BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-19-17-6A: . A Colorado Springs family has a problem a jogger who keeps defecating on their lawn.

Tuesday, September 19th

News and sports. There is a new list of the best dive bars in each state. A man didn’t want to drink alone so he broke into a person’s house. Today is National Pirate Day.


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I thought I had a bad name one time but this this may be worse is I've got to you and I has some history to and there's a famine in Colorado Springs. Rightly upset because there's a jogger who keeps running by. And deprecating on their sidewalk okay. Again. What is going on humanity I was sick I saw somebody said this to quite possibly be a revenge situation that there's Ian. Issue between them there's some kind of do you think they started semester the national median on the sidewalk slowly but then I it. And there was like four years ago it could remain longer we rip and read her story about how some joggers. That's just the facts. That they have when they're jogging they can't control their bowel movements because of but they do and they need to just letting go when Eminem letting go maybe it just happens to be the right mile marking. For her and I have to drop the goods. You know what if I can't go to the bathroom outside in discreetly there's no way joggers and use that excuse I I agree yeah it and you may be right about that Steve but still less I mean we've never heard this before now all of a sudden it's a thing. Well we heard about in many years ago I mean before a big game before that game and jog along time and they never had to dig and dump on some decide what. And I remember primarily talked about a lot of peoples' and oh yes yes and that's an issue at joggers have when something or jogging millions and stand there and they'll go their bowels. There's pictures of people running marathons I know soiled themselves out of running because they can't control it. So let's sell oil and had their morning merit does those are athletes as a profession so this whole time we've sombrero and issue keys is running a marathon and she's taking her really long time. Our own. He had mistake they talk this woman about it because a she's coming back and doing it about once a week Hossa and the job is doing it right in front of one woman's house seat that's the thing is like you say tomorrow brilliantly NL Berrian up a little bit. Why don't you think this one woman's house was ever an issue with each other yeah well let's say I know it's very odd. America this woman's who owns a house name is Kathy here she is talking about the whole thing. Nice it was OK okay. And I have I say OK. Intel is old I beat Kingsbury you don't need to smooth out my theory here and she won't gaffe. Sorry did I not ever. Sure she's more to buy a new Mac today so that he does that come back yeah and you never hear ever again. I'm not OK there's that came across the street or here are hard hats when everybody's. There's a gas station right here. Well and that's a lot of places you can go you can't you can't you figure it out like. You know that OK I wanna play and we'll bass and check in when your job I mean really I yeah I don't know I'm just. I'm I'm flabbergasted by the sound of this actual picture of the woman but did they meet in those they say he's got her old job in your eyes yeah. I was an NC literally she would she looks like a woman as soon sit socially she doesn't know. I really just drop and drop and duke in some and in front of somebody's house like that here are some caddies they were talking about this. It's disgusting I mean bottom line is this just ask you. It's so it's not a natural thing we would do in our society do. Drop your trouser and relieve yourself right there. When you know there's people around this bustling. I think they're going through the magic Cooper a mad proof birth clearly you know and then Bob's burgers reference I was out what it is yes. But I tell us a much flair pass nice. I forget I remember that episode I mean I remember the mad Tuberville what was the story revolves burgers what was going on there. So Tino as China bureau reporter and she couldn't find his Cuban in letter B reporters or somebody started just doing all over the school randomly in different places. She says reporting on it became popular. And then find out who's a Matt Cooper. That's as coroner I guess is one article as the team we've risen to report about the same dorm is incited to open in the Walgreens. And the nearby backyards. And so this is also she's doing and everywhere gases is. So maybe just once a week dad just so happens to be where she sat on her Ron but in different situations you know maybe it's Monday's season. Taking care of business and for his first derby or Tuesday's sit outside my balls are a and that's when he made by the yards PI. I try I'm sorry I don't care what the excuses is that. You know you can you can know what about your run that you should just go check like you know you know that it's an hour and Iran an hour and a half and your run. You just know when your brain hey I've been running for X amount of time among those stubborn about some see what's up yeah. I I there's no excuse that's a slower down and sodomy -- time yet that's I'm sorry it's too bad I mean it's it is no excuse really as a country this could I can't go to the vast amounts I really had to go on his own Bassam around people still be mad at me. She's got that comes around her and she's still doing it that's the ultimate in selfishness plump person says I read miles it every morning in the Marine Corps and never an improvement and missed greens weren't doing it right I guess not sells her. Another prison Vijay doping is a challenge from being around or it just sort of happens it's sucks I've done it behind a tree in someone's yard. Well again. You can't figure this out. You see you know you can't just go OK I've been running first thirty minutes at a -- for an hour let me go to the bathroom see what's up let me let me let me plan this out. You know nobody I mean seriously AEA NLD EST you don't get to run knowing which joined the gym. If you're if you're on the treadmill would just drop Trout that G and you don't make my gym experience a lot more different yes for sure. As I do on the elliptical. I mean I'm today announced and I just add another yeah you let me go to the bass from outside it I know that I would say that I am waiting for me it's found there a point where BJ just want to go outside. I is our number one outside a telephone not a problem I had plenty of time to figure that out. Some one it's irritating thing I was at the price yesterday and three times I had to go to the bathroom is again take a little note she's accused of having one of Betemit and then. But he knows all this water yeah that I drank and downs I think it's meant to happen stared so sir ransom diapers not a model go outside so I had a job to do it from your house I think that's I'm gonna do I tell me no way you won't be the first or the last. That's set to communicate and they were always the first guy to do one time. And we were going to Spokane you know the party busted casino employee leave I sometimes Friday brings is a but the party buses. They shot they became my in my house again Meehan in my entire hockey team from running and they all ended because they've been drinking. And guys and they got and how they were ready to Iraq. Amateur and got a bathroom got to a woman fact. And let's outside there's three guys standing out and this is late eighty AFP the moral OK I urologist Danny right by the bushes and it is all just going. Or he had done you can use my neighborhood yeah and each and some random places in the back from a bar this is like. Bright and early in the morning is just your piece paid some want to miss that I lost all important. Strong you guys in the bathroom no one's even using you don't win there and if it's somehow hurting bunch of ten year old Tyler got one of them. I think slim I'm saying hello you man. It's so serious on me. Yeah. Okay please do kind of stop young man on messed up when you start your tread the really good way to get on the street guy and they were hate down they're gonna I'm there right I'll do and I wouldn't be the first to go to the bathroom for you that is a great story in the first of July C data we don't shoot. Eddie Johnson are you yourself are we don't don't they would be banned for life our homeland as our allies meanwhile now forget it forget it there or if there are joggers notice and really beyond that that would have been a beating. I have a question for him what do you think what part do you think was picked as the best dive bar in Washington State's inside or outside. Plus seasons I am he's got the news story at 617. On the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Nine KI NSW Iraq known Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. Go maybe getting them to announce bullets and this is news we Steve migs. Thanks guys who makes the sport clips are giving us news and sports since the big day today and only you and it's a big day for her yeah it's. International talk like a pirate day apparently. I uncle Chris is has a book the tirade. Primer. The pirates' primary in his book that. Of course there is he's working a bookstore and he's as well and so he's gonna vote for everything that's fair enough to live learn some things about international Tug and a hard day for anyone whoever didn't know what. Top five a pirate day why it was created entirely was created in Horry again. Really yeah a couple guys snoring and decided that they were playing racquetball on June 6 1995. They started talking like pirates and said you know we've fund which make a holiday dedicated to pirate talk. Did you wanna go June 6 because well that's. There's someone in the guy's ex wife's birthday. And she's won this spoof just I don't know apparently so yeah. I constantly am tired today to face on the entire day save I don't know do you know how parents prefer to communicate. I'd say when I die in car. I'll thank you guys on my life. June of the empire and doesn't jail what does that star her. When you go to dyslexic parrot says how what do you say Ferraro bra. OK yeah okay. But he's got a new joke. And I think stars Alonzo and the Lindell made no line I don't know why Steve convinced many years then see. There isn't an easy. How saved Bouvier some tires they're letter what you're thinking we are they actually asked me. How much that's. Oh yeah. How much more there's. That's our guy OK guys listen that's my problem so I know a lot of errors highlighted drink enough big plays good drink good dive bars in the rose just put together an awesome list of the best. Dot dive bars in every State's all nice and highs in place for mostly visual feel welcome. Maybe you Jolo an easy when they order their first shot. Everybody has a good time there. And everybody okay it would affect you likely don't stop believing Monday due process and the protocol behind. OK sidebar in every state any guesses that we think is the best dive bar Washington it is in Seattle. Here in Seattle yes it is in Seattle. New gen. The blue moon. Being being being well. Wow I don't ya wanna make questions right now I can't believe they're not just talk and I never go to bars but I just and I'm very good stuff I don't remember when a bunch it's an awesome spot maybe Danny many many many years ago that the play Darren apparently it was a place that lays deluge to hang out at quite a bit back in the day Allen Ginsberg. Paul Allen IMAX while we have some people the blue moon not a people used to go hang out there it's over near like the university district Wallingford. Him yeah they go if you are Maroney gone nuts and on down. Let's head out to the press died from Washington the blue moon where you go. Freedom of peanut allergy my wife stay away. Because as this story says the place is covered in more nut dust then an elephant and OK I was gonna use another person. They get a drink any dime Pennsylvania and one drink alone in my view says story hammer home. So he broke into somebody's house and sat down when you're twelve Tyson here. And now as well is arrested for criminal trespassing yeah showed up just moments like yeah you can't come in here. And he said no from coming and them drinking them only. Are apparently the woman been like that because we'll just children presidency. Or she called the cops and apparently here it is done that before so all she's been lonely before yes. So budget bunny and then tell us something maybe somebody needed AA that would be nice days maybe should be able to stand for and who just recently was arrested 28 years old he got arrested for stealing bacon off the woman played in a Waffle House. Okay that's that's pretty hard tour he went on to the woman and I said yeah I need to replace your bacon. And then discussions. I mean there are so jolly so he made like he Werth stared at bay again. Brilliant scam guests today Leo he was arrested for disorderly intoxication. Let's try that. Yes I don't think he's dressed traffic offense is having a tough night in jail house from Iran replace every from going all to stay in general that I don't I got to fix this story. Brian I would totally keep. So great kick kick me out I kid I got they gave me managerial. You may some day I've really yeah people still did not and also mentally flash cards. But Steve if I'm in charge of her and other places I mean she can't busting around and the other suns point I see them down seal on make him come slightly distracted you guys know what the pirates world this is according to test. What the pirates' worst blind date is now assumptions as to know booty. And you know pirates here restaurants. No I don't you think you DRVs. They say C Long John Silver's Ohio State I don't know I talk in his voice yeah. Plus better than me I started talking Irish for some reason. And I felt that I don't think there's too many Irish virus they may be some thought obviously this is probably going to be spend a lot jurist and Thomas FaceBook today talking like pirates. Posted about pirate stuff uncle Chris is all sad about it collects is gonna pirate song I'd never seen her when she says she's got one. Fire up like Salmonella listen terrorists or pirates on job fired up OK I don't know she's and that. It's a meeting here and remote better and yeah these are just now she's tires are errors. We'll pay FaceBook is testing a new snooze button itself I love this attack you can silence a person of major groups from. From 24 hours and thirty days followed in the masters imposed obese senior news feed into that snooze button is activated. Pomp and it doesn't have so many users or anything along those lines that's pretty cool you have no idea evening's news now but like Dario local season policies as many people as humanly possible all he had used. That sounds great Monday Night Football last night Matthew Stafford are earning his paycheck. I'm an alliance and no problem beating the giants 24 to ten mariners back at home I wanted to get her there on the man. We will find out. Right to take guns are strange they've played pretty well against in the last go around other currently 74 in 764 games back in the wild card race and as far as brothers'. 58 degrees in thunder showers and thank you man investor crashed and forgive me S news and sports. Well there's the Yankees in the job last night they they help out the Mariners right Venus wins and so. Who did the Mariners just I have to do or the angels but the angels have a pretty good lean on them so that's that's. Marriage ended this in their own hands and it is our beat now on the angels army museum left for them but they got us our beat the angels it's go time yeah it is go time and done about it more importantly we can figure out news outlets sourcing that pirate songs are OK so we throw well first I tell you say good morning Alexa and they shall shall start to sings and stuff yeah she's warming up for analysis warming up I mean she's warming it's a balance its external warmup I was three minutes. Yeah no it takes three minutes hi David did say is about. Two seconds may be you know maybe ninety seconds in recent years in sixty seconds for Danny takes three minutes should ask and find out I mean is younger. Well let's send. All right Alexa good morning. I don't know that men of course you've got to be kidding me oh so good morning all I say good morning. So young mother. And a. Ahoy any hard tees. Today can raise your Jolly Roger from today be international talk like a pirate day. When the time it's been an I'll turn a seven seas up to eleven. Are you ready now as Alexis sing a pirate song. So steep. That. Neon. You can yeah. Lieutenant yeah. He's seen. Dean. Meanwhile again. There you go for allied side tell us a pirate joke. So what is a pirate's favorite song. What are you shake shake shake your booty yeah. Terry so I don't know I guess this young bunch of America a license also pirate joke. Let's pirate's favorite letter. You might think it's arm but his first love because see. And. Learned that a lot better and we did fiesta Chirac did you know you can see the eye opening season of South Park now Alexa was all over it and I mean they got the woman that does the voice though or some and it sounds just like earth. And and and Carmen was asking must stop. Let's off. Is that a name that's why did you say Osce and that is this latest sale you know what's awesome did you show brought to your employer and yet you know it's OK I summed things and it's exactly that's why we mourned on flight attendants know what to do with technology note yeah. You say I'm anyways so the echo is all over it and Carmen there's a way you can say you ask her adds two dom. Make out list for you behind and you just say add blank to my list and so they were having also some nasty things. 00 I I'm season clips yes it was getting under people's. They words and Israelis try to set him up there did you do is in our Jean's. Alexa at a Denny's but to my lists. Yeah. Shopping list. Content and I do any more time. Alexa and did he's the last of shopping list. I could Danny's fans on your shopping lists. Yeah mechanical thing is that this is actually here clubs so this is all going into your account so we can order three cases pizza right now. Audio yeah you could if it was a guy exactly know how to say it the right away I was Rolex Watches are now I just like to shopping listening to demand an end and she say hey what's up my shot and listen shall not always heinous things so they were doing you're on the episode of south pars earlier I wanna I didn't follow us why is Danny says stupid. Sorry I don't know that's. I don't think anybody knows this and how many people really out there was cleared out that's the never ending question I don't mayors. OK pretty sweet yeah I they they go so as pirate day and every morning she gives you some fun and so this morning she will be able to song. Best because is sees she's my friend this system you can. Turn entertaining it's always man I've been waiting for some ideas for a long time on talking house in this case it's a very bad and the self Cardozo was pretty funny is. I won't spoil it but there you know people were upset Alexa was taking jobs. Oh okay BI and so what they did in order to appease folks is pretty funny man done a good a good opening season the South Park those guys still make it happen. It's amazing because I watch the Simpsons anymore I don't watch Family Guy much anymore. Humorless and watched episode into one of those guys. But I always watch South Park. Like it's every year it's like you know what I did today they get me and I always come back. From prisons and thanks why you in my like amendment where you're like who's doing now all our body and it's awesome REIT is any great if you could just you know. All of a sudden just heavier your shopping list of all heinous things and Arizona doing that. No and so this herself or gives so accumulated and then you say hey honey you finalists on a shopping lists and then just have your way through that or whatever and just goes down all these heinous and Danny's podshows Chinese vice shows up that's you know you whatever you wanna put on there and she's she restored to eat anything you say for the shopping. Which is pretty cool because I don't have when that you can actually listens and rock unlocks and our eyes and also all our podcasts just so contents so if you soaps and you know I don't see I seriously and should do that aren't so open 99.9. KI SW and to beat Dan Mason yeah you can take like listening to be made things are played daily podcast that's pretty cool yeah and that's very very close so easy answer it really really has sought it was a case every doctor Ariel loses sight he -- sale -- opened 99.9 KI SW and you're off to races she'll tell you what to do and we might we might say some things yeah. Maybe when there's a stereo widening this division yeah I don't know I don't Garcia I don't that's gonna happen speak in a stupid Steve was not as yesterday and no license taken a stupid you weren't all ten. I don't yeah but he'll lose those who close to home now when there. Hurt mr. smarty had no problem did he miss one right what sport is the focus of the movie over the top. All Sylvester Stallone disaster and over and atop his arm wrestling yes. How do I I do not remember that movie you are yeah I agree I totally forgot that it's truly silly but fun movie. Yeah and of course. Yeah you ever shot a PC right now 206421. Rocco mentally beat me 647. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney here's another question from listener. If I can't afford to pay my bills how much going to afford attorneys and bankruptcy fees and you know one of the things people ask your helmet I was a bankruptcy lawyers that. 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