BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-17-17-7A: What did you pretend to like just to impress someone else?

Tuesday, October 17th

A news panelist says that she pretended to like Radiohead to impress people that she would date. Luke warm topic.


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SW rock of Seattle seemed jeers you know this Saturday Sunday for UConn I know you are too. Yards and essentially fill the Benson and I'm very content so much to do so hands on. So come to GE two this weekend. Get your hands on and you whole body into the hottest virtual game system these DR Mays are awesome. Did an excellent choice it's really weird when push for those goggles on you just immersed in that I wrote to headphones and goggles you know like anyone's watching you Tyler Maria. Hello silly while you're doing it but when you're in that world terrorists. So much fun question of the crazy line Seattle snow hits and a lot better this time around yet twice as many DR days because he was such a hit last year so you have even quicker chance to get through pain strain is what we've done and and these are amazing knack for degree FBS on this DR made. Hi you want more info you know way to go GE to Don live by the way your ticket that I wanted to did you all access to play everything. Just I didn't GE two dot live the letter G the letter he's the letter into you know the number Jew. That would be gee he'd sue yes I don't know letter to poetic. Mean. Job need and it's. 900 down more tacos are. Yeah again they did do it right get some tacos and interface. I get direct. And you may be postured taco like quick like Boston the taco shell or something like that I certainly done Heidi that I am new veins I'm not opposed this idea as long as it's not a rom and taco for Danny you announced cost so we are established that apparently there's a spaghetti talk out real yet. Oh amazing I write that. It's all of your car circuits I don't ask I own pleasure of both cultures speak pesos in green and makes a spaghetti tacos like you get a different WE today there you go and I'm ready to go with the georgians as we've got blood in federal way to take on Steve good area they're serve food. I'm excellent what's he playing sports it states Tiki finally I'm in the world of the Cosby Show doing because yeah it's a good. I haven't heard my name bud meanwhile though this is because he's joked yeah that's M and I remember way that we way back her father knows best of the brother was friends blood flow is quite short for something. Buddy and he. Could run the only had gone as far as I'm tired and he. Yes it is but surfer buddies. I think so it's really a low what are your buddy Epson memo and then they'll and everybody linebackers yeah there are buds. He won him a kid blessed anymore looked at bat on the inside I was I was determined Pearman I never thought it was a day's real name. Yes look like it's just a nickname for people you know my grab a win by bud but his real name was not concerned that's not enough yet you always feel rated local maniac close at peace here in Iraq is critical to handle relied not a knock it's time for tickets and got Jeff taped out for his mercy watched benefit show it's happy and Matty on Everett on Saturday November 11. Go to KI SW dot com Prodi does and also learn about what mercy watches. And if you want to PG a brown paper tickets dot com RE ST do it at a I was playing at home but will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions. But you can't hassle you want but you'll only. Three guesses for questions are you ready room. In which country did the best the motor scooter originates. Diaz was kind of electricity doesn't drubbing they've balloons generates. And guess what kind of electricity didn't run into and yet as to which US city was terrorized by a giant monster in the film cloverfield. I don't know. And you know it's still TV ads do play the brother of Danny DeVito is character and twins. Senator you ask what Mojave Desert city hasn't named meanings of meadows in Spanish. Those Spanish. What sport is Pelé famously associated when asked are you ask who directed the 1982. Movies the stain yeah. John Carpenter asked how many ounces aren't three pounds yeah. Yeah he's well yes. I doubt I don't know what kind of dog is last season yeah. Place and yet as to which side by TV show didn't need the Phillies play Malcolm Reynolds. And a walk on money for 5678. Correct I don't think. He's doing here now last one now I don't think he will either maybe a million for bird may be a song for you because I hit a good music until this morning and I'll try to get your spirits up on. So now. Can't wait for breakfast and season then Sunday I got a guy eats doughnuts man has earned deserve our thanks right now. Yeah there's Jimmy's dad told Leo yeah hi I you don't. So now all of you guys as sweet sounds. Arianna destroy those people even the other people who they're really for you we in agreement here very limited there are as low an agreement or auto Denny's channel watch is girlish figure so I wanna rooting for here and a great guy has crazier you knew your welcome. And I made a Rama noodles and tell us. I'm out I sixteenth street here we're ready yeah. And which country did the best of motor scooter originate Germany now looks now. The problem clearly TC as to what kind of electricity does Robby needs balloon generate. Friction now. How cool oh yeah much genetic now genetic given Healy there's. While no which US city is terrorizing a giant monster in the film cloverfield. New York City as to who plays the brother of gaming deals character in twins Arnold Schwarzenegger he asks what Mojave Desert city has a name meetings the meadows in Spanish. It's locked into what Mojave Desert city has a name meaning the meadows in Spanish. Fans from Phoenix next. Nevada no terrorism. My hobby is Spanish. Know what sport is Pelé famously tell her gated whips yes who directed the 1982 movies that's saint John Carpenter yes how many ounces are in three towns. 48 yes it's now what kind of tough on his last CD Collins you ask what 234567. Steve. You'll a. And relations blood your mom man anybody. Glad I'll bring it into oh yeah yeah. I need. Tell us how are you and I hear a loser song and secondly as he has three doors down sides are a number of America are painful. There was one question you didn't get to Steve homemade in deciding factor for a tight race in which side by TV should do Nathan Philly on played Malcolm Reynolds decent elegant and knowing that adds one estimate fire size. Man I'd say I didn't know lawyer with the catch you guys always talk about it. Dammit I mean I don't know more obscure I might go right now they're dude she's I can't believe you guys. Did police attention and Mike awesome Rogers ordering guy's name is C throughout his every day I I cracked the code and all I see you nice and I hate the books by the hotel California we've yes it turns out you like the rest the Eagles Catalonia is we're playing is pretty good yeah I'm OK with it the kind of electricity that -- a balloon generates is static electricity and books hair hot action no -- you both missed the Mojave Desert city that has name meaning the meadows in Spanish to eliminate welfare song he was met dozens management think it's. The sunset not battles lost ultimately does no good made Obama. No while figure doesn't know what well what happens and now she's had a Spanish speaking person doesn't get it right now I'm kind of worried about it yeah I am the man noses most battles OK when you there's an annual according lists OK well then maybe I'm wrong because I got Las Vegas. Oh wow you apple. Wow I didn't realize Mojave Desert was written in the middle of your site them. Yeah I knew that part that's was like it actually makes sense and what his biggest name Vicky I typed in Las Vegas and in English does las say yes. It's okay I'm glad he's. The Spanish for Las Vegas. She thought okay wow it mementos they would don't want a letter really good question me mission run these by Vicki irons now they think it also just also means meadows -- stewards for meadows. We're again locate who put that's and I and an ironic name further in the middle of nowhere does do they called the meadows well let's though like an oasis in the middle of the desert sort of thing I can panacea that way willow wasn't always that way Tony there's Luttig as actually means lush meadows. I'll lush meadows. Well did that there are nearly as Ron she has. There was seek comfort that's an interesting means for Las Vegas and because it was Vegas I thought before they started building there and there was nothing there. Terror in history as well meadows this I mean that's OK maybe there's a metal strip club. Can convince. Regulations but he won the they Couric beaten we are geographical genius desire to win. That's right because it would volume was tired beat Stephen you get the prize as simple as that man. I lifted this is this is a heartwarming story about a father and his daughter. And how old he wants to make sure that she's being taken care right okay. As a dad finds his daughter in a hotel room with her boyfriend and shoots the guy in the groin and Alomar and a half arms. Just basically your daughter and an assist. Ha yeah you bring resilient Brinkley money service is always up I'd like to know if you ever had they go weird encounter with one of her axis. Not like this slide yeah I don't know you have a shot anyone the boy yes. Well you don't know that I can tell you our own I don't know I don't I don't admit that everybody I just feel rather confident that you never shine doing now what's keys I'll come here. There you are right out. Right between the eyes but Sarah. Us. If your father ever gone like upset or mad when he came moments are you with the dude. I am. He's actually lake. We got an upset right then and there but that's after words. I don't have a conversation with immediate and I know he's had a conversation. With the guy is he would play K I know we're banging my daughter. Get it together good at saying. Did you watch together don't you plug I don't know I think Alan and it's like you know all little east to have the common courtesy to hide its highlighted because. I know what's happening but I don't want to hack to actually have it in my face right yeah act. Yeah but he stimulus into lonely island boy song I just had sacks this came down. Not since princess. Actually yeah I mean who went thing is we're like on top of the Italian only clear here's some unlike. Go downstairs like you know get off each other so he never walked. Dinner right downstairs a unilateral foreign right. Asked her well I tell a light on and I'm pretty loud so that they can hear them coming down he's. It is really not not coming out coming out. You know I'd be steps yeah I mean I wanna see that only you know it's it's a III allow things I don't wanna see it and if you're dumb enough to attitude to not follow that rule. Then you know I don't sell serie immunity if another genius. Yeah but so far so good the new guy has been cool he's good yeah and I don't have to show him in the growing not yet. You know like Donald from Pennsylvania. He's forty okay. His daughter's twenty this is what's really disturbing about the story is is that. She's old enough to do what the hell she wants but she in his house know that's the other part of it that's a bizarre Olson caddie says she was at a motel six with a boyfriend over the weekend which is where they. That's where they're supposed to go you know if you don't want you and your house daily the light on for you after all how she left elaborate and very little too long you know. So cops tracked them down Boston into the room and shot his daughter's boyfriend in the groin overall this. She had the sky's father of the year. I made if you the boy differently you're done with the whole family are a hundred years. Yeah hi honey I'm sorry about to head the sexy and you are not that good to get my boy shot on your father shot me in the dawn I gone I don't even know what happens here Don let let. Is that we don't know I there's no word on the condition of of the of the dawn you would think they would find out the good that the best. The status of the dollar. Heard part of the story like this so large and her dolls on the run as we know father shooter on the racquet yet attempted homicide aggravated assault and also. Slippage of the slippage I think should also be the charge. Yeah I do shoot him in the grueling hasn't yet had has. You recover as a father from that lake you know I mean I imagine you guys have had arguments over the course of your and I know that's the crazy thing the police knowing where Yale's. I've had arguments but usually you throughout await if find a happy moment the out of yeah a lot of screaming lot of ground but you can make got a forget the guys who make up this is amazing that they make up from that. I don't know how you make up for that I'm done I'm gone I'm I did I'm sorry but they're really other religion is over you shot me in the boy your file does not exist if it and here aren't any took my apparently still. We. I don't know all I don't think there isn't any comes not from my speaker and apologize and I you like the pony years something like that often. Now they're buying him like another fake the Ariana back on some than not a whole lot to still look like it's like the upper left lane again groin area so surely mean it's very that the port can be that could be just like great in that like that the teel unless I am on Alex holds a boyfriend they do not see any good looking at a picture of the boyfriend and I thought when mail that's. The dad OK that looks like the data users say that this guy looks like it's off her father does their dad she's about the 120. Yeah Madison Dan had her young. And the boyfriend's age wasn't released which makes you wonder. I mean I wondered this too was he an underage I don't know all of auto white it would releases age yet the data is forty years old yeah I stellar Q the science oh really. The aim buddies so again seriously you've picked the wrong guys are serious questions are prisoners for our yeah she loves. Romany. I as well there's a lovely story and we had another story some axles abroad Jesse Steve is a news anchor just admitted yeah. Some like in something odd it just too impressed guys. What is it but excited 717. On the Iraq. And they X mornings. On the rock I mean I'm 49 K I guess helps you. 99.9. W garage done Seattle. During a Fox News discussion about the nominees for the rock and roll hall of fame. Panelists catch him admitted to. Why she used to pretend to like Radiohead. Well CNET it's about famous and not talent I think that Radiohead is definitely gonna get in and should get a move I don't even like them but the kind of guys I like have to be three things strange malnourished and sat there. And those guys always like Radiohead so I didn't have a different kind of like Radiohead for a year to give these Macs. Even though the music is just like elaborate moaning and whining over ringtone sounds. We know what it that's not fame and power that we'll get need to do that for someone else and I don't know what is. It's a first I heard catch him but she's she's still yeah she's got a lot of energy down attractive to followers only jab. I'm I'm wounded died. Sadr. Oh yeah exactly she's a drug is sad and pathetic in what wire mountain ours is when she lost because I'm definitely not Mal nourished early next. You but you know what you fit that bill back in your senior days are out now like radio right back in those like early Radiohead. I'm with there this stuff after OK computer. There's really not my cup it's the and I know people love it and I noted that artistically. There's something special about it and I seen it live and it's good lie but on the records. I agree it's it sounds as somebody hit a bunch of numbers on the phone and win and over it. I love that man I love that she's sober that's what she did I mean we all do that we pretend like stuff probably to impress somebody that's kind of what we do. I'm. So Jackson's news panelist on behalf on Fox News they had those assertions of Fox News personality and probably toss well all pop culture stuff you know kind of like that kind of lighter. Skip those Q black glasses man he had a nerd glasses yeah she looks announcements like felicity from not Errol if anybody watches that shelf. Yeah to get that look to her. Well she says she pretended to like Radiohead to impress people that she would date. What about you what did you pretend to like just to impress somebody. We've all done it. Saw about U2 06141 rock Texas 77999. What did you pretend to like just to impress someone else we'll take your calls and text after Finger Eleven and Iraq. And they X mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW. 99.9 KI SW the rock from Seattle. An audio against the NFL like cats. It's my via wanna know of few people on Fox News that I like oh she's a panelist and. We don't even know any of her I mean we can kind of private to a tune together but her political opinions are but he just like her because she's got a cute glasses she's attractive and here's a funny. Type of energy to ask talked about radio had ever shot based on this 132. Out of I maxed out piece of audio about why she used to pretend like Radiohead. Well seeing that's about fame and not talent I think that Radiohead is definitely gonna get in and should get a move I don't even like them but the kind of guys that I like to be three things strange Mal nourished. And sad. And those guys always like Radiohead Flanagan had a different kinda like Radiohead for a year to give these Macs. You know the music is just like elaborate moaning and whining over ring tones Al losing. I mean I want and that's not ancient power that we'll get need to do that for someone else and I don't know what is. That's why they should be in Iraq or Oliphant funny spin you know magazines they put out a treat this is Fox News host cause radiologist and strange Mal nourished and sad and that's it brightened sushi comments on news wire all that headlines eliminating the fact that they said. This is my type of man yeah that was true when you listen to the clip. I mean taken out of context the desolation is just insulting radio ads and but she was saying that that's a type a guy. Yeah you know I'm sound like he's entered into a story I know dude I'm tired of the head I'm tired of the clipping headlined I'm full time it's a both ads because all people wanna do is start drama and cause fights. And they're not you know it did. I'll tell you there's something about the fake news that dates out there I don't know who's doing it but that article is definitely fake news right there on man. And have someone of course is cat in its prize type of person let's train that's her favorite band. And then now sees continuing to win points in my world should actually my fear repairs and Brian Jonestown Massacre and that's like. Doesn't detect and they're awesome I'm with they're mandatory and Brian Jonestown Massacre are phenomenal all right so she's got you she's got me cat Tim's got a couple new fans meant. Shout him down shut them down. Content when the president wrote this is the best thing you very sad because. I can tell you it's just you know it's misery just as misery man. But what we wanna know is the biggest mobile core part of this is that she pretended to like Radiohead to choose compress the dues that she was with. So how about you what do you pretend to like. Just to impress someone else to 0642 and rocky and also Texas at 77999. Let's go to Stewart and alma Stewart EU are on the Iraq. Barely old Lauren hey not too bad body which yup for us. So I'm looking at the car are its own cars and I entered come across this girl who'd been home schooled her whole Irish. Yeah I heard her brother has formed a group in our our county in all of the young Republicans said Gary. All thanks. And so I shady interest in politics just to get closer than this girl and ended up making my way all the way to vice president and then I just act out there and jittery. That is that data and data is so awesome to see won't do anything man. We will do anything if if it involves just dig in somebody I love them what I like that led silica a career in politics and it all started because you just trying to impress a girl but before and yet zero interest. Yeah I mean I want to get some in Atlanta yeah that's the thing really our country right now that's the moral our story do you want billions in politics you gotta give us some that's the moral that is a funny you know when you start off trying to pretend that you like something in any kind of an above ground though not backfires but all of a sudden you be due due to mechanical person said on taxed. Are going to be Andrea interested metal for boy. When I was in C a senior in high school specifically metal core and I'm getting really into the instrumental portion of music now eight years later we're still together and I consider myself a metal had to do that happens in my life. As far as we are much of soul no regardless of team no it was actually a Star Trek. Paul she called me up when she said hey I'm watching that new show I'm Mike because we don't live together I'm like why you would never watch and unless I made you watch how are you watching the new Star Trek without a mean nasty you do my best tennis suite that she's kind of that's her way of feel like she's with you but not having to be with you so it's a win win that's great for me isn't a little do you wanna be with me but I actually don't wanna be with me that's a great thing. To my White House's social bring up the story our first official day we went to the rock and I love there are such good food Moscow now. I don't awesome so right. I'm a fan a muscle Seoul on the appetizer was on Haywood was so muscles make sure her. Welcome to find out like two with three dates later she tells me I he'd muscles it was such a struggle that you ghosting sped away you do it I was trying to marriage you know it's funny when people do to help play you can hook if you try to impress me if he's got to talk to me I was anthrax campaign that didn't need to eat crab reveal any crap might get and I don't like muscle toning muscles. You have there you know we are funny we we will just do you know he gets in our brain like we we do not want dispersants and not like as we want them to likeness and be impressed by NASA we will do the dumbest things. For me it was on that in college there's that you don't really dug Matthew Sweet the sold seizing a sorrow oh yeah I'm Matthews yeah yeah sun's girlfriend and so I became Matthew street's biggest fan. Because Estrada are off and and and similar to that personal metal core I actually turned out to become a lifelong fan and act as music. But it was all because Astro coincidental girl and did nothing to hide and nothing candidate look. Become France and Matthew Sweet yeah that would mean Tom Petty. Oh really my first girlfriend loves Tom Petty I don't know who the hell it was tonight pretended like I didn't think this is like when he first started. Well saws like no way airs tonight and I guy I was listening to the Beach Boys I was not a rock fans know and but she was my first girlfriend so late. It's daddy what are your crazier it could stop me he's guy is bad day don't have is that they he's got dead then live though he has. Great brand is ID. That's funny yeah its go to Sarah in Auburn Sarah you are on the rock. You device are welcome the show what you got for us. Hey you pretend you do like our friend and boyfriend. Wow yeah I I can see that's man it's how far did you go down pretend. OEUI. Hit and when we first started dating he led it into news like. Not. Like that dirty diaper car and like the pathfinder and aren't that you can talk protein and yeah and arena. And you know the great it really peaked and Ed. Later on the ground. I. All of it. You know did think no yeah out. He started Guillen hit a role model are at stake. Had to. Then that kind of going downhill because you all in early upgrade our. Knew they needed that and it did it a point the point where are they getting irritated by a bit. Because he would start spending more time that they are yeah and then let it. And if I think it all she loves that issue those cars to. Now. What I ate went completely lost in it after us. He got a hole and that was why he is. He acts are maybe that's why you're loses an oil without mouth wow all spam. But you know I I Omar talks that way mine's a weird I don't remember wrath. I pretended that I wasn't nearly as big you're wrestling fan too impressed yeah. You pretended to not be as big a nice when you think would do you like busily. Watch from time to time it's well known to kind of bring you back to my childhood it's cool side and I say I love how you knew that I downloaded it I don't know I knew that there wasn't brilliant her world. Mean there's not many women will wrestle being an obsessive wrestling fan that watches nothing but wrestling isn't as impressive so I dot you know I'll downplay it yeah. Cool makes a you know where are serious. They see no now she's living with me because you know married and stuff. And LA Tennessee comes home it's on any time she's not by the TV it's all right if she falls asleep on my lap or watching a show or movie when she wakes up it's all of a sudden wrestling. Did she always know I knew that she'd say don't you know show so she really never did not know she thought it was just a marginal I all I like going to the life Susan they come Metallica's who went to those how long until it's it's until she realized why you are fanatic. I save a few months. Follow okay doesn't last very long time I didn't have to hold on too long Mel Mel I'll eventually at some pointers a slight irritation wake up you want to make a morning hang out mission by CFO sit on the couch. There and while you. Watching this again. It's gonna finally happened to John CNET that stood out as required for men could pick who I had to Arizona has stood eclipse it's. That's also before I was. As far as us Canada call used to pretend that I like alcohol to just hang hang out girls. I even dream until I was 22 years old real gaffe and so alone turns when he wind tough there was a couple of girls that were like hey let's go get drinks and someone over to their house and we killed assistant captain Morgan and I ended up peeking over her front yard I don't know how did you get the time battle yeah Al. And I didn't know now a lot of people's souls they can continue to do even if today's corners could do no monitoring surely I surely Adam is it was terrible and I I hated hard liquor for the longest time because of it. Oh yeah I can imagine so you get the idea that if you if for just runs hard liquors bad mine was with Doug I drink called tango. Put almost took it into a stink on ice I like tree hardly it is tango was it was I guess it was a product it was a Mickey was its own a screwdriver yeah basically is what it was. It was horrible was and that was my first thing I first time have an an Iranian al-Qaeda so sick. Do necessarily so everybody out awesome just 121 the you know cubbies from and 321 battle he just turned 21 so he's. He was just how do I wanted to get a bottle mad dog. And get drunk off a mad dog are all look at like no no go they would I know everybody that he got he had to do it and think. No you do not want to have the mad dog hang over now if I let it go you know it yes you do you me everyone needs to learn. The mad Donna Hanover go ahead and enjoy that Ruth. God that's horrible commission daughters that are moderate very serious issues to one which she had to do to impressive lead. I sit and visit him in jail who's that was edited. Hey you know like six rounds with a release and pretend like buck public bathrooms and no condoms or Sarin. Journal. I really well then okay we'll see off the drinking thing really quick. My first I got drunk off of for a logo. The first time I don't know the first drunk was he was his back when they realized. Ended June for a logo real deal for a logo in it was the red wine and I will never forget how that came up and it was. I'm more horrifying level is our Fiat I'm no. I actually the waitress this is an actually impressed guy but I feel it's you do have to do. It's kind as the make. And now like what they're talking about. Like the that customers are telling him take care act again yeah yeah and so this one table I had a few weeks ago actually she pacify an urban model and I said no but that's very flattering. And that a whole lot here is that if she without the photographer. And it was like we would love sit on his left says studio and I like oh okay yeah sure she pulls out all of these pictures. Naked pictures very eyes she tuck. Lake near his plane because he is a plane an unknown name and stop NBA where. Don't worries of professional photographer use an iPhone so I mean yeah. I guess at kids six to include pro and you got it in to Graham filter and everything you're older. So. And you're in night. I think. But how these are so sexy Brady. That you go to a free and restaurant is somebody working there and you go. Let me proposed TV idea of the us watching you naked in every hole idiots think that's the place I'd that it worked at some point. It is as well I'm not a woman I'm assuming it Eileen what this no you won it for not an area that delays so like your father and I'll come none of the restaurant have a conversation those two perverts that's what you do honestly tell he's a great look she takes some photo. Did you get their number words. And then I was like why did your car because that's how I avoid giving my number out right. He's like all right I don't even have cards yet all you're a professional I'm never camera he didn't. I see the country do you admire eyes blink troll. Hold in reserve portfolio. Senile father and security story size wise you know when I just wanna really decides is one of war over there and just beat them senseless. Losing the show me like she is nude photos. That was necessarily react to the next believe me have yeah I didn't do well. No no photo editor an elite yeah I mean I can't couldn't take about twenty after. How are you totally on the up and now we raise your right didn't wish you did. Good job dad's yes thanks man right how about. I have a question why would a popular celebrity send someone I Cowell tonne. Yeah sponsor Eli did 747. On the ground. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney teachers and other questions Melissa. If I filed for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous going to court is never something new something receives you do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only after a 101 hearing at the courthouse. Marcel Rivera refused and when you go to cortisol before and the judges actually was the trustee. Or trustees of turning. Wanted to be one of the things. It's critical of bankruptcies if you give your attorney and they're course all America all your information. This all your assets and all of your predators that's true we're trading for reduced charges your truth and honesty. I'm disclosure your assets and liabilities. And sort of court hearing it's just usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we firmly and squarely at all the information you're given the port in your attorneys. Flash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime Ted choose the right chapter dot com. That's just choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening and.