BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-06-17-8A: Shawn Wayans joins us live in studio!

Friday, October 6th

A high school had to evacuated because of a pumpkin spice air freshener.A new survey says we are more willing to share personal information with a website rather than a friend.


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While high schools get evacuated a lot of things people do all sorts of kind of threats this was weird high school. Gets evacuated and five people are hospitalized over a strange smell. From a pumpkin spice air freshener. That's a good spice man as out of Katrina band pumpkin spice standing well it's got a guy Manning. Now I wanted to buy some up pumpkin spice guitar strings and they would go along with the story. Did know there's not pumpkin spice Qatar strings out there I don't know if it's actually true Ernie ball tweeted it out and I was like I gotta buy these. I'm all for people treated it's got to be true yeah yeah. Pumpkin spice guitar strings. Bush happened 230 yesterday afternoon it's a student set Credo ray jesuit high school in Baltimore. Reported a strange smell. It was a thrill because he hasn't been in Baltimore for years to write a carried the school was immediately evacuated. And a Hazmat team went to check it out. And the smell turn out to be coming from a pumpkin spice air freshener. And this may sound like a joke to you but to students is too stupid to students in three adults. Had to be taken to the hospital studied more than just pumpkin spice that caused that. They say and they don't know if it was from the smell all or if they got her from the evacuation scene that's why they can't figure that out. God is to get that information you go to the hospital. Go way Timmy what happened did you pass somebody has the smell Laura did you yields fall your head and right you're getting evacuated familiar place for 59 and they're trying to get that information people are ready to go home for the day and like you know while we can't tell yet enough. I guess sometimes the news just wants to make it sound worse than it is in the I only really know why but it sounds better say was the pumpkin spice why wouldn't have cared enough infinite pumpkin spice and now you know I made we are located here click created. I have about this I got to the survey for you Steve okay. Turns out we are way more willing to share our personal info with a random web sites. Then with somebody we are actually dating. And I talked laden if you understand that I tell us that I probably will put a chip in my head and you're afraid to because he wants and hacked in their your earlier in vogue yet. Or tell me what to do I think people are already let that happen. Do you think this is because they know that there's there's no fear of judgment. If you share which. A stranger or an anonymous thing like you know what I don't even know without their sharing this information right but as opposed to somebody that you care about you don't want to be judged me because whatever's going on your world. I think yeah we we with holds. Most information from the people closest to us because again those are the biggest relationships we have and do we want those people hitting us. So yeah we're not gonna tell them but we wanna tell somebody we want to feel like him I'm not not really weird because I'm into this. But I wouldn't tell my wife but I'll tell you random people crazy were everywhere and be on the Internet. Who who it but it does it say we like what type of Internet site they're going to have to give this information. Plus yeah it says here the survey found that we decided 28 seconds whether it's safe to enter our info in a website and only takes 31 seconds before we decide whether it's safe to give mark credit card so. It's not even like super personal like I secrets it's in you know which I was thinking I'm actually it's like yeah I wouldn't give my ten. I'll give my penned this random site are give my info like my Social Security number but I won't tell my significant other does not know when I went down I don't deep philosophical relate I guess Tom innermost feelings too of this. Company but I overtime that they're just talked about credit card information are stupid. Well you know I I will say this though you'll give your pin is only allowed thank you know my eye candy when my kids find out my pin I wasn't happy well maybe cement B 6969. Well I just said look I know a guy and this is his favorite number. Doubles. Well I don't know as mine's 3664. Cassettes those darned car has to us. Oh man I. God. We're not gonna let somebody in our home address to an average of four dates. I guess you know that's the last bastion I never wanted to give on my phone number and I realize who chairs because he can block somebody on the phone now. I think it was Nikita told us a few years ago we are talking about dating him craziness these days. She's more wanna give up her phone number then she would be to give somebody her FaceBook pages. Remember cats exactly yeah. It's crazy because like I mean I can ignore them and attacks on FaceBook they can harass my friend or family they can look at it like all my tag pictures and who hadn't thought about the friends and family Mickey harasser right now I don't want a middling know whom aren't saar have you delete your reach and the policy costly write UN LC if you read it yes that's you. They've come on everything's an immediate comment hey that's that's great to your picture viewer enough. A pumpkin and now we are reflect any of my messages I'm Mac guy. I do I don't lose your you all morning nice guys you got your board did this is Korea Sudan brought this up this tough guy. I'm nice guy Larry is you've become the Psycho ex girlfriend to all of your board didn't friends. Because you put out invites these board game events and some people don't reply. And you get mad when you see them posting other stuff on social media. Yeah this one guy I'd like to call out com how I wish I could just add refresh icon. I mean. I mean if you do human and I'm. I grabbed my right I think. This what you call my name you caught the scenario well they did this do you want to call mom by name MI gaming and I'll tell paradise. There's not 100 I don't know you so delegates game I asked me Bill Gates being oh he media asks me hey man. I wanna play board games or view I really like to do it RI AL ATI. You know he did at Seattle yes have you gotten to Seattle yes although yes and had lunch I know I mean seminary at lunch I wanna be inclusive you know like I'm like I'll go to conventions and I'll be playing games and all of a sudden somebody who kind of is an acquaintance of though. Paul do you guys are having fun I like to be part of your four game things that's like. Are able I know you I can let you into my circle and a lot of people wanna be part of it but it's like I would if I don't know your I can invite you my house they just the I got to know you're gonna right relationship with the U. But this guy I don't know me. So I was like all right so we I philly's my memory is he said I would love to play games that you've got back. So Mike is visually it's our business jigsaw and his eyes are gates. A hundred to 600 you don't don't don't let your games because I feel like they never have anybody to play games with after the first game it's just the only one left. Yeah he's OK we get a boarding group when you put it out there and then there's no answer like crazy it's like hey. Kenny got weed hey guys we're gonna game Friday night who can do this. And either I'll get an answer from the people would do what oh there's no way it's from others you go all right this guys says he wants to be involved. He doesn't answer me then I go online I see him go let me tell you about this political believe let me tell you I hate this show coming to you why he's commenting on all these other things. And I don't have time to comment on what isn't just. There are hot seat and you're on FaceBook you have to see the you've got a message. What do you think maybe he says he wanted to and I know a lot of people that are like this sometimes I see in him up like if I saw a group chat with some embodies a set something up it's everybody's waiting for the first personal reply. Nobody wants to be the first reply telling is that I don't know why this is a that I. I'll know everybody's been like hey man. He just text back on the group Jackson saying you're in could guarantee the minute you say you're in every year and op center this new agreement that there. Sorry I had just like to run on south jobs. Other people that reply and sir that's. He's like I'm in man in a nice man knows and you gay people saying whether or not they're in or out basis nobody wants me the first responders and download the makes him feel like. Dinner at their idol I look like the loser that is not there's nothing going on sought. I can reply right away like the first person shown little party yeah right okay so maybe it's that maybe needs a leader reply first and now make him feel comfortable to reply. Blair's undoing. Well I as I haven't mentioned this person by name OK but there are 88 is not just one person now is everybody on notice now everybody is on notice. You are never getting invited to one in my dress again. I've done that I you know that I am done I am not gonna include you anymore because it's been multiple times so if you're person that's never applied to my thing. You are done it's over in and end ends because I mean what. Some races and a realist stated they are coming in have to give an excuse that could be the reason why are getting in every environment. Because of but if they get they said they can't come they'll still get invited right. Yeah they say they can't come in and I'll get invited because they didn't answer at least he given you maybe as we now part of your goal posts like Kate. In order to staff this lets you have to reply just. I don't like when you guys it's a little while put it in hockey terms okay you want to play hockey at you know you need a certain number of clears up players on your T yes so you go all right we got a bunch of guys that we know play hockey yet we need at least it was a five guys you need you inside guys in the eyes from the goalie Jesse aren't so you need six total yes so you throw out there you approve of say ten to go. The guys we need six guys we wanna play hockey who wants to do it. And nobody reply no yes. We had that many talents to frustrating I yes I might I am done you know if you can't put your big boy pants on and at least say no. I think you look OC a therapist your immediate boss who's directed therapy if you asked me to put me in a group please invite me to your thing and then you never respond when I say I'm doing its thing and it requires numbers like when Texas has no one cares BJ get a dog. You die will come to all of your car while I mean I just you know my thing is they're done I think I get sued they get to not respond and I get to not a might. Never again like Jerry let it can end jerk and Turkish of him tonight you know respond all the apple about the people that have been. A part of that board gaming groups for a long time and then once they say hey you know what I can't make it. And you pamper them way as well line million in the big names of them you whammy because Miami. Mormons are quite possibly making me use it to make fun of another person on our show spreading out putting on social media and do not and that's just arrest coming now you got any peace he crawled back crying all crawled back yeah did you. I wish I show in the thing but I racing. Now he added that he Karl sorry I in his eyes that I think about that. Vicky and everybody social your eggs I feel nice like it's these people I like we all wanted to teased them so maybe the reason why they don't wanna respond is because they don't wanna deal with the teasing. But amid maybe it's the US to play games and we do not know me by now do not listen to the show yet what I mean are you surprised by my personality I. I'm very happy to say I'm not a part of any of these allegations aren't god I don't I'm not on this page are not part of this group. I don't worry about it but I did some people like to keep you from the point. Should I say no because then it's it's a constant badgering. And are you being playful but maybe for Hershey's and wanna deal at that well that's fine that's why she never gets invited I can vital time and now you're the notification now you're done. Hi I'm your guy and I haven't that you are real high right. Yeah I can't figure out of the main group because she's it she created to me hey I just feel I don't care yeah the admin and I don't know how to get her out of yeah. Present our reply BJ can I come play games I know that that's the thing I have to know you we have to have some sort of relation how they get to know you fire all that's I mean I've met people that are listeners and now we hung out men like yeah. I feel comfortable on my audience yeah just normal you know just invite people you don't go to your place and I mean that's not weird is this. Five people were right now my house but he added there's a Russian TV. It is funny because I remember this guy his radio guy Charles Laquidara hoo I won visited Hawaii dude he always had strangers in the house. Selling them stuff I mean I went to visit them is a guy tennis on hearing aids. And I and I thought it was a friendly as I go nice to me telling him a frenzy on this you're trying to sell something I just some of the side of the road until the demo purposes just like what. I wish I could be that guy he's like people commit to your home. Some really don't care yeah no I don't know how they do that I'm too like all know this guy wants to kill me I'm gonna bring you when they might murder me moments we should be just or your robot Riley. That's legal drama to play better game series indeed all you do is is like Iran must look at stuff you can probably just make friends of Sarah she broke in my chew over. Just random random strangers you know thanks standing Daniel welcome had some listeners out loud what mommy you've cyborg is also our strengths. It's do or die already I've already done that they could they drink only alcohol on the gone have drama downstairs I did their brand to. I was putting a band yourself from your. Steve you've. If you're there to play hockey and somebody just decides they're gonna have drama and try to cheat on their spouse and your hockey party a unit and their drinking all your booze and every Ambac. That's good that's great entertainment network for me we've had people who have trust me those who don't have your party really so I wouldn't mind being your house to have that happen I plaza I as my friend's house is how about yeah I don't I don't I don't mind my house yeah I don't doubt in my house I'll be over his somebody else. I here's another thing about the survey that I don't understand. 5% of people say that they would share their Social Security number on a first date. 5%. Of people would show you. Why isn't even coming up on a first date. I wouldn't share it it's would say hey look at what in the last three numbers on the back to your credit card. Just just asking what do you what's that special code. This the kind of guy that would get like a mail order bride kind of situation and they just so desperate and Michael. Hank you're giving me attention. I think there's been incurred. Time and thought about that I guess you're right Vicky why else would somebody do best they could be some people want to prove they. They think by doing that it shows just how trustworthy flow during the all give me I'm like the most trustworthy guy over me my Social Security numbers Don 6969. By the way that it is your social security and there is high you got that as you know is lucky that I was the first NASCAR and then there's Greece really a story online where this guy was kidnapped this girl she's not feel and it. He's ago OK we're here baby here's my credit card information whatever you wanna buy is okay. Says in lung buying a bouncy house. Or herself OK okay. I'll be all right this is like hey you set any thing Hamas and cause I don't remember the Iran and Margaret alarmist. Wow dated dated. I don't understand people. I just I just don't understand that at all desperate and people are desperate to write this aggression and to find love and there will do whatever it takes in their head in net of that person's head they probably about this fork pat does explain my life. Yeah. Plus he's with me right. That's for toughness and. All right. To go a comedy club. Is a great place to see comedy and this weekend oh yeah you wanna get down there because the awesome Shawne Williams is there an easy to join us in studio. At 817. Rock. And made some mornings on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW don't. Got to nine point nine KI SW Iraq does Seattle. Sellout. Still wait nine I Sean how should say actually yes John my hands away awaiting action on wins and while we're doing that's. The mattress that was shot last summer outside yes John NASA shows on things is it a shot thing I'd be maybe Shawn is banned from the buildings Heidi I might be the case it's like a black hole Shawn is where we are somehow in Bermuda Triangle we just. Really saw Locklear got through. You're right Sean he's good to hear you're a lawyer you can't stop him no. So our president hasn't been able to get through a trigger point I don't know if he wants to but he hasn't yet doesn't know that's such incidents and hope from. Component well since we're talking football I'm ready for Sean when he endlessly about Cam Newton as you know he got in trouble from mocking a female reporter on Wednesday. And now he's saying he's sorry of course he's sorry yeah I probably have to the president in his wallet BI he got dropped by Daniel Burton. Are you Viet din and Waco children I guess said there are no I gonna use came and commercials are they gonna pull the existing ones. Gatorade I guess is that distancing them themselves from his side his comments allow. So it's cost him in the pocketbook how is it that. There's going to be a stupid question I asked why stupid questions obvious how is fig Newton not working with Cam Newton. That's a really good question of a bit of anyone's gonna mean if a yogurt place is gonna Adam has an endorser why Al yeah when I fig Newton especially right Nabisco course maybe they knew. Maybe they do like it's just commit maritimes for camp says something stupid and don't want that associate with fig Newton's. So if you don't know what happened he basically our team a reporter asked him an in depth football question about wide receivers and routes. And he thought he thought it was funny their female would talk about routes bright and I'm paraphrasing now but that's pretty much the Essen summit. And lastly he released a video saying quote. After careful thought I understand that my word choice was extremely degrading and disrespectful to women that was not my intentions. That was not my intentions she's honestly I mean I am relevancy for first of all causes intentions then. Yet and that's it did exactly like all that went there what were ya what what what what more you trying to get. I sincerely apologize I just wish she would say that it was extremely degrading disrespectful to women and I sincerely apologize. And be done right because it your intention was to save it was something about her gender gap was funny to you. It's that was your intention what else sort of I don't try to figure it out myself. I hate that all you gotta do is just me apologize though mitigation. If you could do that the world v.s such a better place and that's what irritates me nobody ever genuinely apologize is they always mitigated. And you know in the world the therapy that that's a term called mitigated apologies and that's what people are not happy because they never truly get apologized to well. You got guys these Eagles probably through the roof he's on top of the world is trying to you know I mean so. I I don't know what it would be like to be in that situation but it. It doesn't seem like anybody in those situations when adds huge egos can just take a minute remove it and doesn't as a drill red to know what that was stupid of me and I'm sorry it's hardly move on. It's hard for me not to think that he's that he's he's an almost incurable narcissistic because. We narcissism just don't have a clue how clueless they are they just don't. Who. In the curable ones at least finally figured out they all got I didn't realize it was so self focused I didn't realize a missile self centric ally. And they figured out late and making they learn that there are narcissistic never learn I won't put into community NFL are any sport in general is just gonna stop making it mandatory for any of their athletes to do press conferences because it only if it doesn't help. At some point I mean. There's enough people and professional sports that you want to do press conference is back into a while because they enjoy the spotlight but then when you act like that. I would imagine you wanna do that press conference. You wanna talk to anybody and that's a way that that day and he reacted like an idiot. And now we know is losing money because of a press conference you need in sports is the press conference with the coach the head coach of the manager because wherever questions you have. They are the mouthpiece anyway whether it's sort of like talking to players to some of the players have these moments yeah and it did it all it does is cause a lot of problems he gets people upset I mean like have to. Half so country. Gay you know had a reason to be upset because they were women. And it was just useless again we do do we need to use this microphone in front of a useless idiots food everybody had to deal pressed congress that ended their day. These are going to talk in front of like a bunch of people that were questioning whether or not he did a good job you're job I would love that. All you would be in trouble yeah I would you'll lose all your doors I think could be good I think that it yeah I think I would because I love talking to people and explaining things and I think Pete Carroll to me if I was Pete Carroll I know the end whatever he feels they're part of the job but that would be my favorite part of the job. Yeah I think it that I think he enjoys it insulated act and I enjoyed a press conference when they get annoyed with the reporters and you can just how I acquire US can you stupid questions I just answered it to the other guy couple seconds ago did you need to ask that same question yeah. I know it's it's he did a day in day out you do the same thing you would snap if he had snapped high divorce one ahead I think I'd like to have put the reds a one asking the questions so that would be trouble yeah yeah but see every what's life gonna get somebody from another country you're in the Super Bowl on the gonna ask a dumb question mark Craig gas is gonna show with some great questions. You know I mean you can be really awesome. Here's what else Cam Newton had to say said what I did was extremely unacceptable OK I've already lost sponsors and countless fans. I realize the joke is really on me I've learned a valuable lesson from this what Joseph is this. But joke is on him there's no joke I think maybe he's he's an improper saying maybe he's say be his his stupidity backfired. And now he's. He's the guy suffering because he lost his endorsements he's losing money I got a new job for you but sat yeah the camp where spur you know you know what he's saying you can translate we don't forget Google translator and then I would go way back you don't need the pixel blood Steve you can translate Cam Newton to me as I don't know what to help these are the vibe I'm getting from what he's trying to say is that you know. Everyone did you look. Look what happened on the one now's not I'm being punished for the next part of this video irritates the crap I mean OK because. Here's what I don't once when somebody makes a mistake. I don't want them to turn around and lecture. Also now he has a life lesson he has a life plus and to give young people which by the way first of all camp. You're a young person you're an idiot you I there's nothing I can learn from you may be some football skills of I wanna be a quarterback for a successful team. Anything else I got nothing else to hear from you okay I'm curious now could I hope I can translate to make you feel better about things to the young people who see this. I hope you learn something from this as well. Don't be like me be better than me. Alec and have fun and it lecturing his lecturing. He's making it sound like. I've got something important to tell I say no you don't shut up you said enough I'm not a learn anything from you except maybe yes all that bad at all did you and I didn't sonic on team can now on I'm so lost team camp. And here's the thing he didn't mention any about the reporter he mocked. He just apologized to quote all the women around the world. I would like to know if he apologized that reporter because she deserves it. I feel like come. There might be some kind of like if she's between those two at some point you make you rush she's covering the main rewrites. Yeah you're right that is interesting Dana you would think that you make your point to apologize to her specifically first before anyone. Away and you can call erode public maybe she's constantly calling him out for stuff and my drive need to see here I am translating cam for you again you might be right because I was always sort of makes a mistake that just want to say look I mean a mistake. In my heart always was a learn from our mistakes and he sees open its own to learn from his mistakes and they'll make a mistake themselves because while tell you why don't you people learn from his mistake of fashion you know where those John Lennon glasses were going to press conference that would have been a great statement for him to make. I EO Steve. And this is this is why I like the way you live because you filter out what doesn't mean anything do you and I look a little too deeply into it kind. I don't want to be lectured to by somebody who just shore up I don't want to I just want you tell me your sorry don't try to give me a teachable moment you're a moron. And I don't wanna teachable moment from you hey guess what but cam I would've said that the first place because I'm not a moron. But it. On his side he's got a lot of fans he's got a lot of kids are fans of his so now you're obviously not the person why he's preaching to he's preaching to. These kids that might. Do what he does an act how he acts so I will maybe and maybe I'm overtaking and as well. Maybe there's ever a moment in his ten days while cutting out a bad example who I should be for these kids look up to me as I have to admit you obviously kitchen pride. Not to look at somebody sorcerers and ideals are setting up I saw already in general but maybe hoping that they can see what he's done the mistake that he made cannot be that person in the future. Yeah I end I have a message for I have a message for all cam Newton's young fans. Go find someone else to be a fan now police are right I mean this type it's obvious initiative tools we don't know I mean really I don't need him look at and it. No I have somebody should look up to the dash Cam Newton looked up to one of the kings of comedy who just walked in studio to attribute why jazz it you all he's an actor he's a stand up comic he's a maker agreed children's show in other words our next guest makes up for the lack of talent in this room yeah please welcome themselves shall I humbling and very humbling you got nice guys doing the shocking to have you back man good to be back could drag you know what I love I don't know if this is like a cycle you know how sometimes women when they were together and had the same cycle I don't yeah Wayne's family -- on the same cycle where there just aren't all on the same cycle I I like I think near mall and in Damon on the same cycle the general pace is here to ferret and we just talked here a few but I'll always just yeah yeah yeah what prayer. I love the Washington state fair all cool that's also abuser Chris Collins and LT years and and while that price on a lot of junk food malaria yeah. And hey like seven pounds and well days that's another thing you guys have in common because we we mentioned some of that their food to Marlon in my on the site I am I I Hughes can't go later diabetic shock just here on download I'd be my mom is diabetic so we we watch what we. Wow poster you learn that nothing really learn to watch that we don't we wanna catch that was white and I get to act as I watched my parents even go crazy and I went the other way you hope don't you kidding me here Janine enjoy the idea are they exactly now usually appearances six who are you well I mean they're not with Meebo when mom's side by that debts or Israel. But I am I mean still niceties that doesn't change a beggar I'm sorry to hear him out of the bailout that's LA got. How long ago that fifteen years I'm in nine guests are yeah it hit our outside outside with say they have may have guys just don't know you are already yeah right. Lover you know I'd obviously it has the funny thing about Leno those situations it. I timing would have appreciated you combine a funeral honestly don't memorize the fifteen year old Timmy would like. Hey man does not see you thank you it goes out I don't know who you are I don't know if you ever have a career I think you nonlethal crying and you. Come out of we wish you play a white chick up there. Yeah I always. Said you're are you say you're sorry rim yeah. Shot Wayne's musical comedy club tonight tomorrow and Sunday or Friday through Saturday yes 7301030. Shows Sunday it's an 8 o'clock shows he gets to shows on Friday and Saturday one on Sunday you want all the info you got to see the show I mean anything to Sean does a great job Tacoma comedy club dot com. And it's good to have you back because ma'am we have great conversations we saw all the world's problems when you guys are we do I'm the guy on the king of solving all problems there and I'm that guy. I know I'm not out of this via sarcastic. But I like your approach because demand is they you know dated everybody is really serious about stuff that's going on and look it's been a tough week and it's been maybe a tough year has been a tough JFK have been tough it's tough and that's why you know we gotta keep the comedy. Keep going keep the balance the amount and that is unity there because mail a lot of stuff that you talk about is very relatable to all of us and so while I laugh and we're realized you know one hour eleven that this 'cause we all kind of I relate this doesn't matter what walk of life ethnicity. You just figure it out and we end so you should basically I'm saying there's Gandhi. And there should Bengie. I don't know how I how are you this put that all on Mir are sure they're on the initial well I mean that's. And then today I'm real comedy is just us. You know we're we're reporting the news. What everybody else is thinking but. This stuck in their head. You know we're we're reporting all the stuff that you guys think about and noticed send. But we say it first and we get to it and we explored and we put it out there for you guys to enjoy. Yeah and I. I think that's and that's a great thinkers of the important things we are thinking about yeah you know I I like French is what what comes to politics. Politics or the plumbers of our country I mean we really we think about what the plumbers do what we definitely need him to do what they do. How did become rock stars they're just basically keeping the plumbing of yelling in my life together. Television makes rock star that everybody. So you get a diploma on TV the limit just you know rock star device could apply this to do was squeeze and do a lot of toilets and now. Now he got girls Jason no matter how because everybody knows that he squeezed due to out of toilet that's Rihanna every plumbers does this I squeezed due out of total 1960 on both sides was this guy who drives that duty truck. All the subtlety of you guys are old man that's a rough indeed nobody ever likes him. I like the mafia still saw inform ice more than a billion I don't know I don't face Sealy elegant. Interface on the outside because I do smells of that all bailout czar you can we do you know work. It is jobs thinks that's the if you separate truck drivers always cameo as a you to dig into an accident. You imagine how bad they spend the whole time I deuce apology and I'm so sorry brandy. No for real side made I do they give you know when you. Red blood tonight a bread truck and tipped over its air bread truck is different than it did that truck right there a lot of what MS is sometimes those tankers took over the coming animal parts eminently you hear about it covers the whole freeway and he just like. Hi I know this guy he got driver and he asked that cal for all that stuff to say they'd give the reindeer I believe the second half Papa. The raccoon city hello I got to do inventory or miss my boss is going to be on me back because not every. I am I really helps them which makes you wonder what okay so word that go. Where the way we like you who took the reindeer moody if you don't got an all right exactly okay so wait a minute guys if very green did we has been missing into that yet you know we we got a hold you accountable. It's always -- liver Rudolph furnished and yeah do well not me who aren't they know not as good drive of which I'm glad and I knew because we never really seen you would any of these do you never see me win no reindeer money again there is that room when your house that we're not allowed to go we do well we know that that's for only knew the guy who -- -- strategy for her only allowed to go check that the woke up this morning and in not known to use the phrase student -- I don't know live our roads is one of those days I think it's a -- hang our hat today -- drew -- I think I got close always -- debut trip actually. Well I analysts say we have that we'll keep talking. I don't know what's going on I stated if you if you know I don't know it's it's a little hard to say well I wanna hear and know America and I know you do this Segway onstage or even edit office stays as well now it's out of my head I'll IU had gone it's gone I'll knows dark places and everybody who's really out of one of remarry yeah I'll play and yes I don't blame you because you know life. When you're young man you don't have them voice Tony not to say that no you don't play you kind of kill let you you could kill that police shut your dad's voice and they backwards and Indonesia you exactly yeah. Now now now I think a little bit and a great to have that idea and you know I mean as a man I don't know what it is maybe all that energy just. You're Paul vigna hate yeah we fall although you people open at first you kind of know if folly in the room. Can you block that out and he gives Bobby now. And then I certainly you that you dead and after you've lived a little bit life that it is in particular a couple of direction even though. Maybe I'll let dad have a seat then yes you unit. I mean I wasn't lucky enough. You know because I mean I was like most kids eyes were very rebellious my dad knew nothing right and you know he passed away and act and it wasn't until after I started like I never got to realize. I think this dude dude was talking about what you find it yeah that is probably one of the smartest guys ever walking the planet NASA I realize Bob minor zoning and owner recognized at my my my some my friends my dad would always get mad when you come and one of mr. sitting in his lazy boy they that would that would make that would set him off take his night without really treat. Even if he saw an increase of an ass in that seat that was that was this treat that was this thing that we got his man that was his sting that. To wind down. You know Mraz cannot that's a ridiculous how stupid like once a video and then as an adult now and I don't go over to my house and they should not. Cited a constant hazard the long par regular my legs are yeah. I can't I catch that save a lazy boy are there yeah there's a thing that most men don't realize and Sean I don't know official case it is obvious you've had a great career so sometimes you know you get to have a little bit of a better living space but I don't know. The most men realize that actually the best time of their life as when they got their own room in their house that they were lucky enough and I know you grew up with ten people in the house yeah. But that actually was the best thing ever have did you feel when you move out and you get married I'm ready in my own house not you don't realize it got lazy boys the only piece of real estate you get a don't that's that's sit there than the rest is your wife's house is this afternoon. Yeah I feel it's like I've really had a better time in my own room growing up in my father's most how. Yes you did create you that he had more of your own space and he tells you that no we know that no clue why Kenya Paula tell yet. That's a valid well and that's that's that's some mid gadget that told us is that like sirens it's never really any better than this sick of. You can watch games. You love me for this room you gotta tell you only get your share and it would all lead but you know what he's still we better what you gonna get exactly you think one day you have your own million please fire for your go to mom and tell her that you saw and said that in the next you know he's like what Dolly still went on yeah I don't view of all the goods yeah as a mom doesn't want to think that she's running that kind of effect can a country. Your dad yeah. Your mother who never admitted dugout did you dictatorship but they wanna know I don't know what he had but it's disguised as you know not volume who actually I just suggested it yeah my I. I suggested that you put your Mae and couch and bad guy and I went on a mosquito that is just that's just a suggestion. It was one of those it was one those Marlon Brando's godfather suggestions. Clearly you better doing this if you wanna live. Yeah I am a mom make you an awful yeah they you you can't refuse I had to go back to did you chuckle just got a text message. What's up tough guy who drives the new drug fight you I don't know what's on the road and don't take get scared off the road to text while you are men do drug led Illinois residents. I tried to do do documentaries a year say this. Because it's Ross next they say you sort of my uncle pumping septic tanks move and once I fell in not a dirty ER to get shots and it's enabled on antibiotics just to be safe it was definitely out crappy. You're in solo. Hold their calling in I don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for you do you ever will laugh or cry first followed the article bring you into the do business this. Yeah he's not a good awful like yeah. Hey junior you know like you've got a lot of potential. Yeah I went out and walked in the aftermath do you mail. And all I know that you got it in new yeah out to drive these do chuck and it's a lot mama teach you gotten is that when you look at Missouri go through kingdom MB of failure they think I did you know. We almost saves you made a mistake you can you know you is heading in the wrong direction at first a mutual life to get up put you on track. To be that dude do you know I know you like you notice do they could be if she. And they're not well liked Charlie and sons septic tank batteries and battery failures on trying to bring it into that world what a guy or he's gonna leave this to his son like you know sons when they get they won't be around. They all listen don't be yeah. Leo oh god. Oh man who. Girls got a ways to come a comical tonight tomorrow and Sunday. 730 and 1030 hottest shows on now Friday and Saturday also Sunday at 8 PM you wiped out more info you go to Tacoma come become dot com also while I'm bringing back our kids cartoon that I created that call yeah new group The Who -- I don't know if there's no bringing this back this basically facilities that don't know so it's Charlie Brown meets fallow and hip hop twisted. The show finally asked as I just don't adults and ants don't adults yes this kind of put it more kids kind of eight. Its output up put on YouTube the first specials on YouTube right now did you go to the YouTube by the blue crew TV. You watched the first special and important Christmas one up for an hour around Christmas time and more pro third special right now. You can follow us on instead Graham at the boo crew official and you can read comic strips and other funny stuff and up Neitzel only we had put this thing the next best and that's that's co. Now did you edit its agencies and now the motivation. Because I I remember growing up where you can watch cartoons were in with your kids I'll take it while the parents watching me and there was stuff for the parents yeah his stuff for the kids because I would watch some of those old Warner Bros. join. Okay that joke I did not get back NBA Ellen yeah they were right stuff from my father or mother while. So why what they'd put that it does dad and mom could watch cartoons yes it sucked up kind of trying to bring that back a little bit you know so that's really cool not. Not so sold. Crazy because I want kids do that and we're teach them life lessons but I want the parents to be able to sit there and enjoy it too and not that turn this off they give me a headache. I gotta tell you you know some Sean I love that because I think you know if you can teach kids life lessons and they don't know they're learning because they're enjoying what they're watching Zack to humor and music as you say you know Fat Albert taught me a lot of stuff may have learned a lot of stuff from Fat Albert so we know that was a very important show for me and I learned a lot of stuff from from peanuts Charlie Brown Charlie Brown Deer island because men identify what Charlie Brown I mean now I was like that is media ask you know loser used pools and yeah one guy he had and I learned can how to kick a football from -- -- yeah. Good to do everything in my life was like all right how many do you try you know shows did you today if Charlie Brown Fat Albert told me pretty much everything I need to know I was a kid you know that's going to be cooler and only give up billions Fat Albert was just like you don't watch the fringe you hang out with it. Watch the people you have around you know just all comedies these little. These new gyms within like GI generous and judge Joseph cartoons of the new shows are a little PS they're take PSA OK our shot everybody I. Tell a kid. You know every kill people for fun but you know I didn't get anything could vote when you plug your brush your teeth not a piggyback. I. We got a text about septic tanks and stuff yeah I don't know hours and I driver do you try to woman Seattle right now pump deterred at all I'm very happy jobs hey guys listed no get offended by around on this plane -- doing jokes really I'll deal Davis Amish live in a plane around that we I don't know how to yeah download and normally that's less definitive textures and our company recently demolished a home of Amanda had drowned him passed away from falling in the south. Oh my one hour wait and call what a way to guy and I kind of you know I know I'm gonna go that might be where I wanna go to semi Demi is down to prime minister that's storage and arrested a lot I am imagine you like the funeral nobody's in that nobody's around their body and oh yeah I'm in and say close cats. Let's get closed casket closed fuel yeah. Don't vision and the people outside watch it or not Skype. Yeah I'm saying cremation on that yeah I would get your had a premiere the system we'll pitcher on W earned let's do you have a solid good on the Iraq and you don't want to be different cremation did you wanna smell let all know is you get is like Pharmacia. Mr. Obama. The thoughts and cal does Jon what is Tacoma companies go on tonight tomorrow is Sunday. Two shows on Friday and Saturday it's ninth to march 7 7301030. And wanna show on Sunday you've got to see the show to come comedy club dot com and if you want it's we Sean add Sean underscore weigh ins has sagged due truck. Hash tag as a measure that and then later said. Affordable crouse at the blue Kool official. And it's a grim and you can watch the specials on the brew crew TV again to prime so I'm I'm I'm excited because I just love good good kid programming in and then get we need more to it and listen Summers got talent comedy that's what we need also as we we need some funny this out there and what would like with a good message we have we -- we -- people we try and try as well as Sean again thanks for coming in thanks she did not thank you for having me to appreciate that yes chase Steve close to get this one rightly nags just couldn't do it. Who played Murphy Brown on televisions Kansas. There right now. Kansas. Can't see it now I can and cannot. Perhaps what's her name. Al Gore now promise surprises Al Gore was up for the role but no it went to Candice Bergen but he was that he was a second choice. Yeah you every shot at beating Steve 206421. Rock god also. If you wanna play B may sets the number and we'll do that at 847. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney teachers and other question from a listener how long is a bankruptcy going to affect my credit rating. Of course most of the time. We're we're talking about filing a bankruptcy that credit has already taken a huge head coach after Simon's going to factor more negatively than chapter thirteen. Chapter seven stays on your credit report for ten years from the time you finally usually takes seven or eight years for your credit. Scores to get back into the normal ranges chapter seven case cover your crew will start to recover even enjoy the sun and afternoon about a year. Com you'll be able to get credit again rendering usually before how nice your case is even over. I'm chapter thirteen stays on your credit report for seven years and usually takes about 33 masters for your credit to get back in the normal range of chapters or she's. 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