BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-17-17-8A: There is a new list of the top 5 ways bosses waste your time at work.

Tuesday, October 17th

Carrie Fisher once set a cow’s tongue in a box to a producer who was harassing a friend of hers. The show talks about the Facebook Tag #MeToo.


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Surrounding basically the other centers the Harvey Weinstein allegations and all all the BS that went on for a lot of women. Allegedly has his hands. And you know people have been and then and then Ellis Milan did the I mean to hash tag that a lot of folks on phase out its clear have been doing in. So powerful and intense reason I don't lose the latest to come out and talk about some stuff when she was sixteen UCL one of the anchors for rocking five. I was watching Keith I knew all in San Jose and one of the anchors on K filing into the eyes happen to have 1 of the 4 o'clock news at 5 o'clock news and tennis and her name back down. She shared a story I am legitimately brought me to tears it was a tough one he heard they hear Hirsh Erica she's never shared in front of anyone before and you just tell like you know she was who is opening up herself to. It's hit it here to do share something bad. Typically a news anchor doesn't share and she's I speak in front of people all the time and and and they share this these stories or abuse at a young age which is heartbreaking to hear about. Very powerful down to here as well and who sued her name was it's on. And and amity a receipt. I'll allow really yes is a morning are a reporter for hockey five contests I wanted to creditor it's it's horrible effort to have an anybody but I guess when you know somebody know they're working just like really she had to go through that yeah god that Sox. It's very strong woman. Yahoo! com. And of course it's it's been going on in the world of of business for the long haired longest time you know not just within movies say in men and television in an any type of entertainment it's been going on everywhere where. They women have had to deal with a lot of crap from these eight hole man I mean since promise this time no more him really. But it's just you know very much illustrator because the whole casting couch thing and position article by how Disney. In the end in Derry traction in California have Hollywood land or Hollywood world whatever was before it is now and they would have. A they had a joke thing called the candy Philip a couch casting company it was in the sort of phallic shape and it was a sign. And these have all sorts of tons when they were had this house sort of Hollywood land thing. And it's not there anymore but it was their for the longest time serve their way to say hey look we know what goes on our business. And they are going Mickey was using it. Yeah no it was Syria that sedan I was Valdez puns signs in this particular of attraction of dizzy well it was a Hollywood land Hollywood world what's it called Danny. I can't remember they changed the name it's invade that the Hollywood backlight you got the idea idea what's BS so it's an N and that was one of the things and so everybody knew who. They're casting couch things were real it's just weeks. Heidi I just didn't think it was still happening to the degree then because of the fact I felt like while there's nobody to be dumb enough to do this. And then of course amount of the U got the bill Cosby's allegations Harvey Weinstein allegations and you just realize oh yeah I guess. You know there are some old radiates out there. Tom one of the cooler stories to come out of it if you can call it cool I just love it because it. To me it just shows somebody who's not gonna put up with that crap. And of course Carrie Fisher men she's she would she was alive and she she was always tough as nails. And one of her friends just told an amazing story about her and interview this week her name is Heather Ross. And she says that. She was sexually assaulted by a big movie producer and Kerry came to her defense in a very unique way. A lot of people say in that many doctors are happy minister elect a mother figure. And you can cure people what she did and I would of one of many and it went right or about this I mean. Etc. methodology you're never really what happened she would more acute very protective near Morse scared for my safety than any bank. And after that here for off about two weeks later she that he method online until like I just stop blanket Sony studios. I knew you would probably be there I went to adopt the to personally delivered it Tiffany box to wrap up the white vote. I after Ehrlich who thought okay what was inside you like. In the Al Saudi firm to Jerry statement billion and wet foot with a note that said if you ever touch my early whether or any other woman against the next delivery will be something of year. In a much smaller box I asked not warrant I have recorded the look on the safety and when you look in there but it's huge outbound. And then you read the note and she collapsed and made her point that's and that's just how she was she stood up for people. That that's you know what I can I can see Carrie Fisher being Anwar is and that's what princess Y yeah yeah I think we're learning rather quickly you know something and that's. You know the sad thing is is that's how you had to get it done you know because in the extra mobster type like mob junior that's I had adorable as you could lead there was no way to go to authorities nobody would do you think I know threaten to cut uttered on yes so you had to fight fire with fire you know and and I talked about into the southern actress who worked with Albert Hitchcock back a day to be Hendrick. You know that's all they had to do what they had to base that he really really strong. And and fight it that way rather. Then. You know going to the authorities in and be able to come out on social networks like they can do now yeah not Reese Witherspoon was sixteen years old she said. When she had her first and then somebody you know harassed or assaulted her as just that one hole. Am. It's a sad man yes that's very afraid of anybody has gone through them men women anyone who's had somebody. Use whatever authority or power to be able to. Two things to them it's just it breaks your heart to hear these stories you know there's an article on Daily Beast about what's happened to a lot of young men in the business and that's all our efforts do so it's it's. It's just it's it's just these powerful people in powerful positions they immunize our woes of last Ouattara and I did at first my first instinct and I feel bad now looking back and they did was to chuckle rob Schneider's today at pat and eliminate job that our society you know whatever. But now I didn't. It it's I go out that that was a dumb knee jerk reaction I have because it prize and probably it must've happened there's no reason firms to c'mon say that phrase it was James and her because he was one gas as it said something that's well it's not just with women and obviously it seems to be weighed more with women but that doesn't mean that there aren't dudes that are going through the same crap is while it's terrible now it's interesting to me and I don't know. Maybe it's legal ramps real repercussions well when Reese Witherspoon talked about today she said it was a director. Who wouldn't say the director's name hourly stadium put in the article and I don't understand why. That happen before two who'd Howell we just talking about the bigger there's somebody who shared a story that. But the director and Hollywood guy was no longer alive yeah right as the Japanese decide you know what I Sony deal with that headache polity of other family. Same now breaking this down articles please not even here to defend himself whatever may be maybe there's a rationale behind it or maybe Sony give that person any sense of anything's. See the trouble with that is is it and I appreciated. But I wonder. If this will do any bit of good. If you don't start naming names I'm not a person likes to name names but if somebody gets to be anonymous from being an A hole right while I think some and somebody else can go well guess what I guess I don't I don't have I never know it's ever gonna name me so I'll get to be that same jerk I wanna be. That's the only thing I would say is I think you have to name names to really discouraged his behavior because it seems like. The idea that it's wrong and you're hurting people is an incentive enough to get the easy holes to stop doing it and it's got a sawed against. While you got to hit a word hurts get their name out there ruin their business and you know that's ruins your family to free combating these area. It was somebody in my family I would be upset with the person that did it and they I would get so what the victim. Right now if there was a brand new just only wanna go today headache you know and I mean how look at the person in the face of our dredge up the names so I don't know I don't know when he got to I know you're saying but I think that's what how you make this stuff stop you have to be brave and courageous enough to do that I know it sucks but maybe when that I've gotten a bit. I have you for somebody has to do that kind of nightmare you can't you're I don't I mean I would encourage you write a mobile us at some point they can. But if they can't. He's gonna have to let them via meanwhile what why make them suffer more because. Whoever did could do I understand what that the cause and how good it would be villagers can get put these two bomb blasts that hopefully I'll stop that's. But if it's gonna cause more harm and hurt to that person has the victim I I understand why don't wanna talk about it that yeah I'd I think you know for me. I don't know if it's a guy I think but I want that person brought to justice like turn my arteries when some stories that we Reese. Again it's tough for you but if that person still alive that person's going to be brought to justice because they could be doing that again. I mean literally I mean allegedly Harvey Weinstein hasn't stopped and also on your brand to a point I mean there's lawsuits if if if if they can't fully prove it first gets sued for slander or whatever it may be in the quite quite possibly lose money. Is that there's a lot of factors probably behind it that we just don't know. Please email us who have actual proof but the truth is that you are there it's he said she said but if you're there how else can you proven right I understand that but if if this person and thousands size is sue you and you being sued for being a victim. I can understand why some go attack seemed to me. Yeah I get it a year later did you yeah yeah because you're not gonna had a how easy a hero I don't near rice then it's. It says at least think these guys at least some things are being said I just want to easy holes brought to justice but I icy reception. You ran up behind it and how much how often did a lot of us private market and in just kind of roll our eyes Corey Feldman and Corey came. That there are a lot piercing they talked about this for years of bush on four in their right. And I would imagine that solid core phone right now succeed I wasn't I wasn't just this. I know you're absolutely right battling my demons in me earlier I isolate people and it said that wise you're absolutely right it imported it does. Asked him in a different light. And that is sad I mean I feel badly because I never took him seriously either. I think and I talked about a forty Bolivia Mon. When she came out not alleged that the rush hour director Brett Ratner Brett Ratner. It was pretty disgusting in front of her she put in a book. And I still a lot of people thought what the hell Olivia. And knows it's there it seems she she might have been one of the first brave folks to come forward in recent time to get this done. I yeah I it's I hope people remember that she did that few years ago obviously and you know good for her because you know I think she just felt like look this has to be done and she did it is somebody could. Texas is thank you and about my heart for discussing sexual assault and abuse it's I'm a female business owner who has been there. Yeah a lot of us have been there you know and overall sales at hardware. Think for everybody out if anyone was on FaceBook and and you see how many of your friends and family you have amnesia proves sharing their stories are heartbreaking PS news there's no other way to describe it other than I mean people that. As absolutely adore and admire as human beings and and reading their stories from and they were younger. It was assists which is it just me so angry. And instead of racing makes you feel every awful motion and you can feel because someone you care about went through something so awful like that and hopefully and if you make of what we're seeing in the people are talking about its opening up a lot of people's lives said this isn't just a couple isolated incidents is is. Happening a lot and it's unfortunate. And this is great and I see the prevalence dude hi I was so shocked at how many people I've talked with over the years. Because I've known some friends before the meat to movement came out. I mean just the assaults that have been happening and it happened while I was a child to everybody. It's I it feels like it's like one out of three people that I now. Then. There have been assaulted in some way shape reform you know they're good every once awesome you'll have a conversation with you some day I do this radio show me here's some of the stuff we talk about and they feel like they're comfortable enough because they come to meet him and I'm shocked at night. Holy collier a victim to she uses what was everybody of victim during our our child growing up. She's that's. Morneau and realize yes yes and so it's it it's just. Wow Obama since most are militia unit redemptive thank you. From Melissa mormino my business credit as say I am a fan you are car turned feminist I don't think so things empire as my friend Sasha would say. You know this isn't feminist this is just right now wrong Mondays ago. I wanna see anybody get hurt out here what you're gender is out there where your politics are if somebody's victimizing you. And non consensual way and in a brutal way I don't give a crap what it's gonna realize that shouldn't happen. And the text threw up when none should not people also enroll their eyes with her as well Courtney Love shoes on that Dodd said today that she would miss any parties held by Harvey Weinstein should warn other people about a minute. Strongest time people look at court according lectures crazy grace yet another reason why do good viewers. Now but I wonder you write about her life corneas. Court is not too much younger than I am I think she says I think she's probably like what she's got to be in a fifties yes yeah well then she called the same time I did. Dude the did the chances of her her knowing or being. Abuse it has to even before she got in the music business. She's 53 very high and oh yeah 53. People were doing thank god it was amazing relatives I've stories I've heard about a people's relatives nobody seemed to. Want to stop this kind of thing because it was too shameful. And I know the children never believed I mean there are stories from my buddies and people and I've group grown up with a known. Where they said oh yeah I went until my parents and they said that's not your liar and a shameful and they'd rather have their kids get abused and have to go confront the abuser and that that's just that was the mindset back in the sixties and seventies. And eighties mammoth anger out I mean I guide that I know it's on how long how go my best friend growing up was fell victim of abuse by his hockey coach and it was my hockey movie and it's rice and it was when I found out he's working and working and activists now created. He's done so much good because of so much awful misses happen to somebody who's working on documentary about it and he's he's dealing with a lot of people have it. Don't use Coke coach to decide ounces whole movement. And when he came out and share this the community. Sided with him cited with a coach she goes Cornell did because he's coaching our kids' sake it's almost -- they want and it just ignore it and I think it didn't happen because it wasn't happening to their kid and the guy was a good coach we don't know willful blindness dry yet that's exactly what that is and even people I know in our circle like a friends and family that. Think they know him they know he's not making this something you know he's a good person that would never come up with this kind of a story I believe -- percent and more than. I could ever even say articulate but I'd people in my world in my circle Golan. I can't believe he would do that scene at about that coach on the tell you I think this. Moronic idea. Miss miss you know wide move this issue hastily I think this is someone that we are loving care about it he's taken he gets so much courage have come out about and all you got to try to do it I didn't happen. You don't wanna come to terms with the fact that it happened. Yep. So you're right Steve and that that's hopefully that's changing I think it is I think that part of helicopter Patrick parenting is is that the parents are really vigilant now. You know as opposed to what they used to be there are parents that just didn't do that the kid was the problem which. Now you get a delist the kid gets abused and the kids the problem for the parents because all I wanted all this drama got to bring into a because you. This like Jesus like really you eat your unique you don't have this thing where you wanna just basically killed the guy they've abused your kid are you serious. Yeah I guess it was one of those Israelis hate social media that's very rare usually I thought what social media brought to is something pretty powerful ones and set of course and I know this is a bomber. I've but I I think a lot of people are feeling what we're feeling because they're seeing people that they care about they give laugh about. You don't do this and there's a great that you see that you are not alone in this. He gates also has a mental health connection. Which you know I know he Norman big proponent of and we did that whole suicide show I'm listening dot org and you know and all it's all connected I mean abuse is connected to mental health issues which is connected to suicide. And you just never know why somebody's in the state therein and how they got there. But it's good that people are talking like dissent so good talking is the best way to be able to take this out of personnel and and people who are. You know a little like the alleged Harvey Weinstein they can't hide anymore and if it if they're not a 100% contrite and don't pay for their their crimes. I don't wanna hear him and I don't think anybody should deal with a. Some reason I signed I don't put a stop but they weren't on the females and I should think about all this matter is Vicki wants to chime in I don't want him. Meg yeah of priest or are renewing but I know you quiet the. It it does hit home for me because like I have been a victim of abuse as a kid and it was it it hurt to see that played some of my closest friends Hibbert kind of going Jackson. I didn't know about it it's like oh my god all these. Sorry to the I didn't think it would hand means it's hard. Disk. It's awful and terrible and nobody says anything and it in this crazy world where everything's kind of Hanks everything's kind of not fit and everyone's fighting in. It's just nice to see has come together and unfortunately for something awful play it maybe this can be the start and actually fixing it in some sane we're gonna fix it. And to teach silly you know like you're not at fault too wasn't your fault. It was these awful people that either are sick or just wanna do harm to people and it flake Q let's come together Brothers sisters you know. Just to Jamaica change. Finally. Antonio well well well Cedric Vicki I consider any better sorry and I never got choked up so that the no you don't like to you know you don't like to have conversations where you get choked up I know that you you you like it is you do you know why don't we talk about some fund announced that somebody jokes because of that line. Can you guys are very. Candlelight we talk method now. But the I don't always sounds at all I don't know for all thanks Sharon and I don't think it and I know I mean Diane and Jason hello Sarah does he knew coming in so I guess you know the saying all right perfect. Perfect concentrate one guy is still your daughter under the no they said I was talking to another relentless let's say would let the women speak right because they wanted to write history amid but the you know serious error has nothing to say that's her choice that's also. Oh hey while I'm here now. Idea. How. I know I feel very. And lucky. To say that I aid did donning that status and I have. I'd Tammy about status because I don't feel that I don't think that has happened to me. But she sees some really do now I can't happen here that you won't happen break. What about how all but I didn't I had no idea gravity do when you know people so much and I am like. And I don't I had my name my hearts go out spam and I obviously have no idea why it really in big means even go through that so in a way I can even. Put myself in their shoes but I just feels so they added and then I'm like. I'm really I want to reach out all of them and the like are you Judy it's hockey needs some and you know but then. Coming maybe you don't do that because maybe they don't they're just letting everyone Nellie as a top enemy as well. It's not an easy subject yeah so it was a very strange for me we trained you at a young age don't talk to us about anything so that's why I already knew that nothing happened to you because of the dead when it happened you would have come to us. Oh totally out of debt we would have dealt with a and that's I think the best thing we can do is apparent is due to us to let you kids know look we got any issues man come to us where were your biggest champion you vigorous biggest advocate. You'll always be number one to Los. Because I knew that wasn't the case. In my generation my generation of my house on my parents and their generation that's how they were about it was unfortunate. As I've seen with a lot of my friends that are you know on FaceBook with the meat to. It was not what it was about I Abe I remember even just questioning my own parents about some activity that I thought was going on in the neighborhood. And my parents look to me like I was and I was a troublemaker weirdo freak show and now of course I'm vindicated his icy to meet to us. You know and it is it's a good thing both my parents aren't alive because boy that would be lovely conversation I have with them about this issue. Now bearing their heads in the sand. Like every month personnel gyrations and everybody enjoy and not you wanna do Erin I'm I'm seeing some tax and before obviously that is they built for the most part it's incredible it's not always share on their stories and in the end and number reading a mall obviously but. You know so before I know you'll be funny and do this I guess. Look man that's that's that's the problem in the first place that's what we're trying to talk about is the pages open a few years and an MB empathetic and understand that there are people in your life that are hurt you. And sometimes you know what they're looking the other way impairing your head in the sand is not the way to do it in this is one of those instances where it's not immune system. I don't Arizona big issue that affects everybody like this goes beyond any spectrum of religion politics. Gender. Does it happens demand to like us and Daily Beast is gonna great article about all the men that have gone through this in the world of Hollywood and entertainment it's not just. One side it's everybody. And that's when Wilson will get serious on the show because this is something that means something that we believe we can effect change right. So you know keep changing the radio station because you know I hear this key by earning a television CC's Jonas you just keep. Rolling your eyes when you see saw imposed meet two up on their FaceBook page and you keep doing that. And you just as much of a part of the problem in my opinion because all you're doing is trying to act like it doesn't happen it doesn't mean anything hinted it's downplaying the people that are suffering right now and it's. Analysis suggests it's this is the heavy things press to talk about and it's not something that we typically do but it's. Because it's hurting everybody in this room alone there's several people are hurting because of a guy that's going on and and it took. Alyssa mall on out of put up a silly hash tag that debt created something a groundswell but it I think it needed to happen. And Vicki centigrade I mean as far as these are things that we are we haven't been talked about that we should be talking about. No not for not often. Whoever that texture is quite a couple BI don't tell you and textures seriously 'cause I I. I don't get to be mad angry BJ like I used to be anymore because it's by choice but you know what today. You two idiots got you just got me we just had. About a sister of our show somebody who see as comes in every goddamn day doesn't she can to provide entertainment for you. So but she's been feeling this and I've known this about Vicki because we've had conversations both of us are in therapy and so we we bond on Mac because it's been a big part of our lives. She just got GM shares a part of her life that we Astor to this knowledge she volunteered at somebody asked her to. A big thing to happen in her life. And you're saying make me laugh like we're some kind of chimpanzees on a god damn stage for UMBU none empathetic any holes. I wish you you'll like you to textures don't listen to the show again if you don't do good because. I don't want scum like you to listen that you can't even have a heart to appreciate that somebody's hurting right now and they still trying to put a goddamn show on for you. He wasn't there to save meeting with somebody asked her to go and because she's an employee of this entertainment thing you call radio show she's all right I'll put out there. And you tool losers are like make us laugh that's why. You wanna laugh you'll have a good time. Get a good idea on hard court. Funny no way to entertain yourself you heartless bastards adult listeners goddamn show again you tool losers. Rice. I am embarrassed you listen to the show I'm embarrassed that you like guys because I don't want people like you even associating with people like me if you can't even reach out. And I understand that this is a hard time for some people are different we may still lap 90% of the time well actually 99.9 probably would be better. Yeah and put it definitely do. You really does you know. I'm could maybe 1% of the date made and to put a sponsors face I don't know. God came and I am the Disney Reno while boys ray brings back memories I'd like to talk to those people those heartless morons I take your call spent the whole dates on when an idiot you are. I feel bad for the people in their world vote yes that's the thing I mean look we we see in my Imus taxes are obviously but. There's people in their life that probably are hurting and we seeker reach out to that person but they know they can't because that's the mentality that they it's half that. Attitudes that allows these kind of things to happen in life when you don't wanna hear it. That's a big thing man you get laughter we give you left there but you've got to hear this and you've got to reach out and if you don't wanna hear what can what does that say about you. Think about it. What does that say about you use wanna forget about it. You wanna be around people in pain guess what that's part of humanity. And supporting people in pain is really why we're in this state to read nobody wants to do it nobody wants me around a sad person and then what happened is more sadness. Rice. We had these amounts. Through through through hug and I really can't get and tissue now because. Our humanity did you know what flashback to the old me back in the old days god bless that read let's take us or hate everybody will bring it back. Are well you know what's even stand to be fun again and entertaining making video ready. Iranian decision what to squash your feelings digital copy others do it our act. But those strings reckon your fingers you'll Marion net debt coli death stormy. I what is the top way your boss waste your time at work. God does that sound as the stupidest thing to have to go to after this she says I now I know it's unbelievable. Sometimes this does life this life well I'll tell yeah. At age seventy and the next morning it's. Yeah. I guess helps you. 99.9. SW Iraq don't Seattle. New surveys gave us. I do. Top five ways that your boss who waste your time or it was hysterical falls on does that testify honestly Herrick of waste so much goddamn time because he thought he does with true. So he you know you he accuses me of being eighty DOK which may be true in my press say I'm not this is what he is so free in a DD will be at meetings all the sudden some will say one thing he'll go off on a tangent. He shiny objects MMI you know Somalis have things to do OK there's gets jacked up all right man. If he's he's always wins the worst and now are you aware or worse than him you think I'm way worse than I can allow more than five different days nod his head yeah what were some hair club. One about hair club but like I just noticed every time a guy until like Arab morning show conventions like don't cynnex DJ because he's gonna talk to every single person in the entire play ball blew everything from everywhere. What I mean I'm a social guy I'll do that debit and our meetings we'll have meetings are dead wrong club and myself from BJ. And what could be a five minute meeting maybe three minutes of for a lucky for fast enough we get through this becomes an. How wore this and then I'm looking at my phone and I'm looking in my Watson is finally had an entry Jake can attest to this are all finally hit a point right to stand up and elf. So we don't what the actual part of the meetings I got stuff today yeah you should you should get to do that and tell me I'm told Larry that I'm not saying that their cubs not innocent in this don't get me Brawley he's bat the two of you together I'm worried feed off of each other's what he's the boss. Okay that's some say is that he I'm not anybody's boss and Danny you know what don't stand next immunity conventions I thought everybody had candy I mean I mean that's how I beat man stay away from that bubble yeah. Yes I eventually did to review just kind of keep teachers going I don't AI I won't disagree then I'm these innocent they're talking about whether or not Brian Wilson can perform pet sounds properly unlike so I just wanna do my job guys with the SE for him and I we don't get to catch up a whole lot so I understand that but again. You know let as if there's more than him and I there hits wasteful. You know and that's why even meetings themselves are wasteful like the whole idea of having a meeting sometimes is wasteful. I'm glad that we got a point now we don't have as many needs you stupid there was a point where and it was announcing because Erica there's no other people management that are no longer here yeah I was it was to a point where and its attachments you know I heard I Jack now whose awesome and there's really there's an out of patience for being among means either. But it's great because of it used to be we have a meeting to discuss we're gonna talk about in the meeting. That we have a meeting and this is that meeting was over we have a meeting to discuss what was talked about at that meeting here and I'm just like. What Hello World we these enemies so pointless three meetings to cover one thing yeah. They drag on much longer than any two and I blame not me and more than half of people say that these meetings he's close he's given way to work. So stadium looks Steve you're the productive one out of the three suspect that this trying to make I think good hair color and I can be productive there's nobody around us. What you throw anybody into the mix we just totally we did. To be sociable and interact with people work I'm on the opposite that this is all walks into my area I don't look at them and I wanna kill them yeah oh yeah McGuire you power and why are you slowing down my mode general even in this room if you're doing something it's like. She and I talked to Steve I know but he's done don't think you should talk to him though. I have a question about the very show that we're doing but I still think Steve doesn't want to talk don't talk to me a good. Vicky is the same way Vicki just ignores and Vicki just you know it doesn't matter she's is coming a force field around where Jesus is here and doing so this is your recently every day at Boeing's. Are you surprised I would I don't know the bigger the company the bigger the idiots that are running those companies I I'm telling you it's. It's it's fascinating to me what companies have to put up with and I look at my go. How was it I can run my household better than you can run a gigantic company I don't doubt that makes no sense to me. Numbers there's no no Steve you'll just fall asleep I've seen the proof Yemen government meanwhile Ryan castle oh yeah I can guarantee that he's doing. Filmy sleeping in the us I love Ryan castle sometimes these meetings are so boring I just throw in the towel and let the ice flows past craze coming that'll tell him you're great indicator of remediation and what I just don't like when they have a school meeting and the meeting is being facilitated by a guy on the phone and we ought to listen are also boring bright as there are some people they're just have that monotone voice and if it's and it's a disembodied monotone voice like that all good night and or you're done. Putt on number two on the list of the ways Abbas waste your time where we get too many emails. People are still haven't go through a ton of emails. See I don't go through my company email thing because they made it more difficult to actually get an email and answer when they get there helping they created newsstands alternate basically filters every single email and then once or twice today get an email. That has thirty emails attached to it. To tell you which wanted and you have to pick which ones are. You have to go through Obama used to they would just kick him enough all right even know they can now I don't approve every single one and then and it window opens up every time. So you open up like if you just click click yes yes yes. Nine Internet windows open up. I'm click the ones I needed to I I look at our company I go I know you think you're doing something but seriously you people are idiots. I I don't use the company email I refused to use it because. How can MSN dot com. Which everyone last cent and have a how can they don't get better as the the preferred email address for someone in their ninety's I understand why you. Guys not a Yahoo! and AOL as hey hold on a second I went from AOL to MS and as I thought I was on the cutting its quickest and the three mystery media here covering yourself but. Why shouldn't people and I that would joking about right now. But I see sometimes you make elbow allied AOL dot com and everyone jumps on them like this but it's all at once like just like a tackle walls. And everyone shame someone's ideals email address labels and so works why you who care right now it's free it's free cell wish I had my AOL Lanka's that was like that meant that I did this before anybody did. Because I mean I was AOL back you know what it was just say oh yeah after Jeremy hunt. That's out that's old school and just it was just America dawn. And then they went online. Unexpected phone calls take a few times. I don't know I'll marry her on the ethical. Yeah I honestly don't believe its own try to call the office line that I'm you know my office phone numbers anymore. Yeah I don't want you there yeah I laugh from again call on Larry okay what person is getting these call me on the office phone I know since removed buildings outside the chase my voice so agree efforts to all the same but my voice low as she basically said look I don't answer. I don't check this joining get a hold an email Lisa yeah. Oh yeah I don't know I don't have a phone anymore I just real assets co host oh nice hope we don't call me up. On so we are excessive oversight when your boss doesn't trust you enough I micromanaging the that's a third of people have to deal with that. Not being organized enough and it comes a company workflow. Meaning you're always waiting on someone else to do their job before you can do yours yeah that's I don't know what that's like but I know. Frustrating to some people at work and other businesses that I know. And it's also going to be Mosul more just complain about coworkers is poses a boss which tonight when you have to wait for an email response. Listen to Matt make his face is somewhat urgent you just like look I just need to answer disciplines other people need to get this information to them and two months go by you still haven't parity you're just like hey what's going none. Yeah back it's frustrating I got the end this open the more more companies who opened four floor plans letting people like work so close to each other we can see them and again. Knowing my type of personality that distracts everybody I don't understand why they think that's good you got planned to seating like as if you're planning your wedding you know and I mean yeah you gotta pick tables because you know that these people really get along well there's this element that six hyper talkative like you know again and you sit next to somebody who's like. Hyper focused and doesn't like talking. That's going to be. It's a beating right it's not fair to either I got a buddy that we're all the chatty caddies and one area put all the silent trolls in the unmarried LB where I am so I can call back. And an and then that way everyone is quiet and doesn't want to talk could be amongst themselves but nobody thinks about doing that. Yeah I I you're a 100% right because of my body was telling me that he he he loses hours in the day when people come and interrupt him. Then he's like I do not going to be easy programmer Susan I've got to be focused writing code and my I have this open workspace so people come in touch ME all all the time and it's like cheese isn't any says it takes a fifteen minutes to get back on track after a stupid conversation hazing happens multiple times for day. And I don't know how come you know I see other accompanied boss is get dad they do what they wanna do they ever really talked to anybody go what do you want I talked to. No talk to hike the workspace I go I guess this is how this is now the nobody's ever said to me hey come on in and see what it is looks like in designing wanted to now knows add in my entire career no one's ever said that to me. I'm the one driving the car but no one's ever civil joins us with a car looks like no no one's ever said it. Eight N and it's not just me it's like every business seems to be that way I don't understand that. It's communication elbows out after so many people I've wanted to could agree we do whoever is where you were Everest that whenever communication lines are Crosslin. People drop the ball with the communication that's when things don't go downhill rather quickly yeah. One person has been the day's wood their boss we see atomic Tom and how to do their job. Yeah the sites match I and I hate that. Don't firmly I would buzzing I don't care how you get the job done just get it done. We're lucky that we haven't had that happen but boy in my career I've had to sit down with some people who are not even in the business anymore is one guy was selling carpets physically wrong with selling carpets but there's no way selling carpets and doing a radio show are connected you can provide you with any advice that would help me do my job like this it's a completely different industry. And this guy. We try to tell me. How do my job he he began his Danny Diaz I selling carpets somehow got into radio and went back to selling carpets and I have to say it was embassy trying to tell me how to do my job. And I do did you ever dual radio show before no. Which you do before sold carpets crap Ricky cancel a segment of run time and Johnny carpet tomorrow crap. OK I don't that does seeing a sea of dolls like why are you telling you gotta do when you don't you haven't don't I don't shut up and just give me the stats and limited and everybody everybody seems to have an opinion and as she really did not knowledgeable about it I've learned to not be that guy because it's it's a waste of breath and you look like an idiot like you told Luke Wilson how to properly play football he hasn't listened yeah that's different remain until he listens he will not get to the point where he needs to -- you when I watch it on TV myself if I play well I don't use blue gone mad in Seattle you know enough and he's getting a lot of money yet you don't look better than Luke knows Lou could I claim my Maddon right. Free and Luke Wilson doesn't listen us well. What happens don't say. I can imagine being cut his hair I couldn't imagine. I don't have a Twitter account because you probably do have a million coaches to Nancy telling you how to play again improper well I know I'm now Luke Luke glass so we we he would have. Whenever he agrees that Twitter comments from people who the school online just we'll go we'll show a couple of hash tags on the Seahawks. And I love looks response is thank you could pretty much night so it's obvious that person doesn't know they're talking about post. Mallory and even courses like Dennis Erickson a monster when something that he just told me not to do all they do as I say not as I do that always works mad men from yeah very mad Menem now. I guess they steal. He got this one right well and Il. Three guesses he's geometry a dude deeds I do deck deck restaurant and has company faces. Tens note steaks now. A lot of miles and yet it's sorry buddy. Three guesses and announced he's already lost this morning can you lose again it's 206421. Rock yes. Now. You have played B makes to a 6421 rock. That's our affiliate K 47. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I know a lot of back taxes can bankruptcy helped me. Bankruptcy can do churned back taxes under certain circumstances sometimes just actors are never discharge or vote like if you haven't taxes from an employee if you have a business and be paid employee taxes. Our sales Daschle's so special taxes cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. How are most people don't have those kind of taxes on those people are just regular income taxes. If you owe income taxes and you found in actual terms we just weren't able to pay the taxes. If there's taxes are more than three years old and you file the tax returns and those types of taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. In most circumstances especially during chapter thirteen case. 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