BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-22-17-6A: There is going to be a new show about Jim Parsons character Sheldon from the big Bang Theory.

Friday, September 22nd

– News and sports. Today is National Elephant Appreciation Day. Elephants consume 600lbs of food a day.


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Steve you and I we agree on one thing insiders say we don't know really much we do agree and one thing that's right I'm handsome and bring great energy to life. Who took life follow I didn't realize you graduated to an all these are like I always higher or not all of America us why all right let's dance yeah agreed this thing no flash and I ended Sundays as everyone knows that I didn't know that I know you brought energy and was it holds what does it bring you forget I don't know and I don't know how are you guys are you episode for you bring new hope. I don't know this Star Trek technology look at things very well speaking of Star Trek guy you and I agree on one thing the Big Bang theory we both enjoy that show absolutely must watch TV. And Jim Parsons was on the late show was even colder air and they were talking about how they actually have a new show coming out. About Sheldon from the Big Bang theory. Sheldon as a kid. I don't know I know I just happening until this morning. No Lucy did this is news to me it's really the most simplistic. And buy meat as that in W my. I did like. Wait you don't overcome a thought of doing don't know about them you know you've written so many stories already I got talked ceaselessly. For a decade now about what life was like the little boy and taxes as Sheldon. And ended they're just sitting there heard this like a treasure trove. Well you go to Byrd miss this we would make him and he talks just like Sheldon it's so weird I know he's not like a science guy. As we learn we've interviewed him in the past but he has the same. They did nothing different about Jim Parsons and sell the money comes to how they sound. They're in the way they speak Chinese. Yeah I haven't seen a whole lot of war has seen a couple of things he's done I think as some on Saturday Night Live haven't seen enough to know of whether or not he's decided it. To beat Sheldon character when he does all the interviews which. It is kind of fun the F. Because that's a you know model horse in fact you write that he he's a one note actor that's kind of like what he does cited it's it's it's really going to be tough these type cast is no doubt about it. Oh wow yeah hundreds and agree I think I decided I watched the trailer this morning I haven't seen the trailer we can execute its its its good looks he's got a refund. Says that's proved only a little snow and the stage yeah common he didn't. It's funny I'm watching it I'm coming gaming geek about the whole idea of a spinoff of the Big Bang theory and and who walks into the office mister grumpy to answer the reverend employee guns or gas. Have so much now one. Of course has no interest in the shaft he's the he's the opposite you. None what so amber I don't like watching shows with Tom little kids and especially as are bigger our. Salad he's just some little he'll be very intelligent OK oh great is socially awkward nine year old that's what I wanna watch my television I'm nothing that my life yeah I used to live batons gas axles and you had he got about that is the true life story of the reverend Fred except. Not so bright glow hideout and not as much of a mullet as we've learned you got a sweet Mullen when you read it again amoled B and I say I would say they you know that the kid was Kunin revenue if you've seen Reza mullah picture I mean it is rather adorable yet. Thanks I think yeah I have to give him credit I mean Qaeda as much I love taking shots idea that McNabb demo of picture is awesome you're bad hair choices in the ninety's were adorable so I really really was a site you know you really wanna hang with gadgets like psychic gift for my bad Santa it would have been better had I not been in my teens and it was the ninety's. It's kind of a bad time for mullets jabs over the past its prime. I was trying to bring it back man he's got to bring it back sadly it looks they've arrived guys are of the opinion of many of them looking into common sense YouTube I don't understand about as a president this is why. I saw a dear god why would anyone watches monstrosity. Based on who's like an idea was this. I want from the quote unquote brains behind the Big Bang theory. Makes when this is going to flock not a single met a single lot of I don't need this I might be in the minority. I don't veto if there's something that shows job. Then I don't care about. I really wanna write IIIR. Energy even wanna come to it and there's they are doing the Internet right now I just might do in the Internet rightists I I can appreciate people not liking something I don't know why the rev doesn't like you there's a part of me that. If you so maybe a cute little show about a guy. Whose name was Fred and it was the same show they wanna watch this but because it puts Sheldon Ontario are low interest yeah. I'd probably won't after a couple of so's unless it's really a good show that is the true. Test of any things are you hooked me. With these Sheldon thing but it's still a few good jokers are all different actors obsolete and I love Laurie Metcalf but I guess I don't think she's going to be the mom problem because you know the mom's gonna be younger but Laurie Metcalf of course places mum on the on the Big Bang theory she's a great actor. So. Most outs I I recorded it I put my Tivo I'll give it a shot Steve makes it. It's time to stop. Wow. At all and finally at constant in the why are you do you are you people hitting it you haven't you watched it. Yeah I know waive it it's like people who just miserable on the Internet. I guess I'm the maybe that's the news flash town are you just realizing that just realizing now how I. I'm a little you know what I'm a little disturbed because I don't know if it's us geeks. Or if we've just let everybody in on the party of technology because I don't think gusty so that miserable I really don't I think a lot of V the easy loud geeks the miserable geeks made it okay for everyone else and everyone else I'll you can be totally. A duty head on the Internet. And then there's no problem with and then everyone thinks that they can do that and then say you got the vast wasteland that is the Internet that's true man we've got you know I know some friends of people and I might add to Saddam hasn't conversations with because. The world does that mean they don't like Steve they've got to be. Re being given hope and whatever you write some more happiness to our that they got a new data when it's found Osama and who comes due did his comments are depressing me. Two I have and as a man you have you see this show now mostly seeming tomatoes I can't wait to see what Stevie tell us about what I watched the whole season that in spite of all these people. Okay do you have that that that's a very big commitment blog and had it waited sounds manage them last a whole season has hurt I want to go on and on the last three episodes student man Steve and I and that's Wright grabbed him and write up also who's boss smooth as they say that's a whole different jump. And essays. Who the F asks for this past. When you Ali though I don't think anybody really did not anonymous -- Florida where woods and win unanimous ask for the big banks are either I never nobody ever thought many need to give us a younger version Michelle then maybe I would be happy if like if the Big Bang theory called it quits probably in a few seasons I can't manage to last much longer you usually end unless unless Sheldon and Amy had a kid. That's true but it a spinoff of shelling them would be fine. We hosted that you'll be great if Sheldon and Amy have a kid in May get the kid that plays little children to be she there's kiss while it's so Matta let's don't like inception mad. By the way I have to give us credit we spent a lot of time talking about this darn big banks do things there with a little seldom that throwing more than they've ever expected to get. And we're relatively positive even though we haven't seen and I all I've seen is a trailer without sound Bloomberg is a wanna be digits compared directed attack hit a bad Santa I should yeah that's hilarious. Somebody would. Another sound wonderful connection. You'll get the facts you nonsense I don't want now and now look at your guy did not know until you let it kid look at the Reza mullet we get a close side by side on the Internet now I guy have to necessarily from the Eisen would I know it's our oil. Pace Seattle's got a brand new sports team she's gonna tell you all about a 617 on the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. W Barack. Seattle. That's newscaster. Named steam I don't know in this world. Right now do you Steen made slid it yeah. Thanks guys thanks to sport closer giving us news and sports and happy. National health fan appreciation day how are yeah everybody. I've. It's time to appreciate your oh I thought that was every day I appreciate elephant but I guess today's today's it was a really spend time drilling. Think human health and spun back a little confused I can't wait list I think you'll appreciate this opens consume about 600 pounds of food. And one day. It's just life league more than when I do wish. From the outside who fished out a memo to you know things. Which really could be 600 pounds of food you could have a temperament and now tonight as soon as one of the longer than ever do whenever. So in my front here whatever wanna casinos. Here taking your tail wag throughout the flies a little bit but well I mean you know. Roy Emerson elements tell this you just smack those flies and other skin that is so cents a make you feel when a fly lands on their skin quality I didn't know after that makes sense what's what and then when shall ever on the back to tell you why don't you know some has struggled since. Yeah hey you know why they don't forget can barely hear you and that's I know it's fascinating. Obama I'm excited about tonight and notes from Friday but it's also wealth and appreciation day how I I I am happy for your money manager plus talk about sports. Really don't rattle yelling jump right into Seattle as the new sports teams self help what does that mean. This news sports you'll probably make the playoffs for the Mariners out first thing it's hot it's actually a new leaf a new Major League rugby. Or even these schools so they gave their lives putting teams in different areas including Seattle. CNN have Bob places like and I used to Texas. Top cost in New Orleans Minneapolis Minnesota Todd Colorado's an attitude in Kansas City Salt Lake City and Seattle. And at this Seattle sea wall. Who we have so I won't play in that you know we do now loud and they're playing rugby. Starting in 2018. C woes well you know I wonder if it's the success of soccer they figure they'll see if rugby will take just as well soccer's big on the watch. But the fun sport longevity it's a beating man people gather their boys rectum Rabin and playing high school wasn't fun of life. Rebecca McDowell yeah that's an idea at all it's it's a man's game. There's now comes the tough to lead that I'm looking forward to check commonality to be really good time costs of we'll see walls so OC rules ma'am yes hopefully I'll leave to an NHL and NBA team who knows and you know. Probably more success in America will talk about oh Minnesota this woman and that's suing red lobster. Makes me mad. She's 82 years old and she's in taxes and apparently she's suing them because what they let her get so drunk that she fell in the parking lot and broke both her hip and arm. Again she's 82 years old her name is Arlene she had a zero point 31 blood alcohol level when she left the restaurant back in March. She's only a 113. Pounds or that I need to during spin out on seriously she broke her right hip right arm and then hit her head on the ground. And she's really suing them because they over sir what she says and her family says it does not the first time that red lobsters over serve their patrons. Saying that I guess off her daughters graduate management several times about over serving her mother. Hi I mean you know it's seven. They're tall man they know serve terror I edit it's that those doing those stories just disturbed me. I those cheesy bread so good about cigarettes are immune to those that doesn't mr. that's fine all mariners. Why. You know you think having Robbie you know his 300 home run in his career that be an exciting thing celebrate but now mariners lost fortitude to a Rangers. That is not their fifth straight. Lost six actually I suppose except trying to okay and now they're now five back gasoline is five back to the wild card chase. And it's over nine games remaining yes it is way over. You're right there's a next. The Cleveland Indians job those guys so they had their winning streak. Another another one death and then I win games damage that team is insane yeah and now we have tightened to three games yeah oh yeah and memory games. Somebody else does hills. I'm mariners are considering extending the protective netting at Safeco Field on this is in lieu of what happened over the Yankees game world knows how to buy a hundred all of our foul ball hours. Awful. And so America considering they make it not been letting go along reading a lot of teams are thinking about it now because what happens in the next day after the game he saw some of the players who just. Truly. Yeah back by what happened there's also every once a delight fantastic and so I'm and it's just so sad and and you've got to just you know now with cell phones people are just distracted not paying attention they write the did they they've got to do it sucks I know he's he's he's no visibility it will be ruined in a slow season like. This seven game in the face of the ball releases and SI saw some people of course are already complaining they're there goes my money mariners are not gonna have my seats. I'm a mother a sideline. Issues in this life. I'm here I'm living because I remember when NHL started doing that they serve putting more netting up behind the net because of the similar reasons culture flying and and and that's an area where. People who get pelted in the face with a puck in our people complained and now it's like. Don't even realize it and it's. It's been an effective watching the game and those Arenas for dark. Yeah tens in the puck as blacks and yes so yeah I mean she's yeah you gotta you gotta netting and that those who refuse to on this Sunday big game gonna see I thought. And the national take on the Tennessee Titans again that 105 on fox we'll see about religion Graham has been practicing with the team so. Hello I'm losing them without Jimmy Graham was to have a guy is okay that makes sense and Thursday night football last night now. We get to not look like you're gonna be a good game for you nice of him on the lambs yes and then the 49 had a huge rally in the second half almost tied the game of the unborn able to finish up with that two point conversion to tie it and ended up losing. Positive about 41 to 39 so I sense yeah. 41 and 39 that's a defensive battle I'm scared. Tumbled almost wasn't very weird yeah I'm most scared about I mean obviously defensively. You know you might go score some points on the rams could even play good in the past we have it's. Yeah and if they can put up seventy points against the niners and the niners are as good as us but. It makes me think that you know they might feel score a couple of touchdowns more than we can and he also takes a lot of people take Thursday night games with a grain of salt just doesn't fly again. You know short practice is I don't know that I stand at least in this game and it was very entertaining towards the end I'm worried about those camera and flooding. Well this week let's worry about the titans. Okay our about them first too hard tonight at once of them did look then they come watch some great wrestling with me at 321 battle at 9 PM and involved in this in Seattle 9 PM. Hi this season great local wrestling some pretty weird local wrestling as well we're happy times so. Jim and make it out I'll be there and I as far as whether 66 degrees and Simon thank you man industrial past into CBS news and sports. So as you know I Jerry Lewis passed away recently and even in death Jerry Lewis apparently stuck it to his kids. I heard this this morning and man oh man. He's more he's in good jerk. It's eight you know it does and I I don't know if hmmm yeah I know that he used to be in a lot of pain. Early in his life chronic pain and I don't know if that haunted him for his entire life. Which can affect somebody's mood I suppose but yet it certainly did he just come off like in in his life not like a nice man. Com and Didier you know sometimes you think while. That's that's the sadness of living too long. You know because dean Maher and his partner yeah I never heard never nearly half the bad stuff about Dean Martin which was his old partner back in the day and they used to be a comedy team and they were very successful making movies. Before they split up and they they went their separate ways of course dean passed away I think tennis eighty's sometimes they get there and Jerry of course lives on. And yeah he's a lot of good is like Jerry Lewis put they never remember his own family yeah people say was not easy to get along with the folks close to him. He's got six kids that he left behind. Any estranged pretty much all of them came and Jerry's son Joseph died of drug overdose back in 09 his other son Gary blame Jerry for being a bad pero. He called in the mean an evil person who has never loving and caring toward him or his Brothers that doesn't help them hey doesn't. And I guess Jerry wasn't willing to let bygones be bygones according to the blast dot com they got a hold of Jerry Lewis is well. And apparently he left them nothing. Even Joe's his family got the shaft Jerry left his estate to his widow sand. And the will says in the next in line is between five year old daughter Danielle who was adopted in 1992. There's more to answer an essay I had the jackpot Guerrero announce the other boys draw prod to Jerry's first marriage in San Diego was his second wife who. And he also has like a kid that. Maybe it's just allegedly rumors but there's a kid out there that do what they can end you know was out of some bizarre hook up are available on the lines have been everyone says that yes definitely his kids that they kids homeless. If that's the case she's that's Sox have really really sucks yeah you know I don't like I know that boy can you hear stories about bill and Melinda Gates making sure their kids don't get spoiled pled. Idea I did not take care your family I mean how can be down estranged. They're your kid he's more bitter random people don't want to let anything go especially somebody I didn't make. Come up in public entity that. What are other kids das who has and they feel it was partially his he was to blame. He says wrong let it go I don't know what's in my head. But I I don't know if I don't assume I have but I tell my wife this and I really believe this no matter what. I'm still the parents and even if my two kids are gonna hate me for the rest of their life and think I'm the biggest jerk ever. I still my job to love them Metzger then it's just it's always going to be my job even if they gave me I feel like that's a parent's job as you you're the parent. Who knows who would you give your kids we only more money to your daughter's son. Gosh. That's a really big crowd trying to do is even as possible so our state has Vonage every 5050 yeah. In that situation Jerry Lewis because it's fun but I know he's happy defendant doesn't below market so 6040. Who gets a serious forty she's. You know what I would in its I think I would leave a little more money to joke because there is better with money. Several singles tennis by Sarah you're better as the popularity broken his flight and may get Syria take Sergio Joe's been amassed. I got to take care take the example that was one night out here. He's AA. But not much Sarah it's always 6040 years so get some them. OK and you were you and you got a man in your life on las give me the finger you know Y two K okay you know like Jerry Lewis just what you're getting nothing nothing I'm gonna leave its I'm of the they get a dog and leave it to the dog so memento. Thanks Steve Taylor to start the day weekend yeah perfect sense. I'm gonna call your parents and tell them hey you know like. Here's your other sons amazing yeah you should leave everything to him I probably well yeah oh yeah now the they shouldn't. Because. I guess Bob Hope you're getting 40% higher Rhode Island hotel getting nothing. I'll see I don't know that person I know some people that look like legit. Hmm now look forward but when that when someone that's important maronite and their Stanley dies they. I never. Even thought about that my home I wonder how much money I'm going to get oh yeah that's red welts you know a lot of times though you know I don't know about your situation but a lot of times. And you know money is all relative I suppose like you know even like you know a few thousand dollars to a lot of money but a lot of folks don't have that much money to leave anymore but I yeah ace Ian -- I'm glad I never even thought of it. But right grip on the left just. Ousted his kids and says you know basically somehow assume whatever you guys get that that he's out and out. I never thought what's my cut an emphasis is grandson how excited because I got. A scorpion I did that used to Wear yeah financially that's gonna make me nothing is a two dollar tended. But to me that was cool because he Warren and every day for his entire life you know my uncle passed there dot all land one million euros. I'm my man uncle did very well for themselves and I blended up I didn't expect anything one in the mail is fox team and in my aunt sent me his acoustic guitar because she felt. That I was the one person to stand alone music my uncle was I had a play guitar. As a semi and I was like the coolest thing ever as long list in my house I Qatar stands con man sitting in its. To me out Matt more than any dollar amount. What's interesting I you know Gary Bryan who used to do a radio show here in town now is an LA have a great career down there. I think he introduced me Chris Lewis what I think what I think was one of Jerry lewis' kids OK and I think Chris either used to live here are still does live here. Om gosh. You know they SS CI I I want to talk to Christmas time when he and I seems to me hey your dad passed what let's talk about it so am IE nine on donor radio show but I don't I didn't really reach out to Jerry to reach out to crisp but. Now I feel badly because of Christian Guinness thing. This I mean because Chris I was always talking good about his dad he tried to release promote his father's war when I remember we talked on the way you know there was a lot of positive idiotic Chris. It's not pisses me off so yeah Jerry you is some mean kids try to at least make him look like you were halfway decent guy who are you know and keeps you whenever your career just for going from a music hair maybe Chris doesn't even care I care. Why because it'll damage I mean. There's something about what these kids were saying I mean you get the Bing Crosby allegations. You know these kids had to deal with a father who wasn't really a father because he was a star. Who should get something for the effort because it's not a normal life true they get absolutely not says later by the way you have to have Q grandkids. Yeah and you let the grandkids want to Graham pie and today you know ending but at least they get something in now ports for that would work for me if my grand if my kids got something because Graham I hated me but love them. Society sad Q grand kids the eyes she needs them cute kids are you cried out that that's similar to that that way out there I'll cut joy out of the well if you have some cute kids there. I don't mean me go adultery mariner games and yeah I did get a good college effort Sarah that is true because choice following I'm gonna get married was reason you have kids Joseph is going to be SO well because I mean even if they're killed eight allied that's what pat pat he's gonna leave everything to them. Highlight his plan. I guess they Stevie did get this one run wow did the US government purchased from Spain an 1819. I said wow no. So I don't know armed. Alaska narrows. 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