BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-18-17-7A: “When did you make a bad error in judgment and what happened”?

Monday, September 18th

Beat Migs. Kevin Hart apologized to his wife and kids for a “bad error in judgment”. Luke warm topic.


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I'm nine point nine KI SW rock of Seattle Saturday and Sunday October 21 twice second tour on your calendar because she's doing. And drone race is virtual reality gaming I can't wait I imagine we're not there to be our gaming there was an aligned. Bad things went down to Safeco Field because we bring about my well you know I have a lot of all right Jeff so I say you know like. Jet twice as many DR day's bloody give him no. You know they did because they are if not then why don't sound business. Well you know I listen to continue our. Plus rocket league takes over these sports stage was 5000 dollar prize pool. And so even when some money you can never draw racing dodge ball I'll be more gaming coming Alan Macey will be there and it's all ages it's interactive. Kansai entertainment you know just watching you get to play which is why G two was amazing. He wants it did you want info simple. Heads in jeans Saddam alive the letter G the letter. As the number two dog lives GE two Dalai. And you may and then there's not a aluminum for money man. We will not be stopped. You're talking a mares yeah I was I hear from the European Union has now is maybe I lied I. Hospitalized or how I watched the second half of the game saw a car that was about a half yeah it was pleasure beginning of the game was find out what they weren't getting seven and when they should have staff got three point cents a share and we ended up going to a bar watching and now it won't we went anyway is we're winning six nothing. And then there's suddenly it was 66 as Lennon do we need to grow speaks sort of ethnic rebel fighter all right I was afraid that we are the bats like we're going to do our team at that point you are bad -- just in general so I would say yeah did you leave no fouls and they want and so at least I was able to see if I'm not Jones. You know I know. I was actually probably really bad for everybody else if you finish in just. Hal later on yes the that's nice and talk about that is the door contestant today I got injured in Port Orchard Andrew. And getting more and let you know sooner or an Andrew what's the point four today Steve I TCI formality and get the shoebox so no on Friday September 29 courtesy MA EG live go to KI SW dot com for all the details and enjoyed seeing and -- prevail do you tickets at a acts asp dot com RI's Steve gear that. For those playing at home Andrew will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Andrew you can pass all you want but you'll only get three S is her question are you ready. These film hidden figures as a true story of women working and which organization and its. Tell us politics now. In the book Charlotte's web what kind of animal was temple attendant. Total damages they were asking gulf war occurred after Iraq invaded which countries. Syria note to escalate to ask you in which decade with NATO foreign test. Before you ask Lansing is the capital of which you west's stage. I got you ask what sport is the focus of the movie over the top. It's football you know it's. Basketball no. It's. Doesn't. Played deep Dark Knight in the movie bat man forever. It. Which Hollywood film studio's logo is a mountain surrounded by 22 starters. I universal no. One Q3. Ranked you have but you're too late on now wants don't say anything. There. Andrew McCain you know the Monday they'll dash maybe it's been really be a Monday search. Every like to see us. Yeah I was like I'm gonna win there win manager. You know sorely under the so we also I think looking into this kind of conversation on my not 49ers he joked no don't you and I. I'm honey don't go the sordid I don't know declaration of war there Steve are you ready. A the film hidden figures is a true story of women working in which organization and torrent snow asked. And in baseball knows. The library systems know indie book Charlotte's web what kind of animal was temples and all of our cracks. Yes these goals were occurred after Iraq invaded which country. It's. Kuwait (%expletive) is concerned what decade when NATO formed top fifty snow sixty now. Forty yeah as I Lansing is the capital which US state Michigan yeah as what sport is the focus of the movie over the top. Toss and us alone at his best man over the top of the arm wrestling year as well the clintons are nice perks to play in the Dark Knight in the movie Batman forever top Kristen Bell now. George Clooney now. Al kill went yeah. Which Hollywood film studio's logo is a mountain surrounded by 22 stars so Paramount yes yeah it would you stay with the first Wal-Mart store opened their wives. It's okay first Wal-Mart store days. Yes New York no California no Washington no number 1234567. New way is it or I had. No worries guys not a surprise no but I appreciate my money. I'd go raiders and they you know they don't then you're. On him he's John. C Marshawn Lynch dancing. No I didn't see their. I music so I assume and Oakland has stated he was and I try next time around that time musicians use and is on the sideline there is an ocean into the crowd are joining commercial break. And the nation good crowds and crowds take it up on his energy. And Darryl losing and who's got off funding to check out I was fine Marchand being marsh somebody gets some of the players on the jets right offended by it well there's a shot except social mission more offended by their play that's true they just have not Lebanon offensive team via their place for a long time. I knife once there's a zero and first and goal from the two with Marshawn Lynch some talent in the play and and they're collector car you call Seattle Seattle. As a player shall pass to Crabtree. Hot dogs that's funny we've got all the time it's funny you know they've been you mean I was reading about asbestos that's pretty funny it's almost. Yes in which state was the first Wal-Mart store open and Mississippi new Indiana know. Philadelphia ar is Arkansas yes Arkansas but Philadelphia isn't it because hey there is no. And yet soils mid like mid Southern's answer their hands and then now the film hidden figures as a true story of woman working in which organization. NASA NASA. As I cessation Oscar nominated movie generals who won but it was not made you think it and I saw a movie I'd like to see but I am now cells can be semi serious and I heard it's good does that do I care. They if you paid me twenty bucks I'll watch otherwise and no intention of her watch and my I was that way about Argo and I five cents down wash are going I really enjoyed an Art Ross Clooney and it. Luckily I about a flat out all but that's out of this Elissa this isn't Viola Davis a fizzle there's an end and somebody else and I can't I can't think it is attractive woman and imovie. So I mean if you talk about the people that's why watch a movie what's that movie looks serious impossibly boring but there's attractive women and and so I. I absolutely clear that Ferrari go including don't know why is it. Because he's attractive and AFLAC your eyes feel that's like rule so there's going to be a good movie Ben Affleck isn't it yeah. Well all right congratulations dealers are currently an innocence I want some we've gone Russ Knight. He's in now is Ross niceness honey it's like a very bad earnings from women. On this is a damning a bachelorette party. And things taken drastic turn those moviemaking yes guard Jose net and oh wow yeah all right so it's it's it's it's gonna somebody you know I never heard isn't an end. Oh I don't like her as well denizens of Zoe Kravitz is mad money paris' garner yeah she's an at least you feel old you know show does changes in the X-Men movies you. She's our eyes yeah. Okay yeah Bob. And basically it's good out there and ambassador at first obviously we're watching the trailer for an on demand among no we're not watching the systems are compiled down then all of a sudden somebody. Dies. And it looks like all Camelot coming into this now once you have to incidents man. And was always a human on CB tomatoes. You know 82%. Are asked as I guess nothing greater than some decent moments how to do everything else I've watched him you really Jodie to watch a movie I it's our right. I don't doesn't necessarily good review they're better on you got seminars to blow that said Russ Knight is a movie for you OK okay if you took. Deuce so yeah. How do you remember the name of the movie at a Google that's all right my dad. Movie. Because I forgot the name of the movie I just thought you just brought to bachelorette dead. Yes they go outside the name Lou we address tonight that's already dead cells they reinvent and even a movie. Right I think so man rush tonight as always Scarlett Johansson delayed into the kind of I don't intend stars from I enjoy my this year. Yes brand new it's new on demand always always knew want to miss what hasn't even it never hit this theater is I just there's no it's not. Can do well at our orders experts are on tomatoes with thirty super cell car also yes so battered and I'm ecstatic to right. So C a saints came out on demand and Dick D'Amato earlier this year as a movie. I don't know what comes on a national theater I don't go to theatres to me when the new movies doing it hits the minutes no longer available for purchase only on on demand when you can actually rented. By the way bad news and Jennifer Lawrence I guess her mother movie is the first swap that she's been in. Oh yeah did nothing over the weekend Saturday got good reviews still did nothing it kicked its ass but it's crushing everything I really is. I mean it's so that's 69% around and as I say you know can pay again learning the guy I Leggett said good reviews but unfortunately NL. To get people's money. Plus football's on movie about how. It's about her mother a water. Check your take my money played cause psychological suspense movie right thriller someone that's got a solid red balloon and its suit and hours. Laid doesn't says the couple's relationship is tested an uninvited guest arrives at their home disrupting their top disrupting their train cooling existence Carlos Sosa did I broke creepy. Much like Aaron Aaron honesty. All that she's okay our currency cards yet Darren or he does the artsy movies out I saw was smooth and there are too far Timorese in the wrestler and a new data yeah that's a good one it's a good buddy rice and I can do and a city do very black. Slot requiem for a dream yeah and there are many you Jack among them was in space a summertime. The fountains insomnia yet. They're weird. But they're like you said there artsy and indeed mean he does great movies this is sometimes drew them like the average person on what the hell's going on on the shelf I prisons so I don't know what it's no rough night but I guess he goes I suppose if you get some times. Probably on demand. That's good golf. We are well known celebrity pitches made a public apology to his wife and family why and oh he didn't wanna get extorted didn't wanna get black males. We've got the audio CD here at 717. Mom Iraq. And made some good morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. Point nine KI SW Iraq Seattle. Seven hearts well he's a very famous comedian actor sir. And he spent the last few must blowing off cheating allegations they've been out there he's my guy then there have been people been throwing out the idea that our chairman human genes. So I never keep up with any event a celebrity DOS entice us I had no idea that this stuff was out there until this weekend I got my phone's sometimes as teams email blast send. And ischemic heart apologizes and that tells you apologizing for announcer reading and. I'm in all. Dirty dog you on Saturday posted a video apologizing to his wife and kids for quote yes. A bad error in judgment and quotes. I usually involves sex kids sample content hub and arrogant or bad error in judgment using involves the six and I blame my Dong dress my body was making good judgment calls and so of the Don stabbed in ten little ahead you know it made another bad decision. Now simply saying he didn't do this because the conscious say is I just got the better of him. They're saying he did this because song was trying to blackmail him to jail or trying to extort him. According to TMZ. They say the demand gonna take eight figures. All wow that's you know I don't magnetism that's like what ten million or more media that's our best to either they figures there'd be six figures is Haniyeh says ten million memorial right now is that millions burn down Maya yeah why. That's a lot of Dell million dollars multi millions they wanted to. See I think that person Gallo is too ambitious for derby extortion yeah crazy drop like K. Five mil now because or even a mill the I think if you go to five mills since the data plan thanks so much know what's what's what's it I don't know what is Kevin what's Kevin Hart design networks. I know those things are usually pretty yeah I got to Missouri is no like how much can get away with dropping before it wisely hey good idea it would drop in my fifty bucks and a T shirt and my wife won't notice that divides up a hundred bucks so yeah I think she's like hey what are you buying into an 8820. Million OK so you can jump right three mil and you will notice. Exactly yes what if there was a but why should go into the you know into like this you said the eight figures that's and she can no. Now it's. Of course she's gonna say that I'm gonna shut this down yeah I read a deal with a headache of talking to my wife about this crap then. I'll give you ten million dollars so I want to cops. Them and there's a video apparently according to MC doesn't exactly show Kevin Hart cheating. There are several clips one shows Kevin getting cozy with a woman in the club I'm looking at that picture and I imagine that would make. Your significant other rather unhappy especially well I mean you can see that person can be impressed in my how much. Great jazz on her legs he looks like he's having a good time me which is currently using her bosom as of hello yeah. What set you know I mean I don't doesn't do that for the you know I'm woman is not your wife who doesn't do that to blossom as a reminder. Princess so Gary and my wife and I don't I don't think I get in trouble over that now a but see then this video cuts to a bed. You hear some creaking but you don't see the people on it. And that's that shows a naked person in the room who could be seven. There's no actual sex in his video though I'd see NC posted its us from the video that's just text and a black screen so we Sharon isn't to say some mobbed and it's. Some footage from upcoming ride along movie felt could be right along three yeah right pond would be yeah ever writing desk assured. Just so how does see again you can't have sex and anybody anymore you only chance I just you can't trust them. Because they got this video and that is so does a black screen. And the extortionist on the glass screen puts text dumbed saying that. The only reason they Kevin Hart started her teen hunger relief fund was because he wanted to get ahead of this scandal with some good press. Hole hole hole this again all audio equipment DMZ what he should be charitable and still billowed body on the side. They also said those two go hand in seeing video you can be how you can be a philanthropist and you still can you know if you feel old her answer visited our zone for the yeah so I mean you can do both. Just said according CMZ that he's Kevin Hart spent the weekend of his pregnant wife's birthday last month. Partying in Vegas and having sex on multiple women well you know. I think. America. I am and a good time. File and he's really playing with fire yet here it now I. And save your wife you like doing these things and on public she's pregnant yeah I can't imagine that's gonna be happy homes it comes after that that's all they could you. What can't even start that conversation deceased amass money. That well I say is in a funny she'll get half his money eventually get the child support. So I mean as she left amid that would put a serious dent design hundred million dollar worth that's for sure to Amman to downsize so like you know when it's ten bedroom home yeah exactly. Around here's Kevin Hart he's he's addressing the whole thing. And it's in my life where I actually had a target on my name. Doesn't that I should make Smart decisions everything lead I didn't hit on the perfect numbers and say I am more or claim to be in English informed. I mean the mayor and jasmine for myself and environmental. My only bad things can happen and they did. And enjoy and Obama heard a few close to me. Cross cultural apologize sooner than my wife my kids is this moment when you how good you know you're wrong. And there's no she's just feel wrong we came here and in the game and I just simply don't do better. I'm not also allow persons who have financial gain off from my mistakes. I can best of one part of it and I like when all that. Is that you know he's basis semi annoyed but he blackmailing night I think that's a cool thing to scaling kind of was like the Seahawks in yesterday's start off really crappy yeah. And eventually got better towards the end gasoline right now yeah I am not perfect we get a you know like oh no way you're not perfect don't tell us you're not perfect we're all human beings we get none of us are perfect. Pay an eight I did that's famous designed to go. Hey man don't just judge me to say we didn't do you know why you're you cheated on your wife to get a lot of money you like everybody else he gets a lot of money and do you think what's your little head okay they've just just come on. They are today and an area has absolutely no light on it and I was that was the only current. OK you that was the right thing to set because that person was only having sex examine my opinion so that they could blackmail a 100%. Because you know it's like filming on this yes exactly so that's why youth SYC can't SS anybody anymore even the only person you can go to you can really trusted probably a Dennis Hopper the lead the bunny ranch Khalili I could you pay a lot in the first place and finally. There right yeah he's the only guy you can trust to get them indicate sounded from the to do you have for your cell phones away or someone that did under the hookers that worked there can they keep their own rule and it would ruin his business it and went there and all of a sudden there was blackmail if there wasn't discretion. You would it would ruin his business if I listen that whole clip and I'm just waiting for McCracken Joker to add some I used to hearing Kevin hardy serious failure I think Kramer is the greatest finds one man was a decent performance I think actually to be a serious actually did okay with that so that that in -- kingdom are with us. Man can you fly on the wall when he had a first braking to his wife and his kids. There's the obvious had a talk to them before he went public with all this stuff to shoot shoot it down but I'm married in Hollywood and honestly I'm from I'm married to somebody who actually is in the business like that's what they work in Hollywood I expect it I I I don't care what this guy girl is furious you're married to somebody who's an actor or actress. Yeah you just do know they're gonna guiana find out or they're gonna tell you unify them somebody else are they gonna tell you. But even if you did expect it. You probably don't expected to become this kind of historic tenure yeah that embarrasses us she's pregnant. And the stories that he's off doing six while she's pregnant on her birthday. Are you happy wish him though because he didn't give her a dime. Like he's like you know I'd I'd rather face the music and uranium our money since it's our money not only are nice and so I feel like. I hate you for what you did but I'm glad he didn't give that person any money that rotten sound really good trio yeah gimme. I'm wondering does that have to I'm taking half of that that if you gave it to him yeah I guess since that's five million last episode and I would have had in the first place and so it's it's. Alarm topic. So given our apologized to his wife and kids for unquote bad error in judgment. About you should make a bad error in judgment and what happened at 206421. Rock. And also Texas 77999. Did you make a bad error in judgment and what happened. You cause you to accept your sound garden on Iraq. And maybe some more news on the rocks and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle so Kevin Hart yeah. Allegedly tied cheating. And getting flak. Number according CMC early in the black male figure into eight figures so that's what he's like common sense elderly with Santiago Paula does his wife and children for what he called. A bad error in judgment so how about you moved. What did you make a bad error in judgment and what happened. 206421. Rocky and also Texas 77999. Let's go to Shane and Bremer and shame you are on the Iraq. Welcome everybody can anybody would you tourists. Well stay glued awhile ago but I'm peaked amid bad judgment call split and now my girlfriend kept telling me about that managers she had that was letting her basically get away with everything doing everything else here wanted to know that front does so she. I know that no amount announced he won't comment to. What is your sign add on how many hi how long into a did you find that out. Oh it was about a couple months any cue creek. And do it and how are you guys going out. It's probably eight to this year is. 02 years I it's on your side now. Actually kept disappearing and then eventually goes like actually I'm I'm I'm dialysis in the neck. When you're chased both kids you know we have each other's parents or discuss like that sound all sorts us out stuff Sony announced. So we'll see you succeed isn't any any out Weiner pics are now. Now so that's good at the end you wanna see that FaceBook doesn't really wanted to put them up there's so long and then yeah trying to do it all I'm I don't know Annika status updates status under age feeling happy here's my we may lose. I don't know I nine MM semi we here pretty soon a private message on my displays and Steve are you have a guy mind you know I haven't and you just take your others older I as a man that's truly where it is yeah because my other folders in it handles the smaller files thank you get yeah. We are saying hello Larry I go home Weiner is incentives and I say it's JC had this guys you got that I'm there to thank you got in there I don't love him so William marries still Scioscia sort to a rocky you also Texas 77999. William what do you make a bad error in judgment of what happened. And it's I am I'm willing and and William well. Where it was Croatian demos daily operations and they'll. It'll leash light years ago but it mean Cheryl. Lauren I mean you go begin the amendment issue or ginger is okay. Steve kind of question yes I'm not sure how long ago this happened I'd like to give more clarification if I because I am being looted and just taken its but yet but only bulletin that he's. Yeah okay well I'm got to do child in my prior girlfriend and now Lou I don't I. I mean it was a sight we got there are you mean imagine ninety dollar blogging on the road were way we're way out like you had a belly area has out of the woods so. I personally know I'd be happy valley college or grab your Alley minerals like these. Well it's it's it's I wouldn't want to know on the road and like complete color deep aha should. Yeah well she you know only god versioning you can. Major argument aren't well it's. Not a good trying to advance. I did need a majority I don't doubt about or not done in my arranged mainly. Mario what kind of mushrooms and actually seeing it was a massive. Thankful we thought it was it. Errol and was the crowd meant and around I'll tell you mess around yeah okay. Ben and so anyway these young copied post. If she told that. I like do you wish to thank you don't give drenched tensions keep iPod and I and. This is simply a mess up our guys calling the matches complement classes yeah. Or William. Boy are you nervous Soria having a problem this morning and it seems like Yemen a hard time getting the story of your favorite actor Matthew Rogan yes. You know close is your favorite is your favorite musician method man more Eagles amassed metal okay go that's and it's time. And I'm sure there's a message to your madness is your tells the story so I'm sort and then there was a good. You know but I knew that her Brunette GOP Leona a way to go BJ we know is that Limbaugh doesn't amassed thing is that a whole different thing. Perry joked medio should issue like already well. He says. William bass I love the thought it was a real thing you don't act all. No I have Reilly and doctor sue showed sounds like doctor pilot and doctor Ross yeah. I think you you did you get your doctor lice is about five sometime ago yes Isabel five years and this amendment disk pioneers are happy news story William. Still Hollywood the young only young cop. And that you'd OG AXP I'm I'm partying right how. I'll talk any room on the car and I mean why curtly head I didn't aged two may you to beats. Well yeah. It's. You can't tell you that was amassed socked in their William was when you did that the Mets from there was not enough money on such. OK okay what had been lending to meet you. Not bill and they released me because they thought I was going to overdose so I didn't go to jail on mile warranty I got released. When these are you gonna overdo Missouri jail. No basically I know they society don't mention drug yeah I wouldn't get an overdose and they cannot spell let me out of jail. Arianna it's an offense yes so what was and you ran the other senator rusty I sometimes in the bad error in judgment this story for us so far at all makes sense to me what is tasteful. And every jobs. Well they wish knowing when to more than cabin and the observers joking Intel for a that was my error in judgment and I can't believe how many Giuliani really try to give. That was your aaron's undervalued indeed in carbon copy was good news choke you out or whether it was snowing because I don't think you have any control over the snow or maybe you do when you read two megs of Matt I'm married items in August and all this time that is serialized. Okay William moment we're joined host. I am you call up more often gives you an attendance and some energy and forever and that interview movies sources on. So this time in a bad decision gonna turn this radio station non dialogue it was. We're gonna have a William do Rambo reviews Taurus always real loyal who decide this. You know I may just got any decisions and show anymore I'm not making a judgment and I actually overrule employees can be our new movie reviewer I've moon the master movie reviewer master interviewer Matt movies with Williams. Probably not. Are not look forward to his first review a little movie is gonna miss I have no idea but some easy choke down and it just. I only had his men who needed firefighters' decision after he got true romantic with the equipment. At the gym is named William guess names like happy you heard me right dude get too romantic. With the equipment at the gym firefighters had to be called us they are all about this is 747. On the Iraq. 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