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Thursday, October 5th

A drunk man told cops that he is a time traveler sent back by aliens who filled him with alcohol. A wife yells at her husband for buying lottery tickets as he wins a million dollars.


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Well nominees for the next rock and roll hall of fame class were just announced so here we go. A better Shiite it's it's a bittersweet thing because I don't think you should be called the rocker hall of fame anymore. Because it's just music to music hall Amy out I think we add at this point I hope people get past the fact that there will be hip hop groups there will be Disco artists there will be. Pop artists are all gonna go into the rock and roll hall of fame because this is that the music offering. And I'm reconciling now because of the fact I like the fact it's the rock and roll hall of fame rice agrees John raw and it's been a big part of my in my radio career my entire life so it's like I wanna keep the name. And yet I'll be happy with the just letting anybody it. I like this it's it. Bittersweet can I enjoy it because it's fun to see the bad now I'm at a point where I'm seeing the bands that I grew up listening to. Getting the nod because for the longest time I think care about any of the pins are going into Iraq office from minus a couple you know obviously there's some classics at dot. Now it's like you're getting them Iran as the pearl jams the other Metallica's. That's me is pretty cool now to be able to see the bands that I I grew up loving but the British two parties it's also make me feel really old together. In order to be nominated into Iran Ralston reactive. Mad about your first released 25 years ago. Guys that not 1992 is the newest album you could have an hour hit like the whole yeah all rock era like the best. I still contend that the seven he's our rock music was my greatest terrorist for rock. And in the ninety's all rock era was one of the greatest terrorist Iraq I can't argue with that since it was created a great a lot of one hit wonders but those one hit wonders I still keep telling your closing time my semi sonic. Yeah I don't care too good soon it's a great song are not going all fame I understand that but I thought I saw him. Yeah so here we are here we go through and I I and I wonder if you would argue and anybody Steve. Hi I just don't think can I don't think you would affect nothing if not Radiohead. Which are you them. Some Q and did I hate to use the last job I. I don't mean hate announce I used to love radio had those first three records arm boom three of my favorite albums but they just got too weird for my own good then. And I get it. I understand that you artistically you do what you wanna do I can't progression for that and force used as a mused out there that can add that radio advice but still. Bright poppy. Hooks me no good notes on their song itself but they didn't yet they deserve to be in all things. It's trying to you know is that the Sugar Ray sickness where you know they're they're they're they somebody writes a song that's a real popular song but really isn't indicative of what the band is more what they think they should be. How they are saying to do like I counties compare those two at all than it sure yet you're right they believed were a heavy heavy rock band diverted sugary. For unlimited terms song that became hits in his or more songs that radio and on the other hand. We're writing songs are hugely successful and into society completely changed their style become big group dance. That's all I did it's like to do so is that what they always wanted to be but they wanted to make some money first or as that is all natural evolution I think it was a natural evolution mostly for their singer but I think the rest have been kind of fell in line with it is while they're they're very unique in a very artistic and even those. Early albums were catchy but there were weird they just kept going more towards the rear of so are you okay want them made nominated okay they deserve to be Rage Against The Machine hundreds via. How do you yeah I I totally agree with that I'll secure the next I hope to begin dolphins and that forces them to get back together again. We certainly when we seen that that doesn't always work and click done some one offs SI and made like each other side there's any beef between any of the members they just. They have their own view is that still his own thing in. The rest of the guys I'll be entertained so I would I would I would be shocked. More so than any other vanity and get together and perform at all things yeah yeah. Think you have to don't Johnny for crying out loud I mean it's clear chance yeah and it's the pinnacle I'm sick lately. I would people just go I don't know about the hall of fame and stuff like that I'm hoping is different than Mikki awards ceremony this is like look the best of the best of the best. And you know we were nominated for the radio hall of fame a year ago and eight to me I was like that's unbelievable I'm now whenever I don't wanna be in this group it's a popularity contest is like no man this amazing new easier to have my name. I was shocked who I don't even know there was a radio hall fame here we got nominated together high have to admit I don't Diallo wasn't too sure about that even I saw some of the big names are not there. I don't say okay. I'm being serious I didn't know but don't when I found out and then we did the researchers like whoa yeah. That it was shocking just because you've even though we enjoyed it it would just to be nominated was beyond humbling deck has pretty much everybody in the hall of fame. Is an artistic I we get to save their artistic giant of their genre. I mean that's what the that's you to look at that as opposed to the popular songs of the daylight Grammy sometimes as. We've got done Bon Jovi I'm shocked they're not any yet I understand that some people have. Put their nose up in the air to museum Bon Jovi but how you deny the success that they had to stand they said they have and hostile sing it every time you're living on a prayer don't sing it well dumb I love that song and it's a rock song. You can't deny that so I mean to me they deserve to be in there are just as much as I mean his Dresser with the name of the museum. They sure deserve to be in there I'm really surprise of the night in there yet. Depeche Mode not a huge fan but I know many people are. I and their hard core I a couple of songs that I can't I can't hit neither of us have family here and that's the thing you know there is that there are people who is iTunes. Sings I would enjoy if you stop one. I yeah. I'm with you on Depeche Mode but I have a buddy of mine just is crazy about them like he's obsessed the out to this day and a site Eric did his own music scum miles an hour. Judas Priest OK another one shot down there and that are not in the hall came out that is surprising to me right they did so I mean it. Hi that's very surprising a success and be influence yeah they had such a huge influence on on the hard rock genre. Since they've been popular yet so many bands will attribute the music of Judas Priest is being said today even made a wanna play music made him wanna go down that direction musically. How do you not give them enough this one I eight totally believe I don't know if anyone's going to be an agreement would make the cars. I I wanna haircut and I would have a fight over this ban I know they were not good life I know that there but this is about why exactly excited and and they wrote great songs and they bridged the gap and I mean they were a fusion of new wave in Iraq. They are able to bridge that which is not bad for the time making up most importantly they gave almost ugly do you hope that maybe if you could do some people believe yes I'm glad it. You can get a supermodel. Graco Casey got her own the horse go out and look I know strike going over your head Danny but do an Internet search of Paulina Porizkova. And then also look over the case again and you'll understand like this. That gave us all hope. Always kid I don't know about you but I -- being younger and design a game Amir may like on the irony and you wanted to do all I just thought on it was a pair of sunglasses all SS IW receiver Koren on the sunglass ago must be the fact that sunglasses must make a locals she does look like praying mantis Paulino is you know I've won at certain move in Raleigh that word the poster and their through. Besides there are Fossett yet Pollyanna I was obsessed with Paulino as a teacher is huge and now Gallagher said she hears you look and I think they're still together. I think so to death so I mean good for them. Yeah that's a picture of them when they're older and did you still strange no hot yeah and he still experience. It's a look more more like Paul McCartney. Meets Howard Stern yeah you're right he still looks better than me constant god he's my Yang always my age or older and he still looks better than me off. Even though he's afraid he's a freakish looking man he still experimental tourism rock Ralston c'mon Steve c'mon its creed GR. Hello how that's awesome no person still novatel ice. Yeah up until they bring to organize an altered in this multi means nothing this next one is big it's interesting because they've they've even in one of their songs talk about how people don't like them. Because they're not a rock and roll band and that would be dire straits due today and I think sultans of swing was where they talked about you know we only need horn's name is brandy and are away we have to repay the money for nothing in the to get a bit off you know that's on the -- they deserve to be in the hall of fame they're great and ordinary great jazz band I mean I distrust is an amazing yes I was on jazzy at all. You know what it was a rock song we'll explore it was a right no doubt about it now but if you listen to it though it's got a good groove to it you know do you ME 88 it's totally got the rose asked do you want to thank you. Gigi murdered during UG GQ you still had Sanders jazzier dirty sound to it I thought I let something on the town jays since this is. A good will get our thanks to what they're hoping to accomplish at that sound like we want to vibrator sound good. The ladies who sounds nice and are making great sound LL cool. LO. Cool jays unplugged performance on loan that is one of the greatest things when he did mama said knock you out in the had a full backing band yeah. And he says he's given it all at the MTV unplugged these. I'll never been such distinctive visual by I'll never forget these these just young he's joked he's he's singing at the double policing in in two microphones and he's just aggressively killing it. And that he puts his arms up he's got like a white deodorant marks on his armpits and like oh man apostle. You ever much like a bad look volume totaled Gruber cuts could businesses that lives is the twentieth may yeah but now I love L cool. If you're gonna and again we've sirens often send my let's forget that is rock of all famous these are called game. I got I was such a huge part of the of the beginning of hip hop. I can't argue with that. Yeah you can argue with that this X once I'm glad to explain to me but because my memory of them is that they won't pretty much a one hit wonder if you ask me maybe maybe two to three hit wonder may be but. I don't know the one song and it was during my hey day where they live in an inning when I was in my twenties the remix. I did they have done I did they do that much. I don't know anything about fury makes other than make their hit and I remember they played the EMP grand opening and I thought there going to be awful and it they were actually really get mentally I think Atlantic's is that incredible yes maybe I don't know much about them beyond the hit I was looking on like they knew you're gonna say this and I was thinking you know sweet dreams because that is an amazing the song I the only other one that I recognize and loves them I guess I don't I is here comes the rain again that's a good Simba but that's only tune. I don't nasty thing did that would qualify for a rock and roll hall where Danny I Kassel feel if he's in later on we'll bring this back up from 9 o'clock hour we'll look at their greatest hits and this is Enrico of the greatest hits. And others into another songs and I she says she's glad I love her voice. And I know Dave Stewart gets a lot of accolades but I still don't know anything else about tempted to think that they would. Is that enough of a catalog to be in the hall of fame don't yet to have a body of work is it just because of Annie Lennox in the the stuff that she's done beyond that I feel like I'm ignorant because I mean I can't believe they just have put somebody in their stated no ice on every huge fan base. I don't understand it but I know when I saw them fit the place is going knots and it wasn't just for that one song ice. But yeah I don't get them at all and lastly the Moody Blues which Shia domain no there's no doubt about it I'm not a huge Moody Blues fan but they have a great body of work I'm not a huge fan base and they were. And I think a lot of people consider them instrumental too with what they added to the world's worst host Jane's Addiction in this whole thing that I know that other artists ice and MC five. 1990 as always I'll try and I need to do 890 even earlier and 87 I cannot I can't believe I'm that old kid doesn't feel like you're on how well they've been around for ever and they're not an altar and that bothers me. I played it. I I I don't blame you it's it's it's it's and it's it's got to but again how would their body of work you think it's enough of it. Yes well it is interesting that they are more so than your wrist flicks Palin they have been inducted. But the still face value has it been nominee did it shouldn't I yeah I mean I would imagine it. Seemingly can't remember what Alison change how do you not consider them into this whole thing that's a very good point yeah you're right unless new nominee you know they're they were around to. Notoriety we're actually right last year we had Pearl Jam didn't doubt yes journey. To talk Joan Baez and the Annie ELO which I mean you know I can't I can't argue those send. We'll see who gets images are about the proclaimed person. Well they have demanded someone. Throwing one Texas as what about Europe. The countdown continues today and and now I think summer's gonna explain to us on Yahoo!. Either hair club or perhaps rank castle sliders why he remains were on this list. More imprisoned there a town it's Annie Lennox alone should be an all immigrant one text her and I don't know I'm completely ignorant to how popular or what a great charisma that she and may have had I don't know their heads when there's ice that's so you're James had government target that Mota had needs to be in there even Kia recognizes them with the commercial that they have their music. I'm does it surprise it motor heads under two. Yeah maybe espionage you know words as rock guys and then obviously Mota and as a a bit now a lot of people grew up loving. Just a tough one for me with some of these 'cause I look back at I would I love new wave and Nino earlier this would definitely part of that don't sound very. Now on we have but I B and you're right I mean these bands from the ninety's that aren't. But again I don't know how many times some guys who nominated. Which by the way. I hate to say this but don't you think is what many here that I would because they made a last minute hey we should give my nomination. More Jeremy just announced in the I'm not when you're not yet know just the highs Sierra how does somebody not think that look I mean. It's horrible unfortunately but when when they went posthumously you go you know what we definitely got to give some garden and not now we've lost the the the great Chris Cornell. How are they not do that I don't disagree one bit. Leon president does a cool story I work that he MP for the year now multi hop of course but for the opening donated a nine minute Thomas celebrities in the business Annie Lennox. Our love not meant except yeah I still the nicest most genuine celebrity I met in this day and that's some fresh well let's cool I've never heard it. I heard how talented she is I love her voice I have never heard a bad word about her it's not about that it's about when you're talking hall of fame. You know look I mean look you talk and sports there are a lot of great baseball players who are really nice people who had a good career but when you talk a hall of fame. You know like Edgar Martinez some of the guy's a great guy he's had an amazing career and some people think he should never getting 'cause he wasn't a full position player. Because that's how you talk given your you go to that standard and I think with this it's the same thing you've you've really got to reach standard Daria. No matter how nice you are about holly and even if get a couple good songs and. I would love to be a fly on the wall on how they decide these things and I'm sure they have a system in place in the that is something that makes sense in their head that we don't understand how the most and out of the more so than anything else because I love music so much I'd like to know what the criteria is why sound garden isn't considered. Worthy of being nominated or Grammy Ozzie inducted. They should be inducted do you think because they want a balanced it out. I wouldn't be yeah because I'm located rage a look inundated Judas Priest son then I guess they would consider Depeche Mode kind of rock I mean. I guess it is and Bon Jovi and they like idolized for. You know radio so this fire Radiohead radius machine. Bon Jovi depression coaches priest we gotta get some other ones in there that are rock I don't know I mean I yeah I don't know is very certain and Max out at a certain point because the cars are caught our rock. New wave pop but then dire straits is jazzy and you know LL cool. I'll Bon Jovi air battle book Depeche Mode. I want to get a dark room and hate myself yeah rocket successes are on duty free C now proves it the other guys so much is as much as I like. The cars is much is it like you said Depeche Mode rim and hit and yet I feel like sound garden Alice in Chains should be nominated that the for those guys and I can get pacing is spacing and out unity and Toronto won union pro Jim when you get the whole meal of the clinical grunge era now you don't want every single year. That is all women more young took their but distance so many us. Had just done an interview with Chris Cornell from a couple of years ago. Saying that he wasn't ready to be inducted nick said it's not something that I'm in a hurry for. It might just be my personal perspective but I see a lot of bands get inducted that are defunct. Where there are several that members or something like that to me feels like something that should be more like in the category of a gold watch and I'm not ready for gold watch yet. And mom that's interest sentences such years ago. Yeah all right I can say as I'm looking at these bands that are getting inducted you're right are they you know outside of yeah I really is anybody doing anything. In that group well I. I don't know his own reserves to present still doing their dying from Bristol tours that could be part of it maybe there is that whole goal watch mentality that is what they think tough. But that's just his opinion and reassigned that's not the halls of your right but I'm wondering if that is the halls opinion I mean idea this is we're trying to speculate. That seems like it is good enough of our reason why they leave certain dance off because there's still still thriving and still active through to about Green Day. For Daniel like nrgreen you guys greed isn't the whole thing. They won a couple of years ago on there yeah I do and as the about passing game was the offspring because they are around the same time they have. They're still doing things they're in their fifties they have tried to stay solid and loud and I'm Jane I'll bring down. And I love you Charlie Danny addresses all time favorite Danica had I had to did you see is he so cross on right now. He's just ready to go cry in a Good Charlotte CV look at him I agree I think it is there there of overlooked all the time but when you really take a moment and think about all the songs they had a massive heads. Yeah DOS free should be an all and his and his guy liners running Steve why did you stop us awesome thing yeah look obviously I could even not go for a long period of time it's so hard procurement and last. I was about to aka. You know what you're able fix this because now apparently it's possible to time travel but. Apparently need to be drunk to do so it's what my talk about Xavier doctor whose annual list I'll tell you date seventeen. Iran. And they expect more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. 99.9 JIA as W Toronto Seattle. So time travel may be possible. But we're gonna have to wait 31 years to prove this because. Well. A drunk guy tells the cops. That he indeed is it time traveler hitter right now. To prevent an invasion by the millions who feel him without golf. Could very well be this could be true Steve Steve you are the moments where I know I'm not cut out to be a police officer because somebody did that three Alan let them for it. And that's the greatest thing ever yeah go on your merry way in and in good luck in your time travels hey how high death yes good looking time travels. He's 27 his name is Bryant he was drunk at a hospital in Wyoming on Monday night they serve alcohol hospitals. About that's. He was causing quite a scene in the emergency room and Brian Gay in the very reasonable explanation for what was going on says hey hey guys. I am from the year 2048. And I've traveled back in time to war. And everyone about an alias at. And the reason I'm drunk. Well those did millions filled my body went up golf. That's how they do those programs there is not comfortable otherwise the other gets your Vegas attacked us first Alou yup with the alcohol. He also demanded to speak to quote the president of the town so while you increase from 2048 that's no longer president of the United States is the president of the town this town has their own president yeah that's how they figure that out. And I he said he was here by mistake he'd actually did not mean to come back to your 2017. He meant to go back to the U 2018. Feel that that's a problem is that a whole year is gone away now to figure this out. On the document to this story it's a that he added he says that he had to stand on a giant pad to be transported this year but like you said. There were other strong year yes president and head Ron yeah that's it yeah. When she saw the truth really amount to we have to wait 31 years for that though yup. And we owe this guy huge apology about her lately we mean it Vista comes out to be true there were being invaded by aliens in 31 years. I know what he's sexist to do about it now while he blue won a point 136. All over and when no way the legal limit that ease some alien intervention right there. Why out. And a he was arrested for public intoxication. But they DI Steve Blake you you really had I I would like oh wow this guy you know I may look man is all knew where. Or get on your time traveling machine to Sonoma and leisure I don't know is it is it maybe that's why he had trouble maybe this was the time travel under the influence yeah I think it's control it's it CIA's drug time traveler yes yes. Zed DW TT TTW idea somehow fit and I. Somebody has mug shot the Steelers faded. Certainly Tennessee ITC is like you know you go I mean not everybody knows time travel is really it's it's disorienting. How do you end up at the hospital was he there are ready. We need to show up there because that's raised his pad took them as pets are from the hospital he was trying to get between eighteen and maybe he's only eighteen that's for the president of the town is in the hospital and and a here's a great story guys wife yells it and provide too many lottery scratch yours. He wins a million dollars I hope she gets enough that is often Jack curry. It's our right I would Steve spending it right in front of her. Yeah this is the ultimate F view I know what I'm doing. This guy's Cali he got a an argument in his wife recently she's like what did you spend too much money on these free and scratch off lottery tickets how much is too much you won there. That's your question because hundreds of dollars on these guys a lot of people spend way too much money and a lot of today I saw I mean. But he you know it's an addiction for some people I know for awhile my mom I don't know she still I don't think she does anymore about when we were growing up she would spend frankly you were between make fifty to a hundred bucks a week OS so logon lottery ticket yeah there's a lot of money when win which is insane do you think she was up or down at the end of at all I think she was down Jack that's the problem but never once thought she had like a few thousand dollars of these hormones like five grand. Well let me ask you this he won anything new life for you missing any thing I mean she's two she gamble away your future they have the nice thing about it. Though was that when she would win. If she was you can she would use all of our birthdays or anniversaries or during our days at somebody that you love passed away as the numbers. So if if the numbers that you use that one if it was like my brother's birthday he'd get a little kickback. Would Sox closer to make his birthday one more than mind he was of course the better birthday mom but I was the angels' priced well and so she says at least yet to say that to secure when the money from your brother to look I'm gonna tell you Brothers and maximize that you are the cash cow kid we want to Wear it worked out for me just so awesome and easier wrecked fifty bucks ten dollars Condo so I don't born on that day. Past nicely gets in somebody shares the wealth gap. Love that this guy probably not gonna share the wealth so he'd but he buys tickets he tied the bath from scratch him off because he and I mean he's probably a problem does the wisely hey stop it. Columns and one of the tickets he hit a million dollar jackpot is in the bathroom. Hygiene. Like a criminal. Then he's got a million and he said this sort of gets he says he finally got himself the courage to walk out of government tells what I would encourage it like F you know be a few courage right. Even laughed and we all this time it's got a million dollars now. We have no word how she reacted now suddenly become ice yet to be happy I want to say the Sacramento bee you guys need to do better investigative report you gotta get it Mike in her face had a ninety day and answer. Like the faces of people have horrible things happen to them are you know how they we I this is some I really wanna know what she did oath when he finally say hey I need. Because every guy would love to tell his wife you're wrong we know it's the wrong thing to bill. Most guys are not like me and they never say it but I idea but this time I would be right. But we I think about the situation for this guy how bad is this relationship that he's scared. Yeah to tell his wife that he won a million dollars in fear that she's going to be mad. That he bought more scratch tickets yeah that's. That's bad man in his I had a relationship when you really think about it and he says he's gonna put the money to the retirement which he's leading he's gonna retire with this woman in this bad relationship. Lou I'd say I did know it I do all the money yeah fun stuff. Yeah I know what she you you you open up a separate count. Thank god got after taxes and really a twenty bucks hate the government so worst case the government already at Texas 779 major brought up your mom did you get a birthday voice mail from your parents this year oh yeah because we have the other one that we play all the time million new one night I did. And would you like to hear it I would love to hear your parents are always just mom or dad do its. Follow my mom and dad I'll get Acer particular frame of reference of anyone hasn't heard the birthday sign of our parents gave me last year last year's hard to beat masters is awesome I just want. I need Aaron hey you're moved. Happy. Hour hey can move you move. I've beaten her. Are you okay here it is yeah. I mean Murray. Or maybe you do that you need and do you hear the very bad thing. Many of our listeners have been killed by your lovely parents when it's their birthday right data birthday sign they deserve written a verdict because they were born on that day and to my parents which everybody had a birdie L and I feel like you know the thing is I feel like. Your parents in their retirement. If they could. They would probably seeing everybody some I was laid that out yeah that's what they would do that in my whenever cupcakes everybody Davey smile at me and everybody out so. I was asleep but when I got home on Tuesday would that was my birthday. Passed out the woke up voicemail. Mom and dad and I got our act it. I I can't even I would have never guessed that this birthdays only goes to the next level all really are you guys ready I'm ready for this our rights. And just understand. I'd. I'm gonna try it okay. I think are married hey you know. Happy very day he blue moon. We didn't you are fast it is easy there and look I'm not coordinate diluted. We'll all illness you can be buried and a few years have been put everything actually here for you Larry Howell. And everything go lose your way and. If I. IA Egypt beat that's next hole I mean it's somehow topless is primarily the that I love your cause while they are hungry and he's the guy that played you know he was play was a drummer. Say hi honey you got to my got to chip was given the ground and the puck was going on please say Amazon and that is saying things we advances Stephen's name yet that's crazy act. These are hey. You here who. Happy birthday. Blue moon. Lead anywhere okay he didn't. But they at that moment my mom just said yes some don't want to song she's off the rails and a dad calls. Ralph Peters. Larry and I can't coordinate diluted loss. Half. I have been there I am very weird that is like. Okay. What part of this says we're not sticking to the plan is the birthday song it's gone this way forever. Why are you off the reservation what are you doing over here concedes is like I'm change in this red out my eyes is the that I cannot and things is that not what your father now want MEI study handle that really quite nicely. As opposed to Mecca and an argument in my household. Although that'd be great however not what they had an argument on the voicemail I would it would my wife out of my honey you really in my mom's just singing now yeah. This is deserted I talked enemy but in this song voice I just I know. The air is good for use this this is sings on me I hope things ago the bottom in my day so desperate they get how could it not man right that's awesome. I know my wife calls him my birthday I just knocks you I'm not sure. This should at least text you I don't know if she even knows that I am a member they is anymore. I don't know I like Don actually visit right in horrified to actually get desperate. Pathetic after sentencing him like that though number amount. She cares she does care in this book like. The parental sort of thing unite nobody can reap what you did nobody can reproduce that you get married and it's a whole different kind of you know celebration of those things there but. You don't have that ever since her little kid it just goes all the way back to when you can remember your first birthday then that's what that invokes. Yeah I absolutely right yeah. It's awesome though I can't argue with that meant so this is my parents telling Bob's burgers and there aren't dobbs followed VI and there are more Massachusetts about Boston accent as they got to take out so they go to Kenya bought bay Bob de. And dad's old Joseph though H John Benjamin doesn't mean he just always be just sounds a little bit like a chill archery is it is really is what he does. On that show. But I don't know the woman that plays his wife and gelatin guy. It's a guided does the race. Our man he's so good as what turning my scanner Linda Linda yet he's so good is Linda she's that. PC she sounds like a Bostonians woman is no doubt about it is awesome his name is John Roberts he does a red blob aid blob me they did a lot global switched genders like Tina's played by guy named Dan Mintz. Oh yeah that's right that I knew about CNN he had of course ever since what's her face value is a year at least Smith or you're at least that it does Bart. On the Simpsons that's a woman does Bart yes yes so you resigned married with children if I remember residency oh I don't I you may be right but I cameramen maybe I'm getting confused no Amanda beaters. I get to I I don't confusion of whether that did that short hair yeah I think this make you shorter. Nancy Cartwright the Spartan. Oh I think Yardley Smith be right it is Nancy Cartwright who is usually spent I have no idea who once we got knows she does Lee says that boys you also I think on her men's head back in the day I Josh Herman's head gas I don't know why I still know that I screwed up everybody today I don't know who's in watching the by the way guy uncle Chris did find a movie that I was thinking of what Danny Glover was the royal -- bombs where he had that all well it looks just like what cam Newton's wearing. I know I saw Danny Glover in an outfit like Cam Newton but I couldn't figure out where Chris say the ride the levers on resolution from two hours ago what do I would do is I you know me I can't think of anything Phillies Yardley Smith is on the on the Simpsons I feel good about that I mean at the wrong person but at least she does a voice of the Simpsons. That's right Nancy Cartwright I should open them up all right I got to survey foreign. A lot of us pretty much ate at a cinema say that we're comfortable having a boss. Who is younger than we are. I wouldn't care. And only 3% say that it makes some very uncomfortable. In its interest. I don't. I have played now I mean all haircut actually is he's he's months older than me so I still don't have it. We have another boss I know who's at least my age or older credit I saw I still don't have any bosses. Delegates they're really my bosses that are younger than me would it bother you if you didn't I have to you know. I don't know if I've ever worked at a younger than me I think it was as the guys Cold War and knows what he's doing and got a very your work our lives obviously there's this institute for today whoever it is it is. Future well and it's a good boss I don't care where you're agents yeah it just depends if you know sometimes younger people. And I know this because I was the boss and I remember the complaints were lodged at me when I was a boss I had older people is that. I really didn't respect the fact that there's some wisdom that the older folks have and there's some respect yet to throw their way otherwise they're just not gonna trust and respect chiding get that. I was hey I got all the stats I noted target about him you know me and Carter were real anyway. Echo Aaron Aaron as organize a department store resident collars on its crash and it like from getting employee of the month my first month and it pissed off all the old cashiers then there are guys just yank him like I don't know I'm just doing my job right and yeah I remember that basic things easier these women and an end and made complaining about like this young guy going up to change quicker than them out and I could think was even admire that age and think. Well the opportunity was there for you to the fact you're not getting now attorneys on you not me. I am doing wrong. Dude have you ever done an unstable account changed very and you want cashiers I'm not harder job have you ever gone back to those places and seen the same person. I haven't been back to Plattsburgh Daugherty for as that happened to me that had to be we in the 80s I am working at TJ Maxx and Wilmington Massachusetts. There's a woman and she might have been ten years older than me close like in her thirties. And I was making a dime more in our and I shorter might I should I thought it was a problem with my check so I shorter my check just really I think they'll make you more no I didn't I. I didn't embedded did you done. And so I really didn't think who cares or Mac is that I'm making crap it's respect I had out I thought it more than her I didn't know that I know for sure I would be making more than hurt and she was there longer older she was she was a department head. So I assure my check and go look I think some of them probably got paid right she just made his face. Why are you making a dime more than an Anna honestly she had a good point I don't know why I was make him more than she was she had seniority she was in charge of the play I don't know why they were paying her less and produce lighter. Well I got news for her personality was even worse than mine great to see him but he's still working that went back 35 years later I was taken Cerro Torre go hey Israelis to work and I go out. Others it did say a word they make all hi I gotta I gotta go he's and she is. She's very hard she's and the same is the currency both of TJ Maxx. She's Grey's she's in her sixties and I'm look a matter of making a dime more than 2000 students are so I was Megan. I'm look no god almighty god. And knowing nothing against any stores. But I gotta be thinking she was miserable then. How could she not be three times that the new home three decades from his number two and at this point now she looked miserable did you talk to work I did this remember you I won't cheat sheet I said. Other guy who had a dynamite that's how I had a reminder of why would you stern a lot. And me so I was like I got a reminder why did no Larry I do a good time that probably was like crushed you moral remember me after that I doubt I used to work with fuel my name's Bob indices like I go. You know a guy that made a dime more and are only a bizarre and. She really good slick interface. Yeah. Yeah. I ever made that could in the Mormon and I dig mister destiny you know that kind of crap like that could have been the moment that is dictated the rest of her life of being miserable seasons I think that's and and now here you are re marketing maybe she's finally got past that Jesus would be able to handle the job at TJ Maxx and being nice. At the courtesy desk which do you find it a miserable person that the partisans as miserable and you just stirred the pot again. Com believe she was Sheila you should visit every couple years and reminder of who you are just. I wanna go back and do that you're right I think unless I was back messages and give the go or go next time I wanted to go there oh yeah I do that's knots I can't believe she's still there. It's going to be the only person that's still there from when I was there they ought to be gone but her you would think wow. That's in this Joseph Trippi man distill that you and this is you know yeah you dig I had some places like I'm don't put this place on the define a better job and see marriage can ever find a better job a lusty gym accident Greg benefits package I can't remember us for so long though maybe their great place to work in my would you wanna be there I don't know on the page you mourn her that's. Employee pay if you're a man apparently I know this it was just like this hey maybe im gonna make our. It made no sense what she did make more than me really didn't. I. Yes face Steve he got this one wrong what is the last name of John-Michael and Wendy in Peter Pan cook. Note auction and no it isn't legal studies and gosh you know what I see I don't remember now I know they knew the answer was given yesterday I don't remember it wasn't written right hero darling you know thanks you know you're welcome. Danny knows first you guys. Are you a shot at beating Steve. Well you've got to post 6421 rock from the clay feet made us and 847. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's a question from listener my house is currently in foreclosure. Start making payments what can I do to save my house security in foreclosure or behind on your mortgage. 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