BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-19-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Tuesday, September 19th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Facebook Drama. Jolene is back in studio!


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Nine point nine KI SW Iraq Seattle G Saturday and Sunday October 21 placing and open because will be at the century link field event surfer. GE's who's been here last year so much Bob super bummed about this go around last psychology I got sucked into the world dodge ball. Yeah until heated up Dodd most genuine BF nine year old and take my astronaut and about every time that might happen volume you've got the hottest in virtual gaming as well as dodge ball. And then guys. Twice as many BR Bay's this year so the lines were pretty long but that was five doses are double the Bay's. So its could even be buried G tube and you guys were being in line for those that's awesome they'll wonder you know quicker because those. We are usually. You want tickets one more info is simple had a GE two dot live the letter G the know letter. GE two dog lives. Okay. Be sure. I game and it's time to burn down bored I go. I didn't think it if indeed I thought oh I don't know man yeah that's leverage pieces. Kids who are Ken says there may we are Robert in Libya to take on Steve Robert there's sir. Eric excellent what you're playing for today's Steve Brill marks against bill's gonna be over the Paramount theatre on Saturday April 14 and that's courtesy of live nation go to KI SW dot com for all the roles. And Fred dean tells. Enjoying its biggest check out Bill Maher will tickets on sale this Friday at 10 AM dude like nation dot com's sorry Steve it adding hand. Play at home or have sixty seconds to answer ten questions robber you can pass all you want but you'll only three guesses per questioned how are you ready. EMI BMI AA expectation you've got to do slow down all the Robert. No problem buddy I know you gonna do your best this year we have done I assure you know you don't mind doing it it's. You look for. All right and what musical talent does the double display in the Sunday devils went down to George job. I don't Diaz which singer made his debut in the film love me tender in 1956. Justin Bieber now and how it's asked her what are these three colors in the Jamaican flags. Green red yellow now tilt the error electoral role as lead singer of the supremes in 1972 pursuing solo career. Oceans cover approximately what percentage of the earth. But there's no hoped the they need to know it's 69. Pretty close yes 1979. A jerk was feet first starring role for which asked her. In 1970 nine's the juror was the first starring role for which actor. And it dominates no concern yes indeed there's not a whole. As was the president of the United States during wall. Why now. 000 all right. They'll cats are they well yeah I dropped it is Robert Nash are you. And now. And they and they gave you when their but I mean your pretty close and as an approximately an hour once or something hey no problem looming and no. Steve does definitely have his work cut out for him assured guys. I think you might make you saw today. She gave Carl really notice there and I think there's really am very Charles bold person on some muscle mass Sunday's perfume business could not sarcasm. But yeah I. Little little B as a me yes yes investors momentum right pace Hariri. And what musical talent doesn't he doubled display in the Sunday double went down to Georgia I'll mental note don't you ask. You went out zinger made his debut in the film love me tender in 19590. Maybe 66 guest Elvis Presley guest. What concrete like greens what are these three dollars in the Jamaican flags. Talk melody black green and yellow as a people running schools left her role as lead singer the supremes in nineteen Sandra Roberts yes. Oceans cover approximately what percentage of the terrorist 80% now. 70% Diaz you may act seventy nine's the jerk was the first starring role for which actor. Steve Martin's yet as. President of the United States during world war winds to Roosevelt. Eisenhower note. I'm tasks. No. Who plays the role of Batman and Batman vs Superman Donna justice. Ben Affleck yeah and I want to see what actor do you still con air space soft and raising Arizona haven't commented to Nicolas Cage Diaz yeah nice to what is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta Edmonton. Gas and steam you give nine out of ten which is so now. Yeah I'm Julie hey guys didn't stay around like yeah you're the Mariners yeah that's exactly where I was at the okay Daniel Diaz land game and I know no man I. Okay you go. C Dallas tells that you cannot weekend. OK well our allies and I love driver and I candy I lost him I'll I'll all moon. I really liked him so much wanted to talk to more but he's gone round and ensure that our. Only boy I mean he started that call kind of really saying you disappoint our view is yankees and he's gonna disappoint the dignity he didn't disappoint you sorry little series follow through with. I think bro we're going to meet and know Robert you're not allowed on the show everywhere and people in my son and had dinner there both ground and they were in the mornings and sub breakfast in Iceland as Russia's. Oddly president of the U west during World War I. Is it an MI should know now and I mean yes because he's a president you should all of your president Cleveland you know all the president's there mr. Jack hello how of course not OK I because I don't know I didn't know Natalie can choose a president in the eighteen hundreds it's not a Roosevelt's I don't know well I was Woodrow Wilson oh yes you may know his name I do notice right now but yeah I imagine he was president. Well he was snide congratulations to you when would now encourage caller number nine you are lucky to see Bill Maher. At the Paramount caller number 9206421. Rock that's citing just those tickets. Let's talk about another got a nice check yet this is a public service announcements all the listeners it's not calls they're dumb masses. HI you know it's. The trouble was is that it was and it's one reason Netanyahu surprising new one of the answers I was like holy child but does the rest of them where they were older than him and he caught and got a sense is that sex everybody else. Yeah he just admitted none of them I can't blame prelude. But you know you gotta love me tender. Do you know love me tender do you guys know that song you don't. All while his son doesn't know her son needs a nerve really you let down your son you felt you know why Mamas and the eldest and that's I don't want us if his if his if his granddad didn't pass away when he did I think he won it because my America's the granddad was a huge Elvis fan had been Salmonella standings in the house I don't. I sure you're jealous he looks like Elvis career. Realizes Elvis and you are from uncle Jesse on full house call this pretended to be Elvis the saudis doing I think so yeah I think you're absolutely was doing. I actually talked to these kids anymore they're rock Ramon music and uncle Jesse's my dad my cousin was an Elvis impersonator vote really yeah. Our first I found that I was crazy. And that is house I would do or bathroom on the total number to any dodge that it would be a good time for him so quickly changed into his oldest cousin used fat Elvis she did I don't was okay. So Andy was also a little bit larger than most and he. Drew on and they got a bad Timmy did I hit high you don't steer Canada and I are out there ran out in the bathroom and locked the door car guy. You're whose manner would these bright sparkly jacket and then sued saying yeah. He's OK it's like my family man's I'll man whose father being public to be a Santa Claus he would have news bears were my mom myself when the only ones there BMI dad did you sense bosnians fear us agree added I saw a Santa Claus impersonating an Elvis impersonating and her family about besides the one side I was. I'll seen a mom and dad they've been debris and the quality depth passing no surprise you're an entertainer of the did you oh yes you come from entertainment stocks. Assortment and there's an Mario Lopez says he talks about almost getting into a fight and having his phone smashed. Tom Myers got a radio show and I was to give the diesels essays and it was at the gym rat and is Las Vegas hotel. And he and other guys bumped each other while he was leaving the bathroom he said excuse me but the guy got his face when an agent at the time for us because you finish our. Some employees jumped into calm things down in and all the chaos Mario dropped his phone so yeah I picked up and threw it against the wall. Morrison quote it smashed. Us. Now I'm really have said but I medicine take myself. Then the guy went nuts and start to show shoving everybody. Mario said three people file assault charges against him but he didn't because he won a deal that policy had enough trouble dealing with a song -- on the woman is gonna smash is ready I was gonna say you know Mario what are you doing any trouble to somebody turns out he just bumped into the wrong guy. Because this guy looks like he went nuts and everybody. So it's a bizarre you mean crazy people must say just steered well they also might be because it just kind of ripping you off at ten glossy state charge you to use the gym per day. It's a charger to use that and we will we went from my wife's birthday we stayed over at caesar's palace and from the first night the first day we lucked out apparently did the attendant wasn't at the front so we just walked and worked out no big deal. The good this is typically how hotels work you have a gym yeah part of the amenities and never brings would you answer me here are some Walter I learned that but. I know I know I placed in charge you for their gym rat wave at the point now where it's rare and you begin charged Wi-Fi it's just yeah. I don't party amended lease that is amazing to me so the next thing we go to the gym again. And there's a woman marries his off are you on the list staying on the Marmol wasn't listening what have you paid. Did he use the gym yet and no it was a cause twenty bucks for dec twenty bucks to use and Jim yeah. Which is a monthly gym membership if you find the right place source every other one I have here as much as the two months. And I couldn't believe I. All the absolute is clearly you've got to be just maybe people are in a bad move because of Bennett drop according to use it Jim. We should know that he's a jam that's not stuff you know for a hotel. I agree I I I don't want to get a nickel and dime you like that is this is this fear digests. Yeah. But says see I laugh all the way go hug just like guys you get no money enemy is I never use the gym at a hotel I know it's a shock I look at it I'm never did oh. It's our losers lose you take its operates. You guys showed 206421. Rock Texas 77999. We got your calls we get consensus 917. On the rock. And made some more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW Morocco Seattle as listeners on the loose where you think this topic you guys show. There's some of those trust you by GP. Two we want more info go to GE to guideline that's liturgy the letter even number two GE T to. Dot alive so this is hosted pretty simple man. You can talk about whatever you wanna talk about something new something called. We don't earlier new rules for there is one must remember this simple rule message is just a matter Jim bring it otherwise we're gonna happen. Then sigma. Bar old 206421. Rock you can also Texas 77999. Let's go to eight. AJ you are on the rock. Yeah. Whose page it was just forcing anybody. I retired as a garden lords say he's. Disciplined but it's good sometimes they're. Yeah all the punishing yeah because we talk doing a course my son talked about how I descent into gras and I'm for weeks and got no dinner. That was is punished or what about you. And also what happened and who rendered the route three batted it doesn't do. Child. Health and opponents that would each other and are fighting with each other. You have punishments and 40 am what I understand that their primary in one big shirt does the momentum called values. Each other all that's a deal two guys have to hug kind of missing immensely puts the Suu Kyi is an oversight assurance of their pretty much like siamese. And doesn't go your kids and everything act to fool are actually led the way we should actually do that now OK yeah waved good in green shirt and there's Sarah Jo Actel. Does it word's energy it's actually kinda being Goran did his amen and good to go down. You know it's interesting and I appreciate the call AJ I Johnny I tell my kids wouldn't listen. Chances stardom instead well I think you know it's like gee I don't know like to be apparent today you can't do anything because the kids have. Dare and everything is considered abuse and I remember my parents doing to me would have been too good and also my parents' parents and me is abuse today what is there. Drugs say it doesn't help you didn't ERE. They're on Derek. So holes they're like yeah it's an umbrella more than just drugs thing yeah drug resistance. Drug awareness resistance. Had been bugged all abuse resistance education he and they also talk about other stuff and into multi that are just solely about drugs used to meet at NATO then they realize hey Simpson's body image trouble at home so what else is gone on to put your life in danger and adversity for drugs are really excellent. Oh that's a different program in college that's an Anderson has our guess is different Cincinnati college. 20642. Rock Texas 77999. You would have like they receive no identity you know if Clinton probably doesn't I speak you know not odd ways to move him punished by their parents I kept missing Abbas is a kid my mom wants me to school her robes small town. Really socks when your mom has no shame. Yeah that's. And did the UUHD he do it best to try to figure out how I get through this kid that was my problem with Joey. But GODs man yeah I couldn't get thank you to do what I wanted to do you could get a chorus. I guess I'm Dan Donovan punish him in my recent trend me in my twin sister with a wooden spoon. So I guess there's Bruins kept disappearing anyway shoes clean our room and found all of her wooden spoons with sad faces drawn on them on the bottom on March toward miles that's also softball but it sounds like the makings of like. Two twins take out revenge on their parent you have we've got to spoons no binge and their sag the they make us happy she's. Aren't hurt. That's not something great movie action. Apple put them on a tradition god believe this is enticing and I mysteries when Tommy essay could you guys please redo it. Yeah I this is a great one about a dude going on social media to complain about his ex is dating other men. He's been demonstrated by Harry is distilling company brown senator Byrd and can beat you once again here's our chance when I'm dumb people out on FaceBook. And the drama unfolds. The national FaceBook posts in the giant balls and Morgan acted out the change names taking innocent people in this RM BJ he'll be playing the role of Walter ice. He'll be Jesse tonight. It's. Okay. Treadmill niece Schuyler any cars. Out behind the hey hey. Lovely. Isn't Gaza earlier about the original 100 cinnamon and me. How many masses involved in this case from trauma okay you are the original poster so Walter please take it away. There's no three weeks now Simon down in my house semi ex wife is all ready dating. Go fast. The usual way to end the bush sleep with someone else yeah and then that's way too fast barrel. What's so funny about that. I find it funny that you ask how long did you wait captured and forced to sleep with someone new. Again what's so funny she could easily add. How long should do away doctor getting married to plead with someone new balls. Oh what's that supposed to mean come on the ball to stop acting like to thank them if you tried hooking up with me on your wedding night. My sister admitted to me cheer you were bending the whole time you're married lord and it's gonna take turns. Pro I agree that's way too fast and as Superman as a dead she's already dating. Have you read any of the comments above yours no I didn't have time but I wanted to comments you've really shine. Well last. Call while it's why Powell. Yeah I probably should ask she's Walter. Schoen guys around for even asking hello while. All through the gas company makes good meth. If it does make a good Matamoros mass Walter the ask them. That is awesome and of course we heard nothing from Walter he was dumped snow Walter resound yeah it does. How he he goes on and yes he doesn't figure it out like he doesn't figure out what they're getting at sarcastically unanimously all you're gonna talk no. If you're honest the chick any trying to hook up with so he must have been so trashed or who I'm like why would you give a conversation with somebody you tried to have sex with. I would be avoiding those guys and a place. I had some unknown reason terror is won a FaceBook is now introducing a snooze button we guess news out of certain people. Until a specified time seem like Ellis news from this person for like the next thirty days which is a great idea. Yeah that's a really good idea because some of those folks I don't wanna hear from experience and text message there is a -- and joining our conversations with the likes earlier this morning Mario integrates analyze she she gave us a lot of fun stuff because as we've learned from the you can Alison just W on -- so listen to be jammies you can listen and just be amazes me KI SW dot com to find out all that information but I can't really cool man to people about guys suggested some questions that we should. Ask a lot so yeah this agenda there's a lot of stuff that I haven't even scratch the service with all the fun stuff you can ask her right somebody said I ask Eric Alexa. Who lives up pineapple under the sea. Sponge Bob square pants. Well Rio she knew that's Smart guests are Alexa. Spell hole Pena home. And I think I'll access to know how hey you know. How opinion sounds Holland Kenya. I guess it's I his own thing you know OK followed. I'm like son. Turned down for what. Fire up that allowed another round of shots feed. I turned out for what Bosnia only one who's in you I come Star Wars. Unless I define rock paper scissors lizard Spock. She's just cut paper. Paper covers rock. Brought crushes lizard. Those are poisoned Spock Spock smashes scissors nice scissors decapitated doesn't listen it's paper paper or disprove sponsors go. Thought they branches dropping because I'm crushes scissors yeah. My desk that says yes that well first of all and sometimes that's up from Star Wars yeah second all it's from the Big Bang theory thing yeah okay are days when all this stuff. Who you don't call. Ghost busters she's a Smart and that's. So it's. The idea you can get one of these now finale when you would have only this is your house. Is that because Jim always talked this in my wasn't out for exactly nobody taught as a dog to talk to a snarl of the dog can't you Michael like so let's is much better than dogs at this. All eyes so let the dogs out. Who who who who. It. I don't know. That's true and yet you only asking anyone and he probably Wright is loses all lose you pick a topic you guide to show 20642 on rock. Texas 77999. Your calls your zags at 933. Norman around. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. W Iraq does Seattle is so listeners Honolulu. Feel tickets are very few guys to show it to 06421 rock Texas is 77999. Jack can swim you are on the rock. Stay as good morning mark exactly force money. I wanted to see if I get some predictions about this coming NHL season because they hit golden Knight absolutely crushed Vancouver in the first being nice on the I was nine for us. Yeah and I mean they did Kevin come and they came out and gave lightning quick and they just kept it rolling they didn't lose momentum at all which I kind of figured because they basically got to steal all thirteen from the league. Plumbing is also pre season CF to take all that was a grain of salt but they did not got a mean mid be that way then so does Syria and the expansion draft a right to take means. They did have. Great take things as far as modest solid players on a good died what's the rules for that seat is a military's most bench and you never get anybody decent so you only can protect like twelve or thirteen guys and a couple goalies. So if you had a deep roster. You potentially all lose some. Core players. They have never great goalie Marc-Andre Fleury they even have odd Calvin bases stickers on the team I don't betrayal and out but he got drafted by now you're out with the Seattle thunderbirds who's not in coming always well. I think they're going to be above 500 team on the day gonna be a CEO of the nominating a compliment president and I would make the playoffs let's. I think they're gonna put on a good products for the people in Vegas. I'd actually think it's going to be is certainly good franchise and I'm hoping that it'll he'll do for confidence in green NHL to Seattle but I'm not sure we're gonna find that the veteran players without you know multiple drafts. Like they've done it in recent clearance after extensions. Well would weigh in the arena stuff even at the earliest I think that's an if if everything goes according to plan and one B intellectually twenty year between nineteen and I mean I 120 Intel now NHL and have a team here in Seattle. And at that point they would drop it did if there was an expansion team to reduce even if they were Vegas and then Linda NetApp William a lot more depth again because you're new players coming in and who knows what can happen again we can also get it seemed to write him there's always ever match or coyotes as coyotes they always to be on the block every year lose so very there's one side there. I don't know man because I tell you I don't I don't I think that's the problem with what's going on in LA I guess they didn't sow the seed Simone died ruined football even the chargers or the rams are not so on that stadium and PI may be good is not their team. Many of you know waiting vaknin and this fight I think at times really this is college football's probably enough. It was a USC had more fans show up I think hoosiers he had and showed today game day and the chargers and the rams combined. I don't understand it is such a big city but me because it's so spread out like all the population is so spread out. And you and I don't understand why the NFL can't figure it out there but they seem to not be able to figure it out now likely end charges Mississippi pilots they -- ya I wanna find the most amazing ways to lose games initiative won both of their games they're kicker and done and done his job but and the rams you know learn and they've been so so every one of mass I think Jack there and so. I wonder man I wonder if they had even the rams to star opposite now a team that's on a well I think they did I mean they really care for awhile they were there I forget where the rams originally started. But it's consistent years like I wanted to really cares about the rams haven't chair but the chargers either. And San Diego and care more for was an expansion team where it's like their own news team high ceiling are. Or even if it was Oakland solidarity's Emery it was Oakland camp I feel like his stated I feel like media may be that's the thing is since he knows somebody else's team. Com at least asunder changed their name and she's a look so you have some ownership for basketball now if they took the Sonics name and colors. You know somebody else's team which is toyed around with because they believe the sonic restaurant started in Oklahoma so there's almost. There was so yeah I mean great it was a minority of people but there are severely you know we should keep the name because of the history I think if you move to see you should change the name I really do I really really do. I'm hey guys why you know big Utah Jazz makes sense doesn't make sense or LA lakers it don't make any sense Annan and all because they god they got a thousand lakes and LA in the Israel on the jazz in Utah now TI I I think that's dom but that's at least at least we get the Sonics name who is in mamiya basketball back here. Plus is almost Michael into calmer you are on the rockets. Good morning to mark Michael welcome to the show what do you got for us. Yes I actually has to change my first thing is that thumb on the leaders are talking about always scared. I moved from penis so when now than elementary school. One of these characters talk my whole class economy crack. Okay we'll. Why me way they do that. I honestly don't know he admitted he left out only one. Ingredients but for the most part he taught us exactly how it's made it. Okay that's entrusting our findings and what it thank you funny experiment now it's a drill went down one ingredient is tennis so bizarre if I had you know I played so guys that make decisions that are in the school system. I just don't understand I really really don't understand it. Mare so we're just once I love how long you've been on crack Gloria there's that is. And I think that's exactly. Elliott that one in my tipping point my second thing I wanted to choose safe and keep chew DJ. Are you wearing your thumb I'm listening. And we all know com. Yet it was a week ago Sunday that we did that's a suicide prevention day as well as any mental health awareness program for a couple hours here I'll a lot of stations across the country including here on the rock. Bottom of my pleasure though really I was just fortunate enough to be able to post a lot of great error and no experts and and great musicians and performers great job man I think embody all Lancelot and an ace. Death so go go right ahead sorry about them Michael alleyways praises and I have the Baskin and. I don't I wanted to say thank you because I suffer from anxiety and depression so I have my own issues. But I also wanted to say thank you because this past me and my father are calm personal friend of doves and agent Sam. Oh wow wow OK so you guys know firsthand how di how tragic this was especially. We talked earlier about the out of the video that guys Chester twice posted of him having a great time when his family 36 hours before his death. He asks. And now what was your did you ever have any experience Witten with with Chester your cells and it did you did you guys talk a lot about what you're going through in life if you didn't. I'm I never got to actually. Meet him personally com it was always like outside. Thumb but I did get to. Thumb like free concert tickets when they would show up. But that's cool. And how did that and an obviously when you heard the news. You know it's one thing they it's one thing for us folksy they'd they don't have Leno don't deal with depression and don't have suicidal thoughts and we we what is it like for a person that is he's facing similar challenges when you hear that somebody is lost to suicide how did that affect you. I'm and it really makes it difficult poem I mean even without caring about. Some major things like that it it's difficult. On a daily basis just. Feeling lane keep you should continuously during heat on the do nothing. Homes. So its its extremely difficult to just doing daily can break it now I'm going to restore. You know enjoying spending time with your camera any extra gear and that if you stuck in that town and militants yeah I sweat a lot of. Don't understand and iron and that's the key is there's folks just don't do at what it's like to be in that place or don't because they've never been in place and they just assume buck up which is why. I'm listening dot org we will show you can listen to the whole Rochester and we did Michael thank you so much for the call for your praise I appreciate that I'm listening dot org is where you go you can listen to the whole broadcast. It was amazing to be part of and if you know of anybody that's going through Michael's gone through or you yourself that's a great resource I'm listening dot org. A great thing and I'm not I was happy to be a part others to do so once no my text would you think about the last episode of hormel. They think today he really stepped up the humor. Yeah you know it was funny and it was all so tender and it's I IE it feels like it they are really trying to do a science fiction show to it's amazing to me so I should keep watching it I would say yeah I'd like you your impressions are hard and premiums on the DVR we send Grammy embryos on Dancing With The Stars fiercely I was going to be I surprised that it's a funny episode when you when you know when you figure out the mystery and MA and they solve the mystery rather well Lisa tell you the big question and early on. You know you I like to get your impression of that effect but is this is a former Star Trek next generation sand. I'm amazed at how much are reminds you the old show. And it's. I I really like this it's like I'm going back in time and revisiting an old friend. I love it and and it's getting good reviews on different places so I'm hoping fox did that this is a ratings winner as well because I'm enjoying the hell out of the horrible I really really Yemen of course. I'm really in my fingers crossed the structure discovery which premieres this Sunday will be on CBS for one show and and you can only get the rest of the episodes on August oh I. Asked seriously why licensed tracks yeah I'm speaking of ways thanks everyone is texting in the ingredients to make crack if I don't come in tomorrow night on it and why it's nice to know we get that missing ingredient I don't know. I'm on the rockaholics it's gonna go so by the store for a couple of guys no problem buddy that's right it does this salacious mess rice is an assessment and so he's he's. I ended up blacked out and hospitals and this is all because of a rattlesnakes. I'll tell you a nice fifties on Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW I I. AI SWA rod got Seattle and to log in below okay. I'll write as well oh no I don't have that margin for red beard no really close maybe a little something but nonetheless. Emily is still rock in the Redman used to get dad beautiful gorgeous hand there were red haired you're. Jolene is back. Only this claim that shows anxiety I don't know like my ex spouse's honest originally slang justice it's a little fun kind of dip my toe. Rules so this being casual encounter something like something out of lake and Craig's list dad yeah I was. And that's a nice vacation I'm Dan and Amanda two week vacation with Jolene network's two weeks away from Ryan castle de. I'm out like this my I'm just in shock and I know you guys have been indeed these new studios for what I a couple of months now yeah there were ten guys out so I'm sure everybody's heard about everybody going to always so different it's so new it's so clean it's so clean it's so. Clean gas final legs jammed my finger up my nose worked up some burgers my way and on the Alley you and I can still yeah I'm an I'm here to do my parents. Very you know since Juli and I noticed there have been many books on the long now now I all I'm only now we know I. Hey ladies it's your had to show and you really have to fire does stand by and next a bunch of guys they never suspect is gonna come out and really are right I always get blamed. Really don't reinvent. Your tires here are nasty and I read. Yeah welcome back well I don't laying everything yes we're sharing an office system is my my first more in the following way valuations. Unless you're the lucky ones. Well very quickly here's the headline guy tries to come to rattle snakes fan and why some black guy in the hospital for five days went by some. Yeah make sure instead frequent and you'd imagine it is. Well I'd say right now she did she still didn't tell you this Jolene zipper right castle she's a mess in the morning twelve pack. Made. International talk like a pirate day. Owner I don't know if you know how players prefer if you do how they I die. Thank you guys from my life. You ought to be a very pleasant jail what is and star. The selection. Harrison's how would these days for our. Morning. Nine point nine KI ESW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney yeah here's another question molester. If I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous. Going to court is never something we. Something this easy do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only have to understand what I'm hearing at the courthouse. Ourselves either way Q and when you go to cortisol before and judges actually with the trustees are the trustee's attorney. Wanted to do one of the things it's critical that bankruptcy is that she's here here attorney in the horn all America all of your information. This all your assets and all of your predators that's true we're trading for your discharges your truth and honesty. I'm disclosure your assets and liabilities. And so of course during its just usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we firmly and squarely at all the information you're given the sport than yours truly. Flash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime Ted choose the right chapter dot com. That's just choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening and.