BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-06-17-6A: A newscaster gets excited when the high temperature for the day is going to be 69.

Friday, October 6th

News and sports. A man high on pain drugs asked a nurse to expose herself to him. There is a new list of the favorite candy in each state.


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I know you're used to this because they and you listen lesser used that you're used to excellence in broadcasting via pretty out of course so I get a and I get innocent until travel around the country and the other guy you know I mean you guys. Nobody is just is excellent broadcasting as you guys and I know I mean Steve and I we raise the bar. We really do its years of practice but we also give back we've decided that whenever we recognize excellence in broadcasting we're gonna highlight the other people because they aspire to be us well no different in real recognizing real greatness recognizes greatness well said thank you will send. The hockey season must is starting to yeah come up with some good lines set up. I news anchor in North Dakota was talking about the weather with her co anchors and the high for the day happened to me Steve's favorite number. 69. Yeah. And of course of this had to happen. That's 69 it's. Am excited about Hillary wins I haven't had 69. Why all. Well she must say I would he said yeah out as she picked that up. I think out of those who do on the road of you know and he says about the win that leads in particular being blown by the wind yeah and also excited about 69 all yeah. That's 69. And you know a look at the weather guys say they get excited about being blown by the when you remember Katy Kirk missed argument be Simon of Al Roker back when there was that was a big storm. Al Roker and I'm very announce broker a boy. Is getting flown on the Outer Banks of North Carolina town we. And the funny thing was a sunny day so I'm not sure what was happening was that all but I'm an area. Boy you know be grazing you've been doing now go and I put my pants and looks like OK then you've got. That's 69 yeah tell that OK. And let's get out and Clinton's death Al Roker over there in the outer banks. I haven't accidents. All you want when you say the number sixteen I know you don't want to not sex ads also latest zealot excellent broadcasting welcome to Friday. Another on the blue Friday were very excited about well there's a weekend pretty big weekend. Big game big game I'm looking forward to because I sure as hell don't have any baseball look for Tuesday stuff. All of tough game last night and on my god and I wouldn't have known yes sure you wouldn't know and I'm surprised I didn't get them blown up player but I stayed away from social media because I actually had to watch the game delayed. The Astros Red Sox game Aussie that's the worse I I I there's no way to do it because it would be it would ruin the outcome of the game but I I you when he used to trying DVR Seahawks games and if they would lose a like I wish I didn't know they lost and I would have wasted my entire afternoon that watch is by a deep DVR. But then if you saw today don't watch the game. It you know they are new to screw up everything else could I like the excitement when they do win but then I don't want the agony of defeat. Yeah I you know you sit there and you look at you just look at the Astros and wholesale Touvier who seems to be one of the greatest hitters this game is ever seen that guy is just insane. And you know I think you think as the Mariners fan wow. Okay that they gas shows a literally sucked we were not that we've never been as bad as the Astros were as bad. I remember when everybody was celebrating at the Astros are dreading the AL west because it meant that the Mariners won me the worst team in the Al west anymore I everything that was true for one seasons and all went yeah they flip the script in the Mariners won't be. I why I god is it really is is it didn't and I guess it's managers and general managers are they really that different in in their quality because. Hot the Astros figure it out I mean they've got an amazing team putted they figure that out we can't figure it out. Yeah I mean it's just smack you said managers general managers the people up top she's got a race. I mean it was a close game last night the right guys. Thank you know what it was close for a little bit I mean it was it was closed for a little bit and then Viagra for the games started yeah her. You know outside imagine it is so it is so depressing to see who your views opposing aces. And the guy who was like the best pitcher in baseball for pretty much all season Chiapas kiddies he's lit up. Funny dude you go out there it's just. Not to the first sitting in his two home runs like bar yeah you know you can. Those like just the matter is due out about the. It's not him. This is studies so you know in news it's not gonna get any better. I'm telling right now while we're allowed capped an op are all out of here you know the only the only thing I was happy about how to get battered and losing its two. I don't think so I'm telling you I really I I done I hope you're right. I will watch the game this morning and nobody is for the farm because I don't below watch at times this morning what time is all external its eleventh it's like 11:30 ish on the Pacific our time. They've got fourteen slated today so they got us in a mall then there's you know that two American League games to two National League games. Did it is we baseball they it's like football Sunday if you're baseball I'm not my day is planned of not watching any of the guys are so it would be yeah. I as you may wanna watch it though just so I I we you can see in celebrate in my misery. No I just like to find out what happened and and it pays me great smile on my face only to sit through nine innings of that crap for. Well I was I say this man. The only the only shining the silver lining for me is that the Yankees also lost as the Indians also look like a really good team to Wimbledon so I think we're gonna see a really good championship series between Houston and Cleveland to be fun to watch it's just sad that I you know I don't want either one of those teams and there. All right. Nothing but try and go dogs yup yup this Sunday that's all you do man yeah. How did doubles do. You know honestly I had no idea how I fell asleep I slept all day yesterday and and I am the worse than ever but I just didn't have the energy even watch the game I was so tired all day my Bruins beat the defending conference champions that would be the predators last night he's a nice way to open up the scene I just assume that they're going to lose so I need him. She must. It's you know how I feel. Where there's an uneven play yesterday did play tonight I thought you thought they played yesterday well you know like good news Steve they didn't lose yesterday I don't even know and then all of the worst. Kinda Amanda Keane said yesterday it's hard when you know your team's not gonna go anywhere while they're they're they're good data loss yet they don't play until two. Aren't very good they'll play until tomorrow no wonder why didn't see it would make sense that's good. Well you know arguably one man said to a nurse after getting out of surgery and honesty was and it's like he's got the news for you at 617. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9. KI ESW. Had a nine point nine day high at W Iraq. Seattle. Best news cast your name's dean yeah in this world. Right now over the years Steve's amazing would that do this. For lazy as a basic territories are giving us news and sports and it's a big day today. If he's happy national mule day. Now you know new old days and that's a little leg I out of favor doodle guys Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Thomas began Buchanan guys. Okay I'll send small donor. And spaghetti. I am happy man I like a ring it don't matter I haven't Danny Romney Rama noodles are delicious yes. On the news driven from the news or vending machine shape right now. Mickey do we need to ask who your favorite I mean what is your theory noodle. Welcome to talk about starches and missing the fun news. Off. You know I wouldn't I usually live picture noodles and knowing that we need. I do like say hello Bonnie ones those are pretty good that they're delicious I especially like to follow us flag. Of your favorite new full. The boat Taiwan's military dancing all those ago I had elbow once again until we have those ones are good yeah. Really it's not talking on the rocks had I do there wasn't anything else to pick from I mean there's other ones but that was the best one I. So happy national noodles made everybody out there must a lot of guys. Who was tied to the surgery done to him and I feel we. We always play these clips of people get no wisdom teeth pulled out our senator it's colonoscopy whatever it may be when they come through their free behind me say some pretty stupid. This guy might take to take. You're saying the dumbest and the most awesome stuff at first while under the influence of some type of a pain medication. He obviously is spreading like crazy on the Internet right now we just got out of surgery can still hide his dad dad of the year. Recorded the conversation we shot took a little bit of an interesting turn when the nurse came in its. Second how bad book alone movies are easy dim guy you know why. Oh yeah. And all moves all right yeah yeah. Yeah yeah it's. A okay great. I know somewhere and others sorry I'm sorry it's. That I need. Know a good thing you know it's. Hey yeah I never heard no clue why he. Videos also. The idea of sensitivity on this but yes it's been the word literally drives of fixed. Fall anyway aren't necessarily that no he did not passing game. C dude I am I've had to call las reason I don't remember any of those conversations I have which is why it's so sad that Ford due to fewer remember that. Why won't believe he will because his dad filmed if you're right. I had I had great food my daughter ever cost three and I don't remember it at all for you and ask the waitress to show you. Sure I am no idea what is this I don't remember what the hell is going hi Sarah guys say that the lakers. Are saying yes OK oh wow must and really find my sister and yourself all because you guys who for Kremer first coffee well yes I've played very disrespectful yards to go far ma'am. Well that's not all he said I ER denied him more of a conversation this time it was with a different nurse. When this. There are cool you Beers are formally commit and I'm real sorry. Guy hey yeah. Our drug okay how. It's easy on me yeah yeah first it's. Is that an amazing. It's. Time. Oh yeah and we will rock you lend my whole wrong. Why. And. I don't know what surgery he had but I wanted to. You don't want a true and online. Goes away or something I want my inner thoughts coming out when I'm done I'm back I how. Good SI it's thought I imagine. She is lying there staring straight up when he's saying all this stuff it's. Pretty awesome all Vienna against these days we didn't die right counsel David Rivera yesterday and it's going to be damaged agent status and nothing is fear here. Yeah you isn't here on golf that's why watch if the directives go under and come out where I'm still high on something and being potentially saying stupid stuff. I want my wife my family kicked in yet another day would. Take advantage of me. In the way that I expect people don't have your buddy months and picked up a political that's exactly him more says Norman when me and I don't let me know and that's exactly if we'll go until you might what makes him make your Saturday madness and I can't trust anybody now you guys all put on the Internet. We have homeless dudes here I'm also wanna do it to myself yeah on national news day today you don't have launch throws probably probably a mother my nose and you have. I don't cigarettes. Since you don't like to know what I'm thank him for the latest where you have someone else's yeah yeah you know then you guys put a minute I'm excited about our lives literally as I Internet. That's a good point she doesn't mind what secrecy you have it's a scary out there really ever had a bad got to buy your wife or maybe it's awesome what's hot at work. Is there really good decent choices are gonna pop off in this situation I don't think I have no idea what I'm gonna say easy and come direct our your jacket. Sales one Yemen then these things are Janet yeah and I'm so sorry Janet and not that I don't wanna do you see I can't go on their. You can go right they're actually but the thing is they ES 200 blanks. Hope Solo I mean that's. You think he's got to distaste for Brazil I wanna see Janet's blanked it out that's not good. And it wouldn't understand that you are high. It's your point now how to wipe it out of that. I don't watch and think I don't wanna save a blank but I also don't want to think I do I'm so glad we don't have a million Janet networks are physically get offered today and order throughout prevents what how we can because yes tis the season and again he's excited he's. All holiday of the year and that's all I mean I know. Somebody went through ten years of sales data to find out which type of Halloween candy she stayed buys the most. The overall favorite is candy corn to the top spot in six different states like Alabama Indiana Michigan New Mexico. Denny is a place and you'd like guys candy corn cramping so OK I don't really well you probably lost to Mexico big big big big drove you write this. Yeah I was book signing in as late as you can points could be the color in the decorated veteran of nature of it because I don't would you say. I do I do respect what's next sour patch kids number one in five states come home with afternoon in New York one and maybe that's why I love you so much. Are now at any guesses though what you think is the number ones can be here in Washington State in Washington State yes. I'm. Oh Eminem's Eminem. Know how well it's not even close games three sees no hope that everything that's out does say took Urals. She's picking nose candy flowers on regular rest I rest I bet I know this they Greyhound. I'm no big hunk it's nasty and it's not bad yeah. Caught fall by saltwater taffy and Hershey's Kisses there's our top three candidates aren't in Washington State I idolize crackle. Crackles going to a bar district chocolate that's the thing that all the stuff you mentioned an Emmy for its role is chock Romans is they're just a weird consistency out. My favorite solo was Smart he's very sweet tarts. Yeah I don't like that stuff. That's awesome so when you get them free in your work from. Now we'll trade when you go trick or treating presented Vijay does our hallway and you're like I do I visited the album hard candy. What I do is I'd buy candy that I know kids are coming around to get so I basically get all the this is a great tech series of other guys came through after surgery Nesta nurses shelters you know what season you're worried about saying something inappropriate to someone when your under the influence yeah. When Texas and I asked my mother in law for office. We'll go to see this your first name. Oh she did he said hey listen now wanna go to the Hummer storm. Yes that momentum off that lie. Eight I don't want that in the end it was an fellow well. The company already with fellow rolling into that and that's why do what she said yes duke does a lot of videos you watch. Yeah you know about I've heard about on the Internet access. Column to move quickly about a car earlier but I design and eight hits in a studio not the American League divisional series started up an extra day off Astros beat the Red Sox homes. Eight at two. That's Indians beat him yankees for nothing that was met inside on the docket for today would save four games happening today so more games including I think are old but Tyler Walker I want author of Fernando Rodney at the team I'm rooting for the Arizona Diamondbacks gonna go. Like to see a couple former mariners win the World Series I'd be pretty awesome this ad does Taiwan walker ends up being amazing. Dow's company traded hi ya you rabbi I'll find out why they had to but it V I was with yeah he's good news as far as. Whether 63 degrees and sunny thank you man just took aspirin for giving us news and sports I think that's the series that's going to be exciting is the fact of the Dodgers had such a fall they would like the best team in baseball they are they wanna skilling games and they had a ten game losing streak and still ended up having a huge lead. And the Diamondbacks are the one the only two teams in baseball that actually had a winning record against the Dodgers this year do you think about that. I mean that's amazing that they had their way Gregory as everybody but two teams. Oh and I just really quick also Seahawks of course fly in the Sunday our class and the LA rams in LA and yup in LA jail and big test 1 o'clock on Sunday you can watch second hopefully because the rams are good that means that we will beat them because when they're bad they always beat us yeah that's your right man this is this is a huge test for the hawks are granted we don't have our garbage guy Chris Carson and that's okay. More and more importantly a more bummed about not able not being able to do all right yeah you're actually right guys even bigger guy yeah I I would be dumb are they obviously Carson had a great shelling but he's. Still new. Because payrolls are rock on defense that's gonna sock so hopefully taxiing. Yeah. It's it off its unforced latest sign of an aging team. You know we're just gonna see more more these injuries as these guys are great players get older and it's it's a tough thing man I mean that's that's the sport of football dividends to help this team is young guys coming out hopefully guys you know be frank Clark has stepped up so hopefully steps up and a big way dealt with with they will not being there nerves and add estimate more depth in the offseason so that's nice at least we get you're an older guys are starting to hurt. Yeah I and that's you know I mean that's that's that's just that's just life man you know I marriage. All right it's exciting I just love it's a great time season and playoff baseball is the best of law and I'll baseball is okay and you've got football. And you know that's pretty golden and if you like sports yeah. Else on the before game 20 that's more important was the big game happening this weekend that you don't care I don't think you really don't it's it but it is getting you some. Do I see only last an hour till he's. Do you know why was this last week how long he was this flight over six hours Acuna was seven and a half hours now than I was counting Ernie thank and he was actually quite. He was quite pleasant did you realize sanders' job recreational pot shop before he went to visit Vijay or I don't neither confirmed nor denied those allegations to bolster him up Tai yet in it's it's a really fine game it's a space game and for the most part with a game like his I don't actually have to youth. Deal with BJ at all so so I try to do my own thing while he's a Jabber about rules and arguing with careers or anyone else who's there are so I'm actually OK playing this game with them. Steve I'm very excited because I have I'm a huge scifi guy and a huge tech guy. Okay and Google is unleashing something that I think is going to be amazing I won't really isn't right now unfortunately but. If you're if you're somebody who has been thinking about getting megapixel phone you may and you like to travel. Schools got new headphones that brings the world of Star Trek to reality. One of the cool devices on Star Trek back in the day was a universal translator that's how they were able always talk to the aliens. Is they never said anything but they sell yet we have this universal translator and it's hooked into us and that's how we understand everybody thought cash they've got these new headphones. That'll translate 48 different languages in real time is it is basically a universal translator is what this is it's unbelievable. Dude that's. That's crazy. Yeah it's a museum and everybody's going to be right headphones going into any kind of like ethnic food place or get your emails unusual stories like the lady union else I would love to hear though and what they're talking about it and I always see people joking about it but it seems they might be legitimately true of people being clown Don bothered him whatever service done to them your rights because everyone networks of that place speaks a different language they are sick and I have powers back everybody stands now. I've talked to Vicky as well as some people and I've done I've done some and I've got some international seminars. There are mob their people and have different personalities when they speak a different language which I never thought I thought you were always the same personnel matter which language you spoke up for bilingual folks. They say oh yeah I'm a different person when I speak either English or feel like you Spanish. I feel more animated when I speak Spanish in a little bit just more or I can't even explain it just like Haley buddy buddy when I speak Spanish. I don't like how I am when I find so now there's a fellow wrestling fan I get excited to talk to them I can understand that if they're kind of excited seeing nine asterisk there is that I like or what he meant to. I won't tell you this everybody. Everybody had phones that. No you don't you just basically scored each other oil and there's your day boom there you go you go shirtless ago I know you like seeing here is the real world where where were all just wearing headphones now I mean because in ordered freedom to talk back to them. They have to have headphones on as well and understand your life. What's what's really funny item on the on the show called preacher one of the characters had I had I had an adult child of that couldn't understand imprisoned child spoke French he spoke English. So they had this little box hanging around it's I wish that the existed because they would speak and and the thing would spit out what they were saying in the language of the person. And it looks like that's exactly what you're talking must have they'll be earbuds that look like air pods but they're called pixel bloods. And you just say don't help me speak Spanish. Then all of a sudden there's somebody around you starts speaking Spanish these things will translated for weird that is so not only a 159 bucks. Trouble is you need a pixel phone that's that only work with jokes now. I know let's say it's kind of a bummer because I get a pixel wants you to serve buying their phones and yeah I guess it's the new Gould. Phone front ebony did someone figure out the technology to do this it just means that copycats going to be coming out around the corner any time now yeah I hope it's as good and you member Halloween away for the iPhone if you didn't have the right provider I feel like okay how long we have to wait before it finally Google says okay or. You know apple try to do their own maps and I still don't trust apple maps over Google Maps sure sure so your right as any but he'll do an apple will come up with it I just on how might be two years later you know that's years of who it is and I mean he has are going to foreign countries anyways very I don't know that. I know that Steve I don't have passports that's all right yeah I would go in his seafood city I would go to the jolly be good jolly behind cars in your hands because I would deal on. Stand let's us not excuse there isn't a translator app when I went to France I spoke into it. Any which translated to French and I chose the guy the taxi driver where wanted to don't everything new super excited that I tried and he busted out his phone he'd pulled out the little translator asked did the same thing. And it was a reading thing you did translated into words that we could read it. See I I appreciate that does that's the technology we have now. I want with they have Radio One hundred I don't know I want better I wanna be illegal bad guy. The tele visa anytime you want bunny Hugh I hear you can do that it's okay go get your delicious food I'm not going to like him a universal translate somebody has a very good question no you translate to other languages but would it translate. Ozzie are just my Romano and I don't know I don't know road to more monitors so long. Yeah eyes there's enough technology out there and potentially a much Hillary had done Marciano whom I'm on the presumed autumn my center that pretty well as its. Yes this is hard work yeah I think it's a hopeless. She forgot I mean is also losing his hearing. I am excited about the fact I'll be able to like you know two birds one stone it. You know where in my in my in my hearing is I'll have in my here I'll be able also speak other languages and yeah soon enough there's gonna put it chipped in our brain not to even worry about that how cool that do you think of footage of my brain around here better that would be awesome both for everything matches here in better for probably you'll translate languages they'll do everything for you listen to music will you do it because Alitalia. I've been afraid to get lay sick even though I know everyone says it safe and it works but I'm mag guy going I don't know on MS in my eyes would you let them put a chip in your head. Has a good question yeah I mean today even all the I'm sure all ordinary actually sit in my hearing you say you lost that in my own could tiny volume that's important your wife you know she gets worried. And you do wonder I don't know if I would want that. And I know in my life I remember me don't want you to be that guy and now I'm Mike I don't know I want that guy and I don't like it. Why should I feared then that maybe some kids behind these conspiracy overrule they can he get tap into your brain and get all your information out of yen. Dick and maybe even music to their own advantage and then start planting thoughts and I don't know I don't know how these things slowdown those most scientists I call you crazy except with what happened with Equifax which is the service is supposed to make sure that everybody's credit problem we're all cool and they just got completely hacked. Or at least almost a hundred they got big act a lot and that's happened to. So why would they billion your brains and his friend I was I Yahoo! everybody's account was hacked disseminated look back on oh yeah idea which hey have fun with that myself and it was packed my old Yahoo! account Molinari is a bunch of spam. That's right drop that Dan Dan yeah. Do your right I Obama I I I'm with you on that because what I think you're hacking your brain to make you do some crimes. And I know you're doing right now is do you perceive things either wanna say. Well they are very. The party a colonoscopy medicine when asked the president a little box at the size you found that does. Berry your talk about a radio they'll they'll transit over sixty some odd languages I think. Really what they put the box and right. Yes they steam not able to figure this one out which comments parasite gets jumped 200 times the length of its own body's time man cricket now. And and snow. Bird it's a bird isn't Pat Perez say yes well a tech know I don't you're close that. 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