BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-22-17-7A: Marlon Wayans calls in!

Friday, September 22nd

Beat Migs. Marlon Wayans calls in to promote his stand up at The Washington State fair.


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows digest if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com. Wages are being guards we can stop that and now it's hard enough to pay your bills and things are good baloney check of your take home pay has gone before you get your check in hand bankruptcy attorney Travis community and I can start the nourishment and its creditors on your back immediately handcuffed in the same day as our consultation. We'll chapter seven and thirteen provide bankruptcy relief. Choosing the right chapters crucial and free consultation we can create a plan to get your finances back under your control on the job do you choose a song for the next after your life and please contact me dead choose the right chapter about. Choose the right chapter dot com. 99.9 KI SW the ride to Seattle and we got to allow mobile brand new week it's. Hannah race car. Allow mobile medical leave him a race car you want more info bottom just sort of Vijay makes agent KI SW dot. Comments that I knew record their debut album back in June told renovations and US NY October 24 at the central salute and their plane which stands thankful relate to. Guess directors and the greater than minimum all the time vomit face all won't face a long bomber face. You'll hear bands like mom and face and hand a race car we have got a great show Sunday nights it's called lot of local it's two hours of all local music Sundays at 10 PM. Great music from the Pacific northwest. Like I have no race car. Mean okay. I. Came down to be OK guys we made and it's ride. I'm telling you between DN ED incident jumping around and Vijay screaming his head off a heck is going on in here guys and wow. I don't know but I'm just happy it's Friday because it's not like the longest week ever it really did yeah yeah Omri Cuba so glad this week is over. Well it's not quite over yet we got his own life mentally checked out graft was really good thing for our contestant then we got Ryan in Seattle and take you on Ryan are you there's parent yeah little. Blue you know look at our great honor and as well we know Bob but I pictured on flooding that's Leo very short game where every today. Not fair to our site outside where air is blown all over the place body. Staff yeah I'm back. I love this personal history this call grab. Here's this crap until we do it on air I don't know is in her before I got to remain here to play this game and I always has enraged at always it. Yeah I'd errors are out now what's playing for today Steve tickets to guide rebel red to show blogs and on Friday September 29 courtesy of AEG live good KI SW dot com for all the details. Georgie and I Trammell the tickets aren't zealot a access dot com all right Steve do you have. Thanks for anybody can not apparently you've been saving all your energy guy guys have leveled jacked up it I can tell them decked out for those playing an O'Brien last sixty seconds to answer ten questions Ryan you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses for questions. Are you ready sir it. Yes. Eight pick up his most commonly caused by uncontrollable spasms of which muscle. Yeah ads Ramsey Bolton is a character in which HBO's series. Yeah yeah it what you hear in the early eighties did Atari introduce the arcade game missile command thanks to its new line no. Do you know and now though I'm on wax off is a quote from which eighties movies. Yeah ask what kind of sauce is in the Thai dishes swimming more Hamas. Yeah. Yes on what part of these body would you give your World Cup pierced through. The isn't the most asked to. Bryant for the answer as to who played Gilligan on Gilligan's Island. In which US state is Dulles international airport located. I just know. Yeah we know. It's. It oh yeah yeah. Hello I'm Q3 45 Greg started strong in now and kind of do you guys are and everybody. I don't I mean Bristol chance now tiberi said he. I unfortunately that. Question about Ramsey Steve's gonna get because till he is known to be shows and he knows. Yeah hope that he won't he has written well he's Jeter's. He's not a cheater he does know a lot of stupid things two wins Ichiro rhetoric that's right society -- rolls when texts are things that we are getting Guerrero and she to enact. We'll love it I you know you you get all of your philosophy to wrestling is pretty amazing is like me in my scifi stuff there's so much philosophy you get from Russell thank you and I about respect and appreciate it you know that Eddie Guerrero is a wrestler yeah totally dependent but I think that's awesome thanks buddy. Are you ready Steve. They hit Gupta is most commonly caused by an uncontrollable spasms of which muzzle on that would be a lot of muscle graft know all so why that the diaphragm yes thanks Ramsey Bolton is a character and which HBO series. Michael won't know yeah I thought I was a game of drone Diaz had it last year in the early eighties did Atari introduced the arcade game missile command. 1988 yes you are watching lucky or why they're on the blacks are busy quote completely out movies ought to know eradicated yes. What kind of sauces in the type dish swimming drama out. Peanut sauce you asked on which part of the body would you eat your world pierced its baby don's now are not here yet as it's replaced Killian on Gilligan's Island Bob Denver he asks do you know of in would you let's stay it is Dulles international airport located. Paul Moscow Washington and Virginia yet as to what kind of alcohol isn't a traditional Tom Collins cocktail I don't know Jim's yes Yellowstone National Park is in Wyoming Montana and which other states. Arizona you know while Arizona is not close at Belmont park employees and 345678. Not change yeah wind I just last. Posts are about their mind. Those two yeah I'll let your thoughts are with you I'd blends of gas they don't fight against Ryan yeah. I. Well this Thursday's. Imagine a missile command guests and of course you know give guessing game of drones which I told premise that he'll get it is because he knows that HBO shows what you want to add this HBO and you can just are pretty much around you know like all right yeah I mean there's nominee is that bowlers or vice principals. I can be and initiatives on knocked. Unless royals on HBO Silicon Valley yeah I want someone to pay go do you really footballers. It's just because of the rock or is it like legit it's based on a football world I don't want Jason on based on how okay all I watched first and ten I was a kid and now on Mark Morris is a great shows like entourage before football oh nice okay I didn't even know what to expect within this other rockets being huge and didn't know that's about it X did check it out it's it's a good show went on manhunt hey dad died in selling a very sincere daughter happy yeah you're not just those annoying is unknown and nine and it's and you feel really Smart to do you realize the one you are wrong clues really that makes you look really stupid reality geography is not your strong suit and I'm not in the slightest I Yellowstone is in Wyoming Monty. And I and add. The. Brasco at least is a little bit closer but still no as an Idaho I think no good job there I had to drive because I missed my flight. Because my GPS stop working and I drove like third 45 to fifty miles I don't know weights on I was heading for the airport the wrong way I'll do that was a worse than my life and and I had to go to the back I was so scared I thousand rotting gas in the middle of nowhere and I got out and I had to go to bass from badly my body was so scared. The area that they would they be easy you're scared ass yeah we have twice in the deadly I simplest car over IE IR I kind of in the middle of bear country due to ice ice coming at me when I was going to the bathroom I thought elements is it it's over I can't believe I try and pull over there's a wild animal like it was a dog there was so happy to see dog in my life as I was busy doing my business out there I was I was driving I was dropped until residues goal. And as these guys in Miami yeah so no way to die you have Dover on the side of the road staring at could be a bear I hero last time was that terrified. Because the fact you do you do know there were no lights couldn't see anything yeah. The GPS is working 'cause I'm the cell towers or does knows all know has been around their now this stupid masses tell me you're still go to the airport my wife goes I only earlier reported audience doesn't right Aaron. Because I'm an immunity in front of her but I'll do not have seen a season that so it's all right mr. doubt that is very true. Congratulations Steve your way and and you got nine correct I. And your check and I'm not prevail the show by Soto color number 9206421. Rocky can also. And that's it no he's gonna call a numbers devils agenda would call 206421. Rock hopefully your car nine. Hey go. Early today. So popular howling costs and Steve we got a before and I just got mine and now but that's not fit in really well site and worked on it. Policy is so you're still a yeah I I I am I upset and mad dusty can you do the Halloween thing I I find it to be of very high maintenance holiday. Well on October October 20 that it is no obvious tonight we had between embattled of the wrestling and and Boston this but it October 20 deserve big your lead on Halloween policy UV I'm saying all of our business so I've wanted entomology to a battle we all are gonna get dressed up in different costumes you know wrestler really do it up real great but I'm trying to figure something out I was thinking of doing. A million. Golf hole polian has a million. How many and yes a mini mania is gonna run wild minions mania I actually like that I got dominion consummate not really feeling it doesn't fit all that great are now are you ready has had where do I get muscles not actually working out to get them but by the muscles are that's how yeah did all go your way you -- how many gathered but I know what menu and how -- not the top customize the Imus listened very disappointed he it of course as you can imagine is going to be huge yeah I imagine not a penny wise is running around stranger things still dominating and I but somehow only comes around they'll premier their second season. And you corns I don't know why is this your records or call now. What are they there is so they would indict a new course always cool since MPH ally they've been nice feeling even more so now let's get those ice breakers breath mint candies. And on the cover now as a unicorn it's it's been really popular handling girl stuff CUC like them make everything is unit cornering announced Carlyle OK do I go yeah I don't have girls that are young so I don't know in the unicorn and wasn't the fraph chino whenever that was really popular or your rice Dick yes forgot about that it's I knew zombie. OK do you know cries of strategy you know you current one really need people talking about your well until they have the loop until they have the unicorn dead it's not gonna be as popular zombies right did you actually get a zombie eat but I bumblebee don't do the record edit. Don't read you can do that at their I had my wife actually has a unicorn costume so we could definitely do the unit or dance until you and I missed that that's amazing he's so tough ridiculously thick and it's true it's like a special led alien who. There really fast. Looks like. Nicely youths like aliens send. No matter that matter planet but don't send our best people a sense Steve got going on Twitter didn't think you're wearing a banana flavored condom in your hand I know not how loud and arrest me he looks amazing you gotta we all night Josh. My sweater is good news I'm Steve makes you aware that all the time yeah you know who sleazy about returning and now do know looks grim economy it does to all yeah I can tell how the man he's gonna run my. I'm literally hold off. Yeah cool you look like Mario and also let's say Mario Luigi had a had a bad very special brother what is it needs to know why I'm. Red cups I raise. But it it's not long enough so it like when and it's all one piece of America and I'll basically just give me a giant moose knuckle yeah. There's a million emotional and I thought OK yeah and go isn't logos are really he's brother like you know from IG can Hillary ever run down there and Vermont today. She's gone from under my you know what. You throw him a super Rwanda. Final from and beauty in the piece about those getting stuff and I guess bills brought Dillinger wraps MIAs because of the baby giraffe. Why is JoAnne dress on their dressing unicorn is. Wonder woman's also big issue and I think it's just yet gamma throws characters makes sense. Baywatch babes so even though the movie didn't do the greatest the Baywatch babes at least that's the thing. Well they can't go wrong which express and him and I'm I'm the one piece bikini. Holding one of those things actually right yeah got a life preserver yes yes it and I. Right hey I he's got to hit show on NBC called marlin now one of the big hits of the summer and he's the Washington state fair tomorrow night. Marlon winds at one sense you get he actually how to win games joins us more wins upside down. W 717. On Barack. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. I'm nine point nine K I ask tell you not Iraq. Seattle to be yet so sad our next guest star needs of the fair tomorrow and I'm loving his new show on NBC. Please call marlin one day you can immutable in light shoot. We appreciate you for everything that you are. Enola. He's got a very is that's right it's. Welcome to the show marlin way into. Marlon did had to beg god man. I'm sure they know they're not too bad not to Becky gradually is that that show was hit in the summer. Can't say insanity do really well this would happen. I'm never going to get let loose 110 yeah. I don't really need to call my entire news business I really am it's over. There are another bad day MA news I hope we knew and you do payments trying to figure out how to keep Miro sure you know more than like six children several. Well yeah like. I like it's it's great to do is read. What do you still without an updated became like crack people in India forms totally yeah. Sometimes and you can stand Marlins and yeah. Did you know. It's just our tax systems and. Yeah absolutely and ideas for episodes Forman goes nonstop battle that's right he was in an Alley and around and we won't Susan reality CNN and so forth but I guess. So it's worth it every moment that humiliating thing that I did. I guess you but that's how they do moron I guess whenever there's an a new show now they don't want you more than six shows just to see people like you Demi comeback with a full season next year. Well you know luckily so you're Mimi you can do or die. You know it you've you've got so I don't double what you just. I know even then I moved in American troops that you've got to make good dead dead dead loved blue magic. And then you know in the end. You haven't noticed that I was right what are these I love about stars and the cocaine is. I can't get more people. Over. That's that's how you do television you gotta do it that way. Their families of the drug new loans and that's right yeah I don't know are dedicated solely we're actually. You got any Alley EU data anywhere okay that's TJ you know really yeah you have to run decent and good the year they need to get to a bad place we we knew you know I don't know. It may be made very clear I go to my. Light response and a low number of something new round. So I first let's just say I'm Marlon perform at the Washington state fair that's tomorrow show starts at 730. All right if you haven't seen Marlon wins like you you've got two men it is such a great show just go to the affair dot com. Get all the info as it lets you tweet marlin I am on weigh ins on Twitter at also may well you're waiting I you get this Netflix thing coming out which looks very interesting the trailer is loss. Makes it may accuse the Marlins and the right and all over the world people. Good good so then let's additions to watch what I did edit and do that I think. So let me have been important to us sounded good initially and sometimes people do it this. So they're really good decent people like Cecil played it's it's really totally I don't activism I have to. Better. What you don't know what is really. Yeah may have taken it did put some stuff out the you know other people may have passed on or whatever but they they did the place where you get to see good stuff and more more people are realizing that it's on Netflix I'm check in and out because they put a good stuff. This very qualities have to regard as well do what they have to do it. And they support unit that there's no. And you know then and they they support him and I did get more in my movie and they're not here to Jews everywhere overseas two million a hundred million homes and meet our. I've sort of be seen by the most people and Netflix is making movies available in this studios come aside from most some studios. Other major Lake Superior Maurice and I web sites. That revenue it's. Yeah I was just saying you know the good times you don't know what are you thinking. I could just about the leader I think it swaps so sloppy slow would switch and when you make it. Yeah that's that's a regular play Abdullah to say men. If I if I had your physique I mean on the night I guess there's that does not to have some I couldn't do America's women have to go work out you got to work got a little bit to do that movie. Beat you work every day for putting those two to three months and then you work now when you do in the movie. Pretty good about your body especially when you're doing comedy he's got to go be funny you know it's embodied the best that you can make it to include candidates are playing and you know it's really not that cold outside. His second. And why did you wanna do like what went somewhere where you when your brain when you said I could do this Mickey movie when what how what how this getting your head. These. The Swedish film a load is the idea of do do do romance with the guy attitude due to. Giving it about a guy who did we just came forward over again. And silly it is over the top wedding. Sounds of their romantic element I was kidding the girl and Bruton is watching. The character mature. Because once we can go to the movies played since his pocket so much so mature. Had to perform like golden. And you in the and it wouldn't register Redick seems totally disillusioned really good movie and that's what to do it don't romantic comedy that people watch until good about it and and this laudable it's really funny. This lake city's column do I did that movie and Netflix and I don't go to special someone becoming a November. So I then I'm gonna ask Jack there's a lot of comedians are going straight to Netflix and doing some great Tommy's hassles how we have a Jim Norton coming in a little bit he has a great Netflix special a lot of guys are doing that is one NC may now be the perfect avenue for you as well. Absolutely and you know that ever lived and every country and so. They're serious they're girls on the view and do you know you did you do with the best. And yeah I have to tell him and you cast a great day essays written any as is this as the father in law in this movie that is great casting because. It seems like everything he's doing these days. He is like a vicious killer guy saw me he's perfect for that just now I you have discipline. Alone didn't direction is needed it didn't seem like you don't get this Thanksgiving imperfect quintessential little Betty wears very Henry birdied the man. It's it is well created. And makes important games. Are very admitted and I mean there. This is the truth I want to use his voice like this is fortunate and which ones who was what do you speculate. I don't have a sit keyboard display. Uses voice like I do miss candidate overwhelm. I have X total and it is talking form. And it's. Sure. Do these are all in me you know little hole loaded up here and know you like it is media as a lot of us. You know really wasn't movie in the closet talking. And exposes your sexual Cyrano that would be pretty cool that. As most news. You can show you some insurance when you're done to him he's got it all got. I'm playing the seventy. Chairman yeah they were producing sure. I have. My my old little Hollywood. Do OK. Hey you see Blum and you can. So Marlins at PI want to stay fair mar Marlon Wayne's tomorrow shows are to cemetery tickets are dull affair dot com. Tomorrow should go I think is so busy going to get time pro life. I and I don't bad middle later I can tell you Obama is this data I can't lose in my days. Alabama absolutely substantial. He's. You knew right away right now I have a moment so little work but I don't want to see how Latin late yesterday I woke up bid dated confidence a lot of I did did did you do about it Mike toner trains gym at the legitimacy regimen next movie which is where old Pablo. A man and romantic comedy show but don't have a name yet but it could be really funny hopefully. But no it. Federal government that I had a quick little fatigued I don't ate my kids I went out and did standup at desperate to do instead of it came home and I wrote scripts she's. In the records were uprooted and there's no I wouldn't really bed and daily. About that sort of all you used. Had its moments of mutual sort. Oh management instantly that it's it's not clear day. How could you imagine being at the family you performing at the seven dead at Washington there's at least one around here and it is good to great food you know of course the other rides in the game you know trying to check anything out while you're there. I don't know what they were Japanese Leonard just because that's exactly how much I. Google what. Yeah. Yeah that's why you don't know how word can you trust and have fried butter I think I you know I don't know what all happened to me like he let a guy. All right stage you can do it if I decided drug the drug got to come back trying drugs you forget that the dose is way too high that might happen. So you got to do. Air. And I am glad it anymore. I don't baby is did you read my Mara you ever were you ever back guy though the went crazy over food does every semis CEOs in good shape sap and the guy that man I'm had to work her heart just not to be dead. I pockets you know I'm eating into that great visit I work hard every some we might group all spring I guess who it is so might you go to a did at. I didn't mean leg so. When I'm blue I can only see like the cops to assist their laptops Obama. Silicon and salute Somalia our studio and there is no. I would kill for Obama's second term mavs I guess I can't see any pac. When you do that they used to our ice. Oh man you know he's always in demand he take his shirt off. And all the ladies who W anyway you know I've only gotten news gig didn't really didn't save bird in due course that's all girl you can argue should live their lives and how close are never described below normal reals Rabin medical. Yeah and defrag during those deep fried Snickers Malia deeds. Pride and they don't shoot hello. Two deep fried Kool they how do you deep strike cool he's cool. I decided to send you to. Everybody's presumed dead the radio loaded and do all in Seattle a few people could could. I. And our right yeah. Ha ha I'm I'm I I I it's not. They say besides cool it is safe. City and the. It's. And a look at the bigger is three bags that you got to know I don't sugar. The couple flowers you some salt. And an instant cherry Kool Aid and so baking powder that's your deep fried Kool Aid that that fits into my Atkins Diet perfectly. That it was actually dead I'd bet it that's actually just instantly idiotic. I. You talk on the blogs. You know I don't know why they Kim John Young guy just doesn't get a what did you try cooling just throw an assistant to launch missiles he's just once at a small we dead. All blue chips the net and AB. Proud are really good Barbara I think he's angry because it was there that I am. Speaking my goodness I need I think it will historic. You know the thing is though. Marlon I mean I someone's got to meet John and that's a good look the other day I take it easy Jersey Barbara are you afraid they'll kill you if you give the wrong look. Large and believed in what I did today yeah unpack. You must've got the lessons. Couldn't hear it just seemed very hum maybe is being called it brilliant yeah. Just since day. By the way and what isn't that the most bizarre pairing ever like Dennis -- of all the things that guy's guy's done is like to have find. I that's just blows my mind easily you know what I'm take this next level you to guide you to come out of control now I'm necks like Google North Korean party with Kim John loser over there. Did you get a even while Lauren Burk you know he apparently he says Kim moved down only two really nice guy. It's dominion. And it has done every single drug you can do it's so I was yeah. So that would everybody. Slowly eat local leader Dick Dick Mayer did this must still be the first all. Of my eye. I don't know what they Rhode. It's. Yeah you're right if there's one American who gets a golf person with a it is for a hot minute so we didn't seem so odd looking plane. It's a good idea I also I would like to have that many drugs that I think that that do good do you know I mean like you think one of the most heinous guys in history whoever could very. And you have enough drugs that you did you guys good guy I want I want that program. Yeah. Has to be used car duties it's. Seeing snow day. In the nation message and a lot of our hotel and won't be able okay I don't know. I I you know. You know right now radio you guys I'm surprised you never heard about that really when you think about it BC like you cities and now we'll all of these people society at the winner you might they be a big party. Yes did this is graded. I see I don't know there's so like almost seven seconds. And then six. And from. I'm Julie Lejeune that's my discretion grow blaze. It's. That. Yeah thanks taking Charlie's yeah. I don't know whereas. My own way it's good to Washington state fair tomorrow show starts at 730 you gotta get those tickets at the fair dot com I'm telling you man it's going to be a great show you have to check out Marlon as usual man we love having you on the show thank you so much for spending time with us. I take care marketplace. Again the ticket at the fair dot com Mara wins tomorrow 730 show. And you know always the best comedy and this is a great they're common because he's at the Neptune theater tonight. Our body the great Jim Norton joins us at 747. On the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy after another question from a listener. I am a mountain of credit card bills and consumers dad and I still keep my house by fell bankruptcy. Yes you're almost always can keep your home. Your house your car even in the bankruptcy. Depending on what type of bankruptcy your final. I would depend on whether or not for example you can keep your vehicles if you have payments on film you can almost always keep your homered for your current on the payments on your home. Beautiful bankruptcy. Can chapter thirteen. 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