BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-16-17-8A: A man was accused of having drugs on him when in reality it was just glaze from a donut.

Monday, October 16th

Facebook Drama. “Goodbye Diet”. A personal trainer gets angry at a guy who can’t stay on his diet. BJ went to the doctor and got mostly good news. 8 out of 10 people post photos on social media to try and get likes.


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows digest if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com. The driver sizes is important city get back and forth to work get your kids to school and I can afford to daycare utilizes has been suspended because you can get your tickets and you can't do any of those things let's talk about chapter thirteen bankruptcy could ever it is it is an army discharge but they can be dealt with the job thirteen case when I come in for free consultation. Jack do you choose the make all the difference you're getting back the growing on the road and that's designed and Planned Parenthood to restore your license and feeling. I'm attorney in terms anyway please contact me today and choose the right chapters are. Choose the right chapter dot com. I SWA Rocca Seattle. So guys Florida named Daniel rushing just got a settlement of more than 37000. Dollars from the city of Orlando. Why. Well because he was arrested falsely two years ago. Oh boy I remember the story. I don't remember the start as a remember what he had. For breakfast are already. That's impressive CLU we'll we'll see you I remember the story it involves Krispy Kreme donuts unless of course are very tough yes. So a cop out pulled Daniel oversaw some bits of glaze from a Krispy Kreme donut on the floor of his car she was convinced it was a massive. And the cop bashing the field test on the glaze and he came back positive for meth. And this guy I was like I'm telling you it is not mass style that's for my Krispy Kreme and they get. Brad that's bad on them for having a false. Positive I don't. Q how do you test and otherwise and yet I don't imagine I did you say try it but the Dodgers I I don't wanna try math yeah exactly and as she was eventually discipline because she screwed up the test now and now rushing says that he buys one Krispy Kreme donut every other week. Every other Wednesday. I get a glazed doughnut from my interest because he. I think counts for little pieces of icing on the floor board first they tried to share this crack cocaine and the mission now it's not brackets methamphetamine shareware it's. It's I think from a donor. Finish well in how bad we're willing to work for you if you want to work with us. As we've had a lot of drug sales over there in that little area. An ashen Welsh I don't know anything about anything it's OK well then you need to go ahead and put your hands behind your back and I'll move her reaching your life. While. I think wow I would think that this series of Serbs have recently. Something happened one of my friends is very similar exists and I'm like yeah I am not surprised that some be stupid human errors but. Are ready why only from my own Iraqis he received him on the makes cats are all talking he shared a story of he got ready up from the back to a cop car video pulled over and Agassi was sick. Susie intimacy that they do is throw candies that had like a powdery type substance on the outside of it and I can't reassure you Jeremy Revver remembers the exact kind. But so that powdery substances on the the passenger seat. But you just take the following I'm sure so the compound it was Coke. Move is doing Coke in his heart he's analysis firm they did throw lawsuits or someone that. And the up from the back of a cop car for like an hours from going down while they were trying to figure everything Ali's and he kept saying I am telling you it's not Coke ads. It's just a it's it's it's a it's a candy. Wow so he would take as crazy as they think history is I know first you from buddy you first. And had that happen. Yeah that sucks dude and I I'd be so pissed guy I would sue because they throw in Acosta puts in the back like that and then not even being aided. They get to do that before they know what the stuff is. I think you've got to be able to test the stuff first before you arrest somebody I don't like dad at all now you've got to know what it is first you don't just go on suspicion especially ones. It's a constant 37000 dollars I think usually cost is the issue should be suspended. And maybe she got to pay some of their money back to taxpayers. Mean figure out the tests. How do you confuse Krispy Kreme glazed for math I was about how do you school open test that badly how she should be on the streets anymore really I how stupid. While you know I look I'm not disarming grand would you. I I you call being arrested for that for 37000 dollars yes yeah yeah but I got a little bit Krispy Kreme Doughnuts you get nearly two years ago when asked and I guess I read about this guy his own signature sweet guy he was now is it somebody who is. In a hospital for cancer treatment he's taking a few planes going so would it take an elderly person home or something along those lines again. This is the guy they since we were really nice things you just want to have a dog and every other week and he got arrested for the how does he do that by the way. How does he have a doughnut every other week and only one Krispy Kreme Doughnuts don't son does not I don't know how he does it. This is just one person he said just one he said yeah he did say he had he buys one Krispy Kreme donut every other week counts and understand when a cop wanted to put him behind bars because nobody admit that's unbelievable story yeah you're right it is a little I don't want I would I don't Christy cream guy normally it. There are filling Dodgers have won all or not they're all tendency cats that's certainly a fair amount and I wouldn't go every other week giving every damn week at least. Now it's really crazies who becomes a food his own name Rachel she's from Michigan and she recently traded a package. A McDonnell says she wants sauce that crazy sauce that racan Maurice started the whole craziness over the people wait in line for. She recently sold her packet 482004. Volkswagen Golf she got a vehicle. And nursery rescinded dissidents or somebody to host a lot of articles being written about it yes is the car's worth two grand in good condition so it's not the greatest. True premiere it's not like she got an arm bands or any length to some guy and even if some bad condition and well and imagine still worth a couple hundred bucks yeah sooner he got a crappy correlate these are terrible. That's a great deal for a packet sauce and she stood in line your local mcdonalds and they gave it away. And she was ninety Lima she got the packet Tony instinctive and try to par related to some kind of prophet. I waited a long I'd want to eat it Nana. I'm glad that they're not get in there Sierra where we go ahead and I wish I sheep because I heard people say that it. It wasn't anything grade it was this you know McDonald's sauce that probably tastes like a lot of our other sauces massage on styles like not something you get home base are amazing just I just attack because of Baghdad even let alone picture every Cambodia on it. So I would imagine Israel actor you have to accept that as something to do with it as well now this is insider interview the man who did not give permission present abuse speak like you okay. I'm with you Steve maybe he thought this would be great earlier collectible. And here's what he just said he said just need me some free insults. That was his will that was his response is that why he gave the car for the sauce so does ally he's still my gonna collective sells these immediate task he. Who are these people. I don't know how many damn man how. Then you have emits sounds genius on their inferred through realizing there's an added I need and people are doing ST percent just to get their hands on him and what they've really been no news comes up the data do it now for the winter. So after all this crap yeah car or you don't hide some remorse on the front couple hundred bucks on eBay account that is not it's. I don't know man had a buddy who waited in line. He made Dave and I guess when I was hitting the judge did he know they didn't get it off tees it's funny he likes to I think to see that McDonald's downtown Seattle here and he said the lines were I you Susie got series ago crap the line is all the way out the door on the street. And he and they said they made the announcement quick instead could we audio like whatever 37 of these packets are coming your son just a real small number. And they're all like Perrier. You still did end and get food to the line didn't hold your from getting food that was the one you stood in for when they were ready to give the packets out. So bad sure so people now line went and got food it was a brilliant idea of McDonald's after. I just see if my kids said they wanted to do what he's a good father because his his daughter so we wanna do this I don't like no we're not doing that's the women don't you know and I don't I was it now this is stupid I'm not doing their I'm always online for dump path however that guy's a terrible that I would terrible that there you I mean I'm all about the destination and not to journey and it really was the journey for them he said they had a great day. But I was like how. Let me read anyway and I'm eating what you want your. Disappointed yeah that's Bronson is a strong soft yes since you want such a wide you know it's not about sexual ones that you want is not a she it's not a sheep -- Steve is a shepherd hey some people are saying there are sheep herders out there all darknets aren't they shepherds. That's what is she whereas the lives she produces focus on cheaper corn in this one. And shepherd focuses on other models all animals yes thought I was Dodson was sure for Schieffer sheep herders herd sheep. Shepherds and do a flock of animals that's going to want to accept a big deal flock yourself. That was still authorities plan Hughes trainer read so I think I went through and I didn't. Amendments in the woods for ten years why. He wants to get away from his wife the only guy out. This happened over ten years ago a guy in his early fifties his name is Malcolm Applegate he's from England I have. And he was finally got it England did they do have some day they're always doing things on their earning a man. So he was over his wife I guess she just nagged how a lot of them so he disappeared literally disappeared. One day vanish no one ever heard from again for a decade. But he recently turned up again in the center called Mae is Greenwich to house homeless people get back on their feet. And it turns out that Malcolm hated his marriage so much that he'd been living in the woods for ten years. And if here's the funny thing they could didn't know we allies they they was gone for ten years. And if he was working as a gardener at this senior citizen center which is right next to the woods where he was living in. And and somehow. He never showed up like in the system do I as a missing person but he was able just to go home and get another you know get a job a little awards and never closes like well Malcolm's gone and nobody wondered who this guy was I guess you get a job. Well I don't know why he's doing his wife like freak out in Dallas is just fine but she knew very good job no it did the cops apparently because I mean date him he was. He was reported as missing how they make you feel you find out of the person you worth. It's so bad in their eyes that they just disappear yeah yeah he ran a live in the woods gap and hang with you man. I cannot that's like coming in on my wife Muslim in the woods sadly your wife knows what it's you'd say no leave Washington with exactly a new way yes. That's about it really she told Jewish she's got to Dallas as far as I know that I am I did I did go visit her she was still the same place dash still happy still less still happy that I left. You know she's like she's really seems really have to like what you dropping out of the airport that seems to me to have this family and her she's speeding ticket at the airport and says you can still put on the card get out yeah. Added things to do eventually Malcolm heard about. Mayor has decided to head there to interview he moved in and now a 62 he's putting his life back together which including getting back in touch with a sister. Who figured he was dead so yeah it's like you have to grip for every one in every one. As far as you know we as a got a touchback was wife so opponents shall take his calls. Would you. Well I think he'd want to anyway why would you want to he. Former has done to put down is that just for the job applications turned into big would blame come up from Chris yeah I mean it was only ten years ago. I guess say then that where every wasn't nominated by the check and I'll actually get the job you do need to Gardner. Yeah you don't need I mean look at least. He's his name I mean you know listen at how they pay let me do what is name show up in the system. That this guy Malcolm's getting paid and it I watch all the CSI shows they wait to see your credit cards are being used or anything at all with your name definitely you're around it. VC UK nobody cared about your own Malcolm the so with. There are an update about McDonald's sauce immunity is that I once Aussie traded his car for the sauce says one industry can sauce I guess that's a line from Ricky Moore Eddie. Hi during that episode that masala. I don't know just when he gets some African sauce Marty called that's awesome now we get why does a great line then. Also a difference between sheep herder. A sheep herder is a person who herd sheep in large numbers and and fans country. A shepherd is a person who employ to guard tendon herd sheep especially at a pasture they member of past world people hurting and usually owning sheet date set her up. Thanks that's that the Internet has. And thanks and welcome Kyle I had earlier. Religious you know I've met that takes at all I mean hell yeah. Lugar would sausage gets jealous. Frankly I'm not I can't wait yeah I'll go my own tree. I'm just glad to know there are sheep herders yeah good for your body CI you know as dumb as you thought now that's and I still debatable that is very debatable. Got a new survey turns up that one in four couples say that their regularly sleeping in separate beds is this all balmy today physical so. In a roundabout way yes and round about way yeah yeah. I always wonder what brought my license you wanna do that. Chris I think I cannot I am just like kick out a lot of heat some dig you out. In size you know if you think just try to figure out there I don't I don't I don't know I don't want to really get excited today and he's younger crowd. And I fart and I'm noisy I snore failure all I think at some point she's gonna wanna pull the trigger and say look Cisco and guest bedrooms. I would figure yes I you know you have a big enough dead and one of the places so if you guys why give dizzying get busy and then when you know then you go Cindy own joint. I wanna do that like I hope just that they really don't wanna do that I like I like sharing the bad. I enjoy now I mean. I'd tell you I am now that I'm used to written iMac it's kind of pain in the ass to remember her outside to have funds you go see when wanted to if I guess if your wife flew back to Washington. You would want to separate bedrooms or that the king. Okay yeah I was gonna ask Steve what tries matches you guys have to Sharon your big boy yeah I only do we have a twin size that it's not mean I don't analyze precisely what was the king I played Williams touting free extra leg components still he SE that talking to me I think you can still have enough room to deal. Yes I get back to her I think her issue more so would be though the new ways and the smell all definitely and even indicted she could put up with the fact that I'm a bigger guy and I just got quite. I tonight's sky going through O'Connell. And maybe at disaster while it's annoying for her Brett I'm sorry it's what I do tests that you do men and subdued color man. I'm and we used to actually slept alone for all these years us in the thing is is the right now look forward to it that I can sleep in a bed with someone you know not let them go yeah. Hi guys you know I think if it's a big enough data so probably if it's a queen or a double nestled so close. Well a little tonight and I didn't realize it until I got to sleep in my own again and he had this is actually kind of cool feels batter the 60% say they'll like sleeping alone. And twenties Iverson say do because you Steve because it's their business during the fart in yep yeah. But you know what I mean a lot of people on an almost four in ten say they do because they're having problems. Also tonight getting along yeah. That's a that's not just like one step away from separate that's not a good reason man nice they say don't go to bed mad I guess the other revenue each other I guess that's the way you do it this tonight become roommates. 11 listen Paul sakuma couch watching TV that's why they sleep in separate beds. That's my parents are like my parents my whole life. I think he maybe would get two to three hours of sleep together in bed each night. But the other four or so hours were spent my dad falls asleep on the lazy boy amount falls asleep on the couch. And then I 2 in the morning or 3 in the morning to both weak government always go to bed. Yes. Yeah and it's a very bizarre pattern generally it's example you build my mother in laws the same way. Yeah to be content on the couch for Antara. CD I guess are much but few people signal is again usually ball day yep many you don't know that's what you got the TV on your sleep for very much every darn that's why you watch your shows over and over again. Because you don't watch him the first. Lights right right now and I don't know my parents they had to I don't know how it is now because they set up and get up early. We don't go up to go to bed because they knew at some point and get to go to work now he's dead or retired drawing no they're just sitting on the house now all day and all night long. I think. Boy I really really thinks that we're gonna see that in the future which used to be even joked that married couples on TV would away back and David infield Dick van dyke show and before. You never saw couples in the same bed they sought to separate beds and now it may be coming back. I'm Vicky. Am I king size bed and I'm pretty small soda king silent came Saturday bureau I wanna see a picture viewing that that it must look like like a little marble is very funny because like I have my own section and the other side is reserved for my laptop that I use clinging to flee blood found on site just have Netflix going and I ain't damn militant sleep if you do I know I've really let you might our nightstand. I do what it there it's kind of awkward to fit my a laptop I need a bigger nightstand well that's not that it's not the space thing is that you need to have noise like that show I turned quiet though like sits right next night ahead. Okay that's just yes what's generous guy he's always making a point haven't music honors of being on those lines due to go to bed it's okay if you buy with yourself at W with somebody else a mean they may not be up and we have to make adjustments I ES so what I end up doing is when I have a guy over I'll let it play and then illness actually turn itself off. I'm so and then once turns off a leg up I got my Amazon that going to put the ocean waves on a tonight. I I can't do any sound effects that's music or just regulation on a sanction a little over sleep well all think it's smile I won't think I won't cure my alarm clock policy the echo has ZoneAlarm and you. It goes off and it sounds like an alarm call yeah she wakes me and it's gonna sleep timer so that I can shut them diagonal so the waves off an hour after I'm in bed. She's fancy got a likes a question elicited DJ mix until Val popular falsely that puts you to sleep had an election is bad guy away at that nobody knew at. And I was just sitting right next to him I can. And she's awesome she says to see if you can. This doesn't take up space on your bed like Mickey's laptop I think that's the weirdest part is that she sees with a laptop now arena only tell you it's only other subtle and it's such a pink pants and tendencies and swim to different weird person. Says the guys flexible access that's right. What happens when someone gets called up by their trainer he wants. Somebody is collaboration and social media for eating too much follow this is going to be an awesome addition a phase for John you're gonna hear it any seventeenth on the rocks. And they eggs morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. And nine point nine KI SW Iraq in Seattle. Hey did you old if you have an Amazon echo guys you can listen to the rock on matching. I did and I'm very exciting. They used to our podcast and our show content as well clearly knows just say this fall Alexa open 99.9 KI SW sale Alexis fifteen. Well yeah I. Bush is where Israeli air match you know us so let's open 99.9 KI SW fine thanks for checking up its end say it's Alexa. You can lose and your BJ may. Please maybe until. That's OK go you know I'm mansion launches Watson on the shoulder and went. How and ask your question election and everybody who Alexa just everybody fooled yes it's one crew. Rusty I wanted to make sure yeah well I'll listen head KI SW dot com you can learn how to download KI SW skills. And check out what Alexa can do to help you stay connected with KI SW. And faced pajamas brought to you by charities distilling companies browns are your Berman and once again we did is our opportunity to point out the stupid people that are on FaceBook. This is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds because it in yep we are going to acted out yeah so this around I'll play the role the original poster I will be jolt. BJ he'll play the role Billy it's Norris red he'll be banned three. And think you are Paul gang all right so once again stole his original poster so I will start things off. Angel posted a picture of a giant kick. And then said top to demolish this bad boy has tagged and Bob Bennett. Rowe should you really do. Eating bats I can eat whatever I want dean. Why you always got to come and high food picks. I don't know because sign your screen yeah yeah hitch your goals and you keep meeting like acts. Look at you good three out of seven days this week. I deserve retreat plus I'm starving and drink some water and quit being a quitter for out of the seven days in the week. That's animation job growth that looks delicious yeah act the would you block who gives an ass. How about your girlfriend who signed you up for training sessions first time I'm sure she'll love to see each eating an entire change. Just because you have a hot to my girlfriend doesn't mean you got to bring your engineers she has the hots for your girl in your cool is it yeah he always talks about how hard she is and how lucky I am I have her. I'm not worried with all the steroids and he takes I'm sure he isn't that impressive. Cash actually keep on to. How are you can't find a new trainer. Some have not seen every stupid lying on price book. Writing about cake care at all because there's no fight about case he just eating if you enjoy it that's it. Yeah that is interesting that you wonder if he's trying to get through his girl. That's very just this hold true this triangle of trainer girlfriend and Kate boy who could that's awesome I love how the girl got him a trainer. Yeah how you take that. All I would not be happy now yeah I do like you know what what they're made in China I mean if I thought if I was on if I said fine you're trainer. But she's got me wonder what if you're always complaining about your weight. I just can't do it on the motivation on the discipline rather than a mile. Innocent she thinks we know be thoughtful since you don't have to discipline is to give you saw no hope you get the discipline now I suppose and have to pay for it is really out of her pocket yeah okay. Yeah but it leg and my wife it's ought to my pockets I'd be mad like don't spend my money that way. The ability my while I'll get one but if I don't got to pay I guess that's nice would you be OK with us. If you yeah I yeah I ilk just because it would help. If I had to pay for my own pocket and Ngo at the Jeanette imagine next trying meekly go somewhere else but it was still convenient with my Seattle's ten hour now and have an issue with it wouldn't. I mean I'm not I I I we have mirrors and our house and I'm very aware of what I bodies diseases kids you know Hillary is a deregulated and I'm not gonna lie to myself and I I don't neither trainer so she would want to do that formula would not be opposed. Stop what did she go but then again if I wasn't sold who's trying to go to the gym and get in better shape. Denim might be. Not the not I wouldn't be offended I think I'd be ignored because and I now listen to go to the gym. Urea would be I don't allow you to come family on dog fat so Gary and I feel my heart rate up. I doctors say hey yeah hurry up. Now again my doctors you know she said I did and I got my blood work done and she told me before I had the physical because I had them about a week before went to see your tireless good bright and I don't know gracious you know your your blood pressure is going to cholesterol is good so I thought all this is awesome and go into the physical going to be great time. She's like yeah well yeah I didn't tell you this over the phone but you're sugars to a storm problem now clearly I know what I should look stable is the same as last you for your pre diabetic. I don't I don't even have a thing anymore really I don't do brazen car and you all have deserved once in awhile but nowhere near like I used to why is still so frustrated that you canceled the order donuts had just put in. If you can't home crafts. Some newest appoint a life you can't have retreat once in awhile especially when you like I've been looking like this dude I think I'm five out of seven and I'm cool yap. I mean if if she does it say you're you're getting closer to that they knew what to put good do you want to go through your feet. I don't know where it's your job I guess I suppose. It's so I just feel like I've done a lot you know and I mean you know not enough brother Cali I I mean seriously do like I don't need anywhere near the carves a guy used to. And I lost eleven winner said how sugar problem you've seen it I've lost my I lost like twenty pounds I don't understand how shall have a problem. I had no idea around my doctor I know that's what Frye I was I was really angry at her like I don't get this I must go away and I'm not really anybody who's doing your tone as the guy sugar issue I think. This. To what she says that as she said I don't know it's tell you he's got to get your heart rate up. And I had failure because she said as I guess I'm like you've really if you get your heart rate of you'll firm whatever sugar turns into their record is all you Arizona accord is on I don't know what hell she's talking about. C and I guarded Jim Allen might do some trend don't know unless they already had their eyes so walk fast she said I just need to walk fast create this is going to be awesome did you walking fast at the Bellevue mall I know it's going to be weird I know because now because people got their slow the WW swear they're slow. Are you really India annually at a mall just have to ask why it has some good today. And you're not yes I am I he really and I don't know much of children all you like property knee slapper is that uncle Christian relief from the heat is. Don't throw right as we don't doctors don't well seals I have seen a jump in these and he slaps why because I did Charlie know how good are exposed I did. I'm not jump I never used the yes I you're supposed to. May pause okay dove yeah. Smart funny match coming that are really are in my view them may hit a Bob Matt our overnight sensation he's on the. His mind he's a trainer he puts he has a great training volunteers every dot com that's wonderful these but he's too intense for me how to attack because he's gonna want to trained. Also that makes intuitive to retrain its. Novel but you're right and my dad yeah host of relief for thinking that what's wrong while you heard of him to be a trainer and why you do training that's to access to grant a richer than this was a man BJ's is the trust. Yeah I did IISI I wanna do the least and I have to do. And it shows judge shows the guys as doctor yeah I can I guess the sugar is still an issue so I gotta watch out for that. Why isn't hitting so good taste so good my bad for him please about the best Jason Bay and Curacao orange. Yeah. That's wonderful yeah I keep telling myself that. So you know people like to go places and you know have fun turns out this is study says the people the wide they go places. It's so they get like some their photos that's why they go do what they do not surprised why it's completely just destroyed all the students and uninteresting yadda schema of the University of Georgia. On 810 out of people say they're motivated to go places just to get that social return. In other words like so their photos and videos on social media we have we've heard other studies that say it's like a drug in your brain you feel so good when people like your pictures. Yeah I mean it's now plays for if you go to France and get that picture and Friday Eiffel Tower yet to post it and you know you'd get probably more like him and in any other picture you post yeah that's very weird and kinda sad that people are making an appointee go somewhere. Because he knows that it's going to get the more likes on social media. I you I would say that but I guess if he gets people out of the house and does get them to experience things in life. I guess in a way that's kind of a cool thing even though than the motive may be bad but if they're actually get now and doing things maybe that is kind of good. Because without that I mean I wanna do anything where maybe if I was motivated to get likes. But then you know I've I don't know these Saturn that's what we need is who likes to feel better about ourselves. He had does sit it's when you put it that way doesn't just feel pretty miserable weirdos like scan the I know I don't I don't know I apparently believing your brain gets you a lot of cool stuff it's better than like real fun stuff. We here at night so weird you right I mean the idea what does it get to at the end of the day it just me it's like a drug that makes you feel good minutes gone. There reversers are people I know people to let him out of taken down pictures because it didn't get enough likes he had that he felt that they weren't nearly as popular as they wish there were because they didn't get enough like I'm just looking at them in. Man just using a lot to think about I wonder if you just disconnect all together. Go to those places that you wanna take a picture out and just beyond those places and enjoy them who. What do it well what that would be like I think and I didn't happen that he had no right picture I know pictures didn't happen. Yeah on Friday Steve. Yeah you know what he's thoroughly he actually got this one might put animals into its traditionally used to make drugs booze. Just humans know well hold. And what I know here and shoot low yes I'll and dude I'm I don't there's a lot of clothing line I am not buying it. Good shot and didn't seem as creepy and so I listened to a back fell 0641. Rock. Sisal left so we're being makes it 847. On Iraq. 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