BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-18-17-6A: A parrot imitates a woman having sex.

Wednesday, October 18th

News and sports. Today is Chocolate Cupcake day. A man won Jeopardy with $1. A man got into a car accident after trying to fix his breaks with grocery bags.


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Jay Leno in the waiting for this I mean you you don't wait for great accompaniment to your turtles sec sound effect was the only difference. After this. Those of us better and in my zinc. There might be I I'm I'm hard pressed to find that now you think. All right when is always also this one do. I'd be sad turn out okay she's breathing issues the image favorite. It is. The truth as a surprise is getting some yeah. Yeah pour out. Can't please rescue me yeah. Wow. These troops who. Fans hunter is looking go to town attorney vessels in college yeah. Half the half but this is happening to. Well move over turtles because now we have a great video on YouTube. Although Paris. Imitating a woman and one issue. The terrorism it's hitting or doing something very very specific. Oh no how. And Harriet. War. That is unbelievable. That's our parents have never more attractive to a target in my entire life that's insane if there's no way at everything that was apparent. No. Thank you wow. Why our. That is stay level it hit that almost. Failure he needs to get a man as they say they need to be in the same video. I sure hope doom if I don't know the back story behind this woman and I'm shocked they know or won't rust or if I've started it very clear. I don't know she's in a relationship and I hope that that carriage mimicking. The sounds of Jimmy -- that relationship dude it's if if if that's her by herself. That she never needs a relationship though I was thinking maybe Jack had another visitor over that's I was thinking it's it was yeah you better candidate that's just her by herself and he's meant. She's she knows how to get herself a great time open standard and did add that that's a lot of pressure you're coming over and the parents as. Alright here's what you have to live up to sir McCarrick is going to like it was. Bottle while. That parents amazing that's. Very good impression seemed chilly as. I mean it sounds dead on CNN very weird you say you found it hard pressed for you gotta you idiot it's close and and all that Paris pretty good I gotta give that carry credit yeah. And if you wanna see the video just going to be Jimmy Page of KI SW dot com you're welcome it's a good way to start today. Madman. Now Italy's Washington man who had an epic win on jeopardy and and a guy who losing. And he'll tell you all about this is 617 it's on Iraq. Bigs morning it's on the next point nine. Then nine point nine KI SW Iraq the Seattle. Most fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there are any available this early in the morning. This is news quiz teammates. But they CIA mesa port Clinton giving us news and sports and I have been nationals chocolate cupcake day really. That's what I what about the peanut butter cupcakes are anybody that's on national day for. Chocolate this is an awful lot of big chocolate cupcakes and guys. I wasn't until I had mrs. freshly this. This is freshly as you can find it certainly many species area than in hose decisions in the kingdom is not his man I gotta say I give them the edge. Crossing through okay how much are you what kind of hungry and good stuff that's sad really do they tell us something that's nothing to do food that's trivia. Jerry I'm hundredth game that's. Making sure that the red lights are still questions summon that he's just pretty gaffe red baron have you noticed there's a local guy that was on jeopardy right now I had no idea from lacy Washington is name's Manny able in these naval officer from lacy. And apparently he's won a couple of times so he's returning champion title reduce. And while he almost had to leave the show because of losing but it turns out the other two guys did worse than him is very interesting. I was asked the question what country bordered the Caspian Sea. And the Persian gulf that was the final question come on last night's jeopardy. He answered the question wrong and lost 999. Dollars of his thousand dollars he had 99.9 guessed right. Hi using Craig gets a bad rap the correct answers I brands wolf fortunately for him. Close to the other competitors also guessed wrong could they get all their money. So we have no winning jeopardy with. One dollar and allow old one dollar while that's true free. And that's the first I've ever happen but of course now expect last night. He said that was quote the smallest winning many. Many years. About that as actors must actually four how much FedEx guy can lose and win and then there's revenue when a wheel of fortune and just lost OK he had. I'll bring it out and secondly you bring an eyebrow Vijay now this is weird I'd like 50. No I'm sorry there's no world. Thank you thank Pretoria. Hi yesterday there's an accident I five was console a truck was going he's found sixteen and on sea route sixteen trying to get on I five when he got into a big accident and it turns out the reason why gone to a big accident. It's because the hard drive in the front got to be a good idea to off fits his brakes. With plastic grocery bag twice. The secret poll showed up they visit the drivers going too fast any new video defective brakes and it went under the car and notice and brake lines were tied together. With a plastic grocery bag okay come on I I didn't know I was at banged on that some kind of like I'll Lifehacker we don't know how Hamels guy ever yeah I like packed into an accident a guy who's calling a bunch of large people rolls items were not properly secured so this guy is just you did on top of the media darling of the media attention. Thankfully though nobody was hurt in the crash onto the vehicles were involved in the crash the driver was issued a citation. For now we'll. What could face more citations and I'm really coming. It's just a citation and how is that guy not suspended for a moment for stupidity I should know if that's something that's being done that. What went all sales to grocery mentioned tiger free. It doesn't seem like that should work. On the mechanics. But I think that was an idea of those most respects me maybe if you if they're tied up and they're all like you know on one bunch maybe stronger but I can rip those things pretty easily fit. It seems really ridiculous yeah. Also seemed pretty ridiculous is this a Wisconsin woman who's in trouble with the law symptoms in nine months in jail because while she decided despite her supervisors coffee. Schoolboy days with anti anxiety medication eye drops and other foreign substance all damn dude she. She's 56 years old I'm sure you wonder why we keep doing this I would like to announce. And you can't make this stuff on defense okay she's like good coffee with hopes that her boss to forget that. She she was flown 2000 dollars from. Paul why can't you do not think that was true. Hi this in rises in diabetic he knows some high spikes in blood sugar just knows my coffee as a slimy substance to it. She then told the authorities say she was doing for two to three weeks in January. Trying to make her boss takes it he would forget about the line. She is just. He gives her alone and that's what he gets paid regenerate back I didn't know I was a way to make people a day she should be locked away adolescent itemized surely. Yeah I think she's more than nine months to come on. So I'm thank mound when he loses ever a moment before the five weeks like that transition Hamas that you've still go off the Seattle Seahawks got to go under off arthroscopic knee surgery. Expected to miss four to five weeks ago when the Pete Carroll seems more issues with the offensive line. Top apparently he is a big trade deadline October 31 ten according to reports Seahawks are actively looking for. Somebody that and onto their offensive line I would imagine so are learning as we talk Moseley Braun as a global player but he's not holding out over in Houston because of life issue would this contract. I guess just talked to somebody I'm 41 from the Buffalo Bills that didn't result in an agreement look at them they're reaching out there there. But now some dealers and men maybe he'll be someone else on the offensive line very near future. First justifying the Sunday against the New York Giants in New York. Some idiot decided to steal the baseball bat from Ken Griffey junior on the statue poll really and thinks that's just from Safeco Field. Broken bat often try to still unfortunately they caught the guys and they got a bad back and now they're in talks to the sculptor about getting it repaired or an idiot does that. She's really that's a drunken idiot yes what they did say he looks a little out of it and it's definitely stumbling. The legacy system broken bat home run our. Dahlia. Remember the wild. All. Says big baseball Vijay. You're trying to happy because the Yankees continue to win they beat the Astros six before the series now tied at two games apiece game 5:50 PM today. And the Dodgers are just crash in Chicago the cubs 61 yesterday that series. Does have a commanding three nothing lead game four is at 6 PM. Either of you watched John and I none of you must love the Celtics and then you from what I did hear about it Gordon Hayward yeah position for his team close. Do you send to you for your contract from Utah Jazz. Game one. Rates. His ankles together. It's pretty nasty home might kill off yeah sounded awful it's so horrible injury and it's it's a gruesome ankle injury. Probably season under schedule he's even won an alternate season if things. Join these kind of sell the spends in mourning black Sox cap as far as whether sixty degrees and we have rain and god thank you to new. Car to a serious news and sports. Are you very welcome as saying an official representative carts or as I say you're welcome. Well I have a I am an admission Steve. You keep thinking that I probably don't wanna see the Yankees win. I am surprisingly find myself watching these games. And I can't believe I'm actually rooting for the Yankees. I know it's I don't understand either is it does your daughter I did I know it's a nobody I can't blame anybody is I'm watching these games by myself no because Sarah wishing she was even home. And I am I am watching the whole damn thing is because there's this young and fun I think it might be that inmate in the fact that the Astros beat my of the team that might seem the Red Sox I don't know. Why but I'm Mike wanted to see the Yankees because they they seem to be always in adversity and nobody ever expected a million. I am today and there's something about at that sort of rings with me it's like nobody expected the Yankees are doing this year. It is funded team that is as has so much great history of championships and him being this dominant force are viewed as underdogs this year yeah. And they've been they were down two games to none in both their series so far that Aaron judge kid I mean he's very likable needed these deftly funnel watch TV and I'll tell you what it is not to bore you but. They're the only team that seems to have this consistent pitching which is sort of come out of the bulls are the only ones at a stop and all these other teams from hit never. Did the Astros were crazy before they got the Yankees as far as their offense they're the best offense in the league last that this season but. Pitching seems to be what's donuts for many ever wants a while Aaron judge a poll and out of the park he had actually good night last night so I prefer him to let every night to scare him and I gagged him and now Gary Sanchez who's the other baby bomber that they want to talk about the common baby bombers and Sanchez had a big hit last night. And I'm sitting there going. Why am I why email no wind I I've I don't know what's happened to him after the Red Sox won a cup for a series everything taste yeah absolutely right I don't hate the Yankees I mean I love beating them when there's a rivalry but. I don't hate them like they used to and I hate the Astros more right now. I don't know why it's in May Day via suited the Astros you know we nicer than deceived the American happened they've never won the World Series. But yet announced earlier today who don't want to root for the Houston Tom Vincent Astros all grace or similar yeah starting when that they ask. Hold hands and. I guess my updates about zip tie area about a plastic bags around the brakes just about they idiot who had the ax and the guy five and sixteen yes there don't nobody say this improper way to handle defective Europe we were trying to feature race by using a plastic bag with some dual brunt of some insight because obviously anonymous your mechanics and knowing about Karzai's main konduz front prison he probably wrap the classic beggar on the airline to plug a small air leak like a detonator attached numbers or zip ties or plastic. Sort grocery bags and as you keep brake hoses away from moving parts with those in a pinch. Interest India again maybe because if you if you wrap them up tightly they're really are very strong that way as opposed to you know how does that look like an end in the possible loss Benicio shopping bag holding some parts for your breaks together and it doesn't look good even if it's. What people are bringing up the good point if there if if you do you zip ties. For certain things yeah I guess you could use a plastic bag but the position Tyson to be stronger to me I would agree coming don't they and and then law enforcement situation they tie your hands zip ties and on tire has a grocery bag yet even our secure grocery assays I missed that of anybody I know not your fine I see the valujet but yet many of you can't really if it's if it's wrapped up tight like that you camp and if you stretching grocery bags end. That's when you put your finger through which they do a lot and immigrants just on the ground next fix our Saddam which you reach employing more for the Yankees enjoyed watching judge is witnessing history every time. Yeah I I I there's something more there's something about that team that's likable is it that that is a first baseman who was booed a lot in. And Joseph Girardi was made a couple of mistakes and and that's and they hit and he got booted Yankee Stadium on the first game of the playoffs there's so. It was say at their at their home joint but it seemed like. Again you know it's it's it's it's there's a lot of reasons to say. They're not the arrogant Yankee teams of the past. You know they kind of just trying to find their way to want to and then there's mostly young and not this is a developing season for them that's. Funny I remember you know obviously not a friend to New York remember the beginning of the season. Everybody else faced a tough throughout this season was just going to be a wash okay well we've got a wife sees young guys develop him. You know hopefully next year will be a good year but like everybody expected that this would be a terrible year for the Yankees and and they're all losing all my buddies are losing their minds. Right now that the fact that they're even still in it and now they tied the series at two games apiece. It was exciting to lose for nothing last night yes and Sonny gray who we know we know a lot disease to pitch for the days. So the Mariners saw him a lot he has not done anything for the Yankees this year when they acquired in the study was a bust of of one of those you know acquisitions. He pitched a hell of a game yesterday they took him out any he had Amy given up a run yes. And then the guys came in and blew it formally ended up you know they end up being about hype for nothing but they came back that's exciting baseball watching them now I've been back from four run deficit like that. But win this to say you are you have root for yankees in the World Series. Well it looks like the Dodgers are going and I have no love for the Dodgers I don't care about the dire I doubt when Alex the American League win I wanna I love to see ale dominance on route from our league. You yeah homily I revive mr. Morrissey if it was the cubs may be I'd root for them but then they've already won and I don't care about the Dodgers announcers siren no love for them. So. Spotlight mistakes and go back Methodist Church reverend Jesse tags Adair editor Gerri use class today says you know there are legal and see I don't doubt for crying out loud yeah. Today why can't get those at the grocery stores son of a gun to miss a guy and into coma that's what it is Tacoma let's all the Al las stuff happened with grocery bags. RU SA Steve not able to figure this one out what kind of electricity says rubbing his balloon generate. Friction now. All you have less kinetic Darryl should that it didn't really this text while no. I can't believe that's her grit that that was I thought the answer but turns I was just so good all static and Steve's been losing and I love this twice yesterday. Love lays under the the streak let's keep it going you have a shot at beating Steve 206421. Rock. We're playing Pete may eggs at 647. 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