BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-20-17-8A: Todd Pietzsch from BECU joins us live in studio.

Wednesday, September 20th

Facebook Drama. “Less Than Three”. A new study says having better sex and sleep feels like quadrupling your income.


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows digest if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com. The driver sizes is important city get back and forth to work. Did you kiss this girl and I can afford to daycare utilizes has been suspended because you can get your tickets you can't do any of those things let's talk about chapter thirteen bankruptcy you may have heard the thing is going to be discharged but they can be dealt with the job thirteen case when I commend for free consultation. Jack do you choose the make all the difference you're getting back the going on the road and that's designed on Planned Parenthood to restore your license immediately. I'm attorney dramas and your name please contact me instead choose to write chapters are. Choose the right chapter dot com. I've boy I'd say hi SW in Iraq comes Seattle's. Resisted KI SW financial advisor here's. Todd I invented numbers so I know how this stuff works peach. That's what it's all about Todd please save me. They send us your enemies represented. The first college football's back time and so you're back in that group I did you Macinnis got one of the school snack foods right on well that was one and the older one yeah I know she graduated four years ago and younger in just graduated back this year tunnel all OR. Cal poly our guys I that he did nation make do you doubt noted a weird family dynamic it at a split Stanley yeah that's why I'm glad we brought that up because. There was no reason being because that's a that's a big subject as we are in the and the new school year. And if you have any questions for Todd and all 206421 rock you can also Texas 77999. Don't forget man Todd is the king over their DEC Houston's 25 years over point five years. Great experience in financial services industry lots of different positions he knows business he knows consumer business and and and business lending. And of course BC you. Great great credit union and the tide of very quickly the difference to the credit union might be ECU dot org or update what's the difference really on the greens are caught the so it's owned by the members BJ so we have over a million members and we all owned the credit union. So all the revenue we bring in has to go back to the membership in one former at a better rates. Lower loan rates on better deposits of new ATMs branches. Mobile so it's so the motivation then when the money comes in it's not a bomb making profit for the company since well we're all the owners of the company member of the credit you so there's a whole different motivations. When it comes to doing business it decision mindset is completely different to everything we do it's like how is this can affect the membership. Not how does this connect help our stockholders who don't. Members of the stockholders so they in the end they're the ones to benefit. All right so I quickly want to talk about other fact you have to kiss it I went across around a college and we pride and and that's something that faces everybody when it comes to finances is that you know you have children at some point they're gonna go to college in. You know what that's like in there and knew he probably had to pay for help about it whatever and what's the best thing a person can do. If they know they're gonna have kids in May be the go to college someday put back a couple things first of all. If you're gonna be in school next year that's faster and the free application for Federal Student Aid. That opens up on October 1 they changed it last year so that's the first thing you want to do if you have it if you're going to be going to college. For the next school year cam get that application and aids ASAP there early bird gets the worm has so much when it comes to financial aid. Unsettling if you have a young child or you want start saving. A 529 plan is a great alternative I mean I would not recommend putting you reach your own retirement. Ahead of saving for your children because. In retirement who's gonna take care view rights you have that's a very interesting point is a lot of parents don't do that they re take thing going I think you're my kids first you're saying no really think of your retirement first or for their college educated may need to put yourself first and then then then work on saving for that today there's. Loans and things are available only grand and I guess that's not the best you know need to you know one act. Graduate with a tie and a debt. But there's ways you can do it founding you can figure out there may be it's not going to the most expensive school may be going to community college first couple years and years. You're transferring to a four year and then there and that degree still says that four year college on there. Tom let us that they get program is on is coming back but I would them I would encourage listeners if you were one F a five for nine go to saving for college dot com. Great website if he compares you can you can contribute to decide between kinds of most other states. And this on this website will rate them for you still fiddle I tell you if it's good friends stayed out of state. Can we don't have tax. Tax advantage you know we don't pay sales state income tax here on the United States do that the same for college dot com decent all kinds of information there that Lance. All your questions. 20642 are rock Texas is 779990. A terror a question for Todd peach let's go throw to Chad in Rochester Chad you Robert Todd piece from DE CU dot org go ahead. The wind died and my garden is I'm getting ready to have purchased our business from my boss. I'm. And I got 40000 dollars worth of equity in my home and I'm wondering if that would be a wise decision. To use for start up. I mean that you do you have what other assets do you have Chatham in tune with kind of business are we talking about here. I can't. I'm yeah I mean you can you know I am here to get I would encourage you know tapping home equity for saint things they're gonna make you more money which is that passes that test you right here you're buying this business so that's not a bad thing is bound from there I wouldn't reach out to the Small Business Administration SBA. Com they have and there's a group called score they can help you on these are retired executives they can help you put together some business plans. Think you really need to put out a plan in place for you know a solid business plan for the capital it's gonna come in there what kind of revenue you're gonna bring in your margins. Tom Menino what can be used in pro forma as well you're gonna look like say you don't. You know by this business and then you could test you took equity out and then into sales are you find yourself in trouble so I think we really need to focus on a good business plan right at Indian. And using their home equity is certainly an optional yet. Appreciate your call thank. You very much I hope that works so well for anybody to your phone such as you really get a new phone doesn't solve I would that would be reduced to be part of plans the big party before you -- your kids' college and get a good phones 20642 on rocky and also Texas is 779990. Had a question for Todd teacher BC you got some text over here are my question for Todd peaches and about to purchase a business as 40000 dollars worth of activity out of my home would be wise to use efforts startup money that's chat. But the same tactic of all right nevermind I can from Rochester yeah. It was signed by text and there was this yeah this person has 40000 dollars in equity Brock a new business I'm getting. I'm totally should do and access to top this time I need advice on getting credit back together after bankruptcy OK so leave this is. Neil added you have to have credit to if he can get credit they are prodding and asked dad again to secure credit card. Tom way that works is you could take 200 pounds and is savings account comments security and in the give you 200 dollar credit limit. And you can start to slowly rebuild your credit. Than most important thing he's got to pay on time we talked about this before and then that utilization which we talked about many times it's 30% of your credit scores here is. Your balance outstanding on your statement or tear gas in relation to your credit limit itself in this case we would want. No more than that twenty dollars to show up on that statement if you had a 200 dollar credit limit. And Todd IE I would like to ask a question designed pretty angry he's de La okay. Shockey IE I am very very angry dads Equifax. One of these credit agencies that we all have to basically we have our arms twisted to the point we have to participate in this process. Give a mall or sensitive information it because they use our credit score for so much in life. And of course they just got hacked horribly I had just found out that Canada has also been affected by this. And all of our sensitive information that we're forced to give these guys will want a function in life you know basically just got into the hands of bad guys. What are you telling any BE CU members that are concerned about this as I'm concerned and I. I don't know what to do because I don't this is like you know what they should be out of this is in my mind me don't you can't protect the data age you're supposed to be cheaper mean making sure I don't default are not great. Well there's a couple things and if you really concerning you know. I'm gonna need new credit in the near future you can freeze your credit. So you go to Equifax Experian each of the website take it Experian or Equifax is giving it for free right now for you met. Normally would cost you ten dollars at each appear to freeze your credit so that's just what Equifax but they they they can use that information with the other guys yet he has to go to all three you know I have to repay the other two yes that's amazing yes and then and that's amazing that we have to pay for their mistake right and then and then that closes your files unknown but no no credit. The downside of that is inconvenient so let's say. You wanna change so prone from writers are cable providers are ranked you're here in new landlord or I knew I alone you have to unfreeze your credit which is a hassle. On and so you have to kind of weigh into any idea are you mean losing sleep over this OK then maybe you won't do much of trees have been otherwise. Just monetary counts on guinier go to the annual credit report dot com you know gain periodically get copies of your credit report see what's out there. On our monitoring services that you can sign up for gang have to pay for those on the although they're giving it firfer for a year for free. But this speech in this information is out there and in Maine I used for a year 23 may never used it. It's out there forever or your Social Security number doesn't change. Are you named hasn't changed yet since it's it's gone so I don't mean even though nothing's happened now this could you know it could be years if need be before we you know. So I don't know I only ask you this is I don't choose which credit agency checks me. I imagine there are companies that do right they they do they have like good will be Trans Union Equifax who makes that choice to use them because I gotta be sink in. I don't trust Equifax anymore I wouldn't I don't want them to be used at all in my tram I transactions are evaluating me they've proven I mean they're not reputable yeah met on the financial institution besides that. And then in the case of a mortgage they're proud they're in these what's called a merge reports would get a report from all three. On so beat the financial institutions each one -- determine is there really ADC is there a chance that some financial institutions will go you know what backlash from our customers if they if like people find out that certain industries are using. This kind of like the Obama the point where it's like OK good news affects Manila my car for you. You know way and I'm mad angry because I feel like shouldn't be able to do some thing since we're forced to use this man they've betrayed us like you said that information is out there forever right and I don't think you should stay in business anymore I that I'm kind of like the death penalty when it comes of this is making this kind of mistake I don't you know I've. -- and that's the most -- and we don't know what you know now there's gonna be lawsuits and all kinds of things that are coming out of this right of vitamins -- money all right I would react and you -- during the day ago during the last -- there ever you know make some money and on yellow card in the -- -- 25 cents -- he's on seventeen -- exactly yeah I guess that's that's I don't know time will tell -- think we get -- patient VCU dot org and if you got a question for -- to 06421 rocky you also Texas 77999. Is good that's what's a good amount to spend on Halloween costume my -- 150 -- 35 -- on the loose a good one that's a very good when I'm with him 31 idea is that a lot of -- had better be a miraculous looking into you know I don't usually like this loneliness costume I mean how much is in the cost him anyway well those get pretty expensive BJ if you want good quality to look like a slot. Really. Is hardly close I charge you so much money for local I hope I never thought I would say that's concerns pizza segment you have to kind of got a good point dot com us. Now I'm with a 35 dollar worth that any baby sixty. Agnostic I had I and I was 35 kitty rounded up already become. We're now well actually I say he knows gonna go past forty yeah it's not a shot that the due to the relation to us now honey we should spend much money on announced its. That's and that's shocks me some of the Ryan in Seattle he wants an ally of twins coming in about eight months what's the best way to save for kids. That's and so we just for college we talked about that a little life I rely on general factor of time yeah I mean if if it's college or looking at then that's at 529 saving for college are com you can Ginn started early. On what I'm gonna really savings account when they're young. I'm teaching how to and saints fans here how to manage their money and me when they get that all the enough where they can understand that how about this and animals as we gonna go to see how proactively like you know you gonna wanna have kids you don't have him yet he is your strategy. So before they even come along grizzard damn expensive people don't realize how extensive radar housing and make yet how do you save for yourself so you completely go broke just having a kid exist in Europe when you were buying diapers on that kind of stuff doesn't mean it's that chain as a huge shift didn't and how you spend I would ask again. I mean you could set up a dedicated account like you know you can do for anything read a goal accountancy could have our kids account or whatever you ideology but expensive -- ask you know diapers a panel everywhere college and but you know set it up early and then you have that money did you know his day care is expensive and that and subject you can do that early if you wanna do that's their writers cued shot teller shoes really fast so yeah yeah yeah exactly yeah. Still really don't just let every let all the relatives by all the fancy baby clothes and you just go the Jeanne I'm religious I am a size twelve Comverse shoe he's got to grow into it. Or you can Wear what you can Wear until he gets credit cards that look like a clown filmmaker I don't know that that's for everything like that they are allowing customers and yes good all year round to a six point two Iraqis can also Texas 77999. If you don't get through the phone lines are texting us. You can always get email Todd and we have is linked up on KI SW dot com and you click it and it'll take a plus is a great resource page on their a lot of stuff that Todd mentions. We have a great website right there tell us we become more on page 12 mile resource. Information let's go to Dustin Seattle dust and you Robert Todd from BC you dot org go ahead. And it O'Donnell wanted everybody which got the time. Yes I'm curious play edited to make kind of a big shift in the matter industry and went to your school for chapter of Moline and never recruit a lot of loans and I'd really get a one point announce they're bats have been about 40000 dollar in credit card debt as well student loans you know guru yes lots. Seattle a good idea to consolidate that some plant and it's so at least he offered that sort of thing. Well look I mean consolidate these next incoming credit cards you have a 40000 is how many. Social about fifteen and then then Craig Aaron dead all right there's just sort of. OK so then you have an Tony's. 25000 in student loan debt irritate. I think we've done this sort of books facilities are so stupid book gerontologist amazing I know you don't these books anymore and seriously don't you guys can dole you've got online you got an eyebrow as I mean racial and you'll still need books they can charge you 300 dollars you know I so ridiculous I mean they wouldn't have direct hit gambling disagree regarding books when I learned from my daughter's lazy by the older edition. They don't make any changes to it yeah and then you just make copies from mothers of brilliance and CNN all fancy new and I know insights into the latter sodomy laws in all fairness there really nice debate patriot two dollars and I've dealt with no buyback for fifteen dollars exactly as all of us as a nice to conveniently enough to carry her know exactly how I love that's so but anyway back to your question that's enough and how many credit cards is that 151000 union to meet these electronic media how many number of green emerged number. Just one side just like all right well we know what he's he does have a problem Todd OK. And then and the student loans or any federal or private. Soprano. So yeah right it's okay so what I'll do what I would do Gary having are you having problems making your payments. Not an elegant and fun time on did you situation now where in the next three months will probably have a job that's quite well paying that I am I was wearing it again lower magistrate on the news yeah conflict again. Our student loans I would go to so I. It's what did you say yellow watcher Muslim men and so I if I and that supplied icon and then they're Arab and I've heard I never use them myself but I've heard good things about them it's kind of a crowd sourcing funding for student loans so you can compare your current rates there to see if there's. A way to reduce sound that interest you know the interest rate your pain get those paid off. Sooner on do you have any collateral or anything else I mean it depending on your credit. I'm would be good. You can increase your income here in the near future I have oh just what you just a question I know I mean I think he you know they're just look at the industry you're paying on both of these and see what other options are out there. Especially looking at the student loan and then let's come on for the planned Quincy get high paying job higher paying job give tech credit card paid off a yeah that's an MS supply wanted to I wanted to make because as the greatest advice ever got from my agent of all people who sat me down and said you know your fiscal nightmare let's take a look at your life here. And my eyes so what I would ask you is you know do you music dot com. I don't know what I was stuck on how -- many young he's gone all right in my came in days gone they have questions us and you can hear I don't think so very young age well S I asked you Todd is about to wrap up. If you get it a significant reasoning come see you making 50% more a 100% more or you know maybe get like in a future clearing come. I know that happen to be many many years ago. And unfortunately just take every action. She could just gonna get fired like six months into the job and and and got in a massive debt when I thought I was in a clear out by. You know is is the idea you have loans you can pay off the principal. And I don't think a lot of people realize how how important that is if you can do that if you pay more than what your payment is per month and he absolutely you can pay as much as human being the whole thing off if he wanted to break even on a mortgage or whatever so I mean it's gaining. Being debt free is just a great feeling and and you know in united trapped by if you do lose your job like you know it you know things happen or you get ill. The union that you don't have that to worry about and a lot of folks don't realize that if you do get a bump in pay if you can just forget that that money ever got there and instead put it towards your loans. Yeah I do like you said I mean I was I was able to pay off some loans whole lot sooner because of the fact I took that advice and just furiously campaigned on the principle of all my extra money and what you get that's and then input into your 401K or your retirement plans so they keep getting 2% raise let's say. You know bump bump bump up for your contribution diver one or 2% you won't even notice it. But by a series it may not much time you know you're saving 1518%. Of your income. Every year see kids that's why then I'm not a guy that's why pops is always tell you you know in my you whichever part of or thrown into your 401K hiring day you know your your twenties if you could start that I never did I mean I wish I did get you know my dad was right but I never listen to them because you know he was my dad yet and I played host to edit out there in the remain in turn around and knowledge and talking to enable appreciated in twenty years I hope they weren't tightening in your mind here don't care about money cuts are good fighters on -- hi I guess they got the best retired program you know me I well yeah. Yeah I have a question for Al violate Todd thank you for coming in again DE CU dot org. If you want to be EC membership and listen great credit you know I do is live work or attend school in Washington State and you can join BE CO. I remember any so it's so true it's a great org a great way to do banking and at all they care about is you because you're the one that's a memory and an owner as well. All the info would be ECU dot org Todd it's always good to have you buddy thanks BJ here's a question for him. Happens when someone goes on social media to promote a go funny page for her unborn child. Seattle another addition of FaceBook drama you can hear it at age seventeen. On the rock. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle and on Saturday and Sunday June 21 22 of October it's. She needs her. Oh extension they feel the Mets center we're back against these can be awesome and I what I learned last year when I need to find these days you go find a way that's for gaming area I know I do a much more games and we got a bigger better area from four gaming this year how do we are watching very I'm done outdoors we still we still storms dump 151000 square feet. In order to put the hottest drones on the newly designed to raise scores oh that is out lots of high speed action man last year because there's not a lot of time watching the drone racing it's incredible what they can do what goes. With those drones how fast they go again we've read by your tastes awesome and it's cool man because you don't just see the action you didn't have hands on experience you get to this lady action. You want tickets and info about GE two simple. Just go to GE two dot live the letter G the letter he's the number two GE tune dot lives. And they've put time in writing by Harry's distilling somebody's brown sugar mermaid immediate once again this is our opportunity to point out. The stupid people. That are on FaceBook. Our eggs mashal FaceBook posting up Morgan acted out with Jason is protect the stupid people any innocent people as well also this around read you will be the original poster you'll play the role of Lawrence sweet. He'll be Jesse Kobe. I'll play the role move. And BJ you'll see John OK I'm tolerant kind of join know this these guys. I don't know do you. My youngest is and you have any guesses. I'm smiling. No no idea hum man I don't know if I know this is it is is a full house. Now it's not is that holidays is no one night I didn't make it means essentially I hi I was hoping that he would tell us. Follow. It is easy they don't really gained any Willis it means we are so I'm always started. Well yeah now that's my new always tell okay from any possible job nice going to anybody I don't let every you know. She's seeing. All right time. I'm gonna do this anymore. Yeah. I don't look who's allegedly Lauren all right do we took our time that I we just started this gradually play the role Lorenzo really you know he's he'll be Jesse yeah. All literal loops. And BJ you know he's on the news desk as I pose. Thanksgiving already is another on morning radio personally I don't United's already has had cousins got back to my dad I like it don't matter brand blessed with our. So grand. You're wearing the original poster please take it away. Palestine golf tied me page click here test support needs hash tag price go and they need your help hash tag diaper many. Eight Kelly and steal baby of. Hey thanks jazz means a lot less then three yeah that's a hard drive out bags just means a lot hearts. She says she's okay less than three plus. Let's let us know. I need on your ex. Die hard today's grade only unsafe. Let's call in parentheses are smiling go on helpless. You're eight yards just a genius when it's. All right. Number you Lauren take it over again thanks just do everything. Thanks jazz means a lot hired good. Did you really just make you go funding pays for your unborn child. Maybe you should be brand alive in this world you need to go find me taste for that saying put your there's probably people these days yes you do know children costs money right there and not just some toys. Yes I do realize that John that's what I started to go find me page stack helped me out because I don't have a lot of money whoa why are you human elements out of here on the mining as supporting it I'm so sick babies having babies just 'cause they can. Wrapped it up dammit. Yeah condoms cause war and less money who initiated hash tag just say. And this ice given linemen have been great about sat punishment as a gal. The Middle East article funny together Delorean and a flux capacitor is you can go back in time have a footage he had on his Jimmy. Jimmy. Delorean. For our children in the eighties my bad on well. I did you made pretty using NASA instead dean and then let's check this car had and I since he beat me me yes as the girl wise how many kids three and more what I ask you live don't ever talk about my children and she actually has five kids loop hole and with three different beast. Hello now. We. Less than three I less than three all of your class and very fast that's great. And I lessons are you ref I want you as well thanks the sad thing about all that courses we get our FaceBook comes from real FaceBook post so those actually happen. You know as an adopted guy I miss those days. Because that's what you did when you could afford it may be forward and I just couldn't fit into your life you've given up for adoption if you didn't wanna go the abortion group course back in you know that when I was born abortion was not as prevalent or are except that it all right so you just had to give you can up for adoption and I'm so happy. Mike Stanley did rather than the ash show it sounds like this mom is if she's gonna keep a man this might be the turnaround for. Five kids there's just the other one yeah I did I would say that's some singer and Dana you just can't afford that anymore. Terry did the average family there's no way they can afford to have more than two kids I know we're not China or at least for China used to be. But if you think you have more than two kids you kind of stupid because you unless Jamaican. You know mid six figures you are not going to be able to really have a comfortable life. We've seen more than two kids and that there be a great that's Fisher thing this isn't gonna run of the fund quality allies does that mean Alison every. Every dollar is going towards those kids. Yeah I mean it's in my dad had fourteen isn't he could see he could afford a lot more than the average person can't today you have to remain really I mean I'm sure he would amount less than to read a lot more money. All he went less than three days and a new car and so have until you know you know it what's what's the I don't know what Kate is. Heidi right paid married she advertised eight AJ he wouldn't AJ didn't. All the bills they don't know what they're the blood is on residents on the sword dancer is sorry Isiah. Got a new study. And Steve this is the kind of steady go hiring them pay somebody to listen what happened now the new study having good sex and getting good sleep make people happier than golf. And being rich this whole time that it may do more miserable try to stay away from both. You sing sing. That sex is something that anybody can have you doesn't matter what you have for money in life doesn't matter at all but if you could have good sex your life would be so much better. And yet it's one of the biggest problems and Yemen society. I don't know what to do about it because there is on average there is a gender that at some point in their life they just don't care about sex that much anymore. As opposed to on average the other gender still wanting it and I then maybe menopause has something to do that especially as women get into their fifties and I can appreciate that. But I know in my relationship and anecdotally a lot of my friends. It seems like dislike some reason the sex still disarmament us guys want. And the wives don't and it's really sad because it makes is so happy. That it's it's just something that happens in life but I don't know what to do about that plus I'm a better night's sleep. After you on your time you're right Susan yeah you're absolutely right and these are born now that's us that's a marathon for me. And you have to pay resurgent us yeah well a lot of cigarettes about three minutes she less than 300 yeah I think that's usually how you sure she has an 88 you will because you're less than three I'm not sure it's every minds death. So yeah we paid researchers for this but you know I don't like I'm happy if anybody can starts and have more sex help him for that. You know that they sing if you get good sleep. The new number one factor in living a good life. John I get good sleep though like a good night's sleep I feel like crap like last night got more than enough sleep and today I feel worse in the nights regularly before hours of sleep. Will you know it's an interesting thing you've got to find your sweet spot because my drug three and a half for a horse I think. It it's possible that is what it is for you because I mean I've heard of people that really don't need a lot of sleep. Of course they say the you know you should get between six and eight but maybe you're one of those guys that don't need that six in the time. Well that's part of the good sex yet. Yeah I did if I go over six hours. I am Warren now. So let's put this on a monetary base is okay how good would you actually feel if you got more good sex and you got more good sleep. These researchers say that it would be like quadrupling your income so think about what you make now multiply that times for how do you think you feel. You'll feel the same way you have more good sex more good sleep. Weird I mean that's a lot of joke about quadrupling my incoming. They're jealous she's that takitani good feeling dizzy going all right I got my bills done I could even save money now I have ten dollars an hour from now and it's a tough car. Yeah that. Where you get me more Americans now ma'am well this is say let's just go random number out there okay five not a million dollars a Marleau can get a million dollars a year are you only give up on a sleeve. And being good sacks so you can still have sex but it's going to suck. I essays and I think anybody making that kind of money. Probably is doing that they're probably giving up on good sleep and if and and the sex they're having probably isn't good does either eighth. They're doing with somebody is not their spouses who and that's causing a lot of stress. Or DE. They're having good sex themselves who. If there's that's that's about it. Because you can really you probably really scramble and gum are probably doing a lot of Millie here because you won the lottery. So you're set move a million a year for the rest of your life you're sad you don't have to work hard. You work from home in other ways you can work if you want just to keep your mind back to sacrifice the sex for this but you are going to have terrible sex every time you have sex. And you're going to never get a good night's sleep seats he retired all the time and you gonna be unsatisfied feel like you're gonna be rich is that my wife was not return. He knows I'm not really have a lot of sex right. And my sleep as I mean yeah I have to get up to 4 in the morning you'll be great to get up and I want to show all right I'm already sent Jimmy did tomatoes are not getting another carrier right yeah it's okay so. Awful sacks not get the good and I'm asleep and really calloused hand someone such that it takes and paper. Who. Stand dude I am I gonna flashlight. So overlooked value by whatever you want BJ all right Dan outsource Paris I'll take it talents and he. How does sax man my cell and sleep over a million dollars. I'm tired all the time again and we don't ever seem like a good trade off because you're tired all the time might not a million dollars a year in your pocket but then I wouldn't be too tired to go spend it to go on cruises that just be trying to sleep and I get crappy sleep anyways on the cruises around the beach is a menace or whatever electric truck driver seemingly good trade. Off to a nicer Simon Says. That's a great man might be left their moment in the show today OJ Simpson saying how bad decisions and again tomorrow and today could sign him. Texted yes come on even bad sex is good and I agree it's like pizza yeah. Why don't care about your making a million. Lazy Jones. Yeah I think that is a lot of the day probably for every rich guy and were allowed out about a million here. I mean I. I. I see from him so neurotic if I feel like girls not having good time that's bad sex for me OK I BI really is and I yeah I just don't like I don't like to be in a situation right just know. That's a person with me is miserable. It's it's it's just it's just like I wish I could be those most guys are gone through what she's thank him. But I can tell honestly army and I rams. I nobody's I wouldn't I would have to go with the money at a boy yeah I don't know if he's a sex guy anyway I'm not. Not. Hundreds MS don't really like zags have by the same point I mean you can now you get a lot of actually implement says if you want to with a lot of money. House and implement I am well claims yeah I mean you brought one up Paula. Did they eventually called toys implements I don't know I don't read just made an opponent John forget is the man that says. That's a great question three how did less than three implements Danny in a minute I take the money are I am wondering I was wondering if all else I didn't. Hope a second while you're just a great sex with a very attractive woman on a plane you are all that up on the money yeah. Oh don't let her hear that doesn't seem to get the feeling like we said once again. Sex is sex is still getting his knowledge can ever had six gay and lesbian you're getting bad sex standing that's the key. Whatever that means you have bad pull that could really get you get that whiskey action on on really two sounds like Melanie good here's the bad sex sex with a woman who was not attractive deal stats stats and I was not thrown in there well I think that wasn't bad six big definitely have you read they worry that you got a lot on your mind you couldn't really performed to the best of your abilities. Not me not as per hour you're right superhero. Movies yeah. You just arms of the best of his abilities which isn't that great OK if I whatever I got money and implements I do pretty good job. I said Danny would go for the money Dickie we go variety TSE one assesses sleep. Our daughter money or sex. The money as you must they just any rain RI on Saturdays here that that way you know your boy is doesn't come first the boyfriend second the monies first if you need is for your father and we still don't know just having sex like he's going money yeah he looks like somebody I'll talk a mile yeah that's all they want Somalian dress I'm done forever. You yeah. It is my sex and sleep in the best possible yeah. Okay yeah I. Already that's. That's what you get regular really divided on this yeah. I really. You know I mean if he made my age I just feel like it's gonna stop working anyway so there you have the money on the run I want the money at this point estimate how many more years like eleven for the Hydro is just quit I'm very proud to be tired all the time with the hours you work your rice. Take the money see so you and I are all of the money. Did you meet your kids yeah rats. Now and I'm Vicky is just the outlined earlier period and progress. Vicky and uncle Chris that was set some type teach that question. Why did you offer next time I wealth yeah out of top laws answering your questions he says his highlight of his like a bad it is TSE says he blessed in threes when you ask him those questions. I yes I decisive dear Danny's girlfriend I would like to submit my application to be your boyfriend now. Did I feel like look I make your girlfriend she's going to be fine with that I don't think so. Yeah I think she would be I'm very had a good sacks they're done they've they've lived it up as much as they can it's all downhill from here anyways he might get the money and I'm always tired so we just on the occasional times here are there any you know here's the thing maybe she would like because then she thinks she we get your money but if I feel like your girl from wants to be put first in the world. Despite interactions I haven't turned a fifth place she's like like if I'm not both center of this attentions of this stream right now. So if you better if you don't give the money you make a leash will be happy with that I just think that she would less than three a lot of implements through death could play good yeah good point I doubt about that. Yes say Steve. Nam man yet he was alien this one right what are these drillers in the Jamaican flags while that would be black green and yellow yeah as a before running. Yeah. You welcome Steve man you guys wanna shot at beating Steve. As well hopefully they'll cool mornings questions 206421. Rock. That's the number feet made who played at 847. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How do I know of bankruptcy is going to provide me with relief what are the steps for my situation. 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