BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-21-17-9A: Listeners on the loose with special guest Joe Sib.

Thursday, September 21st

Beat Migs. Joe Sib joins us live in studio. Listeners on the loose. Cross talk with Jolene! 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows digest if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot. Tom your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn fractured information from bankruptcy attorney I was Daniel Hernandez talked about some legal options everywhere quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is freeing ourselves hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home car accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jeff do you choose this atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact me at day choose the right chapters around. Just choose the right chapter dot com. Nine point nine SW about her. Iraq come see at all. And on Saturday and Sunday October 21 22 there's one place you've got to be GE's. These two essentially field event center is also invite you my major tech practice and last time I got smoked last year we did G two and I'm looking forward to doing some laser tag BJ all young man plus rocket league takes over the 5000 dollar prize pool for good. Double the VR Masur VR gaining on racing this is fun for all ages interactive to. Hands on entertainment you don't just watch. You get to play a role some Daisuke throw some cards around. Or you know Dusan drone raising I mean really is orthodox modular space had not about the dodge ball to face my anywhere you want more info you know where to go GE two dot live the letter G the letter even number two. GE two dot lives. He's singing and my husband Glen formally banned tempo. It's. The song. Vs the best voice. Sonic reducer yeah B eight gigs I love. Hey you know you do is attack hanging. Leave edit. And it's especially when it's also time to turn over there today. Brothers. Tonight sideways I thought yeah regularly go to the rendezvous robots where you are not only get everybody tried tonight 7 o'clock Joseph citizen to be there. You want tickets you want info go to the rendezvous dot rocks and Joseph Dey wanna try to win tickets. You know one man I I totally under S I underestimated those debts feedback and they're all really wants results and that's done it. Wow yeah I saw him were listening yeah. Yeah last night. But I honestly you guys like I was like I went on there does CME Texan I'm like yeah maybe like fifteen and it was in triple digits I don't like wow you did this government take as you guys got a morning show people aren't there are people. And I don't feel enlisted in the hotel you know I love that's not the hammering housing that's great and be you guys you guys got something going on a joke from the mental IBM will show up sought. Yeah. So there are no I have a lot of people listening. Do you take on mr. Steve and oh geez you guys that was very smooth yet even turn his brother losing the I MRI before starters were in Seattle now that don't don't hold this against me. I cried I know who's good who's the president on day I'll let you know some sun is gonna happen that I might not now so he's giving somebody misguided it actually doesn't know who the president is there is a widowed for them yeah I did. I was a surgery. I have a right now where I would not know who the president is I would take I would do that surgery today I'm Marlene you had just. Not content and all that crap has no idea what the president made that you know what are your for a DNC when you don't know any of that you have a great life step. Green like Cruz and around smiling yeah. Well Joseph will he play for someone his name is all right any knees in snow which Orion you there's certain. All right is that really any Orion. Yet it is Ljubicic does signal Ryan I know because about money my name is Joseph Ryan and I thought that's so cool I've never met and arriving at the second. You out of here and and adults are very metal handle that I enter it and I'll. Talk about a Metallica aspect yes I think that's rather that's in the consolation I need some more bad ASEAN detriment top disarmed yeah. I'd love and a little bit of Metallica and it. Like. It's preached us. Toe link you know rise again. Planetarium hey tell your parents cause you like you know I am oh arrived and nine you should coming here and into the trash like you just opens Ryan Beck. To should be just to get hardly behind your name. It won't be quite an ethnic. Yeah I really should be politically for today's Steve I think is to go Bill Maher who's going to be around the Paramount theatre on Saturday April 14 courtesy of live nation go to KI SW dot com from the noticing how good Marc tickets on sale tomorrow at 10 AM July nation dot com all right Steve get out of here. Now is a U bales when he goes into my soundproof Lewis and he doesn't hear the answers oh wow and for those playing at home that's why not just try to top notch operation Jones picked. Joseph you have sixty seconds to answer ten questions I tell you I don't forget I know they are all right yes this can be a handicap match your team backing events yes. You have three yeses and you could actually want to join in Trieste is her question and if I wanted to sail Ryan and there are Ryan didn't really answered absolutely hey let's go right into the Seattle all you yell out my inanimate yeah. I. Are you ready yes she's a one don't know how. I can't you I don't ride yeah in the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom what does the nickname of Indiana's young sidekick. I don't Wear out yet got what he is the second most common gas and Earth's atmosphere. Carbon monoxide now. And now now which is exhausted and yes from what month did when he sixteen the mobile game Pokemon he'll come oust. God it's April now it's may now to know how much money do you typically get if you past goalie monopolies topped 200 dollars 200 dollar -- you rank got a Wednesday Rainey is US states. It's a grind to cover up fully. It's Illinois now to Washington now text to Sacramento to know. Salvador Dali with a native from which country. I say I know we as a mustache has waxed and and it's not a ominously like France you know it's it's what America is almost no you're right though. Todd Germany. A little doesn't have to remain on the show King of Queens I've got no ex G it's yes Kevin James like vegetable is founded dishes served Florentine style. Spinach as. 1 June 44 and correct. Going to an all time and you made a good car right I'd tell your Ryan didn't let the cover up for Ryan how I was between Bryant and to know why you're crushing crowd. Community. Is awesome we got a tag team handicap match we you know my immediate value I think the Salvador Dali questions gonna really irritate you don't know okay don't say anything. As I had no problem right it and let's unless I'm wrong and I'm no longer wanted to just an area around. Yeah I know. Crush this I know Ryan is on fire winning in my garage and he now this hour yeah. His name it it was like I was on the phone there which named Jim and we would have both lost yeah I don't items and a lot of us. This amazing. Steve yeah. Are you ready yes it is good ideas and free John I put on a blind focus they damage she Zenyatta wind supposed to keep you from cheating yeah he can't see leaning media hearing the tutors knows me knows I thought it was awkward that's livelier number. So what I'm not look wow who. Come on that and chuck Cox Steve you're a carry out that's in the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom what is the nickname of Indiana's any young sidekick short round yes. What is the second most common gas and Ers out. Analyst here. As things now. I don't think it is hydrogen you know. Grabs asks you know. A pleasant 12016. Did the mobile game Pokemon go come out January now. It's February now next October 1 now our other money do you typically get if you pass to go in monopolies 100 no. 200 ads which is the rainy as US state odd New York know it's Washington know. Hawaii yes you I pacers Salvador Dali was a need above which country that's barely know. France announcement. Colin just now I. Related doesn't have a learning on the show King of Queens are Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob about Kevin James yeah. Which vegetable was founded dishes served Florentine style. Carried snouts. Broccoli now. Brussels sprouts narrowed and the team you are. As GO. This. Whole are also Ryan's you're. I had to agree to ensure our team you have been hang out a lot. Ryan Reynolds I gotta get surprise my friend and steer this is what do you yet. I mean. And I congratulations to the junior team of Joseph Ryan and I get to play a loser son doesn't have a much you know I'll. Yes second most common gas that they got correct his oxygen. Yeah yeah I think that is a gas man I I don't think in many gas is examined I guess how the month of Tony sixteen that Pokemon go came out it was an honor I do remember this because it was all the rage right before we went to our convention so I would say it was July July correct and job. And painter Salvador dollar yes this is an easier answer no I thought it was too that's why I was married just sit there yeah I don't always confusing Italy but I know where it is now really. So where is it could spammers are saying and as a continent Steve I thought he was South Africa. I think I said Sacramento he's so they did say Sacramento doesn't sound like an Italian name to know where you literally ambassador sent from Manning then how. That's awesome book graduation steal and are right you guys did she did Steve that's more I don't know Ryan my life everywhere I go make me sound good I just on the edges out power couple of Joseph Ryan's a Ryan and that's how good man no more. Had Joseph and of course a rendezvous jewel box theatre. Tonight in downtown he's got a great show there at 7 o'clock tickets and info it adds a rendezvous rocks dot com and WD LC a joint tutor at Joseph lets his jail we SID simple as that. And we've got Joseph and your Joseph Coretta and it's tricky Steven. His love life because of the fact that you put two and two together about who Joseph was when you saw him during the Jim Rochelle N news agree anyone who has just see you tonight at Hialeah or inherited. This is a fine. Stand up show in Indonesia some degree stories about you and you that your kids get bothered amusement your daughter because I mean we youngest probably as a real you know once you get pissed that you know for running stories on he had no she doesn't become it was a shame my daughter 160 lawyer up almighty I know. I know your world you don't get a check it out so what I'd like to say is that she obviously everyone talks about you know teenagers and all that. That's the thing that that there with my daughter's like we went through you need go through this time period where they're just not even your kid anymore and then I feel like they thought out. You know and then all of a sudden they're becoming human being polite and extremely important new yeah it was funny business. You know what I earlier I was guy you don't total name drop there now but he a while ago I interviewed Duff from Guns 'N Roses and and on the radio and we we became good friends right so any meal one day. And I wanted to just I just I was like he doesn't it what's they sell Obama to a Mike yeah. You know I'm going to visit my daughter at the point that temperatures like fourteen and he's and he starts laughing because he's got young daughter Jessie does any does he yells to his wife and I think. Joe's got thirteen year old daughter and she starts lad a what's so funny and then he's 'cause tomorrow. Let me tell you what it's gonna be happy and he starts breaking gallery and then I had just moments. That I just is like in my really on the phone with Jeff Kagan from Guns 'N Roses the band that like one of the vantage changed my life in 1980 MM YR got the first record. And I and back then if you would tell me. She donated your babysitting your Prius talking on cell phone to dust you know and you're not gonna talk about bases or music or any take your we talk about raising kids. When I was what we talked about and and he was definitely one of those guys that make said Dave brown you get threats are now being on the other side of it. I'm she has seen a she's becoming him here she's back to being an issue as yet there's those times but to answer your question like us you know don't eat. I didn't do comedy and my kids will save me some half of the house. And they'll look at me give me now look like dad this is in a bit in now or the economy housing data had talked to you and we have really good communication how send an obviously. You know we think we can you know world together all the time so my son or daughter was and I had to address some and this can not this isn't a bit you know I'm OK you know because I don't want them to feel that. If they can't Iran to be who they are the one person in the house so then today has made it abundantly clear that he can never be about them is my wife when I hear and a mile I noticed I yeah thank you can do anything you want you bring me into it don't come home. She's like oh because I can't live now answer okay got it did in the comedy records I remember it that you have agreed to serve your daughter being basically Ari can menu. Quickly growing a little bit about your wife but it's like you got. Yeah I think I'm in Israel prior percent and I respect that she's just like you know I'd like. You know yeah cannot be a part of an a lot of comics scene in effect do you never talk about your wife puts up with dynamite because did you are to come homer's Odyssey I don't like the school my high school I mean she's never you know she's she's not is she is just super. Cool persons I don't mess with that. It's he had and you Kerio so with some people you can make stuff up and I know that was in in my marriage that was always a problem because I would talk about my wife and I have a different attitude than you do jokes as you're raises San Francisco and I was raising New England this effect and we've got big miles into Arizona and we like you know why you wanna get up your ass and go to work then you know you go to work otherwise I do what I wanna do. But I would best lead this is now less than I learn your way out why a Greta why aggravate people don't wanna be accurate I'll. Allowing there were many when I got I mean give light has other married nineteen years I've been married I congratulate military and I've been a cancer just you know twenty years old we are here together pretty married nineteen years dating for seven I'm I'm 26 years in so we've been together forever and and people always say to me and every night do you in how do you guys stayed together so Lyon and beef when I got married. I remember I got the best advice ever so. Because it is when you get there are you mint and when you're married you can let prolonged for sodium skull on Iran Iraq and this one man's enemies. Had been married forever with this why he's our DVR deviate you know three words. That that dual disk keeping married forever and I was like I. Are what are they. He was I was wrong. Those are three words and might not love music now I was wrong and I realize those words had ended below come home like the game grow night you know. I'm down twelve deep into some Beers I just opened the door and she she just looks yeah I. I was drawn just blow. I don't call callers sometimes I'll call or sometimes just on the dodgers' Manny was our guys when I was wrong but hang on ice just to cover anything. This happened but that that is definitely been that is definitely been a court keeping our my. Yeah steel saved each other. I was wrong I mean I've been told that some of these times in my life and I just can't I mean I don't wanna compromise what you're doing do you it is yeah I mean that's the thing man is sick I Laura first got married. How much I don't compromise our way and highway and then you're like wow living like this in the house was someone else without ads is not fun like you know tell you don't know what's gonna relax on the same you know like everyone hates you when you he's been huge arguing you bomb your own people he has to say it's it's a nightmare has just like you know why. I don't wanna I wanna be the dictator. You know and I ended up just just my never did you know that being married in itself is set it's like being a band dude it's like I I care I've been together so long. They're like we've tried to break up and I gallon this anymore and then people come to us in mobile U jailbreak out you guys. We we looked like other couples like they trawler Europeans for another leg up all they do it got a little break to the whole foundation and other community how might I think a bigger guy one more toward let's do this and now have to play another here and then the kids are the records are let's make another one of those CI I want us. We'll release date I'm not. I just sit at the rod Abuja bucks here in downtown tonight at 7 o'clock ticket info at the rendezvous and dot rocks and if you are street Joseph and it's pretty simple act Joseph said it is time now for listeners on who's where you pick the topics you guys to show Joseph six fortune one rock Texas 77999. Your calls and checks to Joe's. Did not include. And they expect more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. 99.9 KI SW Iraq how Seattle's. Listen some of those pricey like GE through all man gaming and all sorts of drone re seeing. And virtual reality. You get to play to your digits or hands on. You're more info go to GT to stop a lot of the letter G the letter he's the number two GE T two's job lives. This is a losing our special guest Joseph six yes. So you guys tell me I had a blast here it's an awesome listener of wave at a morning nice I would have. It's funny because when I saw you are open up for -- few months back in the end that quickly talk to you whereas leaving him and I saw you coming to town and site. I didn't really get them I would take I think Joseph just did in the hot. With our room and just have a good time and attacks are definitely confer a lot of people are just because they'd just something really cool got to hang out wisdom beyond it exists it's it's fun when you hope that is gonna work a certain wind dies down or you know there's like leg. When I met you briefly x.s at the door and rebuilding the body every Isaiah rider that was a that was really cool glad we're leaving that hey man thanks for coming here as a wedding that you like a wedding times and I appreciate your horns can say about but it's funny because you know as a comic in now and the only way. They have for the people they're listening man it's like eye to eye on these text you guys are sending mean there was an mean. Came out my record it's for free on Spotify. The only way anyone's gonna find out about my comedy is by word of mouth I'm I'm DIY. Since you know the beginning so that's it that's what's really big in the best tool for me so Spotify though that's what they can go listen dear Larry I tell you he's gonna if you go to an apple new regulatory apple music sounds modified on Amazon but I always tell people. In nineteen if you just can't go Spotify tech in just said to come nowhere near the top either listen record. And on the net and then on top of that data and the injuries it when you see recovery understand why it's called mariners top. But that the best thing about doing stand up is that treated it like being in a band and then people Leo some other congress go what he stood up front she can't have their anomaly because you know life. I think I've just grown up. The way I've met the weather is Dickie bear from the mosque towns and or you know Mike from MX PX or that they're together guys are mounds I I was always got used to it the weight shake your hand hey thanks so much. Doesn't turn me on the show and and they come and see how that was it that was a big difference which amber because. He loved that peace and love you go out there tonight everyone because I don't have to. You'll find for me to I'd. A lot of reason why anybody that William played runners because now maybe they're introverted and just don't wanna be mixing with people I I you know I and and that's why I think it would complain you've used. I wish I could feel comfortable enough to do that's. I destroy you know I just wanna I wanna be able to big I wanna be on the play bigger rooms and and I feel like if I can meet people thank them for laugh and have a good time in towns stream the record. They're hopefully they'll tell Fran I mean I the other night I was the someone on FaceBook posted. Here driving home and EMI records clean you know I don't swear right and I similar to divert gap also you know I ended and it wasn't planned people just can't worry swear an error they think they do people ask you I don't look at where. Tell us more to go right but the thing was is it ER used the words do him brown and I think a lot of those in my courage words but. That the thing about the record dot and that trip down on his I'll get texts and emails and answer that people in the car with their families that we're on the road trip with senior right now. And that stokes me so much because I was a kid that was my dad. Playing and there was a lot of swearing Richard Pryor car. And we now I get on the car now he was he was like he basically was the professor comedy for me when I was a kid Sara alive. I'm Monty Python's Flying Circus I'll let you did you Gaudin had a class I ask you he would win ya I remember I would be asleep and he would go you could tell you gotta get up and I'm like what's going on so this is Sarah alive this is happening coming here watch this right now. Hemmer seemed Belushi Steve Martin on manager Mario Lozano allegedly ad like has those moments when his kids he was my nose that's why that he's still alive till I took him in Vegas with me what I want Jimmer are running out their tournament makes me. Pastel seats. You know the gyms like neighboring your dad though I guess and then I get this email your dancer who's been caught so I send it to my data my dad's you know he's like what he's talking about. What does that mean in my rooms content. Conditioning go to Vegas for years he's like. I've never generally had my room copped thank you so much so he gets there he's got his room he's got his meal tickets he's very anti icy water around the casino he's playing cartel you know timber comes to my room. Are grown. I don't have. I was you know being com geez I I don't got a room I don't say a year ago how fun is that the best I mean did that's fun when data is like him because he's got to be proud of you because serious mr. comedy and you're in the business yeah I mean how were proudest it's funny and I am like we we would teach in elite together we did a far sighted early trip. And it was so it was so fun to travel with Mike Abbott for shirt. I don't know about you they see in his hand and I get there and together no matter what I'm fifteen and I'm citadel again and he's fifty yeah like no matter the we're not that age anymore return immediately. He's EO Joey does every other word have to be dude. But can you can we just not can we drop the bro for 12 young Joseph are we really drink six appears at lunch really second hour I don't know just how we are eating are we AI GE CC immediately it's like we're back to living the because I moved in with them when I was I you know when a sophomore has gone moved in with them. So it was it's it's you know it's been like Gary said an odd couple relationship. Also gonna talk about the fact Joseph that you got this cool podcast called rad parenting and. Well you know I'm. Indicted that's exactly where Iran mice yeah I do you know what and the power that BJ was I I'd been asked to do music podcasts and I just at this point and I love talking about music the music is being a much passion. But I would if that time I was like I don't know of the world needs another music podcasts are so many great ones out there. And I was I was actually. I met this woman name NA about and she had written this book nine ways to restrain upper girls and how we can stop anyone that has a daughter get this doctor because we've got an I was like wow this book is awesome. And I reached out tour and I say look you're in LA I'm big and asserting a parity podcasts would you want him thrust of my except it's out goes that was two years ago were 84 episodes in. And that tagline for our shows. She's the expert he's not because I'm coming in just saying like I remember you episode Mike why won't my daughter talked to me anymore like when did that like I put to bed one night and she's a daddy integrate its way opened the door the next morning dad I need you obligated literally overnight. And now was one of the episodes we did where Neely talk about hey when it teenagers you know growing and Don this is that this is what's gonna happen these are. You're gonna see these changes cannot deduct conversation but would end up happening was the more Morey did the podcasts. The more popular guys starting it was our kids and family came here it's always in the top fifty. We get emails from all over the world really emails from people that are asking real questions I mean and the reviews to be just going iTunes and reader reviews. I love them but it scares me because people are like I've changed the way our parent from a since podcast which on this site. Okay now this is a responsibility during the show which I never anticipated and I was like others will be able that you don't hear me on the podcast come to a show. And and now let's turn into this real show that people really enjoy and I'm you know my dad and I were laughing and today as he was like. How is that you host a pairing I. My bedroom I was I don't know you know he's like Joseph I just think have you with a Mickey's big mouth and a Mohawk and a sleeveless shirt and now. You're giving incremental advice or might not so much it's more and I thank. You know but it's been a blast and in if you have kids. Anywhere from toddlers to teenagers check our rapid earnings. Dot com. And check out Joseph tonight Joseph civilly to run an original box theater and don't sound why should size 7 o'clock you want tickets it's simple the rendezvous dot rocks we got a text risen 779 denies his name's Joseph is the man thousands of people asking how to spell your last name is just SI BS IVs and a three batters just gives a man I loved watching got to talk to him about the California media which I definitely wanted to bring up because it was around my M you know early forties. I anyone who's around my age grew up watching MTV is the worst and best video was amazing for that time and it it I there's very few videos that would make these stopping your tractor like Wohl an important over my I assume the Ben Watson is event that you fronted. In that video of anyone hasn't seen it just do you have a favorite watching it's it's a single shot one shot of a man that's burning on fire. I basically basically happened was Spike Jones that's my job just like just did it with that though the way it all came together. It was it was basically when whack lacks got signed and we're having great round and then we ended up getting dropped so when we got drops. The weighted Simon dummy records started was I was put on my own record so I kept the band together. And we're going about our business and we get re signed by Jimmy hiding in your scouts and the first thing that we do after we are off for two years. And at this point I'm at this point spike just don't like Weezer but the first video spike ever did was a lacks video for the song called hot so like we you know we had we had this relationship when he was I can't. If I can ever help you guys again. I mean and because he was now like he is huge interactivity Hollywood I am with mass editing BC we sabotage all of them are about how it has so reader exactly so I doubt plane hit that point we went back spike we re signed a we're like hey man we wanted to video and it Scopes from the Billy's a great. So there comes just like to shoot a three week period where you know spike spiking I'm not really hearing from around and all the sudden the dates coming up she to video I'll never forget it. Because sometimes I can't. I'm really in a fire right now. I'm like OK until I got caught up I just this fire has video to slow down fire and it looks really cool slow motion on Mike yeah he sects. Already saw Mike after the video I'm like OK something about Disco and they're like can't discuss asking for like. 200000 dollars and you have no idea what he's gonna go that's how we came up with the idea for the video we shot it's one single shot. He stressed out I think it was fifteen seconds in the two minutes until now that was amazing the rest is history yeah label wasn't stoked on the video only turned it and they're like. I didn't paint fur and art projects for Spike Jones they wanted us in it and we was that you guys are community where I didn't and we went for catalog like well for full like artists were like we're hold now we're not gonna be great video you know the media blew up you get here it was the first video that big MTV. Had to you have don't try this at home who felt like I'd like apple we have before they show the video they had a show. 152. This is these are you know stunt men to do not do this home because they were afraid to kids are like themselves on fire and and the other thing that was amazing was. Pete is in my head. Who you know we're just they were that they were at the peak of their whole thing right. Yet they should you remain encouraged by encouraging news I truly believe that White Zombie had a success they had because of the news about it early and then an immigrant chuck great Seattle and I are mobile because Pete is above at path right he's got a cool games I mean it and then relax you know I'm so grateful that I'm so grateful for the time with wax because literally who we went from. Playing to no one to that song just changing our lives like literally overnight it was amazing how. You pick that topic you guide to show his listeners on a listen to a 6421 rock or Texas it's 77999. William Morey calls more attacks would Joseph sit at midnight 33 on Barack. And they eggs mornings on the rock I mean nine point nine K I guess tell you. Nice voice nice AI SW garage of Seattle as a listeners on the loose you think should stop making you guys to show. At 206421. Rockies and also Texas 77999. We've got Joseph simply this is well and Joseph is gonna be as a rendezvous. Jewel box here and belts on tonight at 7 o'clock to show is you gotta see it man Steve is seen Joseph for a loves them our tickets at the rendezvous dot Roxio lattes are coming and I got to listen to issue for sixteen years never heard Joseph before today but he's one of the best guess that you had on your show. Next text what are your listener top five Joseph carried those Texas desert island you can all my love and my mom way to figure out how to get in there and start and it counts grade and you said that it is how much she loves it guys I believe people like you I don't believe it a listen to a site. Yeah I had a hard time com enemy does does stokes and now that people would would say I think he's a much Seattle I Levy income to the show tonight and we. Are you know outside and then this thing is Joseph as we did this a lot of shows around the country to just put on every comic to come Suton and I'm the kind of attitudes of people you know I'm asking people spend their money. And plus I really know if the guy's good I just feel bad tells a little drop their money on iron and sometimes there are people just don't do a good job. You know they're out there today it and then they really shouldn't be in any this is really into good jobs either at some point don't work out and I'll get to that point so yeah Steve and I are usually really like we may we want to be sure that we know that we saw some go see somebody we know they're good because one of us are both of us has seen them -- so. And that's why we say go check out Joseph may not a lot of fine thank you very much reject yeah how we got a text earlier this guy you're playing audio Dave -- talk about breaking his leg and love Joseph talking about Dave Grohl. He sets Joseph if he's ever hurt himself during a show. Yes tell him that I loved wax yellow belt I don't know if you heard this because they were carpal karaoke the Foo Fighters let's that would change cordoned. And now of course Dave Grohl to talk about breaking his leg while performing onstage. So I. Shirt and saw the edge of the stage it was a big vessels say yes yes. And I thought I'd thousands and and I landed and I immediately got up and down there is nothing marijuana. Only the second song the second I hope so bad that all those people would come only seen. Two songs in home so I said our kids are sent out I don't fix this and I'll be back and so they pulled me out of the side then they're like. Goosen is okay digital remarks good afternoon right now. I was. It's like good god my mouth and I just I don't Miss America. My leg was broken Terrell I'm like okay. Can I finish the show and this guy horn my ankle is like whoa I have to hold your excellent place home. And so I was like well then you got to come amongst its. So we never ask. SS an awesome story I just think oh okay loved you girl that's funny I don't know like how can you like you know would happen when Dave Grohl did that an hour if you guys remember this do you remember. Right around before he'd cadillacs and happened that there was almost starting to be a little bit of a backlash about Dave grow a little bit like. Again I know you're doing wrong there was no like I remember I was on Internet. And he you never know no would have like he'd see selected gross laymen like forty people jump on ever talked about Dave Grohl that we will fight and you you know I can hear even Internet control of the troll like the main troll that lives in some dark place was like you'll never talked about Dave grow back. But and people start to get a little burned out I think god when he broke his leg and then finish the show. And end and did what he did. I remember. Every one was our memory reading some hey if you get on the fence with this guy then you're off and you'll never you'll never gas it's it's it's hard not to like to get out of that god I mean literally finishes and then I'll pay check it out I'm gonna continue the tour and amenity that show giant thrown out. With a boot on and I don't actually hurts himself and sends had thrown to axles and he yeah different consumer doesn't she's Guns 'N Roses for what rented RV dries out to Guns 'N Roses with all in his rose to go see the band not a match play and I got my throne and I we're gonna get into the show like you have to realize that he's one of the biggest front -- you have to you rock stars generally I think guy I mean I remember what onetime he went sound garden played the form and Gabe Gross in the pit. Yeah like not backstage to gain that Pitt lost his phone do there's a video I can reward bad news Metallica you gotta pay up during a Metallica should just a few months ago that standard but to take stressed that has as of the might that happen to you when you're performers you've been you know and GAAP would end up happening me wise. I mean Salt Lake City. Vans warped tour 1996. I'm seeing him for twenty jacks were getting the band off the ground at that point it's Christian thing on guitar who's in the Foo Fighters and Matt riddle who's in face to face Steve Soto who's an adolescent and see any Hanson who's in any adolescents and myself. We go out we get this running gates' record comes out and it's like here we go we're going out on the road with that few of the vans warped tour and an at this point. It was a big deal to be on the man's work and so were out there. Reclaim main stage and what was happening was we are in Salt Lake City. And then the next day was Denver at red rocks which is a kid grown out YouTube Sunday Bloody Sunday as I don't know lo wore a might well my guy we're gonna play red rocks which. At that point. When the war toward bring your red rocks you were no you were not in red rocks your in the parking lot I don't need a very very warm Charlie thank Gary Kingdome. Parked car I guess. I'm nowhere near death princess Kingdome you will not see the inside you will not be you're not allowed right so anyway but at this point noticed knew that so. Solid city replaying the show and I remember come out on stage we get in the first song. And it's second song third song and basically I climbed and climbed up onto our drummers. Based on and I would you know I always can I jump off a bit in the land on the stage. Well we don't know this on and what is happening is the stage was put together that day and they pushed together and the seam of the stage one side was about two inches higher than the out there are about an inch. And I didn't know that someone I jumped off for the drama which was on a drum writes a song about 1012 feet in the air. As they come down onto my left knee. I'd landed on the scene that was an even and basically. Might need instead of folding front porch like exposed to it if folded back where I. Rules and let yeah well as certain point like I knew that everything was wrong. Immediately I fell down and I'm laying there on the stage they got to remember there's the a thousand people in front of us or whatever. And in my head I'm like wow late this is weird so obviously I went into like some sort of in a panic percent of which are calling your body doesn't shock. And I stood back up but I put my leg down and it bends backwards again and I'm like okay this isn't dead and all of all winter my head was this and I know the census like I gotta finish to show the driver when probably I went for full line Iron Maiden Steve Harris. And I took my leg I just put it up on the monitor and I finish a whole song finished thought that it is a whole set another thirty minutes. And the demos look at me like what's up with Joseph because Nolan sought it happened so quick. Terrell was like what's I would just that we finish the shelf player thanks to our Seattle also look at what George Jackson we'll see you guys Claire and then the band les and I stood there are some like. I can't walk. How hockey hall I can't walk anywhere and there was like jello and understand there with a Michael with seven kids are looking to agree whatsoever you. And finally he looks and then I turn around I fall down again medics come onstage. And there's the other they're doing or my leg and and I and it was a solid city said they were totally used to AC out that's what I had to do blowing in my ACL humane league and a unique. And they were totally used to that and I remember this on their street I'd like it's not that bad in my head like I'm cool I'm cool. Do this medic cuts my pants off. Cuts my pants onstage. And when cold air hit might seem down there. I think this is serious right now like this guy's just cut my pants off of my body and I'm sitting there and all the blood goes today and my photo of you and then I was so bomb because we couldn't do red rocks and get the man. And and everyone you know at that point to hoosiers can do and I was ready go to red rocks and we have on their free we had these three games run. Tribe back to you in LA and then of course I have no medical insurance industry punk rocker and a band. And an I and then we had a torsos distortion had to do the whole tour. Had his brace my right leg and I did the hole tore my left leg of an eternity this weird thing where like. One leg was super muscular than the other thing what is it called atmosphere never liked united fully looked like what's wrong would challenge and I may have finally I met this guy and he in any music coach or is it doctor for the lakers. And this is back in the day and he goes. I yamana. Mere excuse into the man he's like. All right we're gonna say that this was some I didn't know you did this and it's not pre existing any help me get like insurance and and surgery. It was a nightmare total whoever thought that you've done a doctorate upon granddaughter and Barbara did that's the thing right you you meet people that they're like totally Smart they're the people they didn't cheat and the people that know everything there late and I love the Ramones and you really kid but cheated off for me in my gear it's we topics like Abbott and it's just when did grow did that I was like man you know what do you draw and I have two things in common we like course like yes and if we blow out her leg which finished shall. Nice yeah. Joseph I like they are coming here man now do so much time as CN rendezvous jewel box here adults on tonight at 7 o'clock the Ronnie wood got rocks also check out his up podcast rad parenting also check out Dodd Joseph and myself we're gonna be a new day northwest on king 50 yeah. Oh well let's talk so we're not doing not topic sojo and I don't I don't know why and all that we gave north I don't do as well I don't know the last thing we did together that's always beat me is Ryan comment zero we we go right and that's like Leo Ryan. All right did you Joseph Addai again you know did you check him out Roddy who do much theater. Rendezvous dot rocks is a website again thanks so much Joseph appreciate it we didn't think he's a much I mean everyone in Seattle thanks so much and now to see guys and it's been a pleasure being here. Hi this question Torre has the costs pumpkin I can say this as the pumpkin spice grace gone too far how much does it at 915. On Iraq. The next morning it's. Yeah. I just helps you. Point nine KI SW Barack Seattle and Ryan castle he's up he's on his big adventure in stunt guys got over Europe. He's just walking and running around and drinking beer and Ireland are sometimes you have pictures on there he seems like he's doing exactly what a drunken charge should be dealing that's being in charge of his drunkenness. And that's why you know what it's awesome because while he's gone are old. Buddy Joseph leaves. Accusation it I guess it's just a fling Jolene you know we love having that smiling face in the building I know I know I'm very clear with my boundaries of their something that I learned the trick you just got to be clear with everybody everybody has to know where you're standing at all times like right now standing right next. Today is how I would I noticed it was in our service area without rank castle were previously but the but not as JR and typically it's just us. Sincerely been around as such all these people are coming by and say hi I'm like wow and it's set realize the difference between us and Jolie another I wanna say hi nobody wants him back to you soon. I don't know no one ever says why us. Hey you know what it's come gets my season so I'll why I get the newest craze come get spice organic spray ons phys. Yeah. Season rail whenever you play. Anybody who's been spray and I humane and Iowa and out of there and did you do that and I go romantic way I love sponsored by somebody newest. Simple beyond my sausage. I read somewhere that pumpkin actually as far as an essential oil and it is kind of an aphrodisiac OK I'm going to give it to make the ups and on the sausage. Otherwise I'm spring it on things I don't wanna eaten yet yeah Powell or Joseph these secure connection. She's got out I I'm big. Thanks. They should just say my wife may. So much talk radio and television dream course lawyers eyewitness to fire's we go there. We have all the job off from everywhere there's just one cooler and I might well it's on top decision world. My comment unless you gave drinks and I go over their over the course like inside during the Omega man I hate crime there was a lot of guess you can score. She's deciding who drinks person we've heard you call Joseph. Guess he's not people. Nine point nine KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Travis if you're outside denim your mortgage should you continue to make the payments continuing to pay your mortgage or not he is a complex. Decision. Because your going to have to save the lives somewhere and you're going to have a housing came. So continuing to make your house agreement really depends on several factors one is whether or not just a second mortgage. I'm the second one is how affordable your ongoing monthly mortgage payment is. Another the issue is whether your mortgages adjustable when you're facing an increasing your mortgage payments later on when interest rates go up if you do have a second mortgage and in this economy Revere. Housing prices being down and oftentimes we can release. You take off first offense second mortgage and Jeff Fisher huge case so that you only have the first mortgage you can. Okay thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime fans choose the right shelters dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com and thanks for listening.