BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-16-17-7A: “What’s the most unique gift you’ve ever given or received”?

Monday, October 16th

Beat Migs. Conan O Brien shared a great story about a gift that David Letterman sent him. Luke warm topic.


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GE Q is this Saturday and Sunday accent killing field events center this weekend oh yes right this weekend that's exciting I'm a millionaire. You know what I'm going to be there to. I think everyone's going to be there no you're right now have the whole crew you. Cognizant geez who is in fantastic do you eat your hands on this everything going on there you get the whole body. Into the hottest virtual gaming system. Men I've played this you've got to get to know and we have doubled to be our base so you'll be able to get a good shot at playing these games and a young man. They just like there was a huge hit the ER million lie in particular and all the way to Safeco Field it was insane how many people want to play. So I'm looking forward haven't shorter lines death and more Hispanics and that's a the only thing happens so much going on in this once again gives you all access to play everything. Interactive hands on entertainment you don't just watch you get to play David Gilmour tickets one only info. ID GE to Don live liturgy glitter even numbered huge GE two dot lies. Mean there. Turn. And I'm ED. And good it's Mondays so let's call a good job. The I bet he needs to get a little hometown honored us you need and I had a busy weekend this is dead. You have your together on Saturday night studio seven Hal makes best you was amaze. Myself how is the master of ceremonies over there. All right did a great job Billy yeah. I'm very high everybody everybody seemed to enjoy razzle steel that's overall thing how it was a lot of signed up and admittedly halfway through and realize it was being broadcast on YouTube so I was like and here's the man school I get joke. But it hasn't gotten terrorists a little bit you ask all puzzling goes I've been streamlined thanks topless TV they did front hole camera crew hung nice entire show I had friends in New York to watch the whole family was pretty awesome so that is awesome doing a great time all the bands are awesome and just shout out to love and that's why only in the wreckage window pane. Of course all my Brothers now a nod bruiser Brody I was a blast being able to play there on stage and then I you sound as lots of the last the national team in Seattle a town just to play the birthday party and it was theories I don't know that they were so good I'd never seen a show like genitals he owns like wow I didn't do it I was out you would just outstanding the zone read so much on the body of the into the red have edited the red had a good sign that had to be shown I read concert Danny's uncle Chris Daniel as there castle he has a great party and closed door contestant we've got marked in Edmonds take on Steve this morning mark are you better sir. I sell it what's he play your area might meddle in something and how I drive through and all I. How are dead perverts. I was going to be insisting it is under Barney's department of Biloxi sun tan Franklin divide according to CTC had Geoff Tate these are big mercy watch benefit show already Mattie hall and Everett on Saturday November 11 that's not good KI SW dot com for all the details tickets are available now brown paper tickets dot com for those wonder what mercy watches. I held some top people in snohomish county would street Madison and outreach is hostile. All right Steve G data. For those playing and Omar who had sixty seconds to answer ten questions mark you can pass all you want. Which you'll only get three guesses for question are you ready. I'm ready in town which the small East Coast state is known as the first day. Now. Just now. I don't know which colored cards signifies a player has to be objective for me soccer match. Read yes twenty and is known for their hit sharp dressed man. Yeah sounds yeah as the immaculate is part of which feature on the face. Sign up phobia is having the fear of what domestic animals. Yeah no it's dogs yes avocados the officials fruit of would you state. Cowboy yeah as a what is the first two months to have thirty days. Hard to know it. You ask what animal is Bruce in Finding Nemo. It's yes Joey Kramer please what instrument in Aerosmith. No yeah throughout yet as to which section of the orchestra does things song belongs to. Yeah 1234567. Eight he shot baker Greg really good score there is a bad since gonna call that one just a jumpers question a season you have rights but also Maher got his other works out all right so it's front Aerosmith you should I think everywhere and others should know everybody in the band. Stahl but that guy humvees now. All the people who don't know well yeah. But I think everyone should know it okay we'll do you think that then I guess we all better no and yes I know yeah I just say that if you ask me the name that person may indeed you did the reverse I would not be able to name and oh yeah yeah yeah I've problem you have probably get early morning and feel I would have figured it out whatever should now met yeah the other I don't know there's been an apparently Agassi's groundstrokes off and whatever is what is honest conversation I'm involved was. I missed the beginning of it when I walked and it seemed pretty stupid yeah and of Pennsylvania is gonna ask you both Steve are you ready. Yes good small East Coast Steve is known as the first state. New Hampshire to know. Two yards and now he's Norton's. Virginia now though which color card signifies a player has been ejected for me soccer match to go cards now sprint cars yet as. Which and is known for their hit sharp dressed man Todd detox and yet as he immaculate is that part of what feature on the space. Ice yes to sign a phobia is the fear of what domestically in a moment. Tax knows dogs asks. Avocados the officials first of which the state of California yet as to what is keeps first month to have thirty days. February not October snow days roll yes all I want animal is. Finding me you know. Are sharp yet as Joey Kramer plays what instrument and Aerosmith he's there's drummer you add drums you can please section of the orchestra does the dog belongs hall without repercussion to Diaz in Steve's new. And I and tax a move. We provide our parents so sorry sir. You had a good game it is. Steve just was simply. Better thank you. The deciding factor was immaculate he didn't know if you'd pass did I. My reasoning probably stupid but I got to mascara. And they put NASCAR on your eyes why Powell. That's a reach but somehow it worked him I don't know if that's who literally no where mr. mascara. That the freeze comes from I don't know I don't know. I'm not our that's the case for a good free your buddies hey sometimes just put a that's a good way I get a new places. This is not necessarily the best way but wow it works in the small East Coast state that is known as the first state I think they were all go crowd that we're off on the wrong trail we go to New England right it's not an Illinois citizen it I think so I think it is a Vermont new rule. He wasn't Delaware that's not knowing who suffocated no it's not a New England states. I would your shirt I was waking up because I mean they landed in Plymouth Rock did me. But that's how we made the states though that's the data are not yap yap and we barely have no idea why it's called well today got in what that there are always how I would I would hope because in the first state there was ever made. That would make sense I mean it's not I don't know why they're going at the first stage until that point intelligence change otherwise I believe that is to be true I love the resurgent UMR back. My congratulations Steve you wanted to correct caller number nine yeah your check out Jeff takes mercy watch benefit show caller number 9206421. Rock. That's how you get it done years CST wins you win mentality is gone number nine. All right so as you know horrible wildfires in California. And it they're they're also in the backyard of celebrity chef guy TNT because he does live in Santa Rosa and that's the whole area in general Matthew Allen down. And I'm so what he decided to do was to make sure that this place Santa Rosa residents and emergency workers had enough to eat. So he teamed up with Salvation Army tank created temporary kitchen in the parking lot of the Santa Rosa veterans memorial building seems like a thing that he would do. He's a sheath that we know what cook for people seems like a cool thing. Seems like that should be nice bright. Thank them. So far does religious setting him up for failure now it doesn't seem like that's a problem problem did everybody like E. Coli or Salmonella so now only serves thousands of people impacted by wildfires that's also part of the story book I he served up Bob barbecue favorites I pulled pork roast a chicken Mac and cheese call. His teacher showed up with a trailer cruel a wood fired oven and a barbecue smoker is cook your meat to seem like everything's cool via. But and this is what it really is just so irritating about human beings is that. They are mad at him that he brought. The barbecue smoker. They thought that was insensitive because of the fighters. And I I just like you. Are you serious. He political planning probably did actually not and how about the people that are impacted by these wildfire I wouldn't surprise doesn't upset with a man who try to do something. Good. Ben and an harp on the fact that he was using a smoker. If you know guys TNT he detonated smokers a big part of his life feel a lot of the shows he's cousin if you watch and he loves barbecues and most smokers and a lot of you know triple. It's not out of the Helm for guy. To say this when I'm Rondo right I just I and they so I said it was a PR stunt which he was like look man if you think that's what it was. And you are that shallow and it does what we're facing there's no changing your mind about that he says it's not a PR stunt you don't see my banners up I'm not promoting anything. I'm just here cooking this is feeding people people need help in I'm here to help that's it. I don't know what you can do anymore I just don't know what you can do that someone's not gonna wind about its god we are such a miserable societies some. Let's woman had some these comments on the story about a guy who say one person needs today while feeding people in the midst of crisis is important commendable doing with the wood burning oven and a wood fired smokers appallingly insensitive and ill and for ill informed. Senate roses experiencing the worst air quality on record next person bringing a wood fired out and in smoker to feed wildfire evacuees in first responders. Makes much sense is handing out cigarettes and cancer ward. Now that that's really seem pretty cool that's really stupid you know seriously. God those people are ignorance. I don't think you should credit George Foreman Grill on the confines I don't think anybody who's a responder who's like you whose who he's helping the folks at the other day in mind that they're because you got to use fire to cook anything if you really take it to its level. You use heat and fired at cook any god damn thing and if you have a security archive that George Foreman Grumman and its still heat the stop fire it's been heats part of it I could say I can't put it he's got hot oven when all the heat of the thought. Eric I mean I don't let these people are in my opinion being idiots and he's got 4000 people I think that's amazing that he house Perez did that but. But they are doomed to maybe do what they're trying to say I can disseminate. Maybe you should use that type of cooker because it's adding more bad air quality but it seems like that now's not the time makes. Bad as I do a good thing I don't think it's actually hurting their quality I have no idea. Yeah I don't know I did that's what's so stupid about it is that cooker is not doing anything to just a really good. It's of the Infiniti has mall and I know in general and don't use and also to get proper support for everybody. Is business that I happened. Speaking a guy guy CAD three change towards Houston on Conan many share a great perspective on the back classic I fear he receives. And so one please explain to me. What the hell Daffy area ever did tell anyone. You own a long talk about the celebrity chef. People are mad do not all the and as far as I can tell all he ever did was follow his three kids. We understand people are horrible. What television personality and he didn't do anything wrong. And here's what he did do America. He started a company worry hires everybody. He pays more than minimum wage he gives health benefits before he has to he has a nonprofit or gives pretzel making machines to schools so they can fund raise. I know that one sounds like I made enough but I swear to Christ it's true. He works with a Special Olympics athletes but because he has planes on his shirt. Everybody solo artist did like he's a member of nickel back. I'm away what the held at nickel matte. You know what he makes a really good point. Guys CAD which no one ever says is name right here guys CAD Skype via any AA is Matthew Perry he's the nickel back of those celebrity chefs it's so true. Yeah you have hope that is pretty funny to that he goes down on everybody loves and the board game. But he's adamant that yeah but it won't clothes and leave port eighty million tons of kind of pretentious it's not the but guy because he wears sunglasses backwards on its head in all this stuff is gonna get made fun of -- Yahoo! you know I am and that way you know we've we've been around in my know that he had a guy one of his guys is close guys get sick and he helped them and we should be we tore him on the as we were talking about that. He's always been great to us whenever he came to town. You know it's just CIA. It is funny how every site says ass all over like I say ours is Bryce how dare you feed much to me that in June with the wildfires. That's that's it's a piece of crappy Nissan crackers what they is feeding people cooking food. Dammit if you're right it just shows that no matter West Coast until visual people that are gonna come up and X and complain about it and I understand misery that's why we have that I'd I'd like to talk to all the ms. of people go guys I'm look I'm the poster child and he's got to look at the Mary it's you. Right you're the problem you really are no we don't think you are what you really are the problem and I guarantee most of those people that are out there complaining about what he did have done nothing. All your help the people probably impact about I think you're absolutely right not even a share on FaceBook from a charity you know they haven't had any other does is go on FaceBook and complain your rights. New names and he's feeling Conan O'Brien he just shared a great story among an extremely odd gift season that he David Letterman gave them you do you hear from Conan at 717 news on Iraq. The next morning and yeah I guess else. 99.9 KI SW their rock of Seattle. Conan O'Brien was a guest on the late. Show Stephen Comair and its interest and biggest users of Imus show in new York and who is a connection with TBS or something along those lines so somehow some way they decided to. Does that Conan on the show which is pretty cool now I CBS as a mine promoting him doing his show on CBS I I don't embrace friendly. I get a kick out of whenever dot late night show hosts go on other late night show host yeah show. And they did talk about of course one of the greatest late night show host David Letterman and Conan talked about how he wrote a great tribute to Dave in Entertainment Weekly when Letterman retired. And Richard who was quoted by many and even Dave was touched by what Cohen wrote so much so that Dave ended up sending to a token of his appreciation. Yeah what a lovely tribute to him and he W right before he left as they departing at this stage. I hear from him to delay the amber assay thanks for that I did hear from. And then word came back the Danes are appreciated what I had written and that he'd be sending you something my way. I hear there's a truck. The carrying the gift from dates I go downstairs I walked outside and outside my stage to cowboys in full chaps cowboy hats. Holding the biggest most beautiful course. Ers. Yes OK. I have ever and they leave it turns out I would do it you gotta feed him. You've got to treat them humanely everyone I tell says it's from David Letterman telling guess what the worst is name is deep and. That is something as soft are. Now why society that I guess Conan dot when he first heard there's a big thing coming in and got maybe keep coming your car yeah something like that you know you don't think our horse. That is so bizarre. Behaviors weird uh huh that's a real weird it's awesome yeah horse. He died that would not have been I women like Boyd Davis I guess for saying nice things about Joseph I don't wanna fight it was horrible to you she's a horse to have night. I'm. It's a unique gift and I know there's a lot of people they would love it if he's right it's nice of the many views and take and then throw in the garage or go back that you now have to take care this horse or to get rid of it wow. David Letterman used Conor O'Brien a horse is a gift I love to cowboys that's a nice a nice touch. Sub like you memos the most unique gift that you have ever given. Or that you've ever received 206421. Rock Texas 77999. What's a million most unique gift you've ever given or received. We'll take your calls text after sublime. On the rock. The next morning it's. Yeah. I guess up here. I point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. So Conan O'Brien show great story about the fact that David Letterman sent him a horse as a gift to just that giant trailers to cowboys get out. And they go Diego go and here's your gift and it's our full grown hoarse. Conan is like what helmet area is yeah the horse named behave. Very very unique gifts and how much you man how many have you ever received are given a unique gift anywhere near the Arab world was the most unique gift you've ever given or received. 206421 rock Texas it's 77999. Us go to Craig and Graham Craig you. Iran Iraq. As they go I don't magnitude Greg Craig would you guys were some anybody. I think we're all apparently gotten me out. And they get a grip went bad guy. They decided just when I think back David weren't as big daddy bought a dog crap and I didn't know it's. So you Obama and you'll hear it you open up the box. And there was dog crap in mud in there and your view and I'm sure your first I was like what the hell is this. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Great idea are you friends and are you hundreds exhaust some like that's the very weird that the message you want these against him to play yeah yeah that says this thing. Yeah what a bad job. With tickets for the four. Why do it let's just not easy like put him in the craft oh. Yeah. Not loves that I see on the screen again about a moves would look great is calling imported says Scott concert together and those might. Does say what show he had the feeling that he's not proud of this show that it's four. Yes that sits well now do you think they've got port deal and I got worse yeah let. And let next godless qualified and I enjoyed a nice. Now does that really maximizes the restaurant you ever desolate planet all doubts yeah now today say because of the kind of tickets she wanted that that's what they put him in Merrill what was the reason for makes you dig through mud and dog crap yeah. My mom I did did you get bought the locker Brit Britain I got a bad. I don't go away you're all I would not say rehab. OK yeah you know again I think if my kids want the best he could boys tickets are probably through I would say put on a box of Kraft for a so necklace that crap. As somebody had to do it that would have been problematic kids job I mean it's it seems that everybody loses in this situation do you couldn't win in this yeah I know that is the whole thought of minutes lakes and the like you did you get that present stored somewhere small enough that joint. I did that that I hope that the minds back to voice because I really don't care but I never hope that they seal them up properly so when they went to the show and hand over a ticket to the ticket taker. And I would imagine back in those days it was before the debris just scan them that's a good person and I grabbed the ticket out of their hands are you just never know what's going on that's the thing you just never know people are doing. Manned mission he's on leave the house. And this is you know seriously and fierce on hand you a box of group which got practically senate just what do you mean you go a little weird thing you've done you know I mean like Ali Al sort of share our families can't go this is the and you pat the Pope had hoped the president would does that to have shaken yeah. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Was the most unique gift you've ever given or received concerts and last Christmas I attacks I was given a blow up sex doll for my best friend. OK as we had this message he gagged over us that trees no problem like yeah. Other large consummated on death that's bad mean as somebody gave us a blog she onetime. Two year I think it was to me out of somebody sent it to me in the mail we had here for a while I'm not a toxic crap first yeah I'm not and did they throw there I don't ever remember getting emotionally though maybe it was before your time outlawed chief. Ramirez and our doesn't even I was wrong as I yes those before your time than now it was blog she for my side. Not sure what to make in this I'm shocked giving keep that. What was running for awhile I know that we had a studio head then I think probably when you we showed up or will win when every regime change some people go through the opposite go yeah I don't need this Sunday that the noses of the globe viewed as a symbol of sheep by Horry isn't bush you've with the intention of being uses exactly also had parts and parts last week what was even more disturbing home made that I know that's what was disturbing is I died. Wait this is gonna it has an entrance or. War 00 cool I'll hook you up what this idea. Yeah a group of people to be on board for a gig on shark tank you get approved I guess if they're very weird. Item Bissau mr. wonderful I'm telling you there are a lot of people that want to us. The market for this it's not scalable I mean again it's a good news for us but it's just not skill it's. Yeah Sar of just because of the book Judge Judy had you could have a good time limit which I was just like. That's really weird that's very weird the weirdest part is that somebody created. Yeah and they say this is a great chance for people that are into. Does that so they can do it without it being illegal exactly that's exactly what I'm thinking is that you know you've walked past here. And no they you know you on the middle of the field and you go hey I feel like I'm really there. Does have a low voice box eye and act and now it's just. It says the it's it's is anti hero why why it's cheap it's Shiites is engaging as a ball girl. Oh okay fits on I mean I spent the time what do you think I should have this. Well let's give him an automotive right. How they think is that if you look smiley almost given what he's used to estimating of this because I don't there's no way any humans are below them. Yes that was his real lousy unique gift that I got the blog sheet that was anatomically ready to go. It's still. I right guys fly guys didn't dominate nor are we are my dad. Until now again I'm sorry I just a maybe that was right from my stick together because the city phobos go to Valerie in silver hill. Valerie what's the most unique gifts you've ever given or received. Hello Valerie well I'm not. Is playing eager enlistment and highly eat. And I'm not I'm in my humble. And they drove got there and freaking Monday it was the most amazing thing is shocked everybody is a navy. What is this it's called secret Satan they say is that like secret cinema for Halloween. In all secret I heard this and I got a guy and neither actually guys that are made by the same people who make my blog shape. Now my friend you know put together amazing guardian. Now. And it it was a great idea and it. So I senator so secret so was the idea they were supposed to bring around just a crazy not so gift is that the idea. Just like a goal is Jerry get top woman yeah it was a good choice I I did seats console do you think so you gave somebody and they actually took them and they still have the. I don't know how many. Can't count the viewers you wouldn't ridge Rendell and eat better and when there in the bid put an end like a little Jared delay Clinton and though that I wrap them. And she's like yeah yeah. Yeah and I am lazy and united doesn't go I'm like okay. That's yeah that's a whole weird yes very always turn to deal Mo you've got to for the secret Satan gift. I don't remembered Clausen just I had a great memory about what they gave. And it's also were hit SE they were the best it is part of that raid they react that positively Rego we got a single white female on our hands are definitely no movie yeah you do or don't location be so happy about this gives I'm wearing your consoles right now our camera change my address my number whenever they appreciate a valid thank you. I feel weird going there was a lot of sexual talk this morning here and there would go to the flow of cheap toys which apparently somebody said that they used to sell. As a gag gift back in the nineties. But it but I had like good thing here I am so weird isn't AT and they're there it is it's only 1299 yeah. Bachelorette dot com again it but the thing is is that it has an opening I guess it's a gag gift should have an opening miss. Even they used. So bring out the loving you. You now the original inflatable party sheep that means there are copycats inflatable party sheep out there yes there are. Did have a party goat. I don't civilians running out Steve I know you like goes more than chief what do we are now switching over into on the volunteer daughters where are investing our daughters in terms. No hand this wonderful I will actually get a blow to all its under my bed. Eight regular dogs now it's a scene Elmo I remember you still that stupid thing and you can preview and I'm just like and and Amanda and unlike a little whenever. Friends gave a tour for probably your sixty birthday party was and yes he's really fairy tale and quick breaking news that there apparently is a portfolio all right. Lot cheaper it's only nine dollars and force outside and I felt my dot com. Seacoast are as much demand for that kind of activity is she by that's why audiences hot yes you've just she birdied your own blow up Billy goat. Anytime you're in the mood for roll on day. She'll do her sheer delight. Sometimes it feels so good being bad. Sheep averted hurting. Or is it Shepard. No that's a good job buddy. And how did you first I think you just answered Smith had two. And taking. Yeah reading it's hard when I have to correct you you know he won't stop sign the reads like life. Sure she flirted didn't know that there's no easy bird. Yeah I. This holes dismissed all things to stir any you know serious and she urged that this is stated that people are just like to have an action meant these yeah. Because that's what turns them on to have sex with us you gotta think animal go these are just as a joke or Joseph puts us jobs led all of course sometimes you need someone got drunk instead I don't know what else to do. I tell you this Billy goat if flew. I did remember seeing a video once a guy doing into a pinata and O'Shea pica. All you saw that video okay well ladies out there on the Internet that's tough to say again do you humanity's very interesting yes but back to your daughter so well. No that's lovely. How well this is I have to think and my mother and BJ's Wyeth you know I know her yeah thanks for clarifying Iran up she got me am an adult toy for Christmas. One here Booth yeah we athlete you won oh it's the best one yeah I nice today. Amazing isn't. You spoke not eggs you have every every week I got. I was not only about a man now but every week still was this a private thing Michigan announced it's amazing she I didn't know that asleep on the couch and gender equity and energy because I don't watch it on my memory no I should emea card without picture. And it because there's so many different kinds of the whole world right. So she didn't know exactly what shape or what side and my color I would want to do things Michigan new card put a picture of one. Instead we're gonna go to lovers. I got you when you think. Still use I feel bad yeah I've done a bad father enjoyed these okay you want to ansari. Like the secret to go yeah. Western Broward and both say yeah I could help Yahoo! imposes a Christmas acute deserves Yahoo! I've never asks. If I had never thought of doing that my son and all that never entered my mind so the amount see him into lovers. Yeah well until lovers talk to the girl out. We ally of the past wanted to growth it was weird as a mother daughter thing I think there is his all every thing there gas they're not even say is back and I'm. It's we know Steve anymore it was we didn't progress is fine society should not be on Seattle. I bet there's a lot of mother daughter combos or go to that which is actually kind of cool cool look and act kind of weird when she started shopping for herself. In things word new to economic. We're here from an Arab. Ever ever ever I think for us to put hosted by an important. I theses murders clearly are apparently a polish you know maybe she's on some of the bush she via. So lovely story and I think it's time to move on don't you seeing pictures I don't know uncle Chris got her weird just how do we have to go use somebody were I don't know hell I had no I actually gave something fairly unique attitude to a growing time I give her bullet casing. YE. Would you give a girl boy are we trying to send a message there Don Corleone what the hell no no no no matter at all what. Of our very first date she took me to a shooting range. And I think one of the showcasing music as it. It actually landed right in the cup for my jeans on her when we're shooting and I had it on me and for one of our anniversary goes like here this is to remind you a great timing that she was. She was this an aspiring. Gendarme she'd she'd wanted to find one shortage when the police force. He's gendarme gendarme. Houses and I it's French for police officer came. Caught aren't they could get ugly you know Julie are not very united incorporating other language are I'm just a year off the defense attorneys the team you know being that doesn't want to be yeah I do like I don't she loved it. It seems he's a very vigilant together. So anymore are they so how much did she love information probably to warrant to put to keep him lying dead shooting galleries don't trying to funny stuff winning your first heard stories of the relationship ended hearse. Many out there you know why his wife who think I did it I. And it's cheap fast these days and that's gonna come as his pants pocket. She since they nearby raises taxes and still it is intentionally keep it how. I'm not become the weirdest guy who threw my no longer the way this guy in his room to tell you as much data right now and it darted to execute the pass. Let's anonymous some of this man you know what he got arrested all because of a glazed donut that. You seem right sounds nodded his head governed dictionary I thought we talked him. Well tale about this is 747. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought here by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. 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