BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-17-17-6A:The new Star Trek show dropped the F bomb for the first time in franchise history.

Tuesday, October 17th

News and sports. Today is National pasta day. Starbucks is making a zombie Frappuccino. A woman just set the record for most pumpkin pie eaten in 10 minutes.

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After 51 years Star Trek franchise the Star Trek franchise just dropped. Its first F bomb ever flown that this is knees Manny makes my day. You're putting on I noticed it too that's the thing is that the funny thing is is that before right we knew this is a story I was just watching it man I thought this is interstate I don't think this is ever happen but I didn't do any research is I'm lazy now nice is that when you see somebody like. That doesn't seem normal and then you go on the Internet and you realize wow everyone else feels the same as ideal yeah. I added when you mention it now I gotta check this out in May hoop. There's always some. I don't know why but I thought it was so cool to see side by people cursing they can space and then not just once but twice its message on the show this shows the squeaky clean show there's been plenty of scifi franchise is red red you know drop what they drop but not Star Trek and death Star Wars ever. I don't think they have I don't think you're right I don't think they have either time for what he'd get filthy. Oh that's right if you feel they will peak. Her. I suggested to dumb but now. That was bad yeah I had that is very Graham please don't tell the SEC by the way and I say dump Biden because that's exactly where they came from her jumper all particular and freshmen graduate let's just pretend that's truly too much on Hillary I don't have an actual to buck the sound effects I gotta go with the lady who starts and it sounds like to box out well listen you know what we do we can around our. After 51 years the first F bomb ever on Star Trek and the last episode of discovery and by the way took less than ten seconds drop another one they were not gonna benefit you are yours double whammy. It's streams on CBS all access so you know it doesn't follow the same content guidelines is network shows and I here's the audio. The tar appraisal we just need to integrate the scenes she brings into compatible species one that understands his role in this process and in Jesus willingly he. Oh. Sorry there. I UH did you imagine that people would still be terse and there's some sort of curse I don't know if the F word boobies do you lean on the 23 centuries and is now in the 21 century but. And a BofA I don't know why I just assume an inside my world people don't curse ever probably because they don't ever on this series and I seen in I'm Battlestar Galactica they set their own crew that made up their own Chris where's my company had a crystal called Phrack. Yes he's will be Franken all over the place and Emerson T shirts here when I went down that meant an entity you know one who hit he took it down. So. That's. I did. They did did get make got my attention and apparently got everybody's attention so they go. There's swear not Star Trek what's the world but do tennis next week as we dropped the C word cool. You're right dude I haven't heard so many people inside I use that one that would be incredible. I would get me to subscribe to the service yeah there's a show on scifi called kill joys and I notices it Cabell is gods they had decided. To just throw every word out there than I think the Walking Dead is gonna have an F bomb this year is that right rev I think I heard that finally they were gonna have Lago and allotted number yeah I think you can tune now when I can tell you exactly which characters and a sane and now they didn't have that last season did they might no they did not. They've been there been swear words and like other shows like breaking bad like commuted one at one point I ride you wanna season but yet for most scifi you don't get that and inferred this from Walking Dead yeah. And they haven't cared this wears every like every other word in the comics. With knee and buy it. Like Eminem to do that on now on the shall. Q how well they negotiate that while why can't they just cursor as much as they wanna dig exe the F word once likened to say all the time. It's a very distinct thing but you know why did cable not have the S word in a lot of other words for the longest time a lot of cable shows didn't do that I think there was still worrying about top advertisers yet I wanted to eventually somebody said you know what I still look back at that South Park episode where they drop the S word what 227 times and it was so awesome and then we'll tally go about the other one. An aide to hide it for weeks take two didn't. This upcoming whatever day we're gonna say the S word emirates say a lot and they did. And it wasn't a big deal because they always could break right because and they must've sat down with the advertisers and said look we're gonna get. Pardon the department and -- ton of people having an impact death and so do you want in on this because Jay is yet to met delight which will be foul but you're gonna more people watch it I think it's interesting that they had to sit down and go where's the line for the advertisers of South Park right and that's that's that's what he's part of that's right we've had carbon pretend to be Jennifer Lopez of his hand and do things to Ben Affleck that was OK that was okay yeah. So we need to sit down and make sure you're cool with PS worth. So sure man and his suit is quite funny access I don't get like wide is the Walking Dead are or whatever show it is have to sit down and figure out what were allowed one this season are allowed to if you're allowed one you should be allowed as many you want yeah and end it like you say it must be the advertisers must be also. The listened of the viewers thinking that you know there are people watching the show that might still don't mind watching zombies just ripped apart everybody but don't want DS order a foreigner on there which is pretty funny we hit it about a we're okay it would seem brains exploding yeah but don't don't say the password we are children watch until America. Yeah yeah it's quite funny right no bad words. No nip polls but don't blow somebody's brains off. That's cool Mike and I can handle that that's fine. Yeah so Star Trek that it did in the last the last hold out maybe because they drop the F bomb and they've had movies and in movies they do whatever they wanted it to happen at the end they haven't they drop the S word. Them but not the F word in Seoul. When they drive today was stocky go ahead enthusiasts. He's had a you know what that's a good question I don't know when the S word first happened on Star Trek I remember Dana saying one of the next gen movies but I can't or I I feel like it's also been in the original cast as well but I don't know I if I forget. And yeah from the east Texas. What you are too did you doing on the Star Trek show these. It was me yeah that's lovely. None of prison that. Nines that I panel flavor although it's also you know you're doing thanks voting. Old you can get a Star Trek affect the throne and if you want I know you don't have one but are out there happy to have Star Wars all okay current yeah that and they add that they got this. Well while I know I got for you people thanks buddy here appreciate that geeks. Yeah that's right I know show a lot of wrestling now affects though there's no problem get the right ones for those who do Y yeah. Idea you do. My Starbucks may have a new drink how about that and they're all embraced this. Too happy about it Stephen tell you all bodies at the news for you at 617 a. And they eggs morning. Rock and 99.9. KI SW. Nine point oh I'd say hi SW RI. Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. Well maybe getting them to renounce bullet sir this is news wins teammates. Well thanks guys and thanks to support such a serious news and sports I existed it would be all rallied behind. Mine are good for our waistline. The people are so happy national parks today oh yeah the competitors and spaghetti. That's my toss I really cool it's like amending its own new utility candy plus. LeBron and Robbins yes that's your paso tonight that is my posture nice guys do all the time I does that really constant abuse. No I don't think don't know it's a doable now pasta that's a constant need I've put a marinara sauce on an instant. I'm afraid I'm pregnant she knows from past season and I little shelves OK let us on this very fast lots of Danny. Bring Danny. Grabbed ravioli ravioli and asked police what he stuffed inside that ravioli I'm I didn't think had the most favorite is better watch. I got good butter knives box. Can I hate mind yeah I totally me now truly truly musical. Yeah an update right little like Grumman are noodles but are not confident. Little worse rice noodles Kenny Leon is the best NL yeah. And you just feel OK while irons so coming from Mexico definitely noted that lives there. We'll do is happy national cost today did you know that 75% of us keep costs at least once a week relay you. And about 5% needed Delhi and their 700 pounds yeah and Dianne and as possible on time. We have some I did my research and also found that there are only two kids whose two point 8% of us never be possible. That's crazy whoa you ever tried. Living dollar and oh yeah so appoint him and it's yet which are sausage comes so when we run by doing you know as soon. Paul manner reminiscent of the marinara the only good marinara. I mean the ball Marron I played him the ball a mariner my mom got me hooked on this. And it's simple places. They were spaghetti. And potter magic tools. All I mean I love I love marinara sauce but mammals just butter and spaghetti its stance. Kimmel into the Lankan consulate and oil that is doing. Talking cream sauce it's gonna stand because discount wow yeah I know I had talked yes. And so but anyway and my pastor Danny you don't get that regularly the code and there's still a veteran I didn't hear him on the listened to sleep before. Boss has so Juan Roman you don't like get out of here Gary JDU tests on your Romany. Tourists. Hold the lives since February. It's I guess. Hogan's Kathy contrarian over here. This is the guy who does trickle on in his mouse Jeanne point points and a solid possibly others including that strengths. Starbucks all drank primary here they had that DI you know. Corn practice you know that took over the world for all right well there look I guess they're secretly developing a zombie game Fabrice you know for Halloween. And what it's going to contain is a clean surface you know base. Green caramel apple powder pink powder whipped cream and I think mobile drizzle it's called zombie track. And it's expected to be available on October 26. I'm sure a lot of you are excited about this but if you listen to music and how I missed some of those ingredients there are some people who are not excited about that domestic who worked at Starbucks. Because if you remember the unicorn forever you know the giant mess like. Literal mask. Be able to put together as a as a free stuff and some very security going on nom on Twitter and social media sayings. How one of these zombie traffic you know simply be the end of main press center recent problems thanks so we're getting into hallways strategy in order work. Hash tag zombie preferences known and scared because it's so powerful like uniformed traffic you know. Yeah and other sources Hazel Mae teammates euros on the practice field this movie drizzle this even if things. Yeah I mean you know it. It was fish if it takes double or triple all the time it does is to a normal coffee. So whatever the idea that that day I can see what they respond hasek with a steep six years old possibly blotter. I know it's like oh it's it's sort of like you know it's like quick value only so good yes. Home sixers need to get to enjoy that butter from my noodle. Pardon me off. Tell us about a woman. She's competitive eater her name is Molly did you say new pumpkin pie eating world record over the weekend then how many pieces of pumpkin pie do you think she crashed in ten minutes. Called drive I would say look look let's say twenty. Wrong Danny I'm not talking your son and I think he. I'm gonna say it's very fat wrong grab while fifty. Close but wrong Danielle commutes and sixty T. Okay. And. 48 pieces upon tomorrow and minutes 48 piece it is. That's sixteen point eight pounds of supplies that's insane mail I told she lives she broke a record so who's the other idiots that did this before her. I was her she broke her own world record I want peace. I got to see a picture of her as the front hot dog guys are always spinning yeah yeah very true home. Problem but some of his mom mom of the year. I she's in Florida she's. She told a teenage daughter I wanna go buy some marijuana. Okay her daughter's fifteen years old. It's yes her daughter through twelve arranged for marijuana. She paid twenty bucks for a bag of weed. Always mad regime to change that she expected. To try to block the alleged dealings vehicle vehicle from leaving the scene now the dealer is also fifteen years old. Ferrer all. And so what does she do she hits it's dealer with her car home. Media she was later found arrested and charged with leaving the scene of a crash involving an injury as well as contributing to. Delinquency of minors and also mamma Mia yeah that's boy's mom you are special. On Monday Night Football last night Tennessee beat the colts 36 to 22. On. Boy's baseball playoffs American League champ series Aaron judge home runs you've huge catch in right if you might evolve but some damage from the wall how he surely didn't know I saw bad news for you may desire among the play football Baghdad get hit hard. I've yankees beat the Astros 821. Five ashes now have a 21 lead game four tonight today. At 2 PM you can watch a game game three for the national championship series out as the dodge particularly the cubs. Five that is at 6 PM tonight I didn't give these Intel tonight can be smack down that all starts around 445 didn't want to get tickets on Ticketmaster. I think Fiorina. To be a lot of fun and later on today at 915 lie about WWE's. Don't women's champ retaliates and all nice and as far as where to 58 degrees or raining thank you perforation BS news and sports. And a man. So there right now but I hit it says this guy's a free agent this year even those hundreds of years old but that that CC sabathia is the only guy and it's getting it done yeah he's the only guy who's been consistent and as you keep wade from a breakdown in. And not get it done he's the only count on every time because out there they win just shows how lately world and all cause I still view CC sabathia as they got young up and coming pitch guy and he's not I know but he's been around for ever put. No because when he started inserted her popular is already older so I just kind of took him like this Arrested Development solution he yeah that's not the case now I'm not at all what I like it tough he is younger than you but he sold for baseball terms right I love them just because he's got he's got the you can take great physique he looks like a fat guy. It's all it's amazing when he pitches consumed in your house this guy a ballplayer he looks at the type of person he 48 pieces of pumpkin pie and yes. Yeah I don't that Molly Molly's not a big girl. While looking Marley deaf so but yeah she's. She won't what do you think I mean am I am panic guessing wait we did like well. 120. Yeah about there I think 120 IE IX you expect some news morbidly obese and she is not no I don't G forty and 48 pieces of pumpkin vita break around looking at the least pictures like that's not the only thing that she eats a lot of oh yeah I'm recent Selig these giant birders low volley a giant for -- hours a Euro looks like a hero who follow the issues he has huge sausage on my son Ahmad to different web site just aren't. What does that add giant meatball sub to have Molly I don't know that I wanted to I mouse Molly is my spirit animal yet she's hardcore. Oh my god I'm Molly so she's the amazing Molly shoo in New York. Okay shouldn't do neither so his son earlier Cohen how much she's made off on this entire endeavor. I'll just make some cash I never heard before though I know she's amazing. She merits as a write our web page very true the amazing Molly match that's about -- how has she ever taken on how good the good Joey chestnut it's. I wonder yeah did you do in her gender. Food competition not a dig into the Billie Jean King Bobby erase thing they do the tennis you know why not these guys it's a nice touch and go early Molly the Dodgers a competitor I judge who was competitive the weighted shoes eating my sockets those early go at. Sir good morning I got there is a legitimate tax yeah you sure did you get fools silly me I supreme read these junior coalition. Yeah I did did you let go today go Energen served quite a politician I don't see why they shouldn't I don't know if there's any kind of no genetic 48 pieces of pumpkin pie seems like she should be able to compete with somebody. Yes revved up. No I am I have nothing now filed. Right back down he's just messing with Iran feel bad because they don't like computers and who apostate and I'm looking actually right now looks like guys there is a women's division for the Nathan's hot dog contest. So maybe they keep them separated well I would pick as well we'll have a woman's division and who makes sense on why hasn't gone head to head. That's a very good question Steve this is funny seventeen why can't we have. You know everybody being treated equally when they're suck and on the pumpkin and sausage more back into when he fourteen and they what they weren't competing against each other but she did break one and his record challenges all they gotta go head to head in something. And it really weren't too far out she's a 125 pounds and fight for seventh place I don't. Hope to quick text also a shout out to our friends over a new day northwest into props are girl Tara daily I Terrence gonna be a new day northwest today at 11 PM with the tally up meego and AM. Yeah that's it Vietnam. All really so it's a stand and tell you together yeah all of you eSATA and tag team right there that is a solid tax credit not when a message that tag team I mean are you kidding me. Mattel is no season for that's right parent is how. Scroll to that's Angela couldn't Tauziat. So it's 11 AM what channel that's on top fives and five needed northwest ice you know Margaret Larson hot topics. All those hot Tavis a fund that's familial on. Then they miss a sometimes you get some miserable stores near you no matter how I feel about that guided to that horrible thing all right well I didn't like get up Eilat. I guess say Steve I rally didn't lead to get this one rice what is the first month to have thirty days. February not October oh no he's like yes all I can really high. I had really my former. Your chance of beating Steve well I hope a lot doesn't go his way to 06421 rock complaint evenings at 647. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question closer. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help would back absolutely not one of the big reasons people filed bankruptcies because they have been judgment or a lawsuit against them. Their wages are being garnished. And so they can pay their other regularly I'm going jolts. People sometimes think you can file bankruptcy once they have a judgment against number one to garnish your style has started and that's not true. Very dangerous to immediately stop any garnish adventure I'm going except for child support. And stop your creditors from continuing on. Both versions of your bank account your wages I'm and in most cases will destroy yourself liability. Through the bankruptcy process. And we can file a bankruptcy. Case. Before you usually the day you come here and thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time at choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.