BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-19-17-7A: What odd way were you punished by your parents?

Tuesday, September 19th

Beat Migs. A man was recently arrested for chasing his 6 year ld daughter around their neighborhood while wearing a clown mask. Luke warm topic.


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And names I mean McCain then is to diesel is burned down more top. And. All I wanna go to Hawaii in go to friends talk they don't raise emigrate Tuesday tiger especially good time goes down the streets in Manitoba and not Hawaii next hole I do want and I. I'm goes in Hawaii in the Basque town because they surely are right there and see Heyman. Except for the place that originated the talk of Mexico and I know I don't feeds and why invest feeds the news again you allied veterinarian on CNBC flying in there yeah. Just like news and locate all I know women go to Italy and Mexico now there are guys you've never busy you can't say I don't know we saw hello Joey let's go to Mexico I'm not go to Mexico blocks from there this will be our he's evil there's only evil and can emanate from where she was that it you know produce while. Steve Merrill is made in Seattle so well paying. Whenever. I don't know what's going I don't go to Mexico combined RLR walls of snow tires are germs I'm into. I don't clues kids who are consistent for this game we got scared you wouldn't know air Gary is there's sir. I'm Daryn an excellent what's to blame for today's Steve tickets and I'd prevail they're going to be at the show must Soto on Friday September 29 courtesy of AEG live go to KI SW dot com for all the details. Join tig is sick and I prevail you get a match any access dot com RA's Steve do you have any beer. And for those playing at home or who has sixty seconds to bless you and I signed hey that's you know yeah. How dare god sixties I guess they answered ten questions you can Grassley wants you'll only as free as is her question are you ready. I'm great. In what new Netflix show do we see four super heroes fighting a common enemy named the hand. Oh in the Addams Family who is the brother to Wednesday. Now it's nice answers must. I beat. Her around in that was featured on US television was how do you why. Now suppose it's. Got to do it. How many stars make a big difference. Diaz which you'll northwest state is nicknamed the gem stage. I'm TDs glory days now. It's. And I know Gary and their aides which Beatles album celebrated its US fiftieth anniversary on June 1 when he seventeen. Now it's now. It's only are both built as Jonah movie to Joseph what breed was the title Eric turns out. Do us a Golden Retriever you know when that is a re cracks. Fiat could not matter here Asher turnaround better maybe this'll be wanna lose a pitcher's duels where Steve gets really low score as well I've IC we'll get a low score I just feel like you will be little higher and I had love I'm but he nod and rob forza Eric he's never know it's true. Never know you just turn now. Oh. He's your your Eddie who. In what new nets late show do we see four super heroes fighting a common enemy named backhand net. Our guys we Debbie does Dallas no as a medium and there's no. Pop fantastic for a no hitter in their Adams Manley who is he brother to Wednesday's. All he's using dogs and it takes to. Puzzling as a job a public that was featured on US TV was how he blacked. Judy's T yes dude how many stars many of the bigs do a first home as ours do do do. Seven she had this stunt which north west's status nicknamed the gem seat. It's truly outrageous. It's Idaho lol yes jams. Wow are there aids which Beatles album celebrated its US fiftieth anniversary on June 1 when he seventeen I'll Sargent Pepper's lonely hearts club I had I had yeah in the movie studio was marine was. It's a pugsley no. All a. Crap the same Bernard yeah analyze Kelly Clarkson won these first eight ourselves we're just seeing how American Idol show you ask 1234567. U wins and happy and he's our but then Aaron. That's OK I'll do they have archer baseball player who. No all hurt or worse tomorrow. Yeah that's how I was really that's really really good and her friend and I know we is no no idea OK well these habeas abuse are for the Red Sox but they traded away before they won the World Series these are all at different umpires aren't. I don't laugh at a faster a well let's. Sorry you lost their yeah. Okay thank you. You know line line. From the world's greatest assets to help. And as far as I would neither Clinton world's greatest NB megs. Thank you. The Netflix show that sees four superheroes finding common enemy named to the hand that I like this the season and then actually turn out lenders yeah ask the defenders. Did you know all Jessica. Luke cage irons this altogether there yeah eyesight in the hands actually pretty good and I have really enjoyed it wisely and giant hand. Know there are no changes I'll and a gap and they've got they've they've got their hand in all sorts of things across the world playing each member of the hand you know I yesterday's primary on the causing balls Tonya. Yeah we brought together in do we need seeing it very color outfit as they try to come together million that was a problem for getting quite we're gonna form that I thirty I don't know how I'm a dirty just superhero stuff and we're not trying to spoiling it already announced yesterday didn't make it that's all I was tighter regulation Steve you won with seven correct call number seven EUR winner you get those tickets to see I'd prevailed the show my so no color number seven. 206421. A rock so is that I was OK Joseph was around one hour now. Saint Bernard Ackerman and listeners are saying nice friendly dogs and that's what made it to but yeah I was a kid death. Really there had a Saint Bernard terrified of it being really crude jokes. All yes CIA I love luckily for me. I got to know Saint Bernard has been in the light helpful dogs now widowed building on there like little barrel or Borough Malibu zero out jug on their neck and they help people out right. And but things could Joseph turn them into evil killers Jack. Please make sense to me you can go with like a Rottweiler don't pay insurance pitfall that we know that's. Okay and those are dollars in your intimidating to some. Receiver and ours is very friendly dogs and make it is scary animals in that movie was a brilliant move on stealing things for us a nice things like an eight you know taking clowns which is chosen provide joy true and turning out in that seems seems to be the guys do that tennis semi Sanchez goes under the people's typically kids' lives. And make it into something scary to know Stephen King. Yeah CS appearance kids for years. I Steve's eyes be deceiving gym courses be it movies so kills. Is and isn't a movie millions watched on a plane. I'm. I don't know why oh why not well because I got the top ten movies to watch on a plane okay it was a bad segue really that's what OK so I ask questions at. I learned a daredevil not a good movie to watch him play because they may bites I doubt because there's just too much gratuitous violence and I know I was dead pool. Are okay it's very rare and Iran Al yeah I guess and it's OK you're right they're tired I will be a great movie don't watch on big guy this not a whole lot into his violent some new compared to today and probably when it came values I say there was been compared to move today downtown I was on the daredevil rupiah good trio daredevil depth. But they had they had the time actually top ten movies you should watch and a slight. I recorded the movies solely to watch on the flight realized wait a minute I don't know if I should watch this movie console based. I did that mystique with what was the movie with a million Neeson is that the plane crashes and and to win them why older or something like that I was probably grain to raise our great high schools and yeah I saw a movie except for the plane crash there's a giant plane crash he was it not bother me until the but I learned rather quickly my wife was not very keen on the idea what's you know he shares headphones and watch some I had my laptop are here and Jesus look Emmys she says. This is the movie you pick up. Seeing. I ask anybody see mouth there's lots of turbulence and plus. Oh wow that's pretty special sensibilities he may give Philly because I'm consequently it's okay current. I guess a bit short movies he demanded an honest I don't remember of course you don't. Steve the number one movies you watch and I'm playing OK is your favorite movie ever baby sitter scenario close Rockies no clothes. Our man I take Iran by the way a big surge SH I'll crap all of bride's maid that's Nadal. The Friday Sox could also leave I did you you know you just hater you know I don't I didn't even hinted that must have been through Tomlin DeMarre heated are enormous you off low price is like 90% of red textures and yes I know I never you know. It's the bigger brother bridesmaids. All hang over as the number two movies you watch on plane. So not a loser remember going to base this is so that is as whatever was going to Vegas getting trashed. Am this trip I had to say when it's on CBS a watched bits and pieces and even though it on the movie never plug it and don't ever it's on TV I wanted it's it's sort of you know it's like step Brothers for me. It's a classic meet the parents. Yeah. It's always funny yeah I mean they did the sequels weren't that great but there's the first one was just great the first one was awesome. Is adjusting to the Shawshank redemption. Time is that trouble listening to series moving ahead and might tear up a little bit and now one they say that I do know that 11% of people admit to crying on a plane. And most of cameraman and I agree gang I I can't be careful what I watch on television on the iPad because. I don't disagree about the altitude whatever I'm getting older but damn myself missed enough my guy tank got people listening in the seats come on now Andrew con men don't cause. I didn't go through man Obama's them. Never fight I mean it's good action we Jason ball original idea the Bourne films this absolutely is just as Jason Bourne was that the first one of the latest one that's I think the latest one yeah there's really knows me master yeah was the Bourne identity go though yeah that's a 2016 line well okay they say that's a that's and that's not bad memory have you watched solely. No it's on my iPad and and I keep thinking yeah. You sign on the I should be okay you're not gonna freak out is a great movie. I was curious about how long the Shawshank redemption it's two hours and 22 minutes long so I'm wondering if that factors into it like they want long movie scene now and then you do for a long period it's it's the movie does is interesting thing on the plane. I'm Groundhog Day that's a fun one Forrest Gump also. Just whatever movie I'd pick easily the most recent movie that I am able to rent a nineties and beyond for me it's what's ever -- on HBO I just downloaded a couple including the one there was a guy -- question and he makes us say die download and didn't figures on the record that enzyme that ready to go and it's the NASA women oh yeah I'm the African American NASA woman and really I guess we're really are they there were big in the world of NASA jazz I think Apollo launches or something I don't know seal once that that involves going in the air yeah and an end and now mumbled gets to me but you know I know and we'll see why you saw is all based on him saving the plane from crashing down as. Bridget Jones's diary for. That was a fun movie goes out and I had no desire and wants that again. Pretty woman my guess that's a classic I haven't seen a while wanted to still holds up. If you open and the person next season you know hey hey are you being here at halftime hole prayer Richard Neer zero Jorge well. And then slow and no air they all are all are all movie. Our old buddy movies so I hope they come up with this unless it was a million it was done in the UK are so that may may have notices some things are really gone on here and I'm surprised. Have but it makes sense of Bridget Jones Bridget Jones's diary outside of her I think the rest the socialite British stars and movie and they don't always go waste if guys are taking and we are very BC you know pictures some mindless. Fund you have how many. What are your anchorman weathered the super troopers are office space are waiting for me you know those are all good your best just all on his success falsely while watching it no harm no doubt like to wake up in the middle of the movie in not so like I missed anything's. See my attitude is is that I'm trapped on the plain news so I'll watch stuff. That I don't normally wanna watch but it's like but I don't I know I should watch. Like they didn't figures of the world things of that nature. You know I know they're good movies I have no desire to watch him like Sully you tell me it's a good movie like our ago but I just have no desire Washington's honesty out the plane is a long enough and I'll say no mas and do it now and I'm like I'm so happy I watched it enemies the plane ride better I always like to watch anything that involves wrestling because I like really that it may swimmers at maximum slightly uncomfortable do you have an oil marching to spoil them and grapple and underwear. Yeah I am the same issue with scifi stuff I'll watch a scifi show the person next meal hunter helpless that I your library green dot all your I don't know probably 220 exactly some weird creatures to obtain easy in his leg and others one episode kill joys where there's swimming in this pool of green guru and I guess a good person look at our going. What are they do on and it was like the same actors playing two different carriages on them and get busy in the green guru and so she's as I cal well the person nice next half error here is brand Doris your headphones what you you're agreeing you know there are you seeing there is somebody. Somebody's in my dad what's castaway and the lady next to free down and shut his laptop during the scene where the plane crash. Install. Olds seriously would you tell us somebody you know you can't have somebody else's stuff. Well depends much much in a good point and another hundred degrees and I hope this weekend mimic a shot by his neighbor. And apparently it was because he was wearing a clown mask I'll tell you what happened at 717. On the Iraq. In the eggs in the morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. It's 45 year old guy named Vernon. From the great state of Ohio was recently arrested and for chasing his six year old daughter are around their neighborhood while wearing a clown mask I. Father of the year. I am the poor little girl had no idea that it is him wearing masks or she was probably terrified. As matter of fact she jumped into a stranger's car formerly to a stranger from departmental. That is not exactly sure what the dead was thinking about. I would hope dad that the mass of data points that Dave didn't need your follow her yeah I am your father. The apartment owner came outside and fired a shot into the ground for short costs quickly arrived and assess the situation. And realize the cloud was the C sure old's father so I mean. I've got to steadily escalated quickly I think Andre I guess yes and she did some any interest there was a cloud we've had these sightings before and our Chilean little girl scared yet you can't protect your right kids jumping into random people's cars and a random people's homes. Yet guy running your own comments I don't blame the dude so why me or did he do this to his daughter. Well he told cops he was chasing her as a clown to discipline her for behaving poorly at school and at home draw. Is that one noise in the living through school she gets his genius is a father. He said he rather new distance banker whose. I don't know man as a kid in my apartment around have been spanked yeah I was now in beat the crap brain are dampened their place you know miners banks compared to being chased around by a clown there were two arrests on the scene and both of these geniuses really scares me is this a little girl running around and these ladies gotta deal with. The father charged as child endangerment and inducing panic. The apartment owner was charged with using a weapon while intoxicated. All married. That's just. I don't stereotype an Ohio boy seems like just how lovely stays fair because I was having an afternoon dad having a few drinks from the news and some random little kid to be screaming bloody murder in the clouds chasing her. I don't blame that guy you don't blame them he did shoot he did Kamal a gunshot into the ground. And the and order a clown and I saw one mr. drunk he media over there you know you brandishing a web they limits on the other. Wow that that is just a lovely stories from the great state of Ohio. Our job. So we got this dude recently arrested for chasing his six year old daughter around the neighborhood while wearing clown mask why. Yeah day ahead because she was misbehaving so of course that's they rivermen Giles somehow I don't as a parent you know like these need these younger parents so they do it now. So I. I there were and here's some of his service from my children this is a question or you. What all the way were you punish you by your parents or you know you're a parent and what our way if you punish your kids. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. I'm sure we can top this way apparently doing. What are away were you punished by your parents are what an odd way have you punish your kid because in Jackson who chili's on the Iraq. And they extra mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW. 99.9 KI SW Morocco Seattle. We guys we'll get some issues here. Serious issues. I haven't seen the rim this enraged and a long time I'm talking years Steve. He is tea is good looking he is I have a turnaround I've learned rather quickly our studios and unsound broken leg and hear the rounds through these sound cool wall. Own and I are here. Now he's not happy what's what's the matter there Lauren we. Were get a wonderful studio that is falling apart from the frigid inside and okay. We're big kids arise from a beautiful day outside a steaming pile on the inside know. This piece of crap place. Lit everybody. Do you have a hologram yeah. I would love to hug these computers out of the window home and I'll just go right on winter because I hate this stuff. Yeah it's hard to believe you have a brand new man since nod is functional as the old stuff that we had it was like I tell functional. And work. As rabbi you know carries none of their pirates how. They think therefore they are talk oh lead that you don't. Seuss. Oh I'm gonna go to worse he Bryant feel like I'm I love tiring so IA paid technology more so much more you gotta rebuild. None of these attorney Johnny. Yeah. And they're still red Red Hot Chili Peppers. Re nobody is you know. Now. I had imagined lizards and Jelena we love you would be when veteran ray how I live and die. Have you tried turning an option during an audience he had just enough to get pitches he tried Ctrl+Alt+Del. This. Do you think we TCU. I wish I wish it was just me I wish that I can beat the wind and blame for this and I can't believe they you're the one cracked a variety. It's awesome I think a good boy for how many months I was a member of the couple wants even here yeah. Yeah I totally ID readers are dozens of students and I figured for sure you Bobby Brown who's building yeah I cracked my now time now. Well. I love this round. Clearly haircut comes and goes he really had to do this up on the air beyond what I do I didn't know Ming had a great I love love this place a lot of this is the case well we just randomly tape these calls Diaz on hold since the computers. Oh all right let's go way you know in my power to exist or does your dad thinks out. Yeah I mean yeah that's. We're ideally your computer millions were you really do manned Apollo you do all right what do we do when I was number unplug the computer and that could be a problem I had yeah. Because sometimes that's the thing is not plug in the most obvious places you were like yeah and did you plug in India Asia saw it and. Everything pudding you're just. I signed because you don't see lights Emmys upload it and yeah I guess I Don Young to play your right side up brand. These stupid things aside how are you I don't have a barn door to where techno babble I may want to think I am playing inside the money I hate you I guess you're doing Steve. I forgot yeah we're good match today. I didn't is that I don't let my like crazy those times are out but it's really fun to watch as long as you know usually this is once Acer is like oh yeah I love it I love watching the world burn around me. I was pretty awesome I weary eyes so I morning hey guys and I'm too high hate the sinner and hated centers Cyrus. Our man was recently arrested for chasing a six year old daughter around a neighborhood while wearing a clown mask. And why was he doing this because well she was mistreated he was arrested some drunk guy came out fighters shot on the ground because he thought the girl was in danger all just a lovely day in Ohio. Very odd way to punish your kids all you did something wrong. Club masked gunmen terrorize you for. And apparently the mom wasn't any better parent she's already controls first child abuse and things out just four K I know he's just a moment where. This child can go to a better home six years old this is what this is gonna deal with yeah. From mouth. Hey you know you might his I think you can realize that I wasn't such a bad parent because that's a very odd way of punishing. Your kid and I wanna hear from you what are we were you punished by your parents or maybe you were punished as a kid what or you're punishing your chin and on way. Let's go to co Zach guy co Zach you are on the rocks. It was okay Roseanne would you go forcing anybody. Well first god truth. So like she got back got Olympic carding a comic image got better. None. I initially right gotta figure that out I. It is they would never go back to Olympic cards and comics. Shyness or cabbies awesome are you kidding me yeah Gabby is a reason why we're not going back I remember this you remember that I right now it's really her husband and her husband and start us. Charity is a diet or go there again because of that. It's a great place not in Olympia Lacey is actually and you can check it out man did data as she's she runs res shots on the got a pre release I'm sure you announcements of their from magic this weekend. She of course prozac. I showed did you learn how to do with me but my body and high school. Did you're the always in trouble he got an art to get with a neighbor and the members charter with a bear here that's you've completely fine and stuff like that. But my buddy's dad went up cute girls parents and Bobby got that they're injured for months. Every time my buddy's sister and act reputation you won again. Or. Hey pull up again and today every time you act out like series leader like Monty wanted to again. So I'm cool wow Darren looks like that this is a little gone. Yes and very tiny very tiny light bulbs to bullets. Still it's. And hurt. Yes yes yes and it just doesn't hey I don't know do you most elated actually choking mostly right tomorrow you actually achieved. How are a little bit how long it goes this. And not eat but learn and I. Man people are still doing frontier justice on then those days I don't Jersey I think I mean you know it's funny in the ninety's people have a whole different way and thank him they did it really is interesting to see how much we've changed and I don't think he get away with these days I just as my when my brother and I would find my mom would punish especially down the middle of the living room and put our noses together. He sure needed to brush his teeth more. Oh yeah I think she lost out on that deal. What mommy yeah I'd do it and I don't add to it like two Brothers fighting and you need a hug each other and just hold each other and so there and I do. They had no choice but to. Get along again yeah that's an urgency alassane. My parents ever did a casino or rather just squeezing me insight and breezy the affairs just wanted to know there are you can't do that if you you guys you. Forced me for -- as thousands punching dummy Josh I was my brother was never liked but he was a lot older than your age as your earlier rose from a solid years older BMI brother was nine years older so why he was on doing -- see anybody wanna hang out and it was great it was culture and he's probably my asked him to a lot more on how you are very real long I mean I know him in his body so he's consistently did you just. You're very protective very oil slid nearly you were breached. All of us that's cool lease oh yeah you're right but tomorrow it and that's right you don't monitor them. That's how portion rounded apparent that he answered those. By the bug might might do at my service or certainly my dad retired and all his co workers were in tears reliving retirement party from a couple's. Hard years ago and I shared history is everything when my brother and I would not put territories away my father would legitimately walk around. And step on all home we put shoes on and say are your for your toys away. But issues on it just hurt our football gods all of them my London and would say you guys I know you are gods off. Harm you're allowed us I just hours I think I'm I'm I'm I'm off and then throw more I doubt there is huge void all where it was and I bones then I'll just see him behind Brazil and our and. I'm on this story whose retirement party he's. It's our turn red not anger and embarrassment and a whole rumors is dying and a couple of his coworkers don't want to react drilling is nice to meet you. Just are you sure about your father. I traditions don't think. I I we love you learn about your father hard I know world. But if you start isn't a mob you know there's a certain things and events which kids turned and then you just I want a massive boy you know what they're like father like son you're the same way I doubt in my mind my license I'm doing good so we shall call we don't. And that's should typically hey. Tony Dow Tyler Don bell anybody here say that beat the odds first and I don't know why I am I. I know hello my doubt that's awesome you've met my daddy I thank god and the world where does that on the sunny wanted to know I had nothing else sadly is true yeah why stock to encourage or whether I like toys away. You woods yeah I would. I would zero but I don't have any Mario brush this off season Moylan gonzo with Chrysler. 20642 and rock Texas 77999. What are the way we punished by your parents or your apparent when I what you punishing your kid let's go to any and chased and any you are on the rock. Hey BJ hey guys sorry I don't think said he would you guys force in anybody's. All right so one out of the kid and I was deathly afraid of the movie the shining glory. And for some reason I don't know why in my mind mama my brother would associated dot will be with the on the purple people leaders past and so when I would get in trouble. They would start singing the couple people later song and I started freaking out thinking but are thinking that was a shining. Policy it's I think it's Jack is coming over with the acts. Am I followed damn good damn movie is so creepy to mandate is somebody can somehow get any your brain and as a form of punishment. Hi is brewing on their part talk about psychological warfare but call me hander that's a beating hot hot dance. Yeah yeah I instead desk hey more importantly how is it talking it around when you got through all yeah. You know might not. Eight. Followed and it all fell apart and then also a party couldn't write it he's he could write Andy's name on the screen that was a problem preceding colony they re edit Tyson says I'd be easy toasters and using a ball on Joe's head and his Jews in the room there is. We use. I don't know if that's the one you really share but I knew was there what is his ball in my head they I don't think you remember that line. Shows about gel yeah tell you know I didn't sleep over. Well you know I know I don't you think this is my college buddies all. I various non. Well the ball on the head story was is it it's it's just I just got fired a hot no I actually was on hello medalist called hiatus I confrontation. Goes on vacation we just moved here. We're going into dead I decided well we'll take a little shrimp. Try to have a little bit of silent salute to seaside. And you know it Joey wasn't cooperating the way I wanted to acquire premise he wasn't getting along with the sisters something that's a shock to shine is to never and not so long always about a ball it was just like I think C within the wasn't playing ball right away with a sister and always keep me away Summers I saw you want to play ball swings I just in the ball within in his head. Towels and it was say you know I was like I bought dodge ball ball all guys margins unheard I am I mean I think about it now and it's a slate. I was just so angry at the world causes like I got no job no isn't hire me everybody telling you know we're retirement incentives yelling at each other and the ball yeah I know what I can do is that the officers on the Wii units faced Sosa was my idea apparently none of the words and I tried. Please leave your senator and remember right off my canal the reasons ironic how to lessen competition hey I got an Austro Daschle good you don't remember that good she now remembering that that's a great stories is enough for me to know that so Joseph what's your story about. Your father or she's fine she's just see it was a mongers Molly some weird parenting that is Jennifer under the bus no it was definitely you know not him you want to try to save you from Boris ransom Lulu and Arizona we seven inflatable pool and all I know this is using the inflatable pool appropriately apparent end zone we are using I just throw it by you before inflated -- it deflate their gonna cool down geologists owner on the backyard lyrics yeah I mean it's almost at Dallas a lot of sharp drops rocks in the backyard possess Arizona you don't have mullah Grasso everything's rocks right so my aunts and embrace the toughest damn things on and around the whole list. And you know it wasn't a great day and work for dad or something new animal or a Greek debt wall he grounded me surely in my room and so there was never allowed eve dinner guests. What about breakfast lunch. I owe and are just scenario you know I'm always in my savaged I don't think one day it's now one day Steve you still haven't had dinner three straight days in my mullah my sister are both seeking sandwiches because I absolutely grounded in my room much higher night under the crack in the door like the prison early out. Nor did you kind of I had to tell you something he Jody have that Jolie diss and I are different people. And I could not and I could not find a way to get through to him every I mean he was he easy to starve them well I. The first line of punishment with him would just in general but no matter what I did it Jolie diss would not cooperate and I was I know what to do the tour is did you know you do the simplest things and so I as they are added I won hardcore. This is you guys retired Dan Marino would happen in general let's ask you is our error. Yeah I would like to blame my environment. Oh yeah Alice which is well I was in Arizona sheriff Joseph Arpaio was all well okay well I just I took a cue from sheriff Joseph your justice is this yeah roller guy did not start the not so yes there. Yeah Hilliard and his sister were just bring sandwiches empty suit was hilarious yeah not a terrible dash owners are gonna enjoy sailors and they caught my teacher caught her one time all hustle what happened marriage you know that's so much. You got grounded and in my mom had big mound I know was my idea and she got grounded bright red don't superhero yeah and it's a good idea how to nobody's in his you know just could not get the wife and I do agree on parenting plan. She does undermine me OSHA does she wouldn't agree with this plan and starving her son. Dinner he gets everything else I know he's not gonna eat. It's an evidence room during dinnertime would you make him come out because that's all I was I remember as a child. I would I was surprised at these are really really want and I remembered the Dow worked on these Austria would work on him because he wasn't listening else. Cost Steve his visit in memory I have a beer and there's it was a two story house beyond MR monsters watching everyone play outside immunized pools and yeah. It's five and it's a blazing 95 degrees you're hungry and hungry. And I thought that would teachings of the autonomy is a marvel parent assaults on group. Is that why you try every towards hunger strike. Now it's a sandwich. Along the always sees water because he's just so I really do your job and I'm never gonna turn out just fine let him he's a wonderful job in good shape his ovaries out. I should try to myself at that point where I can use not only does so sweating when an instant sideshow does not go to new pools. I imitate but these two guys who have a lomb demo light pole crash on their car. They did OK okay so. Two guys what's happened is they had a light cold like pulled fresh on their car she's just an ally and a dinner for you yeah. And you elect Pope press on somebody's grounds I know about it. Some forty some. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy costs usually with my office we we do have flashy. They're includes all your court costs firings these credit counseling credit reports. Anyone crossing chapter thirteen cases say usually starts in about 900 dollars. How would chapter seven cases of total cost including all your court costs attorney fees usually about 15100 dollars. We offer payment plans on shop for showmanship and star file of my office through those almost 200 dollars. You can send your credit post Austral picture senator calls like get together up your information and ten. Payments on the rest of the bees we jumped to thirteen cases. How we can make payment arrangements in most cases as well she did your case file be serious challenger Jeanne case because usually organization aspect. Sure thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time at choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.