BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-05-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, October 5th

Beat Migs. listeners on the loose. Caller Ken Allison talks about Drone Racing at GE2.Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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You can listen to the rock on match and I did a very exciting. Games to our podcasts and our show contents will play and used to say this Alexa. Open 99 point nine KI SW. And good. Then say hello itself into the venture Vijay and mixed. You until you see. Played daily podcast. We often do you call to hold Reyes. You know. And your role engines and drive them though none are. Really you don't feel like you have a question for life so god Malan south are we in the matrix. He takes a bathroom. He stayed wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole comes. Moon. Have a lot more thing I'll myself. Where's Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris wants you to know he is to find new. He doesn't he won't know until these two minutes. Who gave them fancy fancy let's say yeah you wanna go to carry a cellular site and on how to download the KI SW skill and check out what Alexa can do to help you stay connected. Well Iraq. Mean. I. And Denham BE NAA exit but it's also Thursday's start number thirty days. Got thrown out today man is there. Oh yeah a lot of baseball how massive. Football and some marquee guy in every sport I think his money today yeah you're right so that's so exciting as I even think pre season basketball started so yeah you guys everything you want again. The doubles starts. Their quest to be a mediocre teams you guys are starting tonight that's kind of what they've accomplished so far and when it comes in mediocrity and nobody beats the devil snuck. Well. I don't really did a good segue into B migs because I think Steve's better than mediocre Astro thank you but let's get to our contestant we've got CJ in Seattle CJ are you there. Yes there. Excellent what 2.4 today Steve already five prepared tickets and Damon drones live concert experience that's happening on Thursday September 6 over at the Syrian 12018. Yes she courtesy of provided yet congress who back in time where does that would be mediocre mediocre. Did you think it immediately so mediocre stuff. That would make it harder to KI SW dot com for all the details and if you wanna take out the game of drones live concert experience happening next year. In September did you denounce the ads and an astronaut Tom Aristide gave an attic I half. For those playing at home CG will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions CJ you can't pass all you want but you'll only three guesses per questions. Are you ready. I do it isn't who starred alongside Sean Williams got in the 2000 moving dude where's my car. Adds these young of insects are commonly called Y axis. Purity test the young up insects are commonly called why. Barbara you asked in the most say it's typically which alcohol and which for Jews. I can hurt you as an adult. Both sides get her campaign has much to ask a steady long legs is what type of creature. Writers didn't know. Yes starting with. You asked who played Murphy Brown on television. An expert to yes which to shoot titans also late term trade block just arrangement. As far as he asks would you spiced pork can beat sausage is popular on pizza out. Yeah as a bull dogs carpenter and fire are all types of what insect. And gas is up aframax. It's. It's very Smart CJ congratulations you gonna get the prize at least you have don't know how many get my song who we think he's diligent easier. I feel like gift idea gas. And I premiere on sesame seeds surprises me sometimes a guy he got a he's missed a couple this week that I thought for sure he get gas but usually you're pretty spot on ways deciding how to change is going to end yes sure I've been good to some of this planning and we'll have to see Steve. It's our Sara now it's the right you're ready. He looks weird but look at who starred alongside Sean Williams got in the 2000 moon rock dude where's my car now. It's Ashton Kutcher yes he's young enough inside. Young of insects are commonly called why it lost. The young audiences topped. The army now. Guys know a little past us now are you know but it's typically which alcohol and which fruit juice champagnes. And orange juice as a jedi long delays as what type of creature in Iraq next year as starting with. He's in the weeks days. Oh are you talk to you ask who played Murphy Brown on television Kansas. It's the right now. Kansas. Can eat now sometimes and can. Perhaps what's her name's. Al Gore now which you shoot tiger is also in terms flurries blocked drains. Cause yet as to which spiced pork and beef sausage it until our pizza. Teresa okay. No 123456. You lose 628 perfect and congratulations. I'm here. There are aware Americans need hey this is. I just didn't. Do you didn't congratulations CJ you do win man good yes so that's pretty cool feel welcome by trust it he did the young the insects are commonly called slaughter of hello. I can this berg and I played Murphy's ground and is something I just I don't know until you think you would get it they would be one of those ads it's a little too obscure this long I know I watch that show faithfully every night when it was on TV and I could I was blanking on her name I caught it every once in awhile but I couldn't Rick I couldn't tell you any episode I enjoy it. I really enjoy it yes so but I still yet. And these guys spiced pork and beef sausage commonly founder mom pizza I didn't realize it was a port can be sausage didn't make a brownie here have to realize that pricey long now Steve this. I didn't know many resorts so I in this pork and beef I thought it was just I don't know what it was well that's what I don't like an army yes I was just hotter faster. So I don't know how about soul I mean I was a kid but what the other weird they are just get a bag of pepperoni from the review would have been a local butcher and I would just Smart TV eating measles slices of pepper they have the little packets at the store and I'll do that as well how badly do I have thrown you surpass my dad would have loved you because that was I would love him that this are Dean Smith you are out there are always are dean pepper the lines he asked how he would Obama can happen that was -- that was like you know is like our allied army rations or something I was way he was eating my step dad would dad. Drink buttermilk straight. And that was to sell disgusting. My dad what do you live chickens it was horrible guy we have what it. It's 20 OK I think I could I had to cool story and buttermilk was Echostar and so I had to go with laughter yeah Solana. When you're and that's the real salt on its collections. Congratulations CG one with a perfect and I'm getting out here yeah that's pretty awesome if you tie Steve it's as good as winning mad at this point he won but you get a perfect and you're guaranteed prize depth. That's how works MB megs. You know it's funny I saw the site I was losing my mind is I read daily scheme every morning which is a female targeted. Muse me this is some sort of Bolton I get but if they do a really good job of telling you what you should now. Of course would be that yeah I don't I well navies and BJ they always recommend it to you who recommended it to me. I don't know my good buddy Bob rivers and he's like I will be Jagan is embodies the best when it's a really cool thing so yeah I'm 1 of these good morning involving he knows his stuff. Mean guys are radio giant source on on the daily skim well I'm excited about the right type of opportunity arose to where I mean it is funny that there it's easy to see news that is female centric in realizing wow that is I don't even know what they're talking about what that relate because they always have like little jokes before they get to the headline pocket that I MM relate some might look at the must be awash show I don't know there must be a termite don't know before they go into the real story. But I notice that door advertising. Bomb bowl bids now there was a dating site called bumble I remember that yeah I was like is this can't be died. Like you can't be bumble trying to do a business thing might link to anybody and today I as a matter of fact it is in their work what they did the had daily skinned people. And so it's now a business networking site as well as a hey. You wanna I wanna see what's up. To me I. Swipe left if you want this job and if they swipe left or right what is it rights the rights good right right got yeses right right if you want this job if it matches because they swipe right because they want you resident employee that's it. No way that's how we work we we wouldn't we are up this is step one of no more resonates yeah let's say no more cover letters. You just throw your information upon idling didn't I'd say our bumblebee is and it gets wiped. I haven't ethical question I want ask when it comes these kind of things okay because I some audio Linkedin. And it is just started peppering I don't know like I think he's a listener OK I guess I friend everybody only did because they don't have wanna be in my sure I don't reveal where your rules of engagement now nobody is clearly that if enough. When he asked me to go on endorse him for a bunch of things he said please do this it really does make a difference and getting a job and I'm might. Well if it makes a difference in getting a job doesn't really I have no idea here's what he set or is just a video boost. It's a good question because I mean people endorse me all the time and I ignore everything I don't know what. But here's the problem. If it does really make a difference that you have all these endorsements from people like me and I don't even know who the hell you are now how kind horseshoe for the stuff you do work when I've never met you and don't even know what to television duo work Friday and clearly an hour now argued is bothering people Arlington. So I think it's like it's like you know all these services that like we have to give liberty for five stars if you wanna get good service or you'll get bad silly none of this is real. My guess so well all these endorsements are completely fake. Tom popularity contest crap. But if they really are judging miss like bush screwed like you are they really now I hope they're right Stevie says they are may not know I'm not a Senator Kennedy I read an article that said it better has he now. Got it scares me if it does yeah that people going to look at all the endorsements ago I look at that BJ should endorse this guy I don't. Guys I saw I felt like I can't do it. Yeah I am I'm mostly connect Arlington which strippers I endorsed a monotone actor and Lucy you know their work you've you've you've you've seen firsthand as it were linked him. These I'm way more talented and I am like you could see no I in the sight producer in this that's a substantially simulate job postings like hey we've got jobs for you memory dumps curiously based on what my foot down on my stupid Linkedin account which I never checked. I'll go on and make. As safe June producer for Microsoft. Movie producer type stuff now so I'll call areas. But you do not know the difference Linkedin yet it's and I know that's a problem with these things that game producer that's a much different jobs when you do get out. Am I mean look to see what recession be doing nothing is falling nothing there. That you should just couldn't let that there's something that he's that you should just go by the docks and sit there. That's how is the focus assay gold dots and sit there are issues professional endorser. What can still charge him. But he London were a great idea how much is it worth for you. To have me endorse you I love that idea that I could put that down professional endorser than people could endorse me as a professional doorstep well on this plan. If this thing didn't work for people I'm him I'm I'm not trying to read I got metro group ruling did you excited I know we are people getting jobs selected somebody find a job because of Linkedin and and not being sarcastic I just don't I don't know but I know that it's a well you cite I just saw some stats a look at top but yeah net like the web sites but it is Linkedin is always my the top 25 top thirty timid I feel like it's more make it's it's quickly morphed into more of a social media page people are sharing articles and had a little bit different but it's pretty much of social media page as a hero do. An act of Iran but I never had to look for jobs I don't know if it helps I I would love if somebody says it does. Yeah how crazy the last summer looking for a job at the news right typing a resume and mailing it meant. Cassettes that was the last than the cassette tapes which nobody does anymore yeah. But now Steve you know and our jobs. There's nobody that can give us jobs either wanna so they don't. You know I mean in this business Jeff yeah I'd say their immediate 81 he wanted to any air check of my show I mean if anybody asked their choice to just go online you can listen to the whole pod cast some whole day out news. You get what you want to write the sensitive and we don't listen you're the best studied in years. Are worse which is every day which is what they wanna do anyway in the C energy around and find good stuff yeah it's hard it's very hard financing policy it hurt. It's possible but I mean I think if you put me and you can picture it all okay yeah that's I think very troops possibly say I got my last three jobs doing Dan. While I was more use for business jobs not a person yep my daughter just got a new job paying error 20000 dollars more a year thanks a blinked and so I doubt that's Cooley here I was. So really nice to hear the dead of the Bloomington is actually doing what it's a post and do the endorsements work. Because I mean ED if finally if a guy a looking for somebody and I go see that slapping McCaffery endorse somebody that I would go to slap these paging go. We'll slap me in doesn't even like you know. I'm trying to hire somebody to flip burgers and slapping is an auto mechanic how loyal how much why would he be able endorsed her for flipping burgers and go we would burgers wither away. Yeah I mean that. I just don't understand the random endorsement how that helps when faces away for recruiters to bother your place you're at a new job when you don't want a boy you're looking for jobs daring ghost. Voters and had taken I I haven't taken a gentleman Tim had been offered about four it does work to market yourself. Well. Okay I had a few instead interviews directly from Linkedin. All right and I and I energy's a lot according to the one to answer that make it yeah yeah. Well I'd like to hear of the endorsements mean anything because I mean you I think anybody who savvy on Linkedin knows everyone's asking their friends to endorse him for the stupidest things that they have no idea makes my my got to know that. I wouldn't see it this you should believe any of the endorsements you see unless it's from legitimately somebody in that business whose work with the person. Why it's time to listeners are those you pick the topic you guide to show 206421. Rocked text us. 77999. We got your calls we got you Tex at 917. On Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW don't. I've played my game I have to give Iraq Seattle faithful listeners on the loose structure by Travis Gagne. This is how loosely you picked a topic you guys to show. 206 fortune one rocket and also Texas it's 77999. And now whatever you wanna talk about something new something hold it don't matter you get to run this joint. But do remember Steve as one rule for listeners on the loose as to show us some energy embryo otherwise we're. And then take about borrowings and I start this off with a guy who knows something about a cool event that's coming and I do you know we've we workers have GE two which is Saturday and Sunday October 21 22 this is a few weeks away you have to be fun. Sexually field events senator you want more info about this just go to GE two dot lied the liturgy the letter either number two dot live. And you get the tickets you get the info and one of these going on will be drawn racing. And if you are not familiar with this and I really hadn't seen it. Up close and personal until last year did the first GE to weave guy I can Allison who was the commissioner of the professional aerial league Ken welcome to the show man. Bigger picture here so can I it's good daddy are because you know man in more and more I am seeing. The art are racing drones and just having a lot of fun with drones I get more more popular AA at a local mall and I go to I saw whole drawn store opened up in the draws they had there. Looked a lot more appeal really. It just it just intense then what I would see if I would go to a regular store and discard begin to drawn. These look like a really high tech like somebody would really wanna do some race and tell us about this and and what makes strong racing so awesome. Oh man and that's the that's probably the hardest question you could ask me jewelry than it is I mean it onto the man so many different way it's. I think for me personally is it to you in the cockpit of that machine and you get certain you don't fly around our courses that are under let's miles an hour and it's really experience that treat them like you know burglar and. I had the Xperia I got to experience a last year went small minds is our friends are right out virtual sports to partner up in it and bring SIG two. And trying to fly to drown. I would never guess how hard it is until you actually put them on and try it in and I slam and Aaron a few times into the wall on the they found since Steve -- who we should I give you the little indestructible drawn to play with. Because you're just not there you go what are yeah dude it's hard to navigate those things there when I went to GG last year and wants to drag racing I'm watching these guys a Mike. Guys are nuts like to be able you navigate with those goggles on it's it's it's it's quite like it's just that heightened sensory you know kind of thing it's crazy so with the goggles you are seeing basically as if you were on the drone sells a camera. Exactly yeah you are right in the arc created out of the drug so we don't see anything else what to irritate. That is true demand because like Steve said then you've got to operate the controls. In order to be able to have to do what you've got to do and and cannot and all by yourself but I imagine now there are some people that are just expert racers I mean that's the point where I mean this this is becoming a full blown sport. It it absolutely is and it and you know location is so rich and each each. Well that Liam on the commissioner lately is I really I got Carolina they're here rich compared to let. A lot better I get the organizing and running the event salmon rich enough but I think you're in the Pacific north lets you got probably. A 567. Of the top fifteen in the nation I'll hear our little bubble yeah I mean it's incredible got a lot of that people were there. So can what is it about the Pacific northwest that did that we're we're so good drawn racing because it's interesting you know I mean is this a big country why are always so good here. I you know I I think it's going to be so hard core about their right so we've got all the local techie guys that urgency into the actually detects car. But it's also the fact that you know you fly in any letters so whether it's a range leaders know we're out there aren't a lot of guys don't take it she's not and softer client. And so I a GE two I understand from Imus Danny we are gonna see the largest indoor racing event in the Pacific northwest that's not too shabby for a place where you like you said people and hardcore about it. I mean I gotta think of it if you're drawn racing fan or you're doozy is. This is the place to be that I didn't realize this is the largest credit that's that's nuts. Yeah well we we really set the stage last year which we're kind of unexpected so we're gonna win that they've brought in Cinderella on the show. And everybody just went so little in. Gold Signet that they decided to make us the main event this year it's. So let me rumored going to be we're in the senate seat Roland last year should stand on their senators are huge chorus it's going to be live and play. And Darren says pilots are gonna travel and actually integrating the truce is going to be exhibition race saying. You know anybody that wants to apply can come out and fly and then the next thing can be seen grace and. Why speak for Manny and I I recommend to you don't let me try you can find things and yet it's running so people invest in good shape but that is it's a lesson there that means one thing and one thing only it's closer to the beer gardens I get sick Cresson Beers and watch. I trees and certain guys that that's certainly have 151000. Square feet of high speed. Drone racing action and it is it is unbelievable and what a rush like you said it must be. To be in the cockpit and I how faster we go with these bad boys because because it did Steve slamming into walls I got to rethink and then you're taking some hairpin turns. Yeah I mean it's very precision control and you're actually in the goggles leader tinged with extraordinary and I mean you're making. Split second traction decision to pass. Any and they may its intent stray and no absolutely the guys that are your dad and you know since they're going. 110 under control your mouth and Albert Estes you guys. Yeah I'd stick and it entrance to eat too it's not just you know zero to sixty and I expected attributed to top speed and in instantaneous acceleration point. They do today Kerry had in all fairness you me it's only if I got the thing going and I was flying around and made a sharp turn I I crested now. Starting to pull it off the ground like I just they are lift off I crashed this thing I last more than two seconds that's. Don't give I don't know where that I dad GAAP. Dead and there are a lot of earlier laughing at you on happens I believe you were a day. After a outside him and you know if so what what we do what's going on within a virtual reality and being able to immerse yourself like you sit in the cockpit. Into the technology of being able to do this kind of stuff is really a really so cool can and I like you say we already have people who are super experts in this city. In this endeavor in this sport and we're so excited to have you guys on board can thank you so much because this was such a hit last year and like you said man. You Getty Center stage is going to be which is going to be off it's going to be crazy crazy successful this year. There are you so much a little we're really excited to be or are related and they share the on again I can't appreciate you being with a sets can Allison I get professional air release the commissioner. You wanna see drum racing if you if you never seemed that we've all seen draws when if you see drone racing. It is unbelievable how good these guys are that are their run these. And and fly these men and you can learn how to fly in a simulator you can see the hottest drones and like we said the biggest event the biggest indoor racing event in the Pacific northwest and as such a love for it. GE two Saturday sunny October 21 22. That's essentially field events center Stephen I mean I tell you after all it's going to be there's going to be awesome IGE two dot live you want tickets and info a lot more going on besides that you'll find out if you go to the letter G letter either number two. GE two dot lied in your ticket get you into everything so that that's a cool. And about romance. Are you pick a topic you guys to show the listeners on the loose in 206141. Rock. Yeah Austin, Texas 77999. Good golf and checks and 933. And they X mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. I've point nine KI SW Morocco's Seattle listeners on the loose you fix it topic. You guys showed 206421. Rock Texas it's 77999. Sounds nice text. I decided to attend Hamas for the drug racing and GT ministers that Steve her sex life and during racing and a lot in common you lasts only two seconds on both of them. And what three or four. I I think that the drone yet to drown no doubt about I think you're a lot worse for the draw possibly was saying I actually got a few people sending this stuff is from Charlotte this vs those guys can you please tell yesterday's space from trauma I was in meetings all morning yesterday and I missed it yeah this a good one because this is a woman who got upset on social media. Because she misses her dead dog. Yeah. And save Jon and run it by Harry's distilling companies brown sugar burger and Vijay once again this is our chance to join us. The insanity that is happening on FaceBook the stupid people that are there. The actual table posted the drama unfolding yet Morgan acted out this summer I'm going to roll the original poster will be big geek yeah G that's right. Drag you will be Angela sweet. I'll play the role of Tony hi Tony I'm BJ you'll play the role of Mona well of course Barack's. Baja is Israel has everybody here is exactly the boss since Wright went Israelis and tons of all time boss truly event that's hysterical. All right so once again Symantec is the original posters of the TV. He's taken away. Post a picture of god. Gave their rank man. Now Sean does judge you need. This is your dog died like three years ago. We're finding me. He is Adam mode genie yeah. Yeah and neat. Seems a gimmick I am weak you're supposed to but I you miss you little demand. We get a geez didn't you instead. Now billion bridge and yeah yeah. And there are well and that's insensitive much she's gone through a mosque right now. I'm a little more compassion and yeah I don't understand it died yesterday or a week ago but it's. Three years. Oh really need I don't I'm Monica I ensue in the match. Am sorry to hear back Jamal ONG don't be sorry if only because I'm sure it. Sorry for some mentally and emotionally unstable and not over her godly and passing H. AM. Is that all you have to say Tony he's die young why me. I still can't believe you create and hash tags were dead dog instead it's you bear no more. And I stand I. There are. Johnny is a man of many words sit down. Its own reasons said damn the diminutive Tony goes it's up to its like the other word of newsletter ST news and so you Royce. But and works in a pinch. Are you text message some of these are dice well you know that's warrior for a body on this guy and dating he cries after sex. Oh I'd find it hard to believe and a Democrat to sex but he does I dig him but this is weird what should I do. Signed. Danny's golf I knew it was coming. That's I guess definitely getting ice these regular resonant and cries after sacked only cried once after sex you really have excellence that well because he's had sex want to know what was this. I did a few years ago canoes because we started talking about emotional things after because she got emotional and I just started crying okay yeah. There's a good thanks yeah there's decent and a decent. Decent stance make deviant pizza yeah decent idea Kris is gonna Griese has talent yeah definitely. All right so the guy starts crying after sex and just know to do busted chased him but thinks this is weird. Podium to stop crying into sex yeah man I don't Wear earplugs in turn myself. Yeah I gave. I don't. I look I know that some people have had that happen and it really should sure out of it because it's an emotional release annexing you know people his ball and they don't know why. Fights I've never experienced that. I've had women cry when I'm asked them to have sex doesn't exist I thought oh my guys my guys come there. This is a fascinating guest piano Vicky who's no stranger to interactions with men co writes I know that's an emotional guys in your life. Think that I've had a blend you have guys that meets the animals and stuffed Teddy bears down though the during sex. No I get that I'd be different totally awesome. Really awesome if he was having sex is there any goes oh by the way I'm making was stuffed animal. And I'm crushing a throw rug we should bring your daughter into me receiving gifts are not in this town hall mommy she looks like he wants to help moron when I first saw when flake hey he's crying it's like punch him in the face in the fountain really cry about. Isn't half full well that's a low extreme I'm. Let's when he ran 1950s father I mean she's that's that's right I'll punch and adamantly denying you ace is let me be a good reason a dragnet. Augusta feeling Ned sell our. I'm sick and I know I'm I'm running different I cry everytime I hear about her having sex I don't dialogue I teach you now have tears and laughter. Here's the jury remained out there and thank you daughter she's size have you ever doing guy who's cried after sex. No no I don't know like I I could hold them and I would act. Wipe his tears for Eminem be able Wyatt what's gone on here who when they're that good are these tears of joy and my pleasure sir. Hope will recently on the broadcast we were talking to one of the gals and she cries after sex and it's not because of an emotional thing it's just eat. The the completion any so powerful that she just starts crying and had no where is that that podcast you got you yeah kids have the girls per hour it's called the broadcast I did did just now I'm kinda someone official just like a weird take he has wary feels so good that lake it doesn't some people might burst into laughter some people just pass out there right now we know he just. I see your people when they cry. Yes it's tough and it's not like the net I understood we all I mean obviously we're all gonna cry some point one would have something to him told on the emotional heart strings but it's always so I don't know what to do it was after sax on lady was taken NAFTA and now it's still I have to attend to there crying needs just hold them when you take. And a fail on airline I would ask pass and how I would feel responsible and guilty to you know I did something wrong. If she started crying like OK what I do what have we have a New London Ontario Canada what's gone on to you know like and they won't tell you and and I might issue in my gonna get a call from the police is this going to be like really loses things as a bad thing with a because and he's crying like that's odd way is supposed to do all right. So yeah. Here where your friend does is okay because he was a psychological thing takes stemming from something from their past and I'm very you know yeah over a more serious and we wanna talk about but yes it's something that's not the case of this you know it's just a career he is just the physical release is. I don't know it's curry and tears. Politics is a good suggestion okay place and slayer nobody crisis higher. It's very trailed the what is weird because reds Weis laughs when she's scared and nervous yeah. And who and so you're an interviewer really angry about something or something really tragic happens you turn around you see somebody laughing. Which is just their way of processing that I'm does that yet you don't know that I mean you're like yes you what do you less from the right. Absolutely it's it's been awkward in the movie theaters and fortunately she hasn't laughed in the bedroom so I'm kinda and I happen without. Yet Sarah and I don't think she can breathe in the bedroom that's why. Well I have now is an anti common occurrence and what's worse is vs as yours back gate data woman that would job passed gas right at the point about them to the you could react to me and I see no matter how a lot of which would you rather crying her parting enough. Are you do at least you know you got the job done and not run crying to hide the release our marriage saying. Mark who don't make a far too yeah. And I Israel's we it and an evening police sexy thing yeah turn our daily lives I I've been good guys before the lake so did you did you borrow like I'm dying every time. And then they're like are you sure and she got there like I'm units is lying to me to make me feel better and so if you had something like Brothers is what happens I'm gonna fire when I get there you'll know hey I didn't love that feeling good booster right now. Write that song. Way to I'd rather not know since it's quite good now I'd you know I'd never mind I don't care what happens when you over here. Yeah I'd rather not get there and that's not happening on the bulls. It's. Okay. Yeah. You have my god this is how it's. There aren't as you party. All my other dog might bring young we get there who now commonplace. Consumer voices on the I don't know my life my dog once the other I think you figure out to a new marking his Lou unless and I'll tell you about the. Thanks to fill that out I was in Jerusalem Jewish. Now that's real that's the problem that's a real. The drill our way those who it is very secretly record might Faris is your kind of reactionary given us is on to me. Oh she is still in a decision you have to do. The so Lulu. Enough. If I I've had a dad yeah yeah like it either Adam but I guess he's just. Everytime reasonable amount. Cheese's and that. So got this credible but I mean this is how he entertains itself this is only needs to. I don't eat table yeah. If you Smartphone. And a puppy Gary. And wife yeah yeah that's. Put up put this together that's just how does not we know what that does that why don't you more or alternate Annan. Yeah we've had we've and we've had a good amount of that that way they so here's a big question he's a good answer. Why don't I still worked here that's the big question. One is out why do Ryan castle say want to write castle and robbery have in common it's not played 958 on Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. And gain yards. What do you wine castles and I'll rivalry have been common that I break in through the back. Oh. Why should. Okay tester both produced these back door as it is good news to tell need to do either. So there's an act of congress. Yeah cool gestured again and don't last thing they ever got tough. Making it illegal to spank me. And they both sportsmen the close your eyes and lay on the ground. And they have a right to remain inside. Got a guy who stages a robbery to make it easier when he breaks up when his girlfriend. While since you guys will do just so that you know you would think you'd be easier just say I wanna break up when you. Flash maybe she's like really crazy out here. Connolly is an Australian miceli do it down there. There when I'm vacation the end of Augustine jumped to while they were away but he knew it would be tough coming back to the home. So we hired someone to break in their house installer stuff because he thought that would make it trying to attack at an easier to move out that's for sure he's a genius. Right Cassel he's up next if you're twelve back. Makes. Talk about Tom Petty and com actually wrote his own epitaph in 1981. Even do you really like rock and roll seems it is a disaster most viewers behind me when I'm 51 cents. I hope like hell it's. Going to be wild who's supposed to be and yeah is my. I'm not gonna try to go comedy but I mean do you hope that I don't do minus the yeah. 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