BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-21-17-8A: Joe Sib joins us live in studio!

Thursday, September 21st

There is a list of the top 10 best “jock jams” of all time. Joe Sib joins us live in studio promoting his stand up at the Rendezvous Theater.


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Billboard just put together a list of the top jock jams on the all time to bear arms the songs euros and here in the Arenas during basketball games and all sources sporting events. We grab the top five. Jock jams jock jams. And let's see if these are things you know. Ya I'm curious Hariri oh number five. Right right. Yeah this feels good that's what I like this one win jobs. Well not sound wave sound bears fan. Does it with all that adorns in the draw I haven't heard at all do they do a great job of it that's awesome I did that does some really cool you know George college football whenever they had their marching band is back in this song out I don't know why did you sense you more. Trying to fit in big. So we're doing the top jock jams and Tim is what you'll hear in a sporting events here's number four. Oh yeah I came here and I'm really proud zombie nation. Kern crap 400. I didn't know there was a song. Is that possibly make this up just for sport it's a commodore 64 re mix of a song. Really. That was anyway it is on the nation from current Chris it was correct craft 400 a game on the commodore 64 Paris is an un dead it commodore 64 a team remakes and turn into one of the most universally recognizable songs and nobody knows the name of or artist behind. Wow am I a hockey fan. Where their receivers injury wanna go home and I see many doubles games. I right before the puck drop you got that song no gas I had no idea that was like a video game song I didn't know that either and I and it was a really bad late eighties techno track maybe that's why I liked it so much because it does sound familiar to me but I had nowhere from. Also is from the game zombie nation on the commodore 64 while that's going back and that song. As we years I'm a revised I remember that you move. Retirement money and they may see when those fourteen have a good bunch of other like techno elite type songs like this and I bought it out Wal-Mart. And I was suits I kept playing the song over and over again I was assessed your son number three of John. Kristen Perry and I'll lose and the other half I. It was a suicide Griffey came out to second today. I can't remember was this his son that might have been his track yeah do you find that out I'm I'm pretty sure. Yeah that's it's it's a you know again I mean it's it's a cool to amend it with basketball other legal though PP. Gloria bid now and other people's non smoker now. I. Call total all right. REV number two now. California Texas Tech pet shop ma'am welcome to. Into the jungle yeah. She's not the best judge Jim according to this list is number two but the good opening guitar like but when you hear that typically they'll play that before and a moment we need to crowding you don't you have to. It is. You know places or drops. This really cool about that lets see if immediately you might know and number one is number one was that some from Titanic Denny's which Celine gallery. Oh going Alberta that's you Zach just let it go from frozen I'm sure that's what I'm not not have any guesses Vicky. I am. But I totally thinking nomination that's the first one and I think of that I can't think of this one you know some I heart you guys knows how you guys all know Lafayette general be totally it's totally makes sense really care metal land so. No and yes it was Griffey's on Sunday came out to talk about it and it protects the guy that's not suffer I mean I it was familiar to me but I wasn't I just mag I couldn't place it was Richard renowned as always that's awesome around. And I guess this I don't know the neighborhood it is one thing goes Ted and Ted. And now I'll write a hard to access the Internet and I guess I'm Gail surprises so Melissa doesn't Gary glitter is issues and I went down on the list after off. And now that's not a bailout has now tell us in the house of Payne was number eight our case. Survivor I the tiger number six yeah. These are I got to meet a playlist of all you've got to Manny is it really is like one big sporting event your house on the news to a limited get ready for this is that it give reason you already see this the act anti intact as does I guess now. Number one. It's obvious. Oh yeah. Okay and they can. And I say some. I feel like a deer the place in music at Safeco Field stride all these men none of works well usually baseball team in order for it to work that's the problem here we are now rock and anybody unfortunately. My favorite is kick start my heart when I'm the C Oxford kick off. Tomorrow senator that that we buzz sauce on the guitar part for Motley Crue. That's my favorite to jam yeah I I have to say football does have a great way well you know hockey has a pretty cool when they have a real celebratory like opening night of some my dad. There there there entrance is pretty cool too in the NHL oh absolutely yeah I Benjamin normally don't answer that way where is football every game he had him coming out of the tunnel. Best entrance if you go and and since you first sports team has to remove removed him to Chicago Bulls were on top of the world that Alan Parsons projects on was the cause serious and we have. Yeah that that song. They were on top of the world they were summoned yeah there are yeah that was a huge part of the team and it would come out that's how they introduced them. So loud as your top fives and my C citizens do playlist. Oh yeah. The number thirteen was down Parsons project actually yeah tag team was in there. And the final countdown all the file cops on Yahoo!. He was ESP in this city who started using that's somebody in for commercials out it was Geico somebody's to use the final countdown for commercial recently that was my day and he succumbed on stage you back in Colorado southbound I don't we played and we lock on and right as he kicked in we hit our guitars and when mr. Ramon were waiting in line to get in to a sporting event or maybe even a concert and I just joke please read. You and then everybody around us started doing it makes you go back. There's about a couple hundred people just. I along tonight. Since part of the you know what you started something called yeah he started a frenzy pot Anderson and the top economic reality and make sense it and let the dogs out once they decide they got a lot they got a lot of stuff fein is admitted goes up to a 10000. Yeah relies are hundreds forced jazz up there how to judge okay jams while Dario I only do his whim of course. Yeah. You'll use when they wish yes there's my dad did more than win. Yeah I river as a kid my favorite son could use limit your players was bad to develop because Jay Buhner and and and yes yeah. If it. Yeah grand bonds and there Molly crew chief some hard number 38 that's awesome. That's pretty good man isn't that pretty diverse. Doing a got a lot of rocky got wrapping got techno. Yet journey don't stop believing a 46. When does that ever come on a cell like we are trying to rid of that rally are some things yup. Couple minutes left in the game yeah down my goal or touchdown or whatever it is whatever sport we're talking about you want Santa to give up my hockey I always know when they did dom by the police stopped. Rocks and they would put on the red light. Hard our guys Arizona finally goes on that's pretty cool usually it's just about prostitute Eliot hockey yet taken aback that's right that's what it's about concentrate and think yeah I'm just really CDs and as a kid jock jams. Josh Harrellson come on Illinois quiet riot all we ask a guy about now I'm. 61 the village people's YMCA. I don't know the last. I heard that is just sporting or are they always do that the T birds gives you people dancing tolerate gone overboard but I don't think that's a pump up job yeah I marvelously get everyone be stupid and dance in the crash site between innings between periods what ever stop and actually kind of thing really and then. That's not that's like Jimmy don't for the game divinity turned down for what I haven't gone all out style totally see up on the up the crowd and like the players and that's and within the top twenty yes I was in the last yeah of course and monster hit yet this is there a guy against a guy can really you know DJ to game very well on it it takes a lot to be able to figure out like when the play went right you know I sometimes they get a little frustrated. Because I think some of the guys that do different games that I did Ventura around the country. They're not quite good at it it's like this is not the time for this. You know like I don't. But I'm gonna die now I don't totally get the dumbest time LA there's nothing happening right now we're OK it's like he got a way to lose a situation right where you go all right let's go door when they typically I see that happen from or going to sonics games or that incident and was random times of the game where you're thinking this doesn't need to be there like you're saying is that one of those every book club pure foods and now I guess. Us why are we doing that is tailor our all idiots and you might just you know I ask why we caught my hands two that's why it is important word who can shoot where I noticed nobody has the ball we're not doing any paying. Or forty points out why are we doing now is the there's a lovely story four is Steve and I bet you're the guy Americans ignore 337. Calls a year. I don't know if I get 337 calls in the year but if I do I'm ignoring all 330 cents earlier question I wonder if I get many calls for a year you're right I get a lot of texts I get priced digital recent attacks in a day feel and most these calls are in bed we ignore. From our partners our coworkers and even mom. Who. I would never ignore a call from my wife because she never calls me. So when she calls my heart sinks because my ball boy what's going on or they know something good happening and she cosmic all good news and answer. Stanley always answers while Obama I do there is my brother calls I'll never not getting their VI NC AEA I guess you can shoot sounds terrible but I brother only calls when somebody passes away right well there was a there was a little bit of a string of that. A few years ago and make him an uncle a grandfather to make my brother who Latin unfortunate for him he's a wanted to keep it together so he was on those making those calls com. So when I see a phone call from my brother SR did today. My heart sank when the board. Parents have to let Paris a couple of days now my brother's gone with that at Cisco and oh yeah of course answering and make him an amazing day as a Garbo a lot and I feel bad to say for the first three minutes in the com. I'm just I do you know on the edge of my seat when I am more what's wrong who's who's hurt who's dead. He's a nice one thing about is awesome movie I just saw yet he's okay like no you can't do that these new rules you've got a very good source Ciena says nobody died right everything's good. Have you seen the new terminator film whatever it is dude like like him the six antenna must regularly duck calls. Doleac oh wow if I don't know took. Who's calling I actually won't answer yet as well that's time are you on telemarketers are ignored the most of big shock there and more more memory getting herself to enforce like his. Everybody watches cell phone number when you're buying stuff from doing anything now they want your number. And you know you wanna give the number winning gets you the next thing you know all I'm getting random calls. Well when they do the same pre fixed and I have some makes you think it somebody you know. Like you know if you're pretty severe diagnosis CAD it's Obama's 206722. And then you'll get a call from 206722. Something and makes the I used to think. Our guest is somebody I know it because it's always ahead this summer now that's always a thing again and I are becoming like I'm and I never again. You get that call from a number and it's just it's hasn't been the numbers the number two. Or write a number yeah that's we only one answer but I know I shouldn't. Because I don't know obviously some weird like horror film is about to start my hard drive a car steroids are gonna call me and dad they ought that. The dog I look at that don't have a clue number how did you use get the number I'm the number true. Yeah I think somebody way back in the day that was their number we Alexander Graham Bell had to be number one was it Watson there was at the guys on the other line was he never jail. Say I'm whoever yet because he got a call somebody. Yeah but for the most proud I'm not answering the calls unless I know who it is yeah I don't blame them because when you hear these stories of all there's this thing where you answer the phone and it may seem no they have your voice or let you use your beauty got dings or something yeah I've do you say yes and yeah I guess in your voice and I don't know how true that stuff is not put. I still and I believe it see answered destruct yes Bob and I and anything else I love back. Yeah this is Steve's ass. Yeah you do that. Now oranges not answered because that's probably a better idea I think you calling blogging an the only voice mails if if if you're calling from and on the ground no unanimity of voice when you keep calling I mentioned just blocked the number. Kelly got to make sure your your voice mail is cleared out they did that get a day like I had lunch people I've been queen for them to call me back my nobody's colony back nobody's calling back like we tried. You just telling you know how and I know your voicemails fall what it Intel is like winning and deleted a bunch I'd do it yeah I got I didn't know until late my therapist is late actor calling me a crazy hat and you don't delete him. Engines you know what this source of my phone now gives car radio says scam likely if it's a sales call all of my iPhone doesn't do that I want that matters is T-Mobile customers and telemarketers car says scam likely politic and two Timo was also good Netflix now to preview free Netflix have you like four lines with T-Mobile and they got a scam lightly. Follow come on other phone companies got to step up. That's crazy that's a great idea. It's a great idea that's does that have a new Comair journals they scanned my own Steve just want something most of them are good that our and an Iron Man number I don't know but it hasn't. And it's a Smartphone for a reason I guess they. They see most likely your friend or whoever because. It's it's connected today he Malin and the idea to have their number in my contacts but I. IRA are telling you I know I and number. It's crazy man oh man I didn't know disciplined dollar as things are smarter than you know PM well you some of us might need that element in any names. Hey we especially yes it seems he's at the rendezvous theater tonight six. Punk rocker turned comedy Joseph sit in studio at a seventeen on Iraq. And they eggs in morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine K I SW the rock of Seattle yen since then our next guest in his combo record nowhere near the topics are from. Hello my kids Jeter's 30000. Our Perez Jesse do you learn. What happens she's wearing that. I'm here. I love this show Joseph said OK salary. That is so true I see somebody it is our schools pop up you know the school for after learning another place where you can go after school and do even more learning. Our Joseph it's not CJB my troops are gonna school before school there go to school after school there's tutors there's more people coming out of my house that I don't know with books and computers. And it certainly and there are always ask for checks from me it's it's insane I'm just let me like I said in that bed now when are none of us. When you know it's shooter that was that was like once and maybe. A year that you have a guy may only on an idea by C could possibly pass but now with my kids this is like tutors and and everything that you're possibly spend money on it's not I've known as a kid and I that was the fun part of going to school was there on the way to beat the system and didn't cheat the system is like a lot of white guy I come up with some things and be able to. Get away with DR and of course he knew you knew the guy had the answers like I guess the wrong thing to say look like I would like I have ever tour I. I could not mentally how we got to make it to seven then it's gotta get your high school and after they are on your jealous of you is at that point yet if you're you're yet to find your own tutored really capitalized energy and there was a kid to take the test an hour before that she tutor dude I was always if you got a good would somebody new give your the end I'm the room make you my personal Christmas getting me the watch said the calculator. Because you also and her phone numbers and there and we would have that one guy that took the test before us and he give us all the answers and on it and turn them into my. As as phone numbers. Follow wow I didn't know I had that in my other one was and I would take smarts on I am the pilot and implement parents homicides and if you just put. Half of the effort into how you cheat on all these exams and to actually studying you'd be any student and a in my precious and you you know whatever it takes Jerry Gaither in the system and how did it. You know my sister was the Smart one it was it earlier this morning when you guys are asking the questions. Veto it in Cinderella deal 12 AM all those questions. Whenever I hear one of those kind of test going on and that's when I don't gosh I wish I didn't she I wish I would have paid attention casino like you should know that this states this start with a certain letter you should know the capital and yeah when I'm Mike. I only know that the Ramones first seven inch came out 97 set aside how how. I know the real name's John ceremony Jeffrey Hyman Yang Ming Ming did I can try and the other clash I know everyone in the man I know it's like it recorded the record in three days okay do I win anything they know what they like get me I would say I would say I wish. You know that you go to college and I actually had which is unbelievable to myself and and anyone knows it but I always wish I can replace. The knowledge of like Guns 'N Roses AC DC the Ramones clash early punk rock with like real knowledge like stuff they couldn't do. Didn't you know. European history like don't be nice to find new about things like that when they talk about a country dammit now I know that is on the map put them around in a box you know your friends when we nearly an arms are asking me. I don't think Joseph your talk about a Brian Johnson are the French revolution I'll take Johnson and that's right every time and yeah. Geocities. If you're on the blue jewel box theatre rebel town tonight at 7 o'clock get a check it out tickets and info available at the rendezvous dot rocks and jealous you know Joseph doing comedy which Ellis had an incredible career desecrated for so a few back from a couple months ago I went Saad timber a Lawrence. Sorry and I tell you wash out Jimmer yes I think for anyone that knows his career you know how amazing is Sarah lives you know half baked all the movies he's been. He I met him at a car is doing comedy and any as a million comedians say that he needs right. Should stay in touch and stay in touch for them and then I reached out to them here and there and then when Tony and I get a phone call from his manager he what are you doing an Indian for this day in San Diego and this is months ago. I go down due to show them in San Diego that night. You know we get done in a tape you know wanna do Irvine with me wanna go Sox starter with me as we start doing shows together and every knowing your comic in your opening for salmon usually give you ten minutes. First that I got dungeons Ike came and why are you finishing so early I don't know what Kazaa you know they told me to do fifteen any us. How long do you wanna do I go well let me just did toy 530 minutes have fun that's all I want you out here. And all of a sudden you know it's just turn in this one come to Seattle he just who took me a Vegas and don't know whether Palin. Step to meet someone that's down much of a legend in the comedy world and then for them to be so beginning. And just open it was it was it blew my mind yeah yeah and then to bring you Seattle that's the reason I got to come back with a. Yeah we were there and my wife my wife does not like standup comedy in general she loves him well are. I I don't. We'll still really goes to Jim brewers are Cologne and then so long we're watching and you were out there and she's an alias and she's are slashing and she's Lattimore more and I always find that to be a great litmus test because there's always not typically a fan of stand up gas is because this is awesome wow things that I am I'm I go on Twitter and I realized what -- said. The Serb put two and two together in a license to same juice as you watch you looked at your watch the appearance might start adding things yes. S daily limit that's the front man for some of my favorite bands look for blacks and twenty jacks I remember seeing him 122 jacks at the rock candy the very first show ever signed Seattle. It was Bloodhound Gang mirror Carter. And twice you Jackson was back in 1997 at the rock candy which is now hotel GAAP and I remember thinking I love this city I'm gonna see some of my favorite bands watches that. I mean obviously and I do and grow up around my age do you remember the California video with the other guy and I I find this guy is right yeah yeah my old venues to cover that's on all the top guys I music. Wait a second the same guy that knows a punk rocker. Is now doing comedy well I gosh that's why you know everything about the Ramon in the class yeah that that makes and. Yeah that's the thing the thing about Seattle for me was I grew up in the Bay Area and I was really fortunate to start coming up here. I mean gosh armor coming up here and claim places like squid row that was you know years ago when I'm Pearl Jam and mother love bone and all of master plan that and then as a kid that was ours and high school and then. What end up happening with Seattle and Portland we're just always the run that you did and and the music scene appear you know so great there's so many great bands were from here. And we would come out and when I joined the band Waxman the first thing brooch or whoever did. Was you know booked a trip to see a commodity Seattle and then as you get as we started that they answered to grow we started getting more more tours. I think that was always cool about coming it coming to Seattle as you always could expect a good show like kids who came in the show. If they were in different mommy hit the stage I mean there's an there's an immediate twenty jacks at rock candy. Did I found on you to someone sent me and it's it's stuff it's like. From the moment we hit the stage says the and patience to see if kids stage diving just discrete energy. But I'm so much and great music came out here so I was just felt really fortunate to go come up here. And and be able to perform it with a lot and meeting a lot of the people that like I love like your Duff from Guns 'N Roses I remember when. You know he was in the hearts from up here and it was like meat and they would come to come December says Joseph Barton museum court charged us you are now and it's quite a number to about that Z or something you have but I remember to kid you know we would do we we hear about all these fans and an impact then it felt like here in the Bay Area itself like Seattle was on the other end of the world. But you know you get new man and you go to sleep and next thing you wake up here so I love come up her for shows and I didn't stand appear tonight at the run they lose theater. I'm it's a cool little theater that I booked amounts like everywhere I mean not each I'm still DIY eyebrow like. I came I I wanted to find a place I can do show. Play the music I wanted to play before the show booked comics that I wanted to have on the show Eric Hertz really good friend of mine it's great comedian he's opening. And I was like Noah on the I'm in a book Brown's show and by the people disarming timber. And I'm I feel I feel like it's gonna unite that's I give away some tickets and have a way to give away tickets that morning your period if you text my name jailed. To 313131. Year in an entry to win two tickets and show tonight's text named Joseph 313131. And I'm on give away a couple Paris tick. An asset tonight by the way and Ronnie wood jewel box here and don't sound you want more tickets and info beside 313131. If you don't win them you can get them at the rendezvous dot rocks. And I don't forget me and go to Joseph Sims dot com you two had Joseph. I I want to ask you this because I holly Mandela just Jamal what does Arnold you heard about this. And how he said like a lot of comedians. You know he's worried about the danger. Political correctness poses. After his profession and how we said quote even with the number one show on television right now. I have a fear that I'll say something that we'll get me in trouble hi friends who are losing sponsorships jobs are being taken away. You are comedian. They're used to these safety as far as me saying just joking. No such thing is just joking anymore and as one Emanuel in the business is he is huge pero no hitters he writes and he's totally he's totally right and now I'm. I would total what I say is this. I don't know if I worry about I I never am onstage and in worrying about them and say something. Then I I we have PED 67 people get upset then you know there's nothing to do about it. I do understand that a lot of comics right now. Are like hey I wanna I wanna say this and I should be behind the safety net. Of saying whatever I wanna come a comedian but I'm just gonna throw this out right now on this just means you might agree with it and people might not. There's a difference did you between being funny and being mean and right now there's a lot of a lot of things going on socially right now that we're just all trying to figure out. And people's feelings do get hurt and I feel that. A lot of comics to get themselves maybe in a situation. The thing that they said the bid that they did they knew before going into that that it could be something that could hurt someone you no I think had you know if you know. You know then what are you doing anything for handle could be a problem and wherever I remember reading a bit that Roseanne said then and she said it's eight you know she's some of the can be very. I'm opinion Asia and India have a vibe on states that might be a little aggressive but she said. It's okay it's it's okay to poke fun but it's not okay to be mean. Yeah and for me for me when I when I'm seems to me like a sudden I was doing I was doing a show the other night. And this guy got on stage. And he did this a typical gay accent slash very flamboyant. And it was just it was somebody's still doing what I was like I was wrong dude. Like this is not 1980 Harrison and I are sitting there with a you know a friend of mine he'll be gay guy that we we're another comic women go on. And I look at him I guess I'm Tyrone how did detectives have genuine because what if any if he was up there. Talking like an Italian blah blah blah you whatever and making making this you know you look like like for Joseph disappeared the more on that says drew broad just kidding I just you know it. I feel it's it's just a cheap way to get a lot of sure and what I really feel like right now as a comic and this is some go through every single day. I'm like I have to work way harder to be funny because if I go out on stage I wanna make sure a I think everyone has a good time but I house or make sure that I don't I wanna. I want an estimate go you know America I was enjoying the show and then you said that really like that's you know and then you like a loss you like my gig is is enough. Mean hate in the world. I want that we have 45 minutes here in the ring with me that your like you know what I forgot. Debt at the world's being run by crazy man and that this dude over in North Korea is getting good like I just forgot about that off because this guy made me laugh that's like I feel my gig. It's to make people laugh and not hurt people's what are we what are New York comedian must make people laugh that I wanted to know what I want to go to detox just kind of David does that make sense or same moon you know and I want to give you got to work harder to be a comic now mass. You know that's the thing I mean look there there there there's a younger generation coming up in May they don't want to be need and that's one thing we know Obama won deals is that you're like why do we ask you need to each other can we just have fun and be nice to each other which. It was an older guy I could play mobile unveils but that's a lot. He seems like a pretty good job I think is you know what you talked earlier on the right track when there are you know I my daughter. I see your friends I see either way they to see the way they interact with each other and share you know barring the Hammond take a photo my food imitate a photo of myself and assure you know I served well and then I'm old school did a Mike I enough like what you know you're pretty Indy yourself. But I see either way these kids interact with each other and it does give me it gives me a lot of hope for the future because. I'll be honest when I was when I was seventeen years old. And I was running around pressured often stage dives it shows and you know crushing forty answers on my had you know I don't know if the future of the world as it did in you know are gonna be the best place and in the world to be seen Tommy tonight there I knew we were not doing now no worries I'm. It's deadly it's deadly gonna happen but I'm not but my point being is is that you know there is a lot of talk see space and this and that and I know a lot of people there you know in their late thirties early 40s50s there like save space when I was acute. And you know what I'm in that might be some other reason why all this stuff is I've come into the top right next people are just trying to figure it out and I'm just a fan of like. I never or be the dude that hates our young people like I hear these older guys who like. Their bag and on young people are like you're just jealous did. Because god dudes waste is 28 and you're way past 45. Here you have gone through three bad hair yeah. I don't like you you have a job you Hage you know he knows nothing nor are so you know why men don't think about a young people to be didn't look in the mirror and apologized to yourself you got yourself and amassed. I never wanted to be the old people ever I was young when I was young those old people sign an old big dummy no. No I don't wanna beat that guy and so as soon as I hear what I was it should come out of my own mouth I go I you know when I need to shut up. Right I mean a lot of times what you know if you come Michelle yeah I'll do I get I talked about this this irony for me is. I've sought authority so hard Steve knows I thought authority my whole entire life middle finger to the man middle finger to everybody will then. All of a sudden you realize Monday hey I'm a father of two kids I got two teenagers. And you know what they're super Smart and all of a sudden you have two choices either you can. I'd grow with the world and would everything's going around you and an open your eyes and minds to it to new ideas you know. Or you can slowly snow drift over into slow lane and everyone's gonna pastures it's like EE I always I would say like I know now it's days like. I'm way better person when I'd like to eat right I'm way better person when I reached to get enough sleep when I meditate but I'm also a better person after drinking three Beers. So that's like that blew the sacrifice. Line I love is that why does Mozilla has primary unless you have one foot in both worlds like you know three cores lights and a little bit of meditation you know they help the scores like Ross immense and presented them and authorities announced I don't so easy my wife makes so much funny OW drink Coors Light I mean that's the worst here don't even tell people I don't honey you know what averaging 400 Beers that's what I wanted to I don't wanna drink. Three years averaging 400 cores lives and then I learn how to lace. Parachute after doing that you have a slower than I I had a funny thing happened Meeks. I'm just episode Joseph Toronto blue jewel box theater rebel town tonight 7 o'clock tickets at the rendezvous dot rocks are gonna jump I just can't that's our job to promote we are hey BJ I gotta think years both premiere on what does it say really quick is I went to the two fighters my buddy plays guitar Chris Shipley he's guitar player and professional. We go there. Did all this alcohol from everywhere there's this one old star found. This kid cooler and Mike well it on top decision Grohl and Mike on the LSU had to aid drinks and I go over their opening up cores lights inside how. I've got no it was so realize it's down a mountainside that now we can he he's the man I do I go down a guy grab a course by any easy you were face to face and we're interplay in the forum I drink uniting their moment I got home that night I climb into bed with my eyelashes and where you've been. In my house for us the truth Hearst. He had just featuring scores I'm. Yeah. I. Look I got like medium when he had an area lucky and I you know I Jesus I knew who drinks presides we've heard him. Jesse James Karzai should take you deep drawl that she's a guess he's not he's crawled value ha ha I have. Our dad and I may do we were just talking this morning about did grow having Justin Timberlake on the new record and you can do you Kenny Mattel to release on the record he just is backing vocals which is really cool. And all started because they're just drinking whiskey in the parking lot outside the studio. It's easy to do roamed the greatest guy in the world does have some question Beers and some we do what Dick Dick -- conversations about them and like I said you know my bros and in the day he was the guitar player in twenty Jackson when he joined the fifth fires 27 years ago as docile person you museum person doesn't know we turn and so when Chris join the bad it was like almost won the lottery ticket mega weird it's like yeah and our member they did one show in LA and Chris is for show and in the two fighters and gave was like hey man. We'll do showed that you adore. You celebrate you being in the band and we we all went to the show and and days like Chris you know you're in the day and bring all your rest. And who. It was so playing rockets you're out anything -- knew what he got himself because Chris was like you know he was a staple on the punk rock music scene and that is looking to literally the whole club filled. Which chris' friends just on his side of the stage and didn't say like wow I'm telling you haven't read a lot of friends you know I. I let every time they enroll. Just solid didn't you know question Beers wants to talk about music. You know he what you see is what you get he wants to talk about music in any you know it's easy as one of those guys that he's he's the guy also I think that. It was like you know I don't need to learn algebra I wanna know the drum sound that still run got on highway to hell like that seems like that's. Is he's an on them where's he gonna go on Mike Modano yeah and he's never gonna accomplish what islands also is that the so he did Chris joined because Pat Smear laughed. And I'm passionate dissent I wanna come back and didn't even get rid that it doesn't like all we are now now all sorry Chris you're done it's now. How we got now. And the other are he's your bills you right here you know you go you have now under mornings anymore he does you and then another dude comes and their and the crushing then you come back here again you can stick around but not ain't gonna happen they might only know whenever our pregame brawl would say yeah. Almost three guitar players all play guitar here without them into our bodies and LA that is high in Franken renew the show for a long time atrocity just came back Carol asks yeah yeah so you IE eight can happen when you get cold people make sure what how we are Emporia half I love that does your right Steve a lot of times he was Lucille later in the got a especially in advance Deanna then there's no bail. Like Keith Richards said there's only two ways you leave the stones. You need to stones Darius is only one way to leave the stones in a body bag that was like his quote very young said that helped. -- -- and that's what you want to still back there and drums just say I don't wanna live I what I like he looks he's the prisoner I've been trying to leave it literally putting well they drove the Cadillac now fifty now not smiling or does the rest of looking like they look it's a pretty amazing you realize -- but Charlie really does look as it is huge oh my god yeah -- -- what are you guys are met I met I went and I saw the stones once in Hollywood Bowl body mind I mean set up front and before the show we guy got to meet Mick Jagger and it was signals are jammed okay to me he I mean it was first of all he's everything he'd expect he's he was articulate that one of those guys gets it but Altera now he came up to my -- he's the smallest do you really I literally picked him up I don't like we had a tournament car seat before chocolate sauce like chocolate maker you clearly yes I don't want. That's a crazy idea out my third I can't see Iraq OK come on now. After potting rotten you like I don't know what you're saying yeah sure okay now you have parties they are you know still. At the rendezvous do bucks thereabouts on tonight at 7 o'clock you want tickets and info just go to. The rendezvous dart rocks and stuff you do protection warning your minimum and I am love in the street Joseph dates and amount lacks any chance that he could play migs MB Mason out of prison this guy's now show is Smart simply be legs swell his think Joseph is already said that he wishes he remembered information you're welcome John you I think you gotta match. I'll I'll I'll take a shot at it because I played I played the first round with with the other when when you played earlier and 7 o'clock hour. Yeah so yeah I think I got for answers correct all right guys so you know I don't know but you know it I see it I it is so no judges me by this performing yeah. I didn't know it's gonna go see Joseph but a lot of bigs are our colleague now. I just said to play for you. Against the derby big east to 0642 on Rockwell played beat me today 47 with Joseph sip on Iraq. Today's podcast is brought to you by bankruptcy attorney Travis Gagne who's ready to answer your questions about bankruptcy Travis is it true if you file for bankruptcy once you can't file again. Even if you file bankruptcy before you can almost certainly file bankruptcy again different types of bankruptcies have different time limits between filings. In chapter seven full bankruptcy. He can only found shelter several once every eight years. However you can always almost always file a chapter thirteen case doctors through Jeanne cases can be filed. I immediately following is chapter seven. They can be found immediately following a prior chapter thirteen case chapter thirteen is a reorganization plan so there will be some type of monthly payment. It's based on your budget your ability to afford grad payments so chapter thirteen is an option in almost all cases even with the prior bankruptcy filing. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just discuss any time as choose the right chatter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.