BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-21-17-7A: “Have you ever pissed off a celebrity and what happened?”

Thursday, September 21st

Beat Migs. – Justin Rupple pissed of Kevin Nealon because he told a “mother” joke. Luke warm topic.


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Choose the right chapter dot com. 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle's even though we know this because I am a proud Amazon Ecko owner if you have an echo or dog you know you can now listen to the rock on your taxes go exactly your dogs that is pretty soon you just do other things already your silly questions my allies up do you have any pet. No I don't have anything. I used to have a few months the captain's club. All right the you know you might just wanna say hey ho let's open 99.9 KI SW hide things from checking out the rockets than a minute guys and you can say Alexa and your Vijay and makes XPJ Holmes that's so it seems. Trying to guess the select somebody who remains. You'll. It's. I'd like to cause the election. Fines and that's a cool thing didn't I didn't seem to happen. I'll Lex up because unsung I didn't understand a lot of fish. Thanks for listening to Tina and I know I have Montero gave you. Well. Yeah you can do a lot of cool stuff just go to KI SW dot com and learn how to download the giants W skill and check out one Alexa can do to help you stay connected with. RR. Mean. It is okay. Hey Joseph movie email I don't know and turn now on board and ask. Really man this weekend no matter. First he wrote it because many things at once there was a Thursday. Now Thursday's really Thursday. But it should be applauded for what you've received my dad get a hold of that steep fall events that actually analysis. From what I would imagine how. James and we'd come. You heard it here first twenty darkened does it we got Jason and minera Jason millionaires sir. Yeah I'm here but it sure oh man oh man and get immense imagines right here on the rock Jason as updates are ready to win formula the year again I'm gonna get one might lose your songs like you move politically for JC there. We're already playing drive ravel tickets over additional box Soto on Friday September 29 courtesy of routine follow I love him directly involved I AFLAC ask him. There's. I don't know clearly there and it's knees and drew my voice. There you go there's a lot of things I could say never lose yeah I'm gonna say ya okay you know he's not matter much credit thank you. I rebelled to shoebox so I don't know Tony Curtis did and she lied to go to K I had W dot com broke the. Act. Luke I. I asked for playing you know Jason was sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jason you can pass all you want but you'll only get three yeses were questioned how are you ready. I'm worried over the names of the two cartoon rats from an maniacs who are bent on world domination and COLT I think he was playing acts he's Bengals had an eighty's hit manic why aren't. Depression now. Tell him it's not a just how many you know concern of Baker's dozen. I've told you know. It's no car. He's an Arab city was he setting for the TV show perfect stranger missed its its. How many Super Bowls have beat Kansas City Chiefs want. You know. Please note. Or now satellite time with Cinderella with required to leave the baltics. How many days to begin with those were men who are. Three no power or ask well relation is Abe Simpson tell homer. Horrible now. Oh okay and veggies nuts news. War all of our Lola is that that's DR BJ about and no losers on. Yeah bats throughout the do Scola right there when there's so much that Jason doesn't know about. Yeah he's he's he's really got a wealth of ruled not well the no knowledge in so many subjects unloading their sheltered life path. At halftime and pop culture sports. You know scary tale I mean everything we covered and I was like is it a lot of and I. Does does seems magazine valued anymore help now yeah Roger there isn't GAAP I mean I logged in on this kind of you know did I ever have and I blame Jason's phone. For what's about how you should blame anything exactly. So where are you couldn't swallow I don't know it's a statement that will never be uttered by anybody that wasn't our school systems yeah. Steve are you ready. Yeah. Snow days we had given me the what were the names of the two car team rats from an maniacs were bent on world domination and itchy and scratchy nose tackle and just don't know. Did you ever at now yeah Bengals had an eighty's hit manic and watched man a Monday a day hello. I wish there was thousands anyway. I know OK how many units or any Baker's dozen it's. Thirteen added jobs what city was he setting for the TV show perfect strangers to New York City no top topics cause you to San Francisco now strewn. Not Chicago at this job how many Super Bowl Sunday Kansas City Chiefs want. Zero no one's asked her job at your lifetime listen gorilla would be required to leave the ball by every 609 no mid 1960. Minutes how many US states to get with new. To no dreams no more yes whenever I religion is Abe Simpson tell homer. Act as wallow in the US government purchased from Spain and 1819. A sham wow no. So I don't know armed. Alaska knows 1234567. New Orleans haven't produced. Disseminated to. Aaron and you knew you guys got to tell you all the Hispanics that we know are all in Alaska that's such a great Hispanic culture onto the used as Ricky. Yeah when Steve yes you did wins you can play yours on its. And I Jason and Tom yeah congratulations on being you my friend. So stay here and only if we're really do appreciate your own money. I want Jason's life because he doesn't know anything about all that's not isn't pretty good there I want really does know he see he's a good mood and a more guys are allowed this guy's on the struggle bus. You roll early hours maybe and that is coffee. Maybe is not always supporting I hate Monday's. Low he wishes it was a Sunday and Steve O that's her Sunday that all of sudden I find this earlier I don't have to run day exact golf I don't my crystal ball that gathered around eleven niacin to eighties whores merely well we I mean seriously and I know he's hot yes to yes for the longest time I thought that was Cyndi Lauper who sang a song not directly mention you know blasphemy. It was peaking in the brain that were these two cartoon rats that was one veggies and got her act yeah I've heard of them. You can illustrate how they're seeing now shots that you really haven't watched enemy acts now and I guess you wouldn't have my time yet wasn't the right age for you Lazarus he was the perfect time for me to watch is on what's that now says they used. At that time so yeah he does not that far away and tell notes about a year gym like I'm 38 also a little bit more and that their mind still warrior different yeah this. It's not be sunny and I didn't. And I and then the other one that she missed the what do you do US government purchase from Spain and 1819 Chevy one of our southern states you were immediately there's there's so read our Texas gas filler I ask about London welcome to my house. I was at a sorrento Kellyanne OK okay and that's all that's happened since Sunday and this is this a writers and I've tried to hit and we know the eighties and Steve knows fluoride at a Mets almost full ride in the easiest metatags. Lawyer also be made and disease because his one was seven Greg Carr says there's a winner is well you want those tickets are prevailed the shoebox auto well they knew V caller seven a 206421. Rock. Steve yes finally women's Whitman really bombed out there are no famous person has gone crazy so we can have great crazy audio people we we don't know if they -- the ranting crazy people we've come close but nobody really lost their minds well guess what what we have somebody killed and it's from the world news now you remember also from the world of news the it was Bill O'Reilly meltdown of course Phil's done a lot of things since the -- on the door rally meltdown might be one of the best meltdowns ever told as GI Bill O'Reilly let me site Amanda this guy is that so many allegations as so many skeletons in his closet. And now he's done and he signed a non not ion is a fox anymore. All because of his alleged past. My favorite stories still to this day about Bill O'Reilly there wasn't anything damaging about him but maybe some people view it as that. He had up porn surgeon Jamison on me she shared this story after the fact and I guess. When the microphones were not on the cameras are pointed at them he couldn't be nice to turn and of course once they go on cheap. On television he attacks are not tax the you know I mean yeah he's just feel bad for what she does for a living but apparently when the microphones and television cameras Roth. He was asking for copies of her movies of course he was ranked right so as I did I decide that is the perfect way to understand what kind of person Bill O'Reilly is is a one of those guys that's a pretend to be something when he's on TV. The winds but everything's off he's just a dirty do dirty dark. That's why the idiots that listen to those shows sync that goes people who are wrapped and add them. Are just like him in reality there's a zoo says the biggest hypocrites have we seen that all through our industry where. All that person is a nice personally I can use to see how they are seeing me. Yeah oh yeah I'm I'm an idiot on the air and setting the bar low gas that we were people me you know like while we hear a lot nicer than I thought you would do exactly the type do so whereas on the flip side for a lot of people where they come off especially in the world of like you know like. The female friendly radio shows how good idea where they come up is the nicest guy in the world the demo and make my ex roster just raging lunatic I remember a guy and that business. I won't say what city but this guy was the king of female radio and ask him and he used to be like all the all you want a doozy gas women in the work place a flash and who. And this is the guy that was right so that's totally hear you may yes succeed in this. Yeah. I'm Manchester doing that yeah why does a runner and as you'll flash obviously human resources problem though no not at all now another off so if you look at Bill O'Reilly meltdown because we gonna do women play the newest meltdown we'll see how yeah how it compares. I happen when he was hosting inside edition. That's tomorrow and that is it for us today. The panel. And whatever it is is not right on the teleprompter I don't know what that is I've never seen that. No there is we are gonna do stated there okay but. This now I can't read it there's no there's no awards on its OK and sure there's no words there to play us out. What does that mean to play us out. Existing is gonna do here's a video of seeing video I don't know what that needs to play us out what does that mean to end the show yeah yeah. Price go up golf again box full of threes. That's tomorrow and that is that. 403. Putts tomorrow and that is it for us today and we will leave you with me. I can't do it we'll do a lot for. No I grew. I did all I did a lot to revive. Things Sox. Here and fast forward three. That's tomorrow and that is it for us today I'm Bill O'Reilly thanks again for watching we'll leave you which staying and I cut off his new album take it away. It's one. My favorite part is the part where emails and it really does not seem very difficult no really doesn't but he's cycle and. I know man. That's a guy that's that that's a guy's got a lot of S in his life and a lot of stress. I honey we know when you're trying to watch all the Jenna Jamison movies before you go back on the air that's a stressful thing I'd do that arise when you know way into you don't know what's going on his life but allegedly he had a lot of distractions. Man that is a great amount I forgot how awesome that was is that those whoever the producer was Sicily are right and 543. Yeah. And he's going nods yeah just a dream working with an empire in prize. Very. And so that's a guy of course Bill O'Reilly that's a litmus test for anybody in the world news broadcasting can may go crazier than bill. Maybe we've got somebody Lawrence O'Donnell from MSNBC just had a really cool melt down and it was over tackle the problems last month. The video just came out yesterday. And he was upset some random audio feeds in his earpiece in some Andre and hammer must. The studio material look at an article about this rather video and and we had to be opened the B Jimmy Stacy case and you dot com and this that had the pattern again tonight you know that the first line of the story. Once O'Donnell had a really bad night on August 29 2017. I love that and it was it was Smith signing this one is actually more epic and Bill O'Reilly. And that's saying a lot right that is saying a lot what's going on why am I losing us. While I have some artifacts. Someone's pressing buttons and turning my samba. Who was who's asking for a Labor Day rundown in my ear. Someone of that control rumors out of control yeah there's insanity in the control room tonight you have insanity in my ear piece. Every time we go to was soft as a woman talking in my ear about something that has nothing to do with what we're doing here. Sloppy play hammering who's Smart. Back hammering out their who's got a hammer whereas it. Where's the hammer and his visit on the north from the other floor somebody your parents thought I ameron. Sought by hammer hanging. So yeah. Love this guy to hammer I don't know its players to hammer don't like that man wears a hammer so. Yeah. That's so true I mean you know some bit some ill very loud sex couples. The team and our old building. They were doing stuff on the seventy Mirren is sixty or neutered and in the 74 and every day it sound like somebody was stated Jack Harris bow my head above our head it was an insane DI and the thing is is we can hear it chances are new you know the listener can't. I and it's fun I mean I know where he's coming from I also have my moments where you know we moved to these new studios they were exactly and I must Wear wanted to night I was laced tirade so. Yeah I ice I sense a bit of a Boston accent I wonder reason New England when it was a because they stock. It sounds like a boss that sentiment and use the MRI movies of Bostonians that we were always Pristina where hammer yes. Someone of that control room is out of control yeah indeed line right there now. We've got more of the meltdown again we were trying to compare this make us look at them and he's doled abuse kind of fill. He's still he's doing analysts and hammering got hammered here now it's tomorrow that really got him so let's see if this even goes beyond. The Bill O'Reilly meltdown. I'll go down to the for myself for the sake of commercial break going call. Pilgrims and I don't care who the you have to call soft by hammering. And beyond our control room and find out where this is going on at seated there are there for a out there somewhere. The woman talking in my ear was talking about the Labor Day special. Repeatedly talked. Cold. Oh sound coming in my year's super hammering. It just sucks it sucks to be out here would this is out of control. That's I love this guy so. Are anxious shots crazy woman in my here he is from Boston and went to Harvard stereo on it daily and I did tell I tell my people my crazy angry people alone seated there are there. Yeah out there somewhere. The only Dr. Seuss yes it is if there are there I did not like green eggs and ham as. You have insanity in my ear piece do I love that he went on Twitter is a better anchorman and a better person would have had a better reaction to technical difficulties I'm sorry. I would really such as well is that that's not something should government broadcast you feel like you have protection you know in your own studio when things are going crazy it's a signal stuff happens and now everyone releases everything do you think that you have protection when you treat the people that work for you well you're used to butcher right now. All bets are off to Iraq a good I wonder if maybe he was just not a jerk in general and finally somebody had eggs from the example Midnight Oil out screw this guy. The most impressive part of all this and where is trinity c.'s apology. He has rather the Twitter handle at Lawrence here's Ilya Lawrence say that's. He's been and that sort of game really since you're a mile fast. It's very rare that you just get the name I try to get at Steve but I don't have yeah I did rewriting things and would have Lawrence yeah yeah and he got a quick Danny's verified Steve that's true GAAP. So I thought yeah you don't mess than you verify camera come to some Cameron. Him dude it's see it's a system it's just amazing it really really is amazing didn't. I Sussman asked people from Boston which just pissed you know can we really really are we're just pissed I hate to see in my Home Depot or Lowe's where I have. It's a tough act. Yeah yeah. I did my in this Mozilo Riley's name someone that's control rumors out of control what is and the irony here and he did say that there are there where there somewhere there it. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. So totally needs to blow yes MB endorser from now on. Now I lay down I think he does beat Bill O'Reilly I feel I don't have more fun yeah. I don't do I mean this is Laura and yes. So happy thank you Lawrence Lawrence O'Donnell from MSNBC thank you fellow Bostonians thank you for doing us proud Wednesdays and I think bill is worse because I could see him in knowing what's on your ear when news was we talked earlier bill. Couldn't read a teleprompter. I would Yahoo! is Gerald. Bill it's a worst offense what bill did it's a much more entertaining rant I think that what the when Lawrence did good yeah I remember when we first moved into these new studios there are hundreds of issues we likes and grounding with the headphones so we were getting another radio stations frequency in years now while we're talking and the Mariners. It is very just very annoying luckily I went to my psychologist and found out it was just I was hearing voices had nothing do their equipment such a good about that. And now lies in how God's telling you things we've seen it there are there yeah or out there somewhere yeah where is meant as a woman talking in my ear. Enough is enough to run collateral. There are voices Lawrence how. Our home man dude so we go from basically a news anchor getting pissed to a well known comic and actor getting pissed. And he got pissed and another comic but telling a mom joke. In here what happened at 717. On the Iraq. The next morning it's. Yeah. I'm just helps you. I'm nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. Yes they react to media and Justin ruffle on the show and he shared a great story. About the time that he pissed off a well known comic courses hometown boy that is gone to some great stuff including winning the competition first impressions of the whole host Dana Carvey. Which you know I mean and we are we're so proud of you for that that had to be just a bad idea residuals experience. Mayonnaise and in the hole because this year's show I won't tell you things they can't out of there so Kevin kneel and will on the shelves. And I was doing an interview. And on this. Car yeah Johnny Carson. So do you do you like to party and I'm so it's you know it's all our support you are supporting a lot of time a lot of beautiful ladies are normal tomorrow hot hot hot on top. And then you captain dealer in the turns Simien center. Just where you go to a beautiful piece it's turned into today. I doubt your daughters and our national carried out to our go to Google ready to it's. Like to ask each and then go. Where and how to read I've seen him. Holy war I barrels. Stan dude that I still can't believe it Kevin nearly decisions like I you know and and that's the game plan. And send it down cut that out and by the way just a rumpled going to be the parlor alive tonight our great great show I he's one of the best impressions I've seen come along a long time. Parlor alive dot com check him out tonight at the parlor. In Bellevue. So yamana just in rubble pissed off Kevin Gillen with with a momma Jones. I'm. I don't think that's something you know you think you're trying to win the competition and poor guy pisses off a celebrity. That kind of sucks how about you have you ever pissed off the celebrity. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Thanks Steve qualifies as a celebrity by going to smoke yeah right yeah I think you know your semi. You know. 20 sixers aren't celebrities so real celebrities. The next morning it's on. Yeah. I guess tells you. Had a nine point nine JISW. The rock of Seattle yeah. We just an up close to par alive tonight Carlyle dot com check him out he pissed off Kevin kneel and because he told a mother joke what about you have you ever pissed off a celebrity and what happened to. 206421. Rocky and also Texas 77999. Let's go to our Kevin and make good cabin you are on the rock. Well I'm glad it's not my name. They actually saw it won't let me thank all it was actually my wife chute got almost showed blue light from Rochester New York geared New York City. I looked over an old stone cold Steve Austin boss or yeah. And so she went overlooked them get a lot of net and anything that she couldn't fight but he was generally apparently are they got it figured out we all. And could put this area and I now have a lot of ground and air like mark back. I airline bars Baghdad is ten vegetation imposed on FaceBook friends and ask yeah. I just love that idea is Mandy I recognize it's like. Don't call and I laws don't go your big dude muscles bald head goatee it's really hard not to recognize who still call this yeah he's got to Wear disguises it is ordering him right AO waiters and an Afro. Sometimes yeah yeah well unless you signed the autograph I appreciate that Kevin Madden that's and they know what a good wife because she recognizes somebody you know it's safe. It's it's nice because I think it was a dude and he was this he might have been able to say. They screw you talent alone but for some reason you know it's it's tough to be mean to a woman knew about how yeah yeah and stone cold kiss me advised that maybe wasn't necessarily pissed he just. Kinda has that. The grizzled. Dude vitamin and Trace kind of thing to may be quite possibly I got down a lot of people think I'm angry when they see me like Guatemala or something and I'm not I'm just I'm just looking like me that was news podcast all the time you share stories and inside. Underneath it always had a pretty good dude but he's for he's rather Graf. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Have you ever pissed off a celebrity and what happened let's go to Tristan in Tacoma tryst and you are on the rock. And everybody what you got for us. I actually don't I don't know and I caught a bigger body charade of Russia and we had actually no counterpart group which that we would get no like I course and some place. Seeing a real punch up nice I'm one of them was the daughter base senator hatch. The main thing we like to do away is easily the markers you know I served on our cars drug arms usually assessment glumly. So like JM one night we are similar blue know where your house committee unanimously believe they're all there and we did usual darn word everything accomplish that somebody on the daughters Carter wrote communism rules are alone there are you know. I got pantry that and they lose reelection time and we are in this very and that's not something that rose overwhelmed. When the population. Is yeah I. It's only places where people like a rollover of possibly with communism but guys Missouri I suppose. Even more so. So we got a phone call from the senator to that mom's house you're staying out past like street 30 AM shift and you lost it had a song come over here you know the nice clean everything out quite a block session and he's then. Pretty Matta yeah retention. And I you know again because you've got fingered for that man that's sad that that's the other guys. That's that's sucks man you know Jesus senator and then Mitt there's you shouted get the senator's daughter or maybe not. You know maybe she's like you know I'm. The Jerry I mean this owners aren't that ever happened. Well there really in my game plan. And we have as an attractive deal are yeah. Kawaiahao. Geez man well I appreciate the god stakes man. John like this ties and as I was thirteen year old girl on a class trip to New York City the X-Files as hot show at the time we saw David to come in an Alley. There went up to deter you this picture he grabbed my camera out of my hand and smashed it on the ground. Who really hit it and while much in love me David the company man erased as very mean gas. 2064 to a rock Texas is 77999. Let's go to Russell whenever Russell you are on the Iraq. Hey where did B again then I've. Russ I am wondering you know I'm good you should call back but I'm quite sure about your day I was nervous that. So I'd now like I did untoward detonate look at that everywhere. I do more than gladiator were the news business where everybody and I was like just catering tent. They're became public that states like anywhere can get broke and outright your god has somebody and there are certain. John when W offensively though here goes here's my peers my moment Charlotte Hayden and the catering to try to look at the bottom laundry Iowa still not a sweet meet all. Everywhere I. Like. Right that the credit we got a couple he. I don't know if your own wife about it will. Not Diego this I led. Innocent and I don't understand and I knew that Mattingly is busy just yet you just youngest MSI he must have been having a rough go people play every direction could that doesn't seem. They stack that should set anyone off the until. I know what I mean I think it is the immediate people and everybody so cool for so many years also warned you like. And you like feel cold had you removed because and so attractive because his wife to look at that. Where where where way way way way okay hold on a signal does is he second batter runner yeah. You're literally. Were removed all. From the place because Phil Collins thought you were attracted to attractive for his wife to choose signed him yeah. That happened. Don't lose. You hung up on the real young up and himself the other himself yet he's gone out of bounds and a touch an inning then got afraid that I totally forgotten and that happens they realize those touching any time now. Wow. Well that's true what they've told convoy was checking him I don't believe it but he never now. Yeah you know that's that's two situations right there where he tells a story that. They're both very like I can't believe it's just John but hey here's some food and he goes off on I don't want any forward had jokes are telling me about awesome delicious food and some I'm in my. I lose. Out there now. So good for us so girls impression I actually fell using ST yeah I'm right there. 20642 Iraqi and also Texas it's 77999. I see the birth the boy from cook oh happy birthday and good grades. Hi and thanks guys I guess so I. I mean I live in LA for almost ten years so I've got a bunch of like slippery story watch I think you're trying to be an actor Steve. Are enroute lineal elbows rolling of the REIT is on the Rleal bother you Ricky Gervais extra via automatic closer to that and by rolling with the I mean you go to receive would you like god rancher catches you'll find I served as a hero. Not far off not far out of this actually happens before I would I even got a high schools on that's theater trip to Ashland Oregon. To see that in the Shakespeare festival that they do every summer well of course and we have we are sitting down Washington watching the play I think was it was pure gains if you wanna get that nobody cares OK and as somebody wanna live and they wanna consider a pair looked up their back rose theater during intermission and some Smart she yeah. And we only turned and that's out there. As early and. Sheen's my backup Charlie stat to Charlie and immediately used the. The president but now should this is in the early nineties man we didn't in the west wing and tonight yet. We just remember him from Apocalypse Now in effect that he was the father of two of our favorite actors who have also played a really weird looking alien battle on five don't forget that. I'm glad I'm glad that I was element that was element performance. So we all go back up to the macros here Martin Sheen suddenly like he's got he's got this funk he's around him in and then whenever and we all starts trying to get an autograph off of them. You know because it's hard she said. And at first he's pretty amiable about it he's sign in whatever we've gotten some of Pluto like napkins from whatever knew he needed on the bitten. And and as it. As Sony you big words do redo redo my immediate yeah I don't know doesn't Aladdin thought and gobbledygook I yes OK thank my church have to bring Elizabeth. And thank you. And and as he gets going on and on an exaggerated let's get done and asking for autograph he starts to really kind of get a little bit more or regional very tricky with us and we're like it revelatory what he's used in the truck at the time and yet tricky -- it's a tricky make him. You remember that come about an army that's got types. Yeah. I think I get my mom used to do this to people when they've really gone forever you say Diaz. Or long story short by social and it was my turn and he just kind of screwed this thing and it looked like he just like like he wrote three lines and handed him actually really force wings like here you go. And and I was like OK Robert back to machine now thank you mr. Sheen. Yeah yeah are you pissed up Charlie Sheen you know like Martin Sheen yeah it is on my entire room you are boring as a historian and Graco happy birthday to you and it's only commentary. At least that's what. All right now we actually don't mean story asks no we wanted to tell stories do we really want them now okay instead. Instead I'm ask a question that's what I'm going to be happy birthday yeah. Had no idea just awesome job quickly were without your parents still as long as they're nice to hear they fell asleep while listening to tell us. Yeah I'm sorry about that you know aren't they jump cuts I will train you upload we'll get we'll we'll we'll teach him what did you not tell a story. You know that he got a community knew was about as part of yeah. Or legends are the are you sure do an unrelated the next you know yeah. I talked to my daughter shows those stories. I have a question what do you think is the top songs played at. Sporting events. And every other guy that you can you know what I'm tied at 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from a listener and I leave things also for bankruptcy like my car. 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