BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-20-17-7A: What was the dumbest reason you or someone you know got into trouble for?

Wednesday, September 20th

Beat Migs. A man is facing felony charges for writing his name and drawing male genitalia in wet cement. Luke warm topic.


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You can listen to the rock that's pretty cool moment and can I try something okay Alexa can you wrap. My name is in the same room here to say I'm the best and I didn't plan to control your responses are fast but minor faster so Christine Chen. Com Winston. My job that's good but more importantly though you know what she can also we need to our podcasts our show contents. All you gotta do and I'll show you could say it collects over 99.9 KI SW. Thanks thanks for checking out the rockets CI OK. You're right now it's like come upon. Stand more feel it's as simple as events centered region rings hey Vijay I'm Steve let. You gotta find this on your Amazon device nice job. We don't have your job and no work done that we as simple as that you wanna get more info you know what do you feel dumb of the guys that we still. It's. Honestly lady what you mean well they're like anyway just got to KI SW dot com you know the info. Dean. A. Name job CD and went into Wednesday's soul legend why can't men's and has that story and Steve are you ready for why didn't. Yes plaque no there you go to turn in my Rehman is not slack this is gonna who gonna run out to the player loses symington then why can't. I'd be able I'll I mean I'm idea Jared. Steve is not on his game to get a good day but then number Iraq let's go this bodes well for two is Thursday now this whole Thomas Dotson it was Thursday until he said wow that's what do we are sorry you disarm that's not right dude don't tell needs a day earlier principle you think you're not all about C like I told you yeah. I could get this I never hump day announced he's coming depressed again no it's not Thursday Friday junior. Ten minutes. We've got Colin in Bonn really to dig on Steve colony there's sir so it all us. And you're wrong guy women you know. There were no. There's Collins hello Colin. A scaling back columns on this them excited as well and I'm telling you heard this morning we do anything last night. Or older and Arnold I'll okay cool. Well. What's important for big Steve while while he plays us under the covers so weird I don't know if it is or isn't that the school year. Yeah. Yeah. How his liberty to say I Trammell runs the show boxer and on Friday September 29. Courtesy and AEG live. Go to KI SW dot com for all the details and if you had tickets to got I've prevailed get a now excess dot com Aristide gate adding here. Our crew and I absolutely you know call lives these decent gives they answered ten questions. Colin you can't that's all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question are you ready. Bulletin pocket rockets or nicknames in Texas hold them for having a pair of wives. Olives. Which insects are called lady birds in England's next. Eat bugs ask Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller start in the 2004 movie along came tools. All you ask Travis said and turn archetypes of what animal it's. All heard of yet asks what is Ken Brock means primary job on the Simpsons and period. What is ten brought to men's primary job on the Simpson you're certainly adds to. Which the central American country begins with the letter and masks. Nigeria know. Next Cold War arms and how. Well at least sequel to the movies Saturday night steamer. Sunday afternoons and oh yeah I know how. Which blue collar comedy tour comedian is known as skater salad. I literally killed naral one G three supports her and no ma'am you had a Blair but yeah finish quite it was so close someone to yes you do and placement of that didn't wanna go there's four or as a fool. Well I mean now he's got a chance. Yeah yeah Alexandria our multi guy like colonies man of honesty you're right that was normally Jon Lester and you know what don't you could do more ahead. I sure. Thank you mr. or grammar more hole in more general but not a ladies' classic questions Virginia still zeroing in puzzling if for all of us yeah. Hey Steve I am are you reading yes. Yeah bulletin pocket rockets or nicknames in Texas hold him for having a pair of wide. Two's no cases ads which insects are called lady birds and inland it. Then these birds arms fighters now. I got long legs snarled. Danced now under Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller restarted the 2004 movie along came who married no Polly's yes. The set and turn our types of what animal. They are birds yes excuse what is Ken Brock in the primary job on the Simpsons. Top bartender at no cost no consent has little hope first helper no marriage in central American country begins with the letter and now. It is an arms. To Nicaragua to yes that's. What was the sequel to the movies Saturday night fever although I think life Diaz out there which blue collar comedy tour comedian is known as Peter salads brought life to you as to which the three letter man's name can also mean AB beam of light breaks yes. 234567. New wins seven of all. Yes sorry Colin ma. Guys. I thank you yes. No matter what day it is all really I still stepping up once the games start that mandate yet are if you had a guy who knows Collins kind of if you screw the future and yet. He didn't know that's the aces were rebels or talk her out yeah. He couldn't quite per announced Nicaragua was a so called passing gave up Ron I am you know like they were you able Susie here like I'm out yeah I was not a hard time with him myself. I'm surprised you got a lot of these I didn't think that you market that Alison turner birds while. And then I'd I figured nobody knew that staying alive was the sequel senator and I fear I didn't hear on the BG's enthusiasts this. He's very much my serve until he won Gregory favorite songs of all time. And I saw. Imagine oh why I didn't realize that was the name of a song and I remember massage it is so just slow and marlin for listened to defeat no more version it's. All I heard that fantastic okay. I love is a dumb a Bee Gees fan because Faith No More did the cover of pretty much sometimes desperate since he gets into some dude it's the longest time odd I was the BG's registry it up cheesy Disco Mara. Well I heard that song movement defeat no more Immersion in the as a lightning. VG stuff and it's like damn thing is true he's a really good when they weren't doing the Disco seven that this stuff was fine it's conveyed its catch is Ohio but. So they're like morality songs are freaking great plus CA it's interesting because it Vietnam wasn't really what they were about Disco just like dire straits really they're just they're jazz and but you know they had money for nothing handing out free yeah I and so worried you know but they really want to pop band. Wow I didn't expect to be geez schooling here and I don't remember on the pile on the makes cats smell like a while ago we did a whole episode of I love for the beach residents most of the makes Cassie Lozano obviously I clearly forgot how to pass in the yesterday's had to sit there are few moments for reference clearly check out. Well you did not take out of this so congratulations. You won with seven correct call percent. And you are winner of tickets to prove I've prevail at the show must Soto collar 7206421. Iraq. Well many many years a buddy of mine. Did radio in town and very successfully Tom like yes and one of his famous things that he did. Many many things is he had the three day rule news tell guys look man if you're gonna if you dated dated Sundays at 33 straight days. And you're getting no sex abandoned that relationship time I guess gags GAAP. And we have a new study hard to believe. But they could be at the three day rule is a thing of the past is now while three correspondents is invited Jack I know you know what the text you would think you would speed up right we I would honestly think if you can construct three sentences. When you're talking with somebody that means you're ready for sex idol the stories I hear I you know I do and I don't know how accurate this poll is an as a war did they did. But the study found men feel sex is appropriate at any point from date five onward. But women of course would rather wait until date nine on average. Now they just saying that to save face. And what is a data anymore. Similar I had no idea. I don't even know I hear it makes my single ladies tell stories and and some of them legit are bummed that they are growing up in in the time it that is now with with Tim Gary with only affiliation with all these other apps because. The courtship is gone and it's crazy here like a dude say it sucks I'm trying to reach out to a girl that's got on the date. And she has no interest because she's just playing the field. And she's dating other people as well that those days were not maybe it was we didn't know it but I don't think it was like that many years ago because the options were just. Thrust upon us as a where thrust upon us don't McDermott I don't know how it is the Dayton these days and if it that the best you mean unbelievable. I can kind of see how that that works because like get. It it depends if you're actually wanting to GT one a boyfriend like I I totally blew. Waiting nine days please come out like if I won an actual boyfriend a wanna take it seriously weighing ninety stuff. Would you wait to dates. Hannah Montana might not know I know what I thought it would sound like you're as dirty way. But like I do believe that sexual compatibility isn't very big things is nothing sucks more than meeting a guy and he he's like the coolest guy ever and then you actually get down and do minute. And it sucks yeah and there's nothing that you can do any change you are you are a little bit higher made into that environment. But I may mint I know what I like him can you shown the way most restaurants are something's like harmless you know make. You know different sizes. You know OK. There you and me on the whole fuel. Then you let it go and vote when it's. I'll tank talk and actually battery yes and I host a highlight I'm. Good night even though like a battery about playing man desperately triple layer one of the watch batteries that organized garage door router he he's geez man. You know in his garage door you know what I think I think it's kind of we're kind of realizing that it is kind of the shallow and vapid beauty you wanna go on dinner and a just doing it. Then that's great need UK doing it but people I think are wanting more now when they get older. I hate them. Ask your daughter to come and remove all our Brian unnecessarily. Coming from because we might I'm not dating somebody on a serious level right now that's true cases like he's not a real woman anyway because attacks as a good question I think it was applied to you but I I actually he would make more sense and maybe your mustache. I Saro. Sick and this is Loveland hang politics always know your current person you're aware of how long did you wait. Not even 24 hours the that's what I'm talking about like the other car. Apparently it was that sounds great and I took him a party elected and madam. And I we I we both got wasted and jockeying right. And I thought we did do it. Our I guess we did so like afterward you realize that you didn't say why not we did it but really we didn't really any kind of word they didn't learn Cuba's whiskey an hour and a is well but because I was commenced sounds like in there is an excellent doesn't he's sitting here and I think I'm one of those girls Mala but he was like. Not really what's gonna did sometime like we're just back home I. And it. Well they go oh you are not typical apparently there is a great legend and I am deeds that's crazy nationally average woman saying that the study five days for guys even crazier meet this only 10% of guys actually are OK with sleeping together on the first day those guys are just senate as the girls surveyed got. On I mean yeah and I can only 1% of women which is still that that's not a lot of women there will be a I feel like getting out of the way and you still have kind of some resumes I'll be out because I mean. That's the thing is that guy everybody looks more attracted to you when you wanna have sex with today with them. And you don't really know they're compatible because your brain is just one assets will remove the sex colored goggles yeah it happens that's right thanks so earlier dotted it with a 24 hours at. Yeah exactly the silly if I actually thought I was gonna end date this dude I just thought oh we know Barney let's hang elves do it but if I actually wanted to Dana I don't know I would have given an up because that is that. Poll once again it up to the guys. It is the only then exactly DVR or not it is extensive formal with Gil and I direct Christiane fun let me just. That's just celebrate her six month anniversary with this guy while I mean it doesn't I'm she's ever remember the guy that want to choose who they get arrested him. Dad loved. That's okay lets us make this piece of equipment the way there's not him out of my reach and I can't say as month anniversary is dating and sinks months and one day anniversary of doing it. I'm happy anniversary hey hey yeah I saw this country and one died text or Suzanne says hey I hemings a here you are so many outstanding dude friends that are single and any of my girlfriends are single are crazy do you see that in your world. And tougher guy to date. This is how different clients eat Sammy does say it's interesting to Sarah is also. Not typical. You know I'm playing my friend yeah RNC not I don't even know anymore yeah I don't think she is because she's pretty traditional when it comes to relationships that she has sex before today's demand how she like she doesn't mean yeah I just wanna juggle like multiple guy just. Now as she does like the courtship. The idea idea I can't do multiple is until 100 hours Gretchen. Yeah I can't take our history our look at the bottom I think boyfriends or Mary. They'll cling on to. Good to Jewish friends those I'll make a list all of a and they alternative name's Elena might go well. It's kind of like jelly I like I don't know peace in dad's money I guess I got what it is on there'll gold diggers go for a general senator Lisa my money to any entities may first and I don't know. Seventy it's not gross from pay probably done a China. All the way down so here's another part of this study is bizarre poisoning some bang and all her friends and that's the case. Or is that my question and you scratch and let's be honest all they go a lot of them. Sawyer wanna I don't know I want our press yet we try to fix and Joey were Vicky but because she's ratchet me whenever you do do it than that when that part of her initial job requirement to date goods. I don't know about a texting Max allows part of it to happen you know I am just gonna go thing over here could then I'll gel. I know there's a lot of them live on the table for an and there are a lot of different flavor there is like killing crying so true. But that's probably why they want because he doesn't want them. Is that how what is the women they want the guy that doesn't want them knowing NASA Phoenix you know like I would know all of his business could I talked to my friend mix how yes that's right each well. My feeling any of those girls are keeping it a secret with the with him in and not telling you yeah. In the hole like they were actually do and in doing it this whole time don't be awesome that I would be so so pants. I was gonna lie detector. Doses railing on your friends so it was so awesome I thought he would be he would be next level EG. Yeah he would be harmed crops and hence I mean I Daryn good yourself this is what this is what really concerns me according to study then now actually not even kissing on the first day care that they think they need to hold back on that. Even kiss. I I quit this disarray. Did you get him strictly an utter crap this is not true. This this this contradicts every story I'm hearing with your daughter with Vicki with. Myself buddies that I play hockey west. This does not ring true at all white where they do this survey make an effort to end. Mormon bill. I'm you know I'm Mormon bill of course is the place remedy is all the studies. Let's get down to MR Mandela. Form person that says hey I I have my premium my wife we waited till marriage for three years waited so married yes excited Russell Wilson yeah. It's on his. If that's not a religious thing I feel like it's going to be a religiously I like to know because otherwise why the hell you waiting I can see if it's important to your religion that makes sense but if it's not. What why if you if for three years ago with somebody dealing with a them and being like faithful to them and you get nothing for three Houston. Okay. You know you think we get set up by Joseph with three of your most ratchet friends can see what the deal is like that make a dating thing. Make wherein we bring them in and they give us an analysis of what. What's up with Joseph if you can make that happen you heat disease I have at least three friends I guess probably guess that yeah ratcheted night. Yeah yeah I think I get up a few drinks nom who. It's part of John I really crazy if it's part of his job he has to do it right so I did find Iraq. Or something that Iraq until I rest my best look we Joey. I had to pay for dinner could. Now he's not a usually getting embarrassed he's not taking notice how many called their friends do just like you're actually read your three days. The rebates and we find out what's up with you I like well Hillary had no idea what's up with deal. I think we know nothing about you man he's not dig in the season and all my friend that is like now a very cheapest thumbs up. We'll we'll send Chris is the chaperon LBR did you pay rates are low ball us all I am not paying for you all chaperone him many weird. Now maybe ask to be weird yeah because your friends attempt yeah I suppose if your ratchet friend that's exciting gel this one friend and I know they're really likes Joseph and I think she's she's cool and she did so I think heat really is really interested in all directions though. She does she does strong Alicia RI is Tracy qualify as a wrestler I'd bring Iran well I get a response from charities distilling companies brown sugar Bertans OK I'm ready just looking for his brown sugar. I actually want to. I do work like about it is brown sugar yeah awesome birdie there has always OK I don't know the economic I'm doing these leftovers. Left correctional recipes that rats learn paradise will be an UV wanna know what ratchet means. Sarah. I might think it is the class here version a white trash. So it's Kelley weight gradually to belittle us step up man. Our case he's boxed wine as opposed to death yeah apple knows just just take a back table and Olson from the mixed. Yes she's ratchet OK in other TV shows a maturity and yet Maria I'm sorry. Because they're good in the morning after dawn the morning after block. Every in the morning. Just she's just a mess yes you know just a just about the mess for a fund mass style like Sunday at the other horse underneath all that sloppy yeah I didn't think it has. Please so fervor actually go perfectly all right we're set this up as a ratchet you're always peace in Iraq and Iraq's parliament. Please this man facing up to three and A half years behind bars why. For drying male genitalia. Coats they would have been 717. On the Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI DSW. Eight SW Iraq jump Seattle. If for any reason at this point we could jump pretty dumb. Kind of down yourself yes let me make you feel better might tell you about. Jordan from Minnesota 123 year old genius who was arrested last week. For drawing and wet cement so I always on the still. That I thought I remember when your kids you always today he's carved a name in there if you can get away with it but keep going as an adult and icy wet cement it it takes everything in my power to be an adult. And do you that I foresee for Jordan he could not do that he could not resist the will or didn't have the will to resist I should say. And if he went and then he not only drew his name on the wet cement like to talk about Steve but he decided he'd one up you step places some I think you would do. He put his name and many also drew male genitalia that's right. I would actually do that yeah opportunity if I was promised I would not get in trouble for it. Here's the problem you can get in big trouble for a car part yeah you can do Don are meant to show any kid who thinks that you get this much trouble but. On the construction workers that were there they were like hey what's this idiot is he writing and all ma'am we just put that cement down the last I checked they'd those guys frowned upon. Yes doing those things so they called the cops released a like a stick figure. And then just added one extra stick on the stakes are now Ager I guess a year and I saw a picture real Donna real it's on I street Mary's and I try to find pictures of it on the Internet but of course nobody. Got visual proof of what you did I don't know why I haven't seen yet what shoddy construction workers man this guy you know why did his work is worth at least thirteen thousand dollars because that's how much it costs and to fix the problem phone I got it could disappear over it they they had to redo that section on the sidewalk and it cost thirteen grand. Problem because it was all hard as it works yeah I into the tries. And is so Jordan is now facing a felony charge of criminal damage to property. And Matthew get him up to three and a half years in prison and a 101000 dollar fine which means there's still short three brand. That comes out of the dam taxpayer off Peter Thomson Hillary did I mean seriously I'm not saying that would be doing right you tell me they couldn't just smear more concrete over that area and fill it up and smooth it out and and got a or do they want him. Teach him a lesson Mason all we gotta do it all over again and urine and you're in the dole for it yet CIO here's adjourn by the way. Your hand game. I call you sit hole yeah. I don't know why we're having this conversation we're all too juvenile to. Yes it it seems very excessive that thirteen grand but. That's what they said and he can get that fine and I say since they pay thirteen grand. They should find his dumb ass I mean really and I mean you wanna do that kind of stuff okay well you why should I pay for or should we do I for nine. And just put a bunch of concrete around his actual Don see you drop concrete arms but you have a concrete on. You know normally I think you're an idiot. And this definitely puts in the same category but I still like that idea I really do this all around play today a day where I day with a concrete down and then then known to remove this. Amateur she saw her do it again okay yeah you know this is something better and better okay this is like frontier justice satellite did out there teach. I'm. All right so yeah this dude is facing felony charges for writing his name and drawing and honored and wet cement so how about you. I'm sure you've got something done right or maybe you know somebody that has so we wanted to know was the dumbest reason you or someone you know gotten in trouble for him. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Who was the dumbest reason you were some you know got trouble for you calls and texts after Metallica. On the Iraq. The next morning it's. Yeah. I guess tell you. 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle. A man is facing a felony charges from writing his name. And trying to male genitalia and wet cement so what about you. What was the dumbest reason meant that you or someone you know gotten in trouble for 206421 rocky can also Texas 77999. Let's go to Russell and ever Russell you Iran Iraq. Hey good morning good morning good morning Mark Russell which is the buddies hey I was real little boy at the open it is the don't ask dumb story about. So then I was earlier might corny it's that drive from Sacramento all the way down the Bay Area air with the air conditioning or get all the way down there late that day you know I don't. Ernie and on the way down there and everything and I got there and I IC all the caution tape so I think something's wrong about me so I look up. What I do I stepped over the caution people walking back and try to each you can imagine like a cold front like marquis got very little all of them. I'm exclude everybody knows qureshi gave them look at the glass. And not about 200 you know hundred yards you know I am your enemy actually did we'd like stayed in the united flight. What I and then they're looking at me and I looked down and I have walked you wet cement for five minutes backwards forwards sort of the mall and elegantly in I would much. It could take up front and says run that electric followed exactly on Mike yeah out there is no American. Oh it's. When you say where where where what what. You mushrooms yes I've. A busy you know from Sacramento to San Francisco which is a pretty good drives yeah and EU had no reason. I had to drop off the air conditioners drive by a strident note but yeah I senator are you showed just what you're guys you know can I and it's only on board. The week before had some that air conditioning flex him out of that freeway on the on the eighty and it stretched across the entire freeware that. Glad they're Paul looked good you know the kind of you know that's just you know they air conditioning you know. Flex double eighteen inches in diameter of freeway with all these people and stop dead or into traffic and it's a look like a race card thing at elect its ticket didn't. Past experience he's like that every morning until it's your money that. Have a great days. My bad hey I. I saw a good test Russell everybody Russell at the last election Russell's are tied at 20642 and rock Texas 77999. The question is. What's the dumbest reason you were summoned you know got into trouble for us go to John I should say Derrick in every Derek you Iran Iraq. Hello Derek it. To get Derrick Garrett. Hello. I don't hear us. Yeah. And now we know it's I don't know how you want to is that that's a weird Sonny's non. Goodbye Derek I was OK this is going swimmingly you have no idea this was the dumbest thing we've ever done this entity little holes I was go to John never John you are on the Iraq. Our I don't really afternoon show men's room right here in Iraq which got. Well back to elevate seventh grade trying to make their monetary short here Korea I'm getting into trouble on the collapsed. I'm so I got can't choose like alternate flat and senator today. You've got to be completely community computer game did you explain. Cursing at me I'm. Out so. I decided she didn't think I left I can't. And so I just say twenty minutes yesterday and today. So what's my locker in my book and everything ready don't hold on my way to my locker the past buddy's sister got about this kind of had a history and I'm tells. Started following me around I'll just walk around to about god there go home I look you decided to get all beat. Cheers it's great teachers I court black teachers GR follow you around OK whatever. On how to walk through the doors also neat all red ink they're actually. And so today I brought his asthma and actually you know I'm Betty I'll lay it all and I eat right. And randomly sort of wrestling you. Yeah I won't be important also he can't do it just slammed the door to door slam and that would preclude side job back. And it all started reading you correctly it. I don't seem on this I feel like we're missing a lot of this story. They see random that they have all this time I always around school though they have classes to teach. The court fight he just like mask I think everything because this great teachers. I'll Wear thin air let the plastic key you know you can connect. What do they gang outside of school. If anybody else man do you must add a wrap up OK likely scenario some run they had to represent the so you must and I cannot come opinion let me ask you then night. Oh yeah I guess it's not like it it's very bloody history. I used to and so what happens this magnetism of say would have what you did so that. Well you eat out at target. And Greg Kelly that's funny I wouldn't. Well again a pretty solid all apes are knocking down. Not happen all the teachers out there so you it and I'm like recently. Did you delighted and excited that he didn't didn't. Now I would I could out of anonymity I want my honest that's Smart and and I ain't. Democrat. And I guess let it be topic pretty good call the police and covered. Yeah. Yeah. This while this is very they had an undercover cop on hand for you of course a guy I won I accidentally pitches I muzzle intensely issue. So what led the and then there Lou what happened to you late did you get expelled the G and arrest and I'm. I got expelled I'm a good security did it equally if they held under so they. They show up. I didn't eat or use optical optical properties. To want each stretcher. I was I was innocent I need. They tilt op bill would not let you lead into like a drug test however they didn't say anything about that into my mom showed up. I'm an actor them. Until they and they didn't tell me and it wouldn't meet me out TD. Stretcher and. Are you going to put together and I look questions Maria what are you what are you doing nowadays they what's what's happening out and spice to life yeah. Exactly. All right well. That's why I'm so much for my car I have Barney I'm no trouble with the law or anything like that you leave you change your ways. Nice to see that on your system. Yet. Well that's good to hear from your parents are happy about us. Every course I know see that's tiger I think the economy short tempered I know how to channel that energy. And also thankfully the vice principals are following you around and mortality thought he would use his following not doing this more or less people that. That's right because. You know I guess you know that everybody you know I actually hit you before auxiliary gym again when tech systems a best race I mean guy's stamina mall yeah. I. Gas. Given her you know weird can of worms this morning yeah I'm real those those who are very odd because I think I want them I think I wanna cut my losses this duo where did I really soon I just feel like. He. I know what we do adorable just on the destructive okay half million people free financial advice we'll do that right never will do a franchise of these financial advisor Colin now you want you got a 206421. Rock. He Texas 77999. Todd peach from VCU gonna take your calls and your tax at 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I have lots of tickets that I haven't paid to those she's just charge through bankruptcy yes there are some limits on on what we can do is against. Tickets cannot be discharged an awful bankruptcy or chapter seven case that won't help you get your license back and adjusted thirteen reorganizations. 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