot of calls for a list joins us. Yeah you also may I mean I I don't always go first half and how we ran for Moammar local link in like little ways and places like that but maybe that's why I Philadelphia was number two Boston number three Baltimore number four and Miami at number five yeah on the moon water and they also ask people what donate their favorite burger is now remember he's gonna probably be more of a change types were murdered in low what he's heard six iron along those lines any guesses on what number one burger. Check with a big Mac break no guess number ten. Stay low supersonic cheeseburger sizzler so I think she's very not even top ten sorry harmful lots are. Walked her Wofford tonight even cracked the top ten all. There's always number six are okay man grabbed her. It's a no no my knees had a double Decker run double stack know and I know Bob Bailey dinner. Very big grip on single team and a 9% enough. Our number one and announce double double. All you guys say this it's so bizarre that we're number one fan who was number two and three Philly and Boston. No legs the most famous burger and yet people travel to that place are a good job so that's how it's done yeah number two is amber read five guys. So obsessed Todd knows little about any better a better is a big Chicago Cubs fans the she was in Chicago watching the game when they did because the ride their rivals the cardinals beat continue on Friday night nice games and he still a lot of people leave the game don't go hit the bars are wanna go celebrate not any better. He decides to hit the streets. Just surged jamming with street musicians. Me prices. Jay from Wrigley Field you're walking around here early in the game if you notice a guy he's on guitar with the guys playing drums. And you hear this. An instrumental version. Sure yes there. A little crazy busy here people are singing along its own people watching. But I must awesome awesome experience for anybody that was there at some guy like listening right across the street from me. Feel it's it's a no Joseph get a better and so players show outside my window would some. Some kids what a guy can die happy what an amazing experience I don't imagine for like I usually hear some two random guys playing music. Price Sox enjoy a good and bad but I time it's any better. This court Garamendi very don't have before like you like in Venice Beach I've been part of like this you just sort of laced users to sing along. When people just gather around so I just feel really good home. Sauce and actually it's kind of like you feel like hippies it's really I mean you just pissed off I was like what's going on in the moment as well people it's when Jews is real judges jamming out a great tune. And today you know I was like wow this kind of fun just people you don't know we're also -- want to -- Tyrone Tuesday super superstar Nick Collins in just walking around a mentor once I can be looking dudes and they value and come jam with us by the river. So where's Steve what does it no DL but it really is Josie says you don't find those nice young man. And when the greatest plants in my life just general and all these dude season 5000 meter Ridgway story I'm like oh plus all that was and still be I would be here now when they why you couldn't got a way I see your point out there are out there Osmond and being buddies had them for awhile. Let me know that there are great guys a starter Steve got a bandage a band and everything was awesome. There is time for starters he's made more this is. Your life of death has been there is that your and there are going to be some videos on the beach county and ice age that's exactly how bad that is insane if you Senegal that's. Any better. Please click maybe fifteen people. That's awesome I don't even know I mean just give him an impressive streak. Awesome I'm alive and he's got quite a life of a good drummer you get to see you generate any better you do that's pretty cool and video for perfect yeah I'm now and I mean you might get bigger tips is that right if you put a sign up would you put aside have gone off the drummer in jail one day you better tomorrow tension in my chest and placed shirtless all the time they -- crowds. I don't know if I'm going to. High above those kiosk guys yeah and yesterday. Juan did you guys. I mean it's fine. Points but some people I think remember the sky is falling for gas for some issues but again than data did win twelve to nine over the 49ers any injury Carroll said there was left. Doesn't tough ones but they ended up with the Big Three and finally scored a touchdown really tough. So there's eight. Quarter of play nice and investment last OJ recommendation about a couple more touchdowns with and dropped balls now don't jump balls in the way into the end zone knows it was tough at times offensive line. Struggled at first and they they seem to get it together towards the end of the game so that's nice but again it's against the 49ers so. We'll see what happens in the end of that season goes along but I Paul Richardson making a huge touchdown grab at the end of the game turns up and he scored that touchdown with a broken. Finger your. Hey did dislocated finger and that hadn't been really was one of those homes and compounds known so he had they killed some other ones I think it's just something itself. Good stuff. There's stuff I thanks Steve good stuff yeah I did call Richardson talking about the. Are you man numbness in my hand earlier in the end there. We had a game and so that was released some hours I was making sure it allows whereas and using UV units and its. I'm Scott and he wasn't very then yeah he's jealous is covering your stringer says you see things here when you say yeah right maybe I'll come from Castro since the rain I don't know I love the this was kind of funny I mean I understand that he's busy in probably celebrating and things are gone on the this is the end of this clip he's talking about dikes game winning touchdown and teaches us that I was pretty hilarious. And I didn't see Americans I saw him to play nice of them into escape as throw and I couldn't see anything so I don't know any muscles are great ball player new policy and download. An instant replay those new doing other stuff. Every man phonies you know he's gay got tires and the stuff he's he may find an Apache gun. I don't know it's a busy busy Marriott dot tied it twice I. I don't diver replay numbers on you were gonna be drawing on some of the negatives from night game but there are some positive agenda defense looks great you guys and I mean by Wagner was at that intersection in the fumble that thankfully Richard servant yeah. Hard for as far as that rookie running back. 93 yards and twenty carries a mean especially some of the solution at the end of the game that was very important towards them winning again it's just on the clock and that was nice Russell Wilson's feet seemed to be out working really well yesterday that was nice. Yeah I saw it anyway Russell so I could run last year. Yeah well I always say to him we know not anywhere SNL last year we singer Christiane good run last yeah that's good that I can run this year and so true I mean that's how backward that's not a touchdown happened because he was scrambling around and it's nice. I don't know I saw somebody it's about Blair Walsh you know that was dad's. Colin is getting into it what. And Susan won't that was not a legend and that's the reason why they got to because that didn't happen too much last year yeah that's funny how people forget certain things. I will say I mean instead of image into the game but it frustrates me is they may continue from further away now. Yeah they you know and I I wish they would just give it to listen to say look at seven points. And they're not even have to point out tonight and so much they gave me I let my dad is always a beat him into three point lead in the right before finally itself. It does add value was not my grammar yeah. As far as other games that we dimensions and a division I got about the Redskins beating the rams 47 point one need titles and and beat the colts. Sixteen to a third team now one went into overtime. Bob Astros clinch the AL west by sweeping the Mariners here I say seven to one marry is not good times are losing again there are 74 and 76. Four and a half games back from the wild card spot yeah. And my dad said they've lost their last three games hopefully they'll turn around they did well against Texas the last series and played Texas again. Starting tomorrow and I'm not mistaken yankees and twins are playing so the Yankees can be up on the twins that'll help America. It's fun hopefully so let's see you guys think of when they don't win. Sound here's how a club record unbeaten streak to thirteen matches in a scoreless draw against IFC Dallas on a Saturday night. Huskies improve your fourth one they got to go and huskies' game never been husky stadium to watch the Huskies play and I was Astoria awesome experience. Awesome awesome college five Washington detailed in his twelfth dad everybody had a great time just crush in the years walking around with their purple solo cups. It was awesome man had a great time at the huskies' game. Bomb and bomber whose trust wrestling fans professional law wrestling Pressler. Manager announcer Bobby to bring you need all wow announced yesterday at the age of 73 dead in about an official cause dad. But he's had some serious throat cancer issues I mean I really seen pictures of him. And the last few years he does not look anything like what he once did produce. Surely one you most entertaining wrestlers of all time wrestling figures tomorrow I'm just funny off the golf. Com a bad and just try a lot of mob smiles almost wrestling fans I was real bummer of a year. I as far as whether 69 degrees and showers today and thank you Matt and industrial past me for giving us news and sports. Well we have -- euros CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin who and did a segment on Friday after I guess repeatedly expresses love for quote. The First Amendment and boobs. Which is eight NI CNN I guess just Mosley knows like what the hell's going on here and I guess is famous clay Travis from fox Sports Radio. And add him and some guys from ESPN's management guys community has been talking about all the controversy that's happening these days yeah I guess they were talking Benny ESPN reporter who tweeted about president trump being a white supremacists and she's an African American reporter. Ask for ES PNC issued an apology ESPN's Edward Cole who knew we accept your apology and so everybody is trying to move on. But these guys are talking about it and then clay out of the blue is just like you know and I think I wanted to make. Make this statement that I love the First Amendment and moves. I believe completely in the First Amendment. And didn't moves as the only two things I believe a 100% and in this country. I'm hearing you correctly he's below is he DL all BS I then moves and by the way Jimoh. Here who IMAX and I must do notice that he went straight to that. Yeah you're you're actually I don't think isn't as we consider that and I'm on national television and with a female Hollis. My idol and the radio I guess it's true that's what I do because I like movies. And the First Amendment which is exactly what I said. I'm sorry I have learned I mean brought up to had a anyone's and I mean brought up in this I'm done is this is done in this conversation overt yanking my aches after. I. Seattle on that was entirely inappropriate and it just took me 3 AME minutes on May second it's like led television happens new thinking here's something you're not entirely sure. And then you realize happens. So I apologize. However ask appears on you can yank my in my career highlight moves in the First Amendment yeah this guy. I guess our producer was in her ear Chris you put up a big statement I love on the outside and and and said that they were in bed all a little comfort in the control room saying. Same Boozer boobs can you clarify did he say Boozer bruiser that's choices like DO lows each year boobs. The you know any side he's a radio guy but these Sports Radio guys my gosh if they're not to leave money on the table for some prostitute there was a massage man you know Imus I should have gone wrong place at the wrong time and I know wants is part of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen our guy you really sorry I Eminem Rihanna seriously. Look I do is gonna show when I go on CNN. I you know I'm just. I am not I don't know unless you try to be like the Howard Stern but then again you're on. Sports Radio you know I've seen powers are what do you do when I watched it he put up something of course he's milking this for already Canada and that's exactly why he did because you can see if you watch him his leg. He's terrace go video that he put out there insists he wanted to attention and that's okay and am I doing he's got us was a nice it all the time you know your race itself. He got what he wanted I guess is it addition I don't know what is gonna get from here but there was. I gasoline he had he did they got to go in and pulled the my god and she got a text from packed and it's our own people like saying hey things are shutting down a jackass and I'm thinking. Hacked and it's horrible bump on pickle that I also ballot make my life yeah I'm so mad in the movies during a text message from pat Brennan sorry I just don't have observed him but they're not Gemma and number I had been turned it OK let's dugout and when I look. This of all people they're gonna make you feel good about your decision like attendants are going to see behind the pretenders is a much better Joan Jett testing you know he's so cool I love I love Osama has grown up listening to music that we also might. I say tied Padgett to extend. I guess now the eyes and he's turned into he's an intimate T shirts and they love the First Amendment improves okay go ahead buddy you know what's gonna happen the and okay. I guess I I I guess he DC's a guy. But I mean I can understand my Brooke I can this elaborate balls his like dad's like what we're doing a new show. And you know. Well imagine a system relies that I love sear I love the you know I love agencies. He's like this that's you know that's elegant newest thing who cares on the mile and a new day northwest in the near future shows that there should throw out there you know I'm sure that our friends Margaret into our hard luck and love you for that area down out of the First Amendment and roosters yeah that's like roosters. All I can you I guess I'm not going and he had they have something come up not only knock him out there are. We know attacked and it's our Texas. So you get back North Korea and it's our. I want to do you don't maybe she's good friend of pat Bennett. I'll be honest I wasn't sure how was still alive guy I don't remember reading your obituary and I haven't heard much from power this is an old polls opponents are. I think she's sixty something for him yeah. Bad men low sixties you never know can have the OK I understand I don't know. It was Brooke. All your purse attracted the ire I guess there's about dinosaurs is present OMG nice job cutting their mosque. Any holes although they all are like this be good John bad. Yeah I. He's. He's just yeah you know which won an American religious looks like the type to be an idiot. I'm bulls caring you know maybe you should give up the radio immunized and entertaining their skimpy. Seriously claim that skipping Clijsters maybe entertaining. I UIEU wanna put money on religion and I did a Sports Radio guys soon woozy you know Sports Radio guys are just all full of great entertainment oriented that they are running Ponzi schemes or in the league and won enough. Seriously. Radio right now doesn't exactly have the greatest examples of quality people on the radio industry I was I'm really not that I wish they wouldn't represented us and traders this weekend and see people still writing that station. Hey what's going on and you mid decision and it's like we're still looking into red sex. How long is that they village it was that guy not working now. I don't know I have what does he's on the same time we I don't know no he's not on the air Bob why. Attacks what he's paid his awesome monster you know there's a way to make that happen Vijay I know I just don't wanna have to go involve myself with some sort of you know possibly human trafficking situation I don't read part of that. What do I just yell a big deal model I gimme a couple days off the page. They some ages and ages are sometimes and it's RC performed a little free casino three we see ya oh you know what that's right. Yet I still like you know you use a lot my daughter and we know what I tell my mind I remember the commercials for her that's right he's. Bob obviously I was Joan Jett it was happens on the follow up just because they're female singers. The same time now. Well I gave him my best shot and I didn't get lunch and he get a right. Saw whole idea. I think if I can hosting I like Boone and blows a good night's idea. On Friday C we are boobs area we are the so let these other. Steve was unable to get this one right. I wish animated sitcom features deep character Disco student. I'm grad student Tom. Lucy no or do I know I don't remember the details now both I don't know visit dialing you are real famous animated show that was on TV maybe. I don't know I can't think it was Beavis and Butthead now I am still not a long time this show I was if they get it on ourselves years. You know I'd maybe I'll get a after watching the Simpsons released. Big legs when a player it's 647. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy what's the difference between the filing for bankruptcy and credit counseling. 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