BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-19-17-8A: Two guys crashed their car into a light poll.

Tuesday, September 19th

A new study says that people may be getting too close to their pets.There is a list of new words added to the dictionary.


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You wanna check out this video we have an up and be Jamie's age of KI SW dot com. A couple of enjoy ages and actually get their just deserts. And this is a video on my two guys who were laughing at a car swerving down the road until crashed into a light pole they let the Datsyuk. I until the pole fell on their car. Mom's side who I knew you didn't know it. Lynn not. Today. Yeah OK yeah. OK okay volley it's usually do. Yeah fear out huh. Gay had cars losing it's control slams into the light poles are laughing at that demands very light pole lands on their car nice going guys. Yes nice pay attention. That's just said that's a decimal parents is parents' hearts to involves. Them. I'd be so angry I had ground them I'd I'd put them in their room without dinner and so I don't know the story's true or not crazy YouTube posted says he can just got dumb too so we ditch school and was driving his parents red car. While. Domino it was at the Craig got into the accident thank all of the all over really well I don't know an idea and that's in Medved that it adds it in all about that swerving car. Yeah now live and I wonder how that is. So it's a car than they did they were filming that actually was here oh man is that poor guy Saddam. So these parents car slams into a light poles have been a little inebriated and because Jimmy Wales would be swearing like that are fighting this is why there. Oh really yeah Andrews. Story could have just been crying you know a lot. I mean. That's because you are right MI said you can drive. Kinda losing to stop driving so of course Danielle and I didn't ask you could only answer really answer that yeah I'm insulation that's why you're not allowed to put Titanic anywhere near the video player in your vehicle. I'm from a wise man once said check yourself before you wreck yourself spoke. Yes screens everybody's like current debate just karma is a bitch that's indeed dead for shooting vertical radio. That's a good point everyone knows you gotta do it horizontal astrology of people this is if they were shooting horizontally might CNET dimple falling. Do best and that's it that's unbelievable points a pulse all on your head like I mean did that that's literally kill those guys yeah luckily the guys in front of them cheeses. All right the future of Lincoln Park to finally can see that video on the B Jimmy Page of carry us W dot com as you know the future Lincoln Park is in doubt. They're gonna do either for show since Chester Bennington death. And they're calling it a celebration Chester and that's gonna happen on October 27 at the Hollywood Bowl in LA for awhile they got guests. And they're gonna donate all their fees says it's in music for release are one more life fun. There aren't any other details. They also released a video one more like god an honors Chester. But I guess you had to think about that if you're the band like are where we go from here. Can we say and then do we read from there doesn't tough got to replace him mean you have carried charisma wise and also. Just his ability to sing and what was it was at like a ten to fifteen years before Alison she's decided okay we're gonna we're gonna move on loans and it was a long time it took awhile so minutes. That's a tough one. That out and I'd be an arsonist who they're gonna do what they showed us and that's really called the do do attribute show I would imagine those guys since this is a tough thing that could help him heal a little bit. I really think William Duvall really should be the guy that fills in for every bad guys helps kill every dance every advantage Diller DI he's the he'll learn that's a William knew long before he joined thousands James has stepped that he was doing on his own. He sounded a lot like Chris Cornell. Yeah I need you guys got. He's got more range of what you just do what you hear with house and change because I think it is you know certain vocals were for certain songs but the guy's got pipes and access and Adobe really weird diseases now frenzy every day and I lost nearly say that's because kind of weird it's. Where did the same time it's like hey you know what man I mean if it weren't for Al us. Let's see how it does for sound garden and I mean everybody seems like the dude now they'll be kind of hinted that the all star singer for you know people that lose a front man. Did you Sudanese his wife posted since she shared a video of ours does Chester right. I don't know whose hours before are relatively before 36 hours before his desk whose wife did this gestures just is why she shared with everyone just to show people. We'll consider this is what depression or psych and Jesus lasting. I mean good time I was chair that was shot 36 hours as ours ours dads while I enjoyed being you know I do when you have those jelly beans that summer and nasty Jaycee and some aren't their music failure Russian roulette of jelly beans and his kids and how heartbreaking. It's a deceive this fight. Our hope is that people realized that deep for a depressed aren't always has walked in a row mall being in. I joined the black cloud is over their heads. Makes you heard this one depression look like to us just 36 hours before his death he loved us so much and we love him best depression yeah man it's it's very true. And we talked about that a lot on on the show that we did a couple of we go last Sunday I'm listening and you can still check it out yeah it's it's a very powerful show if you want any game any more questions about you know suicide prevention and depression and mental health. I'm listening dot org. If that's where you can see you can watch the whole thing and there's a lot of great videos authored you because she's right. You just we just expect to see somebody mope around down in the dumps not being able to get out of bed that's what we think of we and we think of depression I would never ever having seen that video thirty's thinking that 36 hours later the Chester Bennington no longer be with us absolutely yeah I would never thought that I mean he looks like he's having a great time with his family like anybody who. Cool what what do you want from life you know you surrounded by family friends have a great time yeah you're kids in. He's got a guy. It's heartbreaking for us to watch him imagine her escape and be really tough to share that with everybody but props to her for doing that deficits that's a powerful way to sheriff. With people who don't understand what depression isn't what why how to impact some people lean on people so they gave backup then there's Obama got right there's no buck up to somebody who's in that state because you've never known. What it feels like I did there's no way you can say it because unless you really felt it. You have no idea I've been I've been depressed and sad before but never to the point where Chester was right because a finalized a ton of breaks out at that point there was no. Yeah to me down he's thinking about hours before that having fun and lasting much bucking up you know and that's why when anybody says that it's just like you don't understand you just don't Janet you've never been so low that it now that you're either that your life is is in that position if you've never been you got to show up NCAA he not gonna help but he tells them about Donna just does that you don't know you're talking about. And so that's good for her like you cigarettes for posting that. Question just announce a bunch of new words that they've added to their dictionaries. And enjoy anymore do we need to validation for yo lo win. Whatever other stupid term it is that mrs. Morales and now you we've gone from yellow to throw yell okay we need to have that validated a prefer Rios Allen Mario's a word that's frozen yogurt. Hey. I'm no matter how are you gonna learn. She's black bear kind of guy and she's also had an error while an alias of Froyo from that we usually end up every weekend has seen the trouble is undergoing of that cold pressed hard pressed she Serena when they have badly the are basically the Allman who went over the hacked and is I love it's really good idea on when in Puyallup so we can enjoy that ceremony to guess one thing we have an east side that's cool trying to you know you guys and everything else down there when we have that and Seacrest. I was talking my wife so good. There we both at the same old. And heard mood may be half me just fill the insides of my sorority stunt taught piano and that's a waste and I'm the guy you're Ifill about the whole thing announce. It's like a guy get on Jolo are all. And then filling up with more you break the scale when you bring up all dude you have bigfoot was younger users mine's at least triple. Wait a curse that's awesome and I ferries. And I'll look at I try to put blasts. Should I saw you slamming things that I don't look at this because I or anyone else like it yeah you can do you Dresser and then atop the with a cookie though should know bought her finger crumbles is west oh cool unity taller you got to crumble Oreo is you've got on a jab stems from law calling her every night here on. All lots and not to mourn that's their Mickey's house doesn't have yeah. That's what you gotta man she's right there and then just a bunch of Paramount drizzle on my own and then topic nobody drew on top of Carmel. Of course yes oh man I love it. I suffer rodeos in their pre game is in there and a new dictionary pregame as Chirac just. They were Wii's always argue about whether or not into it is a word. He sort of an added by the way appraisal came to hate is not in this eight Jerry died at the bears I don't think this man I think they got because I T trying to type it out there. I don't know and it doesn't get correct like serious series tells me I'm still wrong it's like are you serious painting is not India but also stuff isn't there ain't got to be in the dictionary if we're overlaying yo lo and fro yo in. Whatever the stupid term he got over there Russell low. How do you not have any good for the longest time that was a good argument please let AB in the dictionary. Always it's in there is it and then it's official. Yes all right finally does it furlong time of one our whole childhood pal you obviously yours as well as our yemen's army had to hold bucking a painting all the time people who say you know Miami's strange followed by a campaign thing announced. Please. Front isn't there like if your front ball OK with a straight personality bright when about a big shades America she may not yet but she night. You know calling him based on teams and it's not exactly a get out dash nine source the losing streak in sports and troll. And knowing how does it and the we guidance harass people whenever that bad. Mimic did you smashing down an oversized freedom comes to how my wife thinks we're crazy that's from Chris yeah. I know drew because you think well it's dietetic right it's not as many calories and that's quest for almost Dixon's in the toppings and everything. Yeah I was just want to earns is basically just do a gallon of Ben and Jerry's that point yeah. Yeah I feel like him you know because Jerry no I know not do that would depress Jews remand but you know the top and ended but the toppings there and let's really you know slain mother all ends. And it's in our kids could probably it's still got calories. Towers got talent that in the back of Macau blue. How is like a shock when he talked alternatives are okay account potter and the chocolate powder in the but I Carol yeah its enemies it's also falsely healthier but it's gonna calories I don't know if this is sure an allusion to our researcher and a controller dim indeed an Auburn dimensions as the so your ball for only five dollars however much you want five dollars M to 10 PM. 211 in Auburn okay Auburn on man and I'm gonna go to them or throw mentioned go away wise Auburn cool you're not a valid would you creating wars amongst French hi hey you know what I I'm tired is participating no US remain you do everything they all do. I'm tired of it I want all the great deals everybody else and amend she gets there is an idea receive the undercover boss on unmanned cheesy there was kind of washes body late or Buckley violate dimension there's a girl I was there are differences. Chooses a complete you know what skiing quits. Don't want the best episodes are never seen an episode that's what god means immense she's in my what is displays all meet this girl I'm gonna on demand that's fine and I was I was seasons ago I'm gonna simply quit on undercover boss Paul she was strewn all that's awesome she wanted to become a dancer. I don't know tiny dancer all here is she okay. Our eyes yeah I'm tied atop the Al yes just may stop its okay. I Steve I go like this because this question is about being too close to your pad. Can you actually be too close to your pet now sees how well I guess something that might say yes and I'll tell you about it at age seventeen on the rocks. They X morning and now I'm 49 KI guess tell you. Nine point nine KI SW Barack. Seattle. In are going to see. Big email like this because Vicky the only thing I agree there about it is animals. And that says it's funny you she's everything's earlier saying hey you might be too close to your path. And then beyond usually celebrities and you tells you all we're back with this you play a song. The song that we played as one time sir many Texans brought up very act I am very nice observation on the Texas front was an intense sonar and Bronson shows is nice transition they're BJ you know opportunities are about being too close to your pad. And niece are playing blind you like an animal not a sales closer that's right. Some weird when those things happen anti but I plan to install my ass. Yeah I didn't plan your ass but you know I this camera and OK I didn't well we get new research found out. That a large percentage of pet owners go out there are ways to do things for their animals. That some may consider odd. As they turn to them for comfort and company amid the stresses of modern life wise. Run on the show looking at me right now. How do I totally believe this about humanity I really do OK I'm I'm a hundred sensor and I'm guilty of all these things and I like may pat. Like blue better and most human beings yeah I don't like blue better and all human beings and and I think for my wife of course and people think I'm crazy but really what it is is that society has since I had bad experiences with dogs growing up. You know I was not a dog person I undid only finally got to die she finally buckled and Donna Saddam really carry blue terrier are awesome dog. And that dog beat and she got closer lead dog than any of us they would like to receive I. The dog we see bite my mom's side of the bad no doubt seen in my dog's bad. That is really weird turn out that he's that but all right but they were inseparable. But she was bitten by a dog and hated dogs her whole life and finally caved and then don't love without doggie I had a reverse experience I hated dogs and we got a dog and I say hey doesn't mar okay attorney asked them again are you were just not one. So they got polled 2000 dog and cat owners and found in a third and let their petty into the bathroom the same time as them. Bad and I don't purposely do it. I don't close the door all the way because they used to and then Lulu would jump on the Doris are clawing and scratching yeah I came analysts what's going on in there Dennis you gotta go dog whisperer and go you don't do that more or here's why won't bother me so I just know even cracked inside sources are head and and she looks like. Jack from the shining. I'm. Comes and sits and stares down here now. She is excited when it's well gets washed those guys so it is really a sausage when she jumps on it. She's so certain things yeah. Here you are the problem I had this article is all about you actually on the solution yeah. A quarter of us have come to us confided in their animals not personal problems people sit down and talk to they're free and animals are all the time stamp and say I think that's a good thing. There because it's like journal link honey you're allowed journal link and I have no problem with that I've spent a lot tonight I'm Donald mine on anybody on the National Mall just talked myself customers and a little Lucy now alas she was therapists and I'd be -- McAllister she's she's an early look at it like Tommy murder problems. Or is just treat it just needs easy to get it out reality and the dog for some reason you see don't feel crazy talk and does something even other guys like Aaron Nigerian talking about is glistening. And that's all you want is though there's no way you're therapists and they listen. But there are actually listening to dog is not lose it dies just like I was there retreat and SM is or treat at the end of this whole Lotta this blah blah blah always sure that the therapy in their guys is always listening well as we sit there and Seagram scribbling incidental yellow notepad. Single hunt well some animation film and then zoning out again the dogs just an asking us how makes us feel yeah just listening. I'd hear the kind of person decent dog and understand you better than the service under senate yes or shot to death. A third of us refer to our our parents as mommy or daddy. By and lose that's OK and I'm sorry this. If this can't be done playing and I'll burn a birthday card. Are any kind of trying to get. Somebody exercise their animals payment card I have one of senate Tatis friends do that always do that the I now can't occur now every human jello conference from Luke note. Look this is best known as trash I wanted to display and you cards I know but it's a good thing you don't but are we selling Christmas card which we have. I thrown in the trash we'll find now I know that this anyone else out there I think it was your stupid dog so it's already printed on the damn picture dog that's in San grass yeah are you a Merry Christmas to god now and a picture of the three of us ascendant. And lose names on yet another side that's not gonna fly in my house and me we take cards from humans featuring humans okay because that's what you do dogs don't send cards dogs don't care about cards. They're not part of the family like he skated wide web forever or my parents ask how Lulu doing because your parents are like you there and saying okay. My apple don't fall too far from the show us. As opposed to mr. Starr my son when he's not acting properly that's the way to do it America. Amber's an exam with your reticence on my dogs and almost all humans a pricey a few days off when I had done eventually but there's a vast. Not a good thing. I why I'm I'm I'm look I I'm gonna tell you and everybody else. The fact that you prefer animals over your own species that's not a good thing that's something you've got to look at they're typically. It's not the U shouldn't be called your animals this is you prefer animals over humans that's something wrong with you great or is it something wrong when humans. Are we give so many crappy humans out there this crappy generals on W I don't know how one and each stop they do something that's why you're my masters while watching a football knows a Super Bowl and only time she's done in the C jobs once you were making excuses for their bad behavioral and do the same for you this sir. Well good to see us for the sewer why don't care who bit my wife come by with that I don't county debt and current. Survey found that a fit there owners kiss they're pat on the lips. Which I think is the most disgusting thing ever totally do I John is disgusting to see Reggie is the only airlines don't police typically Mickey and I are the only ones that are we when we agree on the site and it's amazing to me because everything else about Vicki I think is just abhorrent I would say that I'm doing here and I'd kiss her in front Annan here are your route do that's so gross it's not. Okay I think featuring you can say anything is gross. Address FBI can and I can imagine that sure but this is a number of BJ down with dogs. 90% of pet owners say they don't care what people think of their relationship with their animals that's true that is me. I've known that actually got all they have is a pen and their life they don't have to tell you least you have a wife and your friends so it's you know what I think given normal relationship. But there are people led the pats are the only thing in their lives. And I know some people most of my wife's friends because my wife for some reason like weirdos mom you know she she married one convoys. Oh really do anything that's funny god damn joke. It hit me in the plenty yeah yeah I'm very might consider how well Chris I know you've got sources close as we do or die out you know like an uncle Chris you some of last year and my son hates me that's why can't tell you disarmament and I'll look at you know doesn't look like he was starting. Yahoo! these women abused like that to the ports and I'll be makes it. I hope he does okay from some of the things we'll have a hard time right now. I think this is the problem with a our country is that. We value pets more than humans and that's why we don't treat each other right that's why people immediately each other there's table flipping that Saturday it's. Although I mean ever than people value their relation with a metal because I don't get them unconditional love not to get all Stoner hit zippy Wednesday. Do you win the love you you say that but there's been signs is that a proven otherwise and you do you still say and I and that's fine you can add your opinion. I believe and act. But if other humans would give each other unconditional love maybe you would treat humans better. But here's the problem would just treat you the way you feel you're dog treats you and another dog is treated that way because you believe assault food motivated and that's fine. But it could die if your opinion is a dog he's showing you love the minute you opened that door if more humans act that way maybe we would treat humans better. You know that's the problem. What's the problem the problem is is that you can't ask people to do something you've got to be the example of what you want in your life it's if you want humans he better he's gonna start with you serve you can do it good there's still that idiot that's gonna mug you out there that's good if it is gonna steal your crap and that. How loving and nice and gonna be those people are still going to be there are so I take solace in going home to my dogs. Who's not going to be a jackass who bites your wife ICI the guys just beyond her wedding as do IOC I T I did that surprise. Never got a sense oh there's one time Shia becomes degree and you've been on the gas just funny how can get out of gas and yeah. I want you all how I mean they go to bat from all over the place. Today they rip your stuff to shreds sometimes they go crazy until kids I mean honestly and we put up with so much from these animals. And that is just as bad as any human can do but we because they give us this. Unconditional love him. I again I do not believe and a lot of these scientists who say the dogs can lob because I honestly don't know how you can figure out how creature can lover not Los Islam as a human construct anyway. I don't even think luck really is a thing for you you scientist approved the fact that you thought that Verisign says there's so that animals are not capable Los. But you believe those scientists hi every idea that you guys earlier with what some bad day whatever it is that your agenda is for you don't believe others because I just how does indeed I don't Jesus loves me yen well. I mean I need to see more than just it was some people so these scientists that are out I need to do is other scientists disagree and I you guys I just feel like they have better points by. The bottom line is. Humans have to dig other humans and how they behave or you're never gonna get what you want I'm not gonna dig him if he's going to be a Dick to me I'm sorry I messed up ninety conditional love. I mean you're wanting unconditional love you know willingly give up which means you love anybody no matter what they do. Forming a month off and kicking my dog in the face nobody should dog will do some stuff and you'll Lola but anyway I'm nice to it's nice back to me. I like I like for everyone and that way yeah I mean you know nice is is relative depending among the pioneers and I'm there in my world. My dog is very nice to me I really think you know. That the more we love our animals over humans is not good for our species this is not. I'm not saying we should hate them and us and she mistreat animals but if we're loving our animals more than rely on the other humans are this good for our race I don't think it goes well for humanity. And that's the deep conversation but see I'm on the flip side I'm in a crappy day I see a dog sit and passengers he went advanced driver and I look over and I said they do a double take is like some blue lab. A scenario like this Christmas Newman makes my day man squad that I don't have a problem with. It's just a no I don't know of army might have I don't already some dude picking his nose do you from goldeneye like mad that he may or may medicine every. And I got exactly would be funny yeah you know see somebody like myself singing the song and a car in Mel's a new content my immediate thought okay I'm man humans are good. This. Did you see it we needed doctor BS showed RI to not needed dogs are dogs tango and humor how crazy it was my life that was always crazy to do my life has been so much better there's not a creature I have to worry about I I love my life now with no dog and it. We Donna still lives at home. I was very secure while darn. And off. CA. Newsroom tonight. 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