BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-12-17-6A: A couple of teens steal a lobster from Red Lobster then post about it on Facebook.

Thursday, October 12th

News and sports. An MMA fan got to fight in his first ever match because a fighter dropped out.


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Might even be you know I might even suspect they view of things that they were two teams okay they said two people let it sink late teens and act like teens I'd say oh yes. Steve Mays is the number one suspect anybody I think got mentally and now thirteen years old some of the official teenager you're officially eighteen yeah yes a very pumped about this since since he's obviously still alive lobster from Wisconsin red lobster and I know how much you love your laughs. Yeah I would still roster from there I would ask for them cook me a lot certain manual and I love red lobster. These guys now they just decide you know what they wanna live lobster so they posted pictures of the slosh on FaceBook. And and the red lobster managers like Aaron I'm calm cops sisters which they post it like it's like they're holding it for ransom but do you want your loss to back so that's a good question neither senator demands the cops say they don't exactly know what happened to the Gloucester and they are looking to charge teams once they are caught. Here's the call the manager made the cops. Director for about getting our generation street and I have a couple of military analyst at night yeah and here they let you know I love series full debate. So a lot of security. And as front FaceBook and caring and we want Larry Craig can contain itself. Now I mean how simple stupid incident and I mean those that I've been the red lobster and I know you can reach him but. You would think the hostess or waiter or waitress or staff member of like hey you can't put your hands in the tank. Yeah unless and see unless they just dying then in monster's been dashed. Failure right I don't know how they can get that done but so that's I guess what happens when it's your memories and I had a roommate at. I was summoned the listeners think they sent me. A box of mainline service. In the mail wow that was awesome I four loss should either of their life is very we hear all they were all lies and I mean I'm not complaining it was images weird to have a box of living lobster seventy or you know consider rights. I don't know how would allow all of them but I have monsters. Whoa yes I know you can get consent alive I wasn't aware that either until they showed up close so that I brought him home doing don't gonna cook on this is gonna be awesome. Why you marry me it was going to be home pretty soon and so for a Coke dumb because he or you have an awesome dinner tonight did I I let the monsters free. And in the kitchen call now and heard a man screamed louder in my life it was fantastic. All of a sudden because you know you don't expect to come home walk into your apartment yeah Siobhan saucers as well concur perhaps half a. Yeah OK yeah ideally I would probably freak out to them. Damn what a great roommate you are fear that's a good way of friend and be introduced to our our dinner yeah I have to say a lot of guys are about the boy alive. I was only turner coached a lot of my side I come back to our it was just weird. I read it again and I would even know how to do it still in the water. Okay now many loyal to the Arab dignity after put him before you start boiling and I think is that what I heard. I didn't I'm still alive so okay so I mostly boil water and and in a boil water is dropped amid soft demand how wow okay. I don't know how awesome dude I don't know why either so I I die I'm I'm what I'm thinking in my head must be wrong or is that you got lucky. But I mean they were delicious so I can't I can't I could look you know and I don't know if I can't improperly but that didn't die from it's I guess it's okay Jerry are well. Though I've noticed I mean different ever since he's been different ever since you've you know you get the AA he gets emotional quotient of a thirteen year old you pass out lots yup yup that maybe it's all the lost her. So cities have many laws are you sure they weren't crawfish another loan officers there were from there are millions monsters amazing score from Maine is known for the loss or yeah and their there's. They're lobsters and ousted you know I know crawfish look like yeah I know he's sick and and it's not unusual I heard that you can didn't losses remain I just assumed that takes symptom cold there and then just like frozen cooked her. Took him froze I don't know if that was the impression I got once was I'm sending you some monsters as a test the greatest listener ever I'd hosting the coolest things don't ever do and then also they should open their lives. As they OK I don't know what I'm supposed to do here now that's awesome cook delayed because terminate him pretty damn now it's. Well imagine this imagine go into an MA fights. And one of the fighters dropped out only for you to get invited to fight. This happened for one guy and the end result was incredible Steve we'll tell you all about it it's got the news for you at 617. On Iraq. In the eggs in the morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. I played nine KI SW Barack comes Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner well maybe get any member announced bullets and this is news wins teammates. Thanks guys and thanks to Matt and industrial Grassley for giving us news and sports enough big day today. I don't know why it's. International moment of frustration scream day. Really yes that's a long day one name for it's. Like this is the Damon for the rather tall. Yeah. Nice national frustration long stream day off or you have pretty much a national moment of frustration scream day. So yeah when you really miss dad you know I contributors and are working every year you know just screamed. In fact this is a good example of what you sound like when you're frustrated. And you're allowed that frustration. Me. Okay. Okay okay. And this last week when his own computer wasn't working on your record mean it's not a lot of people are doing yesterday on FaceBook was down for a lot of people from. Not a big deal I got a lot of people were screaming. What do it themselves to nowhere to put their pictures of their food. We'll make another political post death or or actually conversed with somebody new interactive humanity when my got a journal. That's crazy talk headed a Carlos about this and that makes and yes a fan had the opportunity to fight and imagine he was attending. It's when Ichiro guy he's not in Brazil his name is Luis and you go into a fight with his girlfriend get a night off but it turned out he wasn't able to afford tickets so. Hey man Dewey had to do to make some money he made brownies and try to sell them outside continue to raise enough money that came up short. So legacy still outside and then in the main event wanted to fighters drops out. And Luis was around the same way since I was like hey would you wanna replace him now branded Luis is usually some random dude it's never fought before. Bob he's trained to more ties the jujitsu as well but he's never had an MMA fight before and is on our. Please take a while this is a chance to really get to go to to fight for free so he took them up on it. And he gets into the into the cage. And gets home all hyped cello humble this guy's feet in the living crap I don't just. Punch after punch after punch in reining them down through the rough is about the stop it within the guy who feeding a mop. Get copies for just such talent show voting for a second. Luis gets into a triangle choke hold the guy. Grass is our legs are on the guy's neck and winds up winning the match. Right it's like got a wrestling. It's this and so I mean any situation. Luis initiates phase does not look very good whatsoever and he just gets. And he got pretty torn up right on the mound in the know have still got through the fight and here's the part that pisses me off is yet another guy. But not an awesome proposal. He wins the fight it is I was supposed to be in. Fish is up the bank is still inside the range just down on his knees and proposes. Right no he did not so yeah it's. It's your war. Why does this may say you know I want to marry you feisty bunch of punches to the faces yeah. Damn dude that's an epic nice pieces those she said known love with the other guys I don't know exactly that's that's pretty awesome that's a pretty cool story. There's another great story and involves a local kid from Seattle just got the opportunity of a lifetime I don't. I'm not big on these zombie TV live shows that they do like the live version of whatever old movie like. All right no yes yes talmud the wind you know here's one that's coming up during the holiday season actually would like to check out it's alive production of a Christmas story. The other guys coming up this year yeah I heard about that fox is putting it out. And apparently they're trying to find somebody to be the leader of ralphie. And who they pick eleven year old by the name and you walk in from Seattle look at Andy's going to be live doing round please and not the clothing is a big surprise him by like giving him a box. And I can audition they he had no idea that he got to roll. Inside the box is a cell phone numbers bringing and it was our director Scott Ellis to give them the good news we have the audio that. So we lost I heard you were here. He still pitch and hey if you don't. I'm sure. Oh god can I yeah when. He is it the yeah and. Yeah OK okay. Great yeah. How excited very. I'm so I cited negative yesterday's mom. That's pretty awesome he handled it pretty cool with the director creation okay sounds good. No big deal hangs up the phone starts crying I don't blame him that's a pretty huge deal I heard he was actually disappointed but he was just try and clear as to focus reopen their boss doesn't gonna be began to follow and he didn't get our news. December 17 on fox you can watch a local kid done good yeah performing as ralphie on the a Christmas story. That's actually pretty cool man I mean you know. Good defense who knows all gonna see movement that. We're a new child star yeah absolutely calm man it's something what not to do when you're outside in the sorority house in the University of Washington. And that's too while while pick up your pants and enjoy yourself. The wind out in a man just got arrested wow year old man apparently one of the ladies from the alpha chi sorority was not in the formal room. Trying to study she looks outside the window there's a guy staring at her that's not creepy at all making sexual motions with his tongue. So she continues a look at the stuff like what the hell's he doing and that's when he dropped his pants. I think we can put two and two together from that point. Ozzie calls the cops the cops find this guy from writing is fighting an invasive manner and realized how that's the dude that's the guy arrested. Held on 101000 dollars bail and told to stay away from that block 119 avenue northeast where a lot of the sorority houses ourself. Right then and now I know I I Miley to let him out of jail can't just give someone who smokes pot. I was amazed and drugs can't let them output to sitting in for over lunch there for a while. She insists are based on what you're watching yesterday I analyzed body or you are you might have seen in New York Yankees come from. While we're down two games to nothing win three in a row to beat Cleveland last night five to choose and now they're moving on the American League Championship Series. And then in the National League yet had the cubs could've sealed the deal men who went on to the next round but no. They lost five nothing to the nationals awesome game five tonight 5 PM you can watch that game. Yeah I can do come under first of all the guys six Strasburg was sick was using was they were using an iron pitching and I came and he shuts them out. It's about time he says. It's a big future of that team I think I know Strasburg has been nice you know you've been wondering but it just may be is here this may be the net she'll say. Todd Thursday night football tonight in game feels he can understand there's about coercion teams that are four and one record wise. Pretty low one to watch through June speaking of football progressed Earl Thomas just named the NFC's defensive player of the week I what does he do I tell you madam I hope. Stop a touchdown with a force forcing a fumble on the first court that changes. That's being pedestrian and a fourth quarter interception as well that was pretty huge deal there how solid this is a crazy things. This the first time he's ever receive that honor of defensive player of the week. As you see our that he played on the team he's been such a defensive powerhouse he's in this for eight seasons that's also pretty precisely why can't believe still feels like she's. The relatively new fire yeah I still have this Christmas tree ornaments hanging tough love right now I don't because you're not perjury out what do you think he's going. It's sad Christmas feel like I guess it's on Cecil has that Norman. I think I can play another and we are reminded that when he came into the league yet dreadlocks I would forget that now because you know I know she's really put a long time ago the ornament that I have has it would dreadlocks. As far as whether 52 decree does a fascinating tidbit of information and like every night a genuine our X now and I know why you're Christmas ornaments I feel I can move on today to let me know we need other information it's funny I've gotta you gotta Huskies ornament war oh I'm. I've got a hockey state tournament way dissect it to hit Kit Bond comedy jam might they just keeps getting better and it's not gonna continue to get better just gonna rain today 52 degrees and. Keep GE to drone stock while laser tag all that fun stuff go to GE two dot life. Guess your refund sinus is next weekend man comedy they're both days and his next weekend next weekend I can't wait going to be fun. You know I I live well boy I wish we could play this I don't think we could. Buddy Samantha be who's in who's got a full frontal a very good show I believe it's on TBS. Com and is she basically you know she does one of those shows where it's a funnies sort of infotainment to live toss all politics. Like The Daily Show why you know light let light guy Jon Stewart's show on HBO. Analyzing not less we tonight I Samantha via Sinai deaths. I think she was on The Daily Show us the answers are contributors and The Daily Show so I she did a great piece last night about Harvey Weinstein and people just like to expose themselves in general. It's a very funny piece I I just don't think we can run into 'cause it's well it's rather risque. People look up online yeah check it out but boy they guy's Fred that was I'm currently a sorority a new job yes he could have heard this piece. Right if only it was like she was talking to him is hysterical. Wondered why are men and how they want thing is is just you got a problem and head that's a problem media got a mental illness if you think this is somebody does something to somebody wants you to do in front of them. This whole thing is is getting crazier and crazier there's now of course you know there's a lot of people are just Braylon on Ben Affleck and their brain videos of him. Yeah I just make a good using daredevil denouncing some of these videos and he just. Seems like I mean I don't know if he is now I know he put up a big post on Twitter saying now isn't you know big. Apologizing for some of his past anti suited lady for not TRL. We are dogs are ASE Hillary Burton yeah yeah down today Austin of the viewers in being interviewed by some French reporter TV person make it more of those press junket type things. He's holding on term. Kind of not making her neck and she's having fun too but it was very awkward like she's sitting on his lap. He's he's seems strong keys tickling Harry's talking about her boobs. I mean. It's again you know they really did Cecilia. I. And and we've seen the pictures of him and Tom Brady Tom Brady saw it makes you wonder about you know the fact is people who hang together. Just we know people have absolute power which of course you know. A big football star big movie star. And they distinct thing you know sometimes sometimes people who have that kind of power I think they can do and anything they want to comes up kind of sleazy allies is the mood had. And it and other people also said that he corrected her body in this you know have them NIC sons are trying to break Jimmy Kimmel on their vehicles improvement this too because about a because he used to be one of the host of the man shall. Call only back in the day yeah really did a bit once Burres IK feel the outset in my pants what are you feeling and it was obviously very sexual yeah but it wasn't like she was forcing anybody to do it it was a silly man on the street they would women network toll. Willing and having fun with it as well as obviously nice Wiener. It was up and egg plant with a rubber band around it yet. But now you were trying to make him be just as bad as Harvey Weinstein and think come on let's let's let's let's let's talk embrace a little bit. The other I mean that was something they were doing a bit on not on the shows and gosh we you know. It's. If it's a tough one for me because you're right there's one there's one guy who is it just you know big a sleaze ball. And then there's a guy doing some entertainment which you may not like. But Ian yet to take a look at this is what they did back then that. And nobody seemed to have a problem with a like you said everybody that was involved a 100% you can be you can find it offensive comedy can be offensive to you. That's different then a guy eight eat abusing his power and forcing women and horrible situations and doing normal things from those are two different things in my mind. I think it's crazy if we even have this is the dignified that there are two different things Harvey Weinstein trying to tell people to go back into a hotel room. For a chance to succeed Morin and in their career. They aren't being a slime ball are gonna stand and watch him as he's next door plants and just like you know doing his business he's I mean he's no better man you don't guy. No no no really just a rich Hollywood exactly that's that's why they're big for a long time before. At 30 Rock did a joke about a back in the day which it because it is. It's crazy CID on the day other people have been taking shots at this guy for so many years but now all of a sudden it's. It's not a joke it's serious. I think there I think got entourage I think had somebody that was supposedly on the show based on him not surprise you and so it's it they really man I'm. It's that's how Hollywood doesn't over the years you know there's a lot of shows no I watch I think holy cow. I wonder if that was hardly the. They were talking about Luther Kent with his character who was there a real jerk. And it seems like it's not just females and are dealing with this crap either and we talked about Rob Schneider. Haven't I didn't I don't know we hurting. Now deceased you you wouldn't need the person he's a boy is dead and I don't wanna go down that road by. It was a big time Hollywood player and then James and her beak nose in the news yes are that's. Easy and you know as Samantha piece set in her piece she said. You know what it's 2017. We talk we know lady you're not the first one Harvey this is going on and we're gonna expose everybody was pretty much the sentiment ever piece last night I survived yet now a lot of people are coming out I'm talking about gas well. The said they would Ben Affleck. The sad thing I feel badly for DC because if this anyway it all affects the release of Justice League because he's playing bad man. It which you know though if the worse is gets it more stuff comes out. That may just killed that movie too because he's there it's can they do you think about men out of there it's supposed to like it's supposed to come out right relatively soon I think right isn't it. Is it a solo is a Christmas or anyone else Justice League coming out and they over got his voice when he's dressed as Batman that's -- -- Ben Affleck you rifles what can Christian build a voice it I can't push that movie back you may want to push it back big real soon because it's coming out in November 17 yet do that that's what types coming up a notch to number less than I vile monster dad just about a month and this past Clinton loses this that this effort does is not good on the all know this is not a good time for there and I. I got news for yeah I think you do I think more stuff is gonna come out about band and in Morse is gonna come out about a lot of people I think. I think a lot of women are now seeing finally we're gonna get some justice and the way I did it Dave opened up pandora's box and it's is gonna come out the truth is gonna comment. All right how are you going to use Twitter page review I put up that I apology today Hillary Breton woman and it's just like. People going off on him apparently his Brothers also been known for being kind of predatory in order to some reports yet decided he had seen twenty Baltimore gas saw this man. It's I don't I'm sure he thinks I'll put out this statement in everyone's gonna love me because I've got this statement. And no goals and do his Twitter page just blown up from people that are just like bring up passed out to there's so much anger them. And be out there and if he's not actually coming clean about everything. I mean people are starting call Weinstein the white cause BMC's Nightline health care thrown. I mean it's it's just manage anger there is anger and these guys are taken the full force of it. That's right you know and it's I guess I got alienate myself from the promise that I had you know with and never find new did it's it's. Now who might get who'd like pac and our rock game I have heard Matt Damon Matt Damon sorry it was this buddies back catalog take any chances the dammit David or Matt Damon's distance himself I haven't seen them hang out too much I know must it'll take any chances and now I don't need to have a new romance and having all blog from my face value say guilt by association sued to preserve feathers too close lawyer he's got some time to prove himself okay this Matt's always been good doesn't have known. And I do exactly and Hugh Jackman has been nothing but great to us Jackman could be a guy haven't heard anything bad about Hugh Jackman right. And he sang for you on the show when US until he serenaded you which I think was nice I mean he he's humorous side he did serenade me. I was swimming me and human excrement. Mule I could've sworn I also heard. Oh I'd say that that's the new romance trees and yell at bats like gulp it didn't let it be written let it be written. The new romance there is Hugh Jackman. I SA. Steve Jackman. That's how right he can't compete got this one Moroccan Kathryn titles that aren't in the romantic comedies 27 YT. Snow. Hours from now. Students and ROR. And I noticed Steve just remove meat dresses 27 dresses the months of favorite guys like him that. Of those the year you are shot at beating Steve you've got a 206421. Rock the plane beat me eggs at 647. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's a question from a listener my house is currently in foreclosure. Start making payments and what can I do to save my house this journey in foreclosure or behind on your mortgage. You can't stop the foreclosure filing of bankruptcy. There's different types of bankruptcy. 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