BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-05-17-6A: A dog in South Dakota has broken the record for longest tongue.

Thursday, October 5th

News and sports. A 67 year old man stabbed his grandson over a donut. A man was arrested for trying to trade drugs for donuts.


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This and this is who turned me off might turn Vickie off I was about dogs and yeah it's about. Don't know where Danny stands in the world Doug's. On the day like star general care for animals. Are you know that Seattle oh wow so today some of the room and a bunch of Communists yeah you're right like did you outnumber while. Man I thought Danny would like animals because you know he's so he's off in you just feel like any chance to cry animals give a lot of you know. Marley and me every that would be Denny's here movie right. Now in tears Amanda's friends and underdogs for mean all right you I have I have more respect for Danny. You're busy you know what he's heat through your mind to make out a civilian there I. Besides you're going to be busy making now at the Saint Bernard so I guess Danny now have to figure something out he'll be visiting. Could you what they found out Danny they found out that as a Saint Bernard insult the Conan has the South Dakota that has a that's a Tacoma. Celtic coda that has the Guinness record for the longest tongue on a dog seven point three inches steam. What do you think. Them and now all of a sudden. Can make it doesn't excited that it's a dollar hundred senators Tom. This dog has a Guinness trigger for the longest time and all you lot have long tongues are able to mail a long time and the longest. They feel like old dogs can't get their tongue in their own mouth. There was an act. Sadly pitcher in the morning okay I I mr. breakfast guys thanks good right to suss these are just telling a dog. Yeah they don't have long tongs what's the longest seven point 37 point three inches Gene Simmons wants is guided joins his I would name my dog genes or Gene Simmons if my dog had a long time. Now of course this is a day and a monumental occasional bad it is and this is why the owner you know has the at a press conference about the whole thing. Look he is the rescued Saint Bernard and we've had her turn out to snap here at home managers fuel from snout to tail. Seven point three and says two on peanut butter so much that they eat a peanut butter. To help encourage her to get her turned out for six to show you impressed Tim Lang. And how far she can let up on her age. We reopened that in this world record back him or seen the picture inherently kind of feel very proud and that can make all of the water. Plumber that we've cleaned up a little laughter. And half years. Is well worth it. Fifth and. OK we still toilet. Yeah I I we are lost track the I mean we have the inches in the slot burns. If you can show you he impressed Tim Lang. And how far she can leg up on her age. Tell you that girl both time and a dog. Too much for anybody or Steve foam motif. Good all motioning out. By the way now I had that's like I'm one of my favorite ice cream treats you balls the most she balls now play and have it anymore. Why because this damn dog slob and everywhere I don't sell you know I left them laying down and how articulate how hot at all. Now I see there's been very impressed I'd like I did see the impressively it rattle my doctor additions. In China and Tom it is a it's a it's a huge done them is they looks like you know really. It's disgusting. Okay and as theirs is just a senior debt dogs keep the talk is not Q did does the monstrosity that's not I'm not that thing it's a freak of nature it. The hornets hung in Africa after I figured it out there he's got to face like cool at all nor does that says normal face and that's cool Joseph way to now haven't you got some acute case he look so sad he's got the fat I don't don't fall for Vicky they see you know you want these things in your life again can do make that only does the germs that I do like looking at the pictures sometimes. Are we still talk about the hugs. Maybe yeah tell you impressed Tim Lang. And how far she can leg up on her fade. That would tie but the dog I understand that you might configure where Thomas of the announcement both she's got a giant time yeah remote she does have a giant done seven point three inches. Most. What did the dollar is a long time so that means the dog's getting actually its owner that's something and maybe doesn't like animals because these jelly sexual offense and he has to heat them otherwise I that's why you don't want animals and yeah I Don clearly you're you're you're returned on my that I thought were on the same page trickier though. Making you crazy man I like six or you talk about sex of animals and make I'm sorry I don't like goes back to save some animals and I like peanut butter (%expletive) he'll ruin that and mow tee balls a case of my life is ruined everyone's life is ruined. Except Steve who. Seems like peanut butter and long dog tongues. Adds so funnyman. Dogs sexton who the last twelve years. It's. Cnet's top dying animals man all the times. Every day every day and it's our secure because there is summons in the coming go to see you around the freedom to misses her unleash. We didn't somebody at work here. That's the worst years so stupid to think that the DJ says is true Daniel thank god I'm considering what the person that they're listening right now you my friend are stupid there you go out there I'm section talks. Repeated tries this every. First in mourning not every morning poll you know sometimes 6 times a morning mostly every morning. Kinda discussed means no it just does. A dog stick and it's time now we have real. It does I don't know why I can't explain it amino deadly it lets you there's things you do do you like him don't like him life I did just look at that go. There she is with a spoon feed and that's slobbering massive flash. It's seven point three inches is slaughter all over the place just our prize why. All that's sacks in a fight at some point it's believe me I'd be doing I'd be glad we have an a but I wouldn't be here. I made movies Steve. I wouldn't be here I mean he'll man they get Gil films I'd be that guy. They're gonna wanna go over agers or someone that I be that guy. For teachers they had they have a home sites for I think we're asking me like guys and I Jesse James hiked over either part three okay my favorite look you may know like the fact that I might make associations with you in dogs thanks for you cannot get mad that I might be that they can look to you as the porn expert knowledge skills while I just you know you're content source so you make sure you know. Well I doubt once all things again and I yeah I like broad daylight white line and I grabbed my little site babysitters are life. The girl next door you shouldn't forget the hot plumber on the hot plumbers are good one good element party vita that's Cilic of our school was let entire ACOs and doesn't let you all right you really funny you will it. Good luck loser phone that she says I told us. Why. Physical guys is we'll go there with anybody on new and old women girls older guys. Alice is old guys don't know guys ask well why don't wanna do yeah I know because that's the joke you tell someone go to lemon party check element party because like let's run hardy and then. They see that. Soon and I am not good. You know what if I was golden gate that would be my party. And I do I'm himself I have no idea this big huge world man is rigorously reviewed the Vermont who. You just sour face. Is out why that is the most bizarre catch our say if yeah I mean make Jim why would they called mountain snow and I know lemons exactly amendment of Jack Lemmon party well Jack Lemmon was known at a party. That old actor yeah who's on the list that grumpy old man. My American or Mickey Shuler as she searches for lemon party CJ yeah I am now that's just say you think I'm bad she's works. Hey how about this person and a talk about this personally got stabbed not that that's I mean that's not a great story but it was all over a doughnut. The ammunition Pete love and happiness over don't I'm not stabbing. And another guy try to buy doughnut and this guy's trying to do with drugs what the hell is happening steel site he's got the news four at 670. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW don't. 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. Well yeah Danny and renounce its case is news wins teammates. Thanks guys nice to corridors are giving us news and sports and it's a big day today. I dreamt. Headed. 80 wow did the and then call the feeling. And I. Kind of. A veteran mission it's thank you thank you. Don't hear us in the sun now via. Progress on key everybody progress you you don't singing new band you know oh good good no I did divert. In the shower and only in this hour it's an amazing stuff that is so bad. Let's talk about a 67 year old man. Who apparently got into an are you would his grandson and stabbed them blow at any armed life all because of a doughnut. Named Jose you lay out his twelve year old grandson. This is happening just outside Kansas City CS and doughnuts for breakfast Jose he wanted one. So today grandson can have one of the kids said no and I teach his kid bed sharing is caring. So Jose and apparently got really upset about that grabbed a knife instead the kid in the arm. Sixty doses neighbor's house they call the cops he's going to be fine yeah. Please don't like hey Jose with a hose going Rondell White used to having your grandson for a doughnut he says. I'm sorry for what I did go my grandson was being very disrespectful. And I just snapped. I can appreciate snapping Eminem music you can stab anybody but I can appreciate snapping over like you know young people just being jerks that are going to be just a few jerks your grandfather. There's three kids are no words don't. You do cut it up. That we ought to share and enjoy all different types of domino captain Kidd up instead that was there all going good that's not nice to be news to cut the donor and half not from the heart. I wasn't the only person in trouble because of donuts but I don't know if Florida were and got my name of Richard he was arrested because while. He went to Dunkin' Donuts okay coffee and doughnuts and streets allow this plan realize he had no money hello. Style might indicate today. He decided hey I'll trade you my prescription muscle muscle relaxant. For my Dunkin' Donuts items that is a deal is I need those words are your audio what daddy restaurant after a cashier said no we're not gonna do that. They called 911. They found Richard in charge of possession apparently there's really drags against it and all they weren't kids apparently visited prescription drugs man so he's got involved as I'd say those are awesome I bet that's a great deal what did donuts and a prescription drug while they're both I think it's a fair deal granted it's illegal trade drugs but if we were living in a world. A that would be a fair deal. It's a camp just saying that. Muscle elections rocks donuts Roch I like both could have both. You can do it in your heart muscle muscle or mock muscles you know emotional on the muscle relaxant and dad do you saw the hockey play man to topple muscle lesson when you've done a thought if your doctor says okay. Well I feel like you've got a chance. Yeah I'm sure you're right I said I've never liked any kind of pain med type stuff closes in payment this just shows you right the F now. Yeah I'm Soledad yeah do you know you like hey man as my go to bed or watch shows don't see a nice warm bath. A mobile bats they keep Falwell. I does he got ya know locker room you guys all have your own bubble bath yeah although we share one giant bubble bath. Fire I would hope so yeah. We've got whose feet don't clean themselves OK yeah. That's Taylor is Ayatollah. This guy and try to rob a bank and in the way that it ended this is hilarious these men in his fifth season went to a US bank branch in San Diego. He handed the teller a note saying it's a robbery and I want some cash. It's hard just like the big guys said no. Oh really and apparently on the mouth he turned around and walked out constant trying to find this guy. Worst bank robber ever how did you not NI I think they tell the tell us not to say now. Well there work this time. It's interesting tidbit of information about us top heavy unfortunately somebody passed away on Monday after cardiac arrest at the age 66. Of course whenever somebody in the music why I think you'll you'll prince died amid tight end up buying purple rain could have been streaming on apple music so that I guess somebody. So I understand why this happens and somebody dies odds I'm due wanted to. If you use wanna go and revisit their music a listen to it but check out how popular companies music has become since he passed away. It's gone up over 6200%. The biggest seller was up 286 free falling. This'll just a 111 top 54 died sold nearly 8000 copies on Monday it's amazing well I won't back down the next one. Off only sold 67 copies of the previous debut for a test right then sold 5700. On a Monday. And in my field someplace on Mary Janes last dance. So just over 5100 copy them and they compared to a 104 on Sunday it's so funny how we are as human beings you know it's like we're like winner here. We don't really enjoy it until that occurred just one of those things we we we can't get anymore we wanna get it as an LA art and obviously they news. The CDC got Barack all the time what can be passed away also and there campaigning score. It's ridiculous amount of evil music. Faces it's our way of paying tribute to the guys you know listen to a stop you're kind of you know. Go down memory lane and enjoyed the streets on the Tom Petty and our breakers out west and it's a way we deal with loss because we re just down the idea that. Persons not here anymore and we can't go see them climb anymore and what's the next best thing. Let's say no you you grieve by listening series format Jeff then copied I'm sure you're. Watching the baseball yesterday I was actually listening to the baseball game yesterday YI yeah because I was in transit but. It was amazing yeah NL wild card game yet the Diamondbacks take on the Rockies and the Diamondbacks won eleven to eight. So next several members of the in the face the Dodgers in the divisional round and everything starts tomorrow night all the playoff game for baseball startup. Now on tomorrow night my as far as whether 68 degrees and sunny thank you Matt industrial craftsman for giving us news and sports. I don't know what to make an audio suggesting it seem like god both welcome our games they did it knowing how to pitch very well. It's just like nobody could really just had because it's supposed to be shut down pitching. The government to take elaborate that's just doesn't shut down game yeah if it's football. And any yankees eventually had shut down pitching but they're starters did all the starters just could not get it together and every wild card game all four starters could not figure it out. That's crazy is that it is so crazy to think like this is the one and done most important game of your season you throw your best out there and they exceed any that just doesn't happen usually the pitchers dominate the day in the playoffs but not in the wildcard expressions and I mean I'm not he's people telling you are but I don't watch him and that most more often than not the wild card gives always seem to be like you know I a three did you are yeah you know forwarded to make. Nobody's going in scoring out eleven and eight runs in the game. Yes it's going to be interesting to see the Arizona Diamondbacks I think had a winning record they were one of only two teams that had a winning record against the Dodgers this year. How because the Dodgers are that good I mean they had that streak would prefer Wyman and you know the Dodgers are running away when it. But he had the Diamondbacks and the Rockies were the only teams that actually. You know had a shot and his eyes and Taiwan market let them is that there's adult lifetime yeah and Olivia I didn't Fernando Rania. Yes yes. I say so those guys are both there and that's always a Mattel is something that is always going to be a problem. Yeah if yeah if indeed Fernando Rodney gets out there that's the thing that scares the hell out of me because he's not as reliable as well. Which we know sometimes on reliable he can be. So that's going to be that's been interesting thing to see that game and that'll be happening mom would say tomorrow tomorrow get all the games tomorrow. Those games are today. You sure yeah. Well I know on your own Arianna you all tomorrow I know there's I believe the American League start by another the Astros Red Sox or this afternoon I don't mayor you have Boston used in game one today comment is a club my commitment only coming in today on the radio the other missiles in doing all the baseball games or tomorrow they gave me a bad stuff so liars they are a bunch of liars yes. So you radio New York Yankees and Cleveland today got to Boston Houston today as well. Yeah has so that'll be liquids on your watching that obviously and the Yankees Cleveland in the of course I guess plus I will I you know I would watch the Yankees Cleveland game because that's an interest me. Cleveland looks just unbeatable I mean at this point I feel they've they might be the best team in baseball right now so we'll say. We'll see what happens bloody hot yesterday Steve. Not able to get this one right in the human body which glands produce adrenaline and just listen to morale boost now. Resigned he lands know the guys you and cash. I thought about. We will look at perjury and that was or looking to add some never really give you act. Americans are. They know it's funny because I didn't get it either and it is adrenaline. You know and I noted I felt so stupid that I did not know that either add to that they've reacted thanks Brad that I hope we never did that question goes on get it wrong every time I'd like to think I could keep now one of the bank. I don't do listening yet but another thing is is that I decide for some dancing on being a quiz show and take a blank comes up and I don't know why because I've heard some great answers on non B maize and if I don't remember these are only so mad at myself. Joseph six sports what are. Played really make 647. On Iraq today's podcast is brought to you by bankruptcy attorney Travis Gagne and he's ready to answer your questions about bankruptcy. Travis is in truth if you file for bankruptcy once you can't file again. Even if you file bankruptcy before you can almost certainly file bankruptcy again. Different types of bankruptcies have different I'm limits between five. In chapter seven full bankruptcy. You can only found shelter several once every eight years. However you can always almost always file a chapter thirteen case doctors through Jeanne cases can be filed. I immediately following is chapter seven. They can be found immediately following your prior chapter thirteen case chapter thirteen is a reorganization plan so there will be some type of monthly payment. It's based on your budget your ability to afford grad payment so chapter thirteen is an option and almost all cases even with the prior bankruptcy filing. Thanks travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just discuss any time at choose the right chatter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.