BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-05-17-7A: What odd tradition did you have growing up?

Thursday, October 5th

Beat Migs. A Reddit conversation asked people what odd traditions their family had growing up. Luke warm topic. 

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It's easy to move it's almost tears Saturday and Sunday October 21 and 22 at the century link field events center. It is bigger is better in 2017. You're taking your once again gives you all access to play everything you jam an old school guy can I play some retro games to the retro games are also man. Totally and I'm looking forward to that yeah all your fun and just out of old school arcade games is selfish style oh yeah and also. How about this one barred cage I'm not an arcade. I'm no mathematician but we knew when Jordan Mario landed in the words in the letter. He voted into the market I turn on so let me drink going retro gaming chair and take your pick of several pixelated classics and of course get the album four seasons golf. You watching each one if always simple go to GE two dot live the letter G the letter even number two GE T two dot lives. Saying man. Name them. Yes sure is. Well yeah. My six makes his second victory for Steve. Former might tease like you think your Harkin does that's all really like it it's its amazing they do you have that has occurred in LA and we've gotten Jacob in Belmont to take on Steve Jacob are you there are certain. Excellent what's planned for today Steve tickets in the WWE smackdown that's happening on. October 17 that the Key Arena go to KI SW dot com from the did he gets now Ticketmaster dot com Aristide gave back I had a. I had. For those playing at home Jacob will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jacob you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question are you ready and he does. What term for a bigfoot creature comes from the singer Alicia Indian word meaning wild man. While it's now it's time to react lurks at all. Now least. Hurt. Now it's what kind of animal is the title character in the children's show our dessert. Are now. Let's let's let's look for Turks know connect play forum Tehran is it hard bar yeah adds what is the PO box. Posts well now what six postal no ghosts yes. Typically what color for instance Peter Griffin in Family Guy where teens yeah adverse. Vijay as Disney stock symbol for what bookstore. No idea that's. Who uttered the line there's no crying in baseball and a league of their owns Tom Hanks as. John Jacobs and what are you are nearly twenty tends to be action movie kick ass come out of the blue. There are just one mile a minute now it's ten. And minions is a 2050 prequel to watch film franchise just a gloomy as the famous Shakespeare line is double double toil and watch. Trouble yeah as 1234567. Vicki you get seven correct but I would've had time to go back I would've gone the red. Yeah you just hang up on bigotry and I don't reject go to Abdullah that wow I don't know I think he she get to hear Jacobs first. They see should get to enjoy this wonderful that's the okay I'm AJ could be everything to save mr. may eggs. Really hurts. Syria's close where. It's yeah it's taken the chicken and hurts yeah this is so. Vicky stepped in. It's questions so it's not going to be you know first USC have a game to play here higher turnouts and now whoever wins will just get take the colors on that at battle we're doing what I can you dig him that's a good gifts that the you've played a good day sir hello. Are all dude we're on the air you can say that just now there are now I don't and I say yeah I think he's funny yeah and it's not expect no less from someone from Omar. Oh wow yeah well I don't play there's an automatic Dong a new roosters okay I'm project I'm sorry but I guess we've got to let you go sir I was gonna say you should get to be played four bucks. So the world's not loving aren't there weren't hurt you that's and that's it. Denied those guys are good luck Steve Martin chief Brent Heath. How grass and what term for a big foot. And I'll just ask watch you ask what kind of animal as the title character in the children's show Arthur. Our dog knows it's her it is our cat now. Merge down those what does that he stands for and PO box. Post asks typically what color Teamsters Peter Griffin wearing Family Guy blue now scream yes that's the case as is the stock symbol for which bookstore. Barnes & Noble asked did you know uttered the line there's no crying in baseball in a league on my own yes. What year of the early twenty tends to be an action movie kick ass come out. 2011 Nelson twice while no. Please send you ads minions is 82015. Prequel to which film franchise called me ask a famous Shakespeare line is doubled doubled toil and watched bubble now doubled to yes. Which comments pet parasite can jump 200 times the length of its own bodies. Man cricket now it's in and no. Bird it's a bird isn't Ted parasite yes hello unchecked. No I don't know what do you 345678. You win eight test Saturday and un are Mickey past year I started. Hear the excuses. This chicken back out you're simply not the best Saturday night stands. I would like to save more than nod today. You've come out besides CC are tied with him. You lost class time back and say out of an immediate she is she should I think he's JFK. You did get Diaz. Are it's what how many thirty yards are there they'll OK she's the damage they'll would you ever guess that I wouldn't. Probably not now they're coming in that are doors and explorer right so I mean we you know it's a few humans you know she's a human I don't know if you go by I'm saying names it's like like to Brandi kinda things you really I just you know I don't know voting and aardvarks. The common pet parasite. That that can jump 200 days later with this body says good things about Lulu. Now because she doesn't have these them both please ask yes she did she's lucky she doesn't fleas that's good just pure. So she's cute little Erica I want toppled. Congratulations Steve you know with eight current added you're a dog missed but the FAA out of the bit. That's a caller I guess what you are checking out WW smack down a Key Arena collar number eight. And that's happening out her seventeenth 206421. Rock. Earlier talking about Tom Petty and of course Tom actually wrote his own epitaph in 1981. She's been eradicated it. No she's very you know and as a long time ago so it says today after us to reflect on yourself and say okay what would what your epitaph speak. I'm can all learn from Tom Petty doesn't just do something and just we don't fit and not over think it because I think every year retain my epitaph like it depending on the year I feel I could do you know what I'm just I've had it. Rev is annoying and I'll be my epitaph weakness not not really annoying but like maybe one day you pissed me off I didn't matter he needs. That I had similar to what if that was your epitaph forever like with Tom Petty he did in their power and chickens. I that he really like rock and roll seems to be is epitaph com. He says quote I used to have all these soul searching nights where I'd lie awake and think when it's all over. All you can leave behind is the records that's all the FE you're doing. You can talk about money or fame or whatever gets you off. But all of its last is the records. And quote from Tom Petty and he did he really really like rock tomorrow. So he's he's is that it never is he really likes rock and roll well that's what it says here wow yeah which I don't you know I guess that's. Mom I guess that's true I mean you know that's today at the end of the day he really like Iraq are also much emitted a business he made it a career. He loved a lot of bands that he uses an influence from self and made a good career doing and need Joel your beat. How many unscented CR one sentence let's address that. I hope I helped. That's kind of see why don't supposed to be yeah yeah millions mines and unity is deep yeah I know I could try to go comedy but I mean I do really hope that I helped him I was still. Yeah. That really frankly. That's been my epitaph because it's like that's gonna happen a lot of my grave for big keys in my may be very alive. Very alive I'll hum yes. Don't be at cheers eat pizza every one. I'm so as as as I Danny Manning calculates who damned if you are you gonna put ED ons pizza from if from New Mexico Lake Huron maiden. And now be stupid don't want to ET on its. Who are patrolling daily about right Deion speeds which probably is awesome and probably is awesome but I refused every didn't it bothers Danny I was gonna bring you the pizza making kit X ten minute and a they have and you designated. Eat your words. You know already the pizza and awareness towards the Fed Rembrandt here without that probably wasn't a far. Yeah. I cannot tell us. Honestly that that they you know whoever has got I like to exhume him automatic zoom hamburgers I like I'm Obama him and all that stuff you see it's all just built up car I am god you know they say when you die you evacuate. You bring your your fouls and evacuate they won't be still and so I intend to do what he's got I mean the nastiness of Graham when he die easy and the Bruins there you know I imagine that's. I have I wonder if anybody wanna do it doesn't snow you know let's just thrown in the fields. I've been good for all eyes are definitely different electoral in the fields. I so we have a new controversy NFL Ali a female reporter asked Cam Newton a question at his press conference yesterday. And he told her it was funny to hear a woman talk about football. The woman's name is Jordan she covers the cancers regularly for. For her Charlotte newspaper and here's how went down. You may not a lot of pride in being your receivers playing well then I guess if you really embrace the fatality. His drafts and it's. Funny to hear female talk about it routes right. So yeah. Yeah you know I don't know how Cam Newton didn't have something go off in his brain to say that's really stupid to say. I'd be more to this Maria she's been recovering his team for awhile. That's why all of a sudden you're gonna do a menace I am female I mean he really. A paycheck each step back on this and it and I Arnold. Do you cannot sit female I mean you really did save that's. Yeah no hell's gonna I don't know what would've prompted that response. And even if he bought out that he was in 2017 of twenty you know I got right I guess so I'm looking at her page on Twitter. This is I don't think it's funny in quotes to be if you don't talk about routes I think it's my job and it's on answer another question. I white talking about this on social media I'd people who compound because she's upset. This is that I spoke with him after. And it was worse I choose not to share because I'm an actual job to do today and one he will not keep me from. I feel like you must be an issue we've made do you think maybe he has issues reserve because some music in Jupiter and I think it's right for him to be out but. They just seems very odd that you just throw that out there I I know Steve I. I have no idea what's going on in his head you're right there's going to be I'd love to know what motivated him to make that statement. And as far as her going on social media. He's said that in a press conference that everybody can hear so in my opinion I think she has every right to go wanna go hey this guy isn't you know whatever she wants a safe for the enemy net. That's it let's. Embarrassing thing to say it's something that women who really love the sport have been dealing middle and I remember 1015 years ago I complained about women can invading the games that I loved. These are ten to fifteen years ago it was new it was odd it was unfamiliar to me. But fifteen years later on my minds and change because a lot of great women who do a great job and I can't remember this woman's name but. She was covering the wild card game for the Yankees are Jessica she works for ES. Can always forget her last name since we gave you know now she's and they got a lot of great weren't. Including I can't take care unless they genre today what's your name Mendoza yes Jessica Mendoza and she's I think she's been doing it for maybe two to two to four years she's been on all look like. The national ESPN baseball games inside baseball whatever. And I like her better than some of the other guys they have and have proof I think Jessica does a great job she's a play softball so I know she knows the sport. And you know what it's 27 teen there are women that really love the games. And are knowledgeable enough just is in the village she is knowledgeable as any other idiot who's a sportscaster who thinks they know the game better than the people that play I mean that videos she's she can be lumped together with those folks led. Not if she's a female that I. Guess there on the PR guys trying to success of course alias is director of communications and a team said an odd dad died from camp spoke. Would. The lady and had a conversation or expressed regrets for using these words. But then Jordan responded by saying yeah he didn't apologize. At all. And some services they got it it's a minority maybe just think it's funny to hear reporters talk about routes and things like I. Meg you know doesn't seem right here Digisette I think it's funny that reporters are talking about the X is a nose but you guys know you're talking about I can respect that I I would imagine these players sometimes that's just they've they've rolled their eyes when. People in the media think they know what's going on and gain as an update on a one time somebody was critical of a play that just Embree did. Couple years ago a local sports guy and just like where are twitters he's terrible Obama Bobble it turns out that. What Brit was doing was absolutely right it was another guy and the team that didn't cover a certain things properly but you know what they're watching as a fan and you look easy old bricks got Columbine but who they know the way to the plan the scheme was whose. He wasn't in enough position to be gone my whatever it may be so. I can enjoy some players get annoyed when reporters think he knows the game as well as they do but yeah data series I find it funny reporters you'll see female. Yeah exactly. Exactly and it sounds like he is. On the mindset this what he sounds like a the mindset of a lot of dudes who think that women have no place. And certain male activities and very guys up there is still feel that way. And I get it if you felt that way 1015 years ago I get a 'cause it was you know did the women were still relatively new. To doing compensating in being in the Booth and reporting. Here I get it. But it's 2017 you have to figured out by now Cam Newton is a part of what life is like him as a lot of great women who do know their ass. And core cool. That's the other thing they're you know they're cool with the idea that they don't make it like Natasha making this a pain in the ass experience for me there women go I love the sport and they hang with the only broke down the deal and end and that's why bring up Jessica Mendoza. She's great in the Booth enemy prisoners they grew BJ ICG's review on women broadcasting. Yes she's awesome and she is there are other women that I've not liked to have tried to go do certain things and and and net and the sports that I love and I've been vocal about it went. Jessica Mendoza man you know and and more more I'm seeing more of the eggs Jessica Mendoza examples when it comes to women and sports coverage. Then what I've seen before. So. I I think it's awesome and I think feel that the women that women have figured it out Matt respect and I think it's not awesome they Cam Newton hasn't figured it out. That's I mean he's a high profiles are not addressed himself men are we expecting him to figure out how to talk to and I properly thought he just recently says he's been wearing these days well you know there are guys that can pull stuff off Steve that I know you look fashionable but you and I would look like idiots I agree. I think looks idiotic but for some reason when you're good looking man. He had nanny cam knows a good looking man. He didn't get nearly the guy can where doughnuts all over his body and that's it and you know what he looked at it. And me you could dress me in anything and I look like you know what I just got hit by a truck. ISI and became known in that respect I don't know man that looks like prince throughout posts like Robert Glaser looks like the actor Larry Glover and now when they're Driving Miss Daisy he's got that like the old school has just eleven glasses yeah it's. I don't mess I guess. Men and meet on the Imus is a guy getting that are the same thing every day yes but not Robert Glover Danny Glover I'm sorry pat and I did an outstanding though wasn't what it was more deliberate he looks like yeah I live you're all right right place. Who drove miss daisy Heatley looks like urgently he looks like. It was a Morgan Freeman drove miss daisy. But he has a Danny Glover look I have ever seen Danny Glover look like that's Morgan Freeman yeah he looks more like Danny Glover in that picture to me. And it's like the old man I don't know I saw Danny Glover movie were sound ideal man and it looks like that guy from Darren miss daisy and so it looks like Danny Glover. More on his announced what did we go to guy from lethal weapon right yes yes that's what looks like I'll accept don't think any of wore glasses like damn lethal weapon. Or hack. It looks mostly like an eagle on the square son Danny Glover and a movie like he was a farmer something and he looked like he had that outfit I've by members in my mind probably I dutifully lost civility I think a young boy either way ever tell this story. He's got to figure it out. I I'm just envious of candor because I've done a pretty good actually. I disagree I don't see that's thing he's promoting him to say good looking men can look good in anything and just journalists real. Hey Steve you go over an odd family tradition as you not gonna believe what some people should. When they are all about and at 717 mob around. And they X mornings. On the rock I mean nine point nine KI SW. 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle. Well you heard us talk about oh the Amazon echo the dot they go all sorts of cool things that's basically Alexa driven and around. And they've got to. They've got Amazon's Alexa that they put him a lot of their vehicles including pathfinder's. An Altima and Maxima some outs and it's in the car with you. Awesome I'm so excited about that. Dude that's good that's going to be we're not talking here coronary to do things for you I know somebody Jerry ray did and I saw YouTube videos about that so like I was waiting for some car company to finally come out. And here's the fascinating thing is that. This is a decision that people are going to make you know Steve when in fact they drive their cars is that you know but when I buy a car. Is what's in there not so much even at the cars are good car. Doesn't have my echoed doesn't have Carr played as that Google play. That's a decision up they gonna be even more so hated the car drive well what's the JD power rating I would resorted Diaz then the speakers on the outside. You Kearney really alike said. Don't tell that driver to go out Fox News talk and actually it's okay. I won it's always allies are now saying I follow all yeah I did it without CME and you have like that like the old speakers and Gallinari. I am PA highlight that's. All right so if she if you're right person maybe saw this great online chat or someone asked this question. What was a tradition in your house when you were a child that you thought everyone did it. But then later you found food this was weird it's unique we were notices is this is a named Norma. Family tradition. I have an almost too good ones yeah yeah I do oral food based I I doubt everybody at the end of the night it was handed a copy of pistachio nuts. And that was it treats. So Colin how I was a simple him. It is back when the satin Mets were read some image and dread oh I forgot about it read nods I know I miss though I don't listen because there are just insists stupid disease of red fingers in music you can get it off but. Arab go to my buddy's house simply haven't sleep over and I'm just sit there and kind of waiting. You're watching TVM look at every one of my four point oh we get our possession Honda costs it's a hustle piling into my brother my body presently Heyman. When we lose essential Matsuzaka to holy talking about. I mean I was 25 at the time yeah volume meaning that's 24 years are great addition to your house allowed minutes of the link that I visited. It has shipped to other markets they rod rarely gets past him that is they why would we have size and that's never adds that. Any explain it and she just looked BI goes crazy. It's an image that is the bizarre you just make those assumptions because that's what happens yeah I concede that yet because the nightly tradition is Malawi judge Dixie cups predicted that the won the Arnold outlaw yeah yeah C cup once. Fill out because it takes you wanna give us a bunch of pistachio nuts because you know. Now there are cheap storage did not keep down there well you can yell so we all had a very little Dixie cup recession that's my brother my dad name. It's funny. That is so funny like how does that become a dessert tradition in their house. My mom I just those you are nuts and his wife and everybody is they okay this is our thing ya do you guys do regulators are until. Are just the nuts. An audio video you eat whatever you want storm very healthy at this I screamed yes to be dessert ice cream volatility is listening you're not in some times at midnight if I was so hungry I get but it doesn't oven pizzas. Damn I like your house Obama rocks dude. I love well I love a momma slay gal anytime you want food on the euphoria yes I had so much have no matter who she was like she's like cupcakes dealer loan I think. Yeah so that's weird I'm not crazy weird but this doubly weird it. This one person says on credit my mom throws water on our first day she throws water on our first day of school. Like we would walk through the door on the first day of school should throw water from a couple. Into the lawn she Yugoslavian and apparently it's a tradition former youth it's a closely symbolizes cleansing from your past. So you you walking to school and she's throws water on the lawn Mao. I'm sure your neighbors are you guys are normal yeah sure that's the thing you know wow. I think this is awesome because I know we all have unique traditions that are just ours. And yet like you Steve we probably had no idea that we were the only ones doing it. Theresa and her mom is passed it onto my dad because they're an aphrodisiac. Wow I'll. I didn't know that he. And Daniel. Maybe that was his deal he's like you know I have a demy what do you mean you guys they don't need to give teenage boys and down January oh yeah I guess their own issues with MS rice for the next few hours trying to do scrambled a TV success is down in my bedroom. And his Oscar red fingers. To a six fortune right that's not a new issue to those 642 Iraq Texas 77999. Based on its threading conversation what our tradition did you have grown up. Or growing up and we'll take your calls and take your texts after imagine dragons on the Iraq. And the next morning it's. Now nine point nine K I guess tell you. I point nine KI SW Barack I was Seattle's. So I read it had a discussion about the ought Stanley traditions that you when your kid you thought they were normal turns out they were pretty unique maybe even weird. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Let's go to crystal and lake Stevens crystal you are on the Iraq. Hello BLO crystal welcome to the show. I. And still win Iowa that tiled the Lehigh Easter Egg Hunt. Like normal. But then after the Easter egg salad overturned a case of the go hire a bunch of beer than adults and out of your current. They saw the belts had you high gear. Yeah how old do you remember how how young you were when you started doing this week. As I long and I can remember. And I had. Annual tradition and. Yeah that's I mean that is. It's kind of fine I mean in a way you know enemies Easter fun I don't care. You admire that says you know we get that hired them and let mere diplomatic cold beer and they're like dying cannot upstairs. My year and one of my cousin has kind of extreme and headed out the trade. And that's all we're still mad when they cannot find it and gas. Yes that's her right now have a bunch of drunk people trying to climate treaty and fosters the guys Ravi I don't think Australia last few dare you hours then it. He had the client out there and get a downpour and says yeah yeah yeah make rulings because kids are a lot more as child nozzles closely you have to go I would argue the beer hybrid is day asks all the underground dale best of his daddy's not Kleiman. Allen had no no under the Dag nab you like yeah yeah. I remember that go wherever families that for eastern that's a great idea because I mean this is not fun forward to all you think blew it dead the deer hunt for you heard Yasser nicely I don't think so I can't lack of Toms makes it difficult for at a higher beer. That's right tries. I. I threw it to be this Friday night strategies through and hide beer. But there would be OK if you're just watching kids open up Easter eggs and Darryl dressed up and their Easter outfits but as an adult is it fun. Easter I've got to tell you this is something switch is a new window in the when you have your own kids they're not stupid stuff doesn't seem stupid anymore I did prior to that I was totally on your page no you're right I would imagine Q to educate open up an egg. Yeah because they're just so you know a special. The younger they are trying to and then eventually they get you know they de LA I guess that old awkward stage really you know I maybe should be doing Halloween any now are maybe you should be VA hunt anymore. My mom seniors 32 years old it's time to stop asking Judy Easter egg yeah my dad's an Easter egg how when I was 200 who. He really wanted to do it sees like I got the exact gun free kids I hit them go find them and you are you on your brother have got to do that I mean he was my rose about nineteen to money and I was just drag a bonnet and have an Easter basket and I know we did a basket. And I think this is my dad trying to really get a hold onto our child and it was really excited about it and really until we got excited because he was excited to get to talk rabbit would dollar out chocolate and loan but we did get deliciously the little Hershey's Kisses Easter ones those are good. Then. To no chocolate no cash you guys. Yeah you into the company cash thanks you guys I don't remember getting cattle you get older like we wish we will because my wife likes to still get baskets for the kids and you'll do it every Easter anymore but. She Stew she likes to still do that but you guy go hunting rabbits as candidly I mean maybe they would probably decent test the open that up now see that the trick was they put like five or ten dollars and we are kids and there's like ten kids. In one big. And the one kid that's found it was a lucky gets all the kids go strand. I know ten dollars gaffe for that long can they get attacked my only other kids got a mighty dumb there may not happen lord of the Easter flies right out there. But the sexism myself in a Stanley towel. The soon napkins at dinner we passed out hand towel white prehensile mouse we were disgusting human beings out. Let's check you with a row of the city any traditions that are weird. I my favorite tradition was. In this is the whole family I keep doing it now is we do Christmas stockings but in edition that everybody will do them for our paths is wax. I don't know I'd feel right about that I think a lot of people do that I have lose got a stocking cap OK Alex thought it was weird because whenever I would go or heard any friends houses or anything they would look at me like I was a weirdo because we would have pet stockings and I would ask where there's war relay yeah but you know it's interesting because I feel like day that that's what people do I know we even we have one for our dog not a total and on Christmas morning its on the winds blew open her presents that. Not a cereal that means he is excited magic paws that it used is it food are some anger intrigues there's always taught K I just feel like our dog I didn't really as underdogs wanted to treat Zardari. That's all I want as a human disappointment. Behind you look at and those territories Vicky. All options. Assange and don't judge when Texas and in my music through their teeth we lost his kids on the roof of the house toward upheaval against children. Whoa or witchcraft does that seem again a lot of. They wanna they really come from some you know let let like some old school old country tradition might the other Yugoslavian mom. Who threw the water on the front lawn because it is going off to school to basically clean cleanse you from your past. A summary and read a row we came home from school my sister and I had to run a lap around our neighborhood. I had no idea other kids never did this and exclusive was used to used to to get my sister and I to burn energy so my mom and have to play with a smile is much outside. What you know it's interesting that's what you do with dogs they say that you know if you get if a dog fight exercise is not so yet been so. Our mounting. Yes we Americans I'd make you hate kids. I guess isn't all parents should go play outside yeah the hole was illegal played tag go right around your bicycle that we were you come home rule exhausted. It's a great idea and we'll you know they have tribalism and alleges is going wander around anymore. And where that idea I used to be really tired right at all because you know we were an all over the place doing stuff and now yea you know you can't even go outside without you know love monitor. Numbers as we've done enough adult Easter egg hunts with our kids we got the eggs and put little bottles of alcohol movie tickets and now the green stuff. Simpson's legal call. That's good Easter right there that's the funny Easter and a bull's dude yeah. Did you do that I wonder if that's a thing I want posited that the young man he did he know those edible chocolate eggs Burris got some great and that did make. Edible peeps. If you don't mean. She's in makes yankees right the twinkies I tell you they've got to make some sort of animal Pete. Yeah they don't have to deal yeah. Agree people the green people yes it's totally it's greens are you know older is that kind of Easter treats could taste in my mom won't only makes us Swedish pancakes I went to a friend's house. If they had regular pay case the first time I was really confused I don't know a Swedish pancakes are I don't know we might have no I don't have a my demise in the minutes tops on how to have Swedish pancakes. Why why would just his pancakes here. Well listen very Scandinavia area. Both welcome yeah Demi did there was a there was a there was a place on Mercer Island and it's not there anymore the Alpine the Alpine cafe. This Swedish pancakes yeah those those are some they're really got to know that patties eggs nests hasn't talk. Yeah then they look like kind of blitzes and her own way right yeah yeah there are cradles yes. For a little burritos. Breakfast burritos the right way over payments and a I know so I know I've had no long instilled McCree yeah yes I'm listening okay well he spent. Vicki you have any weird family traditions other than other than my nice isn't it true. There is a couple of president my grandparents to come to visit Philly nears. My grammar would make this eat twelve eggs at the show good midnight Eric while they are a great excuse me. You had to meet a really fast because that's different yes but you coach David silver eggs that I was and patio and review an ambassador who lit the outing you Betty that a second. Ten graves there's supposed to signify like one who wish per month of the year. And then we're supposed to putter suitcases I say the door or taken outside. Because that's supposed to signify that you're going to be traveling along the feet the year to come. I assume that's what you wanna do yes thank you don't travel much relevant characteristic changes here and we had a better. She used by the Christmas tree on Christmas because so Santa Claus could put our shoes on our presence we knew who's present long because when I think back in the day when he and have a whole lot of money for presents. They would collect the small gift since my issue then. So are like that so now know liberals against either Canada something I guess save money man huge issues how that's very bizarre. Men you worked and dynamite show. And and just. My shoes awesome putt. Fight that's. Coming soon and you children's book my shoes on a bite after sound like your children's right. My issues I'm buying got to be brilliant and talk about these Mexican traditions. Especially about I've gimmick and that's not a horrible idea. Maybe they can get Jonathan Elster and illustrated where he's RD or successful children's book guy from the Deadliest Catch you believed to be an undue influence of payments in the hospital doesn't like he did what his children all right if someone's got to do it okay I know how crazies that he put out a great book. Because he was he was based on is up on tax ages had some sharp recently created children book death on duty influence did a good job to every one yeah I really did not fuel on the lead. I the rock and roll hall of fame. They got their nominations they've been announced so let the battle begins you'll go why did these guys yet nominated Willamette show publisher who got the nod. At 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. 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