BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-20-17-6A: . Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are returning for another terminator movie.

Wednesday, September 20th

News and sports. A man got busted for stealing money because of a pink unicorn. A man swallowed a couple of balloons full of drugs.

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I'm pretty still mad because there's been rumors about James Cameron's. The director Raj doing a terminator movie okay because the last is he's actually done monument turning to movies but he hasn't done the last one didn't go over too well now a matter of fact I I I don't know the last time he was involved was a teacher who was at the last turn in a movie actually did he wasn't on the third won't know all the which makes sense because he's duke he says he's doing a direct sequel. To terminator two now we thought I thought T three was dressing room with a non not as far as cameras concern here even exists to him dead dead to him. And so yes terminator two judgment day was the last one Cameron did he's gonna do a terminator sequel to that. And he's so serious about it that he's actually bringing back his ex wife Linda Hamilton SATA car enough. And then there are married. You know that. How are really unknown mother Bessie keeping a body on people's love life I love the directors marry their wives and then all of a sudden there in the movies. I'm a mass media are Miller you'll eventually rice say her name she was in the fifth element she's married to that director Lucas on ends in mid to pretty much she was a lot of his movies because it's a you know. You married there you know he had a job once and awhile. And how does that call I mean yes I guess at that point when you when you're in Hollywood you used to have to take all that simply grain of salt so maybe you're willing to accept that call. But I wonder who is like the most apprehensive of the two of them did this actually happens who was at her was at him like. That is suffering refuses never speak an error again head Carroll wanted to be in the next term though he's a sweetie. Men those Hollywood marriages he's just never know you know I mean probably real happy with the federal rail and everybody else anyway I know that that was the case not only as a case in Hollywood. With each other railing that somebody do all go to Hollywood man I'm glad to have ultimately sixty years old. 6060. Pounds he'll give us 61 there bomb did you know I don't know what she's got a look like she's somewhat bad ass because she's. It's gonna be in this is like you know I don't know that. Maybe she's fighting off terminated with our with a walker or some of the house husband look Nader I mean is determining we Arnold. Arnold's mostly in the movie I don't know how much she's gonna do like he's like close to seventy any penalties or robot he still wears adult diapers behalf. And then burn them I still really good fur I mean some are awful it was good for sixty but I'll ask you this fantastic by means. Fantastic debatable but I did too high velocity hall that's why. Yeah I think you know she's she looks like she's in some places elements it's better than what I would expect yes I know who says you know what she always looks like. And starring Linda Carter who looks better and you'd expect but she doesn't look like super fake either. You know I'm Desiree she's had work done is she's had in the way it doesn't look like she's had worked and I kind of I tell like women edges look like they're supposed to was supposedly these billions skin stretch creatures that you see in Hollywood and would give more than she could have been an alien situation isn't out there and and the terminator I think that works just fine because she supposed to look bad ass she spoke to the results. She's had a rough go because you've been chased by damn robots all our life BI as matter of fact Doug Cameron says hey this is a plus. It's gonna make a huge statement to have that seasoned warrior that she's become concerns in the war here that's the way to send any woman wants to recall that postseason Boehringer. Anybody else that's ex husband taken shots all you do he's Diggins shot editing I don't chase Erica on you're old. Would that be funny if I eat yet he worked into the script like different things to take shots at our move now. And if she wasn't seven after picking up that would suck and she sees the movie merry go sir you know taken a shot at righted they Linda you know that determine. So are gonna why did you ever do the laundry. There's like one would what does that have to do the movie what that's done in the movie if you did the laundry John Connor would still be an ice at the big huge filed Arnold is because I believe he seventies so this is going to be the geriatric terminated. And Dave you know I mean Greta there's a lot of robots I get a but they melted Obama loves bright yellow or brown that Sotomayor hasn't seen them when most are in any so Eddie furlong right. A whole idea came in home and I don't know without them so. I'm always an atom on the show come on Eddie do you remember that in good luck in our interview that was a fun interview. I still question how sober he was really doesn't matter you know John Connor that are of gold and let's not forget it he called us. Did the interview an hour later call us again thinking he was calling in to do the interview. You know out of my memory problems as a -- I am I can have a lot more have to be ready for a long now they have men here to do the interview Eddie we talked to you and Ariel are here to talk some more outskirts here cares awesome had a great second interview that he -- fantastic coup is quite possibly better than the first so this is did James Cameron Linda Hamilton terminator whatever number but it's going to be direct sequel to terminator two so. We're gonna see what happens to Linda and John Conner previously terminator Metamucil mentioned Sosa. If you really it's going to be very distinct and we'll see if they get young people think that NF LA study young people under the hasn't worked for the non Cameron terminated from me because he didn't do it may need to be M though. I don't care how old they are. I don't know my age your age or older. We're all going to see this movie it doesn't matter she's sixty doesn't matter he's Somalia. Automatically add James Cameron yet Sarah Connor and yet the terminator. I'm into. And you know he does is special effects I mean that Sammy the avatar guide's list she too was amazing when he came on 91 hour breaking into our yeah definitely groundbreaking me did the liquid metal on terminator was fantastic so I all I wanna hilly and it. He always to rid Patrick Vieira jays tragic mr. Patrick's brother yeah filter now I don't what's asked Robert how router Cotchery are very close to James Frederick. Patrick Patrick Patrick Ewing yeah that's it you guys are usually in terminator former son in Korea perfect. I so we worked that out we got him so Robert Patrick if he'd be in it but he's also get a little lousy Dylan. I don't know the last thing I saw what if he's going to hold everything up I don't know man. Don't its eye test there see the script first just ours except they have thought. Since his camera and tell all I'm James Robert Patrick Patrick you know did little lonely camped out. Odd guys say about this thief who got busted wide well. Also thanks to a unicorn. Policies can tell you all about this he's got the news story at 617. And made some more news on the rock 99.9. KI ESW. And nine point nine KI SWR our jobs Seattle. Most fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there are. Any available this early in the morning just who it is is news suites teammates. Well thanks guys thanks a sport that's giving us news and sports in the big guys as always every day is a big day when it comes to Stephen holidays and happy national punch day. So maybe you ready for college so I know you punched in no punch and injuring. It's. Am ready if I get the yes. You can spy kids also bring miss an episode you illustrate how weird Vijay is okay it's national string cheese steaks which you can celebrate because you don't need to properly. I still have had my way I feel that string cheese man just just chop it up. I'm delighted it's for for practice. We'll talk animus and she's done I think so I let's talk about this guy in Oklahoma he's at Oklahoma state fair. And while he was a bad man he decided to rob some people. He robs or network Desantis as so the victim called the cops and said hey no I wouldn't be I look like bush had a beard he's at the fair. He's wearing a white T shirts and he's carrying a big stops. Think you might unicorn. OK. So they say look good for the guys doing well. He's probably sixty unicorn you would think if you committed a crime you wouldn't want to keep a giant pink stuff you know corpsman not not this guy know they could we found twenty year old Godfrey. Communicate Godfrey and hand and that's why skilled computer that I got. Came in throwing things. Notice that if there's a job free but no Godfrey someone madrassa to Toys 'R' Us besides Jaafari that's poisoned in terms go anyways he stole money from a stand. You ready to instill the unicorn he said I current value of corn. So they're in college and still are out here this guy put his unicorn a fair and square man I'm not double bottles dopamine and I guys afraid that clown mouth until I'm blue box. We still talking about this as it's not exactly sure why anyway Jay got arrested so. He waited Coke dude if you kind of be added fees while. This whatever it is that leaves you very obvious Jeff Weiner guy a white T shirt Revere would be tough and fair. Yeah but if you got the unicorn pretty much you are easily found in that case I do that you've described every kind of Mumford and sons but after that I go can I get the uniform without going time. I have 46 Joseph got a name Casey serving six years for robbery in this happened in Cincinnati well his wife's like why I still that I help. Provide certain things for my husband Bo sure so she went and say hey I like to give him some drugs he likes drugs also she smuggled a bunch of drugs. A dozen balloons filled with Matt OK while she was there he swallow for those who boy before a prison guard realized what was going on. Could put him in the south. And they realize all that's that's going on so you know public yet the weight of the way for him to rob well past was pulling my. How would that took about five days. Can they collected the evidence. And here's where things get in their say all the civilian side just thing is that it's no he passed all four balloons. And they think well I still want those so you admit to our card now I don't need to dominate the finish to start and they all he repeated what steps one. All. There went another four days before as those again and oh yeah him and his wife in trouble it's. She's winning a genius. Hello I'm trying to find all weird ways to get drugs from point a to point BDJ including this guy not Cleveland. Copyright C Ohio area while in Springfield Ohio with his name's Jason have to decide to a male drugs. Any thought he had been brilliant plan them knowing them and played out. Okay here's the problem he made a big return address label on the package. That's when the install office before the shipping stores today that. That's an actual I just to protect and into the system. Clubs they let the authorities announced they open it up the play itself. Continue to open up and oh yes there are drugs a lot of talking and possession of course they swallowed some pass from a small them again incredibly exciting news. I'll manage teachers in trouble and Virginians being sued I don't know man. If I was a student if I can get three million out of this you can do this to me every day for the entire school year okay what happened. Decision that the teachers being sued for three million dollars a middle school math teacher because one of his students wasn't focusing on on the school work okay so we took got a black sharply and broke the word to focus on his forehead. Who three million for that and he told the senior now to wipe it off until you complete your schoolwork while the parents are not there are happy about it the principle is also being named as a defendant because he felt the report the abuse. Extremely not immediately known. But if they didn't I don't know whether you like the most vile things on my forehead and I'll spend all day schools that are higher sales and all semester. Good we have compared to when I was in school. Man everything that was dumb I was in school like you have money for now. How would the enriches all of my. Old history teacher and nice clothes and all boys Catholic high school all yet you see are you kidding me yeah you your Bill Gates at this point. Yeah it was a wild west over there you that's some of those Catholic schools man and rumors hi everybody I talked to the rumors are true farther nuns were worse in the teacher asked. I'd be a millionaire now why why because they get none flow. Yeah. There also is again on the Mariners I can't get no more in gas. Rangers scored twice in the eighth to beat the Mariners drew a line. That's their fourth straight loss and missed out on a great opportunity to move within three games in Minnesota to see loss to the yanks the other twenty losing try to time is now bouncing back between most game those can all cause you've won one minute off ballpark for the Mariners went up. Still this is on the mound tonight we'll see what goes on a balanced on. It's not done dude guess what they can win every game guess why flight data loss to the Rangers. Now the range I'd tell us in the wildcard Rangers jumped ahead of us got so I mean it's overdue tomorrow if they beat the Rangers the next couple games they don't know. I saw hope TJ I am I don't want ice cream you never know you're you know you're getting me ice cream I know yeah. It's usually finish this the realist in me is already starting the season. 1234. And I got like eleven games last yeah Cleveland's next. But you know they say. You count every team ahead have you as well as the games behind you are so therefore he's behind. Four teams ahead of them it's all I'm getting the student yeah. Once you. OK listen I'm Steve you really close and you put parameters on the matter is sore loser highs in the ditch all -- can you want to start and then choose groups waffle cone all you there our own moves thanks to our mariners play the Rangers again where OK mentally do you know women win the rest of the season now. Also I could enjoy ice is my house. As far as whether 59 degrees and I thank you manifesto crescent. UBS news and sports I'm glad some side and I hate to sit and write but I really wish they made a traitor to trade deadline get a some nice rookies. He really receive different sites a bitch tell you that I really wish they did and I because Paxson is pressing him when he got injured. Born and Julio a lot of a lot for him at the time you're right you're right I know saying you're right you got he emotion out of him that we ourselves some of these bridges. I know but then there in a while them. Mac. Mariners stop doing this Ossetia blackness I see I I've been here long enough to know them I'd have no true. Yeah you gotta get the rookies now man easy you know I'm sick of cigarettes I want him. That's oh well rookies you're sick of voters resent her earlier. That's a person that won't mats were farming but still she does a better and her backside and you do any different sides today who are we talking about here. It's hard to. Yeah that's actors that's true just in general yes it is I Jimmy Kimmel matter if you we we talk so this couple's assessed and Ruth Ferrari was out last week about the dude and we put the video up where you drop the wedding banks down the bridge yes. Because it no longer am I the holder of the world's worst proposal there was it was bad man I'm that was 4000 dollar ring that he loss as he pulled it out he'd try to do it jumped out of the box basically. Right to weasel slats in the bridge that he was all romantic and everybody Jolie has a lot of people around watching and filming in and David died in the water and tell their friends and family were in the U does a great picture you get pricey up somewhere on the Internet all of them disk in in this shallow tree part of water trying to find that ring and never found it so of course at the time they're thinking now this is horrible but it does get thrown on the Internet so a lot of a C including Jimmy Kimble I Kimmel and he brought this couple named sets in with Maria on his show last night. How we got an LA without them knowing it was on the kill show. Was he had them say all your media interviewed on 20/20 so they thought it was a legitimate serious interview yet a full amounts to be on 20/20 and I guess is that while you're in town if you want you can be a part of the studio audience for I Jimmy Kimmel told nice and they were in the audience just expecting to watch the show because it was a little my sole purpose of going on 20/20 percent hesitation. And of course Jimmy didn't surprise them with this opportunity. The reason I brought here as I wanna give you a do over and I do over is what I really wanna give you. We have color tie break. The show the bachelor. Where the sun yeah yeah okay so we called the friend bring out the friend this is Neil Lane round. Another little box. Something special for you it's. I. All hundreds hole I don't always is the ring you lost we never got to see that. I mean that. That's it affirmative yeah I agree I don't camel screw you vice that's. Gazelle I don't have the worst proposal ever. Marty back to last place or knowledge so so that's how everybody finally did not. Screwed up as bad as that guy yeah that guy I mean meg stick astrophysics in big time made it much better they got nicer ring yeah I got three on television. I've read Jimmy Kimmel show which would be awesome yes dear dad where I got Eric I don't even get on the knee and semi what's the boxing go here. Yeah I figured out from there you know anybody record your result. You were just a loser. I was I'm shocked she even stayed with me there's only one bigger loser you know through your wife. Why how. Because she's got you know are coming from since she lost that day MT she's a loser herself resist. She lost that I was a street I saw it she's a winner every day she wakes up and I know what you feel like I was do we we know assume this list. Excellence Jimmy dent magazine that he argues that such deaths that's which is Q yeah. And I Jimmy then made sets redo the whole proposal are shocked us all going to be new ray so then he's really making you'll be in last place. Go ahead and for. Proposed here we go. Maybe. Talk us we've been together for four years mile mile I didn't talk. You know we've had ups and downs story. And we've gone through all probably. We know this is an income for a long time. Almost personalized if you. Women moved out. How would have been awesome hey you know I don't know I can't marry got a strawberry drive bridge or entity had many good TV show to a foreigner and I string popped on the this bitch do what a great story you know way and that's it out say that's a little Lotta shows you do nowadays you know they go -- Lou budget and make somebody's life better I was on the Internet could say and yet they -- at all from Tosh tied for the sake it's very web redemption yeah it's all tossed in as much as you know some people these two smarmy tosses it has created a world where you get to redeem yourself via the web yeah Abbott announced tosses Communist refer. For Kim ring like that well he's got a little bit of a smaller budget put these guys how people trust me people he's got a bite me green and braids for them and everything to do that meant that in us is great when you turn to some New York hey here's an idea. Just guys wanna bring him joy and you can do that if we wanted to hear that man you know why don't America would be like. You know why now. Ironically enough we had no money we could make anybody happy can we make you happy LX three do yours. I'm starting to feel better are techsters are making me feel better which I appreciate it's 779991. Person says when I proposed my wife she thought I was breaking up with their. I'll I Steele did you give stands not me. As it is me tonight you really know something what does a guy ever wanna talk or satellite Alamo or use so a woman's gotta be suspicious like. That never happens guys never make a planet had a meeting this means he wants a dummy that be funny if somebody somebody out to be an awful human being to do it but I hope numbering is it a break covering all yeah I'd say one of those late. Cheesy costume jeweler ages is dumped on TL dumb if you know the person's is Doris do you propose over the phone in the ring was a sketchy costume jewelry earrings. But I still think yours is the worst. Come on the fringes propose a renew your vows not to do it right this time they get their ten year anniversary. Tennessee it's a surprise anymore and I typed on the power you'll thank you all know I read propose. Yes she'll probably figure it out attendant here you do you gonna say oh hey let's go do something it's our tenth anniversary your wife's a Smart woman she'll figure your trend annual screw that up to probably go back to that need Josie she's placed on non post Alley are we did it. What you need to do is have somebody every war I've proposed. I'll all well done etc. yeah. Yeah I know we know that was tough on you guys is that a different Alley yeah I was a NATO Alley was necessarily what you did an IQ yeah. Can't you should she said no and I did the read proposes now we cannot let you off the hook for your stupor proposal I want this has happened. Where somebody they try to read read they don't they get divorced like on an anniversary lawlessness and I don't know wanted to escalate to that I discusses the suit saying no to having the muscles as she's missing noted proposal serial full British she's got a really correct the mistake in her life. She's got realizes she'll be ten years older. She realized she was in high school and you make impetuous and I impulsive decisions in those days when Texas and my fiance slid the ring box on the town are me and said he wanted to celebrate but that's. It's substantially better than mine I just hand the box aren't so here you've got her daughter and even open it Paul Byron. Here I still loves that from them when times are collusion in a podcast and and she described it as a cave man proposing to his right after she proposed to John Adam on iPod gets hurt John Ryan's dad and I told the story in and she went on her podcast and then said Alia. This guy now he he proposes that cave man Yahoo! really do just that that was very cave man like nightclubs are gonna Kendra Graham need to clr Huntsman skull yeah. Solomon ago. Celebrates. I guess they came and Steve I he did get this one right which northwest's data is nicknamed the gem state. This truly outrageous. Is is I don't know yes jams. To wow Kemp who has secrecy amounts on. While sorry she's so high you are shot at beating scene you've got a 206421. Rock group claimed he makes its 647. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I know a lot of back taxes can bankruptcy helped me. 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