BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-06-17-7A: “What made your boss odd or what was the strangest thing that you had to do for your job?”

Friday, October 6th

Beat Migs. Wrestling announcer Jim Ross shared a great story about having to work for a blind and drunk boss. Luke warm topic.

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It's dirty dirt. It's about mobile mandalit dirty dirty want more info bottom Steve's got a right here I mean dirty dirty dirty. On our lives there every day that's it's about how did you come out tomorrow night there and to culminate in finance from real hard to calm and that's on south to come away. All playing with the monster watch and also we always use of take a dirty dirty. It's a dirty and dirty dirty use goes Vijay made stages KI SW dot com. I don't forget Sunday night we got a full show of all local music it's called wow mobile. That's neither here Sunday nights at 10 o'clock great local music. From bands like dirty dirty. Saying. Okay. Be. I mean there's are there. Do look outside man that is he's got the rest guys in the morning. Oh which I like this does not like crazy needing some amount of the ads and looks beautiful I'm not yet I mean medicines alarm and ask yeah I hit this news comes out of there I and president towards upsets me Google guys are you know I really beautiful sight eligible for that. It's not good for the sailors they say aren't sky's the morning Suze warnings I've ever heard that my entire life never heard rest guys it might see others though another Seaman. Maria your assessment now. Soon we are you even think about. Moving on and we are just say it's not gonna start. We've got Andrew in Olympia to take on Steve and true are you there sir her. OLE. What's he play for today's Steve friends clever parenting is Jeb WE smackdown is coming to the Key Arena on October 17 you can go to KI SW dot com for all the G-8. For those playing and only Andrew will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions and you you can't pass all you want but you only have three guesses for question. Are you ready. Yeah EA which legendary rock guitarist played on Michael Jackson's. Beating it. Now it's our last snow. To talk to emerging eastern states where these 1996. Summer Olympics talent. Atlanta tell your asks mom Jane go is they titled what dairy product. Knobs it's still lives now. It's so now it's gonna need to ask maybe your sibling has a daughter what relational based he used. Suddenly he adds a factory is a smooth skinned version of what's fruit. For now. Both geeks and our world Wanda is a country under which continent. Tough rhetoric yet as blitzes and stands for an MRI. Oldest media don't know drew it's not a medical now from. Finished in Navajo who directed the movie 2001 a space Odyssey of a text. These guys know I try to digest just listen to you as my job remains as Walt's play on the monthly show. Canyon gates now. I'm a little 3456. Correct I'm not too bad and drug buy your new law enforcement. Yeah. It is the first one they did very well laughter. That I manage his son he was com. No yeah every every was a question and I grander made some really and he made some Steve like guesses just pull them out of his include mood yes he did Steve. Are you ready. Which legendary rock guitarist played on Michael Jackson's beat it costs last snow all our things and in any news. And it can even Alan. Bwics eastern Steve's words the 1996 Summer Olympics Hal it's. It's. Eastern. Top Florida now. Georgia yet as mom Jane go is a type of what dairy products easier as strangers suddenly has a daughter what relation are they to use. It's. And these you know as tame next to green is he smooth skinned version of what fruit and tangerine. Peach yes it's one that is a country on witch hunt and I forgot yes what does the M stand for an MRI. Medical know it's man oh man how. I'm not immerse us know who directed the movie 2001 a space Odyssey Stanley Cooper. As what instrument does it all play on the multi show. It's hormones no. Two books and moved. Face now and keep our heads no Acadia national park is located in New England state. Massachusetts near 12345. Except when you win nobody UN tennis sex followed dander because. We just down call its worst and. Are embodied. Have both you guys says flash and he did though learn the music guitars for why like why yes. Alia what does am stand for an MR I hall Vicky knows this all really heat it's like your personality Vicky. Magnetic. All those can keep Mike let it because I really hard and sold. I'm not you know prairie you know let you know. The instrument the role it plays on the Muppet Show us I did you do so he knows yes. Yeah yeah and a piano he's a piano man. And then Acadia national park is located in which New England state you were close Steve with the right first letter. Yeah I would remain mania. I think connectors and dicing Marley as everybody I don't know if there's yes and well congratulations to him a day. I mean compact hurt you one with seven correct caller. Seven guess what you are checking out the WW smacked down a key Rene you'll probably see Steve Cohen never 7206421. Rock congratulations. Scholar seven. Urging his rolled up their brand new because we need this their brand new cinnamon toast crunch milk shake. He sounds delicious Sunday Lysol and of one part of serial shake high you get one yeah you go to Burger King who's got taken out and this is there. Carolina is so I think that's I had to do. Busy I purging you have your ways and leave you wanting going to say either yes she wanted to be you don't really have your way I definitely want that. So they did fruit loops and April lucky charms in June mass. But the cinnamon toast crunch in the mountains and sanskrit. For yes doesn't sound when it did shake. I just feel like this stuff fruity shake that out you know Minnesota where I would think that the people do and I'd like that you fruits movies and stuff and that's what I feel. Like to me yeah I guess means I'm OK what do strawberry shake so I guess I can understand why people like a fruity side you'll kill the starters I was about them to approve the treaty Shakespeare but I realize I enjoyed stick it crossed the blueberry shake camera where Henry had a very shape I've had a somewhere I can't tell you look I think in my gonna shake shack I can't remember when it comes and hierarchy of sheiks are okay peanut butter number one's vote now on number two okay strawberry. Our and I like you're number two yes that is some rest. You're the only one hell. Yeah so it's all had cell for a limited time so if you're a big cinnamon toast crunch fan. Go in there and get it and. Make sure you bring your. We heard bring your insulin when it doesn't mean I'm shows some sugar and those chicks. All sorts LT. Are you think you tell a 100% well be good otherwise I lose weight by taken action guy who's SI think sellers. What do you what kind of place in this world be if everything that we love we would actually lose weight like and everything. Acted like Cahill on our body all the stuff that we laugh like twinkies act like jail them so awesome there'd be no wars there won't be happy I think you're absolutely right I think there would be no war is because you know like. I really think he's an itself they. A man. Here's the bad news. And I this at that everyone's Levin and because I think you know they are I know I saw a cable yoga guys I I like the fact that I don't have to go online to watch my shows in and to have the offering issued this cables that their own pipeline. Which means you get those shows. And now all Netflix is raising their prices again. Hope to create can't do I'm telling that from anybody who are still has Netflix from. Yeah I knew I had yeah we know you know who doesn't mind my kids. All right Joey. Yet he's like dad I can't wait to have to take advantage of CBS all Lexus because I know you know what's that Star Trek show and now he gets to watch all of his idea shows anytime he wants. Ya 10% they're raising their prices I guess about two blocks. It's not nearly all their plans but they're changing the most popular ones most of their 53 million customers will be affected. 53 million people so we adopted even jacked up one Boston section 53 million dollars or getting. Yeah that's crazy so few months if you're doing 999 they're doing 1099. So it's only a bus for me that's service but if you do the premium tier tells a premium tier I don't know the BI is it together any commercials on the regular chair. I don't know I'm experienced anything no it won't intro thing whatever but. Nice gyms here that gives me more options and for me to get overwhelmed by never watch Netflix tunes yeah what history into Iraq I look at other Netflix site it says it lets you stream TV shows and movies from Netflix import prices at the same time and Dave HD and ultra HD winner available and it lets you download titles to four phones or tablets so that's a unique thought or that's for your kids need while I know unable right now how to download my Netflix stuff to my tablet might one tablet so I wonder if I'm premium I should really go check my bills I you can do that on the standard plant guy you'd let you download titles to two phones I'll at a premium what you double it okay I'll I don't need that then. I was wondering what the hell is pretty early in my that I had released dash premiums a family plan a sense very yeah actually I mean I love the downloading on a tablet I love it is that you can watch it without having to be online to do down mind. Yeah that's a yeah yeah so that's I love it if I suppose if you had you and your wife in the same little wonder what your own shows and you have to go premium Dallas Shiites Shiites are shares which he watches most of my YouTube. So premiums going from 1199 to thirteen 99. And I like did their at least charging the most subdued the people that can pay the most. I like that Clinton in LII. I don't mind that I really don't mind if you're among that makes the most money that debt free market charges you I don't like getting taxed a bunch but I like the fact that. A company would say you know what now we're in the people can pay more you're gonna pay more I'm all for that's like the hov lanes. I was so happy and if you drive and and yes sickness for a fight was all backed up us out of our efforts ten bucks. How much do this is I would say they don't get a date Jack that price and I say it's always want to pay demos should. They don't do it to get through traffic. I just you know there are people I know they can't afford it. But I talked to people who I know can afford it and it's a matter of principle with them and I look like go how many of those matter of principle idiots are stuck in traffic. Because they won't bite the bullet and just have their life easier to do I'm telling you there was nobody in the hov lane yes you have four or five I've if if you have me you have the money I get a Stevens and understand them active reasoning behind him where does it stop I mean our hearing that they're potentially charge for every mile you drive we drive that would Sony at least sock Arianna. Damned if you're out of really long corridor goes from you all here to see alchemist estimates that that would kill me yeah I I I think meeting that I did for me. Stopping traffic is worth it but I gotta get for you I get you like you know what I'm not gonna demand change. Right because this intake more more more I understand why some people don't wanna pay that even an MB will instead be stuck in traffic and as opposed to paint him box they can drive a few miles on each on the hov lane it's the only guy that we now find myself in jail and no rights because I just basically that gave them all the miles I give them since I thought it was convenience. I'm that guy and you'll be out he'll be though I have to bring me out Steve who are not do enough and believing your mission. Guys just don't read the nine peace and quiet my mission didn't accomplish as a good point. I imagine this imagine having a boss. That is both flying and it's. And dropped to yell what celebrity actually had to deal with this he tells us all about it at 717. On the rock. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9. KI DSW hole. Yeah yeah I as the Iraq comes. So this week. Steve did a wrestling podcast. Season modified desperate if you haven't checked him out this twice as pretty awesome makes vs the world wrestling if you love wrestling. This could be in my opinion because I'm only listen to one wrestling podcast insures put the best wrestling podcast out there. Have you know like wrestling this is actually not the podcast for you then. So stay here this. How exciting is this is a selfish opportunity for me to talk to some of my favorite wrestlers and had to be long form and you know just geek out about wrestling somebody everyone's wallet they share stories that have nothing to do wrestling they're just super fascinating so would you give this week. This week it just came out today it's us stone cold Steve Austin and Jim Ross. All our die I don't know of inherited these guys but they'd they'd done OK in the world wrestling out kind of Jim Ross are. And I mean these are released a greatest play by play guy in the world wrestling he's just an incredible human being had and what an awful year he's had his wife died in oh scooter accident I didn't know that yeah and then soon after that he had to pick himself up and go to wrestle mania and he's had some great things happened since then that probably have helped keep his mind off of that tragedy that guy any any talks about it in depth in his podcast about losing his wife didn't. It's heartbreaking but it's a continuance ever dealt with heartbreak. I think they can find a lot of bomb comfort in hearing some stuff that he says let's get back up in the living your life to invest in your abilities because your wife for your husband or whoever it is. Would want eats it he's got a new book god and he's got slaughter and soccer which is a term that uses my life from wrestling and out in the book he shares a story about up. And experience said he had menus do because you've been around forever where he had to deal with the pre ordered that not only was blind but also was struck. Well the owner of the U wrestling territory basically told us. For many Munis hear your name is LeRoy Mcguirk he thought society in a car accident and I think if you want. So he was totally in line to. So we're watching as his business partner and but I do admire part of our promotion in college philosophy political discovered may. I got a job making a 125 bucks a week and my job good driver good it's good to have more I'm also is out in the morning. Thinking about bringing new word measures stress fracture I was ship's mission is close who had McDonald's I would do it restored and I'm happy I was eight. Make sure you have is that sort of the president cigars incarcerated go. And then the third throughout you're really good reader ever. And didn't make no golf course line that Dylan Jones didn't have you know had a challenge just take you don't know. Wow that's a heck of a job man race did I get in a weird way you know is ridiculous and if it was that somebody's fly in get them whiskey yeah take in the notes part turned out to be the ultimate. Do you school's in session all the time for you learn so much because of that all that's a good point if so I mean there was a positive that came out and David can you imagine there's thanks. Finally I know that uncle Chris you have to zip up BJ's occur when he can't keep our eye yeah of fact not yet not yet bad days can you imagine having a boss where that's part of your job you do that of the zipper and whiskey. And I don't really imagine being in the Duma where you have to summons if you're zipper it and think about that part either that's some still don't and I kind of would like that you'd like as if rev rapper cut our ultimate sign of power a zipper assistance yes that's awesome. So yeah how about dead that wrestler Jim Ross that they knew booked him announcers is a Jim Russ has a new book. Jobs. And day you know he doesn't a lot of stuff including him in the works for blind and drunk boss based on this what's. Made your boss odd or was the strangest thing that you had to do free your job to a 6421 rock Texas 77999. They're opening comments of course from anybody omission no. Conservatives really normal mr. pollution and Christian community yeah. 206421 rock Texas 77999. What may your boss are. The next morning it's. Yeah. I guess tell you. I swear I SW Iraq come Seattle. So I if you are licences it makes vs the world wrestling podcast first of all you get a great wrestling podcast perhaps the best that I've ever heard yes. You may never listen I listen why don't like once a throw like 12 like he wants to put. And that's the only bike has Alyssa do so I don't use the best I haven't heard how one person you're dissects I don't watch wrestling at all but I listen every week because I enjoy the interviews. But yeah prime nicest thing that's so nice I know my jewelry would be dates very easy to say something nice yeah Dante this you do the job doing interviews. You learn from the best. And of course that would be Vicky yeah I don't he's awesome yeah she doesn't do an interview. So what we're what we found out on the latest podcast so with Steve migs which in the woods mistress the world wrestling which you can get it KI SW dot com. We learned that wrestling announcer Jim Ross. Actually one time had to work for a blind in drunk boss in the things he did you like zip up the guys zipper and take notes form is just. Since about this during get a whiskey all yet cigars there is that they all these things are typically what most people what to do for their boss and that does make a boss odd there's like I did coming zip zip brats your job and are hanging out yeah get married some whiskey yeah. Like a little whiskey Woodman Jimmy hanging out yet as it developed. So that's strange but I'm betting maybe you have some strange things about your boss I'm the things he had to do for your job on here bottom at 206421. Rock Texas it's 77999. Let's go to Christopher and Seattle Christopher you are on the Iraq. They would protect your body which he enforcement. Eric so I mean I think it was just a little odd when I First Amendment my boss. Just to get a job altered it was at his house and choose only you have a burden pastry. How did you was so how did you get invited to this burn tasting or was this where he said he wanted to do your job interview. On hole it was actually just two. It was a job to glimmer an uncanny to deliver like and medical specimens to doctors split. He's just such a cool dude you know what you are short and foremost like hey do you need him. We're having a singer tells. You Kevin burden chasing. Income books that are that I missed out. Oh wow dude that does seem like a pretty cool boss and and you got a job offer from the guy. At that and while you're at his permit distance. That is you know what I mean you like to think that guys can be that cool weather may may noisy and a good kid you know on a daily hands out free I -- job for a kid. Do you feel obligated to go to all of his these parties now because that's I got the job. We get it and it's not even an obligation like any time he does little party so awesome. Like you walk in their you've got like. Talk to our turner remember tickets and who can both table yeah. Just sitting in the living room and you know he just got its whole own game. Mean really going on in the hour. I love the sky are misusing his lost for good guy and a season high you know how gosh I wish I had a I wish I had that the the little. I have some friends appreciate the call I got to friends and have really good gaming rooms and so jealousy of a friend of the bowling Alley is basement the I mean it's awesome yeah I mean I'm not even as a bowler but I would all the time preventable you know I am a base I don't want to oversell it because I don't think I'm a friend am an acquaintance then I'll think I do and say I don't oversight it's only one lane yeah. I. I guess good looking guy but I it's. He's a guy at sycamore in my house because you know I do what I do for a living so some people think every chemical have BJ come by. And Abbott I go and gone so I'm the only guy came in these guys friend because his real friends talk about like financial stuff and no stuff and I'm just like. You're like this starts LA likes that he'd rather like having a friend that doesn't wanna be mr. stuffy pants all the time I hope so Steve takes a sense depends accused at taking daisy vaguely. Yeah I hope so but IA EE you know I still feel like I -- don't fit in the circle 'cause they all my why you like having your round hill golf and they know things there worldly and I know nothing Mano grade alcohol in a great why Maine but I feel like I'm not saying if you're wealthy and as a you can afford to have a bowling. Even as a bowling lane in your basement but that means they're probably a guy who's at one point was just kind of goof. And Abby yeah all right I want to have a bowling you know I'll see you mean maybe he does really wanna be my friend and I'm the one that's that I think in the words I keep micro U ground and in a sense I it's like to call me that you had me over a 100% yes times every tech support. I'll I'll make it happen times. And aside your daughter's in the room brawls. I'll say. It was a Good Friday until this kind of got good credit and I know I doubt this isn't about year old Laura do. It's business news is that Abbas that I used to have at the restaurant and work for her. Love that it is showing her do this to the customers. Oh I remember all the signs easily worth of Fox's. So now I'm you're ever get a nice establishment that she wasn't a lay in a place that you would not expect this to happen memoir she always went if she were the stress that awful zipper in the front moves sexy right super easy to just lower and lower and lower. Bu would pop out customer be like. Check oh I'm so sorry and then the other pop out nobody here cleaning clearing dishes like. Well they asked Immunex Lincoln asked how the customers and listen enlightening me. Truth today it was nice I claim they did say she does like best fans each Manzi big bucks man of course to get good tips here at home all the snow in order to generate revenue to be and yeah after she I got to hand you don't even know how. I. I didn't in India on Friday. And oh yeah. Did she we had so many old dudes walking and looking for her. Well here's the girl it's okay now which is not surname does not understand. So are geared may not always thrown. Riskier moves it's funny and I want our rescue all the time and then there are times where people waders or wait now waiters waitresses are beat whoever. Do that kind of habits typically like the most ratcheted bar like a total intake I think it's eight Emmys dive bars a classy cat Null and we Republican nice place to tell you it's it's surprising to think that that went on at this place loud and let me say her boobs and we're not the primary are really all the old dudes are they great. Right there yet mom yeah it's like pizza I mean you may need Mason now agreed to when you get to see booms in place you don't think you're gonna see moves there may I enjoy the temporary peace I don't care how they are sloppy those to authorities are odds except there are very sloppy sloppy and. My coworkers and they look like a full at taco. Oh wow. Very bizarre looking right at you how weird they are we higher Tuesday guess mine Apatow have been ruined the channel I'm curious I wanna see what down the progress soon for the taco moves a contrast her to send your pictures talent out there. The spirit and the wild that's that's a muscular Kimberly in Bellevue Kimberly EU are on the Iraq. It's tied to really welcome to the show what you got for us. Shuttle. Content works or is our numbers are the obstacles around hating everybody and the RL. And then I'll look you Wheatley has there on Friday that after 3 o'clock right there on site. That is. Odd but it for a good reason and unless you have a drinking problem. Just yes or theft. Damn that's why don't I wonder about those faces that have like lots of happy hours in the office place they're always drinking like how that's got to be tough for someone who doesn't drink or does entry because they had drinking issues now you know my pain. Yeah time some brings in cupcakes and cookies and candy because it's like you know what I'm trying to stay away from that's not only do you have more. No they don't do my hardest and Chris and I are trying to make sure that we don't we come our failure stories for 3010. And that's part of it is to stay away from ales romance there. Clearly did was Sarah was there and other shoe that cell where you know if the numbers were down. Did he didn't seem to steal money from your wallets and just start being you and are always is when the good stuff happened. No implant good duck peaches. She handed out when our numbers turn out in our earth because laid it out orders she'd go around pounding everybody and a dollar though. Tell you some that this is why. The Pacific northwest is a good place for me because I don't have any stories like that. Obama when things were good and any place I work I employee of the stories from the East Coast right when things were bad and what the Boston this Jim home. Did here it's like if if things go bad nobody says anything they just keep their heads a little guys it's all right and what happens here yeah. Here's an idea here right here have a beer and a lot of dollars. We did your career are you right Stephen East Coast man nobody. Anyway it is is it it was more like our remembers a good kid out why you wanted to object that was the attitude of these go. On Texas and I were just small copies did in high school my boss lives across the street from me and win guys who was networks who sit home and watch just enemy should we weren't spending too much time with customers. This is on a customer I'd been there too long shooting either called a stand or drive over I hate that had a friend she worked at a bar. Many many years ago and the bar had cameras not because you're receiving no steely. To do the boss the owner of the bar would sit at home and watched the employees to make sure they were doing their job at all times that's just you are slacking you for a second the phone rings hey what are you doing. I'll watch you that's. Reading a book and it was no customers in here will usually cleaning construction each year it's not this fight is on the coworkers Fiat the one spot to the camera wouldn't hit its high spend hours a spot where people would either like just. Plan on their phone or on tour or do shots and alcohol thank you I hate when you're shot what that's like yeah. Follow us tonight where we don't know. There's like this whole milk bread I like the bathroom you know like there's no cameras that we figured out the cameras don't hit right in this spot Bob -- disease that's insanity Dorian replacement at every -- I said they're drinking on the job but dwellers who almighty god we don't know which came first the camera drinking of the drinking in the cameras we just we don't know how did you how this one who has the William resort for a boss who was diagnosed and erect tile dysfunction I don't as soon as I was told and yes NeuStar sleeping with his wife. Well well that was unexpected. Well that's pinpointed a month Barbara did you get any Muslims. What that what the hell. While that's where he's got a bright bright enough right now firmly trust her I don't know if it's true but I like. Good morning guys tomorrow Brian Williams were. Well all right so I've been doing my distribution job for about a year now and the weird I've got a lot of great story cabin but the weirdest one. I was jerking around in my church do a conservative seats and my boss get a call and says hey we have a situation at the office. C accountant whose I want to shape may be sixty sides were almost seventy to see and shoot using the restroom and when she went you just what it. She yes. And a dingle Berry saw on the floor on the peninsula. Yeah it was a good sized single variable I'll let you know blood in the off its would touch it lie muscle. Nobody would do it so luckily I already had experienced clean and that's had to stop and I'm. The Guerrero hit. Mile an hour schooling did you need to be yeah while you know I went to brown universe I saw and I need to do this you know I told graduates are still needs little work it out cost cutters so I so do you did you volunteer art they go O'Brien. We know your experience in this world you're the only woman can help us so we want good. Now they went to every single person and then nature I didn't get it first Marie Ali model not only do territory and I'm like. Now at the box like I'll give you ten dollars might. You make it horny and I'll make its wallets or alcohol two blocks NRA and I was making nice 47 clean and that turns out for a light twenty bucks a ticket the dingle Berry are regulation and. I do fifteen. Yeah I mean look EA if you can just imagine that you're cleaning up after a dog because and we all do that. This does is give you doesn't make it tough for you at Safeco Field money you see this thing the very solid person seemed weird flashbacks. Song. Model AB de LA now. Rev directory under the bus she let me know they each get a gun accidentally he blamed huge forest so I've given our little smacked around from. All you mean in the foam on the phone order yeah you're right I did use this new system he's right I did I can't this news isn't gonna mess until we got everybody under let's do it yet please you try to make grabbed him in trouble yeah it's yeah I'd say this John had a tale like you're ever gonna get on again. OK. It's just I'd gone by the rhythm. Early. Read gone got blocks GTE had no yeah on Friday. Well you know I know we can predict me because forever it's all my fault I mean I can't blame you knew he's absolutely yeah. Oh yeah. Parent Disney but I got to watch by the way let me tell you about the right now and so they knew Vijay when you're not on the air guy. Rev I don't know if you get this is Steve I don't know if you hear this. But when people come up to me one of these they say the love about the show logo I really love the show of the megs I love this and I love it when you read hate each other in each other guys and I also might also my blood pressure is really high and my doctors mad at me and I wanna just basically he in my life. That's your favorite time so people like to watch his fight I think he was trying to see what would that he wanted to see the world burn yeah Friday Galileo what I always operated gas debt facilities since he knows the answer is you change the question that's Jack's pentagon. All right I tell you about this high school that was evacuated and people were hospitalized. And Danny and I don't like this man it's all because of pumpkin spice all I'll tell you all about this at 747 on the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. I like rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy. How do you rebuild it you know from one crime measures time by making your payments on time. John you're on your friends your mortgage I continue to make car payment should stop the carnage you keep your. This case. I'm you can also. It's. You can almost always get a credit cards almost. Filing bankruptcy sometimes this is secured cards you know almost always have a really high interest rates don't. Did you get a small balance credit card in the treasury can gas are already dinner once a month I'm not missed a payment paid off every month. And I know how we don't credit history when I lose time. And how do you rebuild your credit. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just because any time as choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.