BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-20-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, September 20th

Beat Migs. Justin Rupple calls in.Listeners on the loose. Jolene is in the Ryan Castle! 


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Exam that well let's relax. Him instead because it's Wednesday I black cat black kid Wednesday concerned but Stephen Curry watched one person today yeah yeah that's dead I clutched at Soledad. Well you do encouragement and a seeded but yet you absolutely did literally millions have to see if they'll be another crushing or lacking today as you take on Chris in shoreline Chris are you there are certain. Not to let you lack of me excellence. That well let's see what we reported today he's team for Nomar tickets over the Paramount theatre on Saturday April 14. That's courtesy of live nation go to KI SW dot com from the details if you want tickets go on sale starting on Friday. At 10 AM and lied nation dot com all right Steve get out of here. Those playing at home Chris will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Chris you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three ounces per question are you ready. The yeah. Beginning let's ask what word means holy time of year and to give a flavor. I asked how many minutes are they're in three and a half hours it's. I mean we'll. As Kevin Bacon stars as a red McCormick in what eighties movies. No. Do you Ryder Cup is awarded in what Stewart. As in home loans which country did Kevin's family traveled to. You asked who was the voice of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars movie also don't you as well as the capital again and it's. Yet ask what vitamins does your body synthesized from sunlight. Let me ask you ask what does the RPM marked. Earlier this year as an adult fly typically has come anyway aids it's. Yeah ask Kevin Bacon stars in the red McCormick and what eighties move. I have no idea I'll miss down on the permit ten match at nine out of ten who I mean very good. War time may get a solid there's a literal. Demand tiger is. He'll slack and lo. And is anyone else like it asset I think to millions. Yeah it's it's a weird day today well you know audiences because not everything is in new equipment is right right needed it's perfect fits in well that's unbelievable everything is working as intended yeah. Steve are you ready. Beginning let's ask what the word means both a time of year and to give flavor this twice now. Here it's summer no strings now though how many minutes are there in three and a half hours. To minutes he's he's he's. 200 in east. Time is now nine weeks now it. Times and wanting to know Kevin Bacon and I then fixing an open attitude notes tank Kevin Bacon's. Star who has read McCormick in what eighties movies toughness and ask you Ryder Cup is awarded in what sport golf yes in home loans which countries Kevin's family traveled to France ads. Cool this voice of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars General Jones as us. What is the capital of the orient. Are or are now to the Acropolis snaps and have a hollow on the Salem yet as yeah. What vitamins does your body synthesized from sunlight to deal yet and what does the or look RPM it's revelations yet as an adult fly typically has how many legs sex yes and Steve you hit eight out of ten guys. We just lost a nine and nowhere and he lacks made. Yeah black gets black gets black and oh yeah. What a beautiful okay. Okay that's a look at the bills smile on these days crazy ad I'm looking and I continue black kids. A very earlier. Don't like I like the 6 o'clock hour I don't doubt that you know what I live in the past but he told announcer congratulations Chris L I would say what you gotta do. And this cute she didn't miss that Chris didn't give correct at beginning with as the word that means both a time of the year and to give flavor is c.s in all of you act. Yeah and a dash. How many minutes are there in three and a half hours. I don't care cynics. Two eight team to a series when he went to a intent yeah act. Crazy edited out there's got to write which is nice but as our demand for math is hard in the morning I that way as those -- I hate these questions and so I realize you can't answer them and I love this question that that's a reasonably appears to disarm. Let me get a congratulations Chris on lacking makes today that's right Manny you can whack makes halo was actually timings and that's how you get the prize. That's how it gets done man. I ask you this new thing out there. See you don't worry about it but you know the big keys of the world might have to could just she may be dating. Apparently this something called astrological snooping. Her older is that this is where someone quickly asks a potential date for all the info they need to look into how the stars and planets were aligned when they were born. To make sure you're compatible. Petty set that up. They had he would you ask somebody the united disaster that is there a number summit I don't know anything about I think the first update if you give birth date and time I think it's all you need to go deep in the world and a strong. Yeah I mean even location I think somebody actually did this funny lines. You think you know who like and they are asking a lot of weird question poll out just happen to be some of the limelight LEL lets you know next time in Camden. You're back where you are side not to get an Arizona still does anybody know how to do that stuff. I have plenty of people that know how to do it I mean I don't tournament my wife has an entire friend network of astrology people to some curious as Selig would it would save on all of a sudden it's an interesting it's you know I have to tell you something man I I know it it's funded to do but I ate. I can't wait for someone to do that's amicus nobly haze give me a favor I have to look you up you're an idiot I'm not dating a break. Yeah that be done with his astrology to me is the dumbest thing ever. So we cannot sit at the stars are not aware they are anyway like what they're basing it on is completely different is all messed up based on some business so it's like the whole thing is a joke and yet people really believe it's a thing. Heroin I'm going on a daily somebody mentioned it this in my twenties and asked what would my birthday wasn't a sign of some Olivera. And shoot Aziz is the discount I looked awesome man was off putting and this is what we can be friends. Passed before I actually we could be friends woods which is not compatible. To do any more than that. Now know that was a stairway to being nice and and just coming out like she doesn't even though she said that's just got to get added to date go oh that's pretty handy like we which is a brilliant move on our part regular good gold star that's the case if if if she legit wouldn't mean now I'm glad I dodged a bullet. I don't I don't I don't care about horoscopes of other people post on their FaceBook and they live their dazed by what our school says that's a series of stupid to me if I didn't hear Mercury in retrograde it one more time which racist don't try to do resume don't buy equipment don't. My wife used to say that all the time passes of the today maybe today's Mercury's immaturity. That's what it is yeah you know it's just like you know I. I would look at my wife and I don't care. I still don't live my life he's somebody that's on him and have a bad day what am I supposed to do hiatus I think I'll just live my life and manage today to the best of my ability. Because I just think it's all bunk you know we used to have that guy with dizzy ideas of emirates in the which was you know our special horse go book. And I in uncle Chris is gonna like we don't believe in SF do you really thank god. Somebody sent out birthday time mirth and birth location hasn't Jon and your birthday time births and birth location okay and that's what's it tell you what's up. It's according to examine what you know it's just like these psychics and get some new psychic on TV's a young guy and I just son Nick Swisher for a baseball player on a TV show with this guy. I don't know who we as if he's a Hollywood psyches he would he looks like he's about twenty. And he's like gone I'm getting a message and I'm so tired of those shows I really am because. People believe this stuff. I just did a test with I believe your guys his birthday they think they're years straight just to see when you two would be like oh thank you with 33% chance of being an at and have a relationship for those small that's the that's actually completely wrong together yeah I agree theatrics the relationship between heaven and held. Your couple may prove a real challenge for Bolivia I don't matter and he may struggle and the last. I am having India I think exciting team standing up on me would be a lot more fun for people and ending up when you. Mean my makes me if you're an entity if you're having to. I'll really yeah previous and all other words if you were like let's see if it was Steve world yeah had to go to Steve Moore I think more so. OK I guess if you wanna be stoop mature well that's fine. If you're probably I get that that's just don't be miserable do away life you know your UST world is what's the what's like is that it's like I Dax Shepard in the old one of the opening scenes from is the movie theocracy it's just there must be beaten that's going to be Steve world and you're saying now like it's a bad thing yeah probably isn't. I just don't know that I'll be happy granite handshakes will be a thing of the past etc. all that's her favorite memories made mute on June and he hadn't. And we got we fight now in my world I resent anyone else about today's Sarah and I. Solve well sale and has now. There are movies that. There to do that again so that's I saw astrological snooping is what they're calling Mets are stupid for everybody all that stuff just well yeah definitely a great. I doubt it if we just went to 35% compatibility. We are 18%. Just perhaps it would be better to reconsider your relationship which is very unlikely to last fall yeah you guys are massed together then yeah they're good together sober but I think drunk home now and then you can with your daughter not to be disrespectful but she seems he had a lot you don't forget Vicky think he's got the mother and complex why well I we don't match right and I try to take care and she'll only get and she tells you left off yes. Forget I had to do that was easy to where it's just like console like god dang it woman you know what they away at I really feel like it's my mother did this you OK with this how you do when you all right I'm just like. Did you sense like how can let me say again a little boy you got an analyst I don't think I had to I didn't ask you take jimmies and we did some people just like to be a bad mood I need you to be about Google's time yacht and you're not just talk to you because something might get above. You always hear the anger he example why Steve world will be so much better to die inside there. No I wanna go to SeaWorld now you're not invited he's not going to be there is that she is. What what are army because she's got those like those of those though I don't stay in your shirt sorrow that okay. But I expect this in heaven or in SeaWorld I'm getting a crap coming spaghetti advertised stick. You have very. Who cares and why you're not allowed whenever I enter the raunchy behavior okay coffee surprise this woman reveals Steve world. I did cyber listeners on the loose. You pick a topic you guys to show please do this week this chills and a bit of an abortion today it's maybe you can fix it. 206421 rock Texas 77999. We got to cause we scheduled to map you're rich you're 83%. Compatible. Possible CI hate her. You love it you can barely learn how to turn the microphone on May undo everything else. The idea cause somebody on seventeen and let's get married. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW and. 99.9 K I SW no rock Seattle listeners on the loose. Crusty by GE 20 that's right Manson got a funny one more info go to GP two got wide liturgy the letter either number two GB Zune dot lives. Listeners and those were you pick that topic. You guys to show doesn't matter what it is something new something older you get to run this fine program. 206421. Rock text are 677999. Now even though you're charged used to. Ever rule Lucy want to follow Vanessa showed some manner remembering it otherwise. I'm here and then say goodbye BJ could bottle it meant to say it might be hard access to follow for a lot of gas loose because our first caller are all buddy Justin ruffles on the line just. Don't let Larry is I'm telling you right now if you want some comedy you gotta check out Justin he's performing the par alive tomorrow night's show was at 730. It's a great show one that I could be the greatest impressionist of our generation that's Obama put on there. Yeah Carlyle dot com I mean no one man. I grew up with some really good ones CA and so I you know Rich Little was the king of the crop and and I'm seeing what you're doing just demand and you're just as good as a lot of the impressions I never see anybody. Boy I really I really appreciate I'm. It is certainly hear what you know what you want to hear manic I got to prove myself not comment like that. I am a request as I saw a lot of times are so I doubt I will bring up something involving Dwayne the rock Johnson in them and I would ask for DJ is opinion and how quickly jump into this. I was hoping that since I know that you're working on on Dwayne Johnson impressing did you just simply say DJ it doesn't matter what you think. You stupid. Had. That's OK I just running and that's all I ask you Richard Tony you know like that PGA wrestling terminology thanks buddy. Another matter what you think you're just brought me so much that microphone and make sure all what a couple played well thus I don't side note that no matter what your courage. Well he's promised to bring had to sit. Don't yeah. There were fireworks I meant. Again just grapple performance tomorrow night the car alive parlor live dot com or just tweet impact at no ruffle. And now of course he's a hometown boy that is going on do some great stuff including. Winning the competition first impressions of the whole host Dana Carvey. Which you know I mean and we are we're so proud of you for that that had to be just about that in your residuals experience. It was an amazing experience a little because it's your show I will tell you things you can't out of there Kevin O'Neal who was on the shelves. And the I was doing an interview as dozens on. Our destiny Johnny Carson. So do you do you like to party and I assume you don't look at all like support that you are supported a lot of crying. A lot of beautiful ladies arguing a called aloha. Ha ha yeah and then Kayla Kevin Phelan turns to me incentives. It's where you go to beautiful beast. I turned again tonight today. I doubt your daughter's house she spoke carried out or go to pick a beautiful ladies. And bush didn't like that each day in and go. We're gonna have to re cut debt and no home. All right hole. It is also is his mom no longer with us was some to my does that strike a nerve or something like that does is zooming that would really felt for a comedian well he did. It didn't look compact are still hurting them. And it was. And it if you could ECB actually show it costs. That it did not end there let's put outward economy and the blood blood got there. Was any conversation after the fact like him pulling your Simon idea yet or anti monopoly their kids. No he didn't copy seconds later edit depression again and they cut that to be impression is that they didn't feel right so that side ER do I'm really excited to be here today to my left arm and I think so an honor to be you're two degrees in question has previously and I think it's a great opportunity and you don't know that mr. so enrollment at yeah leader and got a really great depression and I think. Matt. Why I act of all people how to madame rivalry with Terry McMillan was not the one I was expected. I'm there you know and I think this is an impressionist that's exactly what they do they do the iconic impressions of for him to say that's hack. I think god that's really yeah. I can't since it's not see if he was due for the show like he he even knew it was gonna get in there. And that's one thing but he was not a union for the show because it never made it costs you know. Society you know it was supposed to make the cut but I think they are like to know they shouldn't. Allow him to comedian could just burn nobody that kind of. Oh Leon that's wrong does that make him look good hadn't thought about that. You anonymous so let that be pressure were you guys. So that's awesome tennis that's fantastic that's on my very they remember my wife Helen movie recently we just ran side to rural rat the Parnell live in and still to this day yeah there's your voice doing Peter from my Family Guy to set everything up. And you are right that's purely sweet. A little early appreciate it sounds you can return it for awhile assists. Aren't rigged and BJ such a great show it's quite shall union. Says. You can't read it. You could be just to business leaders OK hello resiliency. You your stupid yeah and yeah. Yeah actually generate. A man not just an idea you were gonna some new ones own man which a couple of them I I I was like wow I didn't you know I haven't heard many people do these. Yes I'd be at the new one that I'm gonna debut this weekend is it is Ryan Reynolds. Hollywood and Reynolds. Yeah I run admiral well Ali and tell your listeners how to do it. I you do Ryan Reynolds and aggression taken Jim Carey line let's say grace and turn our detector. Something like. Actually here's your car that was something. So and then you over sexual identity. And they can really will spur Ian and kind of car and it's. I don't package for you sir Denny was something else yeah. Damn that is amazing thing you're actually right that is essential as Jim Carrey I never thought of him when you sexually safety over your right now I'm only zero Mannesmann and thank LC DJ who resent. You're stupid edit yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Car so you just I don't know if you if you if you caught Jim Carrey go crazy hats I did to some award and the fashion awards were dead and commuted to a president Jim Carrey going all stars and and and and mystical stuff she's. I know you sound Lisa B sounded like TJ Miller the other guys promote. And at school with our current O'Malley and and that's and that would sound like. Me and I think it's dark out here. Understand this step or we. Are we playing all. The little cute and he did it make better decisions. Scenario. So TJ Miller right they're just improbable par alive tomorrow night. Www. parlor line dot com that's sweet it's a shoots a 730 show are you got one more impression that you're working on an annual anyone you don't. And do want to note Liu and yes. I know look he's doing the ones. And you can say yet another new one he didn't want to Rob Johnson did the Ryan Reynolds I guess that was it yeah you know we're like yeah I'm here are all of oil and that's what I'm never satisfied or aren't. Yeah I don't know who you war. I don't know what you want to cook was good morning you're right I promise you this. You won't get into a little comedian. Duke unconditional. I would play yes I would typically you don't used to but it doesn't. It's. You that's that's true that is very quick shout out to us got Summers what your site out there milestones don't yes. It's got to downgraded. News he's taken another statement disorder that it would call up yeah nice. Years and it is you he's been here for so long been a big fan of the show for so I can't believe he's actually leaving Washington State but wish him and Heather is wife wonderful trip and hi is good people when it's already knew you was like look at that you know what Scottie Scottie knows talents you know to tell rises like that. Well you that you bring people together that's what you want I think I just didn't take years. Here's one more I'll and it's new. Opera aria. Your story. Yeah. I disagree I think you know I'm being stupid I think we still ahead by council has been the last nineteen years now Mary Joseph thanks so that's. Justin Manny out congratulations dude I'll love all the successes precedes us a pissed off Tim immune hunt and cannot be good in my limits everything every and again under. You wanna see Justin I'm Italian and the impressions are amazing and that's tomorrow night Harlow live 730 show and he's a local boy who's done really good all over the country so check commodities it's a homecoming for him parlor lied dot com or you tweet him after apple. Just demand you may yet you make an Issaquah problem abroad. All my gut so much still are I'd take it easy body very goes just a ruffle and let's see if I get nearly got him I press the right but this time and did you. Yeah he did do the two new ones and I forgot to make you any new ones he said to me just a couple of nuance and for some reason I forgot that he did the rock already I think it's zero and I saw even knew what he wanted to do we I did sound awesome I sucked. Good interviewer though I really illustrate just don't have a pseudonym and your. It's Lewis is on the Lucy you pick a topic you guide to show 206421. Rock Texas 77 national hurricane. We are more because mortgage tax at 933 how on the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the I'm nice voice nice day I ask W the rock house Seattle. It's listeners on a loose do you pick the topics you guys who shows 206421. Rock Texas is 77999. Let's go to dams and violates and you are on the rock. Good morning guys mark and Jeff Ford's body is. Are taught Internet pressure as whole area saw he had just a ruffle Parnell live tomorrow for Carlyle Diana. That isn't there some earlier this morning look if you're someone use Legos it simply need double guy that was you were you doing that do dumb things. Not so lucky to my buddy we allowed big orange barrel column things a little light on the freeway and I don't know where RF and it got so little blinking light on problem on yeah as I do. Yeah saw they were doing construction around Paris six little Osama appeared to knowing my buddy buddy and I decided to pull over and trying to become almost like you like the barrel. Of course than this gesture at certain stricter kicking gaggle slow nature reserves although mine in and then you're still fighting and that Stanley making desperately need Gail Lewis the president thanks. Why are. Own standard look at they were dealing like seat property here don't. God is amazing what you get sent to jail for like yet to actually spent a night the pokey as opposed to other crimes we go I can't believe that person didn't go to jail for that. Wire it. Sumi Elliott does a guy just punch some knots in the face the other day and he did and I'm gonna prosecute that guy and yet you're still light up a little barrel which I yacht stupid and dumb and you spend the night in jail let me zero -- they are based central weekend and another Friday night Alicia you're release until Monday stamps. It's just hours just announced a bad guy guys fighting Floyd Mayweather next month well. Yes I think I got to take him down all the no doubt about how much is that that punch was epic now granny you know my little bit of a sucker punch but still it was ever since the face of the duty to do was antagonizing him yeah I don't feel that if I don't know I don't feel bad at all on YouTube era around going hey look I'm not seeing you put a swastika is all over your family my body and jerked everybody around you yeah I mean you know instead to me look I don't navigator condone violence but at the same time. Boy life was life as a way of just chino showing somebody they're being in Vietnam and then there's no ability on the radio for a guy is somebody's co caution goes you know why you be a moron. That's the best what I learn the mile IC a punched out a lot when an idea I did when I was younger and taught me great lessons. And so I kind of miss that way of people learning not to be idiots to site. Really mister Nazi guy really bright vitamin public transportation walking around sassy awful things to people do you expect. Martin won the free speech amendment also brings precautions sometimes I I don't know drums of free speech I saw Saddam of the guy go so you this whole Nazi thing. How good did like way good do you drop from the hole not so how are you may do a better person what. Brings the world I mean my god and they are you an immediate ya want I just. You want the guy you're half a moron you know I'm I'm I'm more on the I well I don't I don't even know if we get that point he's not even that. Choose to believe beyond tomorrow exactly like it all right C a morons like people making me feel better about my moronic way of proposing to my wife does earlier talking about that oh yeah cause there's there's maize and proposed wasted after getting into a screaming match of my mom and dad would got a ring. I when Steve. Yeah using donor for boys when you're in the middle and are you there yet that's not a good way to go about it now finally this one might opening line was I think we've been dating long enough. Still I think I think that person beats you because they spoke a gallon this man has an enemy the ring no box and said you're welcome. Our our own little OK. I think you win now over that guy and I propose the Middlesex M Bonner a cheesy 25 cents rang out of the machine surprisingly the marriage did not last. That sounds like a cool story you get all the good stuff later yeah. But only is very it's usually the best place to propose to someone is going to middle mid thrust. Yeah I would offer proposed to my wife my how do you not know I really can't remember how was I remember a rose we've woke up when you marry my surprised or I think what I does that put a rose but see I did I didn't navigational ring it was a grandmother's ring so I procured that knowing that that would be cool. Got a rose got the and they clean the ring up for her and left it on her bed and I Don that's how I kind of did things I was telling mr. surprise guys and ladies play well when I get values she's wearing and are now hot gas Cadillac weird now I'm a very weird guy now I because they see what people do now and it's like why I didn't have any interaction I think what might pose to you need to go like the next level extreme with like you know from mapping out an entire turning into a reality show or or you know creating this act like that censored and who you met proposing any homeowners like that's great if you pull it off but. Yeah he's got to say will you marry C I had I Soledad and it's a that you did soup I did I was very early I was very socially awkward and did I and really did not want. The rejection. Send distributed to puts it on cool if not. And I know I don't know why I suffer in silence. You know and that's most on deck Zachary that's that's kind of how I was drawn back in those days unfortunately or fortunately. Who do we create demand. Already anything I can do that or do something new. Now like much in life. Quality and without one or not that's okay for our guys about how different tribe you don't open anything these guys are maybe unique Italian made me using a Star Trek theme or something like that all she'd love that's now know who would have to meet crystal's new age and I really like I said we did something you've really got a renewal thing in in Hawaii over a lot Oslo yeah you know the volcano when you take all your old problems and beliefs and throw me in the volcano and release all your bad stuff and starting new websites Jim and suggest. I was surprised that I was going and a lot of laughter etc. that was our primary. Yeah out of course. The cool thing I don't know if you knew you remember on the dude we talked to him last weeks I know you do I think you do. Did you then dropped his wedding ring as injuring yes there are these stats are coming from its early this morning we were. Not talking about a guy again yeah and that's what it was what some of that guy again if you missed it. I Jimmy Kimmel did a pretty cool thing for that dude. And his wife remember he was proposing on a bridge the bridge had these kind of slated would things like you see on decks and the and so there were openings. That he actually drop the reins of the opening into the water his family was there recording the whole thing they eventually did go on deceiving you find this 4000 dollar range they could not find it. It was pretty devastating and so they were interviewed on 20/20. And while they were and and I think god they're going to be and what they thought they're going to be in reruns when he's running this is part of the big scheme that Jimmy Kimmel put together yet juicy yeah we did they basically my now Linear for twice twice they thought they were doing an interview between twentieth and while they are awaiting you there are supposedly which one point they were invited to just sit in on the Kimmel show crappy part of the Johnny sorority here's ABC show a jump and I'm a heartbeat so they don't just sitting in the audience for your health care will watch this either Kimmel show on animal go to the twenties when he thing and then Jimmy surprised them with this opportunity. The reason I brought here as I wanna give you a do over and I do over is what I really wanna give you we have built to bring. Show the bachelor the bachelorette. Yeah. OK so we called the friend bring out the friend this is Neil Lane round. Another little box. Something special for you it's okay. Okay. All hundred smaller diamonds is that is nice is the ring you lost we never got to see that. That's that is pretty cool calm kind daddy I come into our reaction to that oh my goodness that's pretty sweet graying and made in my soul I don't know green setting with trees in the bridge. Created what happened when they dropped the ring in the water that's very cool my question I have this spring I would imagine was a couple dollars more than right now he just. And then his good price for it doesn't all small amount that's a good prices isn't going diamonds on top of diamonds the out there it's a pretty then it's partly as all hell yeah. DSL it yeah I would always total zealot may look aid that's not the ring I wanna give yeah I don't think we should keep this won't comment but don't usually give it back. No the only option we have to sell it to make a lot of money off of cavs up by your rank and we'll go on vacation and Noah Aaland our bison can possibly make. Like everybody went. You know you gotta pay taxes on that anyway Demi will now be gay just from shows immediately did this so they got to pay taxes on that ring if it's a ten to 20000 dollar ring forget about it unless or until I get a tax evasion the mean you never know rally also was you I would expect it. Yeah and so Jimmy then of course part of the dvi do over the news and do the whole our proposal with the new rink. Go ahead for. Propose here we go. Many of we've been together for four years he'll run my life. We've had ups and down east. And we've gone through at all. You know this is an account for a long time. Alice and rationalize its. Women. He did the best part of it I just watched the video is led Guillermo is right to the side of the bridge holding like one of those things he used to scoop up fish all more of an efficient that's yes that's awesome. Heidi I did notice that either NIC there is there's Guillermo at the big net it's like a huge Blake fish net butterfly net banquet and water boots on that's fantastic. Follow you know today finally made their proposals that are it was a grateful for that actually is really fun because you know that had to be devastating for them. Yeah he and even though it's on YouTube MPV because it was I got a lot of hits on YouTube you never thought you yet that ring back. Or any day you were gonna Miller fix it just like an idiot the whole time now there on national TV with a better ring with a cool couple I mean that. You know that's the way below make lemonade out of lemons right there cause a great segment I am yeah I was you do that for me. There's no there's no fixing yours now now sorry. You can have an AB eventual Quist and I'll be the dummy all yeah and its own we'll talk for me it's all Sarah North Korea now pausing and as you put a strain in the bathroom and hallway I hear my mouth whenever they want to know there's some stuff that's super Cyrano right there yeah you're right that's totally neutral it was a Mike there yet. Okay deceased mouse is toast and this stuff that's just wrong. I'm not gonna put my hand anywhere to make that work. And a bull fire ball. Is that really a thing. Some of Italian at 915. On the rocks. And Dave's morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW on the. And nine point nine KI SW Iraq I'm Seattle I'm Diageo rank castle he's going to be he's not a big journey he's never coming back. And so what we do we said you know what. Let's go get our buddy. Even though she says it's only what he's only playing and we got everybody Jolene cheesy via affiliate right castle today and for all the days he's not. Yeah on how to go yesterday. It was fun it was kind of terrifying ice I almost felt like it was my. First day in high school who and then in the new building I'm just walking around in circles like can somebody point me where I need to go and this is kind of amaze you want to sign the books on the ground in Latin America it's. At least it would do that does more so men's room you know and I don't down I and then point the latter you know you have so far to face. I'm glad Joseph. They're totally imaginary anatomy ever since we moved our eyes the new kid. But it was it was super fun and the rockaholics and all been amazing and just all sorts of touchy Feely is it's it's been good and in I'm. Well we get some special for him not well some especially in go get yourself and bakery in freehold New Jersey. Called the bagel look just started selling bagels and remain with fireball with students. And that's free of oh my gosh yeah. I can only imagine the somersaults my insides would do or consuming something like that isn't like fireball as a means to an end if you're out party Wednesday shots we don't really do they get super aggressive seems to have shot a hard I don't want. No money you fireballs. Well I'm cooking if you cook something doesn't that take a wave even the glorious affects about all this share. They got apple cream cheese if you know what this cinnamon flavored low angle iron the only thing I'm gonna try to want dry air lines I don't know how much alcohol stayed in the fatal Julie did you write using gets cooked off by math they say it's not meant to get John. Well I mean after announced that for twenty action if he would you know I mean I would all try to anything it's a religion out mr. bottles plastic tie I had a good car. Oh hunger is Jolie she is in for Ryan castle she's got your morning twelve pack next. Thanks. 23 year old genius who was arrested last. We put dry and wet cement its. His name and then also a dream male genitalia and his war is worth at least thirteen thousand dollars because that's some of your coffin to fix the problem I'm not saying I would be doing right for you tell me and just to hear more concrete over that area philosophical or they won a lots of nice thing Nokia also again during the golf course yes your I don't know I don't know. It's. All Goosen hole. And made some mornings on the rock 99.9 KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. If I called Travis will actually see him or someone who works for them. I'm suing when you come industry in my in my office when you first call and myself we'll try to help. You review or any basic questions that you have. I can get your car back. I've been dealt schedule usually try to schedule you for a free consultation with me because the attorney. 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