BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-18-17-8A: A man got his junk stuck in a weight plate at the gym.

Monday, September 18th

Facebook Drama. “Divorced” – A man goes on social media to complain about his ex-wife sleeping with other men.There is a new list of crazy conspiracies.


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A man tries to have sex with a wave played at the gym and six firefighters three hours to get it off and take yeah. I don't know about him and how long aren't frozen do that Jones it's normally they don't do that idea I mean yeah he's my familiarity announced firefighters. So I here's how this what does all this happen in Germany I remember my first wave trades where we're gonna appalled. You opt. He was and how western Germany at the gym. Happens this Friday is a matter of fact they grab one of those Waite plays that you put on a bar bell got the hole and and of course yeah men and I'm not emit have you really all the time you thought I'm actually in that hole for the bar a million thought hey this my last summer lineup. Kind of what I did dads don't want to call it like out ironically as a sexual thing. There's more of a feat of strength kind of thing voluntary that's kind of eliminated. In order for me Toyota had that feat of strength I would have to have. Done some things myself to get yeah pumped up for this and that's essential thing right so yeah I kind of goes back to yeah I was one isn't running if I do this in some Austin Collie frown upon it so I probably shouldn't. See you know it's it's it's unfortunate that some stupid things that we wanna do also involve our sex organs because that's part of it and then so sex is something we like stupid things when like what they get tied together as a war I give Rebecca and I ever had sex with a wave and played. Well but have you ever went to see how strong it did this tab was that I sing it howls from it. Or a necklace see some people are what are they they may have a great advantage yes depending upon how do you know and I how hot how your junk his designed. And there's tells shots your health status well paradise though that they ate the you know the guys who goes right to the chest yeah seals guys have an unfair advantage. Because I mean it goes right to the jazz so it's all so they always want to play it's how all game and it's like well they don't really have to do much it's just. It doesn't do it doesn't go much further than we're going to say singing Christmas and when the branch is kind of carved up yeah I'd ornament hangs better and I and so there was a guy go to the gym bad back in the day they would wanna do that is like no easy I'm an unfair advantage. Because I don't have that kind of system. I think guys are getting into like competitions. I -- there have been challenge to a competition Italian grand to hang a towel thing how many tells you hang up your action no oh no you remember wiese did than it did things are aren't they got to host show Rochester he showed the picture look look how good I don't know how he took hormone shot and you ask Joseph how powerful that shot was and it was impressive was impressive was hanging towels off and I've never been in this situation and you know locker rooms I've never had that paid no wonder why you think the locker room situation is weird to yeah you've been on the wrong locker competitions and they want to tell competition on the big al-Qaeda has totally all time now. Could a Christian who has put TJ and now and how I. Yeah I haven't seen out of Chris naked and I'd like to give it that way no wonder why you guys bond so much. I didn't know he bonded over this is the first I manually allow itself competition now we know you guys to do this weekend you gonna tell how did you ever heard one you know this is so weird and I and to me I didn't worry I'm not gonna this is clearly you writers. Started it there are just telling you that this is what I've been exposed to in my life as a worse. Yeah I this is this is the thing we did this in high school I mean seriously maybe it's because of how old are you ready you have to get into a certain state. Excitement when you accidentally get old enough going in and sometimes it just it was that Wayne you look around I'm like well this is a thing now. And some of everybody's Mae were that way too and you know you see nobody cared about it was very confident in the locker. So something else and dozens were in Dubai. Well Steve you remember though in high school they are you was thickest stuff and it would so I don't disagree I just never they never jump to that. Hey that's missing towels and see who can hold of the longest who could hasn't I want you started by the guy who has an unfair advantage and they realize realize all the good I can do. And it's like I can't I can't do that because in my in my actually doesn't go that way did you finish in last don't fall where all the time because I mean all pay less you're involved in this competition if it was I think three or four I was sure it was sheer like I think Apple's broke something because. I was you know because I was really having to use all my ability. All whatever they take your muscles and tendons or her focus I say I do I'm good how test is likening forty towels mind. 40 we're talking paper towels right to our house it's. A trigger finger ever. He's for the role on there. Do this I thought of that but I've never done it because smoke I would be. Frowned upon by the gym I'm assuming I don't want about Alexander and Jonas is you don't put your Pau Pau inside the yeah. Yeah ho ho united Johnson's Provo and always a gym now and of course because this guy did down in Germany does just German duty as John Stockton hi. Oh boy you so it wasn't fully there until eight guys. Forum communities I am I mean there's there's ray's I guess he had stock guys I'm picturing him out and never got to the picture of that but not now you got embodied. Firefighters and commander held because they couldn't real motto of the things they had a saw the weight off. And it took some three hours of Saunders finally get him free. What are you talk about was a guy are you doing now for three hours or other hawks game yeah I don't know line. Our you know now while so embarrassing Daihatsu have been the longest three hours of that man's life I agree and I immunity and fight to finally go here's my job before they got the greatest story reassurance or COPEL. Muted their cohorts such a good point. Yeah you guys do today well we had a soft the way doesn't want guys on the idea. I cannot Irish nuanced well I do get a rooster I don't know wade played. How asleep if you would use a bigger weight it would have taken longer TI and you would have taken days a measles 45 pounders. Not days to saw him out of there CL a went with the there's obviously the singer Jack that's Rodrigo the biggest one here in this for the rest your life yeah. Crystal signed it they're saying is Fresno the guys doing OK of course I'll be emotionally he I don't know but nobody really wants a follow up on this bridge to. Does he lose his membership retention. Yeah I took him up yeah I've done. Until she knows he's paying because the auto paper gym memberships go on forever you never lose your membership religion and you clear out the entire Jamont they had to do the signs. All know you you give people popcorn charge an admission Ferran I want to watch this. Pace defeat in a sex is OK Taylor say entitles OK it's not enough and involved that's how but I but I as a question you know aren't you gonna show some media noticing him what they did this weekend. And now that way you could be some good every good fodder for our radio hello I never send an email no you don't you never know all of us since day one I smoke according to our fine now friend over your dead easy to something rather interesting happened to him on Thursday on his flight to Denver was his girlfriend. Oh you wanted you so you went to Denver with your girlfriend on Thursday and lo OO it's always just you're the best man's best and and yes awesome the other pacers look very nice as the sun wedding as Aaron has done a good time. That is and a fine. That's and one sided Denver yeah. I cried the winning gasoline buyers and your good best chance speech I did all right are you or they're made of honor bound and Iran REIT Emil is completely I can you get through the whole thing are you serious drag it down and give it to him because those kinds it's their video. And also what people video Danny crying initiatives Tuesday have you give the speech first or Libya -- you're just be searched me. Homeowners is gonna sock dad asked president. Moscow Danny's enemy crying doesn't horoscope first you know pretty much snow let I yelled to join the mile high club on Thursday well. And congratulations I'm. Alone what did you do in the cockpit and I can't. Usually I just like them okay that's where the detention and in the back bathroom actually are not allow this is exciting. Who went in first idea I was I was expecting it to be honest with you I went into the bathroom and as a seminary Cabrera back. Wednesday that the men on the and I was like that voices she's solid she's old Meehan and I didn't even now know I didn't know any we implant or else she came in and I was like oh well okay that's a very risky move on her part you could have been going number two I love. I assume I don't know not nothing says romance more than a barrel does that register great pumpkin Charlie Brown says she knocks on the door you open it. And should show. Yeah she's like jumped in and I was like oh this is happening we against drinking before this and we can't be here at or so was like yes we're referring to all known as an assistant recurring shoes and the only unlikely she picked the right one yep talent and he watched me she watched me go into right and left when she could've gone into somebody else who's like they're guys you really wanna while I don't know resumes and Abrams are there. She goes both small peoples how I can see this happening. I do was thinking that when we went into it anybody taller than you might say slid in Korea India and I gotta get concussions have been hit turbulence farm team because it's all soon I wonder I always think about you when that happened I don't sit when I go number one yeah I it's like that that's why sit now because I had that happen one time I bang my head are more current and now I bang my head by a rain bird in the whole place I was. I am not doing this anymore. That's more than I don't know they say please. Don't say please clean up after your for the next person I'm ally on there's no way I can do this stupid turbulence. Coming clean always okay incidents happened Sam Adams and how long was that. A quick on quick he's likely Seattle it was a quick because I was I was sitting there getting into my head about it and I was like has organic. Now would never really does. I'm sorry are you never would have thought I would I would be waived zoom out and about to see you note that she had a good time because I mean we you know guys we you know we weekends we can be done quickly the situation who cares right Dan and Don there's all about the thrill guides and she and she issues they are able. Thanks Andy I want to sell and I was like. I'm using their like what the heck for the full and himself and I waited a few minutes and then came out he says she loves to the bathroom for yeah and there's nobody outside waiting to use the bathroom don't. I'll see Zach you're lucky yeah there's a all of the planes I'm I'm I'm really going back I'm Bryce is she gets out I'm going in there there's not more you can pay well okay. Here I looked like a breath mint or not give them. But I never had that happen I'd be you know because a delight Oreo and they locked the door that would confuse Jewish. You just came out of their houses locked and I would go to the flight attendant I think we got a broken don't learn. Ten and they would had to educate me no sir the doors time broken nose surinam. Yeah thank god they had there been somebody around you guys had this conversation after the fact but I. Had there been somebody waiting outside would you just pulled the turn around go back in the bathroom hold the big jump to the next dazzle and Allen opens up like what was he. How many timeouts exit strategy sat would not set. Afterwards that his latest is at risk takers being generally surely a man this you lucked out and she would just have going apparently I knew I want to I'm posting about it I would just like I can and I needed my medicine I couldn't take it orally and she needs help me I had that she did data that's it. Yeah because everybody sees she's also one that's gonna be embarrassed. She walks out right she leaves on the idea that she's done gas that was a Smart move on her part and nobody ever goes embarrassingly nice and they always go to the guy go a year adverse limited as they just think he's corrupt and her anyway. Nobody ever blames a woman in this situation what time of the day it was us about new. We're talking like a breathing wise like Sanjaya altitude so she's made into the stab yeah. Just curious this is weird for me you know why I don't know any sex stories for about any of you now. You know I mean it's I think I don't know that is my car is now I'm gonna see his girl I should I'm dying and nobody dominant pitcher now tomorrow I wanna know these things. Puts too late now it is too late brimming IE I Garcia your daughter during use bathrooms and our friend he's doing and airplanes. And they seized during a wherever there's a place that really doesn't she doesn't get specific you know and I mean I'm never told him bathroom and she's well I mean less she's never Bryce is a specific guy like Oliver is not the same guy and I don't like meet a guy you know we've lost track yeah meats and grilling I'm in Missouri you know random song I ran I'm sure it has always know pretty well you guys can just picture me on top of Steve's rowing machine and a smack myself a barrel Gonzalez. And that didn't I. United through that thing away when I move I don't really good choice and you hope you burn you should let someone else have a chance to be done I just. Saw else's problem on my man just filed by then nastiness or good for you Danny congratulations Elton John I'd love ya I guess your opinion I'll try it. BJ highly suggest it. I well you know Danny if you don't see invest in my yes always Gado who goes in version remains. Yeah. They're hurt they're supposed to conversation like after the fast did you guys like to be taken out. No high fives in Mir just like it kind of riding high and the rest of the clients I channels anybody knew or suspected. I did not make eye contact with anyone dressed before so yeah. And I always. I had no idea it would be great if she's going to be easier if you've been first class name you said officer was like any warm nuts because they do that they break its don't ask her. Yeah I don't I thought how did you guys ever talk about this beforehand might have a conversation about joining the mile high club did you know and you've never been a part of the mile high club and neither will we need that we both pat and and monitor discharge you I know right as far as we know we both should never had senator I don't we let us just say she seems so you know what to do NIC Harris in -- we worry about us talking isn't eating McDonald's gracious enough part of a mild this guy's glove and then there's you know there's another way is this a half miles on them still that's a tough boy hadn't been caused to your point. GAAP I don't know we we never talked about it before and we just stories she's Blake's the public hospitality nice to publish my only -- UST so that might die and I do mean at some point he I we hang out you guys you can we do one and I wouldn't know yeah probably call that's they might have already done it yeah you're going to be just us not yet and now you're not only an hour. You know necessary now now I gotta be like one or Michael where they are gonna keep my eyes on both of them yeah I don't see them together is like Otterhound sex somewhere in my house damaged yup. All of us for all we know he needed medication and she did I help them get it orally just say well if you like the public though you won't be in the lobby him you'll probably in my front yard. Syria because of my arm I deckers something now because suicides misreading history Daniel random girl knows your girlfriend Jessica. Even cooler do you get to bring a random girl my highest outline tomorrow and I'm not oppose one that's Amazon Brando. I send us into attractive girls in the play in my god. I wonder if this plane as it goes down as the to a normal tournament go OK one last time so I did I go down one of them also did you guys reclaim lost someone like I wanted to see the time last name should I do I'm gonna die you should look symbolism always when you ladies lessons are that close with me how has it automatically and suggests that you get that seat yourself Atchison the next. When death travel work on strategies very idea of congratulations Danny and I can't really your girlfriend again edged into dads now somewhere you know some wins this. There you go out there and Sam Wainwright legs but I. Yeah it is yeah. Take a little mock up of my that's probably a good idea for who. Carol I'm I'm getting those out. I don't think Russell Wilson is gonna go I'm your chief mile high on Missouri here your way it's they're your legs flew CFOs achieve. For officers and now the new ask them how young man and a virgin airlines to do it I get it. I think not the hotel. So it's against Joseph Francis Moshe nicely done today here. Well I mean he's been a nervous investors it was a movie the first of the file that you studios. Cool it's. I didn't see every day and he these are you know are probably eight times. Let me tell I think we'll get a lot more windows amused and I don't know I'm so what are those Robby right at the window and he is she right in those offices CDC people know I know. I think these girls someone trying to initiated I wonder if the annual lest our captains who have plans are different in your workplace the Adelaide and I both my known like I can be honored and as it was happening and just be terrible and also we go I mean earlier you cry here and there are no urgency so UT EC onto the main area yeah everybody can see us here tell you guys haven't scouted where he added totally be in the greener on the red couch. All systems already done and I think that rooms and condoms man island first. Not casting couch as I've been done in the one view on the green room say hey you wanna be on an imam we can see the greens ain't gonna tell us first three sevens which side and accounts is actually usually has now. Anonymous my head of the nowhere on the people's ass business. Okay let me ask don't tell those who live from us what happens when someone goes on social media to complain about his ex wife dating. And I you know what happens another addition FaceBook drama you're hearing at age seventeen. On Iraq. The next morning and nine point nine KI guess else. I'm point nine JISW. Iraq. How Seattle. Faced when Thomas Brent Dubai Harry's distilling companies brown sooner vermin. And BJ once again here's our chance to put on the dumb people on FaceBook. And the drama unfolds. This is national FaceBook posts in the John saws and Morgan acted out the change names to take innocent people in this RM BJ he'll be playing the role of Walter ice. He'll be Jesse tonight yeah it's you can OK come. Thread you'll be Skyler. Made cars. And Ali Hank hey Hank. Lovely if there's a guy said he doubted general all on a sentiment in the media room. I'll leave any masses involved in this case for drama behind me you are the original poster so Walter please take it away. It's been over three weeks now since I moved down in my house semi ex wife is all ready dating. So fast. Oh did you wait hundred bush asleep when someone else and then that's way too fast LO. It was so funny about that. I'd find it funny that you ask how long should you wait after a divorced actually put someone to. Again what's so funny she could have easily ask. How long should you wait doctor getting married to sleep with someone new ball. Oh what's that supposed to mean come on ball to stop acting like to thank them if you try to hooking up with me on your wedding night. And my sister admitted to me shoot you were bending the whole time you're married pulled it just took another turn. Bro I agree that's waging fascinated super messed up that she's already dating. Have you read any of the. Comments above yours no I NM time but I wanted to comment you've really should. Alas. Col L. Why Powell. Yeah I probably should ask she's lost her sure and that's ground for even asking fellow oil. I had you know why he's always got a dozen right investigation you know me and I. Against him the truth I hate that men on base but a lot when I got nicer in groups say going to be goalie gear grooves are wrestling groups or whatever may be in there's a big spirited argument going nonsense so one Simon. Which some analysts say about it it's already been addressed and there have been solved and figured out. Earlier in the thread there's a huge sort of read three comments above yours who were not this conversation as some lazy ass yeah that's how people me out. And spices most patriotic and nobody's gonna tell you what I wanted to say. I you know if you're that guy high it's amazing how people forget stuff. If you guy that was seen around your wife and whatever and your your divorce why do you care what the hell she's doing. It's LA relate to the point where you go watch Amelie she's dating somebody new was examined and it's like dude you're the guy that tried SX everybody is folly why you're divorced. Okay is everybody just wants to be the victim. Even right or even if there in the wrong. If they've had our past record that shows that they do not deserve to even comment on this like this guy. But at some point they just don't wanna play the victim card because they want the sympathy from all their friends SD conversation right there Amanda I don't ask somebody and he I mean we have victim base decide a 100% now you have a man that's that's not good. That's why everyone's always offended because they want to feel like they're victimized even if it doesn't even affect intervention to send it doesn't apply to them. There are offended I see now why it makes me think there's some corporations are limo not any advantage from us being victims like he's very distant powering if you're always the victim. And it's exactly where the people in power wants to be a bunch of whiny victims sedate him. Manipulate us and take over the world so while we're at Ericsson and and complaining getting on our almost ended soap boxes are actually doing so that's way more damaging things I. I'll idea seems I don't either rise up thought the power. Just. His brother uncle zionists are they about conspiracy theories you know Jeff wrestling podcast means vs a Roman wrestler I guess I size contest thank you. And Jack and your mind but thank you talk about problems. I just recently interviewed the guys carrying company in the season he was pretty king you can check out denizens or really fun episode even if you don't know anything about him you're wrestling fan it's a very fun chat but he's a big conspiracy theory guy we just talk about pop music all I had just pop music can she appears either a wanna throw your way because he also includes a metal guy seems a band called -- -- he also loves Lady Gaga has got her tattooed on his leg does he really he loves pop music good -- anyone likes music should be a fan of some pop music because it's just catchy stuff right. So but he's also conspiracy terrorist and I've always had this conspiracy theory that kind gay and tell us threats aren't happening foods and stay want. Since way before anomalies she finished saying that they both so I'm gonna be the ultimate bad guy and you're going to be the squeaky clean thorough and Lorena who. And then. Both of us being bad is going to help our careers which a past that's true. Wanna miss and a pop music conspiracy theory history they didn't like billions of the Jonbenet Ramsey Katie Perry Ron my polling well. Yes I guess is a conspiracy theory out there that. Kitty Perry's company Ramsey. All right and why it even easier though to I've been to conspiracy theories I don't believe Islam but I love sharing it. So many things that Jonbenet Ramsey is still alive and they think dead skin he's ready Terry. OK she's. I it's amazing what we do is humans that we believe this he's an existing on the Internet yet puppy up Perez. And there's like side resident pictures turned. But can you are you tell us allies in Asia Virginia carries of the she's a Brunette isn't Gmail ice. Well I mean some people sir officer Eric aren't in overtime changes okay. And who knows maybe there are dying jonbenet's parents and I am CU amount Katy Perry who start posting pictures of yourself as a little kids and their parents right. Those Kelly Photoshop and it's the united Sam RNC I'm not that guy championships receive a lot like Jesse inventory and I started around 1012 pats I sort of I know a lot of these and he said. And how much in this really fun show called on people of earth and it's about people that were abducted by aliens is a comedy on CBS that's a very good by the guys into the office goes on and it's a bit since then a second season but I mean. Some how I don't wanna be considered like those guys on eggshells say Angel so I can't get too deep in the woods with a conspiracy theory but they're fun. Yeah and I got I don't know and one I would say that he seems ridiculous not serious it's fun but yeah I think it's serious against any gets a little crazed and bend. These are worried about the good the world they're reloading and yeah exactly there's also I don't know if you heard the whine about admiral mean actually being dead and her back up like a person that she had silence is this is a media is actually playing absolutely now well laterally he's been dead for years like it's like reels one. All yeah now like John there's more and members of the jobs you Dubose and John is dead we will according to the after all is dead somebody who'd never shoes on in Abbey Road price supposed to be dead and it's someone else since beating him yeah. And I know this all right it's amazing what we think they're imprisoned some of the Jennifer Lopez orchestrated the murder Selena. Are you see out okay. And again ever since ever since Tonya Harding yes I do wish you get a movie. It's dumb mad genius director and under no you know what they got a legit star. Plain old movie about her a movie about rural and yeah I'm Nicole Gary's Jolie about her idea I see your movie was not impressive you're right her movie itself was I don't know the name advice I then looks like some is doing O Jim movies. I Tanya and who's a who's going to be the time you Margot Robbie yeah and should fashion stands also going to be in the sense he's a guy that played we just soldier right. Yep he's went to soldier in the Captain America off because it was a soldier the middle I'm guy. Yes so and you know Marmara Robby is not Harley Quinn. Oh OK yes so I don't know her by name if she's out say what if I'm Tonya Harding that's an upgrade. I mean seriously because it's weird don't always about people we know try to be like me like who you want to play you in the movie I'll George Clooney of course and more glasses anymore old because they used to make movies about everybody all the time and I didn't know any of these people I only knew the stars that played them I didn't know the real life people who know and other real like people like I was around forest yeah. On this man I'm getting older and there was also some movies my dad go I remember that guy when he actually. There was a movie called out of fear strikes out the starting Norman Bates. Three at the edges and it got to play in the original Psycho. And it was a bug just baseball player Jimmy pierce saw and I know I but I like baseball I watched it my dad. I try I remembered your prayers are sat out went down dude did this and why year old you remember these things where no one knows these things. I was lucky and saved par once again another CC if any criticized foundation some of my charity golf football let's hope altering chemical creep puts on its ensuing field and happened on Saturday the day before the Seahawks played so cold you don't run out. On the field and make a few of us take. When I pulled is growing in our charities Achilles and these are all older guys who are talking and and personal faith I asthma my friends. He referred to me and him as middle aged. And never won a punch or more in the face the desks and taking my time. Like you're lucky if you middle age really that's a good run yet you're lucky Zemin's I'd be 84 would be then point. Yeah I. 110 thank you have. I just can't. I something that has no I think sixties middle age that's when we act knowing UC actually. And sixty used to be old yeah sixty like you're old no more your kids student when your kids forty was too old to Yahoo! a sixty was like elderly. We have sixty was a pushing the ACL -- exactly yeah you're right old was forty and sixty was like yeah you're decrepit and yet you're in a wheelchair urine. And so it's an Emmy we have extended allies fans were down middle age now is middle age used to be I think you stories. Because she was the deceit and it gets 3537 occasionally looks like 6567. Is a middle aged would be thirties crazy out of gas so you're mean actually you're in better shape did you middle age in your in your forties now but in a great thanks so good about it beyond may have heard some have dead comrade but put Graham's I. Rights record to stand yeah. Texas or us I mean are there other celebrity conspiracy theories okay we're in pretty funny numbers and what about a majority stake his own destiny went back to Mars. I don't know if that's true intent to harm us I don't get it. I just think it's a conspiracy theory to how to get into how he came back time now I went to Mars and there's a conspiracy theory that Stevie Wonder really isn't blind. Low that's hysterical the same to me the students come on. I've seen pictures of that before in my shelves also videos of where he's looking in the right direction or he responds in a certain way and they also know he's not lying he's just. Do and I let Leo like perhaps maybe he just doesn't have an idea where the voices coming from looks up a little higher. And what is now what does this whole time you can see just fine he's just playing everybody well it might even agree would have English thank. I mean society cancer in the music business the right there I look at the successor Ray Charles yes I don't think so though but you know. Danielle now imagine what are secure. If people letter saying stuff like. That's like they really believe that it is just because of the same thing as de. See I. He's old enough and don't get me that I'm anonymity you c'mon say it I won't say if I was a lot of why would want to go to my grave and wanna go attack on all you guys are gonna sit right before I die. I don't see all of you when you're on at least. Okay I I think I would like to live for a couple years of that. And instantly make the most hated person because you just pretend like you winds the last seven B I know this great music I gave all his joy to people on now that I can see your mass change your opinion of him musically I actually a standstill since I don't know if you are senator I mean I wouldn't see any musically but I would think whoa. Because he had to go Robert Pennington be blind his whole life I still does harder than being bullied. I was just looking on YouTube and Steve I just sent you. Because no generals lined and he can do anything you want since then he's not doing enough with a super powers oh yeah and all law. Why I was I was should be Karl Malone got designs on some things yeah. Actually I never saw that goes floor. I'm also reading something that Boy George said something in an area that once he went. Over and finally completely strangle him he's like how how we know more once he completely blind. Why. I wonder soon I believe this conspiracy is I don't on this one now and legally blind. Which means legally blind means you can see images and stuff and see stuff people said he was like blind blind mice chickens seem like I do super blind super well. And onetime intern YouTube I would imagine this must solve this and I'm blind and I'm telling you have to seeing this video I can assure you that Stevie is not blind. Why are well and I'd gladly back comments are brought to their problem checked nicely and I am proud that their verified. Wow that video is also studies trickery that is really trophy unless he's just got the super here's my ELA kiss the damn thing Jews. I mean yesterday and all hollows come on your body like she's like it is really also have updates are on to me now are you witnessing your blog write to us and I would I would go on Kennedy's age okay check out this video Sanches W dot com. I have a theory that maybe he'd rather than just can actually hit him somewhere in the accord might have pulled around this late here's something that's what I want you to believe value. I believe relatively easy. Critics now TI no excuses or did he contact because he saw ice. Oh yeah he saw that damage. Stevie Wonder now hey now now that I believe and I don't they like him anymore you just seconds later I got I don't care. Because I felt like it was a stupid thing but if he's really usually play me Ali's here is what a great scam. Home Chris this is my dad was completely blind it is senses were incredible. Well to hold every daredevil yeah that's a minor films and Ben Affleck made I would rather go to be an excellent series that's a much better soon. Debatable the panel not the YouTube watchers and need to see at times. I guess that's. Osama says he's had surgery done is ICC digitally but not completely. Additionally I know that that's the things point to how does that mean it's like this explained our man what is LA he's trying to guys. If it's. Oh there's my stance with. Still she says there's it's a great video and watch because it does look like did you conceive you can just completely caught it no problem. I would love to know now how he sees. If he can see digital you select the majors this is he like those green things golf and on the screen when countries are you guys are idiots is to get their blind and EC could just Lackey consistent collars employers to make to make out things. His best choice there's a difference is legally blind and and as blind blind so we're not idiots if you legally blind that's what you're talking about agency colors and whatever. But your blind blind you can't see a damn thing it's all black. Boy you watch the video he's doing this do you wonder like I'm looking in this guy because I can't see anything in front meaning and all of a sudden that that stands serves garnered world. Catch this guy backup guy knows it's a hands and any seahawk player that's about that in front and Richardson. Yeah we forget about it well where blind guy got a broken finger right maybe that's all we need out there there in the receiving corps. I well whatever the case is we mr. Williams for you this hour meanwhile on Friday Steve could not figure this out. Just make. The Internet to raise important when space shuttle it's positive it's a volley team now being sent home. Yeah knows him so he asked how much are based shuttle Hummer. I couldn't get any neither I'm embarrassed this is damn TV shows and on Sunday Star Trek discovery and I still that number is space shuttle discovery are right. You get a shot at beating Steve 206421. Rock. We played he makes an 847. On the rock. Today's podcast was brought here by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from a listener or how long is a bankruptcy going to affect my credit rating. Of course most of the time by the time. We're we're talking about hiring a bankruptcy there credits as army because you can't touch after Simon's going to factor more negatively than chapter thirteen. Chapter seven stays on your credit report for ten years from the time you finally usually takes seven or eight years for your credit. Scores to get back into the normal ranges chapter seven case. Cover your crew will start to recover even in chapter seven after about a year. Com you'll be able to get credit again rendering usually before how I just cases even over. 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