BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-16-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Monday, October 16th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Everyone get out there and get pumped up fight for our and it's money and that disease do you say somebody are acts nor contested today we out there. It's. Trying to get everyone dot do you are the way you really other worst fake excited guys. Well if I can't actually be pumped up you wanna figure right those ungodly act and I can't be seeing titles our maritime could do chatty beer and he's gonna take on Steve Chad are you there sir. You have seen and he's excited he's pub does jagr on dump right. CC examiner brother. I don't ask you what he blames boarded their cities together black label society and we are right this show about soda on February 19 go to KI SW dot com for all the details glassy Black Label Society get your tickets now a excess stock com Aristide gave back here. Those are playing at home Chad we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Chad you can pass all you want but you'll only get three S is her question are you ready. You. Into when he fifteen which giant movie monster became an honorary citizen of Japan and yeah as what was decomposed or most starts first names it's. If someone is bilingual how many languages Ken may succeed. Laura Diaz which fictional characters Paul Rubin is most known for its. John Cusack played a professional killer in which 97 movie it's. I'm proud. Which disease did actor rock Hudson's die from it to. I know. No time. We know in geometry eight node I still decades he drug house how many faces east. Right now. No it's. No on the Simpsons what punishment does target in the opening credits and it now it's moved. Stand wanted the capital which you west territory. Getting into San Juan is the capital of which US TA and I don't know who and Gloria you know. Jack do you Geisel to correct. Just like us idol dad it's also graduates are consistent data consistency is the key when you drop reduce yeah yeah. So I'm not so but whose game does martyred. Well yeah. Never know okay I'm down gas cans and page advertising hang up poignancy of the cellphone bill I eyes. Well actually. A reality I do one minute it's. Not a hunter. Good guys and no wins I am now and I'm I'm crying I'm next. Stacey got some of these I know already large you ready. And 2015 which giant movie monster became an honorary citizen of Japan God's laws yet as to. What was composer Mozart's first name. Amadeus no. While gangs to guest if someone is bilingual how many languages can't make a speech to. Yes which a fictional character is already but is most known for its. Her spirit her ex. Those terrible read and ask for a job or use our very normal enterprise office. John Cusack and professional killer in which 97 movies. I'm twenty. Does use thanks to serial killer who it's. Popped fox and titans now holds a half full house. Snow which is easy after Rock Hudson I promised I doubt creates yes he's geometry a dude deep do decade restaurant has company cases tend to now. Taped now. Eleven not out yet. It's on the sins what's punishment does bargain in the opening credits to surround sound board yeah ASEAN wanted to see capital which US territories to express their freak out yes once she's 34567. New wind seven to. Lol yeah. Well chads or you can not do very well yeah. I know I'm like hey Kansas. While Chad we'll be and yet another body and Jess good man or man well he's it was consistent last time he played Stevie got too so he's he's he's stuck onto. Some may be the next time he plays he can get one more and you get to three. John Cusack played a professional killer which 97 movie music JC. New. Wasn't I Grosse Pointe blank almighty god all I just suggest that I'm the owner of the few movies I know is all you're looking for a movie yeah. Yeah I saw John Cusack played a professional killer in which 97 movie you're right and I was thinking about real life killer. And that's that's well misled by winds can only ask you why you guys I met gross Pointe blank Jessica it's like the other guys. The other one that you misty fear he had a dude a dual deck deck Varitek is twelfth day Adam and there you go you got twelve eventually twelve it's 120 towel twelve. Congratulations Steve you won with seven correct that's all it takes is caller seven right now if you wanna get the prize man. Car seven now gets his suit Black Label Society 206421. Rock. Caller number seven our Halloween it's getting closer and closer yes and you know custom yet. No I you know I actually yes my nothing customer arrives and it's very yeah hi I have to. But you know Steve if you wanna Wear cost him you gotta you gotta go with what's pop culturally correct I mean that much really really popular. All right and according to just Jared dot com. You're not cool Machida won at least enough. It's hard because I'd gotten everything but my overalls from I. Poll communion costume yet that's not on the list he got the muscles now counted Hoch my alchemy T shirt I've got my whole comedian rich stances came in the mail and reading glasses. I just gonna get the overalls made it look like a million that's Hulk Hogan Hulk dominion welcoming and yes I'm surprised it's not novelists get that announced. Oh yeah you almost are you a picture of yourself almost reading our ads is that some just an ISM just one piece of the puzzle way all right. There is half to cut costs. You do look good dude that's and I really does look good he asked the the whole dominion. Guys got let go and tiger that it's easy overall seems like you know a lot of work you put into that out there a lot of hurt him more money really chose suspend yeah that's Zia. That's all we got some of brutal battle wrestling criminal part of wherever you are big Harvey's Michelle which is described and I aren't involved fitness and the whole point is all the wrestlers and annual that's involved with it. Our brawl dressing up as whatever you know you have your choice of Sarah Halloween Halloween. Do the same as long dress up. Well I you know what if you wanna be popular okay so what should people dress up and I've seen as a lot of list looks like penny wise a clown from it is going to be like one of the most popular off itself there I swung my voice was some peacefully as he works over limit some makeup. I don't always make a whatever gonna make increases the amount of I just bring your white face paint is the hideous soul so much of it is. His conclusion was and everybody's going as penny wise yeah. There really a red balloon nun in doubt as they face an idea WorldCom cost him UBS Australia. I'm never too much easier it's good for me is a Marty at the belly pregnant Kylie Jenner. Carefully at how it looks Achilles Kylie Jenner is like an adult. Taking get pregnant you know I mean I remember they were little kids I can't believe now she's Melissa Alexander I think she's like between eighteen and twenty. If I'm not mistaken. I can do my ideal moment when he for us is Tony you know she is hi guys remember them as little kids. And so now she's old enough to be pregnant it's just nuts to me. Like she'll be that she'll be the current ASEAN that's like the other on the retooled to talk about Yahoo! I mean it passed the torch. Also a handmade from the hand maid's tale set that Netflix show although I am. To Google Yahoo! show Ryder notices did she ER is she used to be I'm mad man I can't Elizabeth something or other I think has of the mosque near Elizabeth moss and she's a great actor I heard great things about the show but it's just not up to give me your Hulu. Sorry. Oh OK I have no idea what this is spread out okay when she posed severe lake in lake a futures society where people winning ticket pregnant anymore and they all the women who can't get pregnant and they basically just use them as sex slaves it's a future Shelley looked not like super futuristic Billick it likes in the near future in the way they dressed I thought it would show about the past knows about the bigger they basically like it's kind of present time slash you know the only years as my distant future that's silly news or red -- in lamp shade in order to complete this outfit had a and it's getting rave reviews but again and I didn't associate pretty heavy yeah looks stupid. You seem thoroughly up there's a review Stevie tomatoes and ten minutes don't we live. Mansion and heads you know six months. I know says the guy who's kind of how communion Philly yeah that is legitimately cool that's a cool yeah. Hi you can also goes Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone from La La land that's a popular routes and you know these are really working informant who do one I saw with the spirit that tonight. I would imagine on pure and do a stranger things. Did a whole wall for not honest let's see his son I would just Jerry dot com as of its super light pop culture really which is Mike really chip pop culture that unless you and then there was so unless you guys coming back yeah but it's now time as right they should have put it out before. Where does that come out couple weeks I think yeah a couple weeks before Halloween. Yeah so there's always great timing yeah so why wouldn't you get a costume because people are dumb they haven't seen it yet so the excitement isn't there yet for the dumb people are not always I love what about last year though it's now it's now okay. Parents or else is on beyond seaside beyond seat beyoncé is pregnancy announcement of that mission and a weird like. Pictures she took yeah okay you know is that Colorado pregnant things is perfect he does is that this is totally each I think just Jerry dot com is going to be chick thing because sooner all of these are just female outfits like united felon beast from Beauty and the Beast it's all you know dad outside zero chick outfits Wonder Woman which you know I think I would love to see guys just supposition me. That's an even new guy a cross dressing outfit prost play to be one element DC princess lay across play yeah I think costly should be wonder wonder and wonder man there's a one man in the world of floor somewhere you could be. That's okay are yummy and emerge wrestling with everything in life. You could dress up as part Ric Flair part Wonder Woman and you're wonder oh man. Why oh. Man yeah one their. I get fan I was. Though some of your best worker and their. I think a good for the rest of the week are you good they're doing that since my wonder. Man here's one that I'd like that hey dude you have current climate. I'll I'll just of his you have manner I expect is that he's he's more progress throw rice was your daughter dressed him as a player all the time playing on the everywhere right now we've we can't go to guy like that doesn't do any conflict now yeah that's right might convict yeah. It was going to be a prostitute the shooters and a tennis match today. Zombie Taylor Swift from the look what you mainly due video yet this is a checklist like no no that's my plan acronyms can now zombies tell insurance and then this isn't missing man kiss from guardians of the galaxy volume two. Why always backyards or that popular and a it was that frank you know the girl with the antenna and then the second movies. I think probably that's why because it's kind of easy indeed can just a little antennas on maybe where some green costume then you'd be fine with it then maybe some mullah we've heard him make his I want to nothing downtown what do I have no idea that is I see the movie fan if I could just wouldn't get an umpire it would be in my radar yeah and I it's not like I issues that memorable if you ask me you know what do you guys think about when they can have accused you manage to cross play when the when chicks dress up as well usually like I cerebral point Freddy crude as a female version of that. Do you think that sexy when I had tickets like Freddy Krueger but it's a woman's versions yes OK yeah I think guys are usually make it looks IC enemy sexier yet they always they dated everytime a lacrosse players it's it's never been like. Let me make it look from the you're dumping here it always looks a lot sexier I got half naked Jason for he's OK with that yeah I get an idea what's different owners of interface yeah. Ha what. Well have thought about that. Yeah yeah that's cool until me anytime Jason and Freddy Krueger or we're looking at the costume it's been very awesome yeah. It's in the united just 'cause women are hot I mean they you know because the military terms no matter what they do will make cross play they always look good and some guy sometimes and guys cross player you like announced just not to informant provided a lot of times it's more that the wounded across it more often than not it's a sexier version of the guy version. Whereas on the flip side the guy is more comedic version of the women's restroom you know Utley can't go to comic cons and then you'll see a guy in the princess slave -- a costume and it is hilarious is that for one they actually look really good and it from the back. Yeah I oh and malaria and every year in Seattle and Polanco got me who loves. Actually I hereby assert boy oh boy if I was in the dark gallium we're exchanging money I'd be getting a big surprise now. Yeah. That's happens a lot of folks up to me that they gonna go as you know is up for you for only. Oh really I taxed as a man who has BJ KI SW share a grumpy fat face mask. Now screaming everybody ME crappy Star Trek references to get my wife why do that this. Chris that's a great idea if you do that pleased should post pictures or video I would I think that's a great cost him. Yeah I should just in as myself when I do best how does me. This plant sources you just goes Gary Drake. I really could I put on orange jumpsuit dude I would scare kids thought to be offensive almost were dead hookers and then the news just in just suffer only hotel that I'm not offensive and are now. OJ it's died from listeners on Lucy you pick a topic you guys to show yeah somebody please god showed 206421. Rock. Texas it's 77999. Your calls your texts at 917. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. I'd I'd point nine KI SW rock Seattle's listeners on the loose you pick the topics you guys show. Listen to some of those classified GE two laser tech stocks falling more this Saturday and Sunday. GE two dot live look at the letter even ever to GE Q dot lives. Listeners on the loose. As Chris it'll make its automotive you wanna talk about. To those 6141 rock. Texas 77999. But remember Steve as one rule for listeners on the loose necessary as a manager and bring it otherwise the Pentagon news. Take about the bold and juice the night that it's. And I would start out with he had 20642 in rock Texas 77999. Ian Buckley you are rock. Warren road Mario welcome the show which affords but. I'm I got kind of a crazy airplane story when I sixteen. I come right. I was child is trying to do see my mom and I was sitting in the appreciate it get about the most most people do little play. I don't open the door I didn't realize there's actually someone in the back room that happens else. It was hurt the little lady variety and my first time in late part when I'm close calls too yeah. Yeah. And I'll never forget and I are doing what it'll reflect actual. All whoa dude you how long did you stand in front I. I wonder how. Yeah how is no matter how I mean. I never get on people forget to lock the bathroom stall door or anything like I've done that before that port of bodies when you walked. These gold you did you get your use of portable I even someone generic things are very difficult it's one step. Think that's the first thing I would think to do is lock the door behind me yeah that enemy wants for somebody walked in on me I I had a cold and so might just for some reason I thought I blocked it and I didn't write and all of a sudden some you want my goal everybody. It's the and I had that butterfly tattoo and everything the Brazilians yeah hopefully have a great you lose you're actually area an interior and actually watch him on any news is that yes we know there. CB you. It's had its sixteen years old you see lady parts though I mean I can see all that I mean that's sorry that the holy Grail for every guy yeah. Elliott. To look no the only thing I. When she came out you don't want to look at each other just locally I look the way you look the way we can't look at each other. I do appreciate that decides not used to looking at her face anyway. So it's early yeah I'm my own Olympic commission to look back at issue. Your friends turned into a penthouse forum definitely what happened on me yeah unfortunately when a young man I love it I love those are moments like that like do you remember the first time you saw anybody naked it's to our naked body part I mean yes my neighbors remain neighbors. And tube. Huh what she's doing the rest are alive but I guess who is I get there early stages of insanity. She was running around the neighborhood with a towel or on who summertime I dot you have like a bikini underneath that. And choose open it up and flash anyone that was borrowed it. Fully naked all we have any minute and our neighborhood and Netanyahu is around twelve issue and choose a little bit around the same age maybe you're older but yet just conclude in the streets of Kirkland. Hey open government law oh. Cool here. Yeah my friend's sister was not. Because she wasn't happy when this associates she wanted to see no I I just seemed like for some reason didn't expect her to be home. Are you know we would say hey let's Quincy we fighter diary we thought she wasn't homeless he went into her room and now were there she wasn't like whoops. My premise like you're such an idiot Nigeria I guess and I don't know why I just like they used this is not always going get your diary I think I watched an episode like some show that they that seek to reader diary I was onboard SATA well he was kind of like. Terror where you know I thought he was just protests like we shouldn't do it not that hey my sister's there in men's and AJ. Who are having issues may give an idea where is he dead and his sister was an attractive woman so there was some there was like that like him is like this is awesome. Did he com. Anyone tell the parents. Com she was just you know Achilles usage and you stupid kid like I was young enough read it wasn't you know. Jesus did your trend doing wrong you just a stupid little kid you know and and I was the annoying friend Larry is that she just always said he's not bring that any idea ball was BJ at the time was bought in Everett had Bobby Doerr aria. Yeah direct here's the question I guess I'll propose are opposed to Vicki because she's a female on the dance yes I get there again but about ten. I don't mind what would you rather somebody do Gutierrez and he walked in on you while you're naked or semi region diary. Booth. Who could one. I'm an animal walking coming naked because that's quake in instantly you're reading someone's are you get all a lot of information that's. You know they facing an egg that cool you got for a second that memory will live with you for however along what ever yeah. Like I can't starry night activity both Steve and a funny you know that the diary would be more. Because I think your innermost Arnold zealously you're you're out emotional Hoya thoughts and usually that's for a second film block any I really crappy cover yourself up everyone turns a license two seconds of my life that I am OK you and what about somebody walking and I knew naked while reading your diary that's then you know that we are they reading my dire mired in my diary naked but. Sir your question you know whatever you want to fantasy. Listeners all lose you pick the topics you guide to show a 206421. Rocky can also Texas at 77999. Gee I mean in Seattle you are on the Iraq. Yet they give money which you have forest buddy. Session got a nice little story of one Ellen junger wrote about an event on the judiciary get a bad keyboard on on the on demand a long arm loans will. And I'm appreciated remember that little Obama and if you have eaten up do you find out after hours free shows. So you know I was eleven and nobody was home in my apartment and around noon to that pretended to be (%expletive) can that I wanna go to school. I'll Neitzel didn't know what it's been almost home and it's my little have a little bit of you know on time yeah. Put on just Broward go to a blanket over me and also gonna hope for a good time up until my brother came home early from work. It better would be funny to grab my children my blanket and it just right now anything but make it. Lou. Good old Brothers you do it's utilize some good out Brothers of the events that. And I let the US don't want to let them unless he's. Yeah. So how did you how did you get close we were able there's did you do it through the extra very apartment without anybody seeing him. No I literally had it and let auto. So now is make your little brother Jason and yet that's dreamed in a certain state yeah this is. This is home nearly a weird that he did you get yelled yeah yeah. Brothers. Brothers' brother voicing your brother all your brother on news feature well obviously that this this guy who this is this guy is wonder practical jokes. Let's is on the loose you pick that topic you guide to show 206 ports to a rock. Texas 77999. We are more because of mortgage tax at 933. On Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the I'm nine point nine JIFW. The rock of Seattle is listeners on the lose you take the topic you guys showed to osu sports one rock. You also Texas is 77 and 999. The store rich in Seattle rich you are on the rock. And. Bag tomorrow regeneration Irish welcome the show buddy what you got for us. Came up I wonder she's gonna launch in the gift. I. Not only me but I think got Dickie V isn't watching the gifted to. I really see the first I'm watching a second one tonight heretic post for a great spoil unit. Well yeah I just want done tonight so you know watch we've for a third one. Thousand gets the spotlight it's it's a new X-Men universe show bad basically they're much in new mutants. And society is being hunted because the X-Men had a big fight may the whole world of their worst place and so now humans like F that all you knew who are gonna be registered and if you do an inning sideways we're gonna imprison you wouldn't even worse tough. Yeah and it's it's. It's kind of like very just stop always share it gave admits it's a it's not good for the mutants in the show that's for sure and assist family has two kids that are mutants. They get identified their dad happens to be a prosecutor for like the anti mutant people so there's the irony is at all I'll I don't tens or millions and I want to take them away what am I gonna do and this is on fox it's on fox yeah how about your rich and if anybody. I Richards director moral law I mean chick I like it should she non stop action. Forgotten and you guys so far I think it's got enough for everybody it's gonna you know it's got the new stuff but they're in the Stanley unit his speed being hunted I think you know a lot of folks could not understand like what happens if all of a sudden. Society said Mike Stanley was wrong and they had to be put in jail just because of the way they beat. Which you know there's your moral and you can put that in their all sorts of boxes of society what we're doing today it's on fox are rich I like it still I think it's I think it's a well Doug Schoen. Two episodes and so far it's good and I don't think you that's second episode. When Spock died oh man oh my god of spoiler alert man or my wife and I love the ordinary families and this might be something just like that I did I was thinking have you seriously I was thinking you know you it's kinda identify that we have like superhero type qualities are granted there's a load much different and I don't put the whole family had certain powers as opposed to this always suited CIA no ordinary family on the run yes no it's like nobody likes the oil no ordinary traffic that's that's so funny you know those always wanted to show us our favorite show is so funny -- one season that they do Michael checklist and all I had fallen. Now clearly we really only two people watching at bastion Texas wife was his wife still was soon find out and death and by getting cancels sorry buddy but as a vehicle show. Yeah and it is so far I'd say it's getting good reviews its well received so a lot of mr. robots back that started off with a bang somebody actually bring them on the television George I know you're watching could you actually subscribe to the app so you can watch more of comedy set up where she. I think you explain the whole new Star Trek on CBS is an angry that they played one episode and you can watch it again a regular TV yet the senate so there on demand which is super lame. Yeah this is a way free loot to basically date they wanna be Netflix Hezbollah everybody wanted to Netflix now people are like I typically rise sources one episode I loved it but now I have decision to save them if that's exactly what they are open. And I think you know the thing is is of all the things they did it where Skype this is their first venture into an original show the you have to go pay for on all access. I think they figured all Star Trek fans they'll do it. And I Jackie GQ I'm kind of offended that all KK there was another show called powers that's a scifi show that was put on Sony's network and I like did but I had to wait for indicative by the blu rays on his advantage he nerd says what I think you did. I stay and it is true we won't spend our money more than other fans of other genres do I mean hey Chris harbor talked about that funny because it's a guy every time you talk about these things did you see the parallels in wrestling so much there's there's so many streaming service is an addition to the but he really network or would you pay to watch a bread like a date estates of the hot rod and you got smacked down what do they said that was only available on the on a pay network would you do that which you pay a watch that I would. Yeah I would absolutely awesome prizes for the WB network and pay for an Indy wrestling on demand service they go so I watch their stuff so I can and it's. And then Dallas 399 a month. But still it's an actually threw in another month and in the red W it's 99 a month in the murmur as did Michael welcome priced. Something happened last night on the doctors I watched the tricks turn up as a last night something happen on the trek episode that I don't think has ever happened in Star Trek history. Wow got to not get laid you know somebody dropped an F bomb I don't think an F bomb in all the movies. And definitely TV shows I don't think I said they're just doing illogical things and yeah the gas bomb has been drops but I don't think the F bomb is every drop and I couldn't believe. It was dropped last night as it is a good Karabakh got a job that it was a good guy was it Scotty if this guy's not on this was some kind of Scottish guy you know it was discussed here. I his vicious dogs I don't laugh yeah it was I would I would I shot suppression Arafat agree that that is a great Scottish Star Trek impression right there apparently it is the first time I made history trek history daily at all. It was a context behind blank you can contact a blank now let's context was actually about how cool something once. It's pointing awesome kind of it was what it was like that and it was from a character who you kind of wouldn't expect it. And damme die if Avery which shocked me but I thought. This year amid I know that people can be accurate I I was gonna wanna attract fans can be pissed is that words never and uttered throws of him back on some vehement about it or is it just said it was the first. It's just that it was the first time reading. I haven't seen anything that says that people are losing reminds people they might end up losing their minds a gritty show dude I have to tell you man last night's episode was again gritty and I was like wow this is so bizarre this is a Star Trek show. Because it really doesn't feel like a Star Trek show and and I watched the last episode of the oracle. Which totally you don't want to start direction it's a funny thing that the nonstarter ratio is more Star Trek but I love them both I love this new start Churchill I think it's awesome. That's fun and Rainn Wilson was and by the way in the Star Trek on it in the last last night's episode right. Rainn Wilson of course from Seattle and play you know on the office Dwight he did a great job Scotty I hope we see more of him. He was good is a very beloved character in the Star Trek universe rain did a great job are his question for in a way it's it's it's a big one hope you can answer it. But to Ryan castle. And a Porta potty have confidence that you're you'll answer it I'll tell you at 948 hour on the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. And gain yards. But no life castle and a Porta potty haven't commonly I was down with the flu disinfectant liquid every few days. Necessary. They do that the poor voters I think are they had a clean somehow I know you get that done because you know just make yourself traction on the streets more than dipped. Persons is that both formats and hotter it gets outside the worst case Malcolm. Yeah. They both get serviced weekly bold thing got free a man I didn't realize it was that frequent the liberal fund's chip over. We are somebody must've been a mix that's concepts yeah this. Yeah I enjoyed himself I would imagine Ryan would have enjoyed himself Friday night makes says oh yeah Brian Todd dates to a three game over I think yeah it's like that you look good now thanks yeah this moment. Yeah I never send it up so we're right in the united that was ours suggest that you staff and me stress it's. Yeah. Well yeah I love to serve and a couple of tech stock having sex in a bar bathroom send it again in a port a potty outside I'll look easy way to get it. They tried to do it privately. Places year old June 20 year old woman busted for having sex no investment and Irish pub until this day. That happened Saturday simply call the cops. Say get dressed get the hell out by a ride home they got press the bidding go home says this enhanced direct port of cry let's keep them going. And they did very very generous good cop was like are you kidding me. I think it's also I like your style of about Siena crackdown so he's got style and a twelfth next warrior. And gigs. All right. Yeah. I just gets progress then let's they decided you would want to watch this. They weren't as bad that was awesome Donald capitalized. So you go back and you'll hear you open up the box and there was a dog crap reminded Americans what tickets it's. The personal. Now we see right tournament crap. Rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy are. How much as bankruptcy costs usually with my office we we do have flat fee includes all your court crossfire he's credit counseling credit reports. Anyone crossing chapter thirteen cases say usually starts in about 900 dollars. How would chapter seven cases of total cost including on the court costs attorney fees usually about 15100 dollars. We offer payment plans on shopper sermons and start file of fire officer was almost 200 dollars. You can send your credit your post office what is your senator Charles why you get together up your information in hand. Payments on the rest of the beast we jumped to thirteen cases. How we can make payment arrangements in most cases as well she did your case file be serious chapter thirteen case because usually organization aspect. Good thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time as you choose the right chapter dot com. That's accuse the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.