BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-21-17-6A: Dave Grohl talked about breaking his leg on stage.

Thursday, September 21st

News and sports. Today is Uncle Chris’s birthday. A man was arrested for trying to steal bananas wearing a gorilla suit with a diaper.


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And I had those things are tough good idea more on visual than just to listen to the art of it. That was a fun one just watches guys jamming out there a music. It's a great gift from James Gordon who you know here's a guy that nobody really ever heard of Ira because I've watched Doctor Who saw you he's he's a great start. But he's really made a name from sub was carpal karaoke hosting the late show or late late show. Taken over Greg Ferguson Craig for some back in the day. And is so wonderful fighters and their Dave Grohl who started talking about that time when he broke his leg while performing on stage. So I. Shirt and saw the edge of the stage it was a big vessels say yes you have. And I thought I don't zone and and I landed and I immediately got up and down and there was nothing marijuana. Only the second song the second I hope so bad that all those people would come only seen. Choose songs in town so I said that in our kids are sent out of Texas and how new. So they pulled me out of the side then they're like yeah good to see okay digital we must put you back here right now. It's like good god in my mouth and I just I don't mess America. My leg was broken terrible but might okay. Can finish the show and this guy's order my ankle is like. Wolf I have to hold your England plays its I was like one thing you got to come amongst its. So it's ever happened. Wow man I you know just just there's cheer me because I would have been like we're done and I remembered that all happening I didn't know that it was that early in the set and that they realized that there was that much stuff going on behind the scenes etc. agreed I said Allen went backstage and in came out back and I didn't realize all the stag reciting it and I got hold it in place that's not CL and and you know I want their feet they knew was broken and I thought maybe that they are he might have filed justice located ankle I mean I've I've seen people put that suspect in. And then oh waiter there's a lot more going on it's amazing what a gentleman will do to. I mean I would imagine that if it's always broke his ankle while he's just sitting and having coffee. Yeah that would be all different things are going on not playing man going up on stage but you already have that adrenaline of the entire. Stadium or arena just giving you all this love I'm not saying that it would still be easy I I would much similar to you I'd be crying and say hey take me down on the floor unscrew my fans say exactly sorry sorry people this crazy then afterwards it took them to the hospital for the surgery. And I I just saw this today. I can't believe that Prince Harry visited him. No that's apparently there provides according to even tell our Hawkins says I yeah one point I guess back in the day Prince Harry slapped him across the facing as a joke. These are woes that and then realized it was a Gray Davis funny I wore that slapped with pride he's one of the boys. And Prince Harry should lose the first person visit Dave Grohl and brought him a pillow that attaches to your iPad as a gift. Until that attaches to your iPad and rehearse and how many millions rests on your like your some don't always am I want one of those Prince Harry or maybe need to break delay in releasing the Foo Fighters say all doable things. Dan do you Dave Grohl right here this is this Kid Rock is scheduled Washington State you know just grunge around me is originally from Virginia. And and anybody's grunge and around you know just doing as I did everything can be hanging out of the royal. Now I'm sure he didn't that's just amazing the lives to be sad. And and always I'm pretty good from self and I love the customer service and the new rec. It's freaking awesome the new Foo Fighters album is great from beginning to and then there's a song has Justin Timberlake on an intensive and are joking about it on the on the may catch yesterday because. If you listen to the song. You have no idea that is Justin Timberlake Jesus singing backing locals and just somebody another member of the Foo Fighters during the backing balloon has ever heard this song yet I'm right that maybe you can track it down I think you attract three off of the album motion you can find it but it might know Hulk. You hear him in the back arguing the vacuum locals and any visit to La La as part of the song but again it doesn't sound like Justin Timberlake he's not like announced in the song it's like he's a big thing. And I'm reading about the Baxter behind apparently. Gross drinking whiskey in the parking lot of the studio. Justin Timberlake was recording at the same buildings. Came over the eastern drinking Bruschi in the parking lot started talking and adjusted to raise it came man. I really like to be on your record keeping you on your record and that's hysterical and that that's how it all started just because there discretion some whiskey in the parking lot. That's our you know I love that kind of collaboration and I just love how people like you know I mean I love when people go on different records in NATO you know it's cool yeah that's a lot of fun for everybody man was a suicide like hey here's Justin Timberlake yeah originally locals he says he's wanna be on the Foo Fighters record so much as usual and his have you back in Boca with someone of their songs sunny with a single. You had seen no we really you live when fans are fans some who are outside their own genre but their fans is somebody else yeah that's cool and the inability gotta you gotta rest now. He says yes no yes I think he does is that a yes or not I mean you know he's got it okay employee looks like he's mad at me im sorry he's UPS are we read rite oh yes clear he's not saying no to yes or no. He's saying nothing I dizzy nobody ask. Milliken about. You know why would never Novak writes while. That's fun. Does that say you know back then you know the deuce I is only part of it but you know obviously not going to be center stage right when we don't you would even know is him. Just one thing I do chromium from fighters record get a drink whiskey how low was in part alarm and that's Livan I just say that mimic. That you did that's your job yeah I just got done some whiskey in the parking lot. I always said Dave Grohl sure. We'll Dave Baum my MI iPad and this group hello I got from Prince Harry would you like to take it out he idea that he slapped me in the face oh okay. Many who'd Wheeler where we're I think we're live and our own life and now in the last second Foo Fighters record Shawn stockman from voice commands on that track. I mean it's got to somehow very random appearances that's. That sounds like some in the day bro would do they got after it. Does this guy do backing vocal he's got pipes and especially if it doesn't really sound like you know I mean it's it's not pronounced race like they're trying to do would boys to men song or a Justin Timberlake song it's just we're doing the Foo Fighters and if you could clear out a way to work on our record and great that's cool cause it nobody knows that they're just reading the notes in the album has been listening to songs on the submissive host who seems like what's YNN I when I first at the record and heard that I sent there's the song to my wife was a huge. Justin Timberlake fan and US attorneys and I don't even know where he is singing on this song like it does show you had to tell because I would I don't write it it's always still back in vocal leader of tomorrow off parts in the door renewed a part of the song another whiskey bodies debt. It's you hear that you know I mean your idea that everybody gets a lot of man. And I loved that Jake was doomed from the heart and I would be grown a response I think we JT is well I you know I won't be bad yeah I did from voice amend the and I said of those guys very unlike a Petri Al better lives in these cars I goods are so sure I'll sit there drink whiskey and you know what Hollywood shut up. Us until stories that's impossible I did that's the odder alive another year until they said he tasteful I have a question. Why did the police have to rest a diaper wearing gorilla. They act they yelled he's got to euphoria at 617. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI guess W all. 99.9 KI SW Iraq. Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner well maybe getting them to renounce bullets and this is news we Steve made. So thank god makes a sport clips are giving us news and sports it's a big day today you guy why is that it's huge day George. Happy birthday to uncle Chris. All of the bad news for uncle Chris is birthday. My parents on the phone ready to sing hymns well glorious songs that I. He's married hey you're familiar blue. Happy tired okay here. Move you move. These are okay news. Boot. I actually hurry. Weird maybe he didn't you woo lead lap here and it's. So have you got here are your mom and dad. Your parents are amazing mentors I can't believe they know it's everybody's birthday it's much they care what I forgot they called introduced today put us on hold we're ready to sing for uncle Chris Rock. Remember faces I Sherri is heard there was some great celebrities oh really Alfonso February you can do Carlton today man. Nice and well sin not the football player but the actor in college for yet bill Murray's birthday whoa 07 years old Steven king do you like got one hole anime like this and also from the start some fine adult films like my favorite three way. Asian take out part three yes and I've got injured girlfriend it's mere smiles as birthday balmy and media will put a smile on media for you this year alone all you are harder for example Chris that's pretty awesome. Colts. I'm 444460. Jackson maybe he's a pair Forrest yeah. Nice title let's talk about some guerrillas is actually two stories involving euros in the news and they're both ridiculous. First one makes you mentioned. There's a diaper wearing your office wanted and actually was arrested by the police. Yeah it's just happen in west of Milwaukee Wisconsin police arrested a man he walked into Wal-Mart. Then all the fun stuff happens and Wal-Mart of course it does wearing. A diaper and a gorilla mask yeah that is of course people pulled out their cell phones film has managed to grab bananas from the display hell hole I already did. Hello we still bananas. Well courses and good luck and any tried to leave the store is how to be a back and had a big bank. Why is he going interest is a gorilla wearing diapers still in demand as I got expensive and it's a party broadly. Yeah apparently so four men who were able to contain this guerrilla Forman and and the cops arrived and charged him with the obstruction. Like I said that's not the only story involving a man just as a guerrilla this one is happening in Edmonton Canada OK and demanded a gorilla mask he robbed a convenience store. This guy will be more aggressive in the last girl while some aren't some are docile that's very distressing in Canada people are nice but the animals aren't panels W of that suggests a total you know flip flop back. He walked into a seminal I'm an armed with tough wrench and a chisel. Wow I did many people guerrillas yeah best of their preferred web into a lot of handiwork had good good exactly that's what they like that went to make him beat Jeff they can fix megapixel. Demand some money you Julie were an undisclosed amount in cash and police are still looking ahead they try to use their police dogs to catch this girl. A man be careful but he's got a way to to throw a wrench. Cannot put enough bad things always happen again and I got to get past this guy's got my spirit animal eyes Mimi is serious geeks. Like furious speed he's a guy who says he holds several Guinness world records including. Devouring a hundred chicken nuggets and under twenty men who accomplish that I would love to sit and on chicken nuggets. What Dominik you get 200. Yes why hours and twenty minutes. Stan noon that's a lot yeah I think I would probably be tired of them after about twenty minutes do you think he makes up the sauce is fully that I have I wouldn't. Three sour the whole time unless I forgot you miss I only like once us guys I like samurai anybody we're all fine and if you've got a sweet and sour I'll make do. I don't soil that was available I'm not going anywhere near the barbecue I'm not going anywhere near the hot sauce not going anywhere near the hunt master he's also he's our all time unless you mix a little together think about Livan now away. He drove barbecue on the honey Muster little street sorry I mean and I must do you live and yet it did I can't tell you don't like you're missing college for trying new things now when it comes to my chicken nuggets man let's spend twenty minutes figuring it out. And if you're curious Hannity I washed on the chicken nuggets to ensure a lot of people are with a shake right. Gatorade a small things how do you guys don't shake. All of that guy he enjoyed some food. I'm a legitimate blew a businesswoman and we've heard of what impression before but I think too often we're hearing about funeral fractures and as a woman in England that is the notorious. You don't crash or so much so she's been doing for fourteen years at the same church. How weird does that make of all things to do that supposedly messed up you know she learned from. And from what impressions from moving. OK that's good point yeah. Mean that's how it ended she's going to seem church in the past fourteen years and stays if there's a free meal afterwards Scioscia he's paid their respects he goes to the funeral Will Ferrell that's how he was hit it down remember he was good he was the mentor. Fifty he started to feel most of them we chatted with some friends and family offered her condolences. And then just ate a bunch of food left. I love this woman because this good food at funerals how recall ever having my. Incredible meals at all of them that would I was just restaurant next to the funeral home isn't at all line but it's never like. I don't remember. See how much I am a guy who uses food to stuff my feelings hot so I remember my dad's funeral my mom's funeral I like all I like it came from. Tom and mariners. There are so what kind of nice to be one problem we among all OK okay I was such limits are you doing here and you know what the way this is going you've lost so bad. I really want to like three scoops now all we we can't do that too. I don't know what fine this is an epic loss this is ridiculous and X trail but I wanted to punch myself in the face yesterday watching this dude it's it's just so it's just they had such a great opportunity to catch up on the twins because the Yankees have been beat the crap out of the twins and their and the Mariners right could've really and they now. And down one nothing Felix it's good for half a second and it all falls apart kind known as the united down 71 and many still making games. Femi still had a chance to tie the game towards the end even though they lost end up losing eight to six. Now Seattle stop their fifth street. Still four years behind Minnesota but the problem is that the Rangers who they're playing right now it's now within two and Afghans in Minnesota for that second wild card spot things are just not looking good Matt Lincoln. Had a dollar and yes so there there there I mean many yankees really have that first got wrapped up they could even when their division of knowing how things go so it's. Is that second spotters not such a great opportunity you have. I know do it it sucks it really sucks because the guys we are counting on. No Felix used to be automatic. And it taxes on the mound tonight and I don't I don't for see it going as well it's writing instruments in the last game which is not good out. So yeah I guess doesn't French Fries we'll have some ice cream. Again this I like that Chrysler is whether 61 degrees and cloudy and thank you man industrial craftsmen for giving us news and sports yeah it's kind of a bummer. You know we'll see day in an ideal toward the hot stove league. You know I'm I'm ONS if I did actually football season Jarrett hockey seasons that are on the corner that's daddy will you love your hockey no doubt about it and how close football season's here dude but a lot of people have been jump and they've been jumping into the deep end over the hurdle blocks cops you know so he acts yet there's there's there's there's no there really is no rest for the nervous and and the paranoia. I like Dario of course you know in whatever news agency sports they have web sites and sports people are already articles of course different stories for the sake that's always a load. Yes Yasser I agree that there's food there's issues with their offense. Melt oh gee thank you guys that article really. Unknown from watching those first two games of durst did something I'll put the offense if only we had a track record where we could see how the team you know preformed a little tough from the beginning but then they were able to figured out by the end of the season make the playoffs. I know we haven't had a lot of examples of that right it's a really looked so so yeah I can see where everybody's nervous. And I look back to this season and not too bad that there were only two games and you know need to start stressing about the stuff I look back to the season that they won the Super Bowl. And we all remember that blowout during the Super Bowl. Yeah every pretty much every game before that was a grind some of them were games that. Probably people thought the sky was falling on those games as well because idiom didn't perform to their abilities against a team that was lesser than them I mean just topics. Yeah you know it'll be interesting thing to play when they play AFC teams that's an and that's what it's really good to see because AFC is you know this is an offensive minded league so we'll see how they do. We'll see how our defense that's what I wanna see is collar defense you know do against the AFC teams because those guys are more geared towards offense. And so we'll see how that goes where and then but even that is still gained three. Right you know still the pre season of US mail I guess a the first four games the pre season so. Yeah. But we. It's too bad marriage man I love baseball I really would love to see a competitive team and the guys go to the playoffs it would be great now watch him when the rest of the games they got and I'm not making the best buy one I will buy you for scoops if that happens Lou I mean who seriously don't lose another game. Now if they go to William fellows well and they out they could still not make the playoffs but even if they don't lose another game how many games other ten I think left I think south of the ten game winning straight out if they are a ten game winning streak we give me attend school. He's been gone a lot out of you really would have a chance to vice can come. I wouldn't I don't regret it instantly and I gimmick I give it to college I am dude. I guide series. We could share with everybody yeah I think there are ten games left that are similar access officially done so I want our share everybody out there are a great I mean now nobody held a thing if they want generally they might make the playoffs so we have to go to my movements and say. And scoop on one count I was sheriff says they've got to figure out a way to put tends to someone karaoke and I got no problem with that don't know that would cost oh would have probably cost two. What twenty bucks but I did more okay thirty vice all right and I am a man now that I'm cabinet thirty c'mon who are not sub cabinet thirty. Our yesterday Steve. He did get this one wrong. What is ten Brockman and the primary job on the Simpsons. Bartender now. Cops know he says will help first helper now though her yeah if it is census questions Steve does have difficulty it's usually and it's like his only basically you know flaw in his armor so I'm news thanks. That's what we're looking for a lot of shot of BC you've got a 206421. Rock group played Pete makes it 647. On the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis and Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I was figure out who my creditors are. I'm people who saw a lot of times had a lot of a long time of not having good credit and having collections and some very very concerned because. 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