BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-18-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Monday, September 18th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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They're really sugar maybe parents and was Kinsler contestants. I'm not a daily do you have how we got grows into a coma rows are you there. I am excellent and know Rosie is pumped up for Monday because today is herb. Fans. Heard the hero and study followed me and that means we as these I believe we have my parents on the phone right now I'm a single cruise. Herbert on the highlight of my days. I need Aaron hey you remove you remove. I am really tired today he's. Moved here who. We turn okay he didn't. I'm proud. Those are. Very okay hero here who'll be an error. I mean they yeah okay I guess I don't wanna do they ask me ask about you all the time oh yeah well okay well what she blamed for today's steep grade birthday she wins because of one of her two years ago bill morrow read the Paramount theatre on Saturday April 4 page man. That is there's a lot of peace and this is gonna KI SW dot com for the rules laws you want take you signal and sell out starting this Friday at 10 AM. I live nation dot com sorry Steve gave an outing here. I don't see how those play at home rose well as sixteen seconds to answer ten questions. Rosie Grassley wants you'll only get three S is for questions are you ready. Yes hurt us on the signs tell Jerry and his girlfriend are caught making out an ace. Theater during what serious movie. Any player right now. Tasks. Still phobias vsphere what number. Eight Diaz during what day did you. Yeah Dana Point you have to ask too busy target of these terminator in the original 1984 movie. I know it's for your nose to follow Arie close to. Don't think my dog that's just what is so what was the famous brewery founded in Dublin and 1759. Ask and which decade did Albert Einstein guys. Mean picking you as how many years are any semi Centennial. Tall. You ask what you're in the late eighties in the movie dirty dancing make its debut. Debut old yet as to what countries these settings for Shakespeare's Mac master. And it's great to know. England narrowed its claim yes but to lay aids 123 more I was six. Correct the designing and I have there's. Don't think she she don't. Yeah. In the yeah. Tom all right well I guess I've got three judges hearsay and otherwise happy birthday and encourages that I know love that and and she what is she was called for DR turner once you've got to do OK you can't give everything here she said I'm on what does she say kind of. And for redemption for years ago I lost nine that heads. And on Thursday. Allows. Redemption how would you give her Conner she says Conner it's. Probably not probably not now because in the movies are two different yeah I mean there were two different targets the name Connor well yeah yes absolutely in the years ever since I don't want you also may think he's coming back in here. All right and final standings is Steve how do you do you address tomorrow Steve you weirdo. Why were some problems role well now rose can blame you if she loses a dollar weirdo. Steve are you ready animal concerns. No. Unsigned fell Jerry and his girlfriend were commenting on any theater during less serious movie almost. Send them Schindler's List assets are still phobia is the fear of what number. She's at. Yes you're what decades in the Charleston becoming dance craze. Oh man thirties and twenties as he's always these target of the terminator in the original 1984 movies to. So our cost as to what is he famous brewery founded in Dublin and 1759. Janice yes in which dedicated Albert Einstein died only was always to exclude god the eighties now. To ten snow. Let me know America how many years are any semi Centennial. News business it's. 2250. No 500 no it's just as fast. Battled well yeah late eighties in the movies dirty DNC maybe eight to know examined you as one C 34567. Yeah. Guy is and. They ingredient BJ on the outline the arrows normalcy get their prize why are. I because she was a little late with a question you didn't get Jews and a buzzer adds that she was late she got in before the buzzer was done most questions what country is the setting for Shakespeare's Mac bats. Harley need to learn about the no look you know what is it contract and now I am now you are roms out its earnings yeah fast. It failed in the dark side is good yeah I'll have my wrath. Hey arrows congratulations. You are winner. Thank you happy birthday to me yes they ain't here and take a Bill Maher that's a great birthday present Rosanna I will say what you gotta do I love rose rose got to play more yes she's awesome the only one that you miss that you got you Stephen which decade and Albert Einstein die rose got that correct it was the sixties I'll yet not the eighties or is he tends. More yeah for some reason god that he were more prevalent in the eighteen hundreds of OK okay so our I think it was born of the eighteen so I saw allowing the movies like these 1880s I don't isn't there a trick question. Wow are you guys that's what I OK okay well clearly not the 1980s and I'm not that stupid since. Sure does not always. And all right well congratulations arose on tying Steve in this getting the prize you hey Tim rose that's how it's done manage your ties team or BC SI UN now of course if you beat Steve I get to play the losers song yeah so I like that by the release of your time I don't want to hear his winning song so that's a nice thing. It's an indeterminate question wrong my Sarah Connor Sarah Connor John Connor is terminator two. John Connor was the target terminal zero Sarah Connor was attorneys are you asking hey would you have taken John Connor had no idea. I yacht they were trying to keep John from being born and terminator one sir and I tell her adventurous summaries and real it rattling go getter again. They're like wow well governor Jim incentives were so successful trying to get the mom. Did she say Sarah Connor. She says Linda Connor I. Well good for you say that I'm a good day Nortel well machine yet I clue she knows your clothes like Lewis says Tyson and are as always don't think my doctor. I'll because in our name's Sarah sell us troops are gonna. Sing. Turn mine and and a good clue him but that's how this is Steve it's your favorite time of day yesterday is listeners on both us. They've gone a lot. Of course you you'll get to pick a topic you get to guide to show into 06421 rock for you can Texas 77999. We got your calls we get in Texas 917. On the rock. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq comes Seattle listeners on the lose trust you by GE. The letter G the letter he remembered to dot lie that's GE's you've done live. Listeners on the loose you pick a topic you guys to show at 20642 when rocky you also Texas 77999. It's as simple as that go out whatever you wanna talk about kids on the table. Plus he does have a rule. That's just a managing Embree and otherwise. And save my team. 40206421. Rock Texas a 77999. This Texas came in Vijay did you watch CME's I won't bother SEC because it's Jason TV show is Terrell oh well I take. Great offensive that because the odd couple the new versions awesome it's not even on TV anymore I'll still awesome I miss that she's. The president wants it on talk about the Emmy award Bruce announcer I doubt he's a nice guy and kudos to him forgetting meg gig. I guess you had the Emmys wanted to take the announcer and to a younger direction but hee-seop. Didn't mean all night long all I kept saying. Bad guys the worst. Yeah I tell you the Emmy suck up money this year I thought I didn't watch so totally throttle body yeah Connick guy I know I usually in the got to watch those shows and all of a sudden I was like to oblivion is happening and I didn't record the man nice all right god I flew home last night so why I miss them by the time and I got home she and I didn't have a record gas so why I have to say I'm miss them completely I solace or FaceBook people are complaining about the you know I don't why sisters Kyra I. I have no interest in ever watching any of these awards shows almost as a musical acts performing. So I had no idea what happens the announcers and then into the strategy announcer gets noticed I heard that cold air you'll find and bring your job with the monologue a little dance routine he did Sean Spicer showed up and actually made a funny line you proclaimed greatest attendance ever fretted grab every enemy easy I'd give them credit for coming up there and be the bottom whatever joked that they would have him do I mean that's that's cool but I when he showed. They may be issued to Melissa McCarthy did everything you know that's gonna be funny Somalia and according to simply log and I didn't see a bit apparently like she did look all too thrilled he was there they should look concerned. I'll railways you're afraid he's gonna yell at her well I would think that hopefully you know I that they would be they'd be able the last and off he let's see stuff like that to help us realize we can bring the country together is a great job didn't it is she wouldn't you Michigan nominated I think she might have won it for and then I'll portrayal of him. Mitt SNL killed I know that they picked up a lot of awards. But so here's a guy this guy Jermaine Fowler from the show superior donuts all of that south he's the guy. And he was doing this I guess he was the voice he's funny and sometimes even showed on camera and he had a tough time I'm glad to some people I didn't seem here's some examples from the Emmys. Max. Well it like it is on your professionals yeah and in II you know look they're a lot of people that are really dig and people just Simon like regular people. You know that's that's what they're and that's what and that's with the younger audience who are warnings from the pod casting radio did you see how well everybody is on Sully assembly summit that's just not attractive to the younger audiences these once some of the sounds like your regular person and he you know he's sound like a regular person didn't bother me one bit now and uranium from far firm professional sounding guy myself it's this crap like him. It's very very different it's seen our reminds me a little bit of side Jimmy Fallon guy who doesn't give us some I guess upper traditional announcer. He looks more like the part that you actually sounds. And I think that that's what the younger audience today and tomorrow. How are now all we are you know it's it's that kind of thing is guys I think younger people just aren't they do that anymore. It's funny though because I went and huskies' game on Saturday night I I'm person in mind Baghdad I'm I'm not one easy chairs and songs on super professional enormous odds for the Huskies in hopes up that there PA announcer. It's the best pipes and all amber Miller car airlines. I was always excited when it would be third down because you know stretch out the word big third down our own little love but I can even do a column and he's got a pipes I don't know who that dude is dead and I'm at a cellular older gentleman just because he's kind of got that. Just doesn't sound young dude yeah that's a maybe even doing it forever grant that's a husky stadium but he's awesome props weren't that guy is. I really enjoyed listening to a guy talk about huskies' games. This difference though between at this sounding like she you're just a normal guy and not being prepared and it sound like she didn't go over his scripts or anything you know like I I even seen Steven you said you weren't that much or press only you do your stage announcers and everything you sound fantastic Indy but you also sound like normal guy to lose this guy for me I don't like him because he just sounded like he was stumbling. She didn't know how to pronounce any day and that's what I think I and mom and I guess. That idea I mean at least that is an example her items stumble around a little bit and it's tough for some people some people have a hard time on the fly. And even when you make a mistake you can do what is such a way were it sounds like you know what you're doing and you just an area and he easily he did seem flustered. You know I must cluster lease in the audio and I mean how would you have. Much of an issue if you make screwed up and and mr. now some things that had nothing to do with the people. Because they when he stood I was a Julia Louie Louie Dreyfuss. I always like all man thanks. Is that since she's been around awhile he shouldn't discriminate and she won the drain award. For VP which sound idea about TSA guys it's it's it's a show where she's won many awards and show continues to get accolades. And I just watched one episode and just enjoy performing for so they're bums me out. By the way when this shows so successful and I don't like. Does everybody loves it I know it's a good show and I just like asked members and see your point but it would really nobody really told people put forth an effort I mean it's not the MTV awards say that's not a bad play and in lease runs through. The stuff he can sound not like he's also announcer but at least I can even said playing practice a couple of times for you chops there's the actors and actually I didn't. See if young people were not like an M then ya this dude got a problem because that's the only thing I could think of is that older people might not like him and say well here's a here's a thing to try young people who watch the Emmys. You can't do like the old people like it they won't watch it but it's Danny is is typical of the rest the young folks in the guy might just not a good and it may not be the guy you should never Merrill. She's great on superior donuts so that's a fund shall I want says Jones got don't that's why not why I'm now watching Jay were so little donut shop it was a with an asthma as Eric Allen all those somebody's puzzle guy unlike all it's a TV show that's a call I think I just thought it was a reality show I know exactly that show does a funny show violent shaking thousands of people on that one. We'll see guys got people anything you're right I know that there's a visits and John Judd Hirsch. John Hersey John Hersey got a new one is older taxing guy yes gap is great it's elusive really fun show I couldn't stumbled characters in the light it's tight everyone else going to get sucked but I like him now. There's an anti Saddam yeah Canada's gray Davis and Brazil is yes my and I he was in twenty seems fun and after awhile. You know when I -- shows my wife doesn't like to add sizzle like the atypical anymore what happens into serious uh oh I mean until that point yet. On on what we've all watched two episodes I don't want one yeah. You must shine I love the first episode on hands and now we watch disjointed as she's not a fan. I disagree doughnuts and don't don't say that I recommend that parents out John. Are you know what she's I mean look we're both big fans of will and grace I know a lot of rock posters and you're it's it's kind of like your Grey's Anatomy Seattle we were unwilling grease together is a panel. And they're coming back on television so that's going to be an a list like. I've got bumped his joints he didn't work out on Netflix because I didn't realize it was chuck glory bill Brady and then changed. Our Burroughs who who's also a great director Mike Hart Norris sitcom all stars to put this together along with Kathy Bates don't want people like. I know and know we were like it was it was okay it wasn't like all I can't wait to watch I won't keep washing machine like did. But it wasn't you know I was like okay within eight Tom. And had funny moments but. I know Manny you know sometimes things I don't either way it's everybody else doesn't he's a bad show is surely got a great great bunch of great people on their and I don't know the woman's name. Who did the thing with the steering old Ian Herman Alan. Team to watch out just why did I. Oh you don't even know all right well it was a dozen pretty suggestive steering wheel scene. And the actress who played down I think was on mad TV and I loved her own TI and so this got a great Cassie got good people good writing and everything but. You know it's just not for me I think maybe because this is I'm not a pop culture guy death you know this is a pop culture show downs to your morals and somewhat wonder if you stone if it's funny you're so everything's got to when he stones found agreed to worry about that I'll tell you what's weird. I'm watching Netflix and there's that I am as a last track on disjointed so you're decisive saying that it's kind of ruined with a laugh track yeah I I'm like I turner Netflix now know spent the last track. It's weird I mean apple network television is all contract with. Netflix arisen and that was one and I don't know why he may be right in May be I don't know I watch the big banks during the last Trent doesn't bother me on the show. But maybe it's less obvious because on big guy I still kind of feel like there. There's a studio audience whether or not there is there isn't like you you get advice did its shot a guy that Noonan yeah you're right. And did you ever left practice of the memos from one of the footage I see dazzled against its film in the studio. India doesn't yet you're right it doesn't feel like it's easier though I'm a zag magic could be I'd still. Yeah I it's this weird. I'm now watching a whole lot of laugh track shows except big brand actually when Tyson says Imus Stoner and destroyed it sucks okay well Lago the numbers aren't bad I'm glad I got to go to huskies' game mistresses the Huskies announcer sponsored retiring this year. Cause that's cool dude I got to witness greatness Imus is close retired but I love legendary announcers man you know so good the legendary announcers say I'm because it's just a wanting a sticks around through generations no comment I remembers it should man I think assurance Feller was that the Red Sox announcer and when he passed away thanks guys voice he was just there all the time he lasted through every player everything. And I know the Yankees had a legendary guy a guy as well you know past we will pass away recently CL when somebody leaves like that man just some legendary announcer. The old school voice yeah dig banjo like the Martin Huskies marching band gas called to during halftime the bright pretty much every. High school marching band in the Washington Mary went out on the field the place it was. Acting entire football scene was packed with different marching bands from all personnel did out down the Washington do a couple of the songs including nominates. Sweet Caroline which is kind of fun I'll tell you the man talk about the difference in some schools that. It's kind of a bomb burn away because there are some schools like. Process Sumner those kids are checked out the awesome suits awesome instruments got a big battery that's fine there was some nerve because they did you really do it up big and then they sound great. There's a funeral with school was I felt bad. Did you know matching shirts on. Oh my emails us like they were just big miserable to be out there and there's no doubt Ramirez for a school give us matching outfits like Al. I thought everything your manner I had drums I saw this guy got a feathered cap and all I got on in the baseball hat are. It's kind of got a that's does suck when you're lightly when we were you like there are guys who don't have an all right you and have nots and hasn't just kicking your ass up there would look so nice I think I hold my jeans and a man. I forget the old school halftime shows always pray yeah does that mean we're seriously TV halftime we don't have to watch everything this is something called wanted to see all this completely the collegiate old school vibe is great husky stadium was a blast. Listen zealous you pick a topic you guys to show 206 fortune one rock Texas 77999. We're viewed calls sex at 934. On the rocks. Nine point nine KI DSW. Point nine KI SW rocker Seattle's listeners on the loose you think it's not make you guys Visio 206421. Rock. Tech's best. 77999. It's gonna pollen Seattle Paul you are on the rise squalls. Don't know guys. Know which of course is. Armed you know for ammonia but they shout out to the local Shia community in men we haven't that you're teaching going on here that I here is Bobby a lot better. Don't get us out was Evan it was I don't know I was what's gonna see really mantown. Is that his allies that was him that he's really tell who I'm getting out of here and work better and better Phillies. Thanks BJ don't prime minister are Gallo went so why isn't easy America post don't know. All I know I know but he's the ball some really really good called Bruce asks. Well you know what I got I've heard rumors about he's a bad idea tightlipped about this close minded that you. It's awesome dude I I've been force enough students friends in the music industry is also on our podcast because you know we do my birthday party slash league stress slasher and a holding call we wanted to put together or do you make song that we know users put together by a window pane read and I are singing and as well remembered performer blog that links as we did that last year so this year I bullish we do this time around so glad the ninth gone from window pane we've been talking on the podcast I'm talking just socially about doing a side project whenever borne suicide this retirement assembling some of our friends and an inmates have been cool do licensing replay shown we've done well played out my birthday party. Don't be a great way to do it entitles what started just a little goofy side projects. Odds for the podcast I would play one shall be done really quickly morphed into. A really fun project of a very talented musicians and me which is pretty cool so I. I it's. Me I'm drums it's Glenn on guitar mental illness are gone from window pane Jeff Krauss doesn't Kagan slowed released a decent experience Ozzie Guillen playing bass in this project JT Phillips from our call for change our eyes on guitar really are right you do some good this is a last second right before our first practice we added Travis the frontman and singer of the band second coming anyone who's been around I don't knows something coming in and you're the man -- Right I'll Wear them out we got to the vans full of talent and then me and drums. And aides did from the first practiced it uses magic in their we've already recorded size songs at politics and out odds borrowing studios sold. Chrysler through Friday's record in Iran and everyone else and a very busy book mr. mayor exempt and it album is the five song EPs currently being mixed buyout Brent alliance Brett allies and who makes his own programs like stuff. Which doesn't sigh okay that's a guy and it's just I don't know how to mix a record through knowing enough nice people and and and god knows a lot of people and it's just like a lot of Cuban shipping and help out and be a part of dissonance it's turned into something pretty pretty special we're gonna be opening up. The the show at studio 7 October 14. Tickets are lower down all that fun stuff and ma'am I was I was I was thinking that maybe we did you guys on my local but the guy who's charged that our shows are jerks ever had a guy Sox like ice until never put your stomach can emerge from Jack raises yet he's so it has been just been really surrealist and fun for now has been playing music and forever to be able to jump back into the mix with. And surround myself with some of the most talented guys it's been it's been an honor. And just. Just wait seizure Travis is vocal may need a guy kills it on on the recordings in a report this why do I get a copy of their. When it comes out and always be a dumb do we know what I've done in time for the we also have them available for people to pick up at this all teams that would be cool where obviously. Trying our hardest to get it done in time but this was never an intention there was just Scioscia silly. One off thing that turned into a really fun project sold to assess all of you for asking about it ma'am and hopefully he'll become into the show on the fourteenth. Our Yemen no got a few guys why nobody else. It's a great Dawson why only in the wreckage is going to be playing as well window and Jimmy playing. And that's our plan and did not offer your cardiac NM while my favorite band currently is the last international I've talked about them a bunch of trash ARAMARK and they're coming and there and played as well. How could you do going to be awesome birthers are fourteen you said October 14 studio seven as pretty sweet yes I there's this sort of hang out with you there and here's a question. These be answered. It's arriving castle and baked being examined common. I'll tell you at 949. On the rocks. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. And gain yards. Ryan can. You're frank Cassell and they means having common. Francs in new. Mr. frank Dane I campaign's. Most cynical is going to rent controls parts. I hate holidays I was pretty notice it. Thomas hearts and I just noticed that somebody is just made their way back into the studio BJR yeah I don't know you know oh. Wow I've people who seek an a plus guys gentlemen boys and girls you may remember I did you do it's Jolene. Susan back in my none did so poorly it's doing. When I go what do you think our I knew how somebody that comes he is and a new house is a shrimp it's so shiny and new and there's not weird bodily fluids on at all dad's. It's kind of mature entrants really she really don't know WiMax solutions and we're on our infielders so it's going to be so we did everything instant stained yeah yeah. I mean that's that's the biggest thing is that why you're here to stand on the walls are I'm gonna do my best I still got it got I don't. I'm I'm gonna on vacation for a couple weeks he's and don't. So we were trying to think of what to do I know for two weeks is an amazing that's unheard of well I was gonna go for a week in July and then we moved and then or club had a baby and you know all this other stuff was going on so now it's September source of that phenomena take two weeks you know what I'm tired so I don't have my work ethics English language right. I spent freely so well we're trying to figure something needs to free us from the two weeks while I was sounds and I was so maybe it's only once America work for a couple weeks I should say yes sir your shoes. So here's the deal. This is a plane. Plane or not I'm not you guys are you actually my ex husband's here I'm not coming back this isn't enough funds. Lane holiday we sure but what do we are doing media you know wanna keep your Al Qassam the all got clean and can't do you. I'm Kent yes. Such as I'm hoping you on FaceBook right now and I expect you're nice lunch I'll let ideologues on the night into the early and I need to do that right here 888. Always going to be bad for doing fast fun that's I agree yeah. Tiger and I look forward to not being here so yeah you guys know we look forward to that there was absolutely everything everybody it's a win out of and gets away faster ways America. So it's. Oh well thanks Louis and you can check out our blog Jezebel dot com Ryan castle for one more is up with the morning's top forty goes on big big game. Gates. I'm taking questions today determines on you can. It's all you know what I always think about you when that happens I don't sit when I go number one yeah I was like that's that's why sit now because I had that happen when Simon bang my head almost nowhere and is now I bang my head by a ring birdied the whole place up. I am not doing this and more oil essentially clean up after you for the next person. I'm ally on is no way you knew this you can turbulence coming clean always. Morning. Nine point nine KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought to you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost twelve million vigorously constant course very demanding what kind of broad gauge your filing. There's a certain amount of ground. Port costs and other out of pocket costs that you're going to have in any case. I think it shows the filing fees and a bankruptcy case are you are about 300 dollars for the final chapter seven of justice is Jean. I don't wanna read things to watch out for when you're shopping for bankruptcy attorneys are. Tough options. There's been a lot of times especially the release chief places I don't value upfront about all the court costs and one mouth fishermen out of pain in addition to the attorney fees. So make sure that you get their full pitcher when you're telling. When you're comparing prices for bankruptcy lawyers on what you attorney fees are how much of course costs are going to be so you can really make it. Kirsten thanks travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time I had to choose the right chapter dot com.